The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 22, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 22, 1899
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'he Daily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SATURDAY MOKXIXO, JULY 22, 1899. FIVE CENTS. ON NEGROS PROBABLE SUCCESSOR Sheridan, and In command of the battalion of cadets. Major Davidson pays a great deal of attention to the bicycle corps of the institution, Which has established a record between Chicago and Washington. In heavy order, and he is arranging to establish the record between Chicago and New York City with automobiles. .j natives Have a that point, and within the next te weeks it is expected that the lower workings will be unwatered. The shaft is to be sunk as soon as the water is out and the accumulalted debris removed. It being the intention of the general manager to sink 500 feet as rapidly aj possible. The present depth of the shaft Is 550 feet. The mine Is operated by the Ridgewood Mining company, which recent -1 1 y acquired it. Elihu Root Spoken of As the us inu Cjous Clash and Rebels Next Secretary of War Department. lira Routed. entities of Arms and There Appears to Be Soma Ires Are Captured By Face Badly Disfigured. James Hocking, who works at the Tornado mine, in I'anlail gulch, was thrown out of a wagon while coming diwn from Lead yesterday afternoon, and sustained some bud cuts in the face, that will lay him up for some time to come. He was taken to St. Joseph's hospital In this cty as aoon as he could be brought down. Doubt As to Whether He Will Accept. The Admiral will Accept. WASHINGTON, July 21.- -Special. A dispatch has Just been reccivi-il fiom Admiral leey accepting the iuviiaiion fi RWHfWFfltaH--'TOa- )! W fit ' hfffWf hore. when (he sword voted l,y rciiigrcsa will be presented from the steps of the capitol bi.lriing. Id Affifirlcans. VOTON, July 21 .-Special. Gen and Dr. Allen, assisted by Dr. Coburn WASHINGTON. July 21. Special. E'.i hu Hoot, of New York, it is generally con & Borning reported the first and Dr. Zerfing, dressed his injuries. One Krctl weeks, on NegTos lsi cut extended horizontally across his face, ceded in official circles, will be the next M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. Offer the Following Unheard cf reductions in prices for this week, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 1 be and 26c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and that is what you have to pay for the same things, elsewhere. All the latest Child ren's Hats in Straw and Muslin at 50 to 75c worth from $1,00 to $1.76 Bach Special Reductions in Shirt Waists and Skirts, 100 Summer Corsets at 26c each, value 60c. Check Nainsook at 6c per yard, 200 pieces of French Ginghams Brundburget Cloths at 10c per yaid. 20 piece sCold Satines at 10c per yard, value 26c Irish Lawn and Crepon at 6c per yard. 50 doz Children's fast black Hose, sizes 6 to 9 at 10c per pair. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. cleaving the nose in a frightful manner, Ldi Biro, oi ln a,Alu 1"1"u secretary of war. if he will accept the F . i and exposing the nasal cavity. Another Emperor and the Czar BERLIN. July 21. Special. --The em peror and the czar will meet hi Wiesbaden on August 5. gfwtr urprisea a uuiu "i place. It is said that the president is in Kurt Island ' numbering gash runs into his hair, and his cheeks, tending lo tender him the portfolio A Berce en gu gem en t fol Hps, and forehead were also horribly cut the successor to Secretary Alger, but' there tie natives loel a hundred and up. He suffered a fracture of the skull. appears to be some doubt In the minds ol mi many wounded. Many but it is not known bow serious It Is. a great many as to whether or not Mr The Smelter Strike. DE.WEK, July 21. There has been no Lffrolren and large quantities The cuts about the face, while not of a se- Hoot will accept it for the unfinished term. nre captured by the American irous nature, will probably result in dis The letter from Secretary Alger to tue president, tendering his resignation of the figuration to a marked degree. fpii'i low was one man killed miDded. The fighting was Hocking was with a couple of other men change in the smelter strike during thi' past twenty-four hours The managers have not decided upon any Milicy, and will probably not for several days. It is portfolio of war, wa given out today. It L, usi the robbers were nadiv IWfcfeat, It Is believed, will do and on his way to the valley. He had taken a short lay-off at the mine, and was going out for a vacation. The team that he-was riding with was crowd wed of is as follows: "To the President: "Sir I beg to tender my resignation c the office of secretary of war. to take ef Lnb establishing quiet among their announced Intention. however, to make the men some kind of a proposition iUflU of Negroe island. in a few days and endeavor to put an enil the bank near Pluma, and he was thrown o the trouble as soon as possible. A new feet such time in the near future as you may decide the affairs of the department out If tke seat, and struck face downward IjIL GARCIA'S SON HERE in the ditch, on the rock at the bottom. proposition will be given lo Hie U'advillc men soon, but its exact UTins have not will permit. "In terminating my official connection TJe"eTTTc;def tiTon as yet. Vith your administration I wish for you ENLARGING ANO EXTENDING HABEA CORPUS PROCEEDINGS New and Larger Water Mains Are to aw tte Cuban Affairs With President and Others. pGTON July 21 Special. in. 1 wo of the late General Cuban leader, is here to dis- fairs with the president and jjollcials. He says the greatest Be Laid. The city water committee has determin Sheriff From York. Nebraska. Arrives to Secure Grant H. Tod. ed on some extensive improvements In tbe k aland is the abolition of the water works. To begin with the commit a continuance of health and the highest measure of success in parrying the great work enttusted to you. I have the honor to be. very respectfully, your obedient servant, . "R. A. ALGER." Replying to this, the president sent the follow Ing: "Hon. R. A. Alger. Recretary of War. Dear Sir: Your resignation of the "office of secretary of war, dated July IS, Is accepted, to take place the 1st of August, JSitft in thus severing official relations. qjvvwvinwivuuwwuv nruwu uvuvwrnj jvwiruuufiruvnr-gwa tee is adertislug for bids for digging about 8.800 feet of trenches for water mains and for the same number of feet Sheriff W. I. Lancaster, of York county, Nebraska, arrived in DeaDdwood yesterday, after Grant H. Tod. who is wanted In Nebraska for obtaining money under false pretenses from the York Mining company The sheriff had been to I'ierre with requisition from Governor Povnter of Nebraska, 10, 6 and i-inch water pipe to put In the trenches. The contracts will be awarded July 29, and work will begin im mttira and unsatisfactory mlli-nwiL The people, he sayi , st aelf government, and It i4t!!hed at once. liming From Russia. tH, Sweden, July 21 Special. excitement has been creat-u peremptory warning from the nronent against the criticism r (award Finland by any per-liflca in Sweden or Norway. lipon Governor Lee of ihls stale, for Tod's j mediately thereafter. Employment will extradition from ihis state tfj Nebraska and secured from Governor Lee an Order which have continued" for Wore than i3 years. 1 desire to thank you for tile faithful service you rrnrtprM tht country at n most exciting period and to wish you j ohm ninl happy life. With assurances cf high regard and esteem, I am, yours Rin- that Tod he turned over lo hlmN)y Sheriff be given to a large force of laborers with a view to completing the work before the ground freezes. The pipe on Main street which has done service for twenty years, will be replaced ILL PAPER! WALL PAPER! 'Some times her narrow kitchen walls Stretched away Into stately balls." Ubis happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall paper make It possible for it to happen to everybody. My stock is entltrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome deaigna. You are especially invited to see PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la tbe time to paint your house. Remember that my store Is headquarters for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW BRA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more snirface and laat longer than an paint made. Come In and fat color cards and atndj eoter effects, Tbe Old Reliable Draggta, FJlunkett of this county. This was prompt ly complied with by Sheriff I'lunkett whereupon Tod's attorney. C. K. Davis with a 10-Inch main from City hall to cerely, WM McKrNLEY Fish i Hunter's grocery store; also on made tpplication for a writ of habeas cor WJed no little indignation, as li th manner of an attempt Sea. Sherman street, from Lee to Cemetery pus in the circuit court. This was ROBERT G. INGERSOLL DEAD and on Pine the entire length. A 6-inch granted by Judge Moore, and waa niade re turnable at 1 o'clock yesterday Afternoon main will be laid on Burnham avenue Imi Robin Denied. The Famous Lawyer and Agnostic At that time Attorney Davis appeared in distance of 600 feet; from upper Main iTON, July 21. Special. Tht Stricken with Appoplexy. street to Whealen's residence, 1,000 feet and about 2,000 feet on Williams street. court and demurred to the order of Gov fernor Lee, on the ground that the charge: a aaa received a dispatch DOBBS FERRY. N. Y.. July 21. Special i Otis, in which he vara the The streets will be torn up and in a cba alleged against Tod in the complaint from Robert Green Ingersoll, the famous ora otic condition for a month or so, but the York did not warrant such an order tor. lawyer and agnostic, died at his home Deadwood, S.D. KIRK G. PHILLIPS. I water works will be complete. Judge Moore then adjourned the hearing here today. He was stricken with apo 5 on habeas corpus until this morning at 9 plexy last night. He was born at Dresden aninrufruiJnnnrunnnrjfnnnnn 3. W. Russell, of the Clover Leaf Gold o'clock, when it will be taken up and de N. Y.. August 11, 1833, and waa the son of Mining company, has Just received a very termined. He announced that he would a Presbyterian clergyman. He aerveJ tbt pretty collie from Montana, it is a pup lat.tae American authorities Wlaet by the American ucv-Voodenta are untrue and not rthnfaet. Strike a Failure. July 21. Special.-AH n Brooklyn and Man-! ara running again, ac- eM schedule, and the strike failure. the civil war with the Eleventh Illinois go Into the case thoroughly, but expressed a doubt as to his authority to go behind about six weeks old, and shows the intel ligenee of some men. cavalry. the governor's action in issuing the or der for Tod's removal to the Jurisdiction THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK of Nebraska. It looks from thie, therefore, as If the court would deny the application Northwestern Military Academy. Major R. P. Davidson, commandant the Northwestern Military Academy, for the writ of habeas corpus. In that Highland Park, Illinois. Is In tbe city, ac companied by bis wife and tfhey are the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Howe. Louis and Willie Howe have been attending 'Not til- Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895. $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 western, and the former will finish there J Used in Cleveland. ; July il. Special. A "lie waa thrown on the elec-laat night. In rtde'i for tke building In which the ' Weep. It wae throw rro toe roof w- damaged to "fni hurt vent Tod would have recourse lo the supreme court of the state, and the United States court of the district thru habeas corpus proceedings, altho It has not been decided yet whether this will be taken advantage of or not. In court yesterday afternoon Judge Moore stated that he did not know on what grounds Governor Lee had issued his ordef to Sheriff Plunkett to deliver ;n another year. Mijor lavidiiou staled ni'sht tbat he was enjoy'ti bis v'sit In the Black Hills immensely and he was therefore, unable to say when he could get away for home. Dr. Howe is gtoing to tate him out to Sand creek today for a fishing Branches of Banking Business! All Rejenrt Birthday. ""J JL-Special.-The birth tiip. Northwestern Military Academy was in ransaciea, Tod over to the custody of the Nebraska sheriff, as It might have been for something not yet brought to light here. Attorney Davis expressed a desire to ascertain what It waa. If anything, and Sheriff Lao-caster, rising to his feet, said he could en stituted in 188.8, and Col. H. P. Davidson, T of the queen reseat waa V lth a great display. The 'P of the United Statee father of tne major. Is the president, it is a thorough Institution in its metnoos, DRAFTS ISSUED on fchlna, Manila, Havana, Porto Rica, 1 'or the "rat time alnoe the and has but sixty-five students. For these lighten him upoo that point, but at this 8panlih war. Africa, Eaglaae, Franca, Sarmany anal all Parts af tha World, at there are" ten teachers, and it is the aim was not Judge Moore interposed that it Acts gently on the was then iMcflaaarv at that time. Tod of the academy to treat each student with especial attention to his peculiarities. Not more than six are allowed to a class, and Kidneys. Liver Prices Ascend. , ,ulr .-8DcieJ.-Tne lura given Into the custody of Sheriff Nun kett until 9 o'clock this morning. lowest ...arfcat rates. COLLECTIONS snaae carefully anal accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers responsibility or collaterals. acided upon another In- 'Sheriff Lancaster is a pleasant appear and Bowels in this way the instructor has the time and opportunity to study each member of his to the extent of i V . r, eanses the vstem ing gentleman, and is making friends in Deadwood. He says he feels no interest In this oaae. farther than to follow out the m of hiii court. He expected to get oeea boosted In .the ;h to the amount of seven IS PISTIXOT1 V ELY v. Half. . . . EFFECTUALLY a wa tat fnsi KaITIA -r ntehL but was de- m. W ivi awi Ulned. owing to the habeae corpus pro class thoroughly. The institution is going to be enlarged within a short time by the addition of new buildings, yind it will then be possible to accommodate a few more- The family system Is employed f-r boarding the students that ia, the iu-structora are nearly all married, and the students live wtth their families. Tbe academy' only draws from the beat blood of the land, and does but littie advertising Accounts of Banks. Corporations and Individuals OVERCOMES JFfO Lr?t ceedings. He has had a long trip after Tod. aa be went to Pierre flret.-to present solicited. Oorrespond enoe Invited. ' ' w"" PERMANENTLY s-??orts Mckinley; ' ,u!T SL-SpeclaL Adojlral ' t to Prealdent Mc.Kin-aid hoped he would be United State Riatta Wine, :T. Cok.. JttIy tj.Bp.dM. U large-sited Kaowtea to th loo-foot station ! abaft of the Elalto ,tw wa a utile below in the country, relying chiefly upon the work it la doing among tho students to DIRECTORS: ST. C ADAMS. JOHW TREBER. the requisition from the Nebraska governor, and Governor Lee being away from the capital, he waa obliged to go to bis home, in Vermillion, that he might get the aeeeaearr order. He atatea that he has encountered some pretty hot weather on his ride, which n i ma ther laborious. He baa been away from home tor several daya, and ta eooaequently anxious to get back. speak ts own merits. Northwestern Is Tory beautifully situated. Highland Park being a suburb cf HARRIS FRANKLIN, PraaiaaaA. BEN BAEJL Viae PresJaanL (SUIAfTGSYiW w-SLV'iC roe nuawmnw mu wssraa, . SELBIE, CeaMer. Chicago, and near Fort Sheridan. A reg ular army officer is-detailed from Fort

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