The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 18, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, JDLY 18, 1899. i " to fill .their hungry mouths with com amount of work In the least amount of AICrlt:S. II A VirvvrT ONE GENT A WORD mon places about "the consent of the gov time." "The newspaper Is merely a picture of life, drawn with more or less ernment. They will say to mm as t . . . -SBkaSSr- , U skill by men neither better nor worse than the average of their fellows." "The ouly sort of a newspaper which does not yet IKE DEADWOOD PfOHEER ESTABLISHED JUNB , 17. , THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7( 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY IS, 1897. Advertisements under this head ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run less than one month; three lines, (1 00 per month; payable In advance. exist is the newspaper which suits everybody." If Mr. Hoyt may not be Judged by these presents as a flrst-tlahs, up-to- w Solid old JeWciry say to him, "Sir, the south cannot live forever n cobwebs." They will say to him, a3 we say to him, "Sir, we do no' get our bread and butter out of poliii! anyhow, and, as between Wheeler an J Lee and you we follow Wheeler aud Let and the flag, and the further It carries us the better." They will say to him, as nf say to him, "Sir, the McKiuiey administration may be all you say it is, but we will settle with Agulnaldo first aud wilb McKlnley afterward, and, meanwhile, in have our couvlctioos and our opinions, WANTED HELP. date Socrates, It Is because he is more than that a first-class newspaper man. Black Hilk r.nM WANTED Competent girl at the Holzner. UUIU II It Is said that two-thirds of the men PIONEER-TIMES POBLISHINO CO TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: BUILT Evsry Moraine, Exoept Monday Oas Tear $10.00 S3 who went to the Klondike region in 1898 returned empty-handed. These persons uivi,ius wcr novel WANTED Second Hand Goods at No. .Sherman St. S. L. Conant. At Special Prices for WANTED Good cook at Soldiers' Home at Hot Springs. gtx Month t.00 Ob MonU LOO W1EKLT Issued Every Thursday. OM Year t.00 Stg Months LOO and do not mean to Tool away our tnn watching to see what the utlministrai !m; does In order that we rimy do exactly ;ln rV T could doubtless have done better if tbey had gone into tha mining localities of the United States. The fact that the lllack Hills, Colorado, California, Montana und the rest of the states In whkh gold mining Is going on are Increasing their jleld constantly Is an evidence that Americans neel not go outside of their opposite, as you seem to be doing." iext 20 Da' 'If the gulf stuti'H will do this, all w.ll at the gtatered as Seeond-Class Matter Dead wood PoetofBoe. AT WANTED Housework or washing and ironing by the day. .Enquire at No. 11 Filniore. WANTED Billiard" and I'Ool tables, tfne of each. Mubt be iu . jsuud culiditlou and reasonable in price. Will buy or be Hell. Wo shall place Ihe national Interest above the party interest, and, nmn' what may, we shall lie on high. ;if' at sT" A own country to reach gold regions of great promise. Apparently the rush to the aa is',i'ISt'y a. r. sra rent. Address, Box 2, Terry. (Bt) ground; in the matter of political, p.i tisan Interests equally prepared fur vei-ory or defeat, anfl, in either event, qui' sure of the future." ' REPUBLICAN TICKET. Supreme Court Judge. DIOHTON CORSON. H. 0. FULLER. DICK HANEY. Klondike this year has been much below that of 18'J8 or the latter part of 1897. There Is. in the confines of the United Main Street. for u ranch WANTED Man and wife Apply to Pioneer-Times. States, a greater wealth of gold and ell ver deposits than can probably be found WANTED A girl for general housework In any other country on the globe. shJ (Advertisement.) BLACK HILLS MINING REVIEW. at a good salary. Apply at this oillce The Introduction of a man's family FOR SALE. affairs in his political activity is no tori Special Edition for 1899 Will Be Out In Deep and bitter grief oppresses the souls of Messrs Jeffries and Fittslmmons, together with their trainers, managers, backers and bottle holders. The laurels of the roped arena bay been withered by the discovery that the attempt to take ously reprehensible. Yet it may, without July. The management of the Black Hill FOR SALE An upright piano, new and in offense, we hope, be suggested that Mr. good order. Mrs. L. E. Miller. Bryan should send home to his admirable Mlnihg Review is preparing to .Issue a special edition of that paper sometime vltogrsph pictures of the fight was a complete failure. Such a series of pictures. LOTS FOR SALE Howard's Addition CASH TALKS during the latter part of July. This edl nevertheless, Is advertised at a New His addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining tlon will far surpass anything of the kind ever published In the Black Hills. The Tork variety theatre. The pugs and their the Dudley spring, in the First ward v i! wife a gentle hint as to Bryan policy in Lincoln when the head of the family Is looking after his future at a distance. A Georgia admirer. It appears, sent to Mr. Bryan at Lincoln, with his compliments, a carload of selected watermellons the very head and front of Georgia agrlcul-cultural pride. He failed, however, to prepay the freight- Inadvertantly, of support already given by - the business men of Deadwood, Lead and the sur Is now open for settlement; see plat and friends say that the alleged reproduction to a complete and shameless fake. An vldenc of this is the presence in the pictures of a lot of little boys in the $50 prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE rounding mining camps and by the lead- We have got the goods and want your trade, g mining companies which are operating FOR SALE Three of the best ranches on boxes. in Lawrence county, has of itself warrant ' A manufacturer should not send out ed the publication of fifty pages of reading matter, illustrated with a profusion course and Mrs. Bryan has declined to pay It or accept the gift. This too, while Mr. Bryan was the guest of Georgia. Bear Butte valley, 160 acres each; over .$1,000 Improvements on one; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at the Ploeer-Times office. Uttls boy to represent him, but a man of of new half-tone cuts. Already about we Come and see us, will treat you right. Now, the proper thing, manifestly, would forty-five hundred copies of the edition have been to pay the charges and at once huve been subscribed for and only a par tlal canvaaa has been made. It will be FOR SALE Desirable residence lots. Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's . announce a rree melon festival for the city of Lincoln regardless of partisan lines. Thus would Bryan popularity have been rehabilitated In Nebraska, Georgia's Ayres & fantau Hardware Cu allegiance rendered Impregnable an? DESIRABLE building lots on Lincoln v. enue, Ingleslde; lumber furnished to build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) tbruout the country. As It is, It is commanding presence. Let the advertisement be of sufficient sise. A tailor should not send out a representative dressed Jn 111-flttlng garments of old style. Let the advertisement be set up In good form and use the latest Ideas and designs. An advertisement does the work of a salesman. It enters the office when a . salesman would b refused admittance. """" remains in the office or shop and is i always ready for business. It appears be-" tor the buyer in unexpected moments. He can't loss it. It never gets discouraged, but keeps right on proclaiming the merits of the goods and seeking more orders, , -o , Friends of the late Joseph B. McCul-lagh, of the St. Louis Qlobe-Democrat, o WATTERSON ON BRYAN. For a reclaimed backslder, Henry Wat- FOR SALE The Pioneer Meat Market, at Terry, S. D. For further information enquire of C. W. Ronan, Prop. (lm.) ii terson is determined to be a thorn lb the flesh of the party to whose fold he has so lately returned, Judging from his two FOR SALE A H. P. Otto Gasoline engine, tank and reservoir complete. Pioneer-Times. double columns of editorials on expansion and the Nicaragua canal in which he sounds the trumpet of resue and progress to the ears of the southern FOR SALE 2 H. P. Kerosene engine aud blower, nearly new, In perfect condition, no further use for same, will sell cheap. Exactly suited to ventilating small wine. W. M. Barker, Deadwood. Shoes Witii a Reputation necessary to Issue at least eight thousand copies i.i order to supply the demand. The special edition will contain a great many half-tone cuts which will be new to the Black Hills people and some of the best known mining men will contribute articles on various topics. Among those who will v.Tite are: Dr. Walter P. Jen-ney, who will furnish a descriptive article upon the early history of the Black Hills up to t'ue present time; Dr. F. William Ihne, president of the Technological school, of Chicago, who will wrltet descriptively of the phonolite belt; James S. Lawson, with a quarter of a century of experience In copper mining, will treat upon the copper formations of the Black Hills; Samuel Cushman, who needs no introduction to the Black Hills people aa k mining writer; Frank McLaughlin, who will write upon the free-milling and refractory ores ot the Black Hlllls, showing the difference between the two; Curtis Alexander, for fifteen years head chemist at the great Kansas City smelter, upon th cyanidlng of Black Hills ores; W. L. Faust, of Central City, upon the cement formations of the Central City district; 0, W. Robblns, of Custer, who will writs at length of the mines in Custer county; and a number of other prominent mining man who have partly promised to ssslst la getting np Inters ting matter. Thar will also b a write-up of all of the mining districts la tha Hills giving a history ot the mines and their present development, Bom of th nswar companies will also b written np la a descriptive way which will people. After showing the open pathway of deliverance from their hedged in and subordinate commercial condition by way of tha tsthsmlaa canal and the Pacific, hi thus pays his respects to his new leader: "Considering these things, how is it possible that ' any thoughtful citizen of the gulf atates ahouid listen with patience ' think he may have been murdered and have asked for an official investigation. Sir. McCullagh'a .dead body was found in the rea way of Mrs P, f, Manloo'i house, Louis, 6b the morning of December tl, 1896. Mrs, Manlon. had bees bis brother's wifei The body was elatned only In drawers and undershirt) tha suggestion of suicide was resented by the FOR RENT. FOR RENT House with nine roomB, including bath. For particulars inquire at 87 Van Buran St i Our Boys SearSkin Seamless I SHOES FOR RENT A good house, with seven rooms, and all conveniences, situated on Lincoln avenue, Ingleslde. Pioneer -.Times office. 1 ditor's friends. Dr. Charles Hamilton !- - : U .... Hughes, In letter tq the chief of pcJica, Itlnts that Mr. Mc Cullagh may have been murdered. He was knows to be greatly attached to his adoptee) daughter Gladys; sad Dr. Hughes asks if any prospective nelr could have desired Mr. McCullagh'a , death In tha hope of getting some of his property. "- , "v' ' Are noted lor their wearing qualities to the vaporings . of political adventurer who, blind to their claims "upon thinking peopled would, set up against tletn, a huddle or hair-splitting theories about the Moo roe 'doctrine and, tha constitution of tha United Btateef.; k , . , '' " "What should we think ot Jefferson If, Ignoring the practical advantages he had, on tha grounds of esostltuUoa or othw scruple, lost the chase to buy Louisiana of Napoleon T What will be thought of as a century hence, If, thin fear of trouble, or any other fear, we 'yield' the excellent for school wear. Furnished rooms at the Whit House, Bath ana Slectrio lights. Rent $10 per month per room. Fin view from every L. C. VERPLAST. CKT o. GO fJlierman St. Tantags ground whlcly all unbidden, has i . FOR RENT Six-room nous. Just newly papered and la fins order, at SUM per month. Apply to CUSHMAN, 40S William street, or at TOUNO'S offloa. La be entertaining both to th Black Bills The Irrepressible George Fred Williams Is more kinds of a Bryanlt- to put it mildly thao a man ot bis limited ability and vereallty has any right fo be. In a Boeton speech devoted largely to the' Atkinsonlan ; Interpretation of National duty, he declares that, while such meetings might help the Filipinos and encourage Agulnaldo, they would also help people and those residing outald. ' - strwt (tf.) come to as, vainly seeking the retention of tha bucolic republic of Washington and Franklin, which haa already gone from us beyoBd recall? ;. - 'Tha globe to shutting up like a telescope and, thru the smaller end, ons can Keystone) and Hill City districts and county will recelv especial attention. TRY. NICELT furnished rooms at reasonable th desire of the publisher and editor ot rates at Noble block, 721 Main street. FULLER BROS & MeCUMSB MRS. OARR. ' the causa of freedom everywhere. But as th Review being to soaks this Special Edition eowsr th resources of th entire Black Hills. Arrangements have bn see farther than Jefferson saw thru the a well-authenticated further result la a larger. Manila la not as "far- from Washington under modern conditions as New FOR RENT A six room house. Enquire continued sacrifice of American soldiers mad for sailing th papers at th Omaha at Ed Hart's Turkish Bath rooms. Exposition and oa th trains leading Into (GEDDES OLD BARN.) New Carnal ail Bipies. Best Drivlnir ani Saddle f Boarding Horses by the day week or month a Specialty Orleana waa In Jefferson's day; California was harder to reach at the date of the fighting under oath and the flag, It would be Interesting! to know whether Mr. Hams Is prepared to advocate specifically Omaha. The prlco of the papers will be 25 cents Gadsden purchase. Every year tha world FOR RENT This furnished rooms suitable for housekeeping. Enquire of 01 such sacrifice in behalf of tha one per cent per. copy. grows smaller. Yet tha gulf states of the Lackous or at MB. EI Taylor avenue. south, ' negro-ridden and Impoverished, of 1,000,000 Filipinos who oppose American occupation under tha rules ot International war. This la Important, since have stood apart, helpless, seeking the FOR RENT Nicely furnished front room, suitable lor office or bedroom, at hs Williams la still alluded to as "Bryan'e Holxner. ' right-hand-man." iThm Precept LOST. Arc You Prepared? LOST A large envelop full of letters and notes. Finder return to Pioneer-Times and get rsward. V - -. " .j.- - a. Aiff narrowing stream quite pass them by and, just as a great ocean outlet la offered them, com a troop of pennytrumpeters to toot the old chant about "the consent of the governed" whose own author did not consider It when the enlargement ot his country waa Involved and to drone about constitutional forms, which have at no times stood against the expanding desires or the practical needs of people essentially enterprising and progressive. "This transfer Is Inevitable, All that the political adventurer In Americana politics caa do with his sophomorle ebullitions of mistaken patriotism and his It IS doubtless true that there are no such sharp . and unsparing critics ot the newspapers as . newspaper men, . nays Leslie's Weekly. There are certainly none so just. If they could have their way there would be no bad proofreading, no false news, no lying reporters, no failures to get out on time, and everybody would be happy, including the newspaper men. In a recent address before the New Tork State Editorial a-oi-latlon, at Niagara LOST Gold link cuff button, with gar-donlo stone la one side. BulUhl to ward. Lav at R. M. Malooey's assay omc. . H is not wh&t vie say, but yjfut Hood's SarsaparitU does, that , tells the story. Thousands of testimonials are examples of uhat Hood's has t done for others, and xvhat it will do for yott. ' Scrofula "Running scrofula .tors made m shunned by neighbor. Wed leal treatment tailed. A relative urged m to try Hood's Sarsaparillsw Old so and In lew months th sores eompleUly seated." Mas, i, U. Haicw, Etas, K. H. ..,-,-' sVYmmartory Rnomatlam-" Tw attavAsof Uq grip left me wiUi tnfiamma-tory rbrarnatism. Am 88 years aid, but Hood's eaxaapartll cured m and I caa svimb sttr and walk anvwhsr. J.Lora An, I7 Farg av Buflalo, H. T. Fine weather haa come at laai. now la the time to get that pair of "W0 mer Shoes. . My; Stock includes all of the late- and neatest summer footwear. - No where can you find the same goo& for less money- We always y it comes to flood Shoes at Low Prw and oar stock is the freshest as weu the largest in the BilL WILL BATHS IN THg BIO PLUNGE. . Falls, Mr. Albert E. Hoyt. the talented editor of the Albany Argus, ranged over It U likely that several hundred people from Deadwood and Lad wIU spend some rudimentary notions ' about International politics will b to obstruct and delay It If to gulf states are true to themselves they will stop him la his mad career. of thetr Sundays this summer at Rot Bprlngs. Especially m thos who caa aot get away for a longer tim take ad: vantage of tha cheap rates ststt gatardar Go to. this ground In a witty and Illuminative way. A good many of tha everyday facta about newspaper-making which Mr.' Hoyt brought out deserved to be pinned op In plain sight of tha newspaper-reading public. It would make them more charitable and possibly more kind toward the craft. We quote a few of his strongest sentr?es: "When we read the .dally rew-;nper we should not forget that it i ifomlf-a B effort to do the greatest They will rite en mass and show him that they, also, know a thing or two. They will Impress upon his andsrstaading the fact that he la not upon a vote-catching track. ' They will' fling aside any party ..which dares -step acroee the path way of their prosperity and which pro gooa rar seven says announced By a Bar-lingtoa rout, th regular rates have osa cut la hair by th Burttogtoa for the fcanday axcurslooa. Tickets to Hot Springs) and retttra may be bought next Saturday for from Deadwood ana .. .? ..! '. poses to manure their wasted fields snd i rtTf.-..- ' ; 15.45 from Lad City.

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