The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 30, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 30, 1900
Page 8
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. V SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 190. ffHE DILli PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD 8. D. YESTERDAY' 8PERS0NAL". HE CITY A full line of rt draperies at La We Pledge Ourrelves ingFavor of tiiesVBaaar., Min-ne-kah-ta water forkldney trou Men. Try it Try a Two Orphan cigar. tf Min-ne-kah-ta water for the stomach rry it The king of 6 cent cigarsvis the Twe Orphans. Try one. . tf 10-cent smoke for a nlckle is the Two Orphan cigar, tf Latest things In Curtain Swiss, 15c to 35c, t Ladies' Bazaar. U your dealer does not keep the Two Orphan, tell him to get them of B. Stew art & Co. tf AJ1 tho fruits and vegetables of the Bryan Rossiter started for Chicagor Zach Taylor returned last night from Omaha. J. D. Hardin left for Chicago on mining business. Captain W. W. Marish of the H illock arrived from Omaha. Dr. B. F. Bettleheim. surgeon for the B. & M. company, left for Alliance. J. M. Hrelsford of Hot Springs spent the day in Deadwood and Lead. C. H. Harris and Sheridan Mclintt- ..f I Si w't . .11 IllT'U fl'illtl . . -. .....I . . .h J.;" .Opera house Monday ight"A. Rag Time Party." , laisstiitcineuts Cuba s Choice" is famous for its THE FOUR-BUTTON elegant flavor 5c. Ask your dealer. .WITH Douauf. M "reliant SACrTSUIT for Everyone with tin wbo docs most for hi Protection Free Trade Prohibition rEST ajrvia nev renresi ntei i.aiena in tti" cn season at the lo vest prices. Standard Cash Grocery. is ' H-toiner ll' .l Villus UMlitir ol interior ( Carnations. Winter bloomers, very esterday. Col. Tbornby went down to Lot Springs to bring bis wife and lid I" girl up t see Rnosevdt. fine, for sale at the IJeadwoou Oreen- ojiiir'ssi c am I 'I i.-es FARGO hasjust received a plete line of the Regent shoes. tf TO PLAY A PIANO and play it mop erly, i's certainly, a great accomplishment. Miss Harvey, whom; studio is at No.305 Adams block, can properly teach you. if Mrs. Hews, who has been on a livo weeks' tour of the east visiting Iht parents in Viola. Wis.. friendi in Chi cago and the Ak-Sar -ben nt Omaha, returned last evening, li.nin-; ir hou.e. A. Daniels. I !. X. Han-aui of Minn, aiiol;- -the of the l'co : S.pia w ci-.-'- mining; man. til r: in i I.UKliMI ; l.X lci;l- Refltictiflu For next Saturday's Special Sale. iv Chase's ad cm page four of this ssuc. S To prevent i unsumpticn (piii Kiy, ure throat and lun,; troubles with 3 I Buy ki You Vote Dno Minute Cough Cure. Kirk (,. Phil- lips a pleasant vacation. A letter re.-.eivi il by .lim Dowil :"in his mother at Hastings anno m c that his father T. .1. IKivmI who n-nl down sOllie weeks auo to nc iin i at :. F. D. Siimh can save you nione.. on lumber. All he asks is a chance f fl""te with :-cu. 1 Is miu-h Improved in health, and it cn and Boys Clottiini hoped that he w ill In- himself a,-ain in ' the city. .1. li. f.. rr.ii 'I of Chicauo p ' 1 1 1 n --.1 ' from Cu.-t. r whei.- he has sum" iii:ii- i ng hit ci . -r s. John Smith, a prmti'tient --Mo. k n::in from Ifabbit . reck, was in the city buying supplies. Judge (I. C Moody and wife re turneil from a trip of several weeks to Chicago and New York. Miss Helen Iletinett went down to St. Onge to attend the Woodmen's dance there last night. Miss I.ucile Adams left last nigh! for Kenosha, Wis., to resume her stud ies in the seminary at that place. Mrs. Milan lliilin. two daughters and nephew went to Wli ' t e won.1 to Go to Vienna Bakery and Cafe for Ice cream. Served ever day. 675 Main street. tf SPIDER-LEO UNCOLORED JAPAN TEA, WITHOUT ANY WAR TAX ON IT AT STANDARD CASH GROCERY 48 SHERMAN STREET. a few days. A. D. (iarrison, well known in the newspaper field of Lead and Di-ad-wood, and now editor of the Advertiser at Hernuin. Neb., was married at that place Sunday evening to Miss Claire Kay Kitch. His many friends congratulate. ' Mr. and Mrs. tleorge W. Hisdon of Lincoln, who have been visiting with Miss Rtta Riekel for a few days, left over the Burlington yesterday morning. Mrs. Hisdon returns to her homo, while Mr. Risdon will contin Gloves, 5ocks Stockings, Another special sale at Chases' Saturday read about it on page 4 cf this issue. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are visit Mrs. 1 1 it 1 i ii ml a? FOP TEK BIG AND LITTLE FOLKS. Miss Fluv 1 , 1 1 1 1 prompt, palatable, pleasant, powerful, purifying little pills. Kirk 0. Phillips. mother. Mrs. Kose. ick . who ha-- ' .eel) Chicago for -ever i i ed home . ei T.'es CANIM DA'I'KS fnnmir t ;i 1 1 1 1 . i " e -J e visiting friends i. a! months, is .; .lay. Mrs. .loi.ii '!'-.! Chicago and Ma.h: went with her sen The sweetest smoke on tne market for a cenis is the Two Orphan cigar. tf F. D. Smith handles Dothlng but th nil . IS.. bo . III. tipsi grade Binuning ceai. there. i. ( 1 1 I 1 1 : .! ! THE riONEER-CLGTHIFHS; CF 1870, t MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD, S. D 647 the purchase of tin stock. Fe . tlie Hills V..r . e. i a i .lay s loo'.iilo; ai I. r his minium mle: ,-si.-, here, lelt i ;i -: 1 1 T tit. for Kai.i.l City and hi- none in 'e! iriillioii. lion. .1. ,S. Creeii. .lack Callaher and Charles Metzel returned ye.ter-day from lielle I'ollia he. where Mr. Ciieen lectured on "Woodcraft.'' to at tend a special meeting of Deadwood Camp No. I 1 Si; last nirfht. J Mrs. Flanders and daughter Alma returned from Chicago, where thcy went a few weeks ago. .Miss ..lnia exiiccted to enter Waterman hall and resume Iht studies, but has been i:l during her entire absence and cam. home to recuperate. hundred boys' t tuts were purchase! that will sell for fn.m $1 "n to $).' THE PANORAMA OF THE BLACK HILLS Never Mm In Black Hills History Any one of the--e vm, w n i a k . i la cedent -Nil d v ell mad. bl.Kl rea- a"d ue his journey ooastward. (takini; the Burlington main line at Kdgeniont. All reports coming fiom the various Methodist churches in the Hills indicates that the work of the varion.. churches is starting in in good shape. All the new pastors are doing especially well. All of the charges except. Ifelle Fnurche are now supplied With pastors, making twenty two ministers now nt work. Bishop Walden has appointed Rev. J. W. Robinson I). I), of Central City, Neb., to be pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church at Hot Springs. The doctor will begin his work there today. He was five years ago pastor at Rapid City for a few months. Dr. Robinson is a very able minister and polished gentleman. S. A. Wheeler and wife of Minne- sela. who left the Hills about the 9th of April for a visit in the east, returned yesterday, and on their way to their home in tne valley made this Office a plesant call. While away Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler visited Mr. Wheeler's old home and birthplace in New York state, attended the National Encampment at Chicago, visited friends in Iowa, and in Sioux Falls, and report a pleasant journey withal. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Congregational church will serve dinner from 5 o'clock p m. on Roosevelt day in the DelmonlcQ restaurant in the basement of the postofflce. An elegant dinner is planned and let every one take their supper with the ladies. Roast beef, frlccassed chicken palad, pumpkin pie, etc., will be served; 35c will bo charged. tear of the playgroun )U. tin- -I pr -.tnc.'.l Call telephone 97 for uniformed mes-onger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. If you want a sweet, fragrant smoke, try a Two Orphan cigar 5 tents. tf Talk of the town -Stories and incidents of life-saving by taking Rocky Mountain Tea, made by the Madison Medicine Co. 3"c. Ask your druggist. F. M. Gantz. D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of aL kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years o" experience. Rosenthal Blcck. W." L. Nell, D. D. 3., resident dentist, has move-l his office to Room 19, Syndicate Block. Saturday, September is the date of the next special sale at Chase's. See ad on pape 4. When you want to go lo Central lake Tuller's hack. Stand In front of No. Lee street. Fare 20c. Poisonous toadstools resembling in us brooms have caused frequent deaths this year. Be sure to use only the genuine. Observe che same care when you ask lor DeVitt's Witch Hazel Salve. There are poisonous counterfeits. DeWitt's is -the only original Witch Hazel Salve. It is a safe andn certain cure for piles and all r.kin diseases. Kirk O. Phillips, To Keep The t Grand Tho It Is. Is Nothing to Compare ..With the Vast Clothing Ennjoritaii of W. E. Lowe. t , I ' 3 ) 6 Ladies Warn Cft i.r lieilo MISS 1IAK KV'S fall term ol' mii.-b-on piano will commence October 1 d. Studio: "o-- Adams block. tf lien Cook and family are irmiii:; to (Jn. ville to be near.-r M;'. Cook's v.,uk in the Cook (libbs cyanide plant. The m;ic!; Hills Federation of Women's clubs Will. Illeet ill DI).te,VO:"l on October 11'. .The proKi'iini and plate of meeting will be published later. Now A Word. If You Pica: About the New Fall Stock. LUNCH COUNTER. IN D HEALY'S PLACE. 15 Lee Street. Ik AT and Llkan. always an ie'.V ' while I fall and w int. r j I i 1 1 s yi ,i r i -. not aa I I 'l,'". We pun h; I Wraps. Capes, ( ;..; I cnfl wli i lo till".- are e ; h '.d. rp I come cheap, for v. , They are not. made ; I sweat" shops, !iut ;i j skilled men tailors ! stand their hiisine-j ing from the finish !! I in their line. 'I ie . j the best, trade or (!; ' lady looking over tic i present a house and j residence port ion of Never before in het. of Lowe's ("anions r)eartnr,i!L Store has the mot' of that institution covered sii h a mammoth stock of i lotliiiii? and dry Minds 4s it does nt the present time. Kverything pertaining to The new fall stock js in, or a part hue h. such as Lobsters'. I ) t- , thereof. - It aiM-iVeiT iVnly a day or two .is. Salmon. I la ked lleaiis. lam), but last night the force at work Pickles. Cheese, (bead and j on it finished marking and placing the. Ilntter. Tea and I goods and today the sale commences EXCELLENT COFFEE. ' in dead earnest. H. F. LANDER. I. J. MTERtHHEIMER -& BRO, rtI C 14- I if she will prove to n- At a meetins of the school boar.) last nUbt. .lake Goldberg, was appointed as meniber from the Third ward in place of V. M. Barker, wbo has esimieil and moved away. Thirty ladies in blackface at the Oi era house tomorrow night. New soups cake walk-s. pretty marches, stump sp echea, new jokes, ete. Tickets, "iUc. For the benefit of the Children's Home. The committee on Roosevelt day request that the merchants keep their stores lighted on Wednesday night until after the speaking and parade and also that they decorate as much as possible. F. C. Smith, ..Angus McKay. V. W . Hradshaw and K. I . Osgood went, to Hot Springs yesterday to spend Sun day. Tfley will spend a large part of the time playing golf. In which same Mr. Smith holds the championship for Hot Springs this season. Beautiful Silkoiines for Comfort- iTlCllo OLIIL ! hnd one to suit lu r. OUR MOTTO ers at Ladies" Bazaar. j Hecause we boimht t; New Hambergcr Saner Kraut at I in this department anytbinr; in th,- j we always ?ive our cii-i GOLDBERG'S. ! way of a suit at any price, .an be ' ' Tit trf our large lot . STEY F1ANO, ootii stylish aud found. Suits from ?;!.;.". to $20.00, bargains. It won't cn-t . , . if .i. ..,! f, V ".il -'fl AA I t:llfp !l s;t!-nlt ttirn (lie El i 1 departments of ! that is all we a gfiods over. 'onrs for i W. 3ullck Hole! l"'H'"s. tho. only last until a part or the i present stock is closed out to make i The longer yo" smoke them the j loom for balance that will he on I better you lika tliem. Vre mean the i jn a couple of weeks. SuT WHILE. ;Two Orphan cigars. tf JtheY G0k THEY GO CHEAP. ill-l! Reliable Goods r At TlurJeiyLovesl Prices, We want to make the coming Season the greatest Season in our , history, and we mognire-ttraccompHsh thla we must give more the dollar than any of our competitors and are prepared to ao eo. ' : We lnrite the public In gener, al to Inspect our a HORNBERCER'S CREAM OF The new management of the Bui- . LO lock hotel will take charge tomorrow i WHEAT FLOUR IS WITHOUT A Boys Suits The boys have not been fWgotten morning before - weakfast. Patsy Carr and W. A. Ickes are the nw a well managers and Zach Taylor, in Bring your pockeitoo-, x'-v'SF.-vX'-V'.Nr'.v " PEER TRY IT. STANDARD CASH , GROCERY 4Ji SHERMAN STHKET. Your best friend can give you no better advice than this: "For impure j blood, humors, scrofula, salt rheum, t dyspepsia, weak nerves, tired feeling, j rheumatism, malaria, catarrh, take I known and experienced hotel man will be chief ck rk. The new piano rerently purchased for the' public school by. Prof. Hedge. The . j TThe cnifetcal" directorr way received and put in place last night. It Is an ! Bu?h & Oerts Carry IN ALL THE DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS. ' We are showing all the late Novelties In HoodV -Sarsapimfla and be cr4," Constipation is cured by Hood's Pills. 25c. ..- SOMETHING UNUSUAL. A clear Havana cigar for 5 cent's. Paxton & Gallagher & Co.' s LITTLE EIFEL. Ask your dealer for a "Cuba's Choice," the only 5c c',gar that equals al0-c enter. tf , It is a doctor's Business to study health. coi'-.'cntl iecom-mend HARPER Whiskey. ?i.i;!'by Crr & Berry, Deadwood, S. D vpright grand, lialdwin piano, cost-ini? between $400 and $500 and wIJl be paid fox by the pupils in the public schools, who will give enter tainments for that purpose. ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITTAIN1CA Calf pound, .new, revised edition, with American additions for sale -. at. & Dargain. Apply to Pioneer t Times,' or call Black Hills phone 190. The firm of Luben ft Co. of the First The Lamest Black: and Colored Dress H Fall Ladies, Misses and Childrens Cloaks for vv : . : - . and Winter. ; ; . ;-.". :-; IN THE VERY NEWEST STYLES. ' The progressive 'nations of the world Assortment of unitoar Of A Large liiiP Supplies - - Best op earth io Tone, Touch and Durability. ward has been changed, John Hodg-klns who has been keeping books' for them for the past sixteen months has taken an interste in . the business and from now on will be recognised as one of the firm, which Is composed of Henry Luben, John! WesfpheWn and John HodgHn; John Hodgkin, manager. fThelr add will appear In these columns next week' "r. . R. F, Bacon, Black Hilla repreaent-atlve of McCord. Brady & Co., Omaha, is not' going to leave the Hills. His contract with the house does not expire until Jan. 1 and there is bo reason to believe that it..wlU not be renewed as the business "has been ' For Ladles and Children In all the different gradea at prices tnat -will salt ?ou. r-- - - -. '; v . ;1 ' ;;' ; ''".'. ' We would call special attention to our new and large assortment of Silk and - Mercerised Under Skirts. sre the great Joed consuming nations. Good food well digested gives strength If 'you cannot digest all yon eat, you need Kodol . Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what yon eat Y6u need not 'diet yourself. It will even digest all classes oC food a bottle. No ether preparation will do tola. It Instantly relieves and quickly cures all stomal h troubles. -Kirk Q. Phillips. Smoke ''Cuba's Choice" be best union-made 6c cigar on.iaemarket THE AROMA OF OUR 25c MOCHA AND JAVA COFFB IS a UNSTJR-PASSED TRY IT. . . STANDARD CASH GROCERT 48 S HERMAN "ST. rX a.. AN INSPECTION IS ALL WE ASK. Carried in the West Our stock is complete and without a i ,'s Bazaar, KM! 1 1 Wl CTwjpiafaoJor-Jny famlli Tery satisfactory. x- Mrs. Bacon and the childrenare-pxenaring to rq to Wisconsin for the winter. Mr, Bacon wllf retain his present office and can be, 'reached by phone as nsnaL' "'.-. C Uf is the only regular dealer tt Dead MalnStreet; No. 39. by Bullock HoteL -". I

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