The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 24, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1900
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. SUNDAY, JU.VE 24 1900. if i he prm i.iions LEGAL NOTICES. . ill I.. : ill- M. I.iiiifhlin t Mcljaugrhlin, Attys.) M A No. l l Tllr: t MTKil ST l K:- I.Wii .ll' ocalfid (, AKDNER Ib-rl i lie Ioltgt(llllii ri. Tl. pCelll ,e jUlj- -! .ij i-iica: en r M M V .1,1 Vd iii : ' i'.iiiieer-Tiincr .M ' '! I ' DEAOVV0GD Al l I.i' l-r, .t:.r-i A. I'iv i oit pate l: .;.! V . .-' Ai l. I .' g: n Mi.,' Xm. .1 il I I. a.l .vood. ll- ,111, tic I Ruby Fiat Mining Company. ' ii.- ianleri-iwie.1 .slo. k hold i .s of th '.n.r. !'!.it Alinia . oiii)ial;.'.'. I ;: i. Mr; .i n:.i it.', ij:' tin- . apital ,sto a i'l 'o;n i.iliy. do hiTobv call . '.;.- o: : .'. -;o oli. r. I hi'. Ii !.'. ' i: of I m. m n tar.. , No. -i a i: . 'I ' ! i a i'A oi el. Sou! ii Pako : .. :, ;. ;. i : . Mm. lay. Jiily ... ' i '.i .u ii;' ..l...;tnw i:. . . oi .;:;.'.'. a !, ; t r;i na. I !: '''.' i ' '. I.' - - 11: J ' . line . ' . i I 1 i O I .'!i ii ki:i: i urs j;i:hsami;x I ' ,i I . " e i Soufti I 'a Kola . Juni; In the Black Hills. LEAD AND DEADWOOD. LEAD CITY OKI"!'-!: hi i ..t : i-J - n .Schutze Buiidiiig. our L'akerx. .V Iti .Main Ht it t , Levi, .Mi-ii'l m Th'ii-il;iy -iv.i S,iiin:.i' .ilT.-iri on.-, Ironi In S .:n p. in. inii i! mi ( .1 ''! i i.i m-i i; i im oa M ! . o:l: i I'!- 1 1 Lincoln, Omaha. Chicago. St. Joseph, Kansas City. Louisaiut a, points east an. He.ena Butte la!tLeC anrj a west M n . , . ; e ; . i r i i s xi.i: No'i'ict: I N i 1 1 M : sourn. i- i::.pai..'. . I Tin. iji.i - - i a -ad r. ooil. South i : !...-! i, 'l.i.l l.'.e. La w I i-ic i- hi i ) ,! i.:.. Lou i.: woik. Carbon-i o, i in . , South 1 lakola. r. 'I"..p No. II V,,..'., il.iily. ; .s ''"I". , i'il poinp; I-:., ... West . . e i ilellll'lllellt oil til. I ii.e.i stock. on a a. a I I :, slllellt No. Ii. levied Xo'l.e The follow, pi; . oiini of ass,-Apt il 2S I '."on. site the natiies follows: XN'.SA I.i H IK . .or No 1 i -! , .,. . hl-.-l.-l I 1 s N'.. 7 heir-. S 'o l sure Kl W I. I'll I. .. in l M .:i the amounts set oppo- 7 I "A h. Ii. 7-' l'i- K v N'i. I 1 Miiuii'l ii. I'ar!.. iii.i'.- Mm no; oi ine .snareiioiiiers as !';-irict. I.a.ireiie.. , uumy. Sou i h Pakoia 21". Lo.-al i , day. n.-,.j Spearfish M bears N 27' 17' K MS ; suit " m " hp -x.-jt ' int.,. an. I ilehinnaii-l by Ihc tie. , .., an.l dill in-4 i; fo.t "i . ,r UlKhl in. I Majv I 'hence. N vv per N. -: thence. , ,r ill i on file in ili: otli. .. a- Lot No .Name. Shares. Ami, 01' XV. ! I K feet to cor ; 4r nr w r.i2 7 fee No. -04. Frieirhr '.I"'',, in township fix., (a iiorih rant; No Cert. 7::. Dr. M. 71 Dr. M. Sun lav nib' '-i. (, II H M. ( Sail lot Rogers . . . u.imiii $ 20. i)i) Rogers . . . 1 .nun 4 00 Rogers . . . "iiiu L'.OO and Eilgemont u 1 loii h..,liK .ItMcrlbcl as folio lo nil i;enkral jok huokku i.ohk He 1 1,. Sundays this frejei.. , Prior Hill Mining Company. '1 'lii- iimlorsiiineil stockholders o: tli I'rior Hill Minini; company, r ; I'i'.soiitiiiB a majority of the capital slock of saiil company, do hereby c.i;l a nii-etini; of tin- stockholders to held at the secretary's office, 4-T Main street. Deadwood, at 2 p. m , on .Monday. July 9, 1HO0, for the purpose of electing a board of direetur-. and transact such other business a.? may come before the meeting. D. R. SHORT. JOnN BAKER. J CLIPS KEBSAMEN Dr. M. Dr. .M uiiininK ai lorner No. I. when... V S lo- a:.. Rogers . . . rain L'.OO to .orn.T No ?. 111. ni p S. 29 or W fin?. S f...-t to corner No 4 thence. P 88 M' F .'fll 'I feet to '-OI Her No fi; Ihi-nP N. 1'" ; E. 112 " feet to ruiriPr No fi. identical vph comer No .1 of Anna No 2 lode of this survev: N 1.'" "V V.Mr, 1 feet t., c, ni-r No 7, thence. N.27M7' E !K ! .'i-f to niri.i.' No 1 nnd place of beginning. ANNA NO 2 LOPE , lOBl. 1-,1S . canon Monument No. .11 bears N. v:J i4 K ::uii.':.4 feet distant, thence S. ,i.iJ jO V No. I Pi i:,i; 179 E. P. Peterson . . . L'.OOU 8 00 John A. Taylor . . r,,000 20.00 S. W. Hamilton . . 5.000 20.00 Garfish Tni'i j a ' except Sundav iu ."."J feet thence S 7S ' 4(i' '. L"el 1 feel thence S W) 41' E. 14CS.7 fe.-t I hence N v:' .".' k ::i.i.2 feci, ihcme . :. 47' w 1 t:':'.S Tift, to place of hetjPtiniin; No. 203 Td'Kimlne at nirrnr No 1 a Rhaln rork i't In errun t lth mound of ston rhls- I Sunaav s ,h ..... I Mi. John F. McLaughlin 1.00U 4.00 lS7.Jonn K. McLaughlin 10.000 40.00 190. Sam Whiting ... f.000 20.00 DR. TODD, Office in Waite Block, corner -MAi;.NA (II.XKTA L()1)K. tteKiai,in SlrDlnir .1 - . arrlv"3 ' N'l 1A-2 n7l ti"nrn rornT Not piiittpv a' corner No 1. whence I S lax litmn Monument No 31 hears N. S2 ")' K. 3"ii);l S free. on ;iM chair, :!iVi. Iliuhlnn.l Mary T.orlp bears N. 0 02 W t 1 fi'i't I' w Is' Mon No. 7 hoars S 191. John F. McLaughlin47,42.i 189.70 way and steamship u,.. . ln" H Deadwood, S. D., June 20th, J 900 m; ' F. "(i51 S fipt thonrp. P !" 02' E feet distant; thence N. 83 00' E. UOO feet; theme S If 44' E. 149S.7 fe.-t. thence S gage checked to all n- , mi M I WT I '-a lv to comer No 2: thcnrp P. RISS' IUI IM II fi I OI F. McLaughlin 1.00O 4.00 F. McLaughlin 1 .000 4.00 F. McLaughlin 1 .000 4 00 ' x ' feci, ihenre N. lu 41 XX'. Main and Deadwood Streets, Deadwood, S. D., daily ex tieket-s. call ,,n o- w '! ,'fhl?' General P;.,,. . ' J. FRa.XV W 227 n f . t to mrnrr No fhenre N IV R r.?r. 1 ft p' to porncr No. 4 thenee.N 1 92. John 1 9.'!. John 191. John I 9.,. John 1 John 1 97. John 1 9V John s l ?.T K 1 2 fi'.'i to corner No 1 anl place ' 'Ulan v.. F. McLaughlin 4.00 F. McLaughlin l.oou 4.011 r:"BERTSfiv" 1 l1' 7 fe. t in place of hei;inniiii; I.ITTI.1-: lit i.N A S7. NO I.ODi: H.m ntiiL' ic i inner No 1. hen, e I S I.ocai ion Monument No :; 1 hear.-, N. 2 ' 1 I- .::! s feci .liM.iiii . i hen. c S v: ' :.n X' : I i, f..,.t . t hence s . F. s.:;: . feci i hem ,. s L-l ';..' K .;.;. ! f, el . .henc i r-ket ' L. lU.'NTb KX of In ..'iimii'i' The presume! -onr "f th. 1... line of ttie Anna helne N r' 1.'v F ,i-.. of ihe titii No ". n v r,n 'n- P V roii of np-i I.rHe 1 nil". n-rt F. McLaughlin I.OOo 4 00 F. McLaughlin 1 (bin 4.00 uiiin. i ni I KOI'OS XLS Kill STATK l'UINTINe The cr.mni!S!,ii,n,,r nf j'niiHc 7rin' will re. elve s-aled profMisals fur the pr. line fur the Stale of Soli Mi Dakota in ui'latire wiih chapter !!, laws of 1'- h:iier I"",, laws of j.s!.'. aid chapier ,i , uf lv.;i Sari proposal ha . Iia-... In the Sir-i'i.iry of ila.te nia-i I 'i . ii. ia ! - for St, re I'rinfirm" an.l wi'1 ,,. ri.- l r i 1 . t - .lime "' 'i"n .it ti n o'. i. i a. i;i 'he i ill. i f ihc Sc. - of S i he ' a j i '. i . . I in the ci v uf Pierre ': 'ate prhiHnif (, . i.i.-. I i MM four el i P. C. .. .... N, Iai. 1 ?ns .HT"s; tot ll area nf 19 Julius Rebsanien 7. 0011 2S.00 Julius Rebsanien 2.11011 SOI) 1 1 . I lima ". n'll n. r. -. War. at all miners of cept Monday and Thursday afternoons. The olili'st, most successful ami accomplished European -A inert an edu-rati'il physician ami surgeon on tin1 Aimulcan continent In all branches of Medicine ami Surgery, 1 p - i ; 1 1 , ruin- x ' L 1 ; tee! . I bene.. N 1 W I I'- 7 feel III 1,1.1. e ,C , C . , : , I I. Kii , 1 1 D McLaughlin:: I .'loo I ::s 10 L' il '! ' :,ni. 1 S ,o hi Mu Im.I . I lax . I .aird . . . '.",01111 N v. ' : ' I'aib- IlllleSS C1 til . tl t shall bax " ben XX'. i. oh- . . Ihi- Mirvpy 1" F l'i.. ln-at'ori i.f Hii--.-' iniri" i; r i-" '.-l .. ,,m th- t ' 'i.-i-l - o' r. l;.- ci in ,'v P P fn t.ool'- 1 n'i.! , , -,i ;.t - il'.' '. :inl r.'-P''r-in 'I'hc i I .iiii-o.' clul'iiac - I-.. n. I,. t ie.1 n.e'h Oro Cache M ' i i IMi-hlinl M irv M " "''' eih-r. f ', ri ' are ii I' 1' nnv n .1- ;!! I.. for th. in i pi All iiiau, s : 1 1 i i on or before July 1 I. PU'O. tin 1 1;.' i-i' !v I'aib-1 1'lilv lii: h. . Will be -old t I i- office of ,l ill 11 Tl'eber. I le.lil XX ood. S D. to 1)111 SBhl Del. . . , p.,-. ;:'l m i: .v., i corner No I w Imi. I i in eo 'o ::i be,,r I' '.'' llM .1111 I lie e,. hen. .. N .; ' N'P .V)' 17 I feel I I : f he.,. . n He:;..- - ; .. I. i.eciuliillf YXNKKX' ::nX' ll'fi i' eol ll. i N i "ci M.ii.iii..,i No !'.' 7 fe. I .1 is. a II I "1 ' f then, e N h. n. N .'.' :'i'.' W of each ' k uf P i! for e.e !, r.h u ), ill D ik .la . 1 n 1 1 !.; Mer to lilUII'i-Ilt a -SosMlleMt. together xvitb I ull .V II ; , ! II " ll." I IV V iv an-' Sou .enp.oiv each ' I . he. k ., be ! ' of 'he Sill. furfeite.l to Pr.. u;i the p.c-- . onir i. I and 1 w "Inn ten a . -! - ol a". I X . rl i.-ing and evpellses of Daily n 1 e n l V po' t ton i if I ' ii l a i c ' .f f i r pllraP il anil lingering diseases, founder of a system of specific medical inn liy whii'h lie positively cures all cura-tile forms of PRIVATE. CHRONIC IILOOD, SKIN ami DESTROYINO DISEASES of MEN, SYPHILIS and YKNEItEAL DISEASES In all stages: STRICTURE, HYDROCELE, VARICO , ' 1 ' I ; -1' 1 -' ' 1 ,- "! - -) ' -'it " ; 1 ' il '' ,;U ' "'SI ' :;n ' 'in Dailv. liter i i red r. ... . I.i i -i il a a 1 . i lil. 1 1 - I. J I I. II S KKliSA.MKN. Secretary First Pub .Lit,.- 20 1900 i ilb'. !!..!..! I. an. I Offl l - . I '.v In .'ie -oi!nt- n ii" til con'-1 Dailv. '. o cpt 1 17 v.-y- i - a' ,i If ii ul rpv s n 1'. i pi l) lee .1.,. Hi. f (Uihllci.tli.c IcT'".' l.arr p1 hv vi: Hie of t tl .Inlv 1 1 1.. Ve.l- '1'he iniiio: w ill I . sixiv il iv I " r ihev tll r. l- N N ' E f I: I: : II-I ' K I S N s S s I'nited Stat' x ,,,, at Dead-; I ble .f p: f. 1 pi ice of III til prnvi-lon-i ef th will fur a -a. ll Ihe p. ' 1 Ft I ) ' ifv in .'1.,.; I I'l.b eX, wood, S. D., awarde! i per c imum pr' m list s;. everv i'. Ft a tn I . k '' M!piN'"r! (.,-y i Id Minis i he nr. ai .mint frupi Ihe lien 1 ,v law. and ail bid rv instance an.) fo. Ollice of the As.-.axer in Charge .lli- Ii u her. I.v ur le'-. -1 that the feri'i-nln CELE, (IONORRHOKA. OLEET. SPERMATORRHOEA, LACK OF SEXUAL VIGOR. IMPOTENCY In YOUNG. MIDDLE-AGED ami Ot.I) MK.V and all IMPEDIMENTS to V N l KY III i No :; I.i i a' collier No 1. whcn.e Meii'imetii No ;:i 1,,-ars "" ' 7 fe- t distant I hm. , "v 7 fee: ; i henc N 4 ' ::" b. ii. .. n. : :,',' ,-: ::.;.i bl.Al.l-jl) I'ltOl'USALS will be re nc'l- e of !. nil. ..I'll il fie" intent he Ulh b.V" iit'tm uf di-criiint from s.aj.l r.,,,v- Pa,,.. .-. : .i - ii Daily ... lijlie.l 'or the imlol c' M a-iv-i (nine con Pailv Pioneer ceived at the office of the Assayer ni charge of the Assay Ollice of the th.- w in-: i f then N -.' ' K 1 pe. ; . . . 1. 1 a .l-.ilv 1 i per piihlPhr-i n imiip. lei.e-i ,.y ,.pi where otherwise .'.I-vide. I No bid not ct'-i.-tlv In conform :'v xl'h these reiiiirements will he conoid.' el with ii fTi . 1 en t sun til's in twice the eci! 1 Tillies Pea Pi Dailv. 1 4; I'nited States at DEADWOOD, S. D Daily . . . ,.) S n K Oar lin - Recbt.. iFirJ' I'-ih Mnv 2 nm 1 :i, nmicitit of estininteil value of the work for until 12 M.. June :a) 1900, ami then Tl '". ' 1-1 .; f,... ,,, "7", '' f. ei : ihcnce s :o place of beginning X 1.1.1 Ni'E No 2 LODE i oi .oi No w hence r s nnieni No ."I bears vn f. ef ,lilant . them .. N pi Daily . . Daily, 1 ,f whi.h cnnt.nicf Is awarded will he reouired II. .i ii ii , a g a Loc.iLon Mu-i ' L i: :;;".7 "" ' r,j opened, for supplies reipiired -4ajr the fiscal year ending June .'io, 1901. Schedules, rules and regulations will he tarnished upon application. Commissioner Dailv I'.uly. e.c. f I'riiitine reserving the riidit to ri 'ect fe, t til. Ill I Blank proposals and all other informa SI'MMd.NS MONEY HEM AND -COMPLAINT FILED. K i: , M y p R any and all bids. Dated Pierre. South Dakota Mnv PI 'i 1 1 !: : w piv: i f,,, , :'.:: feet, thence s hem e X i;." 2"' E ?,' ."..,' K ." feet N"in il'A Kstkhx LINE Slate of South Dakota, Eighth Julk-'al DEPOT lletC-e S ,"A' X'. F-" IP K in.." 2 feet; l'9'i '; feet : thence X. to place of beginning ll-' I A "-a lu wil iaj "J tion may be hud' upon application to P. J. Milliter. Assayer in Charge. Streets. William M. Roddle. Secrelarv of Slate, and Ex-Offin'o Commissiuiier nf public Printing. Arrives. DepiJ mrmrmmmi ihiiiiii. iiaiiwrnamaM Trough tram- YANKKY HOY LODE Beginning at coiner No. 1. whence f. S Location Mon circuit s. In the ('In nit cvarl in an l for Lauren, county John Gray, plaintiff T9. Robert C McShane, defendant The Slate of South Pakoi i .-ends Rieet trig: Tn Robert C. Mr-Shane, defendant: (McLaughlin & McLaughlin. Attvs.) ciiicago. St. p.;..; y,::i. nea polls, w itli , i , lieelions for M - ; SUMMONS. In the Circuit court of the Kighth t an 1 Mm'!, ,- Judicial circuit, within and for the You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above County of Lawrence, South Dakota. (Martin fc Mason. Attorneys 1 MORTGAGE SALE. Whereas, default lias been made in the payment of the money secured by a mortgage dated the loth day ui July, A. D PSS7. executed by John McLaughlin and Abide McLaughlin, his w it'e. of the County of Lawrence. S. D.. to W. W. McDonald, trustee, and which mortgage was recorded in the office of the register of deeds of the Daniel Murray. Plaintiff. nameit nlalnliff. which will be file. I in the office nf the clerk of the t'lrciit court vs. r mon! an i 1 e., , 1 'LP it i.,.. 'i , , ;.. Hiii'..,!.,, s !r .... an.l iniet 1. , ; ... s 1'"' a in Belle I ,, 1;-, . , Win:,..,., I ,,. . . a -Except S 1 . 11 .1 . I I'M Will V,', ':... A' within an.l 'or sail Liuren.e county, at ument No. 31 bears S C "..v E ?S".r! 7 feet distant; therce S. s;r r,.v '. n:') ii feet. tlielii- N. '.V'.' 1",' W. L'7'l 'I feel ii,. s' : ' P' !: 127" I feet (hem e S .T .-.- E 1 1 :: feet to place of lieginn mg LITTLK HILL LuliE Hegiiining. at comer No 1. when.-,. 1'. S Location Mon-wmeut No. ,,1 bears S. r.p ' 2'v E 2P10 2 feet distant: thence S. W .ir ". r,19 feet: ! hence N. ?r :!7' W. ll2 S feet: thence N. N ,:! .",ii E :..; S feet: thence s r 12' E. ' 17 .' f. et to place of beginning LITTLE HILL No 2 LODE Beginning at era per N 1. whence V S Ix-a-tion Monument No. ."I bears S. Vi' 2'1' E. "t::n '.' fe t ditant : them e N .V :,iv v.. Una feci- theme X l' 12 fs7 2 feei; thence S. S.r '.il' X' Coo feet thence s'. !' 1." E. 1 !7 2 feer to ni, ice of beginning. Peter N. Hanson an.l S. H. Bowman Deadwood. South Dakota, and to stive ropy of your answer on the subscribers at their office In the city of Deadwood. South true name is to plaintiff unknown, Defendants. The State of South Dakota sends Dakota, within thirty days after the ser 1 1 ii". vice of this summon?, exclusive of the day ::s. greeting: ( ounty ot Lawrence. State of South Dakota. 111 book 19 of mortgages, on To Peter N. Hanson and S. H. Row- page 09. on the luth day of July, 1S87, man, defendants: You are hereby summoned ami re at 1 :;;."i o'clock p. 111. ; and of i-crvice. or Ihe plaintiff will take judgment aKaiiist. you fur fifteen hundred dollars, wi'h Interest r.t U' per cent per annum since January 21st. is;n, besides cois Dated, April 9th.. 1900. McLAPGHLIN & MrL APGHLIN. Plaintiff's Attorney. To the above mmed defendant: Please take notice that th complaint In Ihe above entitled action was filed in the of i lerk o' the ahuve named court, mi the quired to answer the complaint of piiantiff above named, which was filed in the office of the clerk of the circuit Magnet ie xiriatioa. ''' Easr XHKA. (eneral Joe Hooker lode. 1",. 7bi acres: Magna charta lode. ,t ;.; acres: Liftle Bonanza N'o. 2 lode. 7.72S acre; Nnhiir No 1 ,.... ru";-, a. X ankev Hoc No I I. Me 20 :.V .,-,- X .inkev Hv .Nuiici-; of si 1 1 ;i:ikf s i:ei 1 "nox State of S. j ..,', Lawrence, .-s Eilxvin ll. : i . I ' 1 :,.:': X s. liallimore ,y j 1 . ; , ,., . ; panx . J lof. -n.j Nolle.' ;.- Is - ! ue of ,i;: , . , :: and deln ,.r. .1 ., : : ,. ,(! issued out uf v ..:,.-! ( 'ounty s oui 1 ' . . . :' Slate of s,, , . 1 :; court within and for said' Lawrence ounty. at Deadwood. South Dakota. 17 luno Ll, 1900, and serve a ennv of iod. No 2 n " 1 7 : Whereas, no action or proceedings at la xv or otnei vi.M; have been instituted to recoxer the debt secured by said mortgage or any part thereof; Whereas, on ihe 22nd day of August. InsT. said mortgage with the not" secured thereby, was duly assigned by the said mortgagee to .lame.-, A Weils, u iin Ii assignment was duly ioconleil ;n 1 be ibfice of the register of deeds ot the said County of Lawrence. S. II., 0:1 ihe KJth day of September. 17, 111 book 01, on It!) dav uf pril. V'O.'i M LM'C.III.IN K- M.-L I'f : M L! N PlaintiT-i ttorneys. (First puh Mnv V l'-iO"! our answer on the subscribers at :: i,,.i, e I M:. a Li'tle inn No 1 of survc es Y.ltikeV 1 Hill lode 7 2 lode, L'.l -bis . 1 n.474 acres cir office in the City of Deadwood. Lawrence county. South Dakota, with FIGHTING DISEASE. Let nil who suffer with any form of SYPHILIS in any stase, Sexual Weakness or tli'.stroyini; disease of any nature, who ar weakened in mind and body, melancholy nnd despondent and d 1 1 sir c. ,1 1 in tinrrx- days after the service of this ::d .1 :111b. if lu.le 1: .11 I'll, I 11 1 . "t: t 1 eii 1 ! . NOTICE OF SALt. Notice is hereby Riven that uinlcr imnons. exclusive of the day of ser-.'. or the plaintiff will take judg- of Ed vi!i i : - : Ie- I. 11 I 1- and by virtue of 'an order of the coun more ,v 1 1, ... '.:. r.-; .1 in : I -II. r U ! I"'. 1; netir against you tor ninot'.'-thr.'o and N 17 XX' ty court in and for Lawrence county !' bxl 11. 'I .li 11:1 t He ! I t !i ; i page ... and xs lici t.,, s .-aid mortgag 'i.Vloo ($93. ;.,) dollars with interest I ll 'lie! Iv f- South Dakota, I will sell at private was by sa:, Well., on February eu! .TV Magna roar! a lisl-. bne. V p: II' XX' l'l; fe,": 2'"l fe. I Mi.rtliellv .'I'l, sale to the highest and best bidder i:"l'l. (Idly,,.,i I,. IV. I, lleel-l. on the road to IDIOCY. INSANITY anil the GRAVE, take heart before it is everlastingly too late and place themselves at once. Implicitly under the care of Dr. Todd, religiously confiding In his honor as a gentleman and ; xx hu h a-ssigimu-nt xvas duly recorde for cash, the following described real property belonging to the estate of 1 'us 7 feet southerly fnun d.s. .very. Li "'.onanza No 2 bid" line. S p: 4 1-1t'.v7 feet: 71111 feet northerly and 7! in uie oiine ot the register of deed W -1 Arthur L. Richards, deceased: the iiieieou ai ine rate or , per 'cent per annum since the 14th day of April, 1900, besides costs. Dated Deadwood. S. D.. June 11. 1900. Mclaughlin & Mclaughlin. Attorneys for Plaintiff. (First Pub. June 15, 1900.) feet southerly from discovery Arthur ot said i ounty on .May 12, 19uo book 1 12, page ; : 1. :.'. .1 tackle M 17! 1'. of tha S t.1 1'. of Socllnn f?- 1 w-i confidently relying upon his skill as ."are. " CQSi No. 1 lode line. X R' 2r 1 i2 2 feet lb1 feet fiouthcrlv and l.'i72.2 feet norther ly from dProvery Yankey Boy No. ' Whereas, the amount claimed to b( I have l'-x s d is a S( rilied pel -.'I, fondant, to w 1 more ,,p . i - 1 shoes. 1"" : less) With bio. 1 Vice, 1 saw : 1 1 1 i -wrenches. 1 pip.- v tong;5, 9 gal. ot !' gals, of black 0.1 1 belt stretcher 7 . pers, 1 lubricator. Rochester lamps P physician. HE WILL POSITIVELY and the N. of the S. W. iL and the N. W. hi of i..e S. E. 4 Section v.ncll 1 (11 due upon said mortgage at the date of CURE YOU. By his wonderful, in lone line. X. l'i" 2fi W. 149S.7 feet; 100 feet ivi atxi o:I. 33, In Township 7 north of range East B. H. M. northerly and F19S.7 feet southerly from this notice, is the sum of three hun dred and twenty-five dollars Drinci telligent and marvelously skillful ::,. nf ecene- discovery. AankeV Boy No. 3 lode line treatment all signs and traces of Sy , hack blocks co Assesment Notice. pal, and $89.69 interest, making in all X. H' 2' W. 1498. 7 feet; 4 Oil feet northerly and 1098.7 feet southerly from discovery 1 assav scales. philig and impurities of the blood are Bids or offers in writing for said land will be received by me at the White wood Bank at any time on or American Oil Company: principal dace Ainanre ino. z loae line, N. 4fi 48' W, one hundred dollars attor ney's fees stipulated for in said mort ; bundles ol M thoroly eradicated, the tissues, the flesh, the bones, the marrow and the of buwness, Deadwood. South Dakota; lo-catioav9f works Weston county, ixvb reet anri N. 4 3s' W . 1000 feet. 2.ri3 feet northerly and 9.1S 6 feet southerly in k. more or 11 gage. battens, 15 lbs. of q keg of 10 penny nails. 1 retort asi 1 ram aiscovery. YanKey Boy lode line. Notice is hereby given that at a meet .p.. 8a" 14' E. 664.9 feet and SB" 30' V. inow, therefore, notice Is hereby given that by virtue of the power before the 29th day of June, 1900. LOTitiJ RICHARDS, Administratrix. June 19th, 1900. (First Puo. June 20, 1900.) tones. 1 DUllv wheel. 1 Piu 1 ' entire system are cleansed, purified and renovated, mental, bodily and sexual vigor are renewed and the ing of the board of directors of the above W feet from discovery. Little Hill lode line. N. 3' 37' W. 1482.8 feet: 1.182.8 feet nnrl that T chnll on Saturday, uk named company, held on the Bth. day of ot sate contained in Raid mnrtnim June, 1900, an assessment (No. 9) of three day of June, A. D. 1900, at tie hl and in pursuance of the states in such nortnerly and 100 feet southerly from dis coverv. Little Hill ..o. 2 lode line. X. 1 patient Is restored to the duties, Joys, (J) mills per sbaru upon the capital stock o f2 o'clock n. m. of said oaj, 12' W. 1487.J feet: 1462.2 feet northerly and pleasures of life. of the corporation, was levied, payable Immediately to the treasurer. Walter E. Baltimore Deadwood mill, at 11 case made and provided, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises therein nu .u . nml state, r-l LADIES will receive the most deli fPrnwW and LnffeT, Attvn ) Smead. at his office in the City of Lead. 1 I11C, lit Ottlli 1 "ue..- 4I South Dakota. In County Court, county of Lawrence, ceed to sell all the rfcht. tine . "l described, at public auction at the ann a reet soutnerly frcm discovery The location and additional location certificates of the lodes embraced in this survey are of record In the office of the Register of Deeds of Lawrence county. South Dakota. In books and at pages as follows cate and satisfactory treatment of all AILMENTS. IRREGULARITIES. IN Any stock upon which this assessment State of South of Dakota. . T,.i,.iniT torott nf tho nlioie named P""" I rront door of the court house, in Dead shall remain unpaid on the 20th. dav of In the matter of the estate of Hugh & Deadwood Mining ' nmpany. ' H FLAMMATIONS, DISCHARGES, and July, 1900, will be delinquent and adver McGovern, deceased. ,i,.s, -bed propers' -1 tised tor sale, and unless payment shall wood. County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, on the 4th day of August, 1900, at 10 o'clock in tha to the abovt ACCIDENTS peculiar to their sex. Notice Is hereby given that John McAr- aai 1 SYPHILITIC and all diseases of thur. of Laxvrenee county, atate of South Dakota, has filed with the clerk of this have been made before, will be sold on the 17th. day of August, 1900, at 2 o'clock p. m . at the office of Moody, Kellar & ,Hoody, Lee street. Dfadwood. S. D.. to forenoon of that day. The mortgaged EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT suc- court, a petition praying that this court C- TV amounting to tw. $269) dollars at together with n Pieiniscs are situated in the County . cessfully treated. pay said assessment, together with costs order and direct the Administrator of said estate to convey to said petitioner, an undivided one-fourth Interest In and to the '" p., f Oener-U Joe Hooker lode. Book 110. page 75 and Book 151 pag 185. Magna Charta lode. Book 110. page 7", and Book 151. page ISfi. Little Bonanza lode. Book 103. page 419 and Book 151. pare 185 rthur Xo. 1 lode. Rook 92. page 12 and Book 1K1 rage 1R4. Yankev Hoy Xo. 4 lode, Book 2. page f?14 nnd Rookl51. paee l1!"!. Yan-t-ov Boy N'o. 3 Iodf. Book 92. psee M3 nnd Book 151. page 182. Alliance No 2 lode. Book S:t. page 5fi4 nnd Book 1"1. page 18(i ".ankfv Boy lode. Book ft. rrnre 419 and Book 151. rnee 182 Little Hill lod". Book of advertising and expenses of sale. of Lawrence, in the State of South Dakota, and are desert .ed as follows, . URETHRAL STRICTURli promptly sale and interest the 12th day of .' 1 3t tl? Hungerford and Maderah lodes, situated By orJcr of the board of directors. WALTER E. SMEAD. Sec'y Please notify the secretary of any r. ine southeast quarter of the on the south side of Annie creek near the southeast quarter of section 19 and of 7 per 1 ent head and about 4400 feet southwesterly change of address. auction to ii. the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 20. and the from rortlacd mill. In the Whltewoort Mining district. Lawrence county. South cash. (R. r Hayes Attorney ) Dakota, on the ground that the petitioner Is the real owner thereof, and that said de 44. page 41 and Book 151 pari- 1t I,!t-te TT'tl Xo. 2 lod. nooklO-!. page 5C0 and Book 17,1, page 184. 1 cured without cutting or pain. A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. 110 per month for treatment and medicines. TAPEWORM expelled, RHEUMATISM, STOMACH, LUNG, LIVER, KIDNEY and BLADDER diseases cured. . ' PILES and RECTAL diseases posl-tiYely cured by RECTAL MEDICA-j cedent. If living;, would te compeHed to make such conveyance; and that Satur sal" rmims are nm ineri partly on tu "est by M. R. 137t5. Alliance lode, and M. day, the Hth. day of July. 1900. at ten m : Sheriff o EDWIN VAN ' I'ainti'Y Dy JANIES V Dated. Dei'; (First !';" northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 29, and the northeast quarter of the rortheast quarter of section thirty in township seven north of rarige one east B. H M., containing 3 60 acres of land. Dated at Deaawood, South Dakota, this 16th day of june, A. U. 1900. I clock a. m. of said day. being a day of regular term or this court, at the court room Thereof. In the court house, in the City of Deadwood, In the county of Law- NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Esfate of Lucy A. Henley, deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned Charles Henley, administrator of the estate of Lucy A. Heniey deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having rlalmj 'against the said deceased to exhibit them with the r.ecrssary vouchers, within four Vionths after the first publication of this notice, to the aald admlnis-tator at Central City in the county of Lawrence. Dated at Deadwood. S. D. June 9th. 1900. Charles Henley Administrator of the estate of Lacy A Henley. (First Publication June 10 1900.) 1 , rence and state aforesaid, has been set ' TION alone. Hi; T P r? RUPTURE radically cured by an. where, any persons Interested tn said es- 1.4. 1 . I r, ion and I nlon No. 1 lodes Other boundaries. If any. unknown. Any snd all person claiming 1verly nny portion rf the said Oeneral .Toe Hook-t. Magna Ctarta. Uttle Bonanza, Arthur No. 1. Yankey Boy No. 4. Yankey Boy N'o. Alliance N'o. 2. Tankey Boy. Little Hill, and Little Hill Nox 2 lodes, are required to file their adversa claims with the Register-of thei United States Land Office at Rapid City. In th county of Pennington. State of South Dakota, during the sixty days period of publication hereof, or they entirely - new, safe. palnless and I ta,e n,a'r appear and show cause why said I petition ahould not ba arrsftited. - .D. DRISKILL. Assignee of Mortgagee. Attorneys. (First Pub. June 20, 1900.) bloodless method. Consultation tree. One treatment and medicines. ABSTRACTOR 1 Dated this 7th. day of June 1900. Frank J. Washabauirh ' 1 Judffe. (PIrat Publication July 8) mj iinuiuo wiw. - 1 t

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