The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 24, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

SE -I T11E DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, a D. st. iti-- shen.'!' IT Jtrucie j-Lruxnsin. rufl out ' ji, 1;' r: ' 1 ' son told h.iu na a-k.-d 1 1 ; ; 1 1 o i i,, j,.,. , , i' !i!lu that 1., . o .ld ;., -t.i'ii - .- ij.port on ll.c i a-'" 'I U- l.. 1. ! IU.'.!!' I.s. y Oil the . :aty. used by .k, x!- -m. w had with a and w:.-n d.s iu tell- ,..i,k. S 1. . .. , ... u, of a a bullet :..- . what- , - - , lc I;. .: .: be . , . aa-l i !'-! ;::!. . , ,.ii "" I . : The beginning that he had no ncs to grind but lie thought it would le for the interest of paity iii.i:.y. ;,... r to much bitterness had 1 o-ii oilmen. -red. lie sajd ho thought the poul.-t party should nominate a n.aa . r. cord was ( lean, and against v. -.,,,u notl.iiii,' could 1m; said. IV r.- :.oa: , , ; a ., lie had notuin.; auam-i. .i and lie did not l.i.o-.v u ; -: . , : .- . lloofons lndi.L' i :,.-t a .- I ; .m ),,, air.' u n hi iid.-, or i,ui , , ;t t... , , . , -i hey v. oild ha v e i,, . , v,j . .... i fOR MOORE. , f 'hat Plowman prepared on the ,'. r :!i- legisla-to show that j.iicf being in ,.. to the cir- . ..i,.u:e. had pru-.. . i 'nun the . ,:. c of the sig-' 'i ..nixed to it. , . 'mwvim-s, win -,. .'perfectly IT:!- ongrr n-ar. an I lo I lion ! t lo 1. in. he had i Moon- would 1- tvine- t hands of lid'oly since lirmly of the the party. II . ,-a.d i ., re ... , ,. ,,, , v of able men in He party, n..;, R;IJH. .ed i - records weie clean, and I in the purification of po.nlcs m lc. wl.i. h i; fn c r , h t : . i. li t : a- ni'-i ' . . tl. : ill-No 1 I!!!!, ll Ice ..Willi til the strik-..: dollar t lies! tiki company liody. hir daring 1 1, shall ne . Mr Km. . 1 lie perfectly ,. i rsf thing he . . : ed his nomi- ;,lace his resig-,,i 'he grandest ever had," (ap-K. Lee, who .-,u( cessor, and jn'ii'i 1 . :i-,. !i:i:m ,Jr ''' M:,:' Hon. An appoint li'- - - : -n, i. - ' '' :: c i'. .o! o,t 1 1... i'.., :an-U 'c "'tor ha, 1..-. ii made lo - i li.n K .no :..-d t !.e I take them a ..,, k in a '.is they refuse to do. lie the leaders in tie- trouble to on their pay roll again'1 expresses himself as do the populist par" r l" n .... ... r,ie He said j the elliu' l" "- f .. , .o-alnst hirn was ' ,,rs0nal ami malicious, and 1 " ... ., it He made ing much pl.-ased with tins section and says that w.-re his affairs such that he- might 1 would like very much to make his ; .tare home in the metrop docket to -- ,, to the ii' "l JUS"VC While Mr. Itecker ;L, p..., . .. .Indue .Moore asl.ed if he was a d..;.-gale, and was infoinied that h,. u:iy "He was boosted for .onme him-Keif, iu Kquality lat we.-k' tile judge. "Do you lielime n the majority rule. Mr. Becker?" inquired the judie. "I do when the majority is riht.' said Mr. Uei ker. This caused a tit ter around the hall. Mr. Becker became very mm h in earnest in his argument, and appealed to the convention not to "force an unwholesome candidate down our throats just because you can do it. We Know you can do it. but I appeal to you in the interest of our party and its purity not to tie our hands in this manner." This was the most caustic speech that had been delivered during the convention, ami 'he consternation produced was so gfeat that even the bitterest antagonist of Moore failed olis of th s iim,, cover. ' told Wilson oi - . . .mrMitlMI In. V the present hin" J1 lDe . . ... ..-,,,.1,1 iinHmiht. hearing i iiioii. known to the world Best Shoe Can Always Be Found in a SHOE STORE We Carry the largest assortment Sell the best goods and our prices Are lower than any other concern Handling: shoes : : : : Our $3.00 Line is the Greatest ever Shawn. Call and 3ee thrin. Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. at large a - tlm Hills '!. hUhe.-t position 1.-' has le i.: t"' a lolu- t .1;,. I'll' lo- will el s' t "li a :! l;. it, on from that ward aom Mr. Honili.-ri;.T said it would he im-HissiM.. io li in t a man who was period in . very way. If tn.Te was such a man living he said he would like to see him. "That man was cruel-ti.-il.' interios.'d Judo Mooie. Mr Hornliern.r continued in favor of nisti iu t me for Judue Moore, w hich he said, was the only way this section oi the country -oind hope to u-t anything Jiidt;.' Kaily had moved to table Conzett's amendment to the resolutions, and on a vote it c arried. An ac and nay vote was taken after the aiious speakers iiot thru, and the i. solutions were1 adopted hodilv The com enti. in then cheere d Judge Moure ami acliourned sine clie. County Nominating Convention. I'liairinan Fred M llrown. of the i unity central committee, then call- I a liio. iine of ihe c ommittoe, at which the county nominating conveii Hon was i all.-d for August at I., ad. Tins call Is, t to the du s.res of the democratic parte of the oollllty, W ll I . ll . it i S C poet ed will hold lis i 1 1 1 1 in ion iit th" sane- t me and (! f0r mm ;rt Itle nomination, for he had '.sured if be got his own county .m he would c-t the conven- L several other counties in me Hills, and this wouiu mu u t he nnminntlon ton. Kr- he was Rc.nig o si.-iiu . t. . ...luinni (n and u.mev in i" '""" would know that kn VV. Martin v t. If I do not Lj be-n in a .. .,1 .mnimmon to a 'i i hi n 1 1 .. .ni II S "' -- I shall i t Dat you tin Ryan After Oleson. -a!!. ;o-r cin e' Mi'lge to make, Uv;l1 ,,, ,,. waI(1 rl,, for .-! nd 1 sna" I Deadwood. th-li got up and csshmmI in nnv .. t to yui i ! . ... t() explain some tilings aliout, Ole- shall work unceasingly rot ( .s n ,t , ,.,, t,at ttl,n. , , : a l. - it 1 .1 " ,?sof o'ir tKkei in uic uuu. previously familiar to manv m the A Printer Greatly Surprised. "I lifVi :' was so mucii surprised in in life," ivs H.-iiry T Crook, press man of !: ,hvillc i N ci Ca. tie, "as I Wa wnh the result., of u,in.; ( 'hambei : :, , I :nu lialm , on ir.i.'led a ,. !.- . a --e of i !.. un. a-: in . ,.rly la.-' w.n'.-r hy g.-tna u,' i . -. t w.-t I i ...j ,(. ,u ,,! !, ii; j . j... . w ;t liont i ::.-:it (in. - ,.r, a hi i.. looking ,, . : tho da.-, .... ,..) I'aiii I'.aim was pn Hi. i-.i..r t ' ll lO I e ill "I Ulilt -HI O I till i lit a -.'. cent . ., '.. of i: and !.:'(: ,. u - mi ; ' " thili. i! it 1 1 1 l I,, siiiial : -ill 1. : 1 l.ikea it - 'u.-iit and I have ,,ot , . I , ii.-'iinal . p a, a sin , ' i ' . 1 1 a I : , ,, al-o c uie sprains .. .-p , ,: 1 and tioi-culai ; I: i, j.,i . I . V.-rW i. I'hillip ADDITIONAL BELT. K.lst ii o,li .1 ( Iiiii. i. !i a I,, liihle S. 1 1 a. m , pi, a- h ng theme, I'or Me. 7 p m.. I'nion Voiiitii I', oi'le .- Mcei nm at the M I ' hur. i v p in cv ijnng vvor.-.hip, silj.-'l. tine .Mans I. if." Mrs. Wound. lo, ha- r i.-n her outlines on I he v, oiuig M. ii s Hil.l,. St ud v at Becker Takes a Hand. I convention. lb said Oleson had Juike Moore had finished. ht.lI.,,.( llls ., ljui0 10rt. than a Becker of Spcai lisli, was re:' . W(M.k before. Oleson had met ltyan TODAY'S CHURCH SERVICES. Hi., chair, and made a talk , (jn ,h(. streel :mu informed him that ;ainst instruct- a namesake of Ins .uyau'si was in era! minute-r anyliody. siiid in the '.ill. li lo: p: i ; i:. i i i u i; i: ip town from tin St ,1 II .. . I. astern part of the 1 pring and Summer 1900 i-1 rs t i i: . inn. h if.-. Wright el Speart'.-h. w 1 1 ! ., ni'ii mug and veiniia S 1 1. ! ., a I 1 :' . i i lock Junior I at K.w "i t h l.oimio al ' 1- '- lioili w. li one lit. itltuxtu utntTuu inru u uiuxruTju UTjiTLTLoruru iinjjruru ltu i : v . - t I 1 Inly rl I 1 ' -'11 J 11 .' s- K.. iak no. J ..... c .1 g .0 I i-i W lake threat lUvtsuic in nlTciino, this sca--nnV iurrliase fur vuur insM-c i iun, 1 -i 1 1 lullv iiwaic df (lie fact that it exceeds all uiir jn-eviuns el'lol't.s. NOTW'ITIISTANDINC THE KErENT ill' EAT ADVANCE IN .MEIH'II AN! USE IN on: LINE, WE HAVE NOT ADVANCED OI K I'KIOES IN ANY SINOLE INSTANCE. V Canic 1 Ct '' ..1 I K " 'k WILCOX'S I,'..- Miii'l.o school i, our. We cordially .nvite iricnd and stranger lo worship with us. Mi.-s N. fie (,or. ami M,-.. --or-Iu e lll' c I ,, -. I to l.-ave Load toil. tor a trip lasting until the 'ii,t of A uuist They will go together to I In. 11,0 and Huston. Then Miss (lore will have them put off at Buffalo where they will visit friends. 'Miss Crleim will lake a trip down the St. Lawrence ni. r and on to Montreal Canada win re sh,. al-o will Visit Cum reual i ma I . hn ; . . I ! 111. Ii-ar.lscu: from T. ! .i -1 1 - i 1 i Helm t services at II . . loci Si u hi s, 1,01,1 after sermon I'irsi liaph.-t Ciui i h I'n-.. him; 1 1 a. in. hy the Mistor. Sun. lav sc-hool at 1:':1", p ni. Memorial services conducted hy the pastor at .'! p. in Young Peoples meeting 7 i. m Song service and Iced u i e v p. in A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend these- s.-r vices Rev. 1.. Kirk I'astor Mrs. Harry Crowder Dead. l.f I 1 o,i.- keiial, !!. ' '! ' i I oil. . I: Jt ), I C h.l-l"S J P. v. clllr. ,cc-- oi. j I .,'.. I . I oil. -I I ' J' Our Men's Department is replete with the very latest for men's wear. .Men's S priii;; Overcoats, in all the newest shades and styles, ran-; in-; iu price from S7..".0 to ?22.0I). The handsomest line of .Men's Spring Suits we have ever shown; the very latest desions in hijrh ;rade tailurin-;, ran-inj .:;..() to fL'o.OO. Fullv e-pKil t- t;iil-r-in;uK-. :it j 1 1 t nic liiilf the cost uf made-tu-ciider i;oo(ls. ur lu's Department cuiisists f every-iliinu necessary fur a buy's coiiilete uulin. AN APOSTLE OF PURITY. u.ek a number of delegates troiu 1 1. adwood and Lead went to Uapel I itv to attend an Kpwoith laague i .invent ion As the chair car on the Llkliorn was crow. led with ladies and girls, a number of the hoys. lilt, hi and sixteen years of age. found s.ats in the smoking room of the chair car. At Stnrgis. the great 'Cyclone Bavis. an apostle of popu Iisiii an. purity I nun Texas, a. com p. nled Judge Joseph B. Moore ..I Lead ' t v . hoarded I he n am. and al.oi foci. : ,ats in Hie slU'.ke! Ii e 1 1. g so .,! I. right I iov in t he Wold was re. lived in head wood yesterday of the death of Mrs .1. Il.ur Crowder formerly Miss liirdie I'orliin of this city, at (lordon o. II.t death resulted from heart disease Miss ( 'oi hi li wa s ma ! lied to Mi Crowder in Spearfish mtei they thi.r home at Now ' . i for a t.n.e v. In ! li Col Ion le Id a '.-ili'Hi M Ull tie , ( " . e . , Ul , le . . 11. p. Ill ". I ;: it I lii.J.'io Mr ( "row : i i gti-. I I; i - pool ; ui ami sj u i. , ... : os, i !... i ' 1 i I : ' I ' 1 1 .' I I ! ' !- ' I ' lo OO i f. .1 . i 1 1 of h i 1 .!... W ii . ! hi W I f. W e,l I i I , i tO ' - 1 ' r.cli d s . V p e i I i 1 1 toco ! i im f Y.r .1 .. I....; lt.i 1 V "' .. - 5 1 me, 30I1 I I . ,un- I .r PHARMACY moker. .,.- a icist le . v n . ni ly i , oaed 1 1 :. re was an iipp.ii t in it v n-liable -iuods, and low prices b.-in- mir ON LY AIM. chlein o t la 1 1 ' I Spe.l I f i -ll lo ''.,. li 'Oil h. liii.-iiiiiel sent for lo t- n a 1 1. in pt was in .. ! to ... i Mr This season we have paid particular atteinVMi t- the C-oUilcr li.V tel. -'.ipll I. Ill li. , o ;l, ,e lie lo. 1 1 W. I lniskill .a' Sp.aifi went to Cordon last niuht II.- i, a'l Sjy. Stranger! Don't you know that you can do bet tc r on jewelry by going to Central? J. H. I.aUeau of that city can fi tyou out in anything that you want at price far below those you would have to to c 'ii t . i ' u u an appreciative audi .ine a ti ' 1 :ii tiled lat .1 v s.-i h i , moil t h v. in k iim never I'l. n g otT m,l tie- train r, .: h.-d Hapid. Tho . who hi aid h. . say that lo sloi.e. vv. te vulgar. " . on., and pi dane in t he extreme, without a rede, ining ray of wit or I. timr to commend them. As one .if the I leadw ond hoys paid, ('yolom Mavis was Ihe foulest mouthed I -vef h ard talk.'' THE MODERN BEAUTY U!. ll- of the li"-' eased. Peerless Ice Cream Freezers. .MakeH Cieaiu 111 three 111 mutes. If you don t helieve it just try one. Moderate; in price. W. K. ADAMS CO For Olympic Field Day. We have Just received a line of elegant neckwear. Imperials, Hows and Ties, Hatbands and Caps In the colors adopted by the club. All members and invited guests are Htippobed to wear their colors. Come In and we will show you the goods at H LOOM'S. pay elsewhere. He has been In the jewelry business In the Hills for 22 years, and la thoroly reliable, what ho sells you is strictly as he represents It. Get other prices, then get his, and compare. ILK FOLKS. v TLivt'-piei e Suits from o years up with vcM just like I'ii'S from :.(((( to G..")0. Mil ami collars just like 1'apa wears, a-;es u ai's and rards. OL'K (JENTS' FUKN1SIIING DEl'AKT MENT, com m every detail, with the latest novelties, in fad, ev-n;' that is new and novel worn by men. 8AT8 of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetsou makes, 11 b? all good dressers, in .all the new shapes and shades Shades for spring wear. behest line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in Jenew style Plaids and Checks. w8hoe stock is now complete with the very latest in 18 Shoes. Every "pair guaranteed to give satis faction. Thrlvra on (tnod food and sunshine with plenty of nfi-ise in the op. d a.r. Hit form Rlows wlthhea 1th and bcr face glows with Its b-'iuty. If her Hystem oe1s the cleansing a. noa of a laxative r.naedy, she uses the pnde and pleasant Syrup of Figs, made by ' i"allfomla Fig Synip Co. We Want the Public A Visitor From St. Louis.' K.l ward Knupp. of St Louis arrive! over tin- delated Hiirliimton Thursday for a few weeks visit with his luothei in-law Mr I'ease of this city Mr. Knapp is a printer and hinder hy oetipation and having recently sold his plant in the Southern city decided to rusticate amid Black Hills pines for a few weeks before again brain hing in to business Speaking of tin- strike in St. Louis Mr. Knapp said Yes. 1 am a union man have belonged to a union for many years and when In business always employ union men. but imt withstanding all this I can not say that juat like the way the strikers are. or have been, carving sad in our Misri . ity. My idea is th i they should have SECOND-HAND TYPE. liourgeols, Brerier, Nonpareil, tied up and In quantities to suit purchaser, at ten cents per pound. Pioneer-Times. Dissolution Notice. Tho copartnership heretofore existing as Hlsthoft & Lesperance has been, dlsolved by mutual consent, Ed. Bisch- DO YOU SMOKE? Choicest Havana and domestic PALACE PHARMACY. three Reasons Why we f off retiring. Molse Lesperance will continue the business, and he responsible for the liabilities of the late lirin hnd collect amounts due said firm. FI). inSCHOFF. MOISFJ LEPPKRANCE MASSAGE BATHS. take n iiion, that ..mid have n Mni". Smith. Fteam. vapor and alco- , o! hathi. No. S Pine street, second ! Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in aprear-since. And Lower in Trice Hun any other House in Town. very . asil " laiscl. .lor every o-i" was ,n .yr-.p.c- - " -t'i il.etii c li.' ' ' to bo re: :,i cinpo- -t ' o- . , . om;..i.:v Tl- " ' I 1 :v 1,. , : i.,,.-. ,-!. c--.v ' ..ii !i- '' 'I- ' 1 '' ar. breaking i. .t .v;.. .-. - v.:: -. i" '' i floor. ; HAVE YO'J A HEADACHE? j j ; . v cr V-adai-he capsules. ! PALACE PHARMACY. ! "Ca'umct" mokes tho lightest, 6woetot and most whoipsotno bread To know i, at w o have finish! tit: iroveraeic and rcnaideliiiu oir hath Iiarlors, ..: -1 are now lullv -popp I to serve 1 ' -n with haths nf all l.ind-Turkish ' mi and M i 1 at, d 1 Tar, Sulihur ! ' ti' in -I 1 The n-eilicat-- ! stean. ' 'is at.- pi on. cm. . ' 'in- t, :i- -1 in th '' Id for a ' ' '-. tr: ' '!:' " ii -cuiic; -. s ::. ' : ' ' 1 1" 1 n . . -v for - - 1'--: - art. -;a:. . a'c-r u .n : 1 ! i. - v : . waiters i ' -d v. . .. , : :. 1 ' -sh.C, '.- 'i'C! - MIX K'i: .' 'I' " Ha. 1: ''.T V Ik ' : , i- STeT-!. Friend Like an 0 d u - ,' -ni. He v: vvii'- s lc lp Jin in ' " "f need. Ii the sarae w ith ('!. i r-Iain's f Choi, r.i an 1 Lirrh ')! Ilemedy. '' ': an o.J and tried friend in manv n-i.-in.'.s of families, an ! like oth. r old friends can always 1 depended "P'ri in time of need. Tor sale by K'.' G Phiuips. hmmU Powder kicking end beating the people a3 they would : 1; !.: f- .c i tin- , : ,. p;, j ,. r ,!,! 'mo -ho. '- ' '' all .' ""' '".g women Retting off the cars and leaving c'.eiu :..!k-! -n !-. In 'citiagooC- a t :!. v are. , ,s..s a- - -ed ,.v -..;v.. .:: .tig!i-ters of :: strikers who reem to tlnnk they .r- dting their duty in this f-iir.d-i h attavk upon those of their ow n sex Another pource of great annoyance aad danger is the 1-tie noiseless gua . i'CClAL HOT STRINGS EXCCIt-ION. Vlt ': ;: l.i.s'tr.n P..iuti. ?'.- ' f ir r m 1 trip. Tickets are on pa next M- ' - '. Tuc-lay, Jiine 4th ar. 1 "'.h, coo-l 'r i"' :-n on or before June account 0? anr. -al convoction B. Y. P. V. society. The 2 p. m. train Is the on-? ti take, as yii arriye at Hot. Springs be-fors lark. NGNC SO COOD. I MADE BY 1 THE J V TRUST, y

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