The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 19, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, jtfLY 19, 1899. Plants for balk Hill, or Camp Stotsenburg. ThU U where Assaying SO: Gild and Silver the Nebraska regiment iu camped before Having decided to quit the Hot House the war broke out. I business, I will sell about 2000 plants of STYLE! It is very dose to the north line, and 1 .all varieitles for what they will bring, suppose we will have to (Jo outpoet duty ' A. DANIELS, Ten men have been tolc out of each com ! Deadwood Greenhouses. The Union Assay Office, A FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER Will ofen cause a horrible burn, scald, cut nr bruise. Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the pany to murk quarters, and will go out tomorrow and pitch tents. Our goods will all lie sent up the river in canoes. Barrack will also be built at (he new can;, but 1 am afraid they will be considers! too Rood for volunteers. I do not know ben the regiment w ill come in. but I otn be6t In the world, will kill the pain and promptly heal It. Cures old sores, fever NO. 37 LEE S73EET, DEADWDOD, S. D. "Will Give. Correct Results of Gold and Silver for 5Cc. sores, ulcers, boils, felons, corns, all skin suppose il will In a day or two Our eruptions. Best pile cure on earth. Only m- camp is in a Kootl locution, and alt hi (Throng? if In the OJJla On A.U Samples Established In 1889. M. H. Lyon & Co Agents for the Blickenderfer $36 00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. it is harlly what I believe we deservi-when there are several thousand regular-laying around town, it will neverthele - be a god rest for the regiment. It i about three miles from here. Pan Fernando is very dead, except v.f -h the insurgents take it inlo their head-to worry us a little. Once in awhile th.- gather up enough courage to bring a lit tie two-pounder in range and fire a few shots of shrapnel al us (ur at the sIV.i drawing further away with each shot. When a scouting party goes out to hold a consultlation with the insurgents, cannon, and all, disappear. If they were not so :5 cents a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by K. G. Phillips, druggist. o RANGE HORSES. Barrett & Zimmerman, Midway horse market, the largest range hrse dealers In the northwest. Have commodious facilities specially arranged fur handling range .horses with large corrals and pasturee in connection and with their stables midway between Minneapolis aud St. Paul, where range horses can Se disposed of to a better advantage than elsewhere. Minnesota Transfer, St. Paul, Minnesota. Aetna Powder Co. r MINES AND MINING Thf Form and Make Are What Count, LorA at our Clothing. The wide square shoulders, the broad lapels, the ffracefuj hang. They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. Trie Clothing shiwn by us is especially made for us. We know all about it and will gxi aran tee i u Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloiea and white shirts, Wil-son Bros Best are not too f? ood io'r our CUSTOMERS. It's 647 Main Street, Where you get the best assortment in Boy's Clotninsr, Extra Kaee PantB, shirts and Waists for the little fallows. OUR Ties are the talk ot the town. OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Prices the lowest. The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. CONDITION AROUND CAMP CROOK. Idaho, from which point he will Investigate some of the mineral resources of this, the afraid of losing their cannon they might do some effective work. The only good O. O. Dennis, division freight agent for ' the Elkhorn, returned Sunday from a trip newest Eldorado of the west. work they have done with it so far was R. M. Maloney, formerly prominent as to Camp Crook, on the Little' Missouri two days ago. when the gun boat Cava- a mining man In Colorado, has just com , Where ha had been for several days In the menced operation with a large cyanide Interests of his company. Conditions In dunga was patrolling the lake. The insurgents fired a shot at 4.000 yards, and sent the spllnteri flying In all Idireetions in the stern f nd of the boat. plant on the Deadbroke mine In Blacktall thai section are the best that have ever gulch, South Dakota. L. 8. Thompson, formerly of Cripple been known there. It la a splendid year for stockmen, and the beef shipments this . year will be fully as great as those of last We have been expecting to see the Creek, Is exploiting the phonolite ores In Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, " Battejy Supplies, W. E. ADAMS COMPANY. Oregons start for home every day for the past two weeks, but they are slow starting. We see little hopes of our getting home for the next three or four months. Applications for discharge will go out of the Black Hills. His operations recently uncovered a ledge of phonolite ore id Rutabaga gulch said to carry 100 In gold, o year. The general round-ups are all over, and the cattlemen are feeling exhuberant ; over the outlook. The losses on the range during the winter were nominal, and cattle re now In prime condition. There was a here In swarms after June 11. and mine light shrinkage of the alf crop, but that will be among them. These Insurgents is more of a beef than a calf country Site eountry Is largely devoted to the ma can not be whipped. They must be surrounded and compelled to lay down their Ragged Top Mining. F. M. Wall was down from Ragged Top yesterday on business. He says he has a lease on a portion of theDscorah mining claim, on Green mountain, and has been making shipments of ore to the cyanide arms, before they will surrender. Th:f turing and fattening of beef cattle that are tired In the southern states, and shipped or something our generals have not tried Woodchoppers Wanted I can employ six wood choppers. Steady work. Going wagej. IRA HOISINGTON, Keystone, South Dakota. plant In Spearnsh. The owners of the De- to do so far. It has always been move forward, to drive the rebels out of one corah are working the other portion of V ' driven north to be raised and fattened. Mr. Dennis says the beef animals are Iu better shanB Just now than they have been for years, and the cows are fatter Jhan the steer were last year, trench, when they would Immediately the claim, and taking out ore for ship ment. Mr. Wall has made some shipments from some mining ground on which he has drop behind another. Is it a wonder that we get discouraged? We have fought and marched until there Is little left of us. We have borne the hardest part of the TOMBSTONES. IRON FENCING -o a lease a short distance from Ragged Top, Full Line of. Hs had made arrangements with some out MINING 18 A BUSINESS. Mining 'i a, legitimate business. It Is not "mors speculative than most lines of service In these Islands, c while several side parties to put up a cyanide plant on regiments of regulars have lain in their j the ground this summer, but nothing has MONUMENTS Foreign and American CAMERA'S been done towards it so far. barracks, and In the face ef this I do not think any quarrel can be found with us Allen, Small. States and others, who are AND for wanting to be relieved?. Makblk and Granitb LEW R. SHARPE. Company L, 1st S. D. Vol. umce at n. caima 660i Mam si. f h CAT F Awr OUR PLAY-GROUND SUPPLIES AT Fishel's Bazaar, 663 Main St. putting up the little plant on "Calamity gulch, will have their mill running within a short time, and will be receiving custom ore by not later than September. The American Mining1 company is laid up for the present, owing to the bits being worn out The rock thru which the drill has been running has been very hard oa the bits, and the steel In which the car-boas are set has keen worn away to such an extent (hat the carbons have no protection, and are thus broken or lost. The Dear Brother: I send you a booklet that I hope you wlil ujinnmxiujsuujiujnsujm am read freely. We are anxious to arouse more Interest In our branch of the Y. M. C. A. Please accept enclosed ticket of admission to the Jeremiah Moggleton' Swimming Tank, a donation from a pre- in Si CniTTlTT i n I ITT sctous member who no longer needs the III I) El LIIM purifying agencies of this fleeting world. company had to sendt o St Louis for new Yours In the comforting hope of a re The Famous Black Hills vived spirituality. bits, and this requires some time. business. It requires skill and good judgment, and some capital to win success; With these success is almost a certainty. The man who constructs a pyrltlc smelter where the ores carry an average of less than U per cent ol sulphur will bo very aertain to make a failure, of hi enterprise. The man who builds a large milling plant en prospect and then goes gunning for ore with which to keep It in operation. Is quits likely to make a failure. The maa Who puts his menef a secret process guaranteed to aave mora value than Is hows by a Are assay enght, end always does, lose his cask. It is' amid thai M per cent Of the men who embark In business make failures. It may be said that every sea falls who attempts to conduct a business which he does not understand. The greatest successes In the business world are attained by those who are able to choose first class assistance. If you do not naderitand the business of mining and ST? not abls U select a' maa who doe, to handle your enterprise, dont Invest la mining. If you do, you are safer la mining than any other builttessa, Ths treat majority of men who mine with Intelligence and good judgment, succeed. The percentage of those who succeed 1 li greater than In any other line of busls Hess. "V" ''.' On all personal property ' REUBBN PRAIRIEBLOSSOM. Gen. Sec. Y. M. C. A.. Hamilcar. Mo. 0 value. A large stock of i Rich strikes were made last week in Jnly 15th. unredeemed Dledees at sur Thanks tor the ticket, but I have never Summ-r Resort both the Monarch and Hailstorm mines at the head of Two Bit gulch. Ia the Monarch the shaft had been sank sixteen feet prisingly low pricrs. AH?? Business strictly coo fidtutial I Till Diidfood Lou Offl 1 21 Lee Street. !, learned to swim. No time to learn. Been too Susy with other people's business. If I had stopped to acquire superficial accomplishments like swimming, rowing end and the work of drifting had only been Sylvan Late Dole). begun when a body of ore was encountered which runs as high as $600 to the rhnmnn -l Elevation feet. Dry air. Ho wBa'---u . ! WWUIIUUin nnn-rnnrui -"'""'" bicycle riding. I should never have seen able ts glvs Jays like vow the advice (hat ton la gold. weather unkaowa. Mowataia scenery aa- that also can save you from ruin. surpaese. Hawser Peak by donkeya. E. o. Johnson at Bin City. S. O. at !53 Well the, let's begin to talk business. Boating ob the Lake. dwsfri agsnt and headquarters (or the riok I am forever talking business or something House Is aew aad modern In appoint else. Uvea la say sleep I talk. . T'other ments, FIRST NATIONAL BANK day I esatght my wife reading a book called "Thw 8ileBC of Deaa Haltland." I vertical free milling gold mines sad copper properties of the Southern Hills. Bow era prospects as promising as tas Holy Terror was are for sale oa reasonabls term. Telephone or write for particulars. :.. ..- : ' (tt) Send fee seaveaer views. T. B. COLES. Manager, Caster. 8. p. threw it ant. Who ever heard of any good coming . from silence? Except of comae the reverential silence of the unlvense DEAD WOO DROUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS $150,000 when It Hstess to Me. ' WOOD CONTACT TO LET The Hamilcar T. M. C. A. booklet Is bad ly printed. The cover Is old rose, an it We was to contract with reepoaslble ought to be terra -cotta. The Ink Is of the GUSHUKST DIRECTORS: o. j. sa1jsburt, t. j. a bpajrks, p. d. a. Mcpherson. party to furnish as (cutting and hauling from laaas alloted us by government) color of split pea soup. I prefer mock turtle. Altogether the appearance ot (tie FIVK THOUSAND CORDS WOOD. HOLY TERROR MINING CO. work offends me. How, to that case, san It hope to succeed? OFFICERS: PreWBt....O. J. "AJiSBTJltY I Cashier ....U. A. McPHERSON Keystone, - - - South Dakota. - VOLUNTEERS ARK BITTER. A South Dakota Soldier Writes of Grievances In the Philippines. Manila. P. I.. Juns X. 1899. Sack to Manila again for the first time la three months. I was seat in from San Fernando three days ago with ths dysentery. It seems good to be back agaala la the old town, with the right kind of food and the old shower bath. fi ,-. The Souh Dakota regiment Is la very bad condition. Major Warns, the regimental surgeon, recently had a clash with Col. Froet It seems that ths -major bad Bomettaes a microcephalia has ths awrve Vicw-preaideai T. J. GKIUR Assist ashler... J. S DENaUK to demand reasons for my Judgments. To suck reply as "Mother" Eddy, the : SHIPMENTS OF TUNGSTEN. Al args amount of wolframite, or tungsten. Is being shipped out of the Black Hills this year, and the men who are paying their attention to It are doing better than they were in m'nlng for gold. At least three different outfits are making these shipments,' and they are getting' from 1150 to 1300 a ton for their product All of tht ore Is sold thru agents representing foreign firms, most of the ore going to Germany, where It Is used In the manufacture of fine cutlery.- Some of those who bar made shipments of this ore .to the market are the owners of the Two Strike, of Tellow creek; the Durango mine, just west of Lead; and the ITarrlson mine, situated near the Durango. The Two Strike sent seven tons and a fraction some months ago, and oa July . 4, the owners received a check in payment for 9S6 and some cents." The Harrison mlns has hipped fifteen or twenty tons, said the -owners have been setting from '.Z9 to 1200 a ton right along. Ons thous- Christian Scientist, replies to her ques tioning converts. Certain things are right snd certain things are wrong because I Sill say so. Now let tnat settle iu Tfte Difl8FBica BBtffBBl Panflls. Brother Prairleolosaom. you u never been carrying a very heavy sick list and Col. Frost accused him of "padding" ths CIGARS . . " iv istneuMl to be Bsaosia nm VZL. draw the youth of Hamilcar lata yeurT.M. C. A. anleaa you get up a livelier program uu uainsa nmt Tin mrmx. reran to . . 4. i 1 sick book, but when aa 'ofneer runs up against the doctor he has to take the f1 " sst aad raised up by band; taese win slweys iss tsJk rapidly and easily, and tors oat as A No. 1 tatters," .j very tame and tu tv. tm Pamita eMfss GIVE A ot fall aad winter lectures. Talks oa ths synoptic gospels aad oa German methods worst of It usually. Major Warns at once (tr,pPPd- wbJeh win never lean to talk, never JJT f a rule never do well tm tmntlwtf. tea alancth of tins, ""aw. of exegesis woat do. , If yon want to savs Sailed for a regular army doctor from J souls from sin, why In thunder' don't you town, who verified Warne's statements. a t v Uaad dying o wary soon.-Beware e peddlers ffbj tor haad-ralsed ones. There are noosof ths Utter thla time ol the year. Tlwnrstyow Parrots win not wtn m ssks WS wu ( I 1 7"im -on wy Mm. hmim -asvisiia Miim .1 1 f rate f kiit-.JL swwa. " . .wa utur A 1 mMitet thla time ol fee year. The first youaf. L TrTTTVi: w111 before) the aext two wseas - --w have lectures from practical sinners re y. -7 The whole regiment was thes called up before a board of regular army doctors. ordr oraers lor KhI.VtJINB RiKrn-D 1 10m formed of course? Get some expert monte maa to tell ot his nefarious but lucrative 0 F arrets now, as our mrsr tit Tory Urge consignment withia ths aw b tmrtr Is snd the next day ISO men were sent te we.kWHr...w,."r!La OrCOMFGfl1 rrl dollars was paid to the owners of the r Ins before ths first shipment left the ' imp. The Durango mine has also shipped 1 fteen or twenty tons, and the owners are Industry. Let soma penitent soubrette, Manila. Ths board barely found tea per GELSLER'S BIRD STORE. 'J&jSmV - p- HAV no agsnt on tot road. - cent of the men with normal temperature. The boys have all beea run -down with v oiklng over their dumps, sorting out the plucked as a brand from the burning, make the open confession that is said to be so good for the soul. ' I can furnish you oa easy terms a halftone ballet beauty warranted to fill your lecture room to over dysentery and oher sickness, and soma of t ir rten. They have not beeo at work In : mine for months. . They are making them look like skeletons. I nave dropped off, too, and I hardly think you would know me If you met me on the street .. 1 pay out of the ore, and they have a a amount of it that baa lain outside flowing). -: ' ,- r : - - ": I will write and Illustrate- lor you The doctors put up a strong talk to have A-DAV1S SONS ft CO. MAKERS f rears. , THE BRITISH-AMERICA!! COLO AKD C3PPZR MIKIKC CO. Assay orctoo, "H8.H0Tf1lCfi,ulA1,m, the regiment taken off the line, but Gen THE DERBY " ; li ludqnirters fir Ytos; Liquors and m eral thought city life would be tod great a 'strain on the nerves of the volunteers JOHNCWOODWaROacXL MINING PERSONALS. (From Mining Reporter.) , booklet that will not only catch the young men, but will bring even the fathers In Israel to the front beeches. If you aren't pleased with my work, ask me to send after three months In the field, and de- E. E. Eurilngame, the well known assay- WHOLESALE wSTKBUTERS s-COVNCJL BLUFFS.IOWAr0! cided to send us into camp at Santa Meaa your money back and see me do It tr( jeft Denver Saturday for Boise City, " eeriBUi asMaat Of Rmuii 7 ""os work. f. H.CA5TEHK3 Ms. stf Maaamet. . .

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