The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 28, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1900
Page 7
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2S.1900. THE DAIL PIOSEE1C-TIMES, DEADWOOD s5. D LEGAL NOTICES. REPUBLICAN TICKET. -IF. J. Wa-hat .i'jgh. Attorney ) Fi-KKi LoSl UK .NOTICE. Wh. reus, Kuofit A. Ki lUi and Luilla M Ktller. li.s wife, did on '.he 1-th da' u I ASSESSMENT NOTICE. I New La Plata Gold Mining com-I pany ; place of business, Deadwood,-' S. D. ! Notice Is, hereby given that at a i meeting of tne board of di presidential Ticket. (Moody, Kellar 4c Moody. Att'ys.) MORTGAGE , SALE. .-Default has been made in the pay For PJjftjA ji Mckinley. ' ..Iti Fim Piiiiii ment of the money secured by a mort J ROoSEVBLT. fr Tu .MAS FITCH,. Grant. AhvT THOMPSON, Hand. HTHrR BKOWN, Lincola. t H MARBLE, Butte. . Congressional Ticket. ons. v M KTI N , of Lawrence. Klk'- BURKE, of Hughee. State i cket. .May, lv.'ts, mortgage lo the Bank of S;, a corporation, to secure a i.ertaiu uo 3 givtu by Rotiert A. Keller and Luella M. Keller, the following describeJ real estate, lying' and being In the County of Luk rence and'1 State of South Dakota, and in ibe Cny of Sfearnsh, to-wit: Lot No. one ill of IhIjsuus lot, according to the plat of (iibson's lota in the sub-division of the S. W. of the S. W. U of section ten (Hi) Town, six (ti), N. range two (2), cast II II M , sail plat being recorded in look T.) 1;) lae nine (.') of plats in the office of the register of deeds of said Lawrence county. South Dakota, which said mortgage w ;us dul recorded In the orhce of the register- or dr.ds of said lnvrm:'.-county, on the 17th day of May, lSf1!. in Hook One Hundred and Twenty-six 12I on pnse two hundred and eighty (Ln). and which, said mortnace was thereafter duly asipned 'o rharles I'ierson. as will appear by asslcnt-neiit of ricoid in said register of deeds fittl.-e in Hook One Hundred and Foriv-tuo t4!? on piMre sixty-ihr.-e and v ho i- ik)w ilie owner then-of And hera ! fa"ilt exists, and there 1 rectors of the above named company, held at Ueadwood, on the 17th day, of September, 1900, an assessment (No. ) ot one mill per share was levied upon the outstanding stock of the lonipany, payable immediately to Neil McDonough. treasurer, at his office in Dead wood XX. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 2Uth day of October, 1900, will be delinquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold at" auction at the office of the treasurer, in Deaflwood, on the loth day of November. 1000. at 2:.'?o oc lock p. in... to pay such delinquent assessment, together with costs of advertising and expenses o: sale. NEIL MillONOl'liH Sec. I First Pub. Sept. 10. 1900 gage dated tfee Huh .day of April, A. D. lMy,. executed by Mrs. Arc hie H. Smith and Archie 11. Smith, mortgagors, to W. H. Bryan mortgagee. The amount claimed to be due upon saiii mortgage, at the date of this notice is the sum of five hundred autl thirty-five dollars, and ten dollars at torney's fees. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and duly recorded, and in pursuance of the statutes in su h case made and provided, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises therein described, at public auction at the front door of the court house in the City 01 Dead wood, South Dakota, on the .'lid day of November. tnci, at 2 o'clock i,n the afternoon of Ge5?RRlED, of McPherson.'-UrWEODWl SNOW.o7 Bon Homme. Norlr ofTplnk. I 0. - I SCH AMBER, of Hutchinson. 1dlp EEVES. of Brown. nHVLnof Beadle. S of I haye derided to go one better than on any former proposition, on PIANO SALES. Until October 1st rjext, I will give any one buying a New Piano of me the cboi, e of the four following propositions: 1st. .If Joseph B. Moore is elect--' to Congress and E. W. Martin a defeated, I will credit hem with 150.00 - c li A'illiam J. Bryan is -"tfi President nd Mc-i ' Is defeated, I will cir.nt them witu $100.00 -id ' Nebraska gives Bryan Lb- majority McKiniey tor President. 1 will credit with $ 7500 4th. If South Dakota gives Bryan the majority over Mi -Kinley for President, I will Receipt in full for the Piano. Yon can have your choice from the CHICKERING. VOSE, WEGMAN, CABLE, KINGSBURY OR WELLINGTON PIANOS. I nf clt-'l and Public LancU-! 0?.,", i-iCTMAN. of Roberts. ,, .a cvim'sstorer ?oo. of Douglas. that day. The mortgaged premises j are situated in the I'oumy of Law lence, in the Stiite of South Dakota. , and are de.t ib-d as follows, to wit: 1 Beirinniiig at a point of the northwest j Legislative Ticket. corner of the property owned by one, , George Staples. ;,iii! occupied by one. : mr fVELLTN T. JENKINS. now due on af l no!e an l niortcace o aid Charles Pler-on. 'he sum of seven hundred and tw. ntv-eleM d'lllars and 'w.n.v renin itT?(;-i',t 'or r-'-'n !j al and fncr. st Now. therefore, notice is hrnlv riven h.l' 'tie ca;d 'Uiwtgnge will fo-e. lord t v 'he cnle nf 'he above deS Tlbrd ren'e at public till' linn, on Saturday, the nth ilay of Nuveinber. 1! at 11 oi lin k on that day in-the forenoon at the front ilixir of the court house in Meailwood. in the County of Law rence. State of South Dakota, to sat-i:-fy the amount due as above speci fieil. including ; '1 fees and costs of sale. Lta.-d September 2.",th. 1H0O. MTT rH'NKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence" County, P. D.. F .1. WASHMIM'CH, f ttonev fo-r Assignee of snl l Mortgage ' First I'tili. Sept. 20 lfmo.) ii.mbf" 'f i;o,!?e ftf Representatives enlt!f- M WARREN". m( N M . IH " ;0!fV FETKRSON AMOS PATRIQUIN. . County Ticket. DELI N'tjl ' ENT SALE NOTICE. Garden City Mining Co.: t!.i e of business. Central City. S. D. Notice. Tlure is ilolinqueiit upon the following described stock, on a -count of assessment No. Hi. Ie n il August. 7. l'.iuil. the several amounts set opposite the names of the respei tivc-shareholders, as follow s : 22. Matoiiey, . 1. M. . . L'.'i.ddil $..1.7." ::t. Maloney. . M. . . 10.00(1 2.2r, :l.r... Maloney. U. M. .. fi.900 1 T,.r2 C7. McGillis R. (i ,-,0,000 11 2. ."O Ml. Maloney, R. M 3.f!4! 21 V. McGillis, R. (, 2.9.r,.r, il.fil iM. Shannon. Ed 1.000 2.2" And unless payment shall haw- been made on or before October R 1000. the same will be sold at the office of thp treasurer, J. B, LeBeaii, Central City. South Dakota, at 2 o'clocl p. m. of saitl day. to pay said delinquent assessment, together with costs' rf advertising and expenses of sale. J. B. LeBEAU. Secretary. (First Pub. Sept. 23. 1900 p S. R. SMITH j I ,riff-rr.F.r doten. R,Pr;0HNWRTN0RORE. A. Z1NK. Cm""? J"!. ,' V MOODTE. Omwrinterr'er't of Srhnol The DiningCar Line. : J r-- - Cmm"n. CH RLEf R. ZERFINO. Purveyor rnnr.1v rr.mTiilnrier TMrfl TMstrict EP.WARP CACHELTV I. K. Albright, for dwelling purposes, : running west along the south side line ' of an alley south of the Black Hills 1 & Fort Pierre railroad track one htm- i riieil and three IMC) feet, thence In a : southerly direction along the east side line of what is commonly known ; as the South Kxtpnsion of Mul street j or the Kirk road two hundred and ten (2101 feet, thence in an easterly direction two hundred and twenty-eight (22S) feet, thence In a northerly direction along the 'west side of properties owned by Henry A. Ran and John Staples two hundred and twelve (2121 feet to place of beginning; all of which is in the southerly part of Lead City, and across the road and east of the public cemetery in Lead. I.awrenie county. State of South Dakota. W. II. BRYAN. Mortgagee. MATT PLUXKKTT. Sheriff of Lawrence County, South Dakota. MOODY, KFLLAK & MOODY. Attorneys for Mortgagee. (First Pub. Sept. 18, 1900.1 Frawley & Laffey. Attorneys ! NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE BY ACTION. State of South Dakota. County of Lawrence. In Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit. Peter A. ("lushurst, plaintirff. vs. WiHam Workman. Paul Jentges. Jas. P. Hymer. Edward C. Danielson. John Treber. William R. Dickinson and American National Bank. Defendants, Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of a judgment of foreclosure and sale, in the above entitled action on the 22d day of September. A. D. 1 900. and an execution issued upon said judgment, the subscriber. Matt Plun-kett. sheriff of Lawrence county, state of South Dakota for that purpose ap- For Justice of the Peace V t UIj;V1A.. W M QIIMBY lyad. j W. BAILEY. Calena. i H RIPLEY, Kpearfish. For Constable (Fowler & Whitfield, Attorneys.) In the Circuit court of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of the State of South Dakota, within and for Lawrence county. Garnet A. Nichol, Plaintiff, vs. Bert C. Niehol, Defendant. The State of South Dakota sends greeting To the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, a copy of which is herewith Berved upon you. and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscriber at his office in Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in said complaint. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., Aug. 29th. 1900 FOWLER & WHITFIELD, Attorneys for Plaintiff. To the above named defendant: Yon w:!i jil( use take notice that the summons and complaint in this action waB filed In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, at the court house In the City of Deadwood, Lawrence county, S. O., on this 29th W 0 STl'FT. Ijfl1. J W SECOR. Cralena. JOHN' KEPLER. Spearrtsh. Leave Deadwood 7.45 a. m. today REPUBLICAN PLATFORM. v. of South Dakota. In and you arrive ,Ute convention assepbled. reaffirm and euew our allegiance to the republican it. nrinplnlee. and particularly u expressed In the party platform of the ir. iri. every DleUe of pari? owvyn. ' which has been fulfilled. . , w. nrtnrse the administration of Presl- ni KiniP and the republican party, and congratulate the country on the revlv- rRopnsKn amenument To the fonstitullon of the StJte of South Dakota. To the reople of the State of South Pa-Ikota. The Plth Legislature of the Sutp of South fiaknta t the ncsslou therpof liegun end held nt Tlerre. the capital, on lanuary .1 lst'O. and concluded on Mreh r . D. lSfi'i. pro(opd the following ameti Iment to the rontltutlon of the tate. vlv A Joint Resolution rropolnt and cree-Insr to an Amendment to the Cnn' Ittitlon of the State of sViith Dakota and Snh-mlttlrig such Amendment to a voti" of the Foople Be It Resolved hr the Tlrtiae of Rerreen- tqlvp. jlSi " Pone,irrtP" SFC. 1 QT'FSTTON PfBMTTTW Tht st the ncT eenml election In this utat the followtnr nnoced amendment o the rnr.ttntlnn nf the Stt of South "ikotiv which l hc-'v Bgreed to. nhnll he ""rir-ted to the elector of the state for thMr approval, which Amendment when unnroreif and rotlfled shall beeome n rrt n' Con -ntltutlon as Article t w eaty-cl.-,': : (I?) thereof. ARTICLE XXVIIT. SFC 1 "h several onunMei" nf the n" i"v the mnmeyR of the Permanent School anj Fn-druvrnprit undo (n bnnd qpfcol r -v-rr--fltlon. flte. rnnnlv ntwt '"""'"Ipsl bond or In fret rror' gvq mr. o, .iip-"pi 'Tm lnd w(thln thp( 1i-itp - -ly: under such regulations as the ' -la-ture may provide, hut no farm loan shall' exceed one thousand dollars to any one-person, firm or corporation." Thtj above proposed amendment -..., be voted upon by the people at the genera!, election to be held lu the state on Tuday the Eih day of November. A. D. 190'. The proposed amendment will be printed upon the ballot followed by the words: "Shall the atiove amendment to the con-a'ltutlon In relation to the Investment of the I'ermuiieut School and Endowment Funds t,e approved and ratified ?'- Immediately to the left of which shall he printed the oids Yes'' aud "No," each preceded by i square la which the elector iau place a crois to ludicaie Ills vote. Kin-tors dciirlug to vote 'Ves" will place dSem pCH ,.(,' dll diOJ'4 bjM-' ilesirliiK to vole "'No" will place a cioil I . f..,ie 1 1. e wcrd "Ni,." Ii.ited at I'ictre. the capital, thli Ul day of A .igi.s, i: '' " WILLIAM h. itonui.r:, Secretary of Stiite. Denver 11.30 tonight. Omaha 6.45 tomorrow morning. Kansas City 12.35 tomorrow noon. St. Louis 6.56 tomorrow evening. Chicago 8.30 tomorrow evening. jday of August. A. D. 1900. ! FOWLER & WHITFIELD. Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First Pub Aug. 31. 190.) J pointed, will sell at public auction at 'the 'ront door of the court bouse in ! tie c-ity of Dead wood, county of Law-! teni e. and sta'e of South Dakota, on : Fridav. October 2i'.th. 1f'f0. at 1 0 val of Industrial, agricuuu uu tumu'-rial prosperity, brought about as a direct reeult of the application of republican prln clples and policies of government during the present administration. We commend the real and distinguished ability with which our representatives in congress have served the state, and nation. We extend to Hon. James W. Kyle, the United States senator, our unstinted praise for his loyal and patriotic support of the administration of President McKiniey on the Spanish-American war and legislation involving republican measures. We cbmmend the passage of the free homes till as a simple act of justice to the wttlers of the northwest, thus redeeming the pledge of the republican platform of 18S6 relative to this measure; and we note with pride the fact that the passage of this act was largely due to the untiring efforts of the republican congressmen from South Dal. ota, Meesrr. Gamble and Burke. The rep :tilic?n party recognizes that legitimate business, fairly capitalized and honestly, managed, has built up our industries at home, given the largest employ lex k in The forenoon of that day. : n' i Fowler Ac Whitfield. Attorneys.) the real e-tato and mortgaged premises situate in the county of Lawrence and s'afe of Soith Dakota, and d red No Other Line MaKes as Fast Time. aid iuitirment and execution to an'' therein dcs ribe'l a ed in he sj lows : An 'tndltldrvt n'!:.i!vl ,j ' r.rn u the Koran lode mining )a'rn. -:ta'-d n (",'ii 'i Mi'in'icn Fla' a-nl Vnnded ;h and :ifoi- ,n Vii ov t n ( I tit e.Mcl nur'li 'iv t -i,::th '.v t 1 'o Last t i n a Ciimt ,'. .1 i . i '.!iai,f ! L.-.-t ( !i An the K chrci. !i.l. !,e u ' .ctni! In the Circuit court of the Eighth j Judicial Circuit of the State of South i Dakota, within aud lor Law 'rem e county. 1 Arthur E. Simp-on. Plaintiff, vs. Eva Simpson, Defendant.' The State ol South Dakota semis greeting: To the aboe named Ue-: inlant : ' You are here!,;, s'.nimun' d and re-quitcvl to an.-we,- the lomplaint of the above n aim (1 plaint i if . a opy of which is herewith seated upon you, and to M-ive a ccji?" 'if ;,oi:r answer upon the I Ml t, sen Iter at Lis office in 1), ad wood South iTatrtna. v. it bin thitty days after 1 the serviie of thi-i suniuions, fxclu- sive of the dav ot setviie, or the plaintiff will, apply to the court for 'the '..'.'.:('d in said com-i plaint. ' Dated at Deadwood, S. D.. Aug. 25th, jlPOO , FOWLER & WHITFIELD. Attorneys for Plaintiff. i U. 11: Parker. Atty.) SIMMONS- IEELIEF-- COMI'I.MN'T FILED. Tiii tiuti -itiia,te! on and -t by th" ' on.;. 'uiy's We nLi-eEL-cl Otliers Pollow My S!3i' is Cm.j'et" in ALL BRANCHES and my PRICES are Ti10 Lowest of tin. Low Try My Plaie with ai Order and if not fully Satisfactory in eve-y way don't oms again. no.7.chrle street QREEN The Grocer ment to labor at the highest wages, and j enabled us successfully to compete with foreign countries in the markets of the world. CVrr binatior.s of capital, having as their object or effect the control of the production of commodities, or the markets I thereof, are hurtful and Injurious to the best Interests of the people. This evil should be overthrow n without injury to boneit trade. I W'e therefore, favor such additional legis latloB, both stata and national, as shall establish complete legal control over all : trusts and n.onopolif s, with full power to. dissolve the sam and mete proper punishment to all who thus seek to destroy I honest competition ;nd prevent the w'id- j est possible employment or labor, and we fevor such amendment to the constitution I '1 eolith. M:I! MJ null Da'kota. Co jm State of l' 't V.:-:n A : 1 1 : !! operv. Ail of ti,.. t'mated in 'h rict '.nf" ni Law fen i e, t-s. Circuit Co:iif i ti it. v:': i R' ed'T Eighth Judicial Plaintiff, ' i'.... li- - i ....; ('aims Whitewoi..) Minlnc Dis- county. Sri ith Takota. of the Urited States as will give to The development of the state and Its re-(ources has been largely brought about by J. K. Baker. A. S. Hayden Baker & Ilayden ABSTRACTORS Eradicate Mock. Daadwood. I. D. iue survivors of the w;ar of the rebellion, who were among its earliest and most ac-ue settlers. The republican party now, always, appreciates the tact that they "Warned and saved the cation in Its hoir Jjperil, and that to them la due all honor froni a free and grateful people. e .rmt to the part taken by our own BOQth. Bflknta atMloN In IK. ml. with "pain and the Insurrection lc the Phllip-Pms Islands, and the honor and credit they rwect on our fair state. They proved themselves brave, loyal and patriotic. To the above named defendant: You will please take notice that the summons and complaint In thU action was filed In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, at the court house In the City of Deadwood, Lawrence county, S. D., on th's 29th day of Angust, A. D. 1900. FOWLER & WHITFIELD. Plaintiff's Attorneys. nr gionout deeds upon the field nave ItTen them a name among the brave sons "America, of wMch their state and its ..rpPle are justly proud. ne rniaal.i-.i ...a vs' , (eorge M. R' Reder. Defendant. Tin- State of South Dakota, to kr above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and re-ouired to answer the complaint of the aliove named plaintiff, a copy of which is hereby served upon you, and to serve a copv of your answer upon the subscriber at his office In TVad-wood. Lawrence county, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service, snd if you fail to answer this complaint within that time, the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in the complaint Dated at Deadwood, S. D.. this 24th dav of September, A. D. 1900. WILLIAM H. PARKER. Plaintiff's Attorney. To the Abov'e-named Defendant: You will please take notice that the summons and complaint In this action was filed In the office of the cle'rk of the above entitled court at the court house In the City of Deadwood. Lawrence county, South Dakota, on the 22nd day of September, A. D. 1900. WM. H. PARKER ' Attorney for Plaintiff. (First Pub. Sept. 25, 1900.) v PALMER HOUSE NewOlark Block ne :t d or to U. S. Aosay Office. NEW BUILDING. NEW FURNITURE, NEW BEDDING. In connection with the Reetaurant are ten finely furnished rooms wltt hot and cold water and bath. Open day and night Short orders a apecialty. SING YOU Prop. w policy and course of the administration i NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. j To C. M. Fuller and W. A. Beaudry: - ue legislation by congTess In respect newly acquired possessions and express wir full confidence in the wisdom. tegrlty and ability of the administration, PPl9i by a republican congress, to 1sely-and Jttly with the questions ""STSP'ng the same, an they n.av arise. togofher with all -app'.irtenances ami improvement hereunto belonginu.' or -o mn' h thereof a-- may he sufficient to satisfy said judgment, and cots. amounting in all o Four Hundred and Seventy Two (-572 1 li'lars and Seventy (701 cents, with interest tberon from the date, of said, judgment, and all accruing costs of sale. Deadwood. South Dakota. Sept 24. 1500. MATT PLt'NKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. FRALEY LAFFEY. Plaintiff's Attorneys (Martin & Mason, Attorneys! NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the County Court of the County of Lawrence. State of South Dakota. In the matter Of the estate of Caroline O. Robinson, deceased. Notice is hereby given R. F. Crawford has filed with the clerk of this court, a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of Caroline O. Robinson, deceased, and that Wednesday, the Hrd day of October. A. D. 1500. at lo o'clock a. m. of said day. being a day of a regrilar- term of this court, to-wit: of the September term, 1900, at the court room thereof, at the court house in Deadwood . in the said County of LawV nee. has been set for hearing said pet'tion. when and where any person interested may appear and show cause why the said petition should not be granted. Dated September 20th. A. D 1500, -FRANK J. WASABAUGH, -Judge of the County Court MARTIN" & MaSON, -Attorneys. (First Pub. Sept. 22, 1900 ) DR. TODD. Physieiaii and Surgeon FAWCETT BUILDING, No, 11 Mill Street. LEAD. S. D. PROFESSION -L CALLS AMD DON-FINEMENTS ATTKNDEO. OFFICE SPECIALTIES. gyjiilic 'fiW PoisM" PBIMABY. 8COND4Bi AND TEK-TIABT BTAOJEb. "Venereal Diseases" In Their Mosf Malignant Forms. STR1CTUR-E, RUPTURE AND PILES. RHEUMATISM, GRAVEL, KIDNEY AND BLADDER COMPLAINTS. Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Bubo, Unnatural Loasea, Sexual Weakness and Impotency in "'Young and Middle aged Men. DISEASES OF EyT EAR, NOSE, THROAT, LUNGS, LIVER, STOM-ACH, DYSPEPSIA AND BOWEL TROUBLES. NASAL CATARRH: Dr. Todd's original scientific 1 cure, including retnedles and treatment In ordinary cases $10 per month. Office Consultation Free. !7avor the ertenslnn of tha nnwon of mjinoaa cotnmlsyon so as to include we lUUnl.u. . .1 , ., , j ttirT?, """P1"" doing; busineas within ravor the extension. In our f n tfi0 ytn of rural free delivery n,.. a.,here pracUoable. as rapidly a ' ?fc,a." "lve in favor of the en- You Should Go To-- Anna A. Leuhrs No. 74 Sherman street ,fo your dreasmaiing. A line oi rrmdy mads ladles' garments kept con tanUy la stck. at reasonable prices Visitors always welcome. Um 1 statute, with prop- peDal-stf-Tld,nK ,or -- Purchase within the w U Ptlntlnc. blank hooVn and sta- Tou are hereby notified that I have expended In labor and Improvements upon the Monto Cristo No 1, Monto Crlsto No. 2. Monto Crlsto No. 3 and Implre lodes, or nilrjlng claims, situated In Ida Gray Mining district. Lawrence county. South Dakota, at least $100 per year upon each of said clalhis for the years ISIS and W9 of $210 upon each of said claims, all of which wm done for the purpose of holding the said claims, under the provisions of Section 2314, Revised Statutes of the United States, and acts amendatory thereto, for the period ending December 31st. 1899, and there Is due from you thereon the sum of $1?2 M upon each of said claims, or t-iZS.ZS In all You are hereby notified that If within ninety days from completed publication of this. otlre you fall to contribute your proportion of such expenditure as co-owBer with the undersigned during eacb of the years above mentioned, yoiit Interest In sold clpirr.s will become tHe eproperety of the esubwrlber, your ro-owner. wbo has made the required expenditures as required -by said Section J324. M. O .TQNN. I ' (First Pub, July 12. 1900.) wl power ct legislation, trr rL rt'-lt the people of the enactniei,t Into law of the cur- rj am Vv t,lu uroviciew tne s;oia lal "-"""et-WT nnit of value. Finan-th :8C0!,0D no lonrer disturb the bu- Caution Notice. Notice is hereby given that certificates No. 11, 12, 85,' 100, 125, 8S 87. 101, 126, US. 122, 128. Ill, 116 and 129 of the Prior Hill Mining company, were on thev22nd day of September, 1900, sold for -a-ssessment- No. 5. .. - , JOHN BAKER, President D. A. SHORT, Treasurer. Ijc, ?rtvlon of or people. The repuh- H, Richardson RESIDENT PIANO TUNER. 22 Centennial Ave. Leave orders at Fishel's Bazaar "f-aeflt ,,i Iur money jaws xaai M ,h people alike, the borrower n, lb lender: laws that tend to rti irfiv ' Interest ratM in all KrwinT" U""T- ror tHe Denent or our fcunnfTIr" farmer, the! laborer, the "Mnfaetttrer and the merchant '

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