The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 21, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily PioneeiC-Times. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), FIJI DAY MOKNINd, JTLY 21, 1899. FIVE CENTS. r . - 7 a 1 RAINS UNPRECEDENTED fins RESIGNED the men who has been riding range for years, gave an exhibition when he came Into this city yesterday. He had been run over by a horse while out 60 miles, and had his shoulder broken To secure tho! . in.- Will l eave The Precipitation In Luzon This are now paying ten cents for six copies, a lid are objecting to that price strenuously. The boys are armed with clubs, and are threatening to beat boys found selling the boycotted sheets. They apparently control the situation at present, as tha boys who have been induced to go out with the papers under the old schedule and endeavor to sell them, have been intimidated to such an extent that they have almost all abandoned the attempts. - tlP 01 nai required medical assistance he rode 20 mllea horseback, then completed the balance of his trip in a lumber wagon. f.. P.hint the First jj VOW"'-'- Month Is the Greatest Ever Known. of August. Portfolio Has Been Tender It Prevents Coaling of Trans ports and Delays Return of Volunteers. to General rui ici News From the Klondike. SEATTLE, July 20. Special. The steamer Diriso arrived from Alaska today with a quarter of a million dollars in gold. The passengers returning bring reports of a stampede from Dawson to the Dig Salmon country, where.' it is rumored, there have been tome rich gold discoveries lately. The acuivy has been extremely prevalent in the Klondike the pat winter, and many persons have been afflicted within the last month or two. It has been1 fatal and Declined. Leopold Shuns Subjects. UKUSSKIjS, July L'O. King Leopold, in returning loday from Laeken palace. Ic't the train at the Station du Uuartier Leopold, the nearest to the Itrussels palace It Is understood that he feared .hoslile munisfestalions on the part of the sc-ilallsts, and dreaded the long1 drive drive necessary to reach the palace had he arried by the way of the Station du Nord. as !b bis cufiloin. It is rumored that his majesty will seek to adjourn tfie discussion of all electoral projects until after the year 1!00. WASHINGTON. July 20. Special Gen fTdN'July 20. -Special. Ru- fjL hu tendered his resignation eiai ins cauied today that the severe weather continues in the I'hilippines, and is preventing the coaling of the United in quite a number of cases, and aevera L- wr, ai" t"e president has M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Offer the Following; Unheard of re- -ductions in prices fcr lliis week, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 16c and 25c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and that is what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. All the latest Children's ,Hats in Straw and Muslin at 50 to 75c worth from $1,00 to $1.76 Each, Special Reductions in Shirt Waists and Skirts. 100 Summer Corsets at 25c each, value 60c. Check Nainsook at 5c per yard, 200 pieces French Ginghams Brundburget Cloths at 10c per yard. 20 piece sCold Batines at 10c per yard, value 25c Irish Lawn and Crepon at 6c per yard. 60 doz Children's fast black Hose, sizes 5 to 9 at lOo per pair. M. J. Wcrthheimer & Bro. States transports. This will accordingly delay the return of the volunteers who have been expecting to sail for the United States this week. The rainfall in Luzon fWol la acceptance of the res-iWl effect August 1. Specu-itft U to bis probable sued jsor. fliM to "wn- " is rumor-'J liortlollo has been tendered to La b- Porler' l'nlted s'at" L Truce, and that he has de- has been unprecedented this year. The i erage precipitation for the month of July have died with It recently. o Baron Rothchild's Wife Dead. PARIS, july 20 Special Baroness Rothschild, wife of the famous London banker, died here suddenly today of heart disease. o Indian Trouble Over. CHACRON, Neb. Jully 20 Special. The Iadians who had the trouble with the cowboys in the bad lands "fuesday. have arrived at Pine Ridge, and have given themselves up to the agent. The trouble has been fourteen inches iu past years forty-one inches of rain has fallen on the , leapt. After the office is va- Pelloux Is In Straits. ROME. July -JO. The extreme left, under protection of parliamentary privilege, is determrined to Interrupt and insult the king on the opening of parliament in November. The government is at its wits island during the pant twenty days. Tb jAlnr It H iiaeiy iui nw"iui i Wit Melklejohn, or NebrasKa, troops on the outposts are suffering many hardships, and are unaMe to assume :he At actlnf jecretary until the ap- aggressive in any manner. It Is wi ii d'Ti end. for the only remedy is dissolution of tu bus made. culty that some of the strategic points are tlai declioes to state why he has being held by the American army, and re was greatly overdrawn in the reports that quires much heroic service. There has not were sent out to the eastern papers the chamber and new elections, which may result in an increase of the num'ier of socialist seats in the parliament. o South Dakota Editors. SIOUX FALLS. July L'O.-The South Da been any fighting since the heavy rains s it was in fact, simply a petty quarrel, and i i . but the natives harass the American nothing uncommon between the Indian troops by vicious night attacks They rtuu m seiners ana cowooys living alon have not been able to intlict any damage fit ajt. ' lamedUtelr" . . ;3 DECLINES THE PLACE I 'jir to France Refuses to Sue-ed Secretary Alger. rtORX, Jul 20. Special. A Par-jmtktWarld today says: "Tho CM k teen offered to General the reservation border. o German Empress is Lame, kota 1'ress association, which held its annual meeting at Clear Iake. Iowa, elected H. S. Volkmar. of the Milbank Review, president; N B. Read, of the Woonsocket to the American troops, however, as they simply fire and fall back out of reach, the Americans refulng to pay them any particular attention. BERLIN, July 20. Special. The em press is suffering with a fractured Times, vice president; A. E. -Raynes, ol shin and is unable to leave her room. the Andover Gazette, second vice presi MORE VIOLENCE IN BROOKLYN annnnnriruujnnrunnjiruni o Nebra; ka Sheriff Expected. Grant H. Tod was released from Street Car Strikers Continue to Riot custody of the sheriff yesterday' forenooc and Blood Flows Free, NEW YORK. July 20. Violence was the dent; George Schlosser, manager of th South Dakota Newspaper Union, Slou Falls, secretary; and C. O Fletcher, of the Slate liemocrat, Aberdeen, , treasure The executive committee consists of the following: O. A Klake of W'essinsK.n. T. W. Taubman of I'lankiiiton, Fred Atheiton of VVaubay. W. O. Yates of iPerre. T. M Roberts of Armour upon theorder of States' Attorney Hayes, b4 ku h" declined, i i famous Poison Case. 3K, July 20. Special The ,rUch it in session here, bai it indictment against Roland a. charging' him with the 'in. Kate Adams, who was Hew York last winter. chief feature of the strike among the street dismissing the charge against him in Jus tice Early's court, and was re-arrested i car employes iu Brooklyn and Manhattan boroughs today, and many broken heads the afternoon by Sheriff Plunkett, upo.i is and arrests are the results of the distur ceipt of a telegram from Sheriff Lancaste bances. Crowds of strikers and their sym of York. Nebraska. Tod whs then take It was d"" :,ted to hold the winter meet before Justice Colman, and was allowed ing In Sioux tails. The meetiu? will be Mm Her Coachman. WILL PAPER! WALL PAPER! "Some times her narrow kitchen wallt ' Stretched away Into stately halls." This happened to Maud Muller, but my price on wall paper make 'it possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock Is entltrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. Tou are especially Invited to see them. PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the time to paint your house. Remember that my store la headquarters for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every tan warranted to cover more surface and last longer, than any paint made. Coma In and ret color cards ad study color effects. Tha 014 Reliable DrogxW. called by the executive committee some go on his own recognizance, pending the pathizers have appeared In different points along the streets, and wherever a car ha& been found manned by non-union hands an attempt has been made to stop it. time in February. .IWjr iO. Special. Miss Ad arrival of the officer from York, who teie graphed Sheriff I'lunkett that he had se I rich and pretty young bei There have been repeated attempts on the (Klwimpacott, has married her cured the requisition papers, and would be in Deadwood as soon as he could get Esterhazy Statements Differ. PARIS. July 20. The most contradic nart of the crowds to overturn street cars and blood has flowed profusely. The po here He Is consequently expected to ar tory statements of all kinds continue to rive here today. lice have been exceedingly vigilant, an are unmerciful with their clubs amon appear In the Dreyfus affair. Thus today I Jweut. Trieste. States' Attorney Hayes dismissed ihi In one morning paper MaJ. Esterhazy over SI Jaijr 20. Special. Admiral the strikers. The street car service has charge against Tod upon reading the com 4 tU laphip Olrmpia arlved been poorly patronized today, owing plaint entered against him by H. C. Page, his own signatures reiterates the guilt ol Capt. Dreyfua, without. However, offering f. TV Kjmiral' gays he will re- the trouble, and business has been badly any proof, and- charges several generals eoopl of week!, anJmay tied up. president, and other officers of the York Mining company, which, bo the states' attorney stated, failed to show that Tod Main Street V1UV C PlIII T TPS I wltii various grave offenses. At toe sane time, in another Journal, MaJ. Esterbazy's Denver Horse Show. s ueaawooa, 5. u. . ? Svjurijvrtrurirmrurinnr had committed any offense. The com neohew accuses his uncle of being the DENVER, July 20. Under the auspices plaint, Mr. Hayes said, simply suggested 5 Explosion In Japan. ' that Tod had falsely claimed to be an ex of the management of the Mountain and worst sort of blackleg, whose word is ut terly worthless. :)CTO, B. a. July 20. Special ! fi fives (I details pf a Plain Festival, whioh will occur In Den ver, September 25th to 30th, botfi Inclu perienced mining man, and that on the strength of this misrepresentation, he 'The same sort of contradictions appear concerning Dreyfus' trearnent on Devil's "Vman at WakpaaC ana sive, a Horse Show will be given on the given the superintendency of the com island. One aide holds that the prisoner last two days. It is the Intention to mak pany's mining property, for which he wis jwwl sjjaared, peraont were 1 tadjrrt and forty-seven bod-'Wrtcortrld'.'and twd hnnflreSJ THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK was dreadfully tortured, the other that he to receive $40 a month and other consider this -vent bigh-clas anJ conduct waa coflned and treated with 'humanity; It after the mmn-r oi such en .ertalnments 'WttOlaUMins. atlons, amounting In all to about what a shoveler would receive on the surface In but I am told bya person in a position to have the whole truth that not the half of now given annually In eastera citei. ;i rurpose is to bring together the besc pos ODf4IRAL' DEWEY eible exhibits of high-class horses, and the Black Hills; that Tod had submitted fraudulent assays upon ore from the property, and Induced bis company by this fashionable turnouts to compete for prizes 5ireHimtoRuDForThe Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895. $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 the cruelty inflicted on Capt. Dreyfus Is yet known. His friends ate prudently keeping back the complete story iintil after the verdict, when all will be revealed and universal indignation and deserved under such rules as usually govern exhi means to continue putting up 'money. But Mr. Hayes said the complainants failed to "Widency Next Year. ' bltlons of this kind. The entries in certain classes will be 10. M.-0. h. p. Belmont, punishments will follow. mention any particular assay that had been misrepresented In this manner, or to state the amount in which It had been mis'? restricted to the territory circumscribed by the limits of the Festival of Mountain wh it here attending the "femocratle national f C. Whltnef, ex-aecreury of " tt 7. has gone to represented. In short, ' States Attorney and Plain, which embrace Colorado. New Range Horses Going. TACOMA, Wash., July 20 Range hors Mexico, Utah. Wyoming and Montana, but Hayes argued that It was a trivial matter,, and not worthy consideration, and he did I a number of classes win be arranged ercept Admlr.1 n . es, which lor years swarmeu mo All not want to see Tod deprived of his liber which shall be open to entries from all Branches of Banking Business Transacted, "tow a Orient, and induce T. tofcPttha democratic parts of the United States. plateaus of Washington, Idaho and Montana, are gradually being driven backward by the advance of the Bheepherder and ty any longer. Accordingly Justice Colman allowed him to go on his own recog presidency' next yeari o Imnortant Decisions, nizance. the cattleman until their range U restrict ,,7 01 "TW aspirations. J. P. Wilson, who was Tod's attorney, PIERRE. S. D., July 20. Within the ed and. their number greatly dwindled. DRAFTS ISSUED en China, Manila, Havana, Parlo Rica, attend the meeting of was compelled to leave town yesterday, Daat week Judge Oaffy, of the Sixth cir a .hn men are fencing the with the proxy, of i Con'- VBLUU ', .. - - and he left the case In charge of ('. E. streams and ponds and vast tracts of pas- cuit, has been called upon to render decisions in cases of state-wide importance Davis, who appeared for Tod before the """of Mich,ga .Vta lulled. Bryan apoke at i a Th homes that remain are WUU, "v. " Africa, England, Franca, Germany and all Parts ef tha World, at lowest rket rates. COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers Justice of jthe peace yesterday The at- Among them was the "brand fee case tonight, the nafiAn.t forced to pick up a living, on semi aim land, with danger from thirst in summer orneys are determined that if Tod has to brought against State Secretary ,Roddle he court for what he has done. !?h 'ot the meeting at ln4 of John P. Alt geld. and from hunger in the winter. In this case he held that the statute which provided that the secretary should be a he shall answer to the South Dakota, and i During the last two years fiS.nOn head of responsibility orcollaterals.. not the Nebraska courts, for according to range horses have been remove a iiom the complaint, the offenses for which he "8a:k Spanish Warship jV..! .uxi, ern Washington alone. Tbat growing in- THIS IS DISTINCTIVELY jEL were committed in South Da is chargedj m. ,.nninir of horse meit for the kota and BOt in Nebraska. As to th markets of France, consumed 9.000 of navy, l , Haotuft-American liner he ia a fugitive from justice in harge than them. The factory where this product is member of the brand commission, an I fixing his fees for his service, was not in violation of the provisions. of the const iu-tion, which was raised as the only ,Toint in the case. Another was, the fit brought by Faulk county to collect slaking fund taxes from the Chicago 4 Northwestern railway, which levy was made 'ty tho county to take ud warrants. The court hold3 against the county In the eaiHJ. " In an Nebraska, It Is ahown in the complaint It Individuals i Accounts of Banks. Corporations and back' from by the Hamburg- self -that Td came out to the Hills a few at Linton, Ore., but it has proved so profi. able that anothen is to be established at solicited. weeks ago pa transportation furnished him ine yeaael Medora, N. D. Twenty thousand of tne Correspond enoe In Arltod. by the company, which does not make it horaea have been shipped to the Chicago i,v. ' ' w.aeiiT- appear tha he was trying to escape Jus '"sert. r tice in Nebraska. As to the charge that other case the register of dew U of Fall River county claimed that under the stat market during the two yeara. bigm thousand were sent to Alaska, and 10.000 have been broken for saddle and pack horses. 10,000 have been harnessed to the plow by ' - , C AAA VlrCbV I Vlo. ..... , ' W. E. ADAMS. . JOHN TREBER. , HARRIS FRANKLIN, PreaJdsai. BEN BAEN, Vies PresldeaL ".strike.. . .. e're ea-iSTrtir. .-a ute of 1897, register were ent'.tlei to a fixed salary, instead of teet, which the Tod waa making a misrepresentation when he claimed to be a mining man. there are any number: in the Black Hills who will testify to tha contrary. They have seen Tod at work, aad they kaow what ho caa da -i . ettlers, and It ia estimated mat ,vw . Ji" nlnf Journal have died. The Joes U aouoie uw u WU. SELBIE, CesJUer. ( court holds to b incorrect As an evidence of the aerre ahowa by the riders on the range country. Tom Hllllcan, one of from and has reduced the wild hone about 125,t0 to 80,000 or v,000. ,8centlortwo.Tley

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