The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 21, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 21, 1899, fiiniin nit tt m 1 1 1 it t ii tia ei Ashing dishes A mountain of -ie-es confronts Mi average bouin. ,. .(,-, .11 thr familv have dined. Thi- that John White and Gene Blackwell had Just arrived at Grosfleld'a camp, about teen miles from AUln. Placer mining had begun and Grosfleld talks as though ha was satisfied with results up to that time. Too miKh water had somewhat delayed operations. IP will come home in Sep- 4JSTTER FROM LIEUT. PATRIQCIN. A-'Blaek Hills Gentleman Writes from the Philippine Islands. Lieutenant Amos Patriquin, who is well known in Deadwood and Lead, where he lived for. years, and who is now in the 1 MONEY SAVED 1 dishes, too, and hard to fet clean with soap and water. The best, easiest, quickest and cheapest way to wash dishes is to use a little t i wniiuer. ana expt s to return j PnUippiue islands, has written to D. O .!,!,. .-paing or nis last air e (JraiK of Si.rtih i.,n...- a.. !' i y raiR or hpeartmh a U-tier in whkn he work, ho .-ays he washed nut one $40 nug- I scribes the siniation as he sees it in net. This will !. gd ,,,. to his Blalck islands Lieutenant Patriquin is one the ot We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... Hills friends. the Suuih Dakota boys who rose to a commission from the ranks He went ou I- of the state as a private, and was made a first sergeant. His merits gained for YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS .1 1.. Kent ley returned from SpearlUh. (' Dennis returned from I'hadron. WASHING POWDER in the dish-water. It acts like magic, cuts the grease and makrs the dishes perfectly clean. In fact all cleaning is made easier by this ereat cleanser, and ai l. jii i,. ,,.. him Ihe straps of a second lieutenant and he. has koiic the gamut of army life ' ul A S Keliar returned to Hut Springs.' Ia ,ne ()r'i't Everyone who knows "Pat (if soap. For greatest economy buy our large package. sy'' kimus that he Is the last I McLfiuore of lxad. wa.s a visitor in THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY Chicago St. LouU New York Bo.toa enter a complaint, and It is plain from what he says that the South Dakota boys have been getting some pretty hard" I lie city. I.eiov (J. Huyt returned from a trip to Kuchford. 4 ef. We also Save money in buying goods in large quantities. Ttiis is made possible since we have six large stores in which to place them' Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and cah discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only tor CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts. Consequently" you will find big : knocks in the Philippine campaign. HiB M. K. Donoan of Iowa, was an arrival lelu,r u as ,.. under date of June 2 ADDITIONAL LOCALS. "1 presume you are anxious to know in the city. Frank J. Osebner arrived on the Burlington. jj-at flippers eo to Zlpp'l. what we are doing and how we are getting along. The South Dakota regiment has IpaytWii ne' nl1 at at the Ho11 Jam Collins, the Bald Mountain min-'been lu twenty-two battles, in which our losses were twerty killed and 100 wounded ZIPP S FOR FINE SHOES. Zlpp can fit any foot to perfection. Our baby has been continually troubled with colic and cholera infantum since his birth, and all that we could do for blm di " not seem to give more than temporary relief, until we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Kemedy Since giving that remedy he has not been troubled. We want lo give you this testimonial as an evidence of our gratitude, alepnt lunch, no to Frank Dark. Very few of the wounded have died. Tie liiK man, left for Kansas City. W C. Barnes, of the Missouri Pacific, left for Omaha, after a day In this vicln- ily toDerby- MONEY SAVED general health of the regiment is bad. very bad. The reason for this is due to over Ijdunotu Hot Springs water coats 75 , carboy; the pure urysiai opnngi taxation of the nerves by keeping the rel Lggat wter' "" ' ceieoratea ment on the line so long wiihoul a rest J It Ottcllf .iKri,i tor the . of Omaha, general claim KlkhorM, arrived In Dead- springs ater. La cents, iresn or change of any nature. South Dakota is Clothing Shoes, I Z(t), delivered to any part of the the only regiment which has been on the line constantly since February 4. Why (all American hpress omce. Mar- BY W IKld Mrs. ' "re I c li ma ii . of Red Oak. la., is vis-iniii." with her sister. Mrs. W. S. Harding, if i bis city. Jack I'rlcst, manager of the Bijou thea- 1; Black Hills, HI we have been kept on the line all the Dry Goods and 1 ni mai you ueeu u to alvertiso your meritorious remedy (J. M. jBa. Keokuk, Iowa. For sale by all Druggists. Mrs. Bostwiek wiil give inutiuelions in embroidery and lace work Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 346 Williams street. Private classes taught. time 1 do not know, as there are thousands 'm u let at the Holzner. I BUYING of troops here that could have relieved us I HcClintock, city bill poster. 72 tre of Omaha, left for home, after spend- for a few weeks to rest up; but there Is mat (tf.) Notions at ing a number of days in the city. Mr. little rest for the wicked, and the vol '(MTtUif nw at the Holzner. (' M Bachman. who came out with him, unteer doesn't get any. At least South intends to remain for several days yet. WHERE THEY Dakota doesn't. I do hope that in the near future something may be done that the boys may have a chance to regain their i CHASE'S SELL CHEAP physical strength. Personally, I do not SPEAHFISH VOLUNTEERS HOSTILE. In the Spearfish Mail this week is a letter from four members of Company L, all Spearfish boys. It is terse, to the point. care so much, as I am Just the same old Oarr & Berry Block, Deadwood. "stick-in-the-mud," and feel good and and self-explanatory. When the boys had hearty. I see by the papers that many 4 tm 1 1 flllffltfl l"M"t"M"t II -It fim ft"" eyes examined for glass e L g charge by A. P. Snyder, the op-L, fTM ef charge. THAT PEOPLE SAT about Hood's 'KjiarUlt to that It cure when al. Cjrnmedlee fail. Therefore you 'ijM Jake. Hood 'a Saraaparllla In raettoan others. fai'i Pllli cure biliousness. Mallea klitnU by C. L Hood Oo., Low iba. llOtaaam, D. D. 8.. dental parlors tint National bank, Deadtrood. Mui brlage work a specialty. M par watch work and engraving to it byder, the Jeweleg Satisfaction think it an act of cowardice to return home at present; and we should stay here until the war is over. I think If some of these people were behind a rifle, completed their letter they had no envelope in which to send it on Its ten thousand mile Journey, so they enclosed in a short piece of cane. It was rather a unique envelope, but It served its mission well: SAN FERNANDO, Philippine Islands, Go to Mrs. Notts before another of tbosy scorching hot days rind get a parasol and a fan from her large anil handsome assortment. For the purpose of selecting a cadi t and alternate for appointment to the Military Academy at West Iwil a ounpeti-tlve examination will be held at Milch-ell on July 27th. For particulars, write to Congressman Chas. H. Hurke, I'iene, S. D. Persns troubled with diarrhoea will be Interested in the experience of Mr. W. M. Bush, clerk of Hotel Dorrance, Provl-vidence, R. I. He aays: "For several years I haye been a constant sufferer from diorrheoa, the frequent attacks completely prostrating me and rendering me unCt for my duties at this hotel. About two years ago a traveling salesman kindly gave me a small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Much tomy surprise and delight Its Instead of in a land of peace, behind a pen, that their views of the situation would soon change. I wish you were here to tt- May 15. To the Editor: It seems aa lend the sick call some morning. You though patriotism is still aroused In the uli se 'be condition beat. Hundreds of hearts of some of the American people at nen who left South Dakota in prime home.. We see by letters received by health, now stand on one foot with both the last mail that the people of Spearfish hands on their hips. Others are bandaged DEMOUTH'S "ARK" INCORPORATED. Will sell Goods for Cash Cheaper than any House in the Hills. An Immense Stock to select from, both New and Second Hand. . No. 70 Sherman Street. - - Deadwood, S. D. from toe to hips; ulcerated sores, doby itch and a thousand and one other things too numerous to mention. Men are going are discussing the question whether or not the First regiment of South Dakota volunteer infantry has seen active service. We also understand that some cold-footed out to light, who walk a few hundred yards guys, who hadn't sufficient self-respect for and then have to be carried back to quar effects were immediate. Whenever I felt themselves or their country to offer their ters on a stretcher by the hospital corps, services, had the nerve and impudence to These are the men who are called cowards sav that the South Dakotans were having for asking to be returned home. It is the a snap hadn't seen any actual service,, volunteer who knows his condition best, nor were they likely to. We, the under- and as an American citizen he knows that signed, members of Company L. want tht5 he is entitled to a discharge, aad haa the C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, UOaati, D. D. 8. Modern Den tU try Ilk-da. Ou admlniaunrJ. Eighteen: 'pertenoe. Rosenthal block, fltt't Little Early Risers expel from iatam all poisonous accumulations, sate the stomach, bowels and liver, '(uttj the blood. They drive away dls-l aMpate melancholy, and give A tad vigor for the dally routine. Do pl r sicken. KIRK O. PHILLIPS. LjfaU, D. D. 8., Grown and Bridge tiapeeUlty. Gives gm tor palnleat tfttt of teeih. Over Phillip's Phar- t ' as Dark is conducting a first class l tauter at the Derby. VI, TOUR SHINGLB ROOFS TH with Ford's root paint It will W oa your roof and do more good sy paint on the market. Joseph flJ LTNCH. aooeessors to Charles ' M Ham street, dealers In fresh It HaaTS. riSH and GAME In sea- year orders for prompt ieliv- i phonea. art tsed Chamberlain's Couch Rem- r family for rears and always Wis results." says Mr. W. B. Coop-B Wo, CaL "For small children "cold feet" spoken heretofore to dis- right to say whether or not he shall stay tinctly understand that we have been in any longer. This regiment Is en-It from start to finish, from Manila to tirely unfit for duty, and I can safely say San Fernando, participating in every bat- that I voice the sentiment of the regiment tie and covering every foot of ground when I say that the South Dakota boys, along a marshy, Jungled country for forty almost to a man want to go home. If this miles. Now, If some of these "heroes" regiment was in condition to do further had been along and followed in the wake service, and not utterly shattered to pieces HEADQUARTERS symptoms of the disease I would fortify myself against the attack with a few doses o this valuable remedy. The result has been very satisfactory and almont complete relief from the sVliction." For sale by all Druggists. ESTET PIANO, both stylish and good, to be had only at Hawiey's, No. (39, by Bullock hotel. ' Silk waists In the latest designs, corded back and front and in all shades and colors have Just been received at Mrs. Nott s. LOST A watch fob, of tiger eye, with gold links, between E. W. Martin's residence and the Elkhorn depot. Leave at Martin & Mason's office. Mrs. Nott offers special reduced price this week on all muslin and cambric lingerie. This is not a picked over stock BICYLCES, FOR" of the First South Dakotans over the physically, they would not be so anxious n. BICYCLE SUNDRIES. weary waste of sun-scorched rice fields, to be relieved, aad If needed would stay worried their way thru the thorny Jun-, willingly. The Most Complete Bepair Shop In the Hills. gles. where one could not choose his path, ' Company L has about twenty sick, none and dragged themselves thru miles of cot- serious, however. Proper diet and rest tomless bogs, with now and then a river will bring them out all Hght. I must get to swim, and those same "poor niggers" ready to go to the outpost. We go out DODDlng away at you with Mausers, we every four dsys and remain twenty-four but consist! of entirely new goods receiv a a MKinVHta ed last week. Cambric night robes, handsomely trimmed in embroidery or lace, re think they would conclude that the South hours. That Is where the niggers sit up Dakotans had at least been in the fray, in trees, or In ambush, and take shots at duced from $2.00 to $1.00 and from $2.50 and not back in town doing guard duty, " Just for target practice. Along in the y-a MANHUUUKtSIUKtUe a J A tloool farooo French pby!ui -rill q jlokJrou voaof ail mm mr n wnm kuw ol the wrMi? uqpma, taoa aa Imt Manbnoa v l totocinta, P1Id tX Back.Bwnlnal EnriMtona, Barrona PMnty. Tf 3BM' P'tui'irOjiU M to Man? KahaasJia Dratea, Vartaoeel ai V. . CtxmlMtlnB. Uetope all lomee D f ir hl Prrrmtaqntr -- J owofd.KUar(thuichUDo(cbcViradiioHniiatarrhMa Pa . irrra all MidBwrotaoi impowocy. 7.V' 1 -. UrORI M nia EVlnv aod tbartoai?vioialliBpailltM u . . m nbw iuiibumi II mm mm inn iiws wdk as some of them had theimpudence to small hours of the night they line up and assert. If this "cruel war" is kept up fire a few volleys Just to see if we sleep much longer. Gov. Lee will have to orga- well. Last night they brought up two nize a militia company of such people as pieces of artillery and fired a few shots, the Herricks, to keep the peace among I tell you it Is fine. You can imagine how these "amigoes" who didn't have sufficient cool we have become when the niggers patriotism in their poor skins to volunteer have to come within clear sight of us or with Company L, when It left the old we return none of their salutes. We have town one year ago to protect the old been shot at so much that we hardly turn flag against any or all of its enemies, or our beads to see from whence the bullets at least give those boys who did go credit come. V-Sabo' for mall muro -- and laMmuoiM -,... if"r- ' nnaea mrmm . N. E. FRANKLJN'8 PALACE PHARMACY. Daa4wood. So Dakota. ruxriivruvu UTrinnnjxruu -i i lt-niTTiTT mi linn a for honors they .won against great odds. One of the Montana boys was shot I ait and at the expense of their life's blood, night He had Just got up, when a bul- mm mm on a lonely Isle ten thousand miles from let passed through his body above the hips. to $1.25. Prices on other garments cut proportionally. The contest for the Pioneer-Times Free scholarship at the Lexington Female College opened yesterday, with every prospect of becoming Interesting. Votes were registered for the Misses Florence Pierce, Laura Garr, Nellie Knowles and Eve May Fowler. The vote will be published from day to day after the contest Is fairly started, probably beginning Sunday morning. Mrs. Amelia Meyers committed suicide at her home, three and a half miles east of Sturgis Tuesday of this week, by taking carbolic acid. The funeral was held In 8turgis from the Catholic .church. Father Quinlan officiating. Mrs. Meyers was the wife of William Meyers, and" came to the Black HUls in 1877. Her husband died a tew years ago, and since that time, she haa tired ta the ranch with her only son. The new building being erected by W. B.. Adams is being slightly delayed in ita progress by' the aon-arrival of ths hard wool for the finishings, and the elevator and ' othr; fixtures. As soon as these ar-,w th bniMinlt will be completed nastily. On all personal property ! nowhere. We have only obeyed orders, He was fully 1H miles from the place yet we are criticised by those contemptl- where the shot was fired. The Mauser si. onarit There are a few who stand which the natlvee use has a velocity of ol value. A large stock of up for the absent ones. They too well nearly 1,200 feet per second. Thus ytu unredeemed pledge- at rar-, prisingly low prices. All j Dujmesj strictly confidential ; know the metal of which the South. Da- can see the distance one of these bullets 1 "Pecttlly affective." For sale by unit. " Wat a alee lunch at any time, 1 ui see Cacy at the Lobby. Coffee Is for a light loach la the morning, ta '; -: ' I Ford has started a storage and lanoa house U the Harding flre- bw doors above taa Pioneer-as nil do a itorage, auction and soilness. tonrloecupUd by Dr. t rent Inquire ot T. a lASSri old MUable KXAT w i Main' street, la now in4 ,' Banat4 it JOUTZ same and poultry always. Order by teiephova. Both CSAM CHUBB, FOR WILCH 2IT 0 IIACA&ONa. TH BHI8T ro uo m pound, ai -a KILD KKW cnsXSSt S VSO. "5 lANDABD CASH 8T0KX, el a AM gf. ' , -- h.-i ' ' ,, ;, ji ., . . u wajtp guaranteed pur ! ln'sqar of i tbs 'hiobust cezajckrt buttier of thb j 'utob. and thb uohtbst rLOTJR ON THB hUEKKT WWIST PRICES, OO TO THB m CASH 8T0RB, U SHERMAN w. together with other diseases, Wy eil.dieeaset of wemea and hlna at hla Osteopathia In-410 Ue rtreet ' . Til Dutffoil Uti Offlet. r v. Di t - ' 3 ... kotans are made to believe the falslflca- can travel. tlons heretofore alluded to. Well, as The regiment is now undergoing a phy-thls is a pretty long epistle to come from a steal inspection by regular army officers, place 10,000 miles from nowhere, we, the and we find the conditions to be far worse undersigned members of L company will than first stated. I doubt whether ef the close, with kind regards. j whole regiment there will be 100 laen ae- b. 0. AINSWOBTH. tually fit for duty; eoneeque Hlyi 'I look rnrrunnrnnnnn'nn''rtnnnnnjUi' - r rjn ruin nnvn forward to a rest in the near rut-ire. Tours PATSY. C. J- McCLKNDON. B. B. WHALBY. R. & ROSS. tmly, : CAUTION. The first and second floors of the building Ploneer-TImes j 1 Single Free Scholarship "P00" 7 ONE V0TK lor the most popular young lady in the Black Hiils. Name of Young Lady. ; Dead wood, July tOth, 1$S. -To whom it may concern: All persons THAT THROBBING HEADACHE. Would aulckly leare yon, t you used contain no partitions, forming Urf rooms' while the third and fourth floors are divided Into suites of rooms, .making excellent office quarters. A steam elevator is . into ths building, and the matter of elimblnf to the top floors will be nonrl- j Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands are hereby notified not to purchase ef a' sufferers hare proved their match- f Paulina McLaughlin certificates Nos. Si, lets merit for Sick and Nerroua Head- SS. St, 41. tt. 44, 45. 48. 47, 48, 4. tl and aches. They make pure blood and El, In the Yankee Boy Gold Mining eom-gtiong nerree and build up your health, pany. Said certificates stand in her name Easy to take. Try them.' Only tt eents. j on the books of the company, but I aa the Money back If not cored. Bold by Phil- real owner of the same. Upa 8tenai. Druexlnts. . I '- JOHN T. McLATJOHUX. . miss ; OUT THIS OUT. Deposit at or Mail to Pioneer-Times naL The Mall says Mrs. Ed Grosfleld has received a letter from her husband, at Lake AUln, dated June J3. In, which he stated

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