The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 30, 1900 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1900
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY JUNE 30, 1900. 4 11, TOE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D AUDOBON SOCIETY R ECOM MEND ' ' Suggested as a Means of Suppressing ! Destructive Insrects in the Hills. i ; s pre- wh.-tl uxruTjiru-irururvp s w i: iiiiiM.-, ir.-p..i ! ti.-k. t ir two mi:! '"I'M I" UniWH. ,,f ( .-r ill... The hi-.i;i :n (In-i this w.-fk. .-li I1;.- I'.'.ir- ! I..- -" !lt Xtl.ll- I In1 -! 'A 1 111)11 li nl "VO'j I NCHE'j 3 Best Shoe IfiUia. ..,.!i! , :i ' li.iu i,,, Hi.- I'm- pari it li '!:.' '".ii li-. 'n.cti.r Whii.. h- w.i . ... - I -i-'' K hi -: 'l-'l'k of Til.- I..-I l!,. li,..! In:. I,. !:. Hi,. , ,,l;nn .. It.ri;. II.- . v. IM. t i..l:s In niaki- t'l 111 t! i mi- of Mill. I.i-lli'lil ins.-, t. .. II. IN In if,,!. : t i.illim .-.i i.-ii pi m ,. ,, .-.,,iu, ill t.'tl iiiu i i.l i.: t hi- il.-.-t I iii-iii 1 1". rn.ih tin- n' I In s. ; - i h.- mn of nil li-- a total of '.tin lin. a- in, h, - m ' id! lis. and a i;i an.l total of ; - i i - ' ini-l-i's or s..n . !.-w i - ai i X. u "i oi i -i i i i. .. i a i'i." i s iM-i-i- not -o l.irt,. The Can Always Be Found in a SHOE STORE We Carry the largest assortment Sell the best goods andjour prices Are lower than any other concern Handling shoes : : : Aii.lnl.on i. li fur Hi. pioi.-i thin ' - ni'l propagation hi lui ils Minis. In' i . says, nr.- ih,- .S solution 1,,. knows j i" Mir tin- o il ami h. ;ls sin-pi is.'.l that ; '; ilnriiiK his i-iitn,, stay in tin- Hills he n-'liil not i-oiiiit tw .-nl.i lui ils of all kmils ' T ainl of tin-si- only tun win- wouiipi.. k i u , -rs Hi- thinks (hi- p.-opli- of tin' j n 1 Hills should tako sunn, ai tion towards i ri - I.- Hills p.-opli- appreciate a moil paper and tiny are setting it. I 'Ion. -i Tines i- I hi- nul l paper 1,4 .mi pr'i-iis- to In- in, ii .- than !i In. al. Iii-iii .- It lea. -Mi's and is l.y inure people than all th. A CASE OF EXTRAVAGANCE. , i-iiroui-aKiiiK birds to lii- in tin- Hla. k j otln-i oi ii'-i impels ol Hills lonihiiii'd papers o! OU never cut off three-quarters of a new's of ailvi'rtisi inn and sul.sri iptio'.i Hills, mid h,. is oiiiu to write a nnm i her of nitidis on that sulijivt. on.- of j winch will appear in Conserva-! tin-, nun. J. Sti-rliiiK Mortons jtapt-i . ai. hinder than other papi-is l.ut i! is li...- li hi-api'i' to pay $1 on lor a papi-r 1 prints all tin- neus. than it is U ' cake of soap and throw it away! Yet you pay twice the price of Ivory Soap for a cake of "tinted" toilet soap less than half as ; and aimuiiT in - Forester, ntililisneil , I It i.i- or four at . -". cents e.n li find tie I. Hot net (he news It is also i'h. apei to advertise in one paper that cio. is the lield than lii lo reach the Your little cake of toilet soap costs you four large. '! I 'i ad i -i t isinn in 1 1: n tour if AiiH'i'iran Forestry association. He also thinks the pi-opli- of the ! Mack Hills would In- In-ni-liti-d by join-inn a forestry association, as it would niw in. -in a means of inHm-m inn legislation fur tile i lllls ... desile I'rot. W. I) lluiit.r of tin- i-peri menial d. fa it no nt of t li" Mate I'ni v.-isiti ot Ne.rask-i. who ms in I idwoo.l il,,- tii-st of tin- week and sp.-nt several iiais Ioomiih our the llllllier III till' j II I I 'est s f etltol illof.V. b'l't for liis holm- at Limulii 'riiuisday "oiiiii",. He took wi him a nninln-r times the price of Ivory, for it lasts only half as long and costs twice as much. No money can buy purer or better soap than Ivory. If it came in dainty paper, all scented and colored, you would pay fifteen cents for a very small okc of it. Inspector Fosness Advanced. Martin ' Fosness. well known in S" Hli Hakoia and the l!la. k Hills, Wl'le lie Ml led lor -.1 O-l'lll H.US as p. ! 1. .- inspe. tor fin tins ' 1 1 t rii t . has been appointed lo mi. . . oil I ii re. tor Ceiieral Halhbone oi tie- de pa. mn nl of posts of Cuba Mr Kos-lie uas until recintly coiiiieited d specn-s of inse, is ihat in- caimhtj'"1 "" department in rinladi-lpliia n th.- Hla. k Mills ainoni; ihi-m t w Inspector in charge aod was one of ! There's No Friend Like an Old Friend. Our $3.00 Line is 4the Greatest ever Shown. Call and see tem. Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. oiecles ( .! i . . , 1 1 i J.l.-.n-itu. l.i, 11 t limine '1 ill lllllllllo; tion 11 in. lest roving j 1 lie I I -n I. , -I'. l , . Im.I . I - Ii 1 - i lis.- I de t nil nm beet e- , thai I ot In i- nisi ' ! s and 1 1 1 1 ' i i' lai i a' -Il til li. - elll fin ih,- li'S of e, off whii h I rpose fr.'iid beinn praciiieil in Cuba, lie .as for years been r. c I - I one : of the keenest nu n in the po-lal sit vice, and his friends in this .-o. tion of the country will tie pleased to l.".ir of (Say, Stranger! Don't you know that you can do better on jewelry by going to Central? J. IB. LaBeau of that city can fl tyou out S(n anything that you want at prices fiar below those you would have to bay elsewhere. He has been In the jjewelry business In the Hills for 22 Irears, and is thoroly reliable, what he sells you Is strictly as he represent It Get other prices, then get Ho will always help you in time of need. It is the same with Chamber- ' Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It Is an old and tried friend in many thousands of families, and like other old friends can always be depended upon in time of need. For sale byJKirk G. Phillips. of a rt ; ( i ii i ti lt if t liey u i 1. r anv solution of th,- i rouble con- b.-iio. e - ti I s tit i v ance in e n t . this peri.-n. A Printer Greatly Surprised. I not or was so much surprlsoil in; my life.'' nays Henry 'I'. Crook, press-. Piedmont Escaped the Hail. Us, and compare. rKru uvr (). K. S. No. 23, UEADWOOI). Kfgiilar mcetinKs six-ond and fourth Mod days at 7:30. All members cordially Invited ANNIE I. nnu.ii's, W.. M. 1,1 IAA AN G. HATCH, Soc. Captain C V Canlin-r ot I'li-o ,ont ' man of the Ashville (N. C.) Ciiizette, slated while in . ..-a.lii oii.l yesterday ( "as I was witli the results of using ' that the hail nisi missed hi-- pirn, j Chamberlain's Pain Halm. I con-'rue-d ii nmhi. alth'i it f.-il on .HI tnii ted a severe case of rheumatism M'd.-s of him It wa- Hie seeopd liail 't'aily last winter by getting my feet ROCK! ROCK! ! Anyona wanting building rock, call ,-tnd see J. J. Feldhausen. Ihat the surrounding pencil' oil ii It hi o a f. 11 1 ni i bail e da i .s t h - pre wet I tried several things for it j without benefit. One day while looking over the Gazette, 1 noticed i thai I'aiu Halm was positively uar- , vious stoi in falling heai.-, a lew miles tile oilier side nf I ' I I'd 1 1 1 1 III t . I Only $1 f..r i I iliualili; K.i.Iak dot f .akrs : ikkI .k- tiltr iv ., j;(,I I A mombenhip to the 1 Caroeia Club sad t o i 1 if t villi tmh Spring and Summer 1900 Such a iiiaiitin of hail tell thai it j teed to cure rheumatism, so 1 bought was noeossaiT for the nam . row on a IT. ceiU bottle of it and before using one of the early freights to get mil two thirds of it my rheumatism had WILCOX'S I an d use shoiels lo clear tie- railroad taken its Might and I have not had a We take great pleasure in offering tllis sea-j track so that trains nmbl pa-- Ciops . rheumatic pain since." Tain Halm KOIlV purchase for VOUr inspection, being fully: '" ""' ' ""'' ' s'"1" , also cures Bpraius. deep-aeated and , ,, ' . i were beaten into the gioiind 1 muscular pains. It is for sale by Kirk aware of the fact that it exceeds all our p.evioiisj Th(. (.apt.(in sil s hls ,,,, is i G )hilllps. efforts. I linelv this n-ai II. lias been having- . - . o- Arrangements for thj Fourth The Deadwood fire de'ri rt men t he'd i n ting in the tire parlois last night. N OT V IT 1 1 iST A N I ) I N ( i TIIK KKCKNT! tCZt TlZ JKKAT ADV'AX;E IN WKIJCIIANDISK IN I nic fall of rain lb-,,. Th.irs.lay (Fire Works) of Kiti iitscii.ti..A ftii ll.e 4th ol July. t general and took up the matter of avrange- OlIK I.IMr WR n VV. OT ADV-WCKII iW'lt' '"K arly. aliln. it a- not iiii,i,i . -v.- r-.T . , . 'storm in th.- Hills being conlineil t iin ids for attending the i-ohi-th ot .lull . .-lei. ration in Head next Woilnes I i . nil K A.M !M.M.I.h KS5 1AL,I. j ,hilt i,n,,di.t II' a- no I II inn i strawberries tin- n-.n li.niei. i I He i II I 1 I 111 III ed si mi. i -.1 I 'ol b-d ; t b- :il In- Spring V.ille i lam h -ea.-ou and lin.- sluing In- a - din it was decided after rome dls- j cussion that the entire Dea iwood fire! I ib pal tinent should attend It' .,:?' body.: . and thiit tin- only apparatus taken! . j would be the Momestaki' parade cart . CI i. I Kellar iiniiounced tlia; lie would , .put tie- entire departmi-iit on the cart. In hies found a n-adi sab- for ail lin I ah es he hit, I. ill 1 .1 ii l pll' ' III oubl Ion .- sold ii ii'iinli.-r of otlu-is bin I,,- did not liai. Hi. in II. i- eon i in. . .!, lo- sais that these an tin liiiet alt If ' .in bi i -i is. 1 Ther, an- ! no st rains oi' tin- bp d He- mi 1 1-strain and tin- l.i-ef sliain He li.o Ttw If ' K 1,1 I lafc? ? 1-ilnn Cllsi i r: i ic l'-r , Our Men's Department is replete Mith the very latest for men's wear. Men's Spring Overcoats, in all the newest shades and styles, ranging in price from $7.r0 to $22.00. The handsomest line of Men's Spring Suits we have ever shown; the very latest designs in high grade tailoring, ranging from (;.."() to $2o.OO. Fully e.iial to tailor-made, at ju-t m.-. half the cost nf made to order goods. I l!el picture dra' yuu 1 I a in -n, 5'l I l.ea win yoa $j. Y.n (ilire fur (,aiti:uUr ai i iiimng llo- uiiieieni i om pa nie.s ::', regard to their ninni'liral si ' ugili in at t en. lain e. the company mi h the greatest nimiber present be in !'i,n ed on t In- wheel, and tin- other i o i -. i . a ! i i . - s taking places according to He -1 . A commit tee i onsist i ng of th- li I'd of tin- depart merit .lames M a and T. K H.-i .lev w a- a ppoinl e.i -., , i infer u it h t be I lead om I en- PHARMACY l.o! Il II ll'l lie Sill S I in II I - Ml mm and al if not I l! pen, n m t !i- .1 -! i I"i ' l.lltler. Tile beet ,-t I ICIl I - e hell. .- I hilll tile I I'll h.llll II !! lib e .little to ha lid b- ' I s Ippil-e t 1- lint ll. e. i o'l If imi i. n ' g. i II g 1 1 to -it : i it li' i.lls lelitlile to I Olllel lllg tile ; -lake at t to head and ascer- ; ' the nil, oa. I would haul il free , b- r .oimnittee was appointed to i lot., for ' . a t . 1 1 n 1 1 II" li A I. cb ' M.e k ami said I !e of eVtTV- good natundh a- !. mi - I ol eer- g.,o,i naton iu a- ,,- a- Our I'.ov's Denartinent consists n and polish the .art and make it entahle for the occasion. I he department was provided with , . , .... inline i.tsi IIIUIO li ..." ' " thing necessary for a boy s complete outiu, Mt, m,.ii .ih ,,,, ,aii i v ...l'.ll.. I., .,.! rii'ieoM lioim' OUT ludleie 1 lioilbl tak. ..If my j A Subscription for One Year to The Ladies' Home Journal For 50 Cents ' that to that ticket I hai" uatcb.'d Copyrtght 1W7 by TU8tD Bliwh Co. ONLY AIM. re i.-hnients by Moses I.espcranee of tie first ward after the business up 1 ng The- city counef! .which bad been in the council chamber as a bo. ml of equalization, entered the fire pa i ns and met with the department In a Micial way. There were ad-dr. - -. s by Mayor Kish, and several of ' aldermen It is thought that Br uvlDg Diamond "C 8oap wrappers. It i IIW picklDf up motuy to ve our iop wrappers. You have This season we have naid particular attention to the 1 that man Konsevlt for lb. .,-t iwi-ip iv years well. in. not a long that. Mint perhaps tep icivs sum- he ' was out in the west hen- and I am convinced that e is a genuine American citizen. I have read a great deal of his writing, and I must confess that he has a graphic pen Then he has such a hustling "iiality. frankness, and hard sens wav about him. that 1 b.-lieve In- cannot fail in nm thing he ;, ., , ulto " to uie Laundry Boap anyway, and Diamond "C" Is the yery best that you can buy, so you gtt the best soap and th Premium all for the same price. The Ladies' Home Journal Is KITTLE FOLKS. Three-piece Suits from 3 years ip with vest jut like papa's, from $2.00 to $6.50. Shirt and collars iust like Papa wears, ages years and thi tisnor and council will accompany I th. department, to Lead for the Fourth ! as they have received an Invitation I Wards. in OUl: GENTS' KfTRXTSHIXd DEPARTMENT, com the executive committee of the celebration. only one of 300 handsome prizes we -Hand tome DeeKm Belt Buckles, to three strWk giveaway lor saving Diamond "C of OBlnk-Sllver, Gold or Bom-GoUL Thliseal Soap wrappers. For our Premium on's direct Impoilooa are uitopjMa n. Amn . ,..i . aajrooe who see them. In ordertnit be sun id Catalogue, drop a postal card to tw wlUoj, ot tailh degf ei. m The Cudahy Packing Co. Soap Works, S0UT'EoB"A,i- from h "Married Life." P'ete in every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact. ev- fTthinn; that is new and novel worn by men. HATS of the celebrated Dunlan and Stetson makes. At th. opera lions.- Moiida;- nigltf July .'lid the llllei.Il.-I .'iettle Co Will, .begin a weeks cnga-i-incnt pi,-.-ent in? I rea the comedy simss M.irri.-.l Life" this wl. I MB 4 m h b Mm and w will tt kin pvs tt iml Tornby all good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades They Might Suit You. J have in Ptock f.' samples of , m ade carpet in different sizes a:. all wool and the h.-s, there' Ib- k. t The w ilV W e got lable- US 'o sell them far below of aii equal amount of carpet l.y the yard, fall and us. Hi!;),' be One that M'l'l'd i'i-t 1 iLMOt'TIi S I : K play has never given here l.y any other ua Shades for spring wear. The beat lino nt Pnnnr rn, i.mvo evor lnwii. in th. tie bo Tii fallv, v.c ia"ine new stvio piairia nr.i nuhu has dune i om- i onip.-.n;- although tin- miiu- nan liee li... ,! 'fie I..1.I Tlil'.IIi. " Ldth :i .-. 'Th" laugh p: oi ik .I,-' -1- v- luiui auu villi i . Onr Rhna ovr,w i..t.. ,;i. tin. vei-v latest in U , -' "Wi IB uu voiiil'"1' ...i. tngShofa T?r, : 4..1 -.ti f'.lrtioll -v.,. xj,rir pair gu.i ru u iit.-.i -.' (tllUIIIII. :tl.lIlllllllllll(lllllllllIltllCIJi(llll.lrillwi'(l . .1 . trsti.!f illtll.llllllillllf tSIIIUIJlllS ; I Am Not Going Out of Business Neither am I ".ino- toluo money, luit I am f (loino-to (loin the future as in the past, I Sell Groceries Far CheaperMian my com)etit(.rs. My , x- i (jriws are liylit ami my customers a ret,"""- itir t'. o'et the In'tK'fit. Get my jirices. Wo. 7 lharles St, J. A. GREKN f ' Married Lit", a large audi. -ii. au.-ed a .-!ii;!-- m-rnirt.' entitled la.-t l.u!,- t" line spok n progn -s. d MASSAGE BATHS. Smith, steam, vapor ami 1:-. No. 8 I'lti'' stree. se ib o- Olid l w a - L", veil . Th-- first : is the i.. rease.l ' and-' -.I humor ii.marious k'-en en- hol 11 00" wo nr. 1 a l.a'f ! Three Reasons Why we Should Sell' you Show! . :;. .- w ,.s li. pt in a jo'ly g. in. I ic.rrv an roit ! i : i s -:' :i I'liicliter was evide;: ( ..f t!ie ID jnynKtit rt-ff -I l-y th" funi s.t "-jt "is a n d ( iir- a - :' t!;. are scenes. ; .'iirth- Our Shoes fliio lift. d Prepared With "Calumet" il from Rocht- !Im 5ji;, Aiu, l rri nnl A m rr, '". i -Caij-met"ne nous a tfr' Fnon-J. yuaiivj f) comedy "Marrb-! I.i:..-" was written And More StVliSll in appear- for Huehetr -.n:v nr. I it certainly ful- lRrii.9 Powder ance. And Lowest in Trice than any lother House in Town. im NOT f MADE BY 1 THE V TRUST. t.lN its nii-io:- f v the'.- n;,? r-.'m a dull !,ion-,i n from th.1 f.r? o the final etir-tnin. It may well h-y caile.l the little Minister of comedir3. The specialties between acts by Mr. and Mrs. I.C. Godley, Claude Boardman Grace Hayes, Paul Hudson, and Norma and Dorothy Boardman and the clever children were all the best ever-seen FULLER & BROWN, PROPS. (GEDDES OLD BARN.) Sew Carriaies ani BKies. Best DririnE ml Saddle Hones Boarding Horses by the Day week or Month a Specialty. NONESO COOD. Deadwood. s;bloom

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