The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 27, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1900
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. srioi k.hii After Dinner SI ont'ion - fa i -. ..: !!;.- tilt! "tf: - ,l.t L-ft t-raius. ouragf and integrity. Tii' ! '; .- r.u man in the i ountry who ha- a i.tiK' ' follow. ng among this class " .ill l;nD-.M it. am! it i a i lass hi'i. . t-M, wini: st rorii;.-:' ami mor -i t;.. :h I!.. affairs of bovitii' ' .i.-t n-.-s .i urt.iv. t.iM an .;! i.-al cl'-tffmir.fM tii' i arty !,.- . rie-: throw pinnip!.-- tii- vi 1 1 -' 'It.. ..; ;. ! ti:t t H it:, n .it'M ..r liriiikiiiL' t"' . I j -1 1 ( at.'i'H. Hike Geo. V. Ayrcs k Co. l- l ri vt-i.t ' THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTAUUSHKD JIN I s. 174. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTAIH ISIIKI) Ai'J'JI. 7, :7T. Hood's Pills it. ,1 i : . i i i 1 1 . I ' ii 1 1 -1 : i UiVt." -i rs i, liiHi-. w it s Mtrt-ntrth wil: ! ,1 ' ' ' ' .1 I it'll L. till' Vol 1 11 .' M j. ii," f'i il I'll 'iMii'il A mil s, .l;.n Ayres & Wardman Hardware LomraCv CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. ii .,. I ''I. .' ll'l " ' f w till bell. rt.r.'.cu a t,t a rifchrnii; is n.-ce- ... hi.'! ; :in Iih ai . proudly tlit.y iniin ha' K mi ttii :r iirintry's past I''i 'u I'- ."nun. i. i-ii more p.' HONEEK TIMES 1THLI.SHING CO. John Jennack. Has a first -class outri' t.f Nat:;' at-i eairiages kijd is prepared to do ail kinds pi city woik. Callir.g parties, funerals, ttc, will reu-ive p: outfit)1 at I' . I, : ' : ' i. ,:n t. i ' ;! tli:y 'i ' n . ii"'. ' In .:' ' I .Mill K.I Ii ' !.; . i. .. :; -- v ,ii " i, i .it in" ! le- Si h in f nf' of thif-r ,.' '. lit. ; - S.-n -tin-!.inn-1 1 . Iif i mil ti-i jlllllllllllllUIMinilllllllMIIIIIIHIIHiil ,t r.;- tiit p'l! . in.' r ith- i i woi t !, y at tlif tehms ok sruscKir'riON. Trulv thi 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 alls art- fort: iiaviii ml ii . man to stand b '.I. tention. Call Harrison phone No S3. I K.iiliy at thi- ,ii.i! f : n i ! - tf in:: ,t '. f i n 1 1 to hold up t of looMllg tt.i ' i.t tt. witm- uhu make 'P Die li.i:ie ami sinew ot Mie-ina DAII.V Kury ill n iLg. Em-i M day, One t ar jiM'O 6Ji Months One Month l.OO WEEKLY Issued tiny 'Ihirsday. One Year I! 00 61i Months 100 fcntertd as Second-Oafes Matter at the Hardware and Mining Supplies.. hands Win n tio y must Heed up; t. and to assume whin drops the p party leadership in the widening horizon of the new century. It is a : -' 1 1 1 and picturesque figure the young t-nv-ernor makes as he advances to the side of the ihielTam who is ch ,i.g his public career. Youthful, u ll-balanced; a gentleman, a cowpum tier; a man of letters, a man of action; a clearheaded politician, a da-hing soldier, he has the respect of tho-c to v hom ability appeals, and he has tin- roaiihooil the sober tninilei! Maid working I prudent, iipiiglit. ami siii essfiil in i n uie tin- nioviriK force iti the pi ci e.-s ami prosperity of the Nation, ami who. having a stake in the continued reign of law' ami reason, nt-ferlv rejfrt the destructive doctrines Speciaf Summer Excursions. Via Burlington Route. Annual meeting. National Educational association, Charleston, S. C , July 7-13, 1900. Annual International Convention, Baptist Young People's L'nioD, Cincinnati. 0., July 12-15, 1900. Biennial Convention, National Republican League of the United States, Deadwood Postoflke. of the Chbago platform anil the ptin-i ipl's of the dangerous man who stood n it four vi-ars ago ami has stuck to St. Paul. Minn., July 17-19, 1900. JiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiimiimmiiii! admiration of those whom ai oni-plishmcnt. whether in the field of politics, arms or literature, impresses. He is today the most hopeful flgnii in Annual Convention, Young People's REPUBLICAN TICKET. For 1'iesidcnt WILLIAM Mc KINi.K . For Vice f'r.'sident THEODORE ROOSEVELT. if iw-r since. Sinator Morgan does not see. none i 'I Hrvan s trusted managers see, and a n not sure that manv Repulicans see. Christian Union of the Presbyterian Church of North America, Denver, Col., JUy 25-30. 1900. Biennial Convention, Knights of Py tt. it this electionis going to be decided I'V the votes of the men who work. thias, Detroit, Mich., Aug. 27, Septem Main. St, Deadwood, S. D, ber 1st, 1900. The above is a partial 1'st of some of the most important excursions to tne republican party, lie nas the . on-hdi'iiocof the anti machine men. and yet he bosses the nosses. Better than all. he has show n thi uout his p i olio work that he has a deep insight into the vital elements of democracy, that he lias a firm gilp on the principles which must guide an enduring ' public that In- is thru ami thru, a sound, self reliant and vigorous American. Hi- nomination, undoubtedly against his uislii s. and against his systematic ami stn iniotis lampaign to beat himself. as an unprecedented event in be run by the popular Burlington Iiy the hussiness intrests of the country That means the men who work mi the farms. in the factories an mills, in tin shops and stores, and in the employ if railroads from t'lesident to traik walkers, and in all the great and -ti!all industries of the I'nited States, whatever be thicr poMs or thier wages and tains. Il is u common intrest and and they are uoing to protect if hv route during the coming summer. For Members of Congress iihEN W. MARTIN, of Urir,u'. CHARLES H. HI HKE, of Hugiu-s Governor C. N. HERRI ED, of MtT'ttrson. Lieutenant Governor GEO. W. SNOW, of Doc Homie. fwrelary of State U. C. HEHG, of Slink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMBEFt. of Hut. hin.-on. A jiiitor J. I. REEVES, t.f Ilroun. Attorney (ieneial JOHN L. 1'VLE. of HeaciJe. Supt. of Public lufctrui lion - E. E. COLLINS, of Clay. Com. of School and I'ubhc Ltinl.- DAVID EASTMAN, of Roberts. Railroad Commissioner FRANK LECOCQ. of Douglas. LITO FEED Al SALE STA dates of sale, time limit, tickets, etc. J call at ticket office. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent. Good Saddle anu Diving Horse Furnished. Heavy Horsti ... the hisoirv of political onventions. It J. L. BENTLEY, Passenger Agent Teams Bought and Sold. Contracts taken to do heavy le!La or to move household goods and furniture. Dry wood for f ale'0 delivered. rhit-r votes. The Nation is extraordinarily pros-. va- lie- spontaneous demand of the lank and tile of the party, that was Steam Plant Wanted. Ttie British-American Gold and GEORGE BENNER. 509 Mains Copper .Mining company desires to not to be denied or evaded by cold arguments or discretion and expediency. It throws the young governor into the lampaign with an impetus that will unquestionably add much no mi-ntuni to the ticket. pel ous. Its wealth is rapidly increasing: its people are making moneyth conditions make business active and sjtfe. arethe eomiitii ns they wish to see continued The party that by its declared purposes the confidence of the pun tiase a steam hoisting apparatu with which connections can be mailt? tor a sawmill. The boiler and engine must lie of or -to horse power ca pat ity. Enquire of or address C. A business intrests will get the votes of a great majority of the people of! RAILROAD COMPANY MUST PAY. THE NEGATIVES. Candidate Hryan has made a talk to the State Photographers' association, in session at Lincoln last week. It is eminently fit that he should appear lie-fore these picture takers and acknowledge the i.etit of gratitude he owes the profession. He owes a great deal to the photographers. They have not only contributed largely to his fame as a presidential can Bron son. superintendent. Galena S. D. the lountry. j The federal court of appeals at St. o ' Louis has dismissed the appeal of Tom g The Ladies Bazaar g Silk WaiStS for this week at a l,ar-r;;:r. r: New Dress Patterns for sj-rino- o-"V.t. G. I. SOUTH DAKOTA OPINION. Sweeney and others against t hi j . C. R. It. Co. t'laintifts fur Howard Press; Miner county vul raise a bumper corn nop if it dosen'tj nished supplies to contractors who NOTICE. There be J12.4SO.('0 of state t hoel money on hand on the first day of July to loan on scbol bonds and improved farm lands In Lawrence county. Application for loans should Be filed in this office soon. Deadwood. S. P., May 15, 1900 Vv A. ZINK. Ccunty Auditor. Summer Goods in Pereaks, Mti get fiied in July and August. j White lake Wave: Several of ouri fc: 'haras, and all fashionable falir'vs r summer dresses and shirt waists. g Tailor SllitS fnr everyone, C"ir.e and ec. Mrs. Nott, - Main St. Deadwood didate, but they are alone responsible for his military record. Immediately after receiving from Governor Hol-comb his appointment as colonel of the Third Nebraska regiment he employed a retinue of koda.ters and artists of high and low degree to follow him up and take pictures of him by the thousands, showing him in the grim terror of military uniform, a in all sorts of warlme and heroic attitudes. These pictures constitute his military record and furnish Indisput built the road from Edgcmont to Deadwood. and the contractors failing, liens on the roadbed were riled and judgments secured against the railroad company in the federal court. The company appealed, which appeal is now dismissed by the court of last resort in these cases, and there is nothing left for the company but to dig up. Martin fc Mason of this city and Charles W. Brown of Rapid, conducted the cases for plaintiffs. X. K. Grlgss and Frawley & Laffey represented the defense. The cases have attracted wide attention. iti.sion ext nanges are indulging m spasms because, as they n laiin.son..e of the census enumerators have been trying to rind out the politics of those whom they Interview. We have heard of nothing; of the kind in this vicinity, hut even if it vveie so we doll f see how it would hurt ayone. For our part we are not ashamed ol out politics, and Notice to Contractors. St parate bils will be retoived by the Board of Education of Deadwood up to Friday, June i'9. 1900, for the following work and repairs on the public school buildings: Plastering, painting, papering, cleaning paper on the walls and picture frame mould-" ings. Samples of wall paper must be submitted. For particulars, apply to R. M. Unrah, janitor. The right to reject any or all bids is reserved. By order of the Board of Education. O. W. MATSOX, Sec. anyone who takes the trouble j0 a?i Wf've Got II! us will find out p. d, q. Woonsoeket Times: "Vhut a differ Yon want HI enee a few inches of water will mak" Let's n.aie a ecu. Our tea transactions art strictly ccifia tial. We've gr t tfce money, want the monev, so come and Notice of Meeting of the County Board of Equalization. Notice is hereby given that the board of county commissioners and us. able proof of his prowess. . Upon tbem was based the resolutions of the First congressional district convention two years ago, which, among other things, declared him to be "first in war" as he was first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen. Mr. Bryan can well afford to respond with alacrity and thanks to the invitation of representatives of a business that has done so much for him. That he did so shows that he has a becoming sense of gratitude and probably a hope that he would be kodaked again while in the act of addressing the association. Besides all this there is another bond ot sympathy between Mr. Bryan and his party and the photographers' association. They all deal in negatives. Negatives are their stock in trade. The hope 'of Mr. Bryan and his party is to negative ev Paris rair. The American exhibit at the Paris position will be an open volume, whose lessons of skillfully directed endeavors and unfaltering energy may be read by all. Our Government Building is completed, and no effort has been spared to make it worthy to represent our nation. It was by the same American perseverance that Hosteter's Stomach Bitters, the famous dyspepsia cure, was first produced. Since that time fifty years ago it has never failed to cure constipation indigestion biliousness, liver We have r. h.-.ti a Urges:: of unredeemed pledges at priceijl in the looks of people as well as crops in South Dakota: But it affects them gren, and dry weather makes people act gtreen. Every time the ground gets a little dry they want to sell out. and and they are ready to sell for a song and then sing it themselves; and after the rains they want to buy the earth and are ready to pay six prices for it. Strange isn't it? Yankton Gazette: Mac and Teddy! Nothing's the matter with that. Study the men. Look at them as private citizens; analyze their public acts. They below their cost cf nan'Jiactiirtl No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Office! the county auditor of the county of Lawrence. S. D.. will sit as a board of equalization at the office of the county auditor in the City of Deadwood, on Monday. July 2d. 1900. lit being the first Monday in July.) at 10 o'clock a. m. for the purpose of reviewing and correcting assessments of the assessment district of Lawrence county, (which includes all the ter T-T- and kidney troubles, and it will mak are falhable and may have made mis takes. There are not many marked against them though, and those are FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. not of the heart. Haven't they al r? E erything that is and should be with sufficient force to get possession of the offices. Likewise the success of rich, red blood. It is an excellent tonic and is a regulator for the bowels that cannot be equalled. All druggists sell it. Do not be talked into taking "something just as good." There is nothing equal to it. ritory within said county, except incorporated cities in said county which are designated as separate assessment districts under the general laws of the state for the year i900. and at the same time said boara will examine and compare the returns and assessments ways been .worthy of confidence? the photographers depends upon neg They are bold, progressive-, anxious, for the publice good, and withal tivlng everything possible, in order to build up their business. It was a not worthy of full confidence and depend lljNITED 5TATE5 DEp0S,T0RV able occasion for the negatives. We are positive of tnat. ence. Sc the people of the nation believe, and they will act accordingly next November. GOOD POLITICS BAD MORALS DIRECTORS: Elk Point Courrier: Cyclone Davis T. j. GRIER, ,P. t BPARKEP A KW1' 0. J. SALISBURY. Of the Chicago platform Senator Morgan says: "The safe course is to d. a. Mcpherson. stand by it. The people will under of each assessment district for the several districts of said county and proceed to equalize the same according to law. All persons considering themselves aggrieved by said assessments, or who wish to complain that the property of another is assessed too low are hereby notified to appear at said meeting and show cause for having sal dassessment corrected. Witness my hand and official seal this 22nd day of June. 1900. W. A. ZINK, (Seal.) - County Auditor. OFFICERS: stand us if we do that. A new align ment will lose us more than we gain.' Pssibly this is good politics, cert 1 Prealdaot u.J. SALISBURY CaaUer - - "waN ,1 came here direcctly from the Oregon campaign where he met with astonishing results. In 1896. with no fusion and no Cyclone Davis, the republicans managed to pull through with a trifle over 2.100 majority: this year, with perfect fusion and Cyclone Davis leading and aggressive campaign for anti-Imperialism and 16 tel. the republi ..J. a. I To the residents of the Third and Fourth wards, Deadwood: I have made as thoro canvass as it is possible to make of the above district, which was assigned to me, nevertheless, I may have inadvertently missed some people who ought to be enumerated. If theTe be any such, if they will leave their names and address at the First National bank, at the Pioneer-Times or Independent office, I will promptly call upon them. It is important to obtain a full and complete enumeration, and to this end I ask the co-operation of everyone whom from any cause, 1 have failed to see er call upon. DONALD E. McPHERSON. Census Enumerator. r t mum I Assist Cashier alnly it is detestable morals. Senator Morgan does not accept or belive in the principles of the Chicago platform. He has the hardihood to say that is "the true exponent of the Democratic creed," hut he Instantly qualifies the It Is Delicious cans went through with a whoop and something like 8.000 majority. We understand the Cyclone can spend only this, month in South Dakota: if he The best mocha and java coffee to j J. L. MARCOUX'S assertion by saying that "it has a few marginal notes that are to socialistic" and "Bryan has added some that we be found in the country is now on sale at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner Deadwood and Sherman streets. The could be kept here all summer we ininK mere wouia te no dimcuitv in can afford to ignore." Tricks of speech cannot conceal the vices of the plat BURLINGTON. ROUTE. making the republican majority about increased sales of this article which makes such a delicious drink, is evidence of Its superiority over all otheT 30,000. New Undertaking Parlors form nor the senators opinion of WATTERSON ON ROOSEVELT. Louisville Courier-Journal : Theo dore Roosevelt ! brands. The next bill of groceries you order, Just add to that your order for a pound of mocha and Java. Once tried, never forgotten, tf STANDARD CASH GROCERY. No. 20 Lee Street. Are the Neatpet anrl mrt rnmnlete :n t.e He brings to the ticket just the things that McKinley cannot give it. He is in every way McKinley's complementin age, in temperament, in The' Democratic National Connvention Only a few weeks until the big convention at Kansas City. Time you derided your route. Time you found out for yourself how quickly and comfortably you can reach Kansas City if you take the Burlington's 2:30 p. m. train with the only thru car Dead-wood to Kansas City. Close connections and only one night en route via this popular route. RATE. One fare for the round trip .tickets on sale July 2nd and 3rd, For; rates, berths or any further information call them, there are no marginal notes to the Chicago platform nor any other. Ita socialism is inwoven, inseperable, . and not be got rid of save by the destruction of the web itself. George III. might aa well have said the Declar- atio of Independence that it was all right save for a few marginal notes that were too rebellious; and that George Washington had added some that the British Ministry could afford to Ignore.. But it i not Senator Morgan's spurious InterpertaUoo. of the Chioago platform that gives an evil distinction to bis utterance. It is his All Embalming done by an expert. Only Funeral Car in the Black Hill record. In influence. He will supply the magnetism and inspire the ardor necessary to a hurrah campaign. He will light the torches and wave the flags. But he will do much more than THE CLIFTON HOUSE. Hot Springs. S. D. Ls now tboroug-blr cleaned and renovated and opeo to the public ptronce, with pleasant, cool, airy room in ctoce connection with the Minoekahta fcata home, the beet of accommodation, reasonable rataa. Tnna one dollar a day or t dollars a week. , MRS. HEVRIETTE CLOU KB. Proprietor. that He will attract a large element Telephones ji'iso- Calls answered promptly Day or Night. of the independent Tote, which thinks for itself, which rebels against boss on any ticket agent of the B. u. rule, which recognises and admires i .

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