The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 19, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JULY 19, 1899. with. I tell you what, this war Is -jot ti tit tut itt iintiitttiti uja YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS M. Liebmann went to Chicago. Dr. Clark returned from Sturpis. Mrs. J. T Shotwell went to Mystic. what It is crackad up to be. and I would rather work -on the section than be a soldier, altbo I hue seen a great many strange experiences since I left home. I could never get used in the way thesetniK- MONEY SAVED! returned from Hot gers have of shunting, at a fellow -they Chambers Ktllar Springs. : even try to hi i u.-. i mj-l.ut w are getting Mrl.auKhllii returned from Ho accustomed to !ui uv. I "I don't wiMi vuii auy had lurk but I W. I, Springs. I' W ami wife went to I wish you coiill have lvm h Hot I some of the ch.iru-i-.s uti the We save money by Buying Goods foij CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS. ... ere to make niggers, ami :-ight ; but see them run ". it Has V W ti. " John I'. Mi Cluii. of Hluris. was u mm W .. .1 A Ihixt - - n i i;v Mi.,s Kl uin II. i! th WeiU Isiai ill arrived there were lots ' it warm for us at us as fast a- "I suppose I , great deal. 1 d 'if Uiihs ihat Uiey made for Iby would throw leal hallstouei. l ailw.xjd has i hanged a m t suppose 1 could iind Si! illK-l-.X Siniih L""1 t i ., . her cleaning with half the effort. Mr.-. I iiiiii daughter relivrued I6 h'i'f t'"1 aS SaP r P" ;' ,. .- buy our large package. rr fnun ii visit in the southern Hills. Iln:i .1. 1 I'vle. atn-rney general of the i.iie. was in the rity between trams. ('. II Hauls of I i a Una. anil Mr. Mugglcy in I Mr I'li-rre of Chicago, went over to Sprarlish. f AlRBAN K COM r AIM T Chicago St. Louis New York Boston my way thru the First ward, but I would take my chances on t If I could get back there again. 1 we by the papers you have been having some awuflly cold weather there. I wish we had a liule of It here, for the sun down here Is a caution, altho We also Save money in buying goods in large quantities. Ttiis is made possible since we have six large stares in which to place them Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and each discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sail only tor OASIS. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, ' Consequently' you will find big MONEY SAVED Herman ItemUjld, of Custer, the mining; . , , . . . , , , . w do not mini ii .is much as I thought. EjjjlAL LOCALS. nmpanicri by his father, arrived . , QfiM , . . ., would, bull mint we ZIPP'S FOR FINE SHOES. Everything sew ajid neat at the Zlpp can fit any foot to perfection. CHEESE! CHEESE! FINE OLD NEW out In the trenches day after day, with the fr-uin Custer. Hon. John S. Robiuscn, of Madison, Nebraska, longressman from the Third district of Nebraska, is in the city. sun pouring down on him, with "nothing to drink but nasty warm water, it makes him think of home and wish for snowbanks. But I do not minu it here in the city, for Manila is a bustling place, altho .jT " Z1pp', ottFiwk Dark. Swings waler costs 75 He pure Crystal Spring! cfots; the celebrated 26 cents; fresh 10 any Prt of the Express office. Hariri Hiii'. ni ..the Hslmer. Clothing Shoes, i YORK CREAM CHEESE, FOR WELCH RAREBIT OR MACARONI. THE BEST IN TOWN FOR 12HC PER POUND, ALSO SOME MILD NEW CHEESE AT 15C. AT THE STANDARD CASH STOnE, 48 PHFKMAN 8T. The Delmonlco restaurant, which has been closed for a short time will rcopcu Wednesday, June 28. The patronage of the public is solicited. The best service has been procured and every thing will II. H Humphries, cdjirtant general of Hie .state, accompanied by his wife and daughter, passi d thru Ihe city, en rome In. inc. Id I- a u Ik l on. . o riiiKH' OK STATE CAVALRY. inovi in i r has been on foot for some thin past in Deadwood towards the organl-at. on of0a triMip of cavalry for the Stan National Cnanl of South Dakota, and an application lias been presented to Gov. BY I do not like the way it is built, for the s-ireets are verynarrow. 1 think in a year or two it will see a change, for as soon as this trouble is over there will be lots of good openings here. 1 expect to got my discharge here, and stay and see what I can do for myself ' do not know what I shall go at, but will look for the best 1 can find. 1 do not knov when the regiment will get out of tiere, but I do not think It will be until the trouble Is over. W dtr b"1 Ps'er- 728 Dry Goods and t (tr.j i BUYING mit Ike Holzner. - eamlned for glasser Notions at be found first class. I.i e. asking ihai he authorize its existence. A meeting was held in the fire parlors a i If i K- Snyder, the op- Cll.'Vlt.L.E.O OAOir, a uiu ii;iilmo wuiw I week ago Moinlav night, and Homer Uost iiiolflPT of Kfifi Main fltrppt In now I .,1 (lllil 1. i , a. www . .. ., . . . , owned and managed by JOL1TZ & SiSIHS SAY about Hood's WHERE THEY f I CHASE'S SELL CHEAP 3 ... , , . ior lue voiuuieeis ait me oiiiy ugmei? uu wick was recommended for captain. Ac- . .... the islands. I suppose you have seen by cornpanying Ihe petition was an endorse - ,, , , . the papers what kind nf a reputation the ineui by all the most prominennt business H . , , , ... , South Dakota boys have made for them- nien of the city, urging the governor to "" , ,, , selves. I will lie glad when it is all ovc make (he necessary concessions. It Is . . , for I don't want any more glory In nunc Oarr & Berry Block, Deadwood & Berry Block, Deadwood. iOarr L 11 Hn. .f I ? ? I f f I I t I I I 1 I I I I I l-fr LYNCH. Fish, game and poultry always In season. Order by telephone. Both phones. (tf) IF YOU WANT GUARANTEED PURE APPLE VINEGAR OF THE HIGHEST TEST, CREAMERY BUTTER OF THE FINEST FLAVOR. AND THE LIGHTEST WHITEST FLOUR ON THE MARKET AT THE LOWEST PRICES, GO TO THE STANDARD CASH STORE, 41 SHERMAN ST. known tnai l ne siaie caiiuoi luioiau ... ... ,,,!,-, 1 Give all the boys my regards. 1 hope 1 the troop with either arms or equipment, , , .,, ,v,, ,,, will make my stake soon, so I can come but Ihe members are in hopes that they ran secure the arms of the general gov- back and 868 ou ernment, as it is known that the ord- j Respectfully, nance department is well loaded up with ' FKBD C. BRUNGER. . ,, . , j i ,u h 1 Co. L, First South Dakota Vols, ordnance of all kinds. If th arms can be i...4i,,f,..,,i,i,.ti,,i in i i-i in 1 1 mo Utlat It cures when al. Sifci Therefore you Cjiood'i Sarsaparllla in Hi other. im biliousness. Mallea fli&lHood & Co., Low 1 ft dentil parlors aul bank. Deadwood. ' specialty, 'si nrk and engraving to kkjfffdet Satisfaction ill L Modem DentUtry krialalivreJ. Eighteen Eoseothal block, thttaa Delmonlco reatau lartofllce will open for ttat J8, w. rin tor the best meal In secured the troop can begin drilling, and A NARROW ESCAPE. SPECIAL SALE DAYS! the uniforms can be made a secondary . . . , ,h ' Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada B. Our baby has been continually troubled with colic and cholera infantum since his birth, and all that we could do for him di " not seem to give more than temporary re consioerauon. iud wmnj mm v, ,r t . , t a . ..m Hart of Groton, S. D.: "Was taken with service has been adopted, on account ot . j. ... Th. m a bad cold, which settled on my lungs; X me vaneiy oi urin ii auu.uo. "c ,u. .... jjn cougn sei la anu uuaiir tei luiuaiuu m bers have no horses, but they can drill on j , . ,K ,K. consumption. Four doctors gave me up. toot, ana sun go imu iuoic iwima luwi iuc .. mv in k... th. saying I could live but a snort, i gave Infantry arm could. They will have tne lief, until we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since giving that remedy, he has not been troubled. We want to give yoo this testimonial as an evidence of our gratitude. ,. . , . .. .kn myself up to my Savior, determined If carmnes, putnois arm bbui, wuho m , . . , . . . . ,. ., i could not stay with my mends on eartn, i nfantrv there would simply be the rifle. . , ., . ,j A.m would meet my absent ones above. My not that you need It to advertise your ir I 1 ne organization ueiu a mwuiig vuu.; ,. night in the fire parlors, and perfected a W" to et Ian'' MONDAT Furniture, all Kinds. Begin the work right by buying at the "ARK." TUESDAY Curtains, Pain ta. Fix your house. Trunks and Satchels, If you're going to travel. WEDNESDAY Stoves and Ranges. On these the best discount of all. THURSDAY Table China and Crockery. We have elegant patterns. FRIDAY Gran Re, Iroa and Steel Ware. Prices cot half la tw. Baby Carriages and Jumpers. SATURDAY Washing Machines, Wash Boards, Tuba, Boilers. Wringers. Ironing Boares, Sad Irene. Bay these today; you'll have 'em ready lor Moo day. GOODS DELIVERED. meritorious remedy. Q. M. Lawa. Keo cirll organization, by the election or D. E. MePherson as treasurer, and Charley nd ColU- 1 Te H a trial and took In . ., ... ..,.u all sight hottles. It has cured ms, and. joiliz as y re re ii j jr. oudiiou., am ... , ... thank God, I am saved and sow a well and mandlng officer, presides at all meetings .... hfuilthT woman." Trial bottles free at K. of the troop. By-laws were aaopiea; ana - kuk. Iowa. For sale by all Druggists. Mrs. Boatwick will give Instructions In embroidery and lac work Tueeday and Friday aftarnoona at Ui Williams street. Private elassea taught. Go to Mrs. Notts before another of thenw scorching hot days and get a puraso! and a fan from her large and handsome j , , .A ,, . u. ruiiui'i mi ovum. """" nominal uunj oa e ucrru Upvu, , ,. . t in,.,, cents and $1. Guaranteed or price re defray the expenses of the troop. There are now about fifty members who have ,unle1- .. . . , J . 1- -1 MM .K. -ftll .M.l ' O BUDscriDen meia uicir uaiuc. iuv NOTICE OF SALE i DEMOUTH'S "ARK" i others have signified their Intention to I I will sell at public auction at the Cliff become members fcome members. Un Risers eipel from jimotis accumulations, suck, bowels and llTer, W. TW drive away dls- ulueholy, tad five krtkl dally routin. to ai DBS 0. PHILLIPS. j HI, Crown and Bridge t (as tor painless Onr Phillip's Pbr- i 1 ., Wtacttng a Brat class l Derby. 3 BUNGLE ROOFS 'W'i mot paint It will Wruof and do mora good t market. Wosepn i :v:v; sMesssors to Charles ' dealers 1b fresh -IRQ and GAMS In see- tot prompt 4eil- , House on the Deadwood -Speai fish road, at Monday night's meeting was an enthu- 0.rlock SaUir(uy. August 5th. 18S9. one slastic success. Nearly every member of hrM and bugg7j loDglDg Xo Albert E. 70 Sherman Street. i..H..Hiiiii ii,,t nun in v the troop was present, and after the busl- DaIg pay the keep of uld horw frora ness had been dispatched, a couple of March, 1899, to date of sale, unless sooner Dr. Collier", together with other dlseasee, treats specially all diseases of women and children. Soe him at his Osteopathic Institute, at 41 Leo street. For the purpoae of selecting a cadet and alternate for appointment to the Military Academy at West Point, a competitive examination will be held at Mitchell on July 27th. For particulars, write to Congressman Chas. H. Burke, Pieiie, 8. D. - r h r.nlltr. sDeclallst in diseases paid. MRS. CHAS. TRAVER. Deadwood, S D., July 16. 1893. hours were devoted to social pastime and refreshments. . Will Zoeckler was present with his phonograph, and he gave a number of his choice selections. Short addresses were made by Judge Bennett, M. J. Donovan, and others present, and C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, o- MIDSUMMER ATTRACTIONS. With the thermometer up above eighty tho aweet nee berlnnlns; to bloom. nativ everything passed off smoothly. k'..i Mnnriav nizht the trooD will meet utrawberries lust eomlnar Into market, and HEADQUARTERS "kj.k..!., . . i .mi children is Dermanently lo- again, but this time for work. The opera summer gowns and hammocks much in hntiflp has been secured for weekly drill, evidence, the dry goods merchant looks BICYLCES, - tomb s uough Re"- ' - rears and alw . c,ted n Deaawood 8-ntl may found at l.. . J I . ..... . ...... , n.iu.,lKv FOR" and the members will take their first in- anxiously over the piles of organdies, dim "Jlltr. W. B. Coop- "Tsr small children we tfeeUTt." For sale r the Black mhis insutuie ui """i"""' Ho will be assisted in his work by a lady osteopath. Dr. Collier comes to us highly recommended as an osteopathic doctor, and tho totally blind, the doctor has acquired a skill In osteopathic science second to none. and BICYCLE SUNDRIES. The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills. i 'k hue, M tnr uq, Cm it .v. . . . - uiu JUODDT. GoffM aekui thsmoratng, The people of this olty are taking to the Kindergarten quite favorably, and the jtructions on that night. They will be uies and swlsa muslins, that load his taught the position of the soldier, the fac- shelves, and figures how to get rid of them ings, foot movements, steps, cadences, and make room for the thick heavy stuffs salutes, movements by fours, and when that will be in demand wheu the snow far enough advanced in the squad, the flies. Then the summer girl whose gowns troop drill will be taken up. Mr. Bostwick were not all made In lent, profits by the has put in twelve years of his life in na- merchant's necessity. tional guard work, and has belonged to Mrs. Nott, of the Ladies' Bazaar, has al-some of the crack sratlonal guard organ- redy begun to slaughter prices and be-Uatlons of the country In his time. It cause the Black Hills ummers rre lat is believed that he can form a troop in nd the falls long and warm. It Is worth Deadwood, and one that will be a credit to, every woman's while to go and look oVei the city. The drill is beneficial to every these summer goods which will Lo sold al one, and no one will regret having gone greatly reduced prices to make room for tnru jt. the fall and winter stock which Mrs. Ncjtt - win mn ta Nsw York to buv the first of ssm I sssssssssBsni m m I r i i T I I w teacher. Miss Glaie Strong is meeting with all kinds of encouragement from parents TRY MORMON BISHOP'S FILLS for aU diseases arising from dies- .MAkinv fn nu avar ss TSarBk patlon, asH-aouse, exttw w . -- ,. A Brags back your manhood, sure, depleted, wornout men. makes m. that have children of kindergarten age. Miss Strong opened school Monday morn-Ins; In the basement of the Congregational Church. Miss Maude Baggaley, who has red blood ani tissue, arsa wuumi - 7 , .... . lngly strong? cures Impotency, lost power. bad dreams, shrunken organs. deepc-deeey. V.V constipation, adds lustre to tha ayes. Mops aervous JV,! ii. m.w nr. wartk iivinc. a boosi to young or old. MO&Mun take a course of kindergarten training, is FRED BRUNGER. LETTER FROM Former Deadwood Boy Writes from Us lending her . valuable assistance in the movement. Miss Strong has been qualified by several years of training and experience to rlv. children their early Instruction, September. In addition to a fine Hoe of summer dress goods, Mrs. Nott oilers great bargains In lingerie, all kinds ot up to-date neckwear, parasols, tans, summer day or night. Don't d.lay. Price withh, tbejj reaefcol att 2 Price a box. M eenta. 4 for JIM by naU erndtor tree elmlMT. BISHOP REMEDY CO.. Ban Francisco, OaL For Bale by N. B. FBANKUN, Palace Pharmacy, eDadwood. S. D. Philippine Islands. and ah oght to be appreciated for som- Gilbert Parker, of this city, has Just re-celved the following letter from Fred Brunger, formrfy a barber In this clty. but now In the Philippine Islands, wltb ln In and Instituting a school In the race corsets ranging In price from 85c to S6c. and every other thing neces"r to the happiness of the summer girl ani her mother. of the many dHfflcultUs that ons Is bound "rtel a'storaga and h Harding flre- bw. the Plooeer- itorige, auction and ' -. -: , ... wipledbr Dr. uxralra ot F. IX l? Ko. fit, liarrhoeV wOl U et Mr. W. If. wanea, ' Prorl- Tor MTeral . ' WMtant snfferer ent attacks oom-i" m Adoring me koUL About desman kind- Chamb. iV? MM 1U . . ever I feU 1 TOn'4 fortify .'" wmt naa .U'4 "mort eon,. om.ih riakots. volunteer!. The spjtfiiiMiAnmasw to encounter In a new town and among strange people. The accomplished young VITIU1M ivjf.w. - - tne r ii . v. - ...... ... written from the First Reserve i iciic. lady comes from Oalesburg. Illinois, where I no.pitaM. at Manila, May 28 I . . . . Single Coupon .he baa been an Instructor In the Kinder , AW. ITInrlar. 'Your kind and welcome letter was re PIoneer-1 imeA Free Scholarship garten Normal. ceived and read with pleasure. I was glad to hear that you are all well,' and I THAT THROBBING HEADACHE. am glad to say that this leaves me feeling ! TT: id -ulte well Main. My arm 1. getting along ONE VOTE lor the most popular young It ly in the Black Bills. ' would qmcKiy i;.,r , - not know what x wlli SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES. Allen's Foot-Ease. powder. It cures painful, smarting, nervous lest and Ingrowing nails, and Instantly takes tha (ting out of corns and bunions. It's ths greatest comfort discovery ot the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain, cure for sweating, callous and hot. tlfed, aching feet. Try It today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By maU tor tH. tn stamps. Trial' package FREB. Address. ASM 8. Olmstead, La Roy, N. T. Dr. Ktofl NW xniUci- have t operated on a.n. for It did not of oSerer. tav. prore W " J! me: however. , AM aot h.vo Name of Jfoung Lady. .MISS- : mlt lor Sick and werrou. -?u- . - - fc achM. They make port Dlooa "BU ' snds. tions nerrM and buUd up your Beano. Wall, tha war still goes on. anno mere CUT THIS OUT. Deposit at or Mall to Moneer-Tlmea Eay to taka. Try tuem. Only 1 lu, not been much fighting lately; bot there are lots of hardships to eontena Vony back It not cured. Bcua vj rur tips ft Bteoxuen. Drwtat

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