The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 22, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 22, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEB-TIMES J SATURDAY MOUSING, JULY 22, 1899. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. BCOLLARD HOTEL CHANGES HANDS. The Sturgis Record says: Mrs. John Scolldtd and (laughter Gertrude will leave on the Qrst of the month for Dawson City, here Mr Siollanl is already established In a prosperous establishment, and has sent to; Ins family. They will take a large I.. i ,.f ne, cs-ary K(,s for the hotel business 1MB SAVED I i John Mauss left for Omaha. R- M. Malcmey left for Hill City. John Mattill was down from Ragged Top. Col. W. M I'ratt, of I'iedmout, was in '(lie n.y. I' C. I'armalfe arrived in ihe ity from of e, we are all sorry I'lattsmoui h. Ni-b. Miss Myrtle Coulter I, -ft for Coloralo for a short visit. Son. to Be. part ;iu ' ol .1 II. Day camr oi' from Kapid Cilv no Scollards go. They have been I 1'iui nf Sturgis so long that their "ill l.i- sadly noted. In fact Ger-l.ii ! Inst opened her eyes to the '' Sturgis, and has grown up to ""I'" estate among us And Mrs. We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... vVe also Save money in buying goods in large quantities. This is made possible since we have six large stores in whioh to place them Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchaaes and each discounts. iunl sppnt th" ilay. Ci'orne M Nix can- in fruiit Aladdin, utnl remained ow-r night. Thomas Sw ppm y ami wife, of Rapid City, hpem ihe day in lleailwixxi. Julius Rogers and lr. II A. Squire of absen . tie Si i.'i world : i woniai,;,' ScollaM Black li rough pi desen ili never l.e dictions. "in of the pioneer women of the is ho has smoothed over many ces for deserving (and even un-i people ill a quiel way lhar has Spearhsh, were in the city. : told, will go witli their bene 1 1 is like losing one of the Drin Sheriff W. I. Lancaster, of York county, Netiraska. arrived In the city. Mrs. Frank Kreemaii left for Billings, clpal members of our Sturgis family, bu there i one good featurethey will al We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only X Xhnle Montana, to Join her husband. come liac fc. Uooil luck to 'em Tabke will acconiKtuy them. for OAS S. 0 ur customers need not pay for other 4 peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will JL Miss Uertio Corbin, of Spearflsh. left for home, after a short visit here. find big: VOLUNTEERS WANTED. tleorge H. Crosby, general freight agent Most people appreciate a good thing at a fair price, for the IlurlinRton, left for Omaha. Able lodied Men of (Jood Character May Henry Leppla was in from his camp at Enlist at Fort Meade. MONEY SAVED Iron creek, where he is cutting ties. J John Baker, the postmaster in thl Miss l.izie Kill left for Sand creek. j city, received notices here yesterday, to be posted over the city, calling for volunteers ysome few will only have the things that cost the Cjost money. The " Ivory" is the favorite soap of most Cjople. Some few want the high-priced toilet soaps nd think the)' must be better because they cost more. Isoap is more carefully made, or is made of better tterials, than Ivory Soap. fin a feu days' llsliing. I he guest (if Mrs. W 1 1 Cart it. Clothing: Shoes, I j for the l iiited States army, for service In W. S. Warner and wife., and son. W'jl- the 34th infantry, the term of service to tie Rapid City end June 30. 1901. The notices were from li". Fort ami- up from i'lerre road. .the recruiting station at Fort Meade, and Dry Goods and 1 BY BUYING . H. Croverinan. superinti ndetit f 'r i read a follows: IVORY SOAP IS 99o PER CENT. PURE. CvpjrlgM, 1IM, fcj Tm Nmm a OtaMt Os , OlaMmsML the hallimoie Ar llead w'Hid companv nt; Applicants for enlistment must be be (iayvillc, left for Chicago. Notions at : tween the ages of eighteen and thirty Di owe returned from the sand hills five years, of good character and habits, able-bodied, and free from disease. Persons who are not physically perfect will ZIPP S FOR KINK SHOES. WHERE THEY be rejected, and it will be a wast of time CHASE'S Our baby has been continually troubled with colic and cholera infantum since his SELL CHEAP 2 for those knowing themselves to be un sound to apply. Married men will not be enlisted ex Oarr & Berry Block, Deadwood. cept upon the approval of a regimental commander. .t.f Ml.t.f.1 iftifftit i. i 1-1-1 1 tl III 4 of Nebraska, where he had been attending to some surgical work. I) S. (iuild and Joe Klein, of I'latts-mouth. returned from the tie camp, on Iron creek, and will leave for home today. Mrs. Barney Mullen, and her niece. Miss Marlon, came over from Spearflsh, to attend the party given last night by Mrs. Anson Higby. N. K. Origga, attorney for the Burlington, of Lincoln, and his brother, Thomas J. Griggs, of Mission City, Nebraska, arrived in the city. Miss Pauline Jones, of Whitewood, No person under eighteen years of age will be enlisted or re-enlisted; and minors between the ages of eighteen and twenty- I ADDITIONAL LOCALS. jk4Ut slippers SO to Zlpp's. M It a&7 foot to perfection. iqtUlf new and neat at the Holi- I- II i ibfut lunch, to to Frank Dark, Mr. thaw Hot Springs water coats 75 il tutor; the pure Crystal Springs jstitter, 50 cents; the celebrated Bjfcrlifs water, 25 cents; freak - j, leBTered to any part of the l Cd American Express office. Har-'i I; Black HMi, 111 '1st at the Holwer. UXeCUnteck, city bill poster. 721 : (tt) In sew at ths Holsasr. one will not be enlisted or re-enlisted without the written consent of father, only birth, and all that we could do foihlm dj -uot seem to give more than tomporary relief, until we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since giving that remedy he has not been troubled. We want to five you this testimonial as an evidence of our gratitude, not that you need it to advertise your meritorious remedy. G. M. Laws, Keokuk, Iowa. For sale by all Druggists. Mrs. Bostwlck will glT instructions In embroidery and lac work Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 146 Williams street Private classes taught Oo to Mrs. Notts before another of tbcii scorching hot days snd pet a parasol and fan from her large and handsome surviving parent, or legally appointed guardian. All soldiers receive from the govern passed thru the city on her way home ment, in addition to their pay, rations, from Des Moines, Iowa, where Bhe haa ci0thing, bedding, medicines, and medical DEMOUTH'S "ARK" INCORPORATED. Will sell Goods for Cash Cheaper than any House in the Hills. An Immense Stock to select from, both New and beoond Hand. attendance. Whenever a soldier is honorably dls charged at the expiration of his enlist ment, or on account of disability not jw tree examined for glaai been taking a course in osteopathy. o RESOLUTIONS OF CONDOLENCE. In memory of our beloved brother fireman, Edward Curley, Whereas. It has been the will of an all wise Providence to remove from our department our brother fireman, Edward Curley, and I caused by his own misconduct, bis travel i pay is ample to carry him to the place ot cares by A. P. Snyder, the ep- No. 70 Sherman Street. Deadwood, S. D. llmtt charge. his enlistment. lit PEOPLE SAT about Hood's Persns troubled with diarrhoea will be Interested in the experience of Mr. W. M. Bush, clerk of Hotel Dorrance, Provi-vidence, R. I. He aays: "For several years I have been a constant sufferer For further Information see large post ers. lrtls k that It cures when al These enlistments will be for the 34th Whereas, This department has been bereft of a good and efficient fireman; mwuiBi imu. inereiore you a tak Hood's SarsaparUla In , infantry. 1 Reqrultlng office at Fort Meade. S. w W til other. Dak from dlorrheoa, the frequent attacks completely prostrating me and rendering me unfit for my duties at this hotel. About tfiPUIi core bllloosnesa. Mallea C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, ! by C. L Hood Ox, Low- two years ago a traveling salesman kind be it Resolved. That we, as the Dead wood Fire department, do hereby tender our heartfelt sympathy to the relatives and friends of the deceased, and would commend them to the Supreme Ruler to console them in this hour of affliction. MIDSUMMER ATTRACTIONS. With the thermometer up above eighty ly gare me a small bottle of Chamber Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem lOTsim, D. D. I., dentil parlors the sweet peas beginning to bloom, native HEADQUARTERS I strawberries Just coming into market, and edy. Much tomy surprise and delight Its effects were Immediate. Whenever I felt ' " National bank. Deadvood "M bUgs work specialty. BICYLCES, be summer (owns and hammocks much In Resolved, That these resolut'ons FOR" symptoms of the disease I would fortify mratea work and engraTlng to unread on the records of the drmartment evidence, the dry goods merchant looks myself against the attack with a few doses anxiously over the plies of organdies, dim War, the Jewels Satisfaction auai ttles and swias muslins, that load his shelves, and figures how to get rid of them and make room for the thick heavy stuffs ltu. a a I. Hodera Deatlarry o this valuable remedy. The result has been very satisfactory and almost complete relief from the atjiotioc" For sale by all Druggists. and. BICYCLE SUNDRIES. v and a copy sent to his relatives. W. H. MOORB. Wm. WHEALBN, ELMER ROSE. Committee o TESTIMONIAL FOR PRIVATE HALLET. that will be In demand when the snow The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills. files. Then the summer girl whose gowns PIANO, both stylish and good. EST! to STET were not all made In lent, profits by the be bad only at Hawley s, No. US. A movement should be started In Dead- merchant's necessity. by Bullock hotel. Silk waists In the latest designs, corded back and front and in all shades and col wood for the proper recognition of Private) Mrs. Nott, of the Ladies' Basaar, has al-Hallett, of the First cavalry, now at Fort ready begun to slaughter prices and be-Meade. for his valiant service In stopping cause the Black HHW .ummers re Iat. arising tram TR1 MORMON BISHOP'S PILLS for sit dli In use over 61 r" nation uif.&hllM HXftMMS OT C.UWATtlttm BmoklllS. ors have Just been received at Mrs. Nott s. Mrs. Nott offers special reduced prlcee nrnn' huk rour manhood, cures deoleted. wornout men, makes rtosa. red blood anrl tissue. Cures wasting snd all losses, makes yon Ingly strong, cures impotenoy, lost power, emissions, loss or mssuws, v.. Armmm .h mnk an nrnni daaDondancr. sleeplessness, rsiioocM IN this week on all muslin and cambric lingerie. This Is not a picked over stock the runaway team in this city on the and the falls long and warm, It Is worth Fourth of July. The Deadwood city coun- eVery woman's while to go and look over ell should, be resolution, secure a mark for these summer goods which will be sold at Private Hallett In the war department's greatly reduced prices to make room for archives, and It might prove of service to the fall and winter stock which Mrs. Nott him In future years. His was an act of wni go to New York to buy the llrst of bravery showing s quick wit and prompt September. In addition to a fine line of deoieion Just such qualities as men summer dress goods, Mrs. Nott oiTers great constipation, adds lustre to the ayes, stops nerrous twitching of the eveldia. Makes life worth llTlng. A boos to young or old. MORMON Oas adjBlntoMrcsL Eighteen "PwUoee. Rosea thai block. ! little Early ri,. .zpei from '"t all poisonous accumulation, tU stomach, bowels sad llrer, ? tie blood. They drlTe away dls-k Hats melancholy, and glrs 1 M rior for the daily routine. Do tlckea. KIRK O. PHILLIPS. L M D. D. 8, Crown and Brides leeia. Over Phillip's Phax- Is conductlni a llrst class "wteru the Derby. JW CHIIOT! FINS OLD NSW CBEESB, FOB WSLCH -SIT OR 1UCAR0NL THB BEST )R U140 PER POUND, AL- U) NXW CHSBSS AT ISC ITAKDAKD CASH tTOaS. tt , - .1 . (i , ' i - .. r rormlr soeaplsd by pr. , reat, Inquire ot F. XX but consists of entirely new goods received last week. Cambric night robes, hand niSHOPS PTT.I.S atrenrthana and reatroea small, weak organs. Stops all losses by o n,r.r rwi't ri.liiT. Price within the reach of all. Ousrsafod to eore-l somely trimmed In embroidery or lace, re Price s box. 60 cents, 4 for $3.60 by mail, tend tor free circular. AHdraaI riuhop remedy CO.. San Francisco. CsL For sals br N. B. FBANKUNI duced from $2.00 to St.00 and from 12.50 to $1.25. Prices on other garments cut Palace Pharmacy. eDadwood, 8. D. proportionally. have shown In the war and have been pro- bargains in lingerie, all kinds of up to- moted for. It was done without measuring date neckwear, parasols, .'au3. summer the danger Involved, for the chances were corsets ranging In price from 35c to i6c, against Private Hallett escaping uninjui- and every other thing necesia'y to the IF -TOO WANT GUARANTEED PURS riAjinnnnni iinjuvnvru iniAvfjw -r w irnvmTT t ni rmn 5 A PPT. Hi VINEGAR OF THB HIGHEST TEST. CREAMERY BUTTER OF THE MUnUri hum FINEST FLAVOR. AND THB LIGHTEST ed. Besides action on the part of the city happiness of the summer girl ani her Council, the citlsens of Deadwood ehould mother. then make Private Hallett some substan- ' i a tlal recompense, which could be done ( THAT THROBBING HEADACHE. WHITEST FLOUR ON THB MARKET On all personal property AT THB LOWEST PRICES, OO TO THB STANDARD CASH STORE, tt SHERMAN o! value. A large stock of i T. "rum' without any material financial injury to ould quickly toare JOU, if you Use4 any one. They should present him with a King New life Pills. Thousands medal of soma kind, or perhaps a watch, avfferors have proved their match-on which could be Inscribed an appropriate marlt for glCB: and Nervous Head-memorial "of the deed he so cheerfully j They .make pure blood end unredeemed pledges at sur" prisingly low prices All business strictly confidential Til Diidwaotf tin Offld. performed In the city. A large number or i mtng nerves and bufld UB your health. Brooms- and Brushes Lee 8twet - t-- Easy U tak Try t baa. Only tt eonts. ltuutMnnnnnrtnnnnnnnilnnnjnnnnnntinnn''nnnnn the citlsens of Deadwood have expressed their willingness ts subscribe to something of this kind, and It would be but a proper testimonial of gratitude. Voney back If not cured. Bold by PbS tips ft SUensen. Dnuralsts. tcWd often, else they become dangerous germ coW ."" mtr Drasbesaemsuid special anenuoB mm di oom neaJUJ and cleanliness, aney qui ue ---"-- iucju7 and thoroughly by waawag in a weak suos maoe aom A FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER Will ofen causa a horrible burs, scald, cut Single Coupon - Pioneer-Times Free Scholarship . PLANTS FOR SALE Having decided to quit the Hot House business, I will sell about WOO plants of all rarleeUea for what they will bring. , A. DANIELS, ' Deadwood Greenhouses. bruise. Bueklss's Amies SalT. taa best la tts world, will kill the pain aa promptly heal It Cures old sores, ferer sores, ulcers, bolls, felons, corns, all sld NE VOTE ior the most popular young lady 0 eruptions. Best pile curs on eana. vuij i Gold Dust cleaaseverjtWngqnlckly, cheaply, thoroughly, 1 and i . i. , in the Black Hills. wui tune una wuiry. THE IT, LFAIRBAKX C0BIPA5T, Cafeacjo. - i su Louiav - Hew Ye Name of Young Lady. ..MISS ' MORRIS HICKS. House Cleaners and Carpet Fitters. Will clou carpets on the floor with their new process, restoring the original colors; or win Uka them up and clean th old way. Bast references. Call at or Wla-phoae Pioneer-Times. Boston. pHitodalphi. jS cents a box. Curs guaranteed. Sold by K. O. Phillips, druggist. ..iii o MRS. LIEBMANN. Choice Cut Flowers and Potted Plants, always on hand. Orders for funerals sad society emblems promptly Ailed. CUT THIS OUT. Deposit at or Mail to Pioneer-Times

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