The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 30, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1900
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY JL'NE 30, n THK DAILY I' I n N V. K K-T I M KM. DEA D WO f . S D It: ; ;it his .liKpo-ti rst a ut ion ;onii-' to tiiukc it It.- hii.l two morn li illl. I as I f 1 1 - "its his til"..- ; r-. Ii' vv;i.- Secbick ii if.' want- -I ot I: lo t,'i-t oi:r r as po.tsi- in ! . tin- Illl Ill" Kwnrv8wvwws?iv WiWivw.y.v.,.,.v.., I Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver I The Union assay Office!; U KstabliBiieil 18ft. li li iilm y ;i fi I n.-int.- In- si. i.l ! : - in , 1 1 1 11 i lln- ' nil HOIK i- ii ion. ' -i.-:i.iin.' 1 1 i h Lee No. 37 Will Street Deadwood. : i .ntvt KYsiih s nt 15,) h 'mm? Gold and bilver ror o(J Cent? 'C. II i - k ... .1 I i.ill III ' I-'- -'si I. ill' li.' SI1VH I,. .; .- .H . . I .1 I I ll'-l )- ill llOIIII' Ik-: ,i i I: !-.-.. i i:!im-:iil V'.rw v, , .. .ii - i i . .i' u ,i i i-min-'rr iln- vt.. lit iii- iii '!-' i ' !:l iill'l t p,,. ,..,,,n.. ;:! . t.i . v iit,.! to- has l'-n , i ,. u , ;, i, . .1 (!: tt.-st ill I hat i a ' 1 1 ' ' i . h.n 1 1; I" - ii "li :i n .-.p.'(li lion to Ala '... I. 'ii-'. l..-;'ui. th.-r.' wii.s lM ,.. a "' auls Ion. lik. II.- h.'i'p.s ,nL!, ,,i , H-ii-M-i wdili- tniv.'lini; UN A I.l, S. . .i:.s uRoi (;in' to thi: oitick M. H. Lyona Co. Itli.kfiiHdoi Ter $.15.00 'I ypewrlter. the At;ent for annouiK't-'s an cxt '- "' Spring Millin(iry Depicting the freshest fashions from the Jhrcm h designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept, 13 ead wood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. See()ick. The foremost feature of In illl.l an h.- ilo.'S this hy on Hi'- iiipoKiaplii-al Kin .'riiiM'-nt parties U i ii -: nolnlioiis map.-, niii'i.' ny i-l v inl'T" sting I ays. prov. r war. i.-. i ii.---.- in- i Id hi.'il aft. MINES AND MINING. Dead wood's milllaerr merchandLslnx thliwwk will FUTURE MINING IN THE HILLS i n. n as icri-asiiip be an attractive arrray of "flrst hata" and amall haU for stret9 and sboplog at popular prlcea. BIG BELT HAILED OUT. The Recent Hails orm Covered Twenty-one Hundred Square Miles. !; i, .i.'i ry. from th- Hem h," eight miles northerly from Sturgis. was in Deadwood yesterday, and stated that the rereiil hailstorm laid waste 500 a. res of grain for him. He had .150 a-i-fs in waeat. 10 acres in corn, and .-.a iier.-s in millet, and it was all de-Mistiit.-.i The corn is of a hardy variety, known as "Siiuaw" corn, and Dial ami '- niuiet may make parts of crops, bin in-- wheat crop will be a total failure Mr Herry says lit' has ii, ...I .n the Helich" for twelve years. jl-i I- tli - fa Mill I ll.ll " lil.lll Ml pr.n i 'I In- I Tl: 'I lie ' I i. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! ' II. li :. .H . ; 1,'n- A in. ri ;i ii .-a w it 'i lo the ft'oiitiiiiictl from i'li-.-it I'nge ) l i'Oi ' I contai i s 1 1 h I hi- 1". is in ,, .- I. w! f'I'lllVI". Ii. .!!. Ii-i-l t (onu s quick mil. a Hoo.lly j 1 1 :i ri 1 1 1 y of whu-li Till Saturday, June 30 Iff FjlB i .-nan ul I'liiar, o , , ,,. iiai t .i to. Iiiim. u i. iillhotni y expert to have to j do some drifting tor it. They an- well pleased witn the developments j so far as they have borne out all their ; observations from the siirfiu-e. I j Di 's. Vou will et a Men's, Children's Speci, and 1 and buv your Shoes at Chase 2D per cent on ALL Lailie's, Prices for One Day Only. and Ibis is the first crop failure he has experienced. His crops this year ' were looking finely up to the time 1 they were cut off All of his neighbors fared similar!.. . .iltho none of ' tin 'in farmed as extensively as lie. He A SI. 50 S';oe A $2.50 Shoe --SI .20 A S--00 Shoe ou ui" rct ,o1' $2.00 A :?? (' ,,OL' .vou willet for YOU Will ert't l(,r vim will "fet lor is kept in thi' liotlom of i-a. h lank I am not prepar.-.l to say lliat I iiiilnis.' their method of precipitating Iln Kold from th' solution, as I am .sum a much better device (illl li' uscil, hill till' above m.'tlio.I hii.M mil' other fiiiliii' that, will recommend itself to Unpractical man. and that is its t. n-liour treat m nt. which is only one li ft Ii of the time reQUiied in the onlinnry iih IIi oils of richln now in us.- under l he r Forest process Of the latter process 1 feel safe in t-ayint; that it w ill soon he tiled ,iway ;m a hack number, a.s well as n great S1.60 S240 i i in th,. n hick l is mm :i iiimmei oi A Shoe you will yet for S2.80 Terry Souvenir Edition. The llali! Mountain News of Terry issued a souvenir edition yi-slerday that is ;i beauty nie haiiinil! and a mini of information concernm.', tl:( lila. k Hills, u is printed on i uoi' Kiiule of book paper, illustrated with half tone cuts that are lu-ouht out clearly, and it shows good woi ktui.n-ship thruout. The Jssue i:- ,.n f mr panes of se ven i olumn papoi . mid :l is a home production tln-uoii! I u ale. s fa' as he i an learn the u over an area .",0 miles 7n miles another or 2100 hors He hail one i i l or : says ; -Xtellll. :iv bv include e vervt h'mo- wc have WHY!!! t Wait Till This sale IS NOT on Ol'T OF DAT1C Shoes. It.will Shoe line. You will want New Shoes for the FOURTH, and buv t hein on that d.iv. You will save nionev. in tln .1 tine square ml CHASE'S Main St. Jeadwood S. I). Where Thev Sell Cheap. Spider Leg. ' There is no war tax on Spider Let? ' Tea. hem we are selling it far cheap-I er. speaking from a nuality standpoint, i than any other tea on the market. Crow, the editor, has eonsid. r-able enterprise In the n ti I o it a k ; i: . aim ne nas covered the liebl pretty i..,i,ii .,... 1....1 ... ninny more things, one of which will be the stamp mill for the ores of the Illack Mills. I will only enumerate one neneral reason here why they are not well tulap tel for us here, and It is not from this cause that they shouhl he condemned but, if for no other, this one will be The next time vou order a bill of gro and i...... i j ,iihi . i eo ii .mi .. 1 1 e was assisted in the preparation of I he 1 matter hy W. .) Mi Farland. I ceries order a sample of this tea Custom Ore to order on will be sure Jiext timt a supply of STANDARD CASH OROCIOUY. sufficient, and it is because of tht ii h'Miiiumm" - ' 1 ?DO YOU KNOW ! I'hat there are from -TiOO to 3000 different drugs and preparations in auy well regulated pharmacy, or nost as many as the average num-her of words in use in ordinary con- versation in the English language? ; DO YOU KNOW scarcity of water at or near the mines The first page of the edition is devoted to Lead, there bein several il lustrations of th' Homestake hoapitii'l, with a complete description of that in stitutlon. Mining matters are giv-1 the proper attention, and the mines of Itald Mountain are made prominent hi par-ticiila r. WV a: i' now pre-part'il to tivat custom ores by w Cyanide process at reasonable rates. Golden Gate Mining 8c Milling Company, First Ward, Deadwood S. D. Motherhood and the daily household cares demand a mild tonic for the housewife and mother. MAlTr-NUTRINB is best and easiest taken. Made by the An-heusor-Bush Brewing Association. That assures its merit. Sold by all druggists. where the mills- should be erected, where such a thing is possible. The various processes by cyanide ami chlorination use so little water when compared with the stamp mill that these methods may he used to advantage whereever a small amount of water can be secured from springs or wells. YESTERRAY 6 PERSONALS. Another feature In the reduction of On the Train that Was Robbed. Clarence It. Curren. and two cousins. Bruce fc. and Cecil I,. Curren, the former of Millbrook. and the latter from Kox, ..iols. three young men who are visiting Deadwood. were on the Burlington passenger train. No. II that was robbed between York and Aurora, Nebraska, Thursday morning. They were in the chair car.head of the sleeper section, where the rob GATES IRON WORKS George S. Jackson went to Custer. W. H. Daughter of Rochford was In the city. REVERE RUBBER CO. INGERSOLL-SERGEAKT DRILL CI Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists ores 1 think will not be overlooked here us has been the case in some parts of the mining world. An instance of one mine will be sufficient to illustrate this point. 1 find that there are no less than ten ccyanide reduction plants in course of construction and contemplated for the northern Hills for the present year, having a capacity of over 2,000 tons daily, and I am informed that one That to become perfectly familiar l to know their dose, the different .' compounds and many classiflca-' tlons, to know which is poison, which la harmless, which will mix; ; to know when two or more harm- i -less drugs when combined will pro- -i duce a violent Poison ro know which medicine will antagonize the effect of another; to know : all the antidotes for all the pol- : son and many hundreds of i other things are required to she known in the drug husiness? :DO YOU KNOW bery was perpetrateu. out they remember a man who entereu the car at a station the other side of where the train was robbed, and who was discovered missing after the robbery. The young men were asleep w'hile the robbeiy was going on. but they were James Cusiek. state mine inspector was down from Lead. Superintendent T !. (Jrier visited Deadwood in the afternoon. J. P. Reardon, master mechanic on the Hurlington, visited Deadwood. J.J. Bryne manager of the branch house of F. P. Collins & Sons, Omaha who spent several days in the Hills on business, left for home Thursday. Pierre Wibaux, the cattle man. and Frank W. Smith the banker m Montana, left for their homes, after spend 0. F. PURNELL ! smelter is also assured having a capacity of 150 tons daily, and another with 100 tons. These figures will be seen to indicate an increased output awakened u.v excitement that followed me ..iscovery. in fact, everyone on the train was alarnie,. almost iiioium.j, . train stopped to let the robber off. They do not remember much about the personal appearance of the man, as they did not pay much attention to mm. These young men ari sight-seeing in the Blark Hills, oeing out here on a cation. Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. : I - ing several days in Dead woo l on business connected with the Clover T.eaf cf nbout 2,200 tons d.iily, or nearly twice a3 many tons as now produced .Mining company. by the Cripple Creek district, and .1 when 1 say that there will he no lack That it requires years of experience ; to learn and that those years of f experience we have had is for : I Your Benefit i The. Consumers of Water Are requested not to sprinkle lawns or aUow the water to mo r.ll nigh as violations of this will ause the shutting off of the entire house. P. ....... ivBURN. Supt. City Water Works. of ore for these new plants. 1 fully realize just what it means. By way of comparison, 1 may say when the same number of feet in drifts and levels are run in the Black Hills as have already been run in Cripple Creek, I think it is a safe statement to say that the output in dollars will be as great, if not greater, than Cripple Creek. Yoij iiave no doubt heard that the Black Hills. is a low-grade camp. Well It is up to the present, but there will be a Mftiked change from this time on, HAVE YOU A HEADACHE? Try our headache capaulet. PALACE PHARMACY. FAMILY LIQUOR STORE Fine old California Wines siu li .t- Sherry, Angelica, Port, Muscatel. At $1.50 Per Gallon or 50c a quart. Fin old Pie WHibr am Brandy from $3. 1 Case Beer Delivered to the House Free. 635 Main Street Deadwood. J. W. Valentine of Spearfish han just had mounted a pair of elk's entlers from an elk that he lolled near Crook QJty in 1877. '. Why, then, take- chances, when it i will cost you no more to get your ; j medicines pure, fresh and properly i I filled at the I Palace Pharmacy I U. Faust PH.! s Proprietor. ; j IIIMIimill'llMi "MialtMMetllMIIMItl II III at before enumerated, he time has How to Reach the People. There has become so many representations of each line of business in these days that the average business man finds himself put to his wits ends, so to speak, to find a medium of "reaching the people." Together with these many representations of business there has been sprung on the people many ways to spend their money In advertising, but there yet remains only one good, straight, legitimate way of advertising and that la thru the columns of the newspaper. See that your advertisement is set In a neat and artistic manner, the more original anil "catchy" the better, and it Is bound to be read by the people. The Pioneer-Times goes Into 1,600 homes and business places every morning, is probably read by five times that number of people, making a grand total of 8,000 readers. Can you find a better mediu mof reaching the Black Hills populace than thru the columns of such a sheet? If you want a neat, "catchy" ad, just call up No. 79 and request our advertising man to call on you. He'll do the rest Use Allen's Foot-Ease In Your Gloves. A Lady writes: "I shake Allen's Foot-Ease into my gloves and rub a little on my hands. It saves my gloves by absorbing presplration. It is a most dainty toilet powder." We invite the attention of physicians and nurses to the absolute purity of Aliens Foot Ease. Dr. W. C. Abbott, editor of the Chicago Clinic says: "It is a grand preparation: I am using it constantly in my practice." All drug and shoe stores sell it 25c. Sample FREE. Address Allen S. Olmstead, Le Roy, N. Y. Opera House One Week Commencing Tuesday, July 2 THE Manufacturing Jeweler and Best Black Hills Gold Jewelery paserd when people ar going to waste time lookihs tor pit milling ores, and will bow begin to uncover high grade orca :all over' the eruptive district, whlcb'iyry similar in many respects to CrlppU Creek, only the territory is about six times as large, and the conditions equally as good for high grade . oree. J TJink of it not a hole 200 feet i deep on a fissure vein in the whole camp jputslde the Homestake workings. Can you wonder why it Is not doing more, even - it Is four times as old as Cripple Creek? The Hills are earned with good reins that outcrop on the surface, which makes It an easy matter to determine where to sink your shaft, w.uiate is very much the same as the Cripple Creek, and all it needs' Is capital backed by good judgment, to make it one of the greatest gold camps on earth. Repairer Aetna Powder Co, Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Battery Supplies. -A, BUTLER X THE . JTIONS- PH00 s JEWELER In ;i " HIGH CLsa f Si.'.'ial Monday nkl.t W. E ADAMS COMPANY Java MARRIED LIFE and Mocha A L-ivat lint- i- 651 i Main Street. Deadwood. S. D. The West Instead of Paris. Lawsoa Standford and Edward Standford, brothers, of ,New York City, the former an engineer, and the latter a lawyer, are in the Black Hills. They arrived at Kapld City several days ago and drove across the country to Keystone, working their way by easy stages from there to Dead-wood, seeing the country an they came, They were passengers to Rapid City last night on the Elkhorn. Lawson Sandford intends to go go on to west from the ituis, heading for the Bitter Root Mountains, on thejvers, border of Montana, by wayf Billings, and then for the British Northwest Territory, with Little Sl,e Lake, in Athabasca, as his proba! Ie destination. Edward will retuitt to New York, where he has buslns8 demanding his attention. . , ju -... ads. ., Prices Ki'serv.-'l - -1' Bazaar. Coffee To Celebrate the.. Glorious Fourth Approaching Quartzite. The report was in circulation for several days thlsweek thatjre had been found in the American Mining comp'any's shaft In SpearfishK canyon. Superintendent John MadJU was . In Deadwood yesterday, and stated that theTeport "was an error. He said the shaft was 3 GO feet down, and the shale thru which it lias Deen running was beginning - to get more sandy and showing signs of mineralisation, altho it could not be called ore. Everything ; ' The best for doming, Noon ..' r a?d Night. flags, Buy your firecrackers, bunting, &c, at " Steam Plant Wanted. The British-American Gold and Copper Mining company desires to purchase steam hoisting apparatus, with which connections can be made for a sawmill. The boiler and engine must be of 85 or 40 horse power capacity. Enquire of or address C. A. Bronson, superintendent, Galena, S.D. H. RlCHAKIOX, RESIDENT PIANO TUNER. No. 28 City Creek. Leare orders at FIshels B1 FOR MLB B? in rrovin lust as th company hoped i would. howeTer. and It is belieTedl Mr. Lawsoa Standford stated Tester MAX FISHEL'S 'Next to Zlpp 8hoe Ca stor. J. flaTTENBiCH.BRfl. that the shaft U rapidly approaching day in speaking of his proved trip F' : !'

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