The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 18, 1991 · Page 30
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 30

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1991
Page 30
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C-6Television THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Friday, October 18, 1991 Friday morning Be on guard against forgettable 'Palace' TV review BY ART CHAPMAN Fort Worth Star-Telegram With the exception of Carol Burnett's new CBS variety series, I pretty much thought the new fall season had all premiered by now. I rubbed my eyes, sighed in relief and started picking up all the press materials, scattered tapes and barely legible notes that littered my office. You can imagine my embarrassment when I discovered there was still one show left to go. Tonight CBS premieres Palace Guard (9 p.m., Channels 9, 7) as a two-hour movie. My apologies to Palace Guard for forgetting. It isn't a reflection on the quality of the show, it's just a little confusion about the premise. On Pros and Cons we have a show about a guy who was a cop, then a con, and now is teamed up with a private investi s ii i D.W. News Today in Today Donahue Jerry Springer One on $100,000 5 Cincinnati One Pyramid CBS News This Morning Live - Regis & Jeopardy! I Family Price Is Right 9 News I Kathie Lee Feud Good Morning Good Morning America Chuck Woolery Jenny Jones Geraldo 12 Cincinnati Widget Chip- G.I. Joe James Peter Pan Tale Spin Silver Bewitched Happy I Family Bonanza 19 munks Bond Jr. Spoons Days Ties Home- A.M. Shining Mister Sesame Street Instructional Programming Sesame 48 stretch Weather Station Rogers Street Psychol- Psychol- A.M. Captain Sesame Street Another Sew I News 1 It Figures I Dear Aunt Drug 54 ogy ogy Weather Kangaroo Page Connect'n Quiz Agnes Avengers Auto Jetsons Saved by Video Casper- New He- Heathclitf Romper Auto Love Ron Reagan 64 Shopper the Bell Power Friends Man Room Shopper Stories j News Good Morning America Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael Home News This Morning Live - Regis & Geraldo Price Is Right 7 Kathie Lee Business A.M. Sesame Street I Shining I Mister Instructional Programming 3-2-1 Instruc- 16 Report Weather Station Rogers Contact tional 20 Minute NBC Today Santa Barbara I Chuck Woolery One on Cover to 22 Workout News One Cover Public Benny Meadow- New I Melody I James Richard Hoy Larry Lea I Today- Kenneth Praise the 43 Report Hinn lark L. Beginning Mountain Robison Roberts Marilyn Copeland Lord G.I. Joe Merrie Ninja James Peter Pan Dennis Home Shopping Stunts (77) Robert Ferster, 45 Melodies Turtles Bond Jr. Menace Spree Joanna Cassldy Huckleberry Finn C7S) Storybook Babar Wizard of Jo Versus the Volcano (PG, '90) I Baby Boom 'PG HBO Ron Howard, Donny Most Musicals Oz Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan CI7) Glenn I Car Boars Movie II; A Now I Lovo a Bandleader ('45) I Short Film I 'Crocodile' Dundee (PG-13, 'W) TMC Millar Generation (G, ') " Phil Harris, Leslie Brooks Showcase Paul Hogan. Linda Koilowski Sex and tht Single Girl CM) Texas ('41) " William Brotherhood of Satan 'PG' 1 Illegal C55) MAX Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood Holden, Ghww Ford (71) Strother Martin Edward 6. Robinson Revenge of the Pink Panther 'PG' Dakota (PG, 'M) Lou Sleepy I Buck Privates ('41) I Iron Eagle SHO (78) ' Petor Sellers, Dyan Cannon Diamond Phillips, Horta War Hollow Bud Abbott, Lou Costello II Mouser- Rattle and Morn. Care Gummi Pooh Umbrella Dumbo's Donald Music Box Wuzzles Raccoons DIS else Roll Mickey Bears Bears Corner Tree Circus Duck Woody Woodpecker Bugs Bunny & Pals Popeye Hour Pink Panther Parade Dallas Knots Landing Shephrd I Faith Robert Tilton DuckTales I Bozo I Bewitched Magnum, P.I. Joan Rivers WGN Chapl Twenty I Love Flint- Tom & Jerry's I Dream Bewitched Little House on the Somebody Killed Her Husband (78) TBS Lucy stones Furihouse of Jeannie Prairie Farrah Fawcett-Maiors, Jeff Bridges Bodies in Up Close Sports- Sports- Sports- Sports- Basic Body- Sports- Sports- Getting Fit Body by ESN Motion Center Center Center Center Training shaping Center Center Jake Car Fat Last Voltron Cartoon Express New Mike Hammer Divorce Divorce USA Wholesale Burning Dinosaur Court Court Tall in th Saddl C44) The Falcon in I Success at Any Price C34) . Gunga Din C39) Cary Grant, AMC John Wayne, Ella Raines Mexico ('44) Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Victor McLaglen Lassie Launch Mr. Yogi Bear Inspector Danger- Lassie Maya the Eureeka's Castle Elephant Penner's NIK Box Wizard Gadget mouse Bee Show Place Paid Paid It Figures Everyday Image Workshop Growing Baby Frugal Sister Tracey Duet LIF Program Program Workout Up Knows Gourmet Kate Ullman Today- James Batman Popeye Augie Littles Waltons 700 Club Sheila Paid FAM Marilyn Robison Doggie Walsh Program 3iap A&E Classroom Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain City of Angels Fugitive A&E Maxwell Preview C82) Michael Learned - ViHin dm ii Moffett . . . rt takes a thief Matlock (8 p.m., Channels 5, 22): Matlock defends a hometown friend on murder charges. Brooklyn Bridge (8 p.m., Channels 9, 7): New time: Sylvia (Carol Kane) wants a divorce. Palace Guard 9 p.m., Channels 9, 7): Premiere: A comedy adventure series about an ex-jewel thief (D.W. Moffett) hired by a luxury hotel chain. I UTPtHWmVfl WKRP special: You asked for it, you got it: Channel 12 will pre-empt ABC's Baby Talk tonight to test the new WKRP In Cincinnati in prime-time (9:30 p.m., Channel 1 2). If enough folks tune in, could Channel 12 make the switch permanent? VCR alert: Saturday Night Live repeats a 1 975 classic (1 1 :30 p.m. Saturday, Channels 5, 22) when Candice Bergen hosted the fourth show ever broadcast. The book Saturday Night says the Bergen show marks several firsts: Chevy Chase's Weekend Update line ("I'm Chevy Chase and you're not"); Chase's bumbling Gerald Ford; the Jaws ("Candygram!"); and SNL closing with the cast on stage. Another VCR alert: A treat for Apocalypse Aowfans: Showtime repeats its Hearts Of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse documentary at 9 p.m. Friday. Then Channel 64 airs Apocalypse 1 a.m. Saturday. Stewed Williams: Stew Williams has been fired and Joe Lomas, purged 13 months ago from WKRC-AM (550 khz) along with J.B. Miller and Rich King, has been rehired as the 8-11 p.m. talk show host. "It's unfortunate for Stew, but he was part of the old regime, the (talk) experiment that failed," says Dave Mason, the former program director brought back to turn ratings around. "Joe brings a sense of warmth to the talk show that we sorely need. He's friendlier and less confrontational." Around the dial: Cincinnati's Golden Galaxy Awards telecast, pre-empted by the Clarence Thomas hearings last weekend, airs at 2:30 p.m. Sunday on Channel 12 . . . Pete Rose hosts another call-in show 4-6 p.m. today on WCKY-AM (1530 kHz)... "Baseball Goes To War" on the A&E Time Machine at 8 p.m. today. Never mind: No, another Texas gunman didn't shoot cafeteria patrons two days in a row. Channel 5 just failed to cut out Tom Brokaw's Wednesday NBC News bulletin when it aired Santa Barbara on a one-day delay at 1 p.m. Thursday. Whoops. JOHN KIESEWETTER gator. On P.S. I Luv U, we have a con who is teamed up with a cop and they both work for a private investigator. Now, with Palace Guard we have a con who is a thief and is teamed up with a former B-movie star to be security investigators for a hotel chain. Maybe they should have all been merged into one P.S. I Luv You Cons As Palace Guards. It would have been much easier and it would save space in the daily TV listings. Palace Guard stars D.W. Moffett and Marcy Walker along with Tony LoBianco. Moffett plays Tommy Logan, a wisecracking safecracker who terrorized Arturo Taft's (LoBianco) chain of ritzy hotels until the cops finally busted him and sent him away to prison for four years. You have to look quickly for the prison experience; it takes about 30 seconds. When Logan gets out, Taft hires him to protect the hotels. The reason being, no one knows how to stiff the hotels better than Logan. Just to keep him on the straight and narrow, and because this is supposed to be "a romantic mystery" series, Taft places his vice president of public relations, Christy Cooper (Walker), in charge of the new hire. Christy was the B-movie queen before finding corporate respectability. Before you can say "What kind of story is this?" Christy and Logan are jetting off to Acapulco to find out why a woman was tossed off her hotel balcony to her death. This is a romantic mystery, and adventure, series. What that means, of course, is that nothing has to make much sense in this story line, it only needs to look pretty and be exciting. Palace Guard does and is. Sure, you may laugh just a bit when Tommy takes a dive off the same balcony but at the last minute catches himself on another balcony be low. You might even roll your eyes a little when he miracu lously climbs back up just in time to save Christy's life. Yep, he does it by throwing the bad guy off the balcony. There's more action at the hotel than at Acapulco's diving cliffs. "What did he do?" Christy asks. "A two-and-a-half gainer," Tommy glibly replies. "His form was a little loose, but a 2.8 for difficulty." That Tommy is a cutup. But he is also resourceful. When he swims through the surf to come up on the backside of an important party, to which he isn't invited, he drags only a small bag with him. Inside, though, he has a tuxedo with all the accessories. And inside the pockets of that tuxedo he has a fiber optic TV camera and other safecracking gadgetry. He never leaves home without them. And wait till you see the end. Executive producer Stephen Can-nell has taken all these loose ends and tied them up in an equally disheveled package. Actually, Palace Guard does have its charm. Moffett and Walker make a good-looking couple. But I must admit, it is easy to forget. was hired to teach American literature by NKU last summer. "My wife encouraged me to do this. She had no idea that I would win." Alberti and his wife, Kristin Dietsche, a part-time English composition teacher at NKU, and their daughter will gather around the TV set in their Taylor Mill, Ky., home and watch the Los Angeles native win it all on Jeopardy! He'll be back again Monday on the show. "I didn't do well in any one particular category. I did OK on such categories as 'cartoon shows,' 'bowling' for no particular reason and USA' "I discovered that your success Days of Our Lives As the World Turns Guiding Light One Life to Live General Hospital Mr. Belvedere Muppet Babies Woody DuckTales Shining Station Sesame Another World Street Cosby News Show Oprah Winfrey News News Maury Povich Family Feud News News Beetle-iuice Ninja Turtles Perfect Strangers Hogan Family Mister Rogers Carmen Sdiego 3-2-1 Contact Sesame Street Mister Rogers Carmen Sdiego Tiny Toon Adv. Chip 'n' Dale Darkwing Duck Full House Oprah Winfrey Inside Edition News Cosby Show Growing Pains Hard Copy News Reading Rainbow Carmen Sdiego Square One TV Love Connect. People's Court News Daily Journal Another Life Today-Marilyn Praise the Lord Dark wing Duck Beetle-lulce Tiny Toon Adv. Mr. Belvedere Sally Jessy Raphael Western Tradition Western Tradition Reading Rainbow Square One TV Sanford and Son Andy Griffith Casper-Friends Merrie Melodies One Life to Live Maury Povich As the World Turns Guiding Light Mister Sesame Friday afternoon PW! News Closer Look Santa Barbara News Young and the Restless Bold, Beautiful News Loving All My Children 12 Quincy Barnaby Jones 19 Sesame Street Instructional Programming 48 Nathalie Dupree Buon-giorno Nova 54 Highway to Heaven People's Court People's Court 64 News Loving All My Children News Young and the Restless Bold, Beautiful (11:30) Instructional Programming 16 Love Stories Closer Look Days of Our Lives 22 (11:30) Local Praise the Lord Jimmy Swaggart 43 The Judge The Judgei Gilligan's Island Laverne 8, Shirley 45 (11:00) Baby Boom (PG, 17) Ghost (PG-13, fO) Moor HBO Postcards From th Edge (R, '90) TMC ' Meryl Strep, Shirley MacLame (11:00) Th Prii Fighter (PG, 79) " Conway, Don Knotts MAX Illegal (11:30) iron Eagle II 'PG' ('88) Louis Gosstt Jr. Dad Ted SHO Care Bears Lunch Box Splash, Too i'U) " Waring, Amy Yasbtck DIS (PG, Danson Street and th Dirtwater Fox 'PG' Hewn, George Segal What NKU prof is on 'Jeopardy' tonight? Rogers Another World Jenny Jones James Robison Benny Hinn 700 Club Brady Bunch DuckTales Chip 'n' Dale Tale Spin Patrick Swayie, Dmi Arachnophobia (PG-13, '90) Jeff Dan i Is, Harley Jan Kozak Tim Monsieur Hir (PG-13, '89) Michel Blanc 19) Jack Lemmon, Super Dave New Kids-Bk. Umbrella Tree Gummi Bears On It Lonely Number (72) Trtsh Van Dvr, Mont Mark ham Can Be Told Andy Griffith Honey-mooners Saved by the Bell Tom & Jerry's Funhouse Bodybuilding: Junior Nationals Sr. Shootout Inside the PGA Tour Chain Reaction Win, Lose or Draw Hollywood Squares Scrabble Th Duchess (76) " Goldi Todd Echoes of a Summer (74) Jodl Foster, Richard Harris TNT Geraldo News WGN Perry Mason Th Rar Contract for Life Dead Poets Society (PG, 19) Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard Th Incredible Mr. Limpet 'G' CM) Don Knotts Ocean's Eleven Sleepy Hollow Dakota (PG, 16) Lou Diamond Phillips, Horta War Donald Duck Rattle and Roll Kids Inc. Mickey Mouse The Lady From Shanghai ('41) Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles DuckTales Kidd Video Flint-stones Flint-stones Brady Bunch Happy Days Good Times Senior PGA Golf: Trensamerica Championship $25,000 Pyramid Press Your Luck Just the Ten of Us My Two Dads Crawford, Walter Th Last Tim I Saw Paris CM) Inspector Gadget Yogi Bear Mork 8, Mindy Hey Dude Whit Dog (-82) Paul winfield, Kristy McNIchol ALF Heroes-Wheels Mario Bros. Popeye Ellery Queen Fugitive Breed CM) James Stewart, Maurn O'Hara on the show depends on the buzzer, how quickly you ring in. "It's not how much stuff you know, but if you can buzz in quickly on every question. Then you probably have a shot at answering the question." Alberti admits that his wife's real motive was to "break me of the (Jeopardy!) habit." And she succeeded. "The funny thing is, I really don't watch the program much any more," he says. "I had always wanted to know how well I could do on the show. Now I know. It removed the BY JOHN KIESEWETTER The Cincinnati Enquirer Tired of hearing him yell at TV set during Jeopardy!, John Alberti's wife issued an ultimatum: If you think you're so good, why don't you audition for the show? So Alberti, assistant professor of English at Northern Kentucky University, took the Jeopardy! test in June, while living in Southern California. He did well enough to qualify for the contestant pool, and eventually taped an appearance in August that airs today (7:30 p.m., Channel 9). "I'd sort of made a pest of myself at home by yelling out the answers," says Alberti, 32, who Friday overnight in Mxke C44) Conway, Mona Maris TBS Bodies in Body-shaping ATP Tour Tennis Thoroughbreds ESN Motion The Judge The Judge Superior Court Superior Court USA Tall in th Saddle ('44) AMC John Wayne, Ella Raines David-Gnome Little Koala Noozles Maya the Bee NIK Image Workshop Superman ket Shop 'Til You Drop LIF Paid Program American Baby Pudd'nhead Wilson Howard, Lis Htfboldt FAM Th Falcon Tom Rain C32) Joan Huston LittK Bits Jeff's Collie Flipper Looney Tunes Moonlighting Attitudes Father Knows Father Knows French Postcards (79) " Milts Chap in, Blanch Baker CM) Ken Late Night With David Letterman Dinosaur! A&E Friday evening , ram mm mm mmmm nmnm pun rim hpi mm rmm Tonight Hard Late Night With Friday Night Videos News Headline News I Travel 5 Show Copy David Letterman Travel Arsenio Monsters Tales- Friday the 13th: The News Off the Air 9 Hall Dark side Series Nightline Daily Joan Rivers Home Shopping Spree I Off the Air 12 Journal Simon & Barney My Best Friend Is a Vampire CM) I The Frozen Dead C67) Dana " Leave It I Close-19 Simon Miller Robert Scan Leonard, Reno Auboronols Andrews, Anna Polk to Beaver Comfort Off the Air I 48 Off the Air 54 Hunter I Apocalypse Now ('79) Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando I Making of Superman I The Judgei Bullwinkle 64 v ' ii Who's the I Nightline TBA lin Concert iNews I Off the Air 2 Boss? Dark Justice Personals Night I Can Be News Dragontlayer C81) Peter I Jeffersonsl Andy 7 ' Games Told MacNicol, Cattlin Clark Griffith MacNeil- I Off the Air , 16 Lehrer Tonight Late Night With Friday Night Videos Miami Valley Used Car Classified I Used Car 22 Show David Letterman Classified (11:00) Praise the I Prison Mario I Why Maker's I Real I John I Dallas I Local Praise the Lord 43 Lord '. Ministry Murillo Wait? Match Videos Jacobs Holm Ron Reagan . , , A-Team Crossfire (75) James Farentino, Conspiracy in Teheran ('47) Derek 45 - . '' ' Ramon Blorl Farr, Marts Labarr . Crypt I Blackout CIS) Richard Virgin High (R, "TO) I Inside the NFL I Some Kind of Hero (R, 1) HBO Tales Wtdmark, Keith Carradin Linnea Qulgley, Burt Ward Richard Pryor ' (11:00) .1 Crack House (R, ') Jim I Conquer- I Uncommon Valor (R, '83) Dead Poets Society 'PG' TMC Arachnophobia Brown, Anthony Geary ing Space " Gene Hackman CM) Robin Williams , Last Call (R, 'W) ' k I Sahara Heat (R, 'M) " Neighbors (R, 1) John Private Road (R, '88) MAX William Katt, Shannon Tweed Fiona Gelln, Enio Do Caro Belushl, Dan Aykroyd Grog Evigan, MiMI Rapture ":30) Delta Force i -R' Swindle 'NR' '91) Robby Without You I'm Nothing 'R' I Lovo You, Rosa 'NR' (72) SHO CM) Chuck Norris West, Brltt Houston CM) Sandra Bernhard Michel Bat-Adam Out of Africa (PG, '5J Meryl Stroep, Robert Redford " Splash, Too C8) Todd Chips, the War Dog ('90) DS - Waring, Amy Yasbock Brandon Douglas International . I Salt and Pepper CM) Sammy Davis One More Time C70) Peter I Travels of Jamie TNT Basketball JrH Peter Lawtord Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr. McPheeters .. (11:30) I Blue Steel CM) "John Wayne, I Passport Joan Rivers I The Five of Me C81) David " WGN Koak Eleanor Hunt to Profit Blrney, Dee Wallace - (W:50) A Force of ! Meatballs Part II ('14) Pandemonium C2) Tom I Night Tracks I Hoaan's TBS OnoM'79)" . Richard Mulligan Smothers, Carol Kane Heroes America's Horse Gymnastics: I NFL Sports- I Up Close I Bodybuilding: Ms. Olympla " Hawaii ESN . Rhythmic Ch. Yearbook Center Championships Events (11:00) Swim Team Strangest Dreams: Invasion of the Space The Pom-Pom Girls (7i) Robert I Charlie Chan in USA (7) i Preachers CM) Jim Wolfe Carradtno, Jennifer Ashley Reno('39) " of I The Bride of Frankenstein I Boris Son of Frankenstein C39) Boris I Son of Kong ('33) AMC Kong ('35) Boris Karloff Karloff Karloff, Basil Rathbone Robert Armstrong, Helen Mack Work & Dobie Patty My Three Donna Fernwood I A. I Dragnet Superman Dick Van I Get Smart I Mister Ed NIK Mindy GIIHs ,T Duke Sons Reed 2-Nlght Hitchcock Dyke Garry Molly , Jazi "Paid Paid Paiij "paid Paid Paid Paiti Paid Pa5 Llr Shandllng Dodd Concepts Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program (11:30) , Little Rascals 700Club Paid PaW Paiii PtM Paid piki FAM Vldeosyncrasy Program Program Program Program Program Program Time Machine The Men Who Killed Revue Evening at the French Postcards (79) Miles A&E ' . Kennedy Improv Chapln, Blanche Baker i 1 ii.. ,i I j 1 ' 1 p -J (5:30) NBC inside Candid Matlock Reasonable Doubts News Tonight 5 News News Edition Camera Show (5:30) CBS Wheel of Jeopardy! Brooklyn I She-Raes I Palace Guard News Arsenio 9 News News Fortune Bridge Hall (5:30) "ABC Current EnT Family Step by Perfect IWKRCin 1 20-20 News Cheers 12 News News Affair Tonight Matters Step Strangers Cincinnati Who's the Kate & Married... Night America's Most UFO Report: Star Trek: The Next MASH Simon & 19 Boss? Allie With Court Wanted Sightings Generation Simon MacNeil-Lehrer Business MdLaugh- Washing- I Wall St. American Masters: Hollywood: The EastEnd- Business 48 Newshour Report lin Group ton Week Week John Hammond Golden Years ers Report Club Business MacNeil-Lehrer Comment Legislative Washing- I Wall St. Great Performances News Off the Air 54 Connect Report Newshour Ky. Weekly ton Week Week Full House Golden Studs Love Matlock No Mercy C8) Mama's Love 64 Girls Connect. Richard Ger Family Connect. News ABC Candid Cheers Family I Step by I Perfect I Baby Talk 20-20 News Golden 2 News Camera Matters Step Strangers Girls News CBS Wheel of Ent. Brooklyn She-Raes Palace Guard News Married... 7 News Fortune Tonight Bridge With MacNeil-Lehrer Business Almanac Washing- Wall St. Great Performances I Quality... Or Else McLaugh- MacNeil-16 Newshour Report ton Week Week lin Group Lehrer Night I NBC Current Family Matlock Reasonable Doubts News Tonight 22 Court News Affair Feud Show Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Behind Debra Frederick K. Price Praise the Lord Praise the Lord 43 Scenes Paget Little House on the Star Trek: The Next America's Most UFO Report: Hunter Arsenio Hall 45 Prairie Generation Wanted Sightings Dream House (11) John Jo Versus th Volcano 'PG' I Ghost (PG-13, '90) Patrick Swayie, Demi HBO Schneider, Marllu Hnner ('90) Tom Hanks Moor Dead I Short Film I Uncommon Valor (R, 13) Gen I 'Crocodile' Dundee (PG-13, '84) . I Arachnophobia 'PG- TMC Pott Showcase Hackman, Robert Stack Paul Hogan, Linda Koilowski 13' C90) (5:45) Ocean's Eleven CM) " I Th Runnin' Kind (R, 19) David I Road House (R, 19) Patrick MAX Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin Packer, Pleasant Gthman i Swayze, Kelly Lynch Rock in' in th Iron Eagle II (PG, 18) " Louis I Hearts of Darkness: A I 30-Mlnute I Stephanie I Delta SHO Rockies C4S) Oossott Jr., Mark Humphrey Filmmaker's Apocalypse Movie Hodge Fore 1 Spaced invaders (PG, '90) I Chips, th War Dog ('90) I Danger I Mister Roberts C55) Henry DIS Douglas Barr, Royal Dan Brandon Douglas Bay Fonda, Jams Cagney Gilligan's I Bugs Bunny & Pals International Basketball: McDonald's Open I International Basketball: TNT Island McDonald's Open Video Saved by II Dream ITBA Usd Cars C80) Kurt Russell, Jack I News I Night I Koiak WGN Power the Bell of Jeannie Wardn Cour' Beverly Andy Close- Sanford Th Delta Fore (14) Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin A Fore of On TBS Hillbillies Griffith Comfort and Son (79) " " Motoworld Up Close Sports- Series NFL's Greatest Gymnastics: World Championships - Horse Sports- ESN Center Spec. Moments Women's Team Finals Racing Center " Cartoon Express MacGyver Murder, She Wrote Beyond Ray Swamp Hitchhiker Swim Team (79) USA Reality Bradbury Thing James Oaughten (5:00) Th Last Th Brid of Frankenstein I Boris J Son of Frankenstein C39) Boris Son of Kong C33) AMC Tim I Saw Paris ('35) Boris Karloff Karloff Karloff, Basil Rathbon What You Get the Danger- Looney Mork & Superman Dick Van Get Smart Dragnet A. Green Mister Ed NIK Do Plctur mouse Tunes Mlndy .- Dyke Hitchcock Acres Supermar- Shop 'Til Tracey Duet LA Law Traceyiuilman Women of the Night Spenser: For Hir LIF ket You Drop Ullman 4 Backstage II ', Madeline Madeline- Pudd'nhead Wilson CM) Ken Fatly. Cowling 700 Club Maniac I Videofyn- FAM Gyp. Hat Howard, Lis Hilboldt Myjteries Mansion crasy Avengers Late Night With I Tim Machine The Men Who Killed Revue Evening at th A&E i David Letterman Kennedy lmprov

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