The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 20, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY-PIONEEB-TIMES, THURSDAY HORNING, JULY 20, 1899. of. That is, that tbe question raised before Judge Moore Is the demurrer to tbe WATCHES,u THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 187. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES. "A Fair Outside Is T a Poor Substitute For Inward Worth." Good health, imvardly, of the volunteers would soon be discharged undoubtedly bad much to do with his continuance of the conflict to this time. Agulnaldo thought that these men could not be replaced, and this gave him encouragement to keep up his fight. The additions to Otis' force, which will be made by the shipment of troops now In the United States and in Cuba to the Philippines and the enlistment of new men ;for - Pine.., Indictments In the Meade county liquor cases, had been squarely raised three times previously before other circuit Judges of the state, and in each oav t!i demurrer was knocked out, the Jmlte holding that tbe old liquor law was still In effect, not having been abrogate'! t the adoption of the dispensary amendment to the constitution, owing to the fail ure of the legislature to provide facilities ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY IS, 1897. the kidneys. Over and bowels, Solid Gold Jewcln is sure to come if Hood's saparilla is promptly usei the same destination, will show him Writ when the campaigning season re-opens This secures a fair outside, and a for putting the amendment in force Th- consequent vigor in the frame, with the HOKEER-TIME3 PUBLISHING CO TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: AIL Y Et try Morning, Exoept Monday On Year 110.00 SU Month 00 Or MonU LOO WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. Oh Yir t.M SU Hentb LOO glow of health on the cheek, good appetite, perfect digestion, pure blood. Catarrh " I have had no return of th catarrh which troubled me for years, since Black Hills Gold ! Sterling Silver fc. At Special Prices for Next 20 ft Bhort work will be made of the rebellion if it lasts that long. If Agulnaldo has any of the sense which his American admirers creiit him with he will make the best terms lie can with Otis In the next two or thrre months, anil escape the crushing defeat which will be Hure to overta-ke him if he tempts fute by holding out any question was raised before Judge Smit! at Armour, before Judge Jones at Sim: Falls, and before Judge Smith at Wm ii socket, and all three judges were of ib same opinion In the matter. J Moore of the Eighth Judicial clrcui'. b therefore the first circuit court Jtulge o the state who has held against the v.iiid- Hood's Sarsaparilla cured me." Mas. Jo Martin, Washington St., ( (;cleii9biirg, .1. Y. Dyspepsia Complicated with liver and kidney trouble, 1 sultereil for year t th longer. with dyspepsia, with severe pains. Hood a stored as Seeond-Claa Matter Dead wood Postofllce. fiarsaparllla made me strong and hearty." at The ( hlrago drainage canal is a large J. B. Kmekton, Main street, Auburn, Me. fjuestion in several ways. As a sanitary A. F. SNYD problem It is one of the most Importau the wor.ld has ever known. What wll lty of the license law. and he I "!" against three. Attorney Genneral 1 I -had heard, the opinions of some of im ablest lawyers in the eastern part of 'In staet on the question, and they almost Invariably held thm Judge Sffillli. Ju le Jones and Judge McGee were correct in their decisions. The saloon keeiers of REPUBLICAN TICKET. Supreme Court Judges. DIGHTON CORSON. ' " H. a. FULLER.". DICK HANEY. be the effect of the sewage .of the second Main Street. city In tho country when turned into the VMut.Msaawr Hood's Ptlli cure liver 111. ; the mm irritating and ftfrlj Cathartic to take with Hm,,,i SarsayevrUlfr Illinois river and the Mississippi? An im mense and populous region is vitality In Lawrence and Meade-counties are the mil terested in this matter. It is not a sub ones in the state that are' standing upon LAWRENCE COUNTY'S QUANDARY. The present board of commissioners of Ject that can be concealed or prevented J Judge Moore' s opinion. Saloon men IF YOU LOVE YOlit from reaching at last a rightful settlement Lftwrence county Is contending with all the other counties are paying the state question that nous of its- predecessors tua and county licenses withoutv.a murmur The Chicago river is by no means a email bedy of water and those acquainted with TOVEB,,, ever had ts face. The old ten per oent mm and are anxious to avlod a conflict ith Its characteristics know that it Is thor bonds matured July 1 ad the commis the authorities. loners intend to take them up by issuing Mr. Pyle says the election of the entire oughly polluted. It Is to be drained away in a new direction thru artificial channels rtfunding warrants to the amount of 1140 republican ticket for the supreme bench "-00. Bids were advertised for several this fall Is assured. Judges Corson. Ful and poured Into rivers heretofore untainted. Tbe people along the banks of these months ago, and the commissioners re ler and Haney are going to get the solid A Big Cut on Cook Stoves SMOKE ONLY ceived several proposals, all of them off support of the republicans, and are even streams must study the situation and take suitable action. Health and life Itself are Involved. AH the fact will be Investi ring premiumi. Even the local banking FRAGRANT drawing a strong support from some of the leaders of the fusion force. Bousk, of Milbank, one of the stalwarts on tbe fus gated and the resulting measure are to be regarded as absolutely necessary. ion side, has announced himself in their 2 0 It will be noticed that the Kentucky re favor. Mr. Pyle thought the fusion judi Why Buy a Second St institutions, or one of them at least, offered good premium on the entire Issue. Th new bonds were to bear Interest at the rat of five per cent, and were to be drawn for twenty years, unless taken up ooner, at the option of the county. The lame was awarded to well known Bnan-clal Institution of the east, at 8 premium :ove publicans In their platform do not make j cial convention would result In the nomination of Julian Bennett, of Watertown. themselves agreeable to trusts. When when You Can Get a New repuDiicans wrue a platform they mean Kennedy, of Canton, iwd possibly Edmoni! Smith, of Rapid City. what they aay, and herein differ from de of about three per cent, and It was thought mocrats. !0t CIGAR !CK the matter was closed. Some of the other ERA OF THE PLAIN GIRL. one for the same money. COME AND SEE US. Institutions bidding had accompanied their A.DAVIS'SCNS a CO. MAKERS "This Is the era of the plain girl in French and BrttlBh warships are off the coast of Newfoundland to look after the ancient treaty rights. British America can beat the world In preventnlng the JOHN C.WOODWARD & CO, settlement of old and Irritating questions WHOLESALE DI5TR1RIJTFD? & ffardman Hardware Et, Aires COUNCIL BLVFFS.IOWAr The Oregon regiment. Just home from the Philippines, will be greeted every where on the Pacific coast with the grent est enthusiasm, and It would find the same Hot Springs welcome In the east. Sam Cook remarks that democrats have a right to think. They ought not think LIVERY STABLE F. B. SMITH, Manager In such a way as to prolong Aguinaldo's expenditure of cartridges on the soldiers of the United States. Good -Rigs and Saddle Horses There Is even more of a boom in cop Shoes With a Reputation per than Id gold. Last year's production of copper in the United States was 526,- at Reasonable Hates. TELBPHON"E 1STO. 55 Bam on River avsau 875,591 pounds snd the annual Increase Is 10 per cent. HOT SPRINGS SOUTH DAKTOA Now that Agulnaldo has plainly an business," asserts a writer in the Ne York Sua, "and the girl whose beauty is so Insistent that none may deny it has to step aside for her sisters who are less bountifully endowed with charms of face and figure. You will find that is the rase In every important department store in New York, not to mention scores of retail estbllshments of less magnitude. Not that there Is ay aversion to a modicum of beauty in the saleswoman: rather, that Is often to be desired, but pronounced loveliness is entirely too attractive both to its possessor and contemplator to facilitate the interests of employers. Go Into any large retail store in the shopping districts and you will see scores of saleswomen who are downright plain, aitho not positively ugly, and an equal number of girls who might be set down as pretty without stretching the truth; but you will seldom find ooe whose charm of fa;e or grace of form Is so near perfection as to hold you spellbound. Once there was a great establishment set up Id the heart of tbe shopping section, whose Saleswomen were all conspicuous for their specialty of feminine loveliness behind Its counters and largely advertised the What was tbe result? Why the tor waa crowded from 'morning to night with person who cam In to take In th beauty show, but rarely remained to purchase merchandise. Dude and masher were always hanging around, and, lost la the admiration of their own charms, ths beautiful saleswoman had little time to' devote to their real mission In th tors, which eventually went up th commercial flue with a rush. "No, a really beautiful girl will not do tor the big metropolitan atore. Her advent behind the counter I only an Invitation for customers to stop and (tare, tot women to become envious, and conse I Our Boys Seal Skin Seamless nounced that he demands the sovereignty of the Philippine his friends in America must acknowledge that they favor this SHOES! concession. Maude Warner lacPletrUie Will reoerr PUPILS la Vocal and Instrumental Monde t bar Naktasoa. bids with the offer to put up guarantee, If required, but the commissioners did sot exact that much of the successful bidder. When the time arrived for the li-u of the bonds to be made the com-' ttlssloners were Informed that the Institution to which the award had be-en made would not carry out Its agreement, for the reason, plainly stated, that the Investment was not considered secure. In turn each of the other institutions that had entered bids on the Issue waa appeal-ad to by the commissioners, and each la turn gave the same response. Therefore the old Issue of ten per cent bonds ts past 4ue, and the county has no money with which to take them up. A private letter was received In the city short time ago from one of the well known Investment companies of the east, In which the cause of this sudden reverse ' of sentiment towards Lawrence county's securities was explained. It waa a lengthy communication, but. In a few words. It was because It had been brought to the notice of these Institutions that Lawrence county had previously repudiated an Issue of Its bonds had officially re used to acknowledge them,, after they had been floated in the regular form, and the question waa asked, what waa there to Insure money lenders ' that the proposed new . Issue would Hot meet the same fate? Th county commissioners have not despaired, ; however, but are now sdvertli- . lag) for new bids, which are to be offered August 10.- Instead of calling for 8140.-O00, as in the previous call for proposals, they are asking for bids on 8111.000, which are to be made twenty years straight, la-stead of being optional. . The county has, in addition to meeting , this'compllcation respectlnng the proposed new bond issue, suffered the suspension of One of the chief sources of revenue, and that la, from the sale of liquor, thru the recent decision by Judge Moore. The saloon of the county have yielded In licenses a revenue of from 820,001) to $25,004 yearly. Jt is believed, however, that this source of revenue has been only tempor art ly checked, as Attorney General Pyle! I now In the Black Hills, was la Dead-wood Tuesday, and will - be here ; again 9 Are noted lor their wearing qualities A cavalry brigade will be organled tor the .next, campaign In Lusou. Thli, with a full supply of light machine gun, may be depended on fori rapid and effective No, 20 DenVer Are. DMuiwoad, a a excellent for school wear. work. ' Tls MM instant L. C. VERPLAST. Formerly the Chicago 3NTo. OO Qlxexixxciri St. j , Diver will make an attempt to raise the Alabama, sunk off the coast of France by the Kearasxge. In recent experiments men were abl to work at a depth of 170 Best Meals in the City MM. ""I Open Dat and Night. feet, ' S ; ' i . , . i ' ' -t. 't 1 ATTORNEY GENERAL PYLE. 3BBY Turkish Powder! Hon. John F. Pyle, of Huron, attorney general for South Dakota, was In the city Known in Arable a "THE DELIGHT OB Tuesday. . He and his family are spending HAREM." A scientific discovery; pre FULLER BROS & MeCUMSE (GEUDES OLD BARN.) I kek 1 itJ scrlption obtained from th Sultan's own a few say at Hot Springs, and he same up to Dead wood on business, remaining In the city only during the Interval between the physician. Th secret of the Intense sex quently prejudiced against the establish New Carnairfix anil Mt'm M nrimnnr iilMISH, arrival and departure of the Elkhora passenger train, and announcing as he wss w viuuiiy tx u an of th eastern race. Prevents premature organsm an) prolongs ths pleasures of llfs. It I not Boarding Horses by the day week or month a Specialty, about to leave tha he would visit Dead' a drug taken Internally but U applyed externally, with an affect truly remarkable. ment which retains her; for fellow clerks ts become Jealous of her superior attraction, and for foppish male shoppers to flirt with her. . "Another reason for this opposition,,, to ths very beautiful saleswoman I that she la rarely clever at making- tales, being wood again before he left the Black Hill. The chief object of his visit waa to In. vestlgat the situation . In Lawrence and Meade counties relative to the liquor question, anl the effect of Judge Moore's re , POEMBNONLY MMSsa ifv;wj aarmiesa; cor " ores seotual weakness. Ones too much absorbed la her personal affairs. cent decision. . He was la consultation while here with Robert (J. Hayes, stairs whereas th plain girl, who mast rely n tnso you will not be without them. Sampl nt prepaid Kc ( for t00; U within a few days, the purpose of his vUlt being to look Into the situation' carefully, and to consult with Robert ' C. Are You Prepared? attorney for Lawrence county; J. F.- Me tor p.os, ; - TURKISH POWDER CO, Clung, state attorney for Meads count, her mental abilities to win the battle ot life, cultivates her persusslvs faculties snd becomes an expert la the manipulation of a convincing tongue. To be a good Hayes, state attorney ' for' Lawrence county, and John F. McClungvtates attorney for Meade county,, relative to plan r..Boxg9C V Denver, Colo. Chairman Fish, of ths board ef commissioners, and Auditor Zlnk, of Lawrence Fine weather has come at laat. andt of procedure. An appeal will be taken County. He gave these offlciils the aasur saleswoman one must be free from all self -consciousness, and who could expect The Famous ance that he would exercise every means a atriklngty handsome creator to forgei at his command to secure the early hear herself ... from Judge Moore' decision to the supreme court at once, and Mr. Pyle announces that he1 will push the ease tor an early hearing., expressing confidently that it will result In the eiftorcement of tbe old license law of the state, owing Black Hills ing of the Meade county liquor case before the supreme court, an appeal from Jndge Moore's decision, snd he expressed the opinion that he could get- the sentiment of the member of. the .supreme WILL BATHS IN TH BlO ttCNOB. Summer Resort It la likely that several hundred people now la the time to get that pair of mer Shoea. ,-. : My Stock includea all of the latent and neatest aummer footwear No where can you find the same good -tar leas money." We always lead wbe v it cornea to flood Shoes at Low and oar stock la the freshest as well s tbe largest in the BilL do to to tbe absence of means of putting the mm Deadwood and Lesd will spend Mm dispensary amendment into effect. f their 8undjs - this summer at Bat Sylian Me i: Dote bench within thirty days, lis order that the cbaotte condition existing la Lawrence and Meade counties, resulting from Judge springs. Especially will thos who can hot get awy for a longer time taka ad The predictions which are being made that Agulnaldo will surrender before the close of the rainy season, by persona who Hot nata ef the cheaa rats every SatardaT wsausr unknown. Mountain oo4 for stb 4y announced by th Bur are returning from ths Philippines, are uarasy Peak k. donkey. Moore' decision, declaring the old llcenss law out of effect, aright be relieved on way or the other. Attorney General Pyle" Informed s Pioneer-Time representative ef some thng that Is not generally known over the Boating en ths Lake. lington routs. Tb regular rats hav cut la half by Us Burlington for thM Sundar exesrstoaa. Tleksu ts Hot moms l new and modern la uppotat- aasata.- . probably based largely on the assumption that he will be frlgbteoed by the preparations which are In progress by the Americans to crash him Just a soon is the cam paig-ntng period reopen. The fact that ZIPP'S. Sen far aoamir . . state, and something that vary few, if 1 Spring and return may fcs hoaght avaxt Satardsr for $SJ from Deadwoo an t-tt from L4 City. . . F. B. COLES, any persona In 'ths Black Hills are aware .. Cubie, &

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