The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 23, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 23, 1900
Page 7
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, v '7' THE D:MLY I'lOXEEK-TIMES, DEADWOOD rS. D. Sl'NDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1900. r r 1 . . . - . ,, HH1 sl.l I ody, Kellar &: Moody. MORTlIAt.K SAWrl ault lias I), i n made i ; i of the nioi;, v , :,', f At't'ya.l ifire as co-owner iflth the undersigned v .Uutim b of tb yearn above mentioned, year interest In said claims' will become , , , the epropcrcty. of tlie petibscriber, your ' '" hf-iiwiuT, who has made ih,' required ex it Hi i ; I.:'. us :, r.oairrd ty sai 1 S -caiou ;:r:4 DR. TODD, Physieiati anJ Surgeon ASSESSMENT NOTICE. New La Plata Gold Mining com" pany; place f business, Deadwood, S. D. Notice is hereby given that at a in. . nn , of tlie board rif dl-, . i !: - .f tli.- above named company. jilia! Piifiii ; . M. ' ' .1 ' 'N. I . p (P!rt I'n. 'July 1.'. I mm i I k FAWCETT BUILDING, 11 Mill Street. "LEAD. S. D. No. I on I ave dec ided to no on- ii. ' ; , ; iny former proposition, in i' v:,,'-i N ( i sai.i-:s. 1 i i"ia I', adwociil. on the 17th day of ,.;t. t..l . i-. !'"". an assessment ,( No. : i o- .-: null pel snare was levied iil'i l lie- oillsi l lid in .-tock of tho . . pajabl.- immediately to tN'eil ,M, houoimli. treasurer, at his of- 1! e ill I lead Will H I . S. I). A 1 1 slink upon wlii' h this assess-j no ii'. .-hall i. iniiiii unpaid on the .'nth day of ( . I c .1 o t, 1 iMid. will be; clo-j liiiipn nt and advertised for sale, and I unless pavnieiit shall have been made 'before, will be sold'at auction at the IP.! I "ll. -..til." s lik-' ill ' . ' lees V , 1 1 1 1 1 ', b. iiitaiii. t'ntil October 1st ii-t. I w,i.iL I.- I'Kt'l-'cS-lONU, CALLS ANU Oc-N-KI Nh Ml' NTS ATTENDED. OFFICE SPECIALTIES. . .- ' any one buying a New Piano hoiee of the four foiioini; d 1 in' ;' i i i 1 i N.i ,1-1 pic, I .-aid nun t-.i''. and id m pin -iiiiiu . ot ii. b i ase made and BI dill the ! on -1 at nti in inort -ave w ill bo of t ho mortiia-i d pi o ided. lb'' said foreclosed by a sal it I . in .- i i er sc, ! i.ili ' 1 H I 111 n.i'. I in l.i' :n On l..iw- h'.h s.-ild ih,- eltlcc 1 e PRIMARY, SfeCONDAR-i AND TKK TIAhY bThUEt,. W Ii M . T - - - . - ,' i,f 'tie -, i ' 1(111 It t V , I t';l t'-' - ,i.-he ivi l ' 4,' I. at public of the i ourt !i;il,(-l;l pn-tnises therein ib-scrib am i ion at the front door Si.iiih ilnlv i 1 ) ci'ul-t I I- "Venereal Diseases r 1 I. -.1 ' ll ' i liouso in the City oi Da'.vota. on tin- -id Deadwood, South ay of November, In Their Most Malignant Forms 'j 1 fi"". at 2 o'i look in tin- afternoon of day. Tbi' innitfit'iil premises itnatod in tin- County of Law- . in the staii- of Smith Dakota. no di-si ribi il as follows, to wit: STRICTURE, . RUPTURE AND PILES, RHEUMATISM, GRAVEL, KIDNEY AND BLADDER that art' 1 ellei and office of tin- Measurer, in Deadwood, ou'llie 10th clay of November, lfifti), at 2 .".n o. lock p, in.,, to pay such delin-uP'iit assessment, together with costs ot advertising ami expenses of sale. NEIL Mi DONOl'CH. See. ( First 1 "till. Sept. 1!'. llinit I DEI.INtJt'ENT S I.E MlTH'l' il.ndi ii Cily Mining Co : pla of busine.-s. Celll i ,i 1 'it . S I). Notice. Then- i;' 1 1 ) t m 1 1 1 - ii I upon the following lies, i ilied sloc k, on a -count of assessnii'iit No. 1''., levied An- gust 7. r.'Ull, Ibo secl'ill aillcllltlls set opposite the liallK i of the respective! sbaii holders, as follows: ci i-iii'k'. i ill 'be Ti ti d.i v i'f Mi Hook 1 in.- -1 1 mrtiYil a n.i T-.-tit-on p:ie.' . 1 : ll I: 1 re-1 iin . 'i-h'v k In- ll nid ini-r'iML'i' - ih- r-,-ii'ii'il '.. I'M.nlc I'lPf" 'i .1 p--;ir !'V L-Til'l.'it of ''.nil '-1 I. r of d !" efl'.c In 11", .k i-! ar-l l-'-iir'k' ' o iiiri en i-:"i. nnd -Tio Ii new th-' "kk n rd " h.-r. a-; .t.'fniilt nt; ) ri'-kk','tiie en a. imle and TlinrtL' . 1 v ' . in k- -; i IJi'i l ni ,m I If!-" -l'llv ; -vill -i;.- 1 '. L' ' lliindri'd ltv -ir - "'-ttl-Ti o' t th.Ti- h ;)Ci- ' (-i ,1 I . I , tions: l;-t. If Joseph H. Moore is -1 . fi to Congress anu 1). V. Ma: un '8 defeated, 1 will cr-d:i them with . 150.00 I) William J. Bryan is pi-.- a President "nil M - K.ii.ejr Is defeated, I will irtrJit them Witt. $100.00 Jit Nebraska gives Hrjan iD-- majority McKinhv 'or President, 1 will credit them with $ 75 00 4th. If South, Dakota vivos Mryan the majority over M. - Kinley for President. I will Receipt in full for the Piano. You' art:.,ha.e..vpiir choice from tin-CHICKERING, V'OSE, W E G M A N. CABLE KINGSBURY OR WELLINGTON PIANOS. 5. R. SMITH Ili-Kitming at a point of tin- northwest corner of th ' property owned by one, i f I 1 1' ur. St;iil.'s. ,',nd m eiipied by one, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Bubo, Unnatural Losses, Sexual Weakness and Impotency in '"Young arid Middle aged Men. I. V.. Albright, for dwelling purposes, runi'iini; west alont; tbe south side line of an alley south of the Hlai k Hills 4'v JCyrt JJywuJ'ajlrwfil track one huu- fiin-il and thr.-,- (in:!) feet, th-'iiee In a DISEASES OF EYE, EAR, NOSE, THROAT, LUNGS, LIVER, STOMACH, DYSPEPSIA AND BOWEL TROUBLES. 22. Maloney. I. M. ..2:t."'i'i :U. Maloney. H M. . . in nun Maloney. I!. M. . . d.'nin ;7. M.ciiiis i; : r.o.ciuii so. Malon. y. K M :! sr.. M.Ciiiis, u. t; 2 : r, r. fi 1. 'Shannon. I'd I .nod And unless payment shall hav made on or before October S $ M.7.". 1 J 1 1 '.:. S 2 I . i; a;i e been mon. NASAL CATARRH: Dr. Todd's original scientific cure, including remedies and treatment in ordinary oases $10 per month. Cli.irlp; l1!, - -en, 'h- itm of sc'cn Tiim-dt'cii net ' -k'. nl v-Huht dcllnrsi rrid tkkcn'' crnh f T 7 - i 1' ' ' 1 fnr prlndpn! nn-1 lntcr-cf Xokv. flier, fore, luklli p U h'T'lv ch.'n tb.'it Ilic cii' t rrorl t-a L-i- Mill '.e 'nr.-i lo-cd t.v ih.- 'ite i f th- nl o-' l,'T-!o, ,1 erem'1''- at .ii-li.- n-i"!lon. on Tl'"r.'-iv. t'i" ;ih dak- of .'of.'mlkr vir-'i nt 11 o', V, k nn I'lk' i-l ftlO f,lT-,'"On- 1. '!" ''-no t floor nf h.' rnirf ho-ln In I-'nd'kood. In lb.- County of Iiu renci- 9afo nf Poutli finkola. to nMsfv the r.nio'int duo nq rihovn sppciflrd, Inclmllpg nil f oi s tin t co M of Bali-. Iiatrd UL-u?t 13 1finn MATT ri.t'XKETT. ShoiifT of I.auren-'f- Count v. S V .t. w ash nrnn. Allorney for AFl(rne(k nf ?nld Mortgage (Flnt Tuh. Aug. 14. l''0n ) Notice Is hereby given that the foregoing tale of the mortgaged premises th"iein described is postponed to. Saturday. September 2!Uh, laoo, at 11 o'clock a. in., at the same place. Dated September L'utli, KKIO. MATT PLUNKKTT. Sher iff of Lawrence County. (Fowler &. Whitfield, Attornevs.) southerly direction along the east side line of w hat ,is eonimonly known as the South Extension of Mnl street nr the Kirk road two hundred and ten (210) feet, thence in an easterly dire tion two hundred and twenty-elght f 22S ) feet, thence in a northerly direction along the west'' side of properties owned by Henry A. Ran and John Staples two hundred and twelve (212) fet to place of beginning; all of which is in the southerly part of Lead City, and across the road and east of the public cemetery in Lead, Lawrence county, State of South Dakota. y YV. II. LRYlW Mortgagee. MATT TI.VXKICTT. Office Consultation Free. the same will In- sold at the oftieo of the treasurer. J. II. LcBeaii. Central City. South Dakota, at 2 o'clock p. m. of said day. to pay said delinquent assessment, together with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. J. H. LeltKAI', Secretary. I First Pub. Sept. 2:!, 1 !()(). i (Martin X- Mason. Altornrvi" ) NrmrR to rrtEniTona. Ksl.'ilt' of Jns.-ph H. Kelly, deceased. J. IC. Baker. A. S. Ilaytlec Baker & d lay den ABSTRACTORS Syndicate bloca. Pxadwoort. S D We Hbioad tilers DLVcllov , My Stock is Complete in ALL BRANCHES and my PRICES are TtLO LOWest Of tllO I.OA7V Try IVfy Place with an Order and if not fully Satisfactory in evcy way don't come again. Lawrence County, South Sheriff nf I :,kota. MOODY . KKI.I A I Attorn-v- & MOODY, for Mnrfeagee. ! lu the Cinuit court of tin- Ktulttli 'Judicial Circuit of the State of Soiitb Nut ku .-Igned ; s.-ph P. o". ami tin- -ai ' Il.'.-es- -llfiT Hi In 111.- - M . nr I li'fitiy Riven by the undnr-triu o is nl i Ix of the- estate of Jo-KeP',' deoeaped. to the rredltora II i ,'ipinis lialvne claims nealns-t ,l. c, ,ik, d to I'xhlldt' them with tho vn-ii h. rs. within four months first pi 1 1 . ) i eat toll of this notlcf, id nlmiiiNi rntrlx, at fpearflsh. S. Ma'tln ,v Mason, nllornevs, at i Fir t I'lib. Se L IS. H'OO ) Dakota, vvithiu and for I.awr. in c ounty. teirnet A. Di:i.I.QL KN T SALE NOTICK N'i' hoi, I'laiiit:lT. 1 1. id lk Of d. Mai, "I, No. 7. CHARLES STREET GREEN The Grocer, vs. Pa-it C. Mcliol, Defendant. Prior liill Mining im jiany ; 1.:' e nl' Im-ilii I i. ill! WOIHI, S. i oi of kk i,i k, i ,k ii miles kk csle! principal 1- ; Ima-ly of i:ik ? lfinl 1 1 FSTFTt A. KELLY. Admlnlstrntrli ! .lew. fi. Kelly, Deceased. HI. cm. I. . r . ii- Ailmi- I '.v. s. I'. plclil . 'ipun I he Stat.- of South Ma greeting: To th above kofa -i named lids cb- I In I H " Oil ll ll, III, Mm k I he Dr. Collier OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADWOOD. DMidwood office at GUlmore House, Mondays, Wednesdays, aad Fridays. Lej d office, 415 Main Street. Tuepdavi. Thursdays and Saturdayi. J. N. CORUM Proprietor of the ; mini ot l in ipi -s ci , MKN'iM FNT .! on Jn.v To ';.' i '. ! i-i 1 1 1; ( ten of I lie S ale of South fondant : Yo-i im- lie;,',-.- -, , pa mon. d and to-' oumiiI 1.- ri'i v.-r lb,- complaint of tin- 'he.') Tn .' .. ' I. t lu if Poll' Mil' SUltr Your m Fal Suit. ll I, iac li.ini. 1 plaintiff, a (Otiv of which kr'ii The ."l legislature of tse P, i' of Sou:'-, I '. ! l.t. at tbe siHiion lti,"enr l.cgnn nn.l h- id a' Pierre, itie capital, nn .I.inuarv ::. I and enncJud.d on March fl !. 1 C''i r--,if, d 'lie f.,11 -k !.,. i i linrllt Lobby Saloon j le. vi T I a ' " " ' ' ' ai'lon I lo l he .loi'l I in- ' of i! nil't' 'in, lililllnll of I he M.i tt. "oln'lcn T'-'ino o, no men ,1 -.on. ... Ot State of SoiiMv Hal, sin h Ainoodmcpl Keep a quiet orderly place with ; You Sllh. IT IS PRETTY near time you were looking around for one to suit your fan" y. and let us tell you that you had better see those beautiful patTiis that are bring shown by -'v- od ainc.'oiis m-i i.pp.wji,. ; ii,. names - ' t lie I i -p. 'like s,,i; . ,,, . ;,- foi.o.k - Nalc sh.i'e. ml ' C 1 I. H SI,,,; ' . - f,,, ! . 1 r I: shor i mm im " I. ' '. II. I '.I i ll nil 1 (mil ' 2 '"I 1"-. c. ll. catltnu .: ici ' ' ;i:: L't. '". H. rarlicui :;' ;.: . H. W. 11- 1 l.,l 1' Ml p.:v. . ii w.-in 4.:i I.". . P. Wells ."T'i F. . Klii- ' 1 i',i -7. I". A. Fllis -on 'i f.n l"l. F. . Klli" 4'd .--: l"':. F. . Fin-- :r. '. 1 1. W. .!. el' I.i ""1 " I'll 1"". ll. AV. .lewilt Icl ''. 1J7. C). W. .lewett 379 .'.ft ' l c. i' c Cnrr ; iKin 4 "ii l:'J. i'. r. Carr: J.r.00 r. ''I' 12 . ("' c C(,rr 1 140 2 " lit. J. A. Oaslon '. J 000 4 "1 1 1'l. .1. . Oas'nn .' 1 c-nn .? i.i, l"'. .1 A Oastnn 'en i -n Ml. F. r. R.i 1 1 .h ft Win , f. el. , ' a an i vole the many different llnea of amusement and respectfully solicits a share of yewr T e J '-eson - P'op'o. He It I' - solv.'.l hv Ibr 11, lv.. the Sonofo C." patronage. -TT7T , SRC i otTCsTtov trmir J. R. Hlckox, City Engineer. Francis C. TucKe., U. 3 .Dep. tMin. Surveyor. TUCKER 4 HICKOX, is herewith served upon you, and to 'serve a copy of your. answer upon the .subscriber at his office in Deadwood. South Dnl-'i'T. within thirty days after the seivj. , of tics -iimnions, exclusive of tpr, i,n- service, or the plaintiff will apply to the court for tho relief demanded in said complaint. " . Dated at Deadwood, S. D., Aug. 2!lth, 1 900 ' FOWLKR i WHITFIELD, Attorneys for Plaintiff. To the above named defendant; You will ploase fake notice that the summons cnd complaint in this action was filed In the office of the clerk of the above entitled rnurt, at the court house in the C.lty of Deadwood, Lawrence county, R. '1, on this 29th day of August. A. D. lOOO. FOWL F R & WHITFirT.D. Plaintiff's Attornevs. THE DEADWOOtt TAILORS 671 Main Stroot, R. M. FOLSTAD, the Proprietor, of this establishment, will give you a guarantee on any piece of goods in his shop. He carries nothing but the very best, and yet you can get a suit made by the the tailors of his establishment, who are the best in the land, at prices no higher than many stores charge you for a hand me down. GIVIL ; MINING ENGINEERS! Hali.h 77r, Itafpti 1 )C2 17 Ti F- t in f' t" 12 1:1 .tolm Pal'i r nJ orin .tnl-n lia-.-r n.:n nd iinlc-- p,.i' nif nl -N'P hi- nt 'he nor" ren".-nl et,,iinn ', sfnt the fnllo. tri.r n'oroood nme."iir."ii t,- tho rnn'l'iit'' n nf tho C'rlte cr footh,. DdVo'ri ktil.-h I " her. hv ncrre.l tn: hllP ho o,i,'. lea tn the lector of the pint e for t h- ' " :ri-prnkal. wht.h nmondment ikhcn nnnrovpff and rntlfled shall 4,p-omp a part of the Con-stltnfton as rtcle tkventy-plffh' 2V therer.i' P.TIc-T.T: WVITT CFr. I The ev-ernt ro'i'ieq rf rio-ptnip sha,l! Invpei thp monevs ,t,' rorTinnent Prhnot nnd En-iWp-...." r-,in,ic iv,i3 f ,,!,) rrirriri. -ntfotu. ctatp, rnnntv find mutllelnnl bond' f.r I,, A f. TTin"' -1 o"q nr,', rvn'1 Im'i.nvrt 'a-tn 1", N k'T1 In f'ol.. H,1(b"t I n . lv, nnd.-r Fiich repula' loni n? the lelsla-line ir.iv p-ovlde. but no farm loan sha'l eve, d .a e ihmi-.ind dollars to an.' one p, r-a-i), in ni or cor ;or,ilinii.'' 1 hki iii.oke pi cipo.-til ulii, I. Iniclit dl h ic'.d upon hi die pffiplu .U i liu neial ! . 'I-.ti : ', he I,. : I In i h-"st ale on Tn '.nl ly, 1'",n, th. nf I he t re as - neito on or hefore , nffpM,. sjimn will 1,-r,hl rit the.oUV ; Surveor3. Rooms 301 and 302 Adami Block. I ' LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, ! Is what yju get when you buy I.e.. i't. TVn.l kkfiod Soirh U" k p rn iiv a!d ft"--k'h rn-'e l.icelh, Go in and Examine His Stock 3 nrcr, r:iV rt; l-,rti.i f '. ad-. V..' ', lit. ICS ItF.llslMP.V 5,',-nl.i'T ''..r "I'l I-' lie. C-'H-'C 1' Pub At,-. 21, Ipoo ) I our meats of . CI S The poor man's freind. They all. ! look alike to lius, and it is one price : to all, ami tno best and most palat-! nhtf; mi'Kts to 'be trad in the cltj-. ' hn .t.l'n-. 1 c n r d I ' i " if,e i F:r- t tl-'cjwler la Hie Cu . die ml c ':i Vk'h.tli- ,,1, Attc Ooitll's II ll Y Inipnrlecl. T aney and Weiirh BLACK HILLS HABiJIfRY No. 4. North It'. h ' I on I ,,hfli cnlth tut 1 on t o; tlic ..I of tin- Mate c l'-rc k m -- Ji Law i e n , e Deadvi'ood. Main SJreet, "Belgian Hares" ASSCSS'MEN'T NOTICE. The "Belgian Hare" I, ik- of NoveinU-r, . D tW"i. mpoflod nreendrni nt will he p- !nted h- ballot fiilloikul lv the kkords: t he ah"', n HI. n li'ljni III III lh Coll- i !n ri'laMon in' tli" irivitnictiT, of i.-niiieit Soli,..! and Linhe.vm.-ii t approved ai.d nil itled " dial, ly ti the l-ft of h I c li"sJtei 1 1 , d 'hcwoids "ts ' and "No." eiica 4-1 y i niuare In which the elector i,-e a in. s In iinliiale hij :. .Dakota, u ii Ion and lor 'county. Atth'ir L". Si:::;' in. ILon: 11 Pie "-t 1 he rinct Jt'-k i' Makes a "Croat Pet. HI nr i LEGAL NOTICES. I'r "O lha' We haw- tli-'in !"''i V - I K Visitors to our Habhitrv always welcome. hi K'-r the taliii'.ll.csr meiil t- mi'-,' p'i in',,h e thn the hreast of a i l.ict. n. G0. & E. CLEMENT CO. an Cii" "i nn a-c-s-rne'. , - Caution Notice. Nrrtii i" i's lieiKby given that 1' cerftvj ' ' I 'No ! ,,',.ri ii.'.nv. .. 'U-l- ' J 1 'i null' .,,;''.-t,'!P,li" ,1 'e in-"" ticates No. 11. 12. V. ion, I2."i, v; 87 . c- '' Si, p.T h;-re t a l. k i- d . Mo-lk. "f ,1" ' Palely 'i. .1. tl !e his ftiif In c. ri'r ! Ki'iiois deiiiii: lo ,:c "Vcs" k.iil plUk-9 .uscjqi p,iu ,,i'A,.' l'' -.11 .ucij.i' (o"ij -UtiiriiiK to VBU- ".Nkj ' v. ill Wacc; a ctoss ; i ! ,i i- ; h e kk ( i d "No." Dated at l.'l.i. i re. i Le capital, this 1st, day rf A :i-1st. i: WILLIAM II. KOPDLE. see retair of State. a : i -n e- pa -i . r."n Oitv Custom Ore PH. I2d. lis. 122. 1.2S. ill. HO' and -j 12'.t of the Prior Hill .Mining oom-i pany. were en the 22nd day of Sep-! timber, IP'iu, sold for as-sssnient No: l-:a S i!;p.-i,n, Lcf, nih.ii:. The Stat" .if Soatii liiii.ola nds 1 gteetiug: To the above named de-feniLant: Vou aie hereby summoned and required to an.-we,- the c oniplaint of tip-above named plaintiff, a opy o;' which lis herewith served upon you, and to jberve a copy c.f your answer upon the ! subscriber at his office in Deadwood I j South Dakota, within thirty days after to. 1 ir-on " hh A n v tikiri . SV'T-'oTT'l ,inor-:t on I'-rn. n ill t o ' is iccp;cni. nt 'ho dak' rtT M-.flM. ni nnd a 1- 3 r-avriT.t chnP will l.o n',l i' rpf'icr.l fnr :a' nr-d nil. havrt riTto v,f(,r.'. JOHN HAKF.bV President. A. SHORT. Treasurer. D. We are now prepared to treat custom ores by the Cyanide process at reasonable rates. Golden Gate Mining & Mil-ling Company. First Ward. Deadwood S.D , kiierio. i tho o'cp c' ttio trei'T-, in C'tltnl Htv on -he 7r,tl d.lV of "snpl""-. i.,r.,- n.-n. r,vWk r. -i o p--v -nrh flnl ' no -1 . n s.opccmnil ff-Ptho- t. ' - h foci of a Ivertlslnp Td eToorto ri atp y n "l.FBRM1. ""TPtaT. j the service of this summons, fxtlu- sive of the day of fervke, or the i. Martin k .iason. Attorneys i . NOTICE OF-.APPLICATION FOTt LKTTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. Iu tin- County Court of the County of Lawrence. State of South Dakota. In the matter of the estate of Caroline O. Robinson, deceased. Notice is hereby given R. F. Crawford has filed with the clerk of this court, a petition, praying for letters of administration of the' estate of Caroline O. Robinson; deceased, and that Wednesday, the 3rd day of October. A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court, to-wit: of the September ri-v n.,1. v 1a "-oe NotPe Is hereby eiven that at a meetine nf th hoard of directors of the Oarrlen City' Mining companv. YOU WANT MONEY? Well, we've got it, and lots of it, bring in your valuables. plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in sahj complaint. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., Aug. 29th, 1900 FOWLER & WHITFIELD, Attorneys for Plaintiff. To the above named defendant: You will please take notice that the I you want Jewelry held at Central. S. D.. fiVptember 7th. lf00. the date when assessment No. 16 becomes delinquent was rhaneed from September 8, 1900, to September 20. 1900. and the date- of delinquent sale from September 25. 1900. to Oc-rober . 1900. J. H". T-rTBRATT. ?"crrtarr. Lt'ita itoD that- tnn. and at prices that summons aci Tomptarat ttr iAit acf tew. 19410, at the rourt room thereof.. at the court house in Deadwood , In 'will cause you to wonder whre got it, Deadwood Loan Office Ms. 2f Lsa Street. tlon was filed in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, at the court house in the City of Deadwood, Lawrence county, S. D., on th's 29th day of August, A. D. 1900. FOWLER & WHITFIELD, Plaintiffs Attorneys. .. (Martin & Mason., Attorneys.) .. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. In the matter of the estate of Ada Baird. deceased. Notice is hereby given that Thomas' N. Matthews has filed with the clerk of this court, a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of Ada -Baird, deceased, and that Wednesday, the 26th lay of Septemp ber, A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court, to-wit: of the September term, 1900t. at the court room thereof, at the court house in Dead-wood in the said County of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person interested may. appear and show cause why said petition should not be granted. Dated September 8th," A. D. 1900. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH. Judge of the County Court, Attorneys. Iptrtt Pub. fceit . 1900.) voTtri? or fof fTftTt'Pir, To C. M. Fuller and W. A. Beaudry: BUY THE NEW Ton or hpirtvT nntlfted that T hivp pt- the Bald County of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person Interested may appear and show cause why the said petition should not be granted. Dated September 20th. A. D.. 1900 FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, Judge of the County Court MARTIN tt MASON. Attorneys. (First Pub. Sept 22, 1900.) PkPTldpd tn lflhor unil 1ni''nTPTripTii'' iion tbP Montn OrNtn No. 1. Montn Printn Nn t. Mrmto rrit No. 3 utifl TmDlr trnips. or mlnfrie Halnn. situated In tdn Ornr Mlti - hif atMrlPt. lA-rrenre county. Smith Pakn- t. at int ilon jw. rmr noon piex nr M eldlmi for thi ymrs 1o unci I o $200 upocn rh of (aid claims, all of whlp'h .was ilon for th ponvnw of io'd- PALMER: HOUSE NCIrk Block nt door to U. S. ; Assay Office. NEW BUILDING, NEW. FURNITURE, ; NEW BEDDING: eoncuott with th Restanrant " tea tnely fnniUlied'foonii wit wtw and UXh. ' QlWCtOlfProp- (Moody, Kellar ft Moody, Attorneys.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Alice V- Guild, Deceased. Notice 1 hereby given by the under-liroed execotor of the eatate of Alice M Guild, dorxMpd. to the creditors of and af persons having claims against tbe said deceased, to exhibit then, with the nece-ary vouchers, within fodr months after the frrrt pabMcatloo ocf this Dot Ice, to the aid executor, at the office of Moody, Kellar tt Moody, Decadwood, Sooth Dakota. ' FRBD OtTTLD AUlflBROOK. - Drop Head Singer 656 MAIN STREET. Best 8eirtng machine oil, needles and atlachmenta for all lind of machines A. N. PARKS, ' 656 MAIM STREET' Int: th talil pIsItts. trailer th prorlnlnns of Ration IS24. Rpt1M Ststntiw rrt iht Fnltf States." anil act Tmii1ato-r th-r- to, for the period endlBST DecetnbW" Jlt. Notice There Is over $13,000 of state school money on hand In the county treasury to loan on school bonds and Improved farm lands in Lawrence come ty. Application for loans should ihj filed in this office soon. W. A. fXSK. County Avditor. ' 1H9. anil tlipre In line from ywu e'Tpo tbe mm of Htl M nnra eaeh ef said elatirw. or $SSS.) 1n - ' To arw lieneby aotlfieit rfcat ft wlthla ntwtr ffart front eonpltsd miblleKtloa of thM notlc mm 4M1 to eoa-trfbote yow prspoiHoa ef such npcndJ Kxeeutor of tibs Bstato of Alice X. OuUd, (Fbwt Put. Aag. llXW6.F -

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