The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 25, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 2,:, i:.iyv THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAIOTX10H B. EL YESTERDAY SPERSONAL. rri John Russell left Sunday for THE CITY ..Smoke the Two Orphan cigar, tf Try a Two Orphan cigar. tf Short Orders at the Club. Mln-ne kah-ta water for the stomach. Try It. Theodor Knutzen left for Sappin A full tin of art draperies at La- We Pledge Ourrelves in Favor of I TonT'Montana. Harris Franklin left Sunday night for, New York on business. Col C. W. Carpenter" left. Sunday night for his home at St. Paul. ft , dies' Baaar. ? "Cuba's Choice" 16 iamous for Its " . elegant flavor 5c. Ask your dealer. "WANTED. Barber, at No"6 Lee , j -1 ,. treet. Dead wood. Apply at once. ' f V FARGO baa just received a com- J ' .:. tllAtA IItia ftf ttld PairATit ohnAa tf The king of iTcent cigars is the Tw Orphan. Try one. tf A 10-cent smoke for a Dickie Is the Two Orphan cigar. tf Latest things in Curtain Swiss, 15c to. 35c, at Ladies' Bazaar. U your deale does not keep the w i ul' 'u-toiinTs from o rri Iki i iiiisstntcmciits Pr otejtioR ' F. H. Weeks of Colorado Springs.: is in the city on mining business. Born 7 To the wife of R. F Flinter- ! mnn. Monday. September 21. a son. i two Orphan, tell hum to get them of "J Dr. Bismarck von Wedelsfaedt and B. Stewart & t o. -C " James W. Fowler returned on the riorning train from a business visit to Chicago. J. W. Higbie, of Russell & Higbie, II THE FO u BirroN ' SACKSUIT WEAIII vol W I fur Everyone' with I lie Mn Imnl u Lo lics most lor liis i -i i -t . i j 1 1 -r- of interior tjii,i!iiics. inthir.-ii free Trade Proiiiuition All tho fruits and vegetables of the season at the lo vest prices. Standard rvturhetf home after an absence of six hiuli pll opi -esM i sister. VNs Elizabeth, left for Omaha. ! fo sitend Ak-Sar-Hen week'. I Col. A. J Kellar of Hot Sprities. j spent yesterday in the city. ' spent the day in the city. A. ft ThwnbTif e?me met- from Spenrflsh yesterday and left on the ' evening tra'n for Valentine. Neb C. f! Hoi ton Sr and wife, who have : Cash Grocery. Carnations. Winter bloomers, very fine, for sale at the Deadwood Green house. A. Daniels. i Red u c tioff l llii lVojile's Kiinlen ;uel I ; i -1 : I!uirln:ir t;ix protits. weeks given over to recreation and pleasure In New i ork Cltyand other Atlantic points. W. H. Whealan lost the little finger Of his right hand in Stearns planing mill yesterday. His hand was brought In contact with the cut-off" saw at the mill. To prevent consumption quickly, cure throat and lung troubles with ma tmm i I n vi-iting their snn in tin'-; if. 1 One Minute Cough Cure. Kirk G. Phil Buy As Yon Vote Intelligently I i Yesterday was the Jewish New Year and was observed by the ortho left Sunday nlsrin for their ho'ne in Omaha. Henry I". .Seaman of the t'are.nter Paper (onipanv. will leave for Omaha on this morning's B. - M.. to celebrate dox Jews of the city. A number of their business houses were closed dur Ing the day. lips The longer you smoke them the better you like them. We mean the Two Orphan cigars. tf For next Saturday's Special Sale, see Chase's ad on page four of this issue. D. SuiUQ can save you mone.. ! Men and Boys Clothing iiti!-. A Beautiful eyes and a handsome face fcre eloquent commendations. Ilright with his family his silver wedding. Mrs. W. M. Tlodtre and little daughter and Mrs. H. W. Somers. returned to their homes in Rapid Cifv after a week's vivjt in the family of Rev. J. W. Bnrron. eyes are windows to a woman's heart I rm IIP Rocky Mountain Tea makes blight flats 'Sits and Underweaii eyes. Ask your druggist. on lumber, ah u-e, ass ran "-jw e ! Marriage licenses were issued yes Mrs. Charles Marsh, wife of the ! k fi-"re with : tu. Go to Vienna Bakery and Cafe for ! W ft ! manager of the Bullock, left on the Burlington for Omaha. Mr,. Marsh .will ioin her there next week. Makes women graceful and willowv. Gloves, Socks Stockings, Ice cream. Served every day. 6.o Main street. " tf terday to A. Maillard and Kate Bet-sel, and D. L. Pinkham and Maryy Roeslin, all of Lead. Both couples were married yesterday by Judge Early in his office. Mrs. J. R. Hickox yesterday gave a small luncheon party in honor of Mrs. SPIDER-LEO LNCOLORED JA Keeps one from becoming heavy and i PAN TEA. WITHOUT ANY WAR TAX ON IT AT STANDARD CASH FORTHEdBIG andlittle folks. AS 'ANI)lI)ATl-:s fur v.Jiir p;iti-nn;i.- ivi- ale H. H. Mund of Chicago, who is visit GROCERY 48 SHERMAN STREET. clums-v. That's what Rocky Mountain Tea does. .T.e. .Ask your druggist. Charles Williams, colored, was ar-l cited Sunday for assault ami bat-ft ry on L. P. Stone. He appeared before Judge Kailv who sentenced him ing Mrs. J. S. Harding and Mrs. Joseph King. Today Mrs. Mund will be the guest of honor at a luncheon Another special sale at Chases' Saturday read about it on page 4 cf this issue. i given by Mrs. John Westpheling ZOELLNER BROS. CO. Mr. James Wilson of Newbugh DeWltt's Little Early Risers are N. Y., who has been spending the sum prompt, palatable, pfeasant, powerful, purifying little pills. Kirk G. Phillips. to ten days in ail. Mr. and Mrs. Brink, of Ft Moi-gar ::re in the onV. t-iu--'y. f tin ir nainrhter. Mrs. (in-t S' r ' b--: alii' family. . Anderson. ,,s , f ft. M.'igan, a lnother of Mi-. S- u'ic x. is i- ;th them. mer with his son, A. V. Wilson and family, left yesterday for his home. He exnects to return by way of The sweetest smoke on tne mar THE PIONEER 'CLOTHIERS OF 1876, 647 ?MA1N STREET, , DEADWOOD, S. D. Washington, D. C, which city he has B B "C'rru i "'j,wTii Itie Adkr CiolhiiHf ket for 5 cents is the Two Orphan cigar. tf not visited since before the war. F. D. Smith handles Dotblng but th ' Lowe Is having a special sale on fall suits this week, and while he is catering to the men folk, he has not forgotten the ladies. A discount of hosi gr8de smithing coal. Call telephone 97 for uniformed mes- tenger. Prompt service, u. u. I. lo. SOMETHING UNUSUAL. A clear Havana cigar for 5 cents. Paxton &. Gallagher & Co.'s Little Eifel. F. M. Gantz. D. I. S." Modern Dentistry of ah kinds, ias administered. Eighteen years n experience. Rosenthal Blc'ck. o YEARS AGO. If you want a sweet, fragrant 33 1-3 Pr cent has been made on all dress patterns in his stock and there are hundreds of them to choose from. When you are down town just drop in and look the goods over. You are bound to see plenty of bargains. scuoke, try a Two Orphan cigar u cents. tr Nsvsr Btfars j In Black Hills History Ha tn- - 1 . .ti v ( i i ' 1 ' -' 1 y r , lr t ice 1 rn'Vf r 1. ' i.--- firt- t,---r-- v'i i,,i t 'imtI , Ti r :U- - i :' H. .;- 4- tr-- U VT t,n,.in '.'if' H. R. LOCK & CO., Iia w.c, ftf ,1 ,. 8 I ladies' minstrel show, under the piano for my famllv. Hav mall More was started in 'Deadwood by a yVmns man yet in hi- a-h in hand would not at that time permit him to lmin h m'n 'h- a ho.-. Is the only regular dealer -i ' auspices of the ladies of the Congregational church, will be given at the opera house in the near future. The ladies having vtlunteered their ser vices will kindly report at the opera No. 39, by Bullock Hotel. When yo4 v.ant to go .o Central take Tuller's hack. Stand In froLt ot N'o. l Lee street. Fare 2jc. The pro-re. riM: nations of the world house tonight at 7:30 for rehearsal. 1 Th La'l Other Kft ow ' In I'in.WirHi liy. 1 hl inpl W.,ik ir M.a'.. :,i.:y i Ernjst West and Miss Kathtrine rt:any dlMVp nt lines whic h his ambition piompt ,l him to. but tit;-- U him tor se veral months to a i-'mall but i Imn stork of dry poods and t -in.. Time flew Ity and the young man was daily taking advanta-evMy opportunity that presented itself to enhirge his stock. C.r,c!',,i-:. it grew, wei'k by week, and mon'h by month, new -roods were added. . r.ess grew as the populace of the city destined to be the metropolis ,-; Hlmk Hills and famous thruoitt the entire land, grew into thou-.tnd-. Year by year since that time this stoie has added new departments .r..i at the present time it is onf of th largest in the west and can e -ot the most mammoth stocks of any concern west of Omaha. Tin i this increase tho they have stueg byy their first love. dry. good.? and ilfh- - I Smith, both of Deadwood, were married yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock by Rev. McFanane, pastor of Trinity Mtihodist church. The ceremony w as aie the great food consuming nations. Good food well digested gives itrtngth If you cannot digest all you eat, you Mrs. M. J. Morgan left last night n for her home in Blaifstown, Iowa, in t response to a telegram saying that .. her father was dyingv He had been ill but a Short time, being in fairly good health when Mrs. Morgan left home . about a week ago. During her absence, Mrs. Morgan's place , in the school room will oe filled by Miss ' - Kate Phillips. . .. The Bachelor Maids gave a very . unique 'and delightful entertainment 1 last night at the home of Mrs. W. L. , Faust on Ingleside. About one hun- dred ladles were present, bachelor 'jrmaids imd invited matrons, and the feature of the evening was the wed-, ding of Dr. Baer and Mabel McKlnley, given by maids w'th histrionic abil- ' ity.. Good music was rendered during --the. evening and supper was served. ESTEY PIANO, both styiien aud K' to be had only it Hawley'3 So. Cf. Bii!k Hotel.' need Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It di I performed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Viken of the First ward. Mr. gests w hat you eat. You Teed not diet yourself. It will even digest al! classes, of food a bottle. No ether I r-aturday, Si)teiiilxr tht date ot the tieit spctial .aie at Chase's. See ad on page 4. j preparation will do this. instantly West has untif recently been foreman for Mullen & Munn at their brick yard, near the smelter. Miss Smith has made Deadwood her home for the past two or three months, having previous-lyjivel at Rapid City for a nu Tiber of year. relieves and quickly cures all stomach troubles. Kirk G. Phillip". resident dea- V. L. Neil, D. D. for Comfort- Beautiful Silkolines ers at Ladies' Bazaar. Electrlc facial massage -.o tone up the flabby skin and remove wrinkles Freckle Cream guaranteed to re move freckles, at "Mrs. Melick & Al- M. J, .WERTHHEIMER & BRO, ford's, over Deetken's drugstore, tf. Min-ne-kah-ta wA-ter for kidney trou ties. Try H. ing. and have placed such Bp" ial attention to these departments that ' h have the entire confidence of the Black Hills people for up-to-date. i:..ol fit. excellent - quality and bii; values for the money. This week the;, i.. unplaced on sale a large consignment of the very best clothing - 'nought to the west, which they are selling at about .".0 per cent ":i dollar. In purchasing any suit at this mammoth clothing emporium 'L'-week you are getting a bargain that don't come to a man every da. A bargain that is a bargain; a puit that will talk for itself. The Lowe Department Store of today is not the Lowe Hi;. ami Clothing Store of twenty years ago. It is a store fully up ;':i eastern competitive department stores; everything and anything an i-purchased there. But above all else, they have made their dry goiN ,;t. '. do'thing departments the leaders. Any man who is contemplatiu-purchase of a new fall suit, we would beg to advise to take a walk t'nr! r', clothing department, and any lady contemplating the punhase of a -pattern, we would ask that before purchasing elsewhere, you see "l..r unprecedented bargajns thus store that has grown from its infancy .iUioc? us, is offering. There is a dress-making department also, in conneiMW under the charge of Miss touise Russell, where you can have your srood made up. in the latest Chicago and New York fashions, at very rea.son.ihle prices. Miss Russell is direct from Chicago, and herdesigning is wiv.ou" a peer in this section. Whether or not you wish to purchase, you ai-; 'ways welcome at Lowe's Department Store. ' tist. has move-t his utflce to Room 19. Syndicate Bok. Ask your dealer for a "Cuba's Choice." the only oc c'.gar that equals a 10-center. tf We positively remove warts, moles, end superfluous hair by electroiysis. Mrs. Melick & Alford, the hairdressers, over Deetken's drug ?tore. tf ' Talk of the town Stories and incidents of life-saving by taking Rocky .Mountain Tea, made by the Madison Medicine Co. ' 3.r.c. . Ask your druggist. The latest designs in Chinese pillows, Indian heads, etc.; also some very artistic lunch cloths, center It is a 'doctat'a,sJ,, health. Doct'-rs cot" 'cntly itcom-mend HARPER Whiskey. ' bv Carr Ai Berry, Deadwood. S. D Smoke "Cuba's Choice" the best union-made 5c cigar on the market OUR MOTTO - Reliable Goods . It leYery -M est Prices, Wf tsjitj to make the coming Season the greatest Season in our . history, and we recognize to accomplish this we must give more the dollar pan any of onr competitors and are prepared to ao so. . ' ' " ' ' " ' . : , We invite the publlo in gener al to .inspect our New Hamberger Sauer Kraut at GOLDBERG'S. pieces and scarfs Room 8 over Deet- THB AROMA OF OUR 25c MOCHA AND JAVA COFFE IS UNSUR ken's drug store. I tf i O i . f PASSEDTRY IT. STANDARD Do You Want to Make $2? Save two months' , subscription by just clipping one ad from this or any other issue of our sheet for the next 1 The week. Conditions: Clip the coupon run in the center of Harry DeLeray's s ad and present it at his place of busi i Bush & (ierts CASH GROCERY 48 SHERMAN ST. -Your best Irlend can give yon no better advice than this: "For impure blood, humors, scrofula, salt rheum, dyspepsia, weak, nerves, tired feeling, rheumatism, malaria,, catarrh, take Hood's Sarsaparilla and he cured." ConstipeV'on is cured by Hood's Pills. 25c. . HORNBERGER'S CREAM OF WHEAT FLOUR IS WITHOUT A PEER TRY IT. STANDARD CASH GROCERY a SHERMAN STREET. Large ana' spots astronomers say. caused, the extreme heat this summer, and doctors declare nearly all the prostration were lndnced by disorders of the stomach. Good health IN ALU THE DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS. ' We are showing all the late Noveltiee In We Carry The. Largest Line ness any time between this and January 1st, and get $2 credit on a suit of - clothes. You cannot afford to pass this up tor even without the coupon you will make a good saving by purchasing your fall salt at Harry eLeray'a and every bit of his goods are sol at Chicago prices. Go in and see his samples. Yon will be used like a king whether you leave your order or "not you "'are always made wel- Colored Dress.Goads Ladles, Misses .-rJl and 7 Childrens Cloaks tor Fall land Winter. V '':::'t y: j-j i "v- ar - f o1:owb good "digestion." Kodol dys- eome. IN THE VERY NEWEST 8TY LES. pepsia Care digests what you eat. If you have Indigestion or dyspepsia it will quickly relieve and permanently Liberal Prizes. A I i I curd you. IC G. Phillips. 2 Mk-r--. of; i w f a j ' i - Did you see the Wilcox pharmacy ad this morning? . To .the party clipping the largest number of these ads between now and Saturday evening, September 29th, and presenting them to Mr. Wilcox at his pharmacy on the corner of Deadwood and Sherman A Large AssorlmeEf of Dnderwear For Ladies and Children in all the different grades at prices that ... r- will suit yon. 'V-"w.--.. ' We would call special attention to our'new and large assortmenVof . Silk and Mercerised Under Skirts. ! Suppl Best on eai tn toi rone. Touch and Durability. les streets, on Saturday evening, he will give as a prise a Eureka No. 2 East ,.,4For School Children.... . Pbisonoua .toadstools resembling mushrooms hare caused frequent deaths thia year. Be sure to' use only the genuine. Observe the same care when you ask for De Witt's Witch Hasel Salve. ' There are poisonous counterfeits. De Witt's Is the only original Witch Hasel Saltifc It Is a. safe andn . certain cure for piles and all ekin diseases. Kirk G. PhillJpB. REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. DOCTOR BABCOCK HAS MOVED To THE ADAMS BLOCK. WHERE HE CAN BE FOUND NIGHT OR DAY AN MAT KS CALLED BY EITHER TELEPHONE. ' . . - . , tf" i AN INSPECTION 13 ALL WE ASK. Carried In the West Our stock' is complete and without a peer. - -- man kodak, and to the party bringing in the second largest number, a Brtiwnie kodak.'. The retail price1 of these cameras are 12.50 and $1.00. respectively, and either of them Is guaranteed to take a good picture. Each week from now 6o Indefinitely. , Mr. Wilcox will awirfl :tMes on similar propositions and It will pay oar read-era to keep their eyea upon his space oa onr f tjth page. " 4 i R A 7" A A P U Ml V ISHEL Mir k Bit Deadwood '" Main Street, '

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