The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 29, 1900 · Page 9
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 9

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1900
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

f " aily Pioneer-Times. HE IKAlV()i)D, S. I). (BLACK HILLS), i ' KM DAY v --;:. 1 X. ; I'll it. FIVE CENTS. n;th VKAK. 1. 1 1 . !e pa HAS t i lisp MORE in any o CLEVER ROBBERY BY A SINGLE MAN FIRST ANNUAL JOINT FIELD DAY a !";- i m Iii 'I won a -u ,t ill i'U--Un -"sod Hi'' (itilll i ly t ei y t hing. Ills TI." i 1 1 '. n. pn s ,,i,i II Si. 1 1 al h b li s in-!, . t pt t brow ing the : it i'i I u In i at -I.ik;' BEEN RELIEVED Games. hammer hurdle and I'ole atdil:g. re the muscular upper portion of iiiinplng. In, cling 111 the t olll est s w ll ,b v eloplllellt of tin Yesterday's Bal Huston 7 I 'iin'i niiai i Pittsburg ::. Hiilitil- and i ! ... ... . .. -ann -M ' -"i '., .,,.. -v:' ' '' i in. : h.m hi. i,.' i,. :,. thill -a A l!. say s w as ., . , ,! . . . nein , M.,,,,1 jt ,s et bo. li , i ,. a in I hill I -ip sa i, the . . u ii. In inl the gun Mi S.iu.l dahl . . ; mil. ling in the d.ii i. fur In- pock- ' , and cot hold of In- i i el's, I . i ; .i 1 1 1 1 . -, 1 hem mil -a lllg the'' some loose change III the pock- ' 'I'll. 1 oliher dashcl I I;, in down ,i t,,. aisle and wailed I'm the pockttiook Mr. Fitzgerald, who was sleep. i.g behind, was awakened. Not I- I : .. . l Litish Admiral Now Retiring A Robber Goes Thru the Sleeper Section On The lington, MORMON CHURCH WORKERS. Something of the Great System Vogue in the Church. Olympic. Golden Star and Ma-to-pa-ha Clubs Celebrate In Sturgis. With His Forces to Tien Tsin. i. u ir as I hf lour eldc, s ul (lit ('him h ,i Christ of the Latter Hay Saints it is nioi i' familiarly i ..Hi i. th Mm in' inak- lorn Forty to Fifty Thousand Secures Seveal Hundred Dollars rutin i liii i rli. now m t lie nt y ing a vigorous campaign, an tht'V ex- f press satisfaction at tin- reception ihey I Me hod is a i cipi i si t e I In la ; i ! In y . ale 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 1 superioi' (o I lead wood, for tln ir use of the hammers and drills make giants of them in the arms and shoulders. Hut in spriutiug, jumping, ami kindred contests where a man's agility is taxed. Ihe Deadwood hoys ale in the lead The Olympics got away with the beautiful banner, to be awarded by the Hlack Hills Amateur Athletic association to the t dub winning the greatest number of points. After its presentation the athletes who hail entered the arious contests formed n procession. gae the banner to K F. ITinterman. to whom they were obligated for their careful training, tombing and instruction, and indulged in a little triumphant march around the grounds, while the people howled i-ield Day Celebration. The Olympic association of Deatl-lOontinued On Page 4 i A Good Attendance and Some Very Interesting Field Sports. Chinese Swarming Before Pekin. Currency and Escapes. r.i.w" iic . .nai a s going on. nun lit in ing someone ask his companion for his Jin. kethook. he lalseil up partialh and - - ,! Don't tn, linn oui pie hit book lit, him a bell in t In- ja w The : peiado ignore, I the remark, took the pocket book and moved on Mr. I' 'geraltl got up and follo-..e,l him ,h iw n the aisle M r ( "lark.- had a bf l li further back, and Mr il'l CHEE KH ( lima, .nine .- inpe- have so far been an orded in Dead-wood. They liolii nightly iiit--t j nu- on the piiblie streets, ami punch m immense crowds i',ii li ewning. In the lay time they oeeupy themselves in making a hntise to house ranvass ail'l spreading the tenets of their faith lie-fore the people. The; are all of them yoiiiiL' men. wnil-T thirty, well informed in in matters, up-to-date in things seeiilar. and iolislie, i-i The He . ri-M t r;i ;n robbeiA Ii;emio linuiglll lie woum lie ronneil 11,, , (lUmpi,. next. In-tea.l of that. Mi Clink, was ,, ain of headwood ociiitinu athletic won 74 points at l Wmiral tfeymour nas uoeu ic-jved.'and is now returning to Tien iin His t-xiK'lit ion failed l() ion- pass,,: i,. anil uniunor nijin sleeping i),,, , Infill- 1 .-,,1.1....! ..I' .I..1I... I . lav coin, 'st yesterday . to :i I with Pekin. ins lone suuereu 1 ' " ' ' ,M ' 1 " " pn ins wo,, bv th hit b there is any iv, oi d w a. mic-i'1'ssfiilh iiert'oriiieil on the Hiirlington est i nla c nioi ning. bet w et n m k and Aurora (Iin- man went thin Ihrt-e sleeping tars, relieve,) a major ".' of Ihe passengers ol all th,- ni,,n ' thev had on h ie, I a Pullman . en team from the Kiissian olonel Sctelle, catly. bib of Lead. The .Stur- Mr S. in, 1,1. ili says he ,ouhl not see Coltlen Si,-,, much '! the man. as.he had una musk. ;i ml blue m, Kills anil jumper Jnmamliiig' tin- combined forces of 1.1O1.1 mm. is supposoti 10 ue pi 01 eeu- He ha : .1 slout h hat liull.,1 ,IIUM over "--m. If to ivkin. ductiir t, lear i in t is estimate,! unit ironi iorty to raise tin- s , -ul, ul,. ,,t ,,. , , , , J , ,, . . his t I hiv on tin- .due ot mi f iml I 1 1 1 1 tin- air. then when , ., , , berth ,.t. i In- I, ,.. ami at, in, I if , nine to a sion he sin I , . ... . . . r U J Ihe tram ty thousand ("hint's-- troops are before Pekin. Hoxers from all their manners. Tin y are putting some thing before the people o Ilcadu -Mid n I - s 1 1 1 1 1 1 ly new to a gu-al majority, and their work may literally be termed a lanipaign of eiluinlion .i far as this ..notion is 1 1 ) m i l l i t i I Little Known of the Mormons. Despite the pn i in i in in e :i 1 1 IK li I t" , Hill! V ,.e he rolllietl se,.,al Ol the A V ' peareil 111 the dalklless. .... . , ! Look to the Cloth in off and disa itiiuei i ,i .M'liiii'r.s iii in.- far, i iiii 1 1 no - i ' '""", '" I arms I I,,m,. ,,. ,,,, w,,l, $ iVv with SOille In -ession t had litions ail' swarming iiu-if. Scvmoui' ns relieved by a detai h nt of foul" , ninpanies of Russians pie III eupying t h Colonel Sinerinsky anil an n:al number of foreign troops. I lie YourSpringSuit; :ff was ii' i otiiplislied the night of ""'"' 'Mr'f'aL,,;,!,! ai.lla-t mgh. A f j7 ' "'" a 'do , ,.- . , , a I ., w a lit e, , see f "'' ' ' '' what v , g g on. and followed the i 12 VI ' "' l.l.ll, ' ,',U the aisle. lie O,,,,,,,',! ,e A ' xhll,i! ntir, He did not see,,, , w.,, Tf ll w hal.t, i iini,! ., ... 4 1 I tis. t if I nis a nun dl all t In, li he lo negotiate II lllniate an, I ,,n his wuik. and any in I unisin-ss me l.'tn.. I v.o iiiiiinicti w unnin u vc been brought to Tit-n Tsin. jlLLION IN KLONDIKE GOLD. the Mormans. their early vetilures af i oli in iza t i' li in Illinois ami Missouri, their hazardous overland journey to I t. ill in the middle pait of the century, the growth and tlouiish of the colon v I'll the slimes of the gi'ent Salt Lake, and the beautiful city they laid on, with its niagniheent feats -of engineering and architecture, are in the abstract familiar to the American people, but comparatively nothing is known This Year he was nearly thin lb, Thi n he i '! tlnni iiiuiKi.L or Hie in m lie. III. ller T I hlM "'" I"'' he sa'.v that I was awake and bad (, i J ""' Piirtialh arisen he hacked otf ami act A l ! tamer Rosalie Brings Quarter of a was approaching a stat ion w lime his .... .. ,, , , r i I ll Million Wednesday. SEATTLE. W ash., June- 2K - Spe- 'i as ii ne wanii-ii io g.'i away i If' '" could not see nint h of him I not iced f 1 ll I'as ., m,,,,.,, ,i ,i 4 I i I plans would lie interfered with, his hurry he o erloi iked sewial ar . . .. .'" . ' . . 111 t A million dollars in gold from Klondike was deposited in the M'llgels. Willi Were a t t 1 1, 1 1 n g s eil humiliation and li ited States assay office here dur- Coerced the Pullman Conductors. concerning the great plan of the insti June. Two million anil a half Owing to the rise in the piice of wool, and ctinse.iieiitly of woolen fabrics, (here has been in ii li juggling this year by some ma n ufat't urers of men's wear woolen fabrics. It Is ssentially iuipei tant therefore that you -hould have ;,ll the guarantee and protection possible with the suit you are buying this spring, that it is what it should be. You can accomplish thin, not only by buying from a respectable retail nier- iiei-io ins la,,, was math, aim A lit thouglit his skin was thai of a weaz 1 J lied liecltl'" V n I 3 Came From the Chair Car. f 'r- Coiiuuiior Cooper says the liiitn m must hae coiue back from the for a " wind .ml of the train, as the rear . The first man wlm nut the robbt-i was ( "ondiietur Cooper, of the pul! man sleeper that ,nmt' into Keadw I last night. Mr Cooper was inr the !'e expected in July. The steamer isllit brought a ipiarter of a million (ftcrday. ;By the same steamer information (Dies that John .1. (lace- seriously punded his wife and then eommitted kide at Dawson, June 17th. He tution or of its inner workings. The Mormon religion is popularly regarded by people not familiar with its principles as simply a transposition of the set dpi tires to lit the desires of it lot of charlatans, knaves and debauchees who find in the bible the authority for a r s , 'eiier I he , ..i i i il m - last seat ot tli pass. 'lifers wt'i ' I OOOl til HIS Mfet- Wits l Utht-ll, illlU I II in i heir berth- I ..n n- . ,u "'m,..,-,, 4 cnant, Dut by burin;; such clo'h ing as Is made by a wholssalo toilor whose reputation Is too high andworth too much to him to permit 4 him to take advantage of an op portunity afforded bv- an unusual situ- A we,.- asleep. .ts nothing about him that I could I A IOs.1 Ml W I hi- I .. .1 V rsued the woman for two years for A ation. 'I hn i lnihu f....... i. v.i..i. ..i,t... i...n..tnn i.:.. i.,i...i Ireioni.e again, unless u was ins i He had on overalls and a the maintenance of vast harems while anil the colored porters M r t 'ooper sa y s In n h man In- was standing m SIX shooter leveled at llel'eil Mr f "ooper ti -. ... ,vi.i.i .iv.i.i n.i.ii. i iiiuir,. ai t.i...i .m-.iiiii tins) idi'vi purpose of killing her. hnallv lo "'' I jumper w as masked, and w ine a dark I f w on a In ad. . i,,. i, i,.,, ,.i, i ii,,,,l l,., I a ing her in Klondike with anoih.i a. 0 4 High Art Clothing. '''' '" was in tic sleeping cars about I wen : a-iile tl mil, hi, s but i could mil sav act ur $ ... . A 1 PROHIBITION CONVENTION. I 0 ae v siarlei lo oo. al inv wale m ..... A Ihe pruw fill oil I lie tithes of tile 1 oil - e,s a mantle, as it were, under which to i mi the gamut of all the human lust.-, ami lor the practice of all theeon-eeivable sins. There have undoubtedly been examples in the church whose lives have warranted this opinion, and it limy be as sonic say. that the whole institution was originally conceived for that purpose, but for that mutter there 4 never fail to come up to the high standard do mb a'-b'. ,,,,,,,, hut the thought strm k me that Led an ... ...O.I i, i i .r hn G. Wooley of Chicago Is Nomi-I nateed for the Presidency. jCHICAOO. Ills.. June 28. Speeial. and to keep going until orde Mop. at the same tinie steppini into an empty seat to allow tl ductor room to puss in the On t lie way to the front he pic' the cond iiclor of the I 'u 1 1 ma u s lie inarched Inn ll ondu, t,u -forward end of Ihe tourist -then started towards the , ;.r tailors. 1 of t hem by their j - - I '" I'i'Siii ".on ii - ""i A '"pi r wards Mi. t he was not taking anr .j . v W me national prohibition convention ii, in, . .. i. .. i.. .. i m ei j y, ii nils II i mi h 1 1 1 1 in mil ay nominated John C. Wooley of kago for president, over Silas ('. 0 $ 0 allow of Pennsylvania. The vote S10.00 Up. S 5.00 Up. $15." 5p. !' ' I" 1 off th. ii.iin. and our n. t stop was "' ""' Auroia I think he aim- into my 'th '' i ar a1", ii Mradsbaw. Dnr ti.nn does not si"H tlure and our hist s 1 1 be '"-''' foie was at York. lb- k. pt me nt a i. nil. and I think In i Mradsbaw lln-re and our last at York. lb- kept me nt off tie A ill Ol a i ar an not so fole w 4 Top Coats from I Business Suits from -J Cutaway Suits from -J Frock Suits from A: Wooley. ISMj. Swallow ::jrt. have been men. and women. too. in other churches who could not well I" t ra in again working .ah l ! lie w.nt .. mo eil Inn k w a i ,1 s in I he nryB. Metoalf of Rhode Island was lustrious eiiibh oiinatfd for viee president. held up as i head ot , . . t an, e from him all t he time I a in e from h i in all the tim. gootl ,1 and kepi th. .- condin toi $15-' Jp. 0 sweet nt ss and purity, and the and tilling him. coin pel ling ie , a r. as if he was alia id I Kansas City Convention. HIS nf charge made forms charge jAA.NbAS CITY. Mo., June 2S.-Spe hold of his gun IP' hegan it nervoiislv as he was tin-in the tea I on' and he ROSENTHALS PALACE of insincerity is some tunes a-iainst the originators of other ol religious faith, altho such a i is not given probably us many i iMiii , ' ' ondiu tor tin pas he Wi'Mld lid HOI' III! letel a sw ing ll-Delegates to the democratic na-al convention are beginning to ar-'"- Sulzer's friends are here and follow him. lie made the III' the llll, I, He sleeper Wllkl i n t as in their berths, and i le u demand of lie m to h their mini, t , I le li iU I his : ctl ill tin time, and U. pt n reiniy 0 ueaawoou, 5. u. f Fe opened up headquarters to help vice presidential boom Phoebe probably hypo-hnii li. just us linn lies of the was in might to act ishing must I pull moving and h. one a!i All I h watch a waken man w nf a tin Mippoiters. There are elites in the Mormon there are in all other e thought We Well- aliollt III 0 Aim ora Tin- 1 1 am w as 11 the time In- wis at w in k as sn tjiiiet about it that no d knew was going on. 1 to do was lo stand and ui The oilier conductor fusins. the former woman's stiff ra- 1 1 in 1 1 on, i h i thing 1 1, p. on it iiiii Willi Ins run l ight lo Id!, si i t hat he had 1!- is here. She says she will speak die convention. front of him eim i'i d all tin' tim ,7? i , ,, il, , he mom v g i v en h I in I - llt earth - people who profess the failh for their physical, finaneial. and social eootl rather than tnerely the moral or THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Mob Ch the -passengers and t be the gun win thru I li'iu nil" passengers in t he leeft hand ami put il away in his clothes. As soon ns he got thru with one lielth he would F I-OlIS. Mo., June 28. Special. spiritual betterment, but no one rati say all Mormons are hypocrites and fa fmob chased a young lady, who eon a Transit car last night, into hack up to the next and mnl- Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE 1 1, oilier passellgels e info, Ined of w hill bad I e i wo i (inductors a, Ivan- o toward store on North Fourth street iati-Al i'"""' Kn loaded with police ar porter of the chair one of his p.I.SSI'Ilg. r M ,s I 1 natics any moee than we can say a I MethodiMs. Baptists. Congregation, alists are l.naves and mountebanks It is only nec-ssiiry to observe tin at an CIT?, COUlTTTr am. ' J""; in time to prevent :k by a mob on the store. He had noticed tim . train carrying a pack- Reached for the Air Rope. At one time iluiiug this pro . !:u Mr. ( "ooper rem bed for the rope i pull the air and alarm tire tiitm r.-w He pulled the rope slightly, but th robber heard the application of th After 1 1 aim i ' happem not iced was n man g, i age. 1' tained I on in o The i u th 1- ,.f L,.ii.. nt' the mis:. iona lies ot Strikers Want C.nrle fEW YORK, June 28. Special.-- is supposed the package s disguise, and that he put it " of the closets. mi on whuh the rubbery lie understood what it meant, and Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. striking street car men in St. have forwarded an appeal to 'Wiled labor here for funds to sus-11 w strikers was onto the conductor iiistantl Shoving his revolver towards h il was No. 4 1 . which has was coinuiitt the church toVome disabused of that. Men may become good actors and by their emotion in the pulpit or on the platform, by tears and broken-voired i-or.fessions at the ' 'mourners bench." make others believe that they are truly repentant and desirous of better lives, and all the while be pun tiring Pnllma ns fi.,... he said- "If von null that air a loin i-t - sleeper and two The ton: 1st ami one Pullman go thru to the Pacific coast by way of Rillings. Harvard nt . . j i C.,,T. - - ' Idicc. LONDON' COLZCTZOXTS to Promptly and her Pullman comes to Dead- and the 1 1 Attended Intelligently. again I'll take a shot at yon Keep your bands down." The man with the gun worked hurriedly, and did not take imv jewelry In several instances passengers handed him articles of wearing apparel in which there was money. wood. fri"l won the four-oared and ""an boat races from Yale today. are deception and duplicity. Hut nu n Bloodhounds On the Scent e oa the varsity race. al train took a posse to the uid go in-s. without A spt not apt to leave their homes to stri-.nge anil hostile region MONEY FURITISHED scene of Must RiH. n .u. r- money or without any support other the robbery yesterday tnorn lodhounds taught tin- scent now in pursuit. IT .-" v" w,e c. Ll U T t . They were eager to comply promptly with his demands, and instead of ing. P.h antl are o an v extent borrowers names or o, mu., JDne zs special. 16 PfeBlrlent nf th ct t .,- r-.. warranted bv collaterals than a copy of their ethics, facing- denunciation ;..n- sometimes mob law it J. MIC Ol. LJUUIB V dl company has notified his em book of and deris-,df unless in what stopping: to locate tneir pocseis ne t would thrust the garments towards him He would not slop to go thru mat tnpv mnot t-iAa n. The cars or the plant will close wood v them, but throwing theni asiue. womu Li 0 3 V . T hp Otn nlrttf -i '. i rti thev have an abiding faith they are preaching. Based On the Bible The Last Day. : -us entinieratoi s for Dead ' i lose their books and no ports at noon today. If arc ads this has hen omit'. .; , dtl report before i ' '.lay. In theii Accounts Solicited and lousand fill hAlnnir tr tV.. ,1 Tli.. Mormon faith is I one wlv thev s' o'clock ' - j " hi reiuse. Correspondence Ihvited. Our l(iir ex per io rice in the Black Hills is at he pass on In this way h.- went t i-ar thru the three sleepers, lb- did not ask the sleeper con, Iin tors for their money. One Victim Reaches Deadwcod. N'els Sanddahl. of St. Paul, on - of the passengers robbed, reached Inad- ui the Dav id. Peter .hosen Rihle of Moses, of .lu-liua. of Solomon, and Daniel, of John and raid the records of Cod's intending investors. Princess Brands nia canned fruits, such as pears, strawberries, apri serv ce Of Cal fr-r peaches wood last night. fl lost ano n -11 cots, grapes, etc.. are the finest thing dollars. Mr. Sanddahl Hopewt people in the old world-supplemented by the book of Mormon --claimed to be the records of the tribes nf Israel that inhabited the Western hemisphere. DIRECTORS hch J' ," ieD- June 28. Special. bhT . ?r0ker' ejf Senator Edward iia- :n1 Congressman Sulzeer are ! r,e for a conference with f cm,. re goin8 t0 theKansas S E'Jnd- June 28.-Spec cher PaIme". an aged hat Uken from his Wght by a mob4 tied to a W. E. ADAMS. Thetwn a corelation toeach other. Clark of St. Paul, and Thomas Fitzgerald of Pine City. Minnesota, were traveling together, and they stayed at the Bullock hotel in Deadwood last night. Mr. Clarke and Mr. Fitz JOHN TREBKR. both im- of their kind on the market. Also the J-pound cans of whole or sliced Singapore Maharajah Pineapple, the most delkious you ever tasted at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets. All we ask !s that you try one can. b HARRI3 FRANK1IN, Pres. r.nnd Mormons follow BEN BAER, Vice Pre. Pre, the members WM. EETLBIE. Cashier. tiltcltlv. differing from gerald were overlooked by the robber of other churches in this: They be-( Continued on Page 5.) that Mr. Sanddahl notwithstanding ) A.A. C...'rj.-,-.v.ii'''-

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