The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on October 9, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1900
Page 7
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TFIE DAILY riONEEU TIMES, DEAD"vVOOP, 8. D. BSDAY. OCTOBER 9, 1900. Pluma9r&ooJ house. W. J. Sbeckle ' Supt.. M. A Rickman, W. H. Ward Reeds School hoime. in IrroA I Is Miss Harvey tF. J. Washabaugh, Attorney.) FORECLOSURE NOTICE. Whereas, Robert A. Keller and Luella M Keller, bis wife, did on the 13tb day of May. 1SS.S. mortgage to the Bank of Spear-nh, a corporation, to secure a certano not.? given by Robert A. Keller and Luella M. Keller, the following described real e-lau, lying and being in the County, of Lawrence and StAt of South Dakota, and TEACHER OF PIANO. (Moody. Kellar 6 Moody. Att'ys.) MORTGAGE BALE. Default has been made in tbe payment of the money secured by a mortgage dated tbe l!Hh day of April, A. D. 1899, executed by Mrs. Archie H. Smith and Archie H. Smith, mortgagors, to W. H. Bryan mortgagee. Tbe amount claimed to be due upon T-irF OF ELECTION. N, hen-by on Tueeday N0 firrt Monday in November, being W tbe irf November next, at the iT hereinafter .pan! in Jciun an election will be he.d '.-adeutial electors. ,rtenuiuv m aocsre. IL Governor- " l,.r of state. Prwtt, D. R. Thompson, Supt. Ruby Basin Golden Reward boarding bouse. Wm. Grenfell, Supt., Thoma Mc-Kean. L. M. Wolf. Spring eek. 47 $-hool house. Josiab cowy. Supt Samuel Joimaou, S. U. Prance. School District 57 Srhool hmiRe Peter N. BarsbaJl. Hunt... (Otvok c- STUDIO, 30b DAMS BLOCK. OEAOWUOO, S. D. in the-City of Spearflsh, to-wit: Lot No Onfl (11 W OihStn' l.ila ar-,,,r,tl a ,n Ihu LEGAL NOTICES. Seel'".-" -,. auditor. ..i oditnir i" One " rer. StaLC ...... t rmhu c Hansen. ' 1 Spear-fish No. l sc.hoof house D. 1i I Craig, Supt.. S. P Morrell. Henrv ("nun. j St. Once School hone. t F-,,,-.,. 1 iMarUn k Mason, Attorney 6 ) N'OTli.E OF SHERIFF'S SALE ON stair (M " .1 gaid mortgage at the date of thi no- ; plat of Gibson's lots in the sub-djvimon tire is the sum of five hundred and ! f the S. W. 14 of the P. W. v, of section thirty-flv dollars, and ten dollars at-I i, ,' ToB- '. -N . range two a . . ! at B. H. said plat being recorded in tornev B lees. I pook Two C) page nine ci of plats in the Now, therefore, notice is hereby ' office of the register of deed-, of Raid Law 0M llinieSrtt PWic instmc- I State of South Dakota, County o! Lw- cner of school and public Uwa giver, that hv virtue of th i.ower of i reDr eounty. outii iiakota. which said Supt., IsAac Forest. John B.-esIin. Tern---Miner' I'nu.n hall Pat MeDor-nell. Supt., Kir hard Chapman John Lund-bert: TWill.-'luli nrns. P-u-r Jor. v. "!' James Trry .la. k Gra ren e Andre KosuDder. Plaintiff, v.- John .i N.'ill. IVfeodant. N'oti.e its her.ty tim-ii that by vi"tue of an ,vit;(,n to rne dtr.ited and delivered ASSESSMENT NOTICE. New La Plata Gold Mining company; place of business, Deadwood, S. D. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of tne board of directors of the above named company, held at Deadwood; on the 17th day of September, 1900, an assessment (No. 9t of one mill per share was levied upon the outstanding stock of the company, payable immediately . to Neil McDonougb. treasurer, at his office in Deadwood., s. D. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 20th clay of October. 1900. will be delinquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment' shall have been mad? before, will be sold at auction at the offhe of the tr. as-.-t r. in Deadwood, on the loth day of November, 1900, at -.'Hi lo. k p m.., to pay sin h delln- u :-i t .ii,i nt to-etli. r with cost:! o: a.i',' i Using a:,d . i.-ii,s of sale.-N I" 1 1. Mi I ii N( 1 '( ; i So.-. ' First P.i'i S. ;o. j;i. j ; i I'lii.INi,'! 'KT s . j; , ITK'F. " ! ''' M.'iin- Co ; pin, ,. ,,f i-a-ai, s-. c, ...,,,! ciij . s. ) I"1' l-road commissioners. Three ru-i-w-" L state senator. sale contained in said mortgage, and duly recorded, and in pursuance of the statutes in su. h ase made and Three I w.i Hi! -s, i, li. r n . I., Ha- F T.,: tl.v . him. is. n-sued out of the j provided, the said mortgage will be mortgage was duly recorded In the "office of the repistr- of df.ds of sa:,l Ijiwrenr-c county, on the ITtn day of May. 1S!s. in Book otic IlutidTid and Tetity-ix 1 i on page two hundred and entity i;soi. mi l whi.h Fail niortitaL-e was t hrr-a f : . r duly as-iKiid cliaii.s 'ic-s..r as w:l a.. fear by assii-nti en .. r. ....! sai.l t.gis-er or .I, , ,!-,' otVi- e H.m.'k fit r lluii'lred and Forv-'w. 'Ml'i on paep ; t v-th; -e lpt.. Ki.t-.-i dm. . plin. arl l.i.l'. irr, s , J,;. I'. ffi.-e of the circuit court. Eighth rider auditor. ,,f deed. treasurer. One one fu'' One r -'; one '""",' (me -!: ' One I ' ' k one si.i'r or- f; " foreclosed by a sale of the mortpapeii premises therein described, at public auction at the front door of the court house in the City m Deadwood, South Dakota, on the : : i day of November. !;iimi, at J o'i In. k :ti the .if:-i noon of tr. i.' County of Lawrence. St;ite i.ihu'.i upon a judgment reinl r- I 1 "Hi" ti fin or of Andrew R.i- ..! .11-', ..11-' ill. on the .!! t.- I 1 1 ll.iM' :. ! ' ! f.l ' ' 1 rop- . . : f.-i ! , : ll .: I ,' v I' John W-.ik Mrl-allL'I,; : l:!lr,, ,F..v.. , S . i-.. i. ....!-. . .11.. K : i 1 wh. nor ! - t I'll;. Th- ii, Ih- u. d that 'av. ii.otti irrlllli'- ,f th. ..1 ! i .in,:,. t -lit - of I -'oath lul, . r. J l da ,l.v Mil; 11 Mt II ) : ,.;' ih :i r- sit ua t el ,n t !:.- t . i . ii. -. in the :-'t:ci- of ami nr.. itl . f I), u'iiiiiiii-' at a p...:it uf . in u, r of t 'i- rt op, ; v (; ii! it- St 11 pies, ;, I,. I o.i i 1. h Ail'iilit. lor ,1',,- i' .'low-., t" 'A ;, :!,- in a t lov'-t A TI . 1 I oil-. :.;:. -1 I . on... hi,-' pa; .o . os. at I". 1 Th. re is ili :ii,i;eiit upon a a to "h" 1 , t. t!i- v ! -1 "? l.o ' The I'ohie.c oo' .I... ...,. a - h" foi . I ",,!!-! i I '0 l-'H. III' 11 ! :: i.i :. i f.t i 'it.- and aU- "' No':. "Hi t i Il"-:t I- l.Ilo Hills I mining w.-.-t al.-i.' tin- s.ri'h of an alley soiitii of tin- Ida . ...... u , , ,,1 ;l , . a-. -sin. nt No. 1 .;. 1, vied An. th- several amounts set tile llllltles of the respective ..r lilol.T -X.-H it v a ! . 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 i -t i'r l -itila'-l tii". o ;: t hou.-- in Ci.'t'itv of Law til Dakota, tn ".at ! as above s ii ; !. and . ii-t-i of L' Vod i -1 y ti. d. "...:'.' F,n:.- ' ('III- ' nifnt- :" ' Stall v rep.iil' : Sh..1! ' ' ' ftltll'i a ' llile " vules ' '' toxkii-'"-' " -cn'ri'l 11 Anl'Trl ' sfveril he m"' 1 ' ' EnJ:i" ' pora'i,,:; toads' "i ;:i niprcv.-'l : ' ' pei,V' ' v tie lcgisla' or (9an sh:ill at one !'''" . Shall 111"' ' i r in. hi'liiu tolhius $7.1. hai . holders -V Mah.n.y 1. Malonec Maloioy "h ho-i a. n 'h- 1." It. M It M K. M. It O . If. M. . It G. . d . L' 1 II IIIHl . ll '010 . fill. 00!) . ."I t'.IH . 2. !i."., . 1 .0110 .',r..v.-.l and rilifif.!?, uIm -' ,,f rn.-le -V S...-. 1. Tii- , , nf lllr 1-lll'r S-llilll ill'-' ' ,' :li.' 1 Vrtliall.-lll Srhool at: 1 .:.,, in liond-i "i ho-d . in -r. i-minty and inmiiripal l',r-.t nior'K.otrs upon it...l ri l.urU i'liiii I hi lr linn1 -i u :,,! t- mirh rri;iilat i.m-i a-... may provide, but. no farm ,, , . our t honour! dol lai - to ri. tirin or corporal ion. 1,,,- ain.-iidiiirnt to ilir .-.!'-, l.i ion to th" inv. Mini. -in it s. li.nd and Kiidow turn ' , .1 ; ,1 . 1 ' . M TT PI.FNKFTT. 'ni-'f of Law rem e c.un'v P 1 1-V P!l Mt M'dll. "'l:rv 'or --sitriir,. nfsa' ! MniieilKf ' Fit st Puli. Sept. IV, 1 '.on i MrGillis Maloney Mi Oillis 1 12.7,0 S.21 frfit 11 .,11 ttii' riirlo. ti ah .ye ii iinnt defri ihire h -rrib. d pii ! K iJ in. lit. and -1 - Shannon, I'd . . on- h'tii'lred n 1 hK ncrtn.-iii'-i M-.t'ir iV; Fort I'i'rre 1 a : I road lr:n 1; on.' hundred anil three i I ":: i f-. t tii nee in a southerly dir. .tioti tilontr ti:- east side lino of what is commonly known as the South Kt. nsinn of Mol street (it the Kirk road two hundred and ten (2DM feet. then, e in an easterly re. tion two Inindreil and twenty-eight ( 2 2 S ) feu., then, e in a northerly direction along the west side of properties own-d by Henry A. Ran and John Staples two hundred and twelve (2 12) feet to place of beginning; nil of which is in the southerly part of Lend City, and across the road and east of tbe public cemetery in Lead. I.nwr. n. e county. State of South Dakota. V. H I1RYAN. Mortcacee. 1 TT PIJ'NK I-7TT, Sheriff of I,nv,i, nre County, South Dakota. MOODY. KRI.I.AK & MOODY. Attorneys for Mortgagee, i First Pit'.. Sept. IS. I'toil f...iv l. ai,:,i..v."l ano i ai o:. o Th II.kii-1 of County Co!iiinis,ioii.;v .'I'd tw.-be ' '!'!-. i' , ' ' 1 ': L' i ii-a Of s;( r - in. from l h- 1 s- li '" ' ,t th- rair of 7 .i 1 piiM i' ,i u l ion to :..r . i-h. M TT IM.t'N'KKTT ft . ,;' I . e.v ii- c, ,n ii II i;l;is. 1 " ! i 'v ASSKSSMKNT .ViTH'i:. ' -"s. Hi, lilt Mii.iii i.uiipaiiy: pin. e ol l-lsiii. -s. 1 i, ,oi nii'i Soiitli Dakot:i, Lit. ntion ni' wurk-. t 'at lionat - Law-I ' 111 - . omit , S. 1 1. Not I. , ,s li. ! '. Iiv Li'., n t hat at tn. ,-t-ilU of the .llf. rtill s of 111.- ai.oi. -' latna-il riiinp.iNv ii. Id at i'a- o:li. ,- of fdllnmni; I" k.vp ,li'iL'ii.0'"l the And unless payment shall have been ma.lo on or before October 8. 1900. tbe same will be sold st the office of the treaoitrrr, ,r. . Lolionu. Central City. South Dakota, nt 2 o'clock p. m. of said day. to pay said delinquent as-sessnient. together with costs of nil-vert ismy nnd expenses of sale. J. H. LeHEAP. Socretawv. (First Pub. Sept. 2.1, 1900.) nlace and jti.lire of rlrrtion hou-r. HmU. r I " irk S. hold II. .1 M Hiiith. M V.M- It Punnini.'. orr , ,ija'ier A: Wliitfield, Attorneys.) In the Cir. nit .emit of the Eighth ' Judicial Circuit of tbe State of South I Dakota, within ami for Lawrence c oiinty. Garnet A. Xi. lio!. Plaintiff, vs. Pert ('. NuLol, D fendant. The State of South Dakota sends I greeting' To the above named defendant: ! You are hereby summoned and required to answer tbe omplaint of the Do'-vrll- , . Bar Cub li ! P'"'M 4 r' "' Rlgar St. John. Supt-. ft. S. Pratt. Wi Elliott. Central h innim' Hotel. . P. rsi dnnl K I' Peterson. J. II. L"lle.'lU. : I',!' l an ,v M.,--. sMKllll'i-' ...ri l ..:.. PI!' IPGS ED AMENDMENT. To the Coiistiiuilon r the S:-ile or South Dakota. To ihn People or the Slate of South Civpfr!!. V. iith. i - I'rook s.Jiool house W Sunt l-'r. .1 Wis. hnieyer. T : i.i: l Ma l . lr - li i.illi.'i I'l ra il . I above named plaintiff, a c opy of which South Ii kola Muiini; C'uni; anv. wax. Centennial School house. M. V. Ura-per, Supi . Klli.-e Arnold, Jona-i iiud ly Crow Ore.k - Sell. Mil hou,se. A. I). Kun-Ml, Supt., I). '". Harper. Jacob Simpson James H. Holers. Supt., K. F. Seav.'r. Isaac M. Trotter. Crow Cre.-k Srhool Home. ('. P. Har-gravees. E. A. Widetnan, lyevi Trisler Carhonate H o t e I. Isaac Hoerstlrr. Supt, W. J. RiiiKley. James HuKKinson. Deadvvoo.1. 1st Ward Hose hou-ie. ". A. McAlli.siter, I.. (1. HartfiHR, Ja. .lohi, I -in I v in 1 1. miiv I on the Itli day ot (i.toii.-r, l!uiu, an hsm'ss-ni rn t . No. h. of inn lei ! I' mill per share was levied upon the stork in' the lompnny. paval.!" iinin. -liately to .lolin llanuulcy, the troa.-oir.T, at Dead wiinil. S. D. Any slink ii poii vvhiili said assessment shall remain 1 1 n paid on t lie 7th day of November, l!0ii, shall become linijiient and tie advertised for saleand unless payment shall have been made on or before, will be sold at public auction at the office of John Raggaley, in Deadwood. South Dakota, on Saturday, the 24th day of November, 1900, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m., to pay said assessment, together with the costs of advertisement and expenses of sale. JOHN BAKER, Sec. ?4?i(- 3iwnri?rsssa(SiBir5i? Walter L. Vercoe, M. D. linUti EYE AND EAR 8 88S Oceulist B. & M. R. R. Deadwood, S. D. . . Tel. Harrison. SchwinR. Deadwood, 2d Ward Gravei buihrini. James H. Rogers. E. F. Seaver, Isaac M. ;Trotter. Deadwood. 3d Ward City hall. S. A. Flower, J. T. Oilmore. Harry DeLeray. Deadwood. 4tth Wrard A. E. Frank's is herewith served upon you, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscriber at bis office in Deadwood. South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or tne plaintiff will apply to 'the court for the relief demanded in said complaint. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., Aug. 29th, 1900 FOWLER & WHITFIELD, Attorneys for Plaintiff. To the above named defendant: You will please take notice that the summons and complaint In this action -was filed In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, at the court house In the City of Deadwood, Lawrence county, S. O., on this 29th day of August, A. D. 1900. FOWLER & WHITFIELD, Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First Pub. Aug. 31, 1900.) offlcs. S. Koen i gsben?er. Geo. Gallup, W. I. Faust. Blkhorn Montana Mill. E. P. Smith. N'otli- is h.rely Kic.Il. That by iltlle of all IOe-iilnin lo ine dir. '.led and delivered and now- in inv hands, issued out of the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court, Eight Jiidirial Circuit. County of Iaxw-rence, State of Suiih Dakota, upon a Judgment rendered in aid Court in favor of Benjamin S. Wever and against South Dakota Mining Company on the day of June A. D. lSfia. I have levied upon the following described real property of said defendan. to-wit: All right, title and Interest defendant had on the day of June. or at any time subsequent thereto in the following property situated in Ijawrenco county. S. D. : 20.000 Inches o,' the waiter of the main Sprnrflsh cre"ek being all of the water of Raid creek taken from said creek at a point where a dam ds constructed and at which the water Is turned frotn said creek Into the ditch and flume of the South Dakota Mining Company 2100 yard above the bridge of the Cheyenne Crossing of said Spearftsh creek: Alto all the waters of the East fork of said Spearfish creek, being 500 Inches; and all the waters of Ice hox Creek, being 27,0 inches, and being more fully described in additirnnl certificate dated Tebninry 24th. 1K14. and recorded In Book fl-4. pages 3f.1 and Sfi2 of the record or the Register or Deeds or Lawrence county. So. Dak ..together with nil dams, ditches and flumis used In connection with said water and Supt., P. F. Hlbbard. J. S. Phelps. EUt Creek Station Dunbar's store. Os- tFiawley & Laffey, Attorneys.) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE BY ACTION. State of South Dakota. County of Lawrence. In Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit. P. ter A. Oushurst, plaintitff, vs. Wiliam Workman, Paul Jentes, Jas. P.' Hymer, Kdward C. Danielson, John Treber. William R. Dickinson and American National Bank, Defendants. Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of a Judgment of foreclosure and sale in the above entitled action on the 22d day of September, A. D. 1900, and an execution Issued upon said judgment, tbe subscriber, Matt Plun-kett, sheriff of Lawrence county, state of South Dakota for that purpose appointed, will sell at public auction at the front door of the court house in the city of Deadwood, county of Lawrence, and state of South Dakota, on Friday. October 20th. 1900, nt 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the real estate and mortgaged premises situate in the county of Lawrence and state of South Dakota, and dire, t-ed in said judgment and execution to be sold, and therein d-s. rihe.l ;m jcar Stranfelt. Supt., Alex Dunbar. Martin Johnson. The Sixth Legislature nf the Sine n' Soltth D.ik it.i at the s. sdon thereof begun end held at Pierre, th,. capital, on January and concluded nn March .1 D lS'"h proposed the follow-In; nmen.lment to tbe Constitution of the slate. vl7: A Joint Resolution Proposing and Agreeing to nn Amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota anil Submitting such Amendment to a vote of thn People. Be It Resolved by the Tfcuse of Represen-tn'tve. the Sonnfe Concnrrlne" . PC. 1. QUESTION PPRMTTTPn. Thsr at the next eenernl election In this ttn the following pmnod amendment to the i onstllntlon nf the ptnfe of South n..' ot which Is hereby agreed to. shall be ubmlti ted to the elector? of the state for their approval, which amendment when snprnvea and ratified shall become a part of the Constitution as Article twenty-eight (28) thereof. ARTICLE XXVIIT. SEC. 1. The several counties of the state shall Inveset the moneys of the Permanent Rchool and Endowment Fund" tn hnrd nf "hool cn-nor-atlons. state, county and mnnlrlpsl bonds or In flrst mortgages unon cood Improved farm lands within their limits respectively: under such regulations aa the legislature may provide, but no farm loan shall exceed one thousand dollars to any on person. Arm or corporation." The above propose amendment will be voted upon by the people at the general election to be held In the state o-n Tuesday the 6th day of November, A. D. lftOO. The proposed amendment will be printed upon the ballot followed hy the wnrNis: "Shall the above amendment to the constitution In relation to the Investment of tho Permanent School nnd Endowment 'Funds he approved and ratified?" Immediately to the left of wllch shall la- pi in i . ii the w ords " Y rs'! and "No," each pi... Old l.y -i Mpiare in the elector ..ii pile e ifc. CJ.U.,-. lu lll.loale his vot.e. I..'-. : oi .-. iH-iriiig hi wic "l.s'' will place En&lewnod B. & M. Station. Otis Nel- fon, Supt.. Thas. Johnson, Ben Landis. Galena K. of L. Hall. Pat MrDermott. fttpt, 8herldan McBratney, P. W. Moran. LArtletl n tv Hnnrdinp' km.,, Tu,.lr ILlttle, Supt., Joseph Kellar. A. I). Burns. wvil e -Nehnol hmiu s". T i.w,,..-,..r 21 Fupt, John Hireen, E. Flow. Golden Gate Mrs. WTiiie'ii pron Anderson, Supt., G. W. Fowle, Thomas Hart. Hathawava s.hvt ii, turn f Pt, James Deacey, E. T. Pickering i "u, isi w ard Society Hall, basement, irratik Tui o.., .. (Fowler &. Whitfield, Attorneys.) 1 water-rights. A part Vf the above dc-! scribed property is the same waler-riehis I ennvi'ved bv George F. Brettrll to Wm. tW. !d Ward. i r,f nin. o..o QUILT FACTORY MRS. N. J. TUPLIN, Manufacturer of all klndi of quilts from the cheapest to the very finest to be found In any country. Also recovering of qullU and make sofa pillows to otdrr. DOWN QUILTS ta!!!.0f,S,nn', an(l ol'lh of Main In the Circuit court of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of the State of South Dakota, within and for Lawrence H. Cameron m trustee by deed dated No- I v. Mill. or 'ih. 1'f!. known n the Green- bark and Lead City or T, a 1 Company nT,"y Mnli Jnhn niiiftt. Supt. J. J Peterp,, J(hn Wal,h Jp 1 deed IT' ."r-riL'ht nn U; r.-onl.d ml to county. I.T'B U',n-R Vereillino An undivided 'J interest in I'! I'.ll. if 1 ! of -prarfish n Ilo-k ' ill,- IU'. i - s- I , ',- ,1 I - I " li ll'rl the Koran !'"! mini in: . laiin, situated ' Arthur K. Simpson. Plaintiff, in Ctecn Mountain Flat and lio'iii'l-.l, vs. I"d 1 h pi ' 1! lei '1 ' John bv the Clinton lo.l-. and; bv th- .M. Govern prop- 'i i s or the fin. st iM p . --oiiuioiis. Mlpt.. Fred l-'lllinn. Mountain Moa,,w -School hous, . ClJ! .'UUJOU risuj.l u w 1.1 . place a cl o-id Down qu a,. i'"'..c il ".No." L"vn Simpson. Dcf. ndant. 'i he Slate ol Sum li gieetin.i: To the above nam. Irmiant : : ml 1 d. on ! h" not t on the Ml'; "rtv. An nn.i : t'io Fva. I-i ' -i e make a speciality. y St. old phone. 170 r i - r. spe.afally I n a the capital, tlil.s 1st day ' ' e, 11 Carta your or' Mflllnt..i , id to I.'i t !W v: u"l'.. Mountain It a n ,- a lelirks. Sllpl., C.,ri it. I.'' t ( 'h lo !' illll.'1'..l. (I 11! ...,...,. d 10- th" A- M.llrr ;. uif . !'i i ita.-.t p. oil 111', c e nt- n Sn hitll. V. 11,1 II S.'ry, n, I :t 1, r Kavi.n.i it ii. T .:.!.: M ii. lailllH.K. so I . la: v of Si ate 1 1 a i ' i . Any . I ; i :i .i - co.i plunt i ii.:;p. 'Hii Dah'ila. t'aiiii'v ot ' tnes Tr,a re. W'lil. Siirl.on. ,,, ' F- llarrinrt oi P-R-leVO r -I" AMin.l' -, '" MllllKht-r Thoina-i F. S,i u ml. a s. ilicial fir- I r;m1e. , Y.rin- A' prop. rtv. AM c,r -itna'i i '; trh t La" " 'ot'etlr r " iniprovrmi i b lii.a'ii .1 i'liiatliT, ! M't ::t His l.i'l'll D.i 'i'a i..t. ro'lt, 1 n'l apiiurt-nanres and ' !i en u n ' o lidofe.' 'nr. or I I'ri'ini: on Sp. ar'i h "' k .' ' ! n 1 sai l point and ihr h-ad of -h" " a! -r 1; !wate--rlBht ai, d record. .! i'i Ko..k M ace fit, said re. ordr I nd that I shall on ST'ifb.v the r.l lav IS i - her-'., th - ' . I n;...ii j on. and to s. iAo a nj'' ot . ' 'ii' an -'Ai r upon the t:!-rr!.cr at hi oifb e in 1 1'.i.iu m 1 M' ,h iMl'e-.-i. a , t h :i t !, ii ty day aft "i the f.-n i of ibis - iiiiinons, rltr sice of tiie do of seii,e, or the pl.rntil'f will api'..' to th" .ouif. for the relief denial,. led in said com-' plaint. ! Dated at Deadwood. S. D , Aug. 29th. 1900 FOWLER & WHITFIELD. Attorneys for Plaintiff, j To the above named defendant: j You will please take notice that tbe summons ani complaint In thU ac-i tion was filed In the office of the clerk i of the above entitled court, at the ! court house In the City of Deadwood, ! Lawrence county, S. D., on th's 29tb ' day of August, A. D. 1900. i FOWLER & WHITFIELD, ! Plaintiff's Attorneys. so our li t rrof n - may be s-ifli''i"lit to satisfy -a d .iudgment and mds. nmotintinr- in all to Four Huntlrod and Sovertv Two .( (72 i Dollars and Seventy i7") contpt. with interest thereon from the date of said iinl-mont. and all accruing costs of sale. Deadwood. South Dakota. Sept. 24. 1900. MATT PLT'NKETT. Sh'tiT of Lawrence County. FRAWLEY LAFFEY. Plaintiff's Attorneys. i ,i oi 1-" ,M. l it' d. r, i I' i'i-iiikuit , The Sta'e of South Dakota, to the; above named ikd'cndant: Yfu are In ruby summoned an I re-ciuireil to answer the eoiiiplaitit of th; above- named plaintiff, a copy of which is hereby se rved upon you, and lo serve a copy of your answer upon the subscriber at his office in Dead-wood. Lawrence county. South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service, and if you fail to answer this complaint or N-vembcr. . '. a' ' hour ..r pi o'.-bw-k V. M or flid dnv. at 'he froi door of the Court Hnip-c in s;e.l Con nly and State, proceed 'o s.ll all th"' ri ?b t title and interest or the above nanido defendant In and to th- above described property to satisfy said tu.lirment. and costs, amounting to ( $ 4at 2 1 four hundred and eiehty dollars and elghtv-two cents' toeetheir with all ae-ruing costs of sale and interest on the same from the day of June. 1!7, at the rate of 7 per cent, per annum, at Public Auction to the highest bidder for cash. Dated at Deadwood. S. D , October 2nd. tftno. MATT PH'NKETT. Sheriff of Ijiwrence County. By JAMES B. HARRIS. Deputy. 0usJ Plaintiff's Attorneys. I First publication Oct. 3. if'OO.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Michael McMonagle, de ceased. within that time, the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief de ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Silver cjaeen Mining Company: place of business. I ealwood. S. D. Notice is h-reby civen that at a meeOnij of the b'K.rd of directors of the above named cotr.pary. held at Iieartwood. on. NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. lo C. M. Fuller and W. A. Beaudry the 4th day of Oetoher. l'00. an asessnie (No. 3) of one-half ent per share was j afe hf notlno1 ,hat j haTe ex. on the outstanding stock of the ; . . . . . t ne ouusianumg s . ''"' ! pended In labor and Improvements I have decided to go one better than on any former proposition, on PIANO SALES. - Until October 1st next, I will give any one buying a New Piano of me the choice of the four following propositions: 1st If Joseph B. Moore Is elected to Congress and E. W. Martin u defeated, I will credit them with 150.00 iiuu. li William J. Bryan is ei-cied President .nd Mc-Km.ej. Is defeated, I will credit them witli $100.00 -M -t Nebraska gives Bryan the , majority over McKinley tor President, I will trredit them with. $ 75.00 4th. If South Dakota gives Bryan the majority over McKinley for President, I will Receipt in full for the Piano. Ton can have yonr choice from the CHICKERING, VOSE, W E G M A N, CABLE, KINGSBURY OR WELLINGTON PIANOS, -i revieq upon upon r ,: '. ' ' -1. q n r l u- the-Monto CrUto No. 1, Monto Cristo No. McBratney at r"a' n or I U ' 2, Monto Cristo No. S and Jmpire lodes, or Caxse at the American National Bank. , , . , . ,,. manded In the complaint Dated at Deadwood, S. D., this 24th day of September, A. D. 1900. WILLIAM H. PARKER, Plaintiff's Attorney. To the Above-named Defendant: You w ill please take notice that the summons and complaint in this action was filed in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court at the court house in the City of Deadwood, Lawrence county. South Dakota, on the 22nd day of September, A. D. 1900. WM. H. PARKER V Attorney for Plaintiff. (First Pub. Sept. 25, 19qp.) V Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of Michael McMonagle. deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having Deadwc-,1 D llum '. "ui ... .u o,o7 ...,u- Any so-k ' upon which .his as-ssrreit l"8 district. Lawrence county. South Pako-shall remain unpaid on the Puh day of ta at least 1100 per year upon each of November, ntvi. will be delinquent ard ;.aM claims for the years 1S18 and 1S99 of advertis -l '..r sale. ai,ci tinbss payrtx; i .-2 - upon , eaeh of said claims, all of shall have made be-fore, will be set l which was done for the purpose of hold- at atirti.a ? the American Nalioral Tla-'. the said rlatm,. under, tbe provisions Deadwo.-! -" Ii . on the uth day of No- ijof -Section 2324. Revised Statute of the claims against the said deceased to vember. " " at 2 ..10 o'clock p. m.. to pav t nltea states, ana arts smenaa'ory there fitch dcli'c, vt as-ssment. together ni:b cctsi of - '-.e' sirr and eTTenes of ilf. PHFR1DW McFRATNEV. Seeretary. to. for the period ending December 31st. and there Is due from you thereon the sum of S132.6S pon each of said claims, or J533.33 In all. You ar herebr notlfleil that if within ninety days from completed publication of this notice you fail to contribute your proportion of such expenditure as co-owner with the undersigned during each of tho years above mentioned, your interest in said claims will become exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator, at his residence, 21 Burnham ' avenue. Dead-wood, or to David Brown, his agent of Deadwood, in the County of Lawrence. S. D. Dated September 27. 19"0. JAMES ATCHISON. Administrator of the estate of Michael McMonagle. deceased. (First Pub. Sept 29. 1900.) Caution Notice. Notice is hereby given that certl ficates No. 11, 12, 85, 100, 125. 86 8-5 101, 126. 118, 122, 128, 111, 116 and. 129 of the Prior Hill Mining company, were on .the 22nd day of September, 1900, sold for assessment No. 5t .-. - JOHN BAKER, President. D. A. SHORT, Treasurer. S. R; SMITH Notice There is over $13,000 of state ?. hpol money on hand in the county treasury to lofn on school bonds an! improved farm lands in Lawrence county. Application for loans should be filed in this ofdeo soon. W. A. ZINTC. Connty Auditor. the eproperety or the (subscriber, your co-owner, who .has made the required ex pepdltures as required by said Section 2324. T (First Pub. July 1. 1909.)

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