The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 27, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1900
Page 5
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I -v. ' -v: THE DAILY PI0JTEER.TI1IES, DEAD WOOD, a D. r; AND EARS. ami,n- tbi numb.-:- 12', per cea: of 1 by th i: oj.. -. W 111' 1; D..i, .' i.,. cj.iv iij vv aa e j i ll , I'll vi; i.: t !, nnt . i.i.;: .: a-, l',,-. . .'li.iii i :i.!'': n.akai t 111- 1111 incip. P'.it (' vfL.. si : I tl II. eUl.t--' lb. Btf0rt- B'acK Hills Teachers' 1 r tu June 27. !.;.::- Tl." V:.: 4An r-xjvnjxri .vjuvuw, c ,tJte. jrinsiruiru ruvp i M. I I: n -i The I : Hi a practical i . i, nf t le i ! inn -, ut s' :!:.::.. i. 1 a: !:.;! . ' I" .'il i ii. I. 11. '.u i'i a.. i n. e li !i llv an I. ; .i .1 I h pai i ' ls I j . - j r ; lj . a Best Shoe Can Always Be Found in a SHOE STORE man Ih" 1 in I !;! i , ,. ,. , i t. ii.-i-t ii ' Alt. ...It I.e. ol . onslllt. I:,., I till . h.hlreii attain i: ' He V:-:.w Jele . ilunl of these - in, .a,' I. i. 1.1,-: "I 'I VV .-iJht in t I - W elgl; I V U I ,i : in i' x'M'iii'f f to inieni'i i ua 1 a. ti.: I ,,.., . ,, liioniy o.- a jmniial . uUtr m ii :.,: , i-xist. On Hi - other .:t, statl-i:. Hiivc I n coinp..i'.. iiii'l.i all' m slid.- . irniinstaii. .- and in m.-i, ,,. mii.ii.'. ri'ply. Of ,,, i:; ilt'rii in-i;ic.v it at . . i ..ti 'I i III.' .!. 1 '''' tiati-niiss!,,., ,,. I) ,j. :' ' ,s '"o Weil ,1 ennui -1 , a t .-.I in I., .-.til.!.- , ,-avil , ,lh "Uiuv of tl,,. s,,(),,, rlii,,,,,.,, , ,,,, ''.vesiglit not unlv in., v rum or en mav V .III large reputation. uu;, , .nV iiiid.-iu.i lily that anions prn-r.-su . and .-.In "Kith lie- vvoid 'e.v. i rational r h.-IP 1"M'- ,,i : Tin i.itelloitual eaten p.-opi.- o, ular .-rvi, . lias lucl ilamaKins effect upon til" visual iruaii "' " s ot v isiun . nueiui,.,! anil H-' 111 1 uiion : v. i relieve, . M,,..,- ,),.,-,., f and that this effect has so impress i lllin,;. i i ... ai- m.-t-uaiduif iiMon-. A- an-'1 anil olfect their oi romeyanie t the children ns.-u as in n.'coiii.' r raiismissi hie to here he :.,--.-,! out a- ina.v he a,p:,i in iate fei the , ase. p The H ' .p. pupil- ex., in i md m i h. city of .Minneapolis have I. .en diMnl. uted in tilt.v four si Imiils Tin- per centages of defectives found in the different luiildings varied greatlv The maiinuni nuinliei was discover ed 111 a hull, ling, closelv slit loiindeil hv other buildings, excluding sufficient illumination The general percentage )!-. al' piouaui. mui.-nwi u ui"'. 1-iws.w.'. j to mi' faction may i tU(. railed Stati-.- th.- averimr '. i 'i'i." i i iationshln Is not nf s ..ti...,,n.... .i i.n .....vl'(. uiuiniii. iiie iiiiijiic in schools reaches ;pi per cent. In the (lernian (Empire ,",n ier rent of the 5seneu. 1 - t to piou- W'lili' the ocular lions f "''llv --'vage and il P rarfs Hf determinant'. hau- l"'fii gathered from 1 people who arc hilt just We Carry the largest assortment Sell the best goods and our prices Are lower than any other concern school attending cnildrcn an- nnopjc. Hut myopia is not tiie only refractive of ilelVil ve- was .'II per cent inclii error of school life nor t lj - only ah normal condition of tin- .. which i . .tii-1 I .iiL-.iai.ii inC I'IIUI 1111 discov r eyes as yet nearly sive of th aliead.v Wearing sati-fa. tory glas-,- Not vv it hslandiut: that this was .,:i initial -a in i mil am sill. Jei t tO tla 1 u . liable dllti. Illtle.- of HI la)rei liv tic- inlluclii-es of I'lvili- Handling shoes ' ' ' a c an.l Hi'' pr,ic.-s--s o mental elf .. . l.... .. i i-.Iei len. c. ignorance, and unjust who shall , nine alter them, and the " Uiedy ,,f these existing . Minis may save future generations from a still more serious fate. Tile responsibility yl the guardians of youth does not end Willi Ihe welfare of their immediate wards. , , an tell at vv hal 'point the impress of a d.-te, t n,av l.ecome so pint, iiii, as In pien,,ce the future development ,l the mi-, , -nt atom ,,f anothci In,. Th" .-liv inuiiii, nt of s, Pool children u "b I'ega 1 ,1 to its inllii.-ii, ,. ii,a th,.n must I.,- carefully slmlicl !' 111 1 ui " "f the s, hool I, nil, ling a- tew ol.-t.i, I,-- in 1-nin a- tm . 1 1,1 Im- permitteit . ample illumina- ' ion w 1 1 1 1 1 . i 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,,r ai nil. lal -la.,:. I.,- ,;i, f : i . 1 1 1 ii,,. ,. ,, ,h., 'I' -I'- lie "l.-l- - I I.. -ni-el; .- -Me:l, !,, "' '-'( .- I - a I. pe it. i in. i .1 I j i . ; -'" 1 ' - ' 1:1 III I oil II,,- 1', ,; I h, -i ''"'''I p-iivai. .I vvuli , , ,',.,, u.,1. 1. - !' ' ' - and -l.glnlv .-1 . 1 1 1 : m ..,- 1 1,,-b."") I'be a .ii I, ci-t.,,,. . M" -v. ., :.. i. ; 1 1 . ' i o,, .. l!i; il 1 1. I I ' '' ' I ' ' 1 1 ' M.MI IM-f-Il riticism ihe prmcijials have become lb.- vvariie i advocates of the method in anoii- coinitries sum as an.1 South America, the British Germany l-'rance Switzerland. ,1 I'epOl I tests ha V been ea-i I V per tornie. i thai pi a , 1 1, a 1 1 v no , ,.po- a Italy, tl:1' ' 'H'asiaii ami Orien- 1 1. m from pa rent s or , h i I.I i .-n ha v e miniates against (... easy a. quire-menl of a desirable ediuatiou In freiiueiicy and importance wh.-n its dangerous and progressive character is considered. It takes pi ec. 'd.'il. . over all other ivi i .c tory ilistui lian. .-Nev crth.'lcs--, h.v i M i n i t ropia and a-t ignial ism ai" of freipieiil occuri .'in e and must not lie o . liokeil. 'I'i,.- n,i . opic eve may perform much el-,, work without fatigue. Put the metropi. or astigmatic eye. vvhi, h .an w ork only y ron.-t.ilit o ertaxa I h m tin- muscle of a . 1 1 ii 1 1 . I a ! i i i Minn ah noiiii.e- itself iii I in- way of In. .! V;-loll. lie. I. lactic, elr It j, in - an ; m p,, itrio N'orvv.-i v ami Sweden. v . iope . I l,al patent- quit. :;e a . -i Our $3.00 J Line is the Greatest ever Shown. Call and see them. ! iaia et K.uiKis exanuneil a 1 1 v are a - a Ialillm to I la 1:1,1, IP ol lie- sit ua' . ci , 1 bat ahead'. I. n u.- ami 11. some . , - .-tai l Inn: b. m I.i - I a v .- Mexican 1 l.'l lien ami amoni; te I'oim I l.:it cinht myopic-;, type run ''in.:'- and t n ;: p. 1 i .-til di-fect ive. ! h that ";: Mexicans rarely r-:,a' n .-i rot -, anu inai sin-n .. -. 11 e " n . -I I 'el ha p - lb. .hat !..-!. o h- I-, i.mli.i ml', v 1 1 -alt ia, - 11 lb. ;r.l 11c popn hi i 111, pi - ...11 Ilia' 1!.. .-I alvvavs ,ptei 111 1 in . ess ' I. : c la - . ami lie- I a ' I :. . to a, a .aal.- t hal H 1- intended . . .1 1 -eh . tie- . 1 -1 1 1 of im 1.-1. Oi '1 a : il ls. -a - Tin 1 -all ha - I n 1 1,.- lions f,'i'ii!'! ".!iial vision as exist tani liani.-r in th.- way of si-t.un."l O'll lie .1.. . ,i,,i,V!, ,i e fc;.n are .ih: o-t iuvariahl y found . and systematic study, ami while ;i. n th.- m:. .1 ra es. ( allan ex- 1 en.lei ing a . h i Id liable in a", iisi t ion II'" I'eC I Ii, a;, , , I , .1 , . -o Ml mil I.. I.. ; . I.U ; ... an Zipp Shoe Co M 4.'.7 re'-'"' bibli'eii, arying in ()l idleness or stupidity . a- otVn . all -joni live 1. 1 tune years, ami found attention of the di-aluniy. vvtin h mav 1 . ml. 'icv ,1 aam 1; tin- 1 sin u a in or 1111 in- -1 1 acted in , 011-iilt an opt i lan in- i . a .' i ' ii i a I ol 1 1 1 -.1 so a- to .i . o iii inn in a. b t oi) -oiue I" IV . - t ha:, . ,, a. lers .-In ml. I I.. I.ih:','.i a ' liallges I.I ,i ;l,l ,- , 1 "I'm issu Hi - la. 1 1,1 I.. - a v onl lie 1 1 i : in I : i j .!! t -oas u i,i ;. of i.i,. k : ml 655 Main St. 5 5 I pring and Summer 1900 a. I of .... ociili-l Id 1 1 a. 1 :oii 1 a ih-p.i 1 I nmiit in the aim ot opt halmologv II must ab-o line II. it anvolle who makes sin h alien, pi 1- piacti.-ing ,..i halmoio A e 1 -011 who practices opthul- t .-.iisiiil ion an. I ,o-n,e i, -in, nal of tile I .,, I-,-- III eve , ,- What of mology pi.i.tnes niedicine, and uo in- sllllllbt be allowed lo practice nied-aiie without a license, in Mates pos- - - s 1 11 g a le.piale pi Ot ei live I a VV s . y M f : 1 j t . , e a e;i.ijj I A n ten. ber ship to the I Can;et j fliS nd urA wub each ' take gjvat pU'asiiix in oHi'iinn this sca-o!is purchase for voitr inspect ion, hfiim f'ullv :ivc;i,-. ,,f t,. fact that it exceeds all our previous .il"orts. notwithstanding tiii: i;i;'i;nt ;i:i-:at advance in iei:chandise in mm: line, we have not advanced mm; imtlces in any single instance. I (Mir Men's Department is replete with WILCOX'S ice: ice: ice: From pure spring water ddlvered in any part of the city In any quantity I'amlly trade a specialty. Bell fie phone 191. JOB LAVVRENSON. itlie verv latest for men's wear. eve mi-, h :, I what of the 11,,;, lls a.lo,o'l tor lie- .Ii-. ,- ei ol ., t-a'l.l I or the I. t , , , , i v o! , ,-t ii-r ,,. errors ' I L i . cm . m ,, - . 1 1 1 ,.: v alnal b 1 . :.n in.; I ,o:i 'I'll-- I i: or s. ho ' , e)e h i - h, eli ' - I .''.! I 1' .. II ' '. l' 'i .1 nieil . ,- :. ii . v ,.,1 1 - i a e1 . , p. a in I ' : : i ""ill il (Ml: ii y an. I s, c vv hu' II. tills co ' i . -. ai'. 1 1'. .- e . a ill i il a 'ills ha v I ii. maile Ly ( e nlist s a p point.-, I I . school authoi it les. who have personally with their a-slstant- ealllilleil evel'V lllihl in a UIV.'II coil! niimil.v. This ssl.-ni oj.eiat.-.l verv vv.-ll in nionai'cliial laiiioin- a.ciistuni e.l to ai hiti arv iloininat ion. lint in Amen. :i 1 1 a hi t na t . t to iletni) . rat ic nil,- of in, i v i.ln.,1 I i . e. 1, mi I lie met ho. I has KlVell 1 1st- til lllllcl, o.o-itloll flotn parents. hilili.'h school aMtliorit!.--allil ot her oi ul i-i - vv h.-i e v . - r 1 1 id In fact the met lee ha - I ., 11 for. .1 1 -cent iinicl a-; an clement of too mm h ilisconl an, I pi ol . .--ion;, I siiife 'I'll.-in. -a lis to 1 1.- pi ov i'i. "I inn - t l.e a, . - SiPle lO t lie III.I--0- ea-.V ol .,.ll' . I ion. - : . ! . at.- o' popnla r pi . mil n an. I .-:'-. I : v . ol ie-'ill- S i. I. a plan I: a - I.e. , sauce. I... i a ll'l I'M' Mi . a. MASSAGE BATHS. Mme. Smith, steam, vapor and alcohol baths. No. 8 Pine street, second floor. is. i Men's Spring Overcoats, in all the newest IV. c Itt v :! , lie l.itrt ll.n I ui.i., 'i:rthati A I I'i jwi ilit. j- yics JO'. a : . i'- t . ! K t"1 f ; t y.. t u ' d If! i i-:: ) ..' ii . ( it. shades and styles, ran.irin in price from ! ?7.r() to ?:22.00. HAVE YOL' A HEADACHE? Try our headache capulet. PALACE PHARMACY. i The handsoniest line of Men's Spring O. K S. No. 23, DEADWOOD Regular meetings. second and fourth Mnn days at T 1. All m.-iubura cordially NNTK I I'HM.I.irs. v. M. LILLIAN (',. HATCH. Sec. o - Say, Stranger! Don't you know that you can do bet tor on jew. dry by going to Central? J. Suits have ever shown; the very latest (lesions in hioli orade tailoring, raii.u'in"; from $i;.5() to $2.".(M). Fullv e-iii'il tn tailor-ni.'iik-. at jut uiir. half the cost of made-to-onler lioods. Our Kov's Departi'tient consists of eveiy-thino; necessary for a hoy's complete out tit, : relialde uoods. and low prices heinj; our PHARMACY t . i , i ,i, -: -t - mi i !,,- t i a 1 1: i. - ol -i I : pi I.- ..!'- II. the .1. t" I on of . v . 1 1 -1 1 : it - a lei .it a s v - ' 1 1 1 of not : h a i e .1: t . I In pa r. 1 1 1 - ,,! , : , -cov . r.-'l .!:. I , :m i M iil- with il a -' I - m t ion that a mo i.eiein ant horn v bo'ihl I ..- H. Lal?ea of that city an 11 tyou out in anything that you want at prices far below those you would have to pay else" !i.-i e. He lias been In the jewelry I 1 -mess in the Hills for 22 years, and is thoroly reliable, what lie fiells Is strictly as he repre sents it. Hot other price-, then get his. and .nipare. ,' ONLY AIM. l"Men Bl,-,, o i i in .;: P e,l Sj , a I - as,, I i I 'i a n k All pel I ..-.-llte. I . . Ill" M: Ilia-. i e;,.el I1 ill.'- thi- plan ol the pis season vc have paiil particular attention t bh FOLKS. SECOND-HAND TYPE. Bourgeon. Brevier, Nonpareil, tied up and In n i.intities '"to suit purchaser, at ten cen's per pound. Pioneer-Times. A Subscription for One Year to The Ladies' Home Journal 1'ltree-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest jiut like a's, from 2.00 to $6.50. 'Wit -and collars just like Papa wears, ages years aud rds. Mi dENTS' FURNISHING DEPAKT MENT, coui oiiilar - :i nimai ion - in lie pa i H n School- V hi. ! ha. I I ollilllen, .-, it - el t to phv -iciatis ami -choui a 1 1 lint M : -alike Th.- aca.lciny otl. iallv ic,pi".-i e.l its uiloption by t lie luiaril of eilnca-tioti ami after a delay of two ears the doctor w as r.-ipieste.l by I lie hoard to act as its superintendent of ocular instruction. Meanwhile, at the snu-sestion of Prof. 1. I.. Kiehle of the I Diversity of Minnesota, the doctor had placed the plan before the annual "Teachers' Slimmer Sc hool, conducted, ill that institution, and had thereby seen red its introduction thruoiit the state where it has given general satisfac For 50 Cents m every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev- DO YOU SM0KE7 Choicest Havana and domestic cb gar PALACE PHARMACY. liI12 that is tipw jind nnvpl worn bv men. L PATS of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, By saving Diamond "C" Soap wrappers. It is like picking up mousy to save our soap wrappers. You have to use Laundry Hoap anyway, and Diamond "C" is the very besl that you can buy, so you get the best soap and the Premium all for the same y all good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades shades for spring wear. he best line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in SPECIAL HOT SPRINGS EXCURSION. Via Burlington Route. Jo. 20 for t he round trip. Tickets are on tion The method was taught to the tea pel- i lectures, clinics ;,ni price, i ne i.aaies Home Journal is new style Plaids and Checks. charts !n .'...iv lvn; Doctors Harlan and W 1 of Haltiuiore read a paper strtea only one of 300 handsome prizes we n.ndwme Dp, Belt Buekles.l. thr. giveaway for saving Diamond "C of tiaUh-eWver.iiold or Rote-Gold. Th RShoe stock is now complete with the very latest in S.ap wrappers. For our Premium ,on 's direct Importatton and aretureto pleaM sale next JUr.nday and Tuesday. June 4th and 5th, gwl to return on or before Jfine 9th, accoun-. ( ' annual convention B. Y. P. V. society. " lie 2 M p. m. train Is the one before tin- Amctban Medical associa saoes. Every pair guaranteed to give satis faction. tion, which re. ited tn eminently successful operation of this plan, in some f'ai a' n'iie ilrnn i nndil rtrH m nyjouewao sees Ihem. lQordertOKbeturstd uau.ofcue, urop a postal card to state whlcU Myle of fiulih Is desired. The Cudahy Packing Co. Soap Works, s what modified form, in the Baltimore to take, as : -u arrive at Hot Spring's be fore dark. 41 mu, rocr ilo mlHi la.mood "C" boll lien Mid m Li. u&nia and lo will gM him to pot it ! schools. I.a-t vear tin- method was introduced and this vear lia- l.e.-n made ol.l i atory ,,in the Chicago schools and a number of Illinois town- In the . it . ol M I n lieapol i -with the earnest co-operation of l'rof-C. M. Jordan, superintendent of tho 1 The On V High Crada Baking Powder Offered at a .Moderate Price. Three Reasons Why we Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are better in Quality And More Sty! si in appearance. And Lowest in Trice than any other House in Town. I I I Am Not Going Out of Business Ni-itlu-r am I --c::- b,v m.iK-y. lm L am 1 ''i;n to (! in tli- futnr,-a in the ia-t, Sell Groceries Far Cheaper ti-.a:! my comi.,iitors. My. x-1 t-jn-nc- arc lir!it ami my customers a rc-n- I .tiLT to yet the hetieiit. Get my prices. 1 No. r Charles St, J. a. GREEN ! pan,1, sen. ., ii - ot i nai cny ,n v.- . .-. hool , hi bin n have 1,,-. n - a' : - -forily examined by th9 principals, af- ..' in -t met ;o:i s ,y t p- : ,::.!,-.. M.i. . oculist. Amon,' :):- i: .::.' r. defectives have he. ., f.jei. l and :. a dy b.'n.'ti, ial resnls !; iv- i.ii. ady loilowfd. 1 he meUiO'i .i-, briefly, as follows: An oculist :- to be appointed by the board o' f 'v nation, v. hose duty it shall oe to lecture to the principal and teachers, upon the uses and application of the tot type, etc.. EMMS; f NOT ' ( "th" ) NOKESOCOOD. V TRUST Deadwood. BLOOM :ti:i . . .Il';;i ' mnti ii.: if. i w.t ..i ; r i:ti4itisiiiiiiiiiiS

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