The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 18, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1899
Page 1
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The aily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK II ILLS), TUESDAY MOKXIXC,, JULY 18, 1899. FIVE CENTS. D r REPENTANT INfffANSi 0 IS REVEALFD all left the service. Bis, a few "cars'aTt running, and they are manned by nonunion men. Several cars were stoned today, and riots have been narrowly averts; 1. The Red Men Who Killed the 4H War Correspondents disclose An Ugly State Three Millions in Gold. SEATTLE, July 17.-Special.-Tht-steamer Roanoke arrived from St. Michael today, and brought three millions iu Klondike gold. The steamer Uoroiiu is coinine Antelope Say They Are Very Sorry. of Affairs. .Por-nsjusty took snap shots of the affray, and some day the pictures may be used In evidence against the transgressors of a quiet Sunday's peace. Taken altogether, the picnic was a delightful ime, and a day which every one who amended enjoyed Two weeks hence the elub will se-k another quiet, shady :e,i,k and promise due obedience to their I'.nron saint. On the next occasion the wiw; .jis.l sweethearts of the members will attMid and lend the joy aud beauty of their ;iiMm e to the sylvan scene. Beware of Food Samples. Quite in , inly in New York two deaths occurred from poisoning by the use of powders si ni to the victims by mail. In Leavenworth. Kas., the other day, nearly ! u iih thu ...... They Are On the Reservation sbpsorship Prevents Cor Ki Reports of War In and the Incident is Probably Closed- v Strget Caf Strike ,ifl Brooklyn--,- BROOKLYN, July 17. --Speclal.-A thousand employes of the Hrouklyu Rapid Transit company are on a strike, and Lot few cars are running on all the lines in the city. the Philippines -.nvn .In 17 SDrriiii. i ne PINE HllMIE AGENCY, July 17-Spe iu.iwi ij ill ll4" correspondents ot cnil. The marauding Idnians, ai killed the game In Wyoming, contrary to the f. -miners, at Manila, unite In M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Offer the Following Unheard of reductions in prices for this week, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, lBc and25c each, worth from 25c to $1 eadh, and that is what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. All the latest Children's Hats in Straw and Muslin at 60 to 76c worth from $1,00 to $1.76 Bach. Special Reductions in Shirt Waists and Skirts. 100 Summer Corsets at 26c each, value 60c. Check Nainsook at 6c per yard, 200 pieces f French Ginghams Brundburget Cloths at 10c per yard. 20 piece sCold Satines at 10c per yard, value 26c Irish Lawn and Crepon at 6c per yard. 60 doz Children's fast black Hose, sizes 5 to 9 at 10c per pair. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. g IB""!! ' , Wowing statement: Governor Holcomb Found Wanting. LINCOLN, Neb., July 17. -Special. An investigation by the legislative commission of the affairs of the state olllcers, shows that' ex-Governor Holcomb, populist, drew sixty doflars a mouth from the state game laws of that state, are Sioux oft every doctor in town was called to attend the children who had gathered up. eaten, and been made ill by samples of an article left at houses by canvassers for advertising purposes. Alum baking powders have always been favorite art idee for this sampling business. Yet there is nothing more liable to lead to danger lhan the practice of using the various samples of baking powder left .trt, owing to the officii! dia- Ibis reservation. They have J to LjmMuilta made public at Wash the reservation, have been Identitied by the officers who are following them, anl will fet tie people ot the United m Mt received a correct impree- for house rent, and paid out only thirty J be delivered to the authorities of Wyo dollars a month. He kept the balance. LfetfuiatloD In the Philippines, ming if wanted, when the proper papers ttkm dispatches Incorrectly rep- are presented. jiolstlng conditions among the at the door. They are presented by Irresponsible parlies. In appearance are not distinguishable from arsenic, and indeed, Mme, Dreyfus Persecuted, RENNES, Krance, July 17. Special. - L iaptuig internal dissensions, Lnliutioo resulting from the Amer- The Wyoming officers relumed home today, having only a Wyoming justice's warrant for their arrest. It is bellied the incident is closed, as the Indians express regrets over their actions, and promise not In Indiana some time since one package was found, after had caused the death ot ilp, and tne brigand character Mme. DrUeyfus is being harassed by a system of petty persecutions. The shopkeepers refuse to sell the family provi my. Ws believe these dis the houstwife, to have been mixed with that poison. cs' tie declaration that the Bit- J.o commit such an offense agaiu. The of ikQ la hand, and the assump- fleers arrived here Saturday, and have It is safer to refuse all samples of food sions, and she is compelled to do her own marketing under an assumed name. ik Imrrectlon will be speedily spent several clays locating the Indians. MAJOR ('LAPP. Agent or medicine offered at the door. Pure cream of taitar baking powders sell upon itkott I greatly increased Iprce. their merits, and are never peddled or sam Senator Hoar Turned Down. BOSTON, July 17. S-t ial The repub pled. IN SYLVAN NOOKS. lican organization of the state has pracii- jtitesscity and purpose of the kbn been undereHtiniated, an J huieaents are unfounded that rc- Otkta volunteers in the Phil -dBV to &Ye further service. mis; has compelled us to parti-IsiiBiarepresenlation, by exercitorial (incontroverted state cally decided against Sojialnr Hoar s re n 000 n o n o ft o . o o In Butcher Gulch. Lee Hoyt made a trip out to the British- election. Governor Woleott and Secretan Long are prominently mentioned anions; American company's shaft In Butcher he probable candidates to sueeeed him. Knights of Gambrinus Meet and Go Through Their Ancient Rites: Assembled, by an order of their president, twenty members i of the Knights oi Gambrinus an ancient and honorable organization- marched in a body to an appointed rendezvous on the banks of his- gulch Sunday, aud obtained samples from the ore vein in the bottom of the shaft. There is aliuit four orp five feet of thlB Royalty to Visit America. WASHINGTON. July 17. - Special. -It Ore. with considerable laic and yellow car 5 bonates appealing frequently. announced that Klntf Leopold, of llelglun The company has jut finished a shaft will visit Newport, Itbode Island, th summer, as the guest of Mrs. Potter Palm House on the ground, and has one of the Joplin whims at work, on the hoist. A er. s' kett'StMbe plwa. an General tliey would alarm the people itoethe people of the United ears.' Specifications are to send hospital reports and ill heat prostrations in the oppression of all reports of i la the event of their fail-iirHcmatlc minimization uf aim and prohibitions to se-iil JlW of the situation." "I by the correspondents ot 'frt Herald and Sun, the Chi- 111 Tribune, the Associated scrlpps-.McRae Press asso- building has also been put up for use as toric Will tew ood. The point selected was far above where the waters of th-t; stream are contaminated by the refuse iuvt ilhh of mining) camps and cities, but where It runs in limpid, sparkling purity where stately pines and lowly willows ottered tempting refuge, 'neath their spreading branches from the midday sun. Then, in a temple of nature's own building, were erected the altars of ihe.society. its burnt The License Muddle i blacksmith shop, and these, with the ihtr buildings that have been ereidjl ince I he company began its operations, I'IKilKE. July 17. Special.--While ill saloon men of the HUM section of th make quite a enmj- Mr. Hoyt believes the WALL PAPER! WALL flFEB! "Some UmM her narrow kitchen wall Stretched away Into stately halls." This happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall paper make It possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock ie entltrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. Tou are especially Invited to eee them, PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the time to paint your house. Remember thstt my store la headquarters for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MTXFT' PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and las longer than any paint made. Corn In and get color carda and study coter effects. Th OM Reliable DrnggM, opliu whim is a favorite, as it is a great state are reported lo be taking a stand on the decision of Judge Moore in regard to niprovement over the old-fashioned whim offerings made a,nd li la r ions poured to the licenses, no such action has yet betn It consists of a sweep, on which the six'iet 's saint-flambrinus. taken by any dealer east of the river horse works, and a tumbling rod, which Is The ceremonies were quaint, interesting attached to a drum, on which the cable and full of deep meaning to every me.u- Several counties have already sent in re mittancea to the state treasurery, a.i be.r. as In the semi-twilight of that forest Juljrl 17. Special The "ttkseoamuication from the works. A man at the lever can control It perfectly, and It is out of the question for others have made collections but hate glade the voiced intonations of the high priest in harmonious volume swelled 'Atdeatt of the leading Amerl-XUai forth the true stste not yet remitted. In relation to the deel slon of Judge Moore. Attorney Genera the bucket to get away after it is started up, even should the horse on the sweep through the aisles of green tt the accom !4iPailippiaei,.aB(J betraytn Pyle expects to go to the Block Hills! sec run away and tear everything to pieces panfmenf of the singing of birds, and even the gentle movement of the wind, which as horses have been known to do. ot ths war department a Main Street TDT7 r puil T IPC I tlon of the state next week, and take such action aa may be necessary to get the moved to motion the foliage of that leafy :ami of tit Filipino earn-"atsta furor, official clr-Utt criticism of the gJorern- question submitted to the Supreme curt Negotiations are under way between the s ueaawooa,$.u. -iasv v. i uililiii j. 5 ouuihuinuinjinnjlnnnnnn ansvuvnnxt nexmwwx njxruiniuiin vuvuinro covert, seemed to whisper an anthem of praise to the goodly saint whose ngne owners of the Klckapoo mining ground and at as early a date as possible and have th matter settled as to the standlug of the outside parties, looking towards the erec "stisUoe has been elicited m . day was being celebrated. wAuuey announce that , Devotional exercises being concluded tion of a cyanide plant la the vicinity of Yellow creek within a short time, for the mr Held tomorrow the Knights prepared to enjoy a day, "far liquor laws of the state. f o Mrs. Hearst a Regent. SACRAMENTO, Cal., July 17. Govern 11 ! tis statements of the purpose of handling the Yellow creek ores. from the madding crowd's Ignoble strife, and to this end various forms of Innocent THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK ! or Gage today Issued a commission It amusement were improvised and Indulged in. A splendid lunch of salads, cold meats and other appetizing dishes had been Mrs. Phoebe Hearst as regent of the state sash. a a a. se a. 2 provided, while the coffee, lemonade and university. Mrs. Hearst was appointed regent by Governor Bird for the short terra, and Governor Gage withdraw her other palatable drinks had been provided for the hungry and thirsty. Quoit thoSv "Warteau... A ! '?;', - RTKENT CHASTISED J Oregon Volunteers Tell s:partmeat' Inefficiency. ..Jnlr 7.-Speclal.- ( tae Second Oregon u ao uncertain term stligenca of the war de- r0Y'a" u,iDl t 0rWl Tolunteera. The """na. worn In th. trnnl. appointment from the state senate, to ing. lawn tennis, croquet and similar inno ueaowoon, oouin uanoia. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 gether with others. Subsequently he ay- cent games held the attention of the pointed her for the long term, vice J. West Martin, term expired, bdi with gathering, until 2:45 G. G. R. Sangiovann chief of world-wide reputation, an drew the commission, as Mrs. Hurst was nounced that dinner was ready to be absent from the state at the time Mrs. served, and ail fell to with an appetite Hearst haj returned to the state. which spoke of a good digestion. As the Uthe men hav. to All Branches of Banking Business camp and grounds had been prepared in the early morning hours, everything was placed and found to a nicety, and the club f" the pneumonfs Transacted, members sat down to a feast that would "ftot froai the exposure have tempted an epicure. The pr nclpai dishes were roast ribs of beef with brown disembarked. men are m a , " iden change Crown Hill Stockholders. C. K. Jones of Chicago, and J. H. Eve-lelh, of Greenville, Maine, stockholders and directors in the Crown .Hill Mining company, and Mr. -Davis, president of the Bearer Creek Mining company, and a stockholder in the Crown Hill company, arso of Chicago, left for that place Saturday night, after spending a week in the Black Hills.- They had been at Crown DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rice, potatoes and young lamb with greei peas, : Africa, England, Franca, Germany and all Pwrta af the WorM, at besides Innumerable entrees, with French uaiesa something U done Acts gently on the: lowest ...arket rates. " nunareds Ot names and delicious flavors. That the dinner was enjoyed is proven froji the fact COLLECTIONS made carafully mm4 accounted for promptly. tcommenoed tomua. Kidneys, Liver! that not a scrap was left ov.r. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Hill lor a number of days, and were ac and Bowels Rates of Interest to any extent. Warranted by borrowers After dinner a game of base ball was played between two base ball ninee hired ;Paal Bank Fails. f " ' J Jtlr f . .. -"' ' responsibility or collaterals. . com pan led as far. as this city Saturday by g. Barker., assayer and chemist for the br the society at great expense. The Sau MANSES THE YSTEM Ti. Oer- sage Grinders and Potato Diggers, com Crown H1U Company, who is spending the "CitlJ failed ana posed of men well known In professional who has been at Crown Hill for the last rl Am llr. Barker remained in uoaea. ' t"er strike. ': 1 -4. m . . OVHCOMEsKrWcx Deadwood Saturday night, and will ; Accounts of .BankSs Corporations and Individuals circles, put up a game well worth witnessing. For Urteen Innings they Ftruggled for the mastery, but the desceoiinj sun and growing darkness caused the umpire to call game, leaving the contest a tie, the score standing U2. Ths game was The turn to Spokane within a few days. sT opaciaa. solicited. Oorrespondenoe Invited. drift from the bottom of the old Spokane K,D of thl. diatrlct haft haa been driven now for a distance mr haa rfu4 m PERMANENT!, scientifically played and cleanly, with the h1e4 of thlrty-Bre feet, croei-euttlng the ore "Ployea. T-entlon of the seventh inning, when DIRECTORS: E. ADAMS. ; . . stOHM TREBEItV ICIAL In, and the full width haa not yet been determined. It la not exactly all ore clear acroea, bat la a broken mass of taking exceptions to a ruling of the umpire, both nines Jumped upon him with 'if Vr k Aaain. schist, granite, and quart, with nca enr rxe aeNviNt-MaN'r o or (JUlvRTJIA JTG.SYRVPiS I HARRIS FRANKLIN, BEM BAEX, Im PraaMa. blood in their eyes and had It not been for the presence of mind of the officials, might tart inflicted serious Injury upon thai In M.: 17-PecIal.-Th, , today, iu 4 they 1ut SCL8IE, OaaMar. " trlngsra of galw . The work of erecting th atw fifty toa concentrator win begin Immediately. dividual. As it was. Messrs. Feterson ana

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