The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 22, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 22, 1899
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 22, 1899. 1 I LEXINGTON FEMALE COLLEGE u - I tar-f . Bas and Water tjju of all Kin. W LEXINGTON. MISSOURI. y ;Tvx " - - JSkhdeas and jSHSTEAMH MPS rH (Helen Sachs inoforte Lemons f AND I? F0RTYFOURTH SESSION. H 1899 1855 This InMituiion is one of the oldest and most substantial Schools for Girls in the State of Missouri. Its Alum li Association is the largest and most note-worthy of any School for Young Ladies west of the Mississippi River. U Classes Daily; . H.I WOOD, A. M., M.O., President Chicago Medical and Surreal Institute, 017 La8dlie Avenue, Chicago, III. (EatabU.hed La hieuu Sine Raj 1L. IS 7 1. 1 The oldest, lura-tat. iim' i-tllBiilr Hid sur4-fee,fu aaedtral liiMiHutL.ii i.. N t t Prlva'e ruom for pMl't-nl lth Im llftlt-a for any frffipy. urglal operations pcrforna.-l In tfeo aunt iclwillflu munnt-r. Writ ftr rin-uiarN on lf formitU ixn-i It rut-, Club Feet, Curvature i.t the Niiit. i'tlrh, Trin'Ti. ) :ar"'er, Catarrh, hronrlittln. I'aralv! KliH-. Kidney, madder, Kjm, Kar, Skin anil KIimhI I i-ease ai:t all s'urifu al Operations. It nt fw"ilitLnt ui.arati and ivnn-dit-n lM the Miw-eiful Us-almfciit ijiin jt ,iim requiring medical nr hUtirira' treatment. We abaolutfly gnu! antee it cure every ruf of TaerTvii Debility and din a.-s if putting l m aim see and liicliHt-retiMii-. if Youth and Manhood , Nnrrmator-i-fewa, Hentlrial Wfakncw iicrJif ( . linuotf ii- iosa of icuai Hum-i, arltMfle. Il.vdrwvlr. Ntrlr-laire. Phtaaoala, el.. etc, Charg" KoHMblf U' and experieu art- imp-i tan i N" nicn'ii i y i injim medicines useil tun l'-t fr 'in work i lu-n- laoarable eaaea accepted. No incdi -ine -t-nl t '. It. Failure Is mikii'wii t u. e ctii'- Hi uaiu! antiiin lly. We have ten th-m-and ttinrn nal lettn - .m i;,t- t r nt KTatehii ftatleiitN ernmin-ht I y it red. V rite i today. VatltmtB from a dlstHiii-c trtat.ei l.y mail M.-.ttt-iif . ti( rl,rIw,A'' fr f -io. -i ml , l. i . .-' i f, 'i hixtnry onW .i n it 'm - ' v'"" - an i -!,' I f . r opinion aud term 1 .nnifH i n .nvan ! , 't in in I (K?r-'Hial I y m lv ii-(-r -I liO H.mL on hII I ..rtinlv a, ltd WnraHf'al !!' rtid iNl if I HO t ut-atlunn fre-t Montlnii 'Ul i'(M-r Lppl'.-clc Hill Steam Lau'"11 UsP WILSON Faculty From Berlin University, Cornell University, Chicago University, Missouri 8tate University, Elmhuist College, Wisconsin State University, William Jewell College, New York School ot Expression, New York City; Royal Conservatory of Music, Berlin. Qermany; Royal Conservatory of Music, Prague, Austria; Metropolitan College of I iorney-at-Law, v A University Beholarihip is given tree each jrear to ths full graduate who has the highest grade, which admits to any of the leading Universities of the United States. A Prosperous Yea r The school opened last faV with a larger enrollment of boarding pupils than It had ever had. Rooms had to be rented la the city to accommodate a number of th exalt Waa an overflow; a fact of which ft schools hare had the privilege of boasting. Plans were Immediately formed for tk enlargement of the buildings, and these plans have had a successful result. Two valuable and capacious lots have been purchased and added to the Campus, almost doubling its slse. Additions will fee made to the buildings, which will enable them to accommodate over one hunaree) boarding pupils, tjliJCSHj t Club Building Corner , md Dead wood Streets iooi . - south Dakota. luem It H. MOORE Music, New York City; Chi GO TO . . FRANK SCHREVER, Fresh and Salt Meats, No. too Sherman St. The Henshaw . . European Hotel. Late "The McTague." cago Art School. Chicago 111 ; and Other Leading SilErlirlfrlirliliiiiiSSi Ismitli and lap Maker, 3ffltt 'A1 GEMFRAL RE- Oyster and Grill Room. T. J. O'BRIEN, Prop. Electric Lights, Steam Heat, Hot and Cold Water. LEADING LADIES' COLLEGE IN THE WEST. '.HIE ON SHORT NOTICE, I jibs at Carriage and Wagas iM! alse Carriage Fw iJrlM Street, Deadweod, D. 1509 Parnam St. - Omaha, Neb Graduates are prepared to 4o advanced work in the great Eastern Universites. DEPARTMENTS Classical, Scientific, English and Business. Painter, Paper Hanger Kalsominer. Having secured a ahop on Seiror I treat. IE DERBY hludqoirtirt For i Liquors and Cigars, 2251. H. CARTER Won COURSES. Modern, Progressive, Thorough. A substantial Literary Course is emphasized. THIS COLLEGE stands for THOROUGH SCHOLARSHIP, REFINEMENT, and NOBLE WOMANHOOD. HOMB DEPARTMENT UNSURPASSED. Missouri Conservatory of Music. ANNEX OF LEXINGTON FEMALE COLLEGE. oppoelta the postofflce, formerly occupied br the Sinter sowing machine office, I am prepared to promptly execute ail orders for house painting, paper hanging, calclmln- I P. HYMER. :!ictijnt and Adjustments. I Notary Public. l liwt la Black HUU tor U. B lng, glazing and all work of that char acter. I shall employ only flrst-claas workmen t Osuantj Co. All kinds of ud Ittdldal boa da wrlltaa and will guarantee satisfaction. It will not WDOlPh , FImm gtf. mj nlm baton be how cheap I caa do work, but how 7mt tmaot to alia year boud. 'NMkrlUt InmraaM potleiaa. Ph Block, Daadweod. S. D. -, US; Black H1IU, MS. good. Trial orders solicited. O. C. LACKOUS e XtiOWD, CO TO : .J I XtaCTXCAJL Pabst Headquarters ihmaker, Jeweler in. For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in he City. e cuLruftc : CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop Sillx Jewelery Male to Drier. i&a&tiurihrtbeF.B. &H.-7.- esil nd I 1U guar """aOaf aotkm In -work and rREET - DBSADWOOD, B. D. AMATEUR FACULTY OP THE MISSOURI OOMS1SEVATOBY OF MUSIC, PHOTOGRAPHERS Facilities are Unsurpassed in the West. European Conservatory Scholarship Awarded Each Session ,.rof,re are graduates o, the greatest Coorv a.urie, of .be United States and Eur,,,., and .re the pupil, o, the great- est teachers of the world. Anoreesen For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Papers, Mountlngcards and photo supplies send to Rrtlwre Company. - JolesalHionlwara.'l; ;-7des and ftlnt Goods. Lincoln PWopajli Supply Co. Th fnarsasa la ths anmbsr at piaasj ya Lincoln, Neb. plla haa made tt aeeessary to emptor 14 tttmm mirfssans- of mast. PraL - OXAHA JO! i t., i Nnarav. a gradwaU at tfce aayst vatory of Pragae, aa or eta yaan . v. WHieai raealty ta th Prof. Rudolph Rlchter a pupil of the famoua Theodore Knllak. wiU remain a fourth year as director ot the Conservatory of Music. Ha waa formerly director of the Kansas City Conservatory at Music His connection with the Conservatory insures thoroughness and progress. He Is almost without a peer as a manager ota masloal Th Voice Culture will be under the tm-strucUon of a graduate of the MetropoU-taa Collegs of Music, ot New Tork City, Kiss Lucy 1L Marks. Miss Marks la a popU of Herbert W. Green, one of the world's greatest apeclallsU in the rolee. T ie affldency of this department which haa been Tery popular In the past will be Increased. - o. c. jeWett, 1 2- CahscH fcit;; A commodious building -has been purchased Car the accommodation Of the Hoaloat Department It has leen orga-nld into a Cooserratory. ad wUl be known as the -Mlseouri Oooeerratory of Muata.- Laxtoftn College win thus Da the only fsmals school U the west which wUl bare a separated otfantaea Conaer-mtory la a home ot Its awn. Una Wfdaa TJalTeralty, has Iwsa en Va slue, us wus w m- ARCHITECT. raluable addltioa to the department Room 19 Syndicate Block, DBADWOOD, 8. D- , Haatttt 1 1 j a tVt a a a a a -3 Ilillard, '-anl Douglass Sts.::";V' AOUJQ HOTEL -. r t TETB WEST, t : ; Prominent iDpa3rtnants: jsjxrt and Elocution r sent free-to any aaareaa. rrlte to. For Information or for Beautiful niustrateJ CaUlogue, lAifSSSS1 1 I ' gXTBUBBXI RESIDENCE rH f kiM AT BAMAIN. JAMES A- BEAUOHAMPf President, - - - - . . mm Good. aab-taaOal 8-woaa fraasa . - ..if, tkree-a RntifnllT Sitnated on fc Beautiful Street , Lexington, i.iu. laanar. . . f a. a. tm a4 fUMa Ja-aua Bar -y aa4 a -ASKEL & SOW. Health Record Unsurpassed. laalo ekaap. FBANCBl W.

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