The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 29, 1900 · Page 11
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 11

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1900
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. 1300. f a r i : T John Jennack. Has a nrst-c' u-:tr. . '' : f CENT A WORD; Dr. Bismarck von Wedelstaedt !" a;i Dr. George S. yop Wedelstaedt . . . . carriages and j pre ;-r. 1 t- v I S. R. fflhn . - ..: . 'houriONK I Vlne nf , tv ,.,'. 1. I ' . ' " ' TAB S i, insert ioi. whcu j funerals . w .. : . tuouta. thsee hu' ; unli :: C i'.I H :: ' ; . :,ble iu adwn.- ! 83. : SMITH 3-HELP. ; t layin-5 UIli ' v" hou.-e cieaniu:;. i tie- !'oll!!!l A ,! I h.r.. man. j- .).,, Ii!- to I i i' t h: U 'a Calhoun Bro s. ; to I..-- tell. a ,-x .-n' . o . .!t h.I.--. I ma-' mishod some i u Dr. Collier OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADW00D. waiter at a U ALL KINDS OF Mimi Transfer Lies AN1-'! I'd' . i.i'atlv done. Hang- Are l're;urei o i'o All ,-. ij of tran.-fer oiK on -ry .!!.:' Di.aJwooJ offlce at Glllmore House, Moa- fjjauseP- ; u paper special- Wagons. Carriages, Buggies, daya. WeJnes jays, and Fridays notlC" To tiy iliem is t. hi-.e j c t ; aD " m guaranteed. W. J. ;' Sat,r;.':..aTlioneNol4. ntyre. Irf-ad offlce. 415 Main Street, TueaJayi. proiL, an i as orde;e-t numerate. I II Mi. :' an !i '" they will ! ;i their uanio and address at the Kirst .ational bank, at the 1'iolleer Tiling or lll'i.'.'!l.l' !lt office. I will prompt ly call iiion th-ni It is important to obtain a full and compl''tt' in tin. ta t ion ana to this end 1 ask the co up. 'ration of every. on1 whom from any canst', 1 have failed to sec or call upon. DONALD L Mi I'HKUSON (Vns'.i Knumi-ratoi . Thursdays and Saturday. Road Wagons, Surries, Etc. lIM.t.Mit girl for gen- ,'.,.V.V.'.W.V.V.,.V.V..V..'. 11ANU THICK !-t and uio-t i i;ju t.' !' ci" the safe and cjrful m. of Th- Mrs. J. Zoellner's, 1 hull truck Beebe & Cleveland thc-ni "ii oa-v U-rm- 10 Van Huiv.. ... plano And i- c'HitiL;' IK- handle- 1 .1 I le., i . 656 Ma;n an'TI'' m; ' .L. nI1 ..ari(.. Good THE CROCERS ilJr"" 'r.'iit parties. Enquire opening 101 'I offlce. CclebratedRacinc wagons and Carriages. Thirty-six Steers for Sale. Tin-; W ii in-: Horsi: ., - - ; i- at No. Twenty-four of which arc one year old . . s v.: i,r.. seated hacks and most every- Btrp.t. or will go out 1U) bnerman duwc Harrison Telephone 144. Are prepared to supply your 'A'ants in the line of groceries nr confection (i y. With a complete stock at the low Fokkkst Hill The- niit iK . i I K- lv;ili'n i nine iiujuuium " aw...-, ...... - - thing needed by the LIVERY PEOPLE. Call and inspect my stock before buying. six two years old and six three years aid. Any person wishing to buy good well-bred stcx-k w ill do well to call and 5", .ueday. Call or in th. Cttv. It-- ;utr;utt arc tindv so them at John T. Wright's pasture four miles northwest from Custer City c.-t prices, tin y respectfully solicit a r i ft :: FOR SALE. Wl- ..i-'r;..rTt'55' Lower share of your patronage and one half mil" from IWne Si.lin on the Burlington Road. ..t Jiiml 01); nau luow, lM RNISHI'.P ROOMS. .KM 'N NINO WATKK, STEAM HI". AT. ELECT KMC ElOHT. S. R. SMITH LEAD. Apply to n. M. Ma- ante on ti:l" FPKCIAL -AiiKDAY KXCLR3ION MONEY LOANEO . i i . i . I. i,ta nn Lincoln ON COLLATERAL No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable IllUlUb . , .... ... u. ..-Til t . mo ft iM-i.-side; lumber ruruisueu Avenue tu ' ,,,v vX CISE. Kit) Spring an 1 LiHt-r every aiu,..a... Security at a lawf-.l rate m i.nei.-.-... t-i,-ieilv conlldential. Will w build . r-D t return ou or ti-'ore the fnlliivxiiiK Tues- .it-' iyc TS-ln l-oriesi day 1)11111' ..1 ' 1 .' call at vour residence if requested. D. JACOBS. Warner Cafe ' ,.ni.: LO . ...... Look at them crc- Meal- Ni-'ht an ajuai'-'" p. Babcoi-k. Cigar Store Oppsiie Bullock Hotel a . Pn-t d!v i; v- DISSOLU I ION OOT ICE. The opart ii'M h':. heretofore x- itingas Kaufman v Coruni lias 1 n dissolved by mutual i onsent, .1. L Kaufman retiring. .1. N. Corn will FOR RENT W.C SPINDLER, Frop FDouth's JfrK rcoin Lilit ". i)i.--i modem cooking Tlio Arcade Pi: ilk I'.t ku'nd. 1'kmp. -liar. hOU" V ' ; , .... ,.l,.th..s u.T ri, labium drink , ,,,rti ami nam. ."oi'ateda, sT Stuart street. ;'?;!;,. month. Coo & Kdmonds. Lee-Glass -Ardreesen continue the luisine-s. be ieion.-ibl for the liabilities of tin- late tirm and collei t auioiints due to said tirm. .1. L. KAl FMAN. .1. X. IKI'M. Hated Deadwooil. S. I June (',. KMo'n ilirounlc.nt the country us Anhau er lliHi h you know li.'i r . .,,., i.,h nmsiiiii Iv on the tar. KKNT.--Tbe tJim ia""--- i rooms ill good FOR Met brands of ..links '' 'U11" alwjy on hand. Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Pluma. roR-RENT. Three rooms, wita I P Your Sin v Sporting Goods. baths and furnisniug. rest avenue. J. N. CORUM Proprietor of the N eU:. PATCH 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST. TOR llEN-l'-Furnished rooms at 21 Burubam ae. I'. &. '' JOHN SOHN KEN 1 -overland hot,el, Sherman ....,. thruouf. J. C. CARSON, Agent. Ueadwood Offlce Syndicate Blk. J. P. HYMER ... . r-r,s.ue tn mcruFMTS. NOT A FOR Bargain Days Monday-washing machines, wringers, Clothes lines, wash boilers Tuesday-Sad Irons, Ironing Boards, carpets, curtains, and curtain poles, Wednesday-Birdcages, granite ware, tin ware and shell hardware. Thursday--Cutlery, silverware. Capets, tools, harness goods. Friday-Steel ranges, Cook stoves, heaters Furniture. Saturday Imported China and Crockery-ware. American china, glassware and crockery. Sundav--Aday of Rest Always Bargains-Second Hand Goods. Nos. 70-72 Sherman st. Deadwood. N.i. '. I- Lobby Saloon Keeps a quiet orderly place with many different lines of amusement and respectfully solicits a share of your patronage. Whether or not you imbibe in the flowing bowl you are always welcome at this popular resort. I reel. . !i n- ,tne-- an! w ll IIISI'A I't'M street; newiy pwa-c" electric l.shu. steam heat, sewer ejections, etc.; Zi rooms besides office, dining room and kitchen. Apply to Jun Baggaley. Agent. lMuTTrs Sew-in? machine. A. X. Parks. TWO furnished rooms for rent at No. 374 Williams street. No objection to light housekeeping. LULL 1. 1 IU" " - FIDELITY BONDS, All klndi of bond written: Appeal attachment, replevin, bond, for All Judicial bond. -cured without delay. Don't uk 7u friend to .lgn for you uoui y " i-rwtue officer., treaaurer., an olhclal bonda tpeclaltr- Did You Ever... Hear of a Complete Watch that will WHO? WHO? who : ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEE STREET. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. 5 CENTS. 5 CENTb. 5 CE.ITS. FOUND. Found-Hctween Dead wood and Lead a purse containing a small amount of silver. Apply to P. T. Olympic Block, ueaawooa. Fhonea-HarrUon. 1S8; Black HI1U. 101 Fhone In realdenca. HrriK)D. 8. The Last Chance That old popular Sherman street resort. I? now- und-r the charge of John Nklson, Keep Good Time That Sold Bran New For Only One Dollar, LOST. i e.-n 1 leadwood ami 1 : , black leather poit:'"!. Cook Remedy Cc uac tmP ONLY SUPE CURE FOR LOST -r:o be n- ,..,. Colo ill Tl.Kii THE JEWELER :u- he will chow you one of them. ' 1 ' t;;,l' MAIN STREET. T. J. DOWD, Willi -alhl opv of thi-rioleSsM. Spwik.-i in it. Kinder pl-a' 1'';lV' at tie- l'loIleel-Tillie-. who solicits a thare of IT) LOUD POISON l'KI.MAK 1 . nixo.i"Ai, 'i LR I IAHV ULO(JI) POISON I'KUM A X KX'I'LY CURED IM 10 IU HAYS. You can b treated at home for the sami Watchmaker. Optition, Jeweler your patronage. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. OUR CATALOCI'E oxpains how we 111 mm in . itomctv if von meter to coiiie here we win 1 The City Dray Line m ...,.(,. f U'l IA 111 ll.l-' - ' Qlvo Him fv Call. W. H. MO ORE teach the barber trado. .uaue free. Moier Barber College, Min mS ., , .,- ,n,i hotel lulls and no cliam if e fall to cure. II contract to pay railroad fare an . and palaa. neapolU, Minn. you hav taken MKItrritL UiM; P1MPLKS. COPPEK-COLOB- J NO. FELDH.UriLN, Prop. makes a specialty of moving all kinds of heavy machinery. ....ALSO.... t nrennred to do all kinds of moving Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the ElUhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Deadwood. of household goods, pianos, safes, etc., Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENERAL RE- PAIRINU DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. All kinds f Carriae and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings, ii ndl 2 Pine St.. - Deadwood. S. D. Ml.'t.'ol'S I'ATCII i" too...... . KYKHKOWS FALL1NU KD SLOTS. ,"' 'I "I RANTFE to cure. We .ollcU th. Ot'T. It U thU "LOOI. I' H N t hal WORLD FOR A PASE WE CAS- AT!ti.S' "AKKLKI. THE SKILL UK THE MOOT nave "hwfth,S pTw"t "ve a SECRET REMEDY know. unlimlted wealth of cou' ,,rtfEN YEARS of our exlatence no lew Una wrsTan1'Se WUhout A Single Successful Qunpettttr. THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands and bu . world wMeputaUon for speedy cure., honesty and 'r.ty. nrrrPTION, NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH GEst o .,,. RCHtmn OUR GUARANTEE. with safety and dispatch. Office Phone 113. Residence Phone 19G. LEGAL NOTICES. CONTINUED. (Moody, Kellar & Moody, Attys.) State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence. In County Court, within and for said county. In the matter of cne estate Alice M. Guild, deceased. NOTICE OF TIME APPOINTED FOR PROVING WILL. Pursuant to an order o said court, made on the 26th day of June, A. D. 1900, notice is hereby given, that Saturday, the 7th day of July, A. D. 1900, t 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, at the tourt room of said court, at Dead-ood, in the County of Lawrence, 8. D., has been appointed as the time and place for proving the will of said Alice M. Guild, deceased, and for hearing the appllcatiou of John Guild for the issuance to Fred Guild AulsDrook of letters testamentary, PALMER HOUSE You Should Go to lite CO)" HMRDT COWUT 1928 Wasonic Temple CiiciH. 111. Anna A. Leuhrs No. 7-t Sherman street. fa- your dreswnaJting. A line of ready made ladles' garments kept constantly In stck, at reasonable prices Visitors always welcome. O C. JEWETT. ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. DftADWOOD. 8. D Mew Clark Hlock m-t .Lor to I. .-ay othe. NEW Hl'IEDINC, NEW ErKNlTERE. NEW I?EDDIN(E In connection with the Restaurant are ten finely furnished rooms with hot and cold water and bath. . . PARKEffS HAIR BALSAM U Va "Wiul -mr mm Dyspepsia Cure nen and where any person may appear and content the same. Dated, June 26th, 1900. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, Judge of the County Court." Attest: SOL STAR, Clerk. (First Pub., June 27th, 190J.) i. .;!... Ill I . r., ,n ttfuinrr (In, .Open day and nlt. Short orue.s a specialty. SING YOU Prop. . taiiiiif ! Digests what you eat. It an 1 M.-iallv ilifc-'e'-ts the fixid and aid9 4 i Nat.urfi in si reriLrtlieDini; and rccou- J. R.' Hickox. C ty Engineer. Francis C. Tucker U. S .Dep. Mm. THE DON'T Be Fooledi Surveyor the genuine, original rrrv unilNTUN TEA GIVIL , MINING ENGINEERS FINEST MEATS TRY MORMON BISHOP'S rH? SVu, I year, nation, aelf-abusa. excesses or cigarette i noi makes, rich. Brings back your manhood. iUrcs lUpI"n7' ,, ,,,.:.. makes you last-jred blood and tissue. Cures 'tlngs ana an (f memory, lngly .trong. cures lmpotency. lost Jow"- en ; :.., twUchinK of the consUnatlon adds lusture to the eyes stops ;n s MORMON 'II UCliriK l lie II ll.t'lieu uiKraiiio ?;ms. It i-1 tie latest discovered digest-ant and tonic Nootlier preparation can approach It in cuic-ieiiey. It in-stantlv relieves .ttul pormanent lvcure9 DvspepMa, ItKiioftrtinn, Heartburn Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea. Sickneadache,Gatral?ia.Crtrarw,anc al 1 nt her r-su 1 ts of i m perfect d iestion. Prepared by C C. DeWltt & Co, Cljlcago. For Sale by K. G. PHII.LIP3, t Vf-l-Tl Made only Py Maamm mcui- ctne wo.. JI.UIVJH, - kp you e!l. Our trade mark cut on each ra'.B-Price. 33 nt Ncr sol4 I K..I1 l.n, nn .11 Kt I Gus Keller's Market TUCKER 4 HICKOX, Surveyors. B,i eTes. Make, life worth living. A" 'eans. ?'ops all losses by BISHnn ttiro ,v .a roatorep small, aeak oreaua- . rn. 4iVi Main Stm. Deadwo4. Rooms 301. and 302 Adamt Block J or nlghL Don't delay. Price within tal Jor' free circular. Address 0U I m&.? x- 60 4 for 3-50 by m"v irh o' alll Guastee-1 to cure. M8H0P REMEDY CO.. San Francisco, Che reaci o. am. iac Pharmacy. M4wood, CD.

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