The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 29, 1900 · Page 13
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 13

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1900
Page 13
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JL'NE - THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D EoNHURCH WORKERS. ') u. ' .'iii- lart;e ritlc. j it -.--t i n:;, I, : - i:. M-. Central Ai.i.-ri. a. t'libtvuciiu !.-.. ultiin.n.'ly iii-os- inert- A l..' siful .i-i.,i;iu.i e;. :, of the M i i'lMi; - ;s us Muni ti.-:itt!i. The i li)! ll 1- !lli-:.ii; , ...!-!-..UW i ' :n- f ;i; First Tagej .U s w.-ic !'n'i.;:it ., at the C i'V ellini?. l.'.il.CSt- i-: , -ellt w Mullet, . prophecies! ;,,i i,,)l . . ami miracles! ,. , 1L,.(, ; 1 1. ) lil: .. !,, :.,;. as in t lie j !, th, :r ,,,,1,,.; . ,, ,,f tin- lll'l If-.-sIa- ,-im.- rMj 'I'd,, .;u, , , i , ii.'n r aii'l lir.-t nti'.n Wa.. i in-.. ! ...... ;, . ltriKliatn : ,,. ...,. , i; . ;. , ilir e, in-! i, ii,Miv I,.,,,,.,.,,, i i , . ... ,..', I:tll Ht ttl'- ' ..,,.; 1 1 i i I I.y III'' Salt - Mai nhi. th,. M .t, ,.,' , ... j ., . , , , , ."IT sllcrt'sS.ll'S. ,,,.,) ,. (,,..,, ,ll,.,,i ,,, , . , ,. , I: back sl, , t I'M .11'. Ml ,11' :.i head n( tl"' . v, WI IV elinWe, , . ,,' prophecy mill :, .,. ami 'if I'fi'fiv-hn.-t anil his dis- I lia! Ii.ul Im-i ii 1 i:i n j. - I . i . a r i , . fit It- 1 .- until h. I'l:!, I,.., .-. - ;, ., I , till' Ki'Ili lilt I 1 1 tn which !,, Ii.-I,,;,, , then lie com -.-a i.-.l ihr .nm,. , ,,11,., Im (if plateswhereCod , uiniiiaii'lcl h;ril ' i : ' i ' nil : i .v , i . i , : r ! ! . .oi w. II ..: "" r " - ! it,.- M , .i in. 111 I ' i haw pet Is of ' :. ,v si ion. Tie i :: ; i, iiiiiui, ' ,i 1 ' 1 ''m : Ii., ' u mild --iippl' w hat i OOsly lletl, l. llt 111 smile of Ihi ',!.,.,,- lives, ail'l the w., . tl I 1' ot he! liey l'i-iiianic, until .; 'i;r... nhtr proof I'lVe H' - :,- i-e i v .!., :: and t'n-ie -.1-1 altho th. H--S t" ' I . hurrhes. Mormons who ai si u, i m 1 1 1 . 1 1 professions (il faith believe as the 1 1 iV .y day. 'Book of Mormon in bring strike wa t arloads soon f?et . Work w ., Temple on by won! r, anain li's'imed at the Ma 1 small scale Mondav . ..."ill! tc t "'. ,,. .f Mormon "came in 'CniN J,,srl,h Smith ,h'"" revelation, nil drcsulted in the )f a ihnrrli. Us contents Vw VoiK st.tti'. ""' me. The Best Shoe Can Always Be Found in a SHOE STORE We Carry the largest assortment Sell the best goods andjour prices Are lower than any;other concern Handling shoes : : : : Our $3.00 Line is ;the Greatest ever Shown. Call and see tl3ni. Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. ti Smith in the,li .Smith. If the bonk of Muniioii i- a lalirn.i ion ami a fraud, ii is ,tt 1,m-i inyeiu ously put together. It ink in i w -es tin Christ, w ho. it is professed. isit.-, his people on this iiintinent and p. i . lorined his sacred rites annum thiin, as he did in the Orient. It is even averred that he visited them after his crnrilixion on Mount Calvarv It i.-(laimed hy Morinons that tin- Ameii-can tilioriKines found here hy the ,1 is coverers of the new continent were descendants in line of the early Isiaelnir trip, altho they belonged to the rebellions eleni'-nt. and after the externiina tion of tne righteous they had deyenn-ated into barbarians. Kt hnolonira I re. search li:is revealed facts that partially hear out this contention, for there an-found many reasons for helieiim tin; III) b -'"SeP witnesses, alter ne ,! of twflv members of other churches m repentance ' I 1 1 believe III a d.iv of tilial I eclvciiiim. and th-v o further, and believe thai Christ will return to earth in din- tune and rub- in person. They believe tilt new .ion will embrace the I'nip'd States, and that they will be the chosen people of Cod. who ale alluded to in the Scriptures Joseph Smith prophesied that the (enter stake of Zion would he in Jackson county. Missouri. I hat was more than half a century .ie.ii Today the church is pi. pai inn to loiil'l a temple on t he sit. ,, s imia'eil t b.,l will i ival t he famous temple at S.i t Lake in its man n i licence A Popular Prejudice. Mil.- i - a pr Ki'la in i !.,. i ,,ul.i , inform"'! I." the inspiration .here they were. The book of t ,:. 1.1. ..I ,s Hie Hilllp IS ,n IS SUU'l"'" r t. ..p layers completed sonic unfinished n on the foetidiition 'IT. ere is a ib-l iv now in the arrival of material, th" work will be stilted ana in as soon as the mateiia! rets here, and the temple wi.. he liii'iied to completion A satisfactory liuderstandini; has beei. reached between t lie con t ractors an the nu n. and they aie all w ilium to no bin k to work. BURLINGTON. ROUTE. The Democratic National Connvention Only a ! weeks until the i oii-vt ntioii a' Kan . is (':t. Tini" o'i d" i, led you, route. T' ou found out lor yon:-, i: bow ipinklv and i oin fortably vo a , an rea h Kan.-in Cii-if you tab.- the BuiiiiisJon's H:;',U p. m. train with the only thru mr Dead wood to Ivia-a- City, ('lose connec r In ink.-- earn i n'' "' "i Ii derives its name mt writer. of the pi innpai writers fcllf of the fore n-whn ' adv... nt i ii - the Christ, ami thernf Morniii. li finished the The various luniks date DarK the Ann riran and tin- Ih-lni u had a loniiii'in iirimn liuins of cities 60UVe,,IS before ( lll'ISt, to a V 11 llt itisikii 1 that one of the ,.1V(, .,M) i,,.,.,, fclimd i,v exidoiint; par I'.ien ,f Israel ! !l l a lesline anil cross- , . . ,..lw..- ...1 llrt If sea. lati'i'u -ini' n-ie ..u .... ni.;ht I n mly mi' American coast. TheKc iieople ties in the south, towards tin- isthmus that paitiallv conform to desi-ri pt i' mJ ill the Hook of Mormon, of towns thai were limit It is evident from this that Joseph Smith was either inspire, 1. e ami s.-;ittered. so it is claim - tions and this popu! ( l:ie fa; on sale .1 . ' I'lths or It;! thev nerraii tliewestern con- ; lout.- It ATI 1 for the roan I flip L'nd and "i d l-'or ir furt her inform.,' ml well Informed m a Thev reached a hich state "f j ,.,.eil i imly vi-on in nvilizat ion -arts and sei- KO,j K,.c;ser i at--., m a", lb M ijellt of lb t.. k. t an,t religion and built several A Remarkable Syster on any K. K. pring and Summer 1900 Appli, i'I'IIi (oi l.iipio;- l.ic.-M-e , . I'o tlie lion. Mayor and Citv Co in. il of the City of Lead. S 1) The undersinneil hereby applies to your honorable nody for a Incuse to sell intoMialiHK liquor at retail within said city, and states thai his name is I.ouis Moris, that he resides in Lead. Soulh Dakota; that he intends to tarry on said business at Llll West Main street, in the Second ward of said city and that he herewith presents a petition signed hy Lbi l,.Kal voters above the age of 21 years, showing that your applicant is a person of good rnoral character and one who can ne safely trusted to en-iiiicc in the business, or calling, of selling intoxicating liquors at retail. Dated, this L'Otn day of June. 1900. LOUs STOHIS. I (July f .r . ... i dur.iUe t'lit I t-ikrS a g io-i pi' - A nienibcrshni tu ihe I V Caaiei j Club and (ontttt with each f take i;ivat plfastiiv in oUVrin. tliis season's for your insjic timi, Im-'uii:- fully a wan- "f the fact that it exceeds all oiir previous elloi-ts. NOTWITHSTAMMNt; TI1K IIKCKNT ;m;AT advanci: in mi:k iian!msi: in I.iNi; WE HAVE NOT A IVAN IM Oi l; PUK ES IN ANY SINGLE INSTANCE. iimii'I low aids b iriiiim i -in "ii ; . oinit oi lla pi d v ua in . 1 . 1 1 1 . vv h icji w a . 1 1 1 . a pat I oi I a.- i i . i i . ;iy , - -till I ' ' L 1 1 ' ' i I a- a p ' I "1 V, la '11 I In ,"bl i, mind inn ll a as i . ii h a l.ol - I. t,"i b .1 de.-l , a i, I. preMdelH te 'M1- .i.i i- wliii Ii a I , . 1 1 1 w a - iv- h a. id. d al'ho lie ie .in u nd' ul bt - 'I I v , a - . "' 1 ' ,n l ,i 1,1 v 1 1 d 1 1 1 1 il l - o' ' hi- b ' I e. I .. j H d 1 1 1 1 - 1 be M. ii iiioa a i e in i a h the fine a -, the be I v er- in a tent her i i 1 1 u 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 idc I Tin 1 1 w a - a t i iue v. In n 1 1 1 . -v u i e a I most a unit, nut I I, at is past. Toilav then are l epubli i .i us aii'l deinoi l ii I s ill I lab just as there are hi South liak'd.i altho the (lelliecrat s Weri placed in I b i 1 a si e ii ,1 a ll - y a few veal s ami on ;u i oiint of the .silver issue Th" slimmest newspaper published in Salt Lake City today is the Tribune, whose editor. C. C. Cood win. is tn avowed enemy of the church and a r'-publican. Mr nevertheless u.ds the support of the republicans in the i jiiin h and his paper is concede, lly the ablest published at Zion. Examples of Modern Mormons. The lour yoiini; i-ld.-is in I lead wood ale ianiplcs of Mormon niissiouai i. s that are sent to ev.-iy part ot tin w oi Id '1 he are sent to ev el v count ry in Kurope. iisiiallv tor two or tliree years, and are to wok i.'el usl I loiislv to sei lire plosev.-s I'e V must SUS-t.lill t llelllsel V es W hlle I ,.v '. el'Him.-d ill tills N Ilk I'llev 'l.lVe l.o Illis-l'ill fund op which to di ,w s,, ii i- ne, .., s o that th'-.v ha ' ,u . 1 1 v -I i m; w ili-T!.. - tiini tenia m.-ii ale al-o said to be fall e,,ll'ples I ! tie Il l j'-IH th.- 'Uiiiii''!' no ml" I - oi i;,.- bill' 1 1 : l... -, b" ,1 - in Ii i Ii M.n have I ' .'ii ' I' ;.. hi 'i, i:,, e " v 0 n - "1 ll ' Ion :: ts ,t 1 1,. v a , . . .-, i" ml up ' i I he -i a n 1 ., . ,, ,,,w " i,. 1 'e- ' 1 1"- Mo iin iis or lb l i i -1 , 1 1 1 - a u. 1 ' 1" '"-I bb- ' 1. 1 - 1 ' 1 1 . I t , . I I I 1 1 1 1 1 . I -- to be s tti ' 1 1 i I..,. b,' i.o;: . I. ''ii ;.' at :;'- WILCOX'S Our Men's department is rejilete with i he verv latest for men's wear. (Fire Works) 4th ol July. -7 There's NoFriend Like an Old Friend. lit; will always help you In time of need It is the same with Chamberlain s Coin . Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is an old and tried friend in many thousands of families, and lik" other old friends can always he depended upon in time of need For sr.le by Kirk G. Phillips. Men's Spriii1; Overcoats, in all the newest shades and styles, ranpinjr in price from 7.."i0 t ?22.00. I The handsoniost line of Men's Spring Suits we have ever sbowu; the very latest designs in hinli -irade tailorin.-;. raniiin fruin .?;.r.o to 2.".00. rullv eiu:il t" tail'-r-niaik-. at iut. mic. half Hie eost of ina.le-t o-oider irooils. Our Hoy's Department consist.- of every-.1.;.... ,.,.1.ii.i- for :i Imv's complete nuttit, . No. 2?,. DKADWOOI) 'tiiisH pec, aid and fointh Man All members cordiall ln- O. i: Regular i days at 7 vi:.d. i'-t pi t ir- ItJ m j Itl.I.II'P. W. M. HATITI, Sec. li: I 1' di.i. ian ; Say, Stranger! Don't you know that you can do bet PHARMACY I I I I I I 1 I ' ' ....... ! r.-lial.le -..ods. and I'v prices bein-,' our ONLY AIM. PStoln Bl . l, , , ter on jewelry by going to Central? J. II. Lane.-r: of that city tan ti tyou out In anything that yon want at prices far below those you would have to pay elsewhere. He has been in the jewelry b siness in the Hills for 22 y ears, an i i-i thoroly reliable, what he sells y on is strictly as be represents it. Get other prices, then get bis, and ompai e. t tie to phis season we have paid particular atteiiinii LL FOLKS. i.i; ;:,.! si'' v t ll - Hi.'- - an,, Sail lav i a pl.t. Mi..!! hi. h i one : s lain ( modern or m, 1 1 op, il i ta n . i , uiMd. riiiK lis aL'e and pi iiu!at i"ii About the People. Slid one of the eld.'l'ri ill town .. few-days lieu: "Ctah people eitd.-awr to be wide awake, whether Mormon or Centile. They are all at wink tor 1'tali. Then- is no more earnest ami effective worker than Kditor Cnodwin. our worst enemy. He does not 'ike iy. and never says anything K'ood abou' us when he can help it. hut he is so per like liree-piece Suits from o years up with veM jut frm ?2.00 to $6.50. vears and A Subscription for One Year to The Ladies' Home Journal For SO Cents pin and collars just like Papa wears, ae SECOND-HAND TYPE. Bourgeois, Brevier, Nonpareil, tied up and in quantities to suit purchaser, at ten cents per pound. Pioneer-Times. rds. CU tiEXTS' rUKNISUINd DEPARTMENT, com in every detail, with the latest novelties, in fad, cv- sistent In booming Utah that li lets n? that is new and novel worn by men. JATS of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, DO YOU SMOKE? Choicest Havana and domestic PALACE PHARMACY. By laving Diamond "C Soap wrappers. Ii it like picking up monty to ave our loap wrappers. You have to uae Laundry 8oap anyway, and Diamond "C" ii the very beil that you can buy, o you get the beat aoap and tb Premium all for the lime price. The I.adiea' Home Journal is "J all good dressers, in all the new shapes and snaaea shades for spring wear. he best line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in us pretty well alone to avoid had impressions. "People who visit t'tah, or tio there to live, finl the most cr-rdml nrd hospitable people in the wort.!. Thev finl peoph- who are up-to-date, well dii-rated. if-timd and patriotic. 'Ihe.e tire no more p:. Miotic people in h-- 1'nded States than oris. It world r.nlv hive ben necessary to cet a blimps. t Salt Lake durirr; the Spnn'-'i- nurir.-ni war to tic on,,' convince I -if is. rr n SFECIAL HOT SPRINGS EXCURSION. Via Burlington Route. J5.20 for th round trip. 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Our Shoes are better in Quality And More Styl s'.i in appearance. And Lowest in Price than any other House in Town. ADDITIONAL BELT. A l'.lo- J i . l ' - cla-s .- b. ' i : i mi t o; .' , I,,, - .i . 1 i - . . . -to;''. ... ' il' !. i., .:;.' si,,'.. wi-!i Sam 0:1:.. :' ' t... oir-:-. on Main sue, ?, I. : I Am Not Going Out of Business Neither am nunev. hut I am I in .1 I I'.in'r to d" in the tu'aire.-ts in the I.'it. Baking NOT PSDE BY m TRUCT. Sell Groceries Far Cheaper th-m mv comjK-titors. M .... v ex- v. ::i liao- wi sale the finest line of cut !'..wrs suitable for any im;i-i"n. at all times. C-12-t! j)en,es are licfht and my customers are'ro- moderateX nir tn iret the benefit. Get my prices. IN : Powder PRICE No. r Charles St, J. A. GREEN Deadwood. 1 FouTtUJCommittees. All committees of the Fourth of July a'rangements are tailed to meet BLOOM . 11 if! rliliiiiii it! it Httt ni'i i'i itni-ii'tr :ililil tdiMiiuimw

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