The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 28, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY. J I i: THE DAILY P10NE1JUTIMES, DEAD WOOD, a D- Seebick Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver :. I The Union assay Office I Fire Department Notic. , Hi. t rui ; nl tl lii - li.-,iiil tni( 1; 1 i I.'-M l-'i .ilay ' i iiii' -I, June 2 .i:it.-t- ;ii-iiiiil'--I!:i nis for i,'oing i I i ii luj'. Itli. Ii i.i very desirabl: !.!. "ii' I'.'i ii.'- ' i i i-pif .-ci .t t! in. ' t:n- lit; 'I tli. foremen a ir '-' i to ' I r-'M-nt. I'K NK KCM.AH, Chief. .'t!1!i.irke f'' -t:il)l.shtd l. Street Deadwood. No. 37 Lee For Olympic Field V. Day. l ie- of lie- l-.-jl. 50 Cents. Spring Milliner' Deputing the yv est fashions from the I' run design ltx IT l if Gold and Sliver Foi lit i,.-. i v. i -. I mpen.i 1 s - Hatbands and t aps M. H. Lyona Co. f. Amenta for tin- i i real mniincrv nificence, for corrtct mode adopt.- by thn club. All I!, en, 1"-! - and niv it .-.I -. :, Mijipn-ed in vv.-ar th'-ir i olors. in mid vve will show xnii the goods W.OOM . A Printer Greatly Surprised. ' 1 never was so much surprised my life." says Henry T. Crook, pre.-man of the Ashville (X. C.) GazeU' 'as I was with the results of usin r, MINES AND MINING. i uanineriam s ram iiaim. l con and precept. Deaduood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. I he foremost feature of Deadwooda millloery mercfcaudlslng thUweek will traded a severe case of rheumatis early last winter by getting my fe wet. I tried several things for without benefit. One day whi looking over the Gazette, I notic that I'ain Halm was positively gua worth of on- m sighi. When we consider that this involves but a small t.e an attractive arrray of "first bats" and small hau for streets and shoplng at popular prl e. teed to cure rheumatism, so I bought portion of the gold bearing territory a 25-cent bottle of it and hefore using and that it extends for out a mil two-thirds of it my rheumatism ha 1 east and west, and several in.e s north taken its flight and I have not had and souti, a liuiu can be had of ne magnilii ent returns in store foi rheumatic pain since." Pain Balm also cures sprains, deep-seated and Contracting for Ores. Si. 11. 1. yon. aK'-iii I'" I'"' Ami. -i n un Siiieliinn & Refining company, signed i iniilrint yesterday with Hie Coil land anil Clinton Consolidated Mining m. to funiiKli his coiniianv with 2mm tons of siln eoiis ores from the i nmp.iny'.s Raid Mnnninin mines Mr. I. vim i on-dui led his negotiations wi'li II W. Seemall. one of Hie offieel., ol Ihe I who has been in Hi'- Mill """ Cli.'ilon Iowa, for sev ral da the future. fp Till Saturday, June 30, I V and buy yi.ui-S1iil-s at CIkic's. Vou will r..t . ,....: i Will one e i , rue ciate ot t i i . - im orpora "i me Homestake company, it OlH'C muscular pains. It is for sale by Ki C. Phillips. TRY ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE. A powder to hi; sliak. n into the she. has paid a monthly dividend of from vr cent ( hi ALL Ivadie Mt-n's. Child rcn'x ii Qua a 1'ivnunt ant's si,,, Hill ten to fifty cents per Shan-, besnl iciiiik seveiai minion dollars in Prices for One Day Only. lour f.'et swollen. tjcrvoiH and hot, a-"l property purchases ami pel mam-ni iiiipiovenienis J lie dividends paid A SI ..- Sim.' v u wi A 2.5Q Slioc vim wi ei't tired ex-ily. If you have smarting fr. 1 or light, shoos, try Allen's Foot-Ease. I: rooks the fact anil makes walking ea.-v ("lues fao,ii. sweating feet, ingrowing fvt i;'t I m . . . LTi't tor . . $1.60 3 I mKJ -l IK.C Y(.U wii S2.O0 a s.voo sin e vou wii; by the companies under the Hum. stake management am'eate $!.",. unu " . . i - 5240 .a .v.i' ime vou wi s''t for so pn ami .lie SI.'.IHIIV i n I i -a s 1 1 1 g in n;iin. t. listers iitnl callniu spot. Relieves i oras ii ml bunions nf all pain and gives n st and comfort. Try It today. Sold I v Mr. I .yon stated yeslenia uiai in-lhoiiL,lil thai most of tl;- on- I lie shiiiei to Kansas Cil. as that is where his company would require most of it. He also lontra. ted for ore from Mi l.anKhlinV. ininiim niii.rl in the ii inity of lalena Mi- I . v. in left lleadwood vesti rdav IS NOT on OCT OF DAT I' SI,,,. dniKKl-ds and sh'ie stores for 2T. oen' It will i, i,-!,,. I ' able I )i v ideiids at I In- rate of $H per share per annum are now Jjeing paid by the Homeslake company, upon Jlll.mto shares, or a total of Trial package FRKK. Address Allen S - , , .v. , , , ' " ' I V Vl This ;tl-SIkh.- line, and Imv i nit win w.iiu .New Allocs Im- the I () RTH Mtiistid, I-e Itoy. N. Y. 111 tin .1 utu- win : Wa-. T:: i iH iu en ni.'ii tia . l mi wi saw nmnev Steam Plant Wanted. Hritish American Cold ami r .Mining company desires to for .loplin Missouri, where In- make his heailviartei s at present 1 1 - ex Th. Mi" Main St. Deadwood S. D. CHASE'S WhifJhev nects to return to the Hills koiuo Jl .UMi.diHi a year. Within Ihe mi Vear We may look to see the pi lulu, tion di iii lilt I and a consequent in 'lease in the amount of Homestake stock is selling at $72 .".u altho it is impossible to secure any nl that price. It is not lolly to probei y that wiinin Ihe next live years, should pur. base a steam hoisting apparatus with which connections i an be made Cheaji or a sawmill The boiler and engine time in July or August. He is pun has inn acnt for the American Sineltiim c-ompain and has ih cision to visit almost ecry mining district must be of ::T, or In horse nower ca i.'ieitv. l-.'nipiire of or address C A LIVERY Hronsoii superintendent (lalena S. 1. the product ion continue in increase, as there is no reason why it should not. in the same ratio as during the past live years, the output of the Hell FULLER & BROWN, PROPS. (GEDDES OLD BARN.) IT n . will etual thai of the Rand Special Summer Excursions. Via Burlington Route. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. m umuei aad Bonnes. Best Mmi and Salt te Col. ('. V. Carpenter went to Stur 'do you know That there arc from -00u lo 2000 different drugs and preparations in any well regulated pharmacy, or nost as many as the average num-. ber of w ords in use in ordinary con- ; versation iu the English language? - DO YOU KNOW That to become perfectly familiar j to know their dose, the different I compounds and many classlflca-; tions, to know which is poison, : which is harmless, which will mix; : gm. Boarding Horses l,y the Dav week or .Month S. M. llougliton arrived on the Hm a specialty. lington. Annual meeting, National Educational association. Charleston, S. C, July 7-13, 1900. Annual International Convention, TJaptlst Young People's Union, Cincinnati, O., July 12-15, 1900. Biennial Convention, National Republican League of the United States, St. Paul. Minn., July 17-19, 1900. Annual Convention, Young People's H. M. Hoiig'nlon an-vei'. ;n tne Bur lington. Custom Ore ). D. Hale of TiMord was in !, i, . 1 he Golden Belt. In any other mining distiicl in the world Ihe extensive ue elopments and linproveineni.- Ix'int? inaiisuraled upon the Belt l the nomestane company would excite widespread comment and attract the attention of everyone engaged In niiniiiK So quietly are the operations being carried on that even residents of Lead are not cognizant of their plans or Intentions and do not fully realize what a., the new undertakings will mean to me northern llnls. Altho hundreds of additional men have been at work for months upon the various things under way. the work ran bo said to have only just begun,- and it will require at least two years time and the expenditure of m..iions of lol lars to complete the enormous e o-nomical system, which, when finished will, more than double the present capacity of the Homestake and associate mines. To get a fair idea of what is being wood Tuesday. We a:v now prepared to treat cu.ti,,,, en Christian Union of the Presbyterian Un Church of North America, Denver, Col., Cyanide proce at reasonable rati?!. July 25-30, J900. Lioiden Gate Mininp- X- Millm.r r Biennial Convention, Knights of Pythias, Detroit, Mich., Aug. 27, Septem Hen Haer arrived in the evening from St. I'aul. It. H. Huglu .s was in from the CI. o-patra mine on Squaw . re I,. I. F. Hihliaril c ime to Kiadvicd on the Burlington. Son Moo Kay. a 1 ad wood Chinaman, left here last niglit for oMng Kong. China. M. II. l.yon depart for Jnpliii. M;s-souii. after spending several tie. s n the niack Hills. ber 1st, 1900. First Ward, Deadwood S. 0. to know when two or more harm-z-less drugs when combined will produce a violent Poison ;To know which medicine will antagonize the effect of another; to know i :sou ana xnanr. nonuieaa n oiaer j : all the antidotes for all the pol- other things wh'ch are required to I he known in the drug business? The above is a partial Pst of some of the most important excursions to 5 ss&sSS be run by the popular Burlington ??A.Si.vaMMav route during the coming summer. For dates of sale, time limit, tickets, etc call at ticket office. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent. J. I.. BENTLEY, Passenger Agent GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER CO, IIEESOWGEAIJT DEL CO; DO YOU KNOW Tliat it requires years of experience :to learn and that those years of " experience we have had is for j Your Benefit Opera House One Week Commencing Tuesday, June 2 ... THE done it will be necessary to taKe things Among the most important can he mentioned the new water system which wiii cost a million dollars, and will not only supply the town of Lead witli water for both domestic and sewage purposes, but will also supply water for iue present mills, which for years have had an inadequate supply, and :: additional stamps. It is estimated the capacity of the present mills will lie increased fully 25 per cent, as during a great part of the year, stamps are hung up for want of water. The old Desmet and Caledonia mills are being repaired and it Is rumored upon good authority that a new -...-stamp nii.i soon be erected In This will give a to- ai of SKO additional stamps. Perhaps second in importance is the cyanide plant designed to save from 40 to 60 cents a ton from the tailings 1 winch are now running to waste down the creek. When we consider the capacity of this ,the largest cyanide paint in the world 1200 tons a day it can readily be seen the saving effected ylll be an important item, inasmuch as It will amount to t 80.00 a year. C. W. hawson ot Memphis. Missouri, arrived from Rapid City, and is visiting an old fr:.-: d. V. C,. ilii i . Dr. H. H. Mnggley and wife were in (lalena. and met A. .1. (iuise. of Chicago, who is going to spend a short time iin the Hill Miss Thomas of Spearfish. who lias been attending me teachers' institute at Rapid City, passed thru the city en route home. Miss Kdna Wayne arrived on the Buriington from Chicago, where she has been taking a course in the Chicago Kindergarten. Mrs. O .ve Richards came in from the ranch, near K.mpive. yesct lay and will attend the field day festivities at Sturgiu today. Mrs. Porter Warner and Miss Fannie, accompanied by Miss Laura Eber-sole. went to Sturgis. and will remain until after the field day sports. Mrs. H. O. Hamnkdr. accompanied by her son and daughter, arrived from Custer. They will a--mpan Mr. Hamaker to Stiirjds today to attend L.idgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists J 0, F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. i ; Why, then, take- chances, w hen it I will cost you no more to get your : medicines pure, fresh and properly: i filled at the I Palace Pharmacy ! The. In a Series of HIGH CLA!5 PRODUCTIONS. Special Scenery and Effects. Monday night will be presented the thrilling war melodrama, "AFTER TWENTY YEARS." The Battle , tysburg and the ..-Line... . Moonlight. A great line of specialties between acts. Prices i'j and 50 cents. Reserved seats on sale at Fishel's Bazaar. f. L Faust PI G.I : Proprietor. " The cyanide plant will be in charge field day. F. M. Marsh, chief engineer, and W of Mr. Allan J. Clark, at present act FAMILY' LIQUOR STORE Fine old California Wines mwIi Sherry, Angelica, Port, Muscatel. At $1.50 Per Gallon or 50c a quat : ing as assayer for the Homestake M. Spencer, superintendent of bridges company. Mr. Clark Is a young man and construction for the Elkhorn were In the city. The former remain of great promise and has at an early Thirty-six Steers for Sale. age mastered his profession. ed, but Mr. Spencer went down the A substantial and beautiful piece of road In the evening. Twenty-four of which are one year old six two years old and six three years machinery is the new Ellison hoist BURLINGTON. ROUTE. This plant can easily raise 3000 tons of ore a day and is equipped to hoist old. Any person wishing to buy good well-bred stock will do well to call and se them at John .T. Wright's pasture Finn oli Pore HMir anfl Branfly te Case Beer Delivered to the House Frcr 635 Main Street Deadwood. from a depth of 2500 feet. Is connected witn the mills by a steel tramway. Tne compieuon of the Ellison The Democratic National Connvention Only a few weeks until the big con CJava and Mocha four miles northwest from Custer City and one half mile from Berne Siding on the Burlington Road. shaft will permit the company to vention at Kansas City. Time you decided your route. Time you found out Coffee Aetna Jowjpr Co, Dynamite and Black Powder, Dissolution Notice. The copartnership heretofore exist To Celebrate the.. Glorious Four'Ji ing aa Bischoft & Lesperance has been disolved by mutual consent, Ed. Bisch- for yourself how quickly and comfortably you can reach Kansas City if you take the Burlington's 2:30 p. m. train with the only thru car Dead-wood to Kansas City. CIobo connections and only one night en route via this popular route. RATE. One fare for the round trip, .tickets on sale July 2nd and 3rd. For rates, bertha of any farther information call on any ticket agent of the B. M. work the rich and extensive ore bodies lying to the south and west which bate heretofore remained untouched. A very few are aware of the immense amount of mining ground secured within the last two years by the - Homestake company, gorund which will never be womeu out during the lifetime of any one now living.. In fact. It Is utterly Impossible to even approximately estimate the future production ot the BeL Two year ago, the superintendent in his annual report . estimated 175,000,000 The Finest Produced. PGR SALE BY tip" off retiring, Moise Lesperance will continue the buslness.and be responsible Buy your bunting, &c. Fuse ni Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Battery SiDfc. for the llabllitler of the late firm and collect amounts due said firm. MAX FISHEL'S Xext to Zipp SIkk Co. store. j. HATTENBACH k BRO. ED. BISCHOFF. MOISE LESPERANCE W. ADAMS COMPANY 2L 1L " ,4. .. iji

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