The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 23, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 23, 1900
Page 5
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I THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, a D. ? . . s M ; M I .c:M ;, on' i :. . .tin- ! t- POSTAL REGULATIONS. W,t.e Ar( tre L,n-, Issues Orders Governing l ' ': '! ': ,or N Possession.. ,.. Kil.,f .. s V . '; - The fT " " i MEW TTTTn "- Department ll77rtl ! .. Ma" Iff ;H !, J .1 Best Shoe Can Always Be Found in a 5 I A -.Hi I r-.r.vj y . -,..,,!..,:, . .... ...o ... .... t:l: in !.. M i ai I H I I ol & 7 VI ,,,lM ''' I""- r ...,. ,,iv toun .. ;,i ! I .JLi I N5V .J f'M- .;,-oi, and pansioniM ;oti. i. .- "I Ii.t I hail kit. r .in i.-t i a l .N tit -M li.. ,1 fur I law in I '!a. l.t v on. I 1 la Miii . m,;i 1... Hi ' Mill' . I in Ilif mail.- ma. !. 1111 al tlf Wa.-liiimtnii am! SLn;iv Ala.-k-i f'r tl"' nftiri' .if Lake H.-nnwt. Tlit- aititlt- oilifi- limn It-tt.-r.- ami "ist i -anls r.-t .-n.-il al Lake Ut iini'tt tin- mails from Si-attlc ami SkaR A Printer Greatly Surprised. "I neve: w.i- so much surprised in my lift?," .-,. Henry T. Crook, pres.--man of tin- A.-hville (N. ('.) Ciazett.-. "as I was the results ot u.-an? ('hauiberl...u .- l'atu Halm. I uii-tra ted a ,-.-ere case of i heuuiati.-m early last winter by Kettins; my feet wet. I tied several things fur it without h. -Merit. One day while lookins Oi. I the (iuzetle. 1 noticetl that I'ain lialm was positively puar-teetl to cute i heunuitisin. so I bought a L'a-cent bottle of it and before usini; tw o-thi-rtl.s of it my rheumatism had taken its "uht and 1 have not had a rheumatic pain since." I'ain Halm also cure- -praius. deep-seated ami muscular ; n- It i- for sale h Kirk U. Phillip- K en to tin- i 1 1 1 hi 1 1 1 liea 1 1 . -;mM s . ,1 lonn v ; . t it-lit e il ma If .i -hi - IH l-e In . ..: li i f the nh I. -I A SUIT OF WHITE. N every cake of Ivory Soap there are 100 complete suits of rich, creamy lather. Before dressing, put on a suit of Ivory Soap. Cover the entire body from head to foot with way will l- I raiisferr.'.l at Lake H.-ii ni-tt to tlie Canailian mails matle ni at the latter office for Dawson anil oilier plate.- in the Yukon district. Mail for Inland Possessions. A Imlleii n for tin- Sixth division makes the following annoiiiit ernent lelatne Hi mall for tin- island pos sessions of the Ciuieit States: Mail for the Island of (liiam I'liil il'l-iiie ar. Iiipeho;o or Tnlinla. ineliiil all a.lja.t-1,1 i-lainl- of the Sa moan uronp an- pus-ession of '11" I lllt.-ll Slate- -hall he Mlhje, t ti ' don,i--l :.- i la.-.- ilii a I ii in oml it ion - !,(W. Take the suit off with tepid water and you SHOE STORE We Cary the largest assortment Sell the best goods and our prices Are lower than any other concern Handling shoes : : : : Our $3.00 Line is the Greatest ever Shjwn. Call and see them. Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. u-ill remove with it all the impurities of the body which have been carried to the surface throueh the it tU: pores, use a pure huay ivr iui&. IVORY SOAP-il9M, PER CENT. PlKE. and late.- of po-l,ie and that all mail mat'! .1 1 1 tun . .1 Ih-i of I h. .. .-land - to i!- i i,;i.-, SI. il. - or to the: l - i. Old .-I.,;! !,. - 1 1 ! i . i I it. a. ii ii s in ; m s-nin -1:11 i" l"i Hi.- puhlii !-. Mi. Sniail i;..!.iii:-oii l.onn asso'i.iii-d Willi oulhfnl role- a lid I he I'l ie -- a lei K'iii ill hi- p.. I I : a . 1 1 .- in...- 1 1 i : 1 1 1 e 1 1 1 ' a. I ii! T po-lal !.,v . -':... i to in tit l-olt.i l.'a i 1 ih- I lilt. . I - J i ! 1 ; i 1 i n 1 1 . i i l; .ml i Ii ii ill- Man. I i.. I a -i i i h. r. i r 1 1 . . i v ice: ice: ice: iparc sprlns water dnivered in 1 1 a 1 1 Ze t ha i !. i- pa hhi tan.; . I . a : - . . ' n.nv.e. In i : ill.- l.-!.n,.l Li of the city In any quantity John Jennack. Has a liist-class outfit of i--.ains .ni l carriages ami is j i r. j i;i i 1 in tin all kinds of city win k. ('ailing p;irties funerals, etc.. will rerciv prompt attention. Call Harrison t-I.-il.ti.- No. 83. trade a specialty. Dell t"ie m i near! Ii II a i in n i i i 1 in I lie Inly 11 II III I ' ' of I . I y I iod , in i ul.i ; lie i ppea is tie In .-I i n-la II iii.-lil of a -1-111- JOH I.AWRENSON. ! a rl 11 les 10 1 1 Uoli-on 111 I Ie- n. 11 in ' 1 an .nilohatei .1 ph . and entitled "The l. Illt.l le- . : I 111 V - "I ll.-e a! e illicit'- ill 1 will inlt res' not mill m and Summer 1900 oaru LTUijmjiUijunnruarin UT-oT3 Wr take ;ri'at plt'asuic in ollViin' this s-a-mhi's uircli;ise for your in' t ion, lirin fully .iwarc of the fact tli)t il cxccciU all our previous el'l'ulls. NT ITIISTAMIN( i THE IJErENT 'iKKAT ADVANCE TX M EIIC I A N I USE IN "IK LINE, WE HAVE NOT ADVANCED or I! I'KH ES fN ANY SINGLE INS'iVNCE. They tell us THAT OUR.. FREE PREHIUriS iheairical people, and people who are interested ai t he. it rical mallei s. Inn a 1 so i-m ryon who likes nood -tor It li-itii;. new glimpses of history, ami in w views of famous people. Madam Maze, The spirit medium and clairvov ant ha- returned to room li.'.Pv Main sif-.t and will remain in the city until .lane LTili. receiving callers each da v 1 1 o 1 1 1 : a. m. to a 11. m. This lady - li.-oinl a doubt the most honest. i-hl'ul aud reliable medium that lias paid a visit to 1 ).. ail wood in years. Madam Maze will convince you that lie- pa-t pre-eiit ami future can be told. Th.- ladv lias been in Lead for I he past w ei-k and has been 1 ailed on by laiv.' irimbiTs of people lawyers, doctois. ; -pet '.ilators. busint-.-s iimn of all tirade-, ladies from every walk of lit.- toneil.t-r Miund her praise. Madam Maze : -ui elv a marvel of the age. Tin is. that are interested in tin! affair- of li!" or their future, will find it to then lat' ifst to 1 all 011 the lady While he' of l'..rl.. l:i. o and 1 1,. I'. : : ;im v ,,; 1 1 .n a i , .lie i a- i n i. -d hi ill.- term In"-. and 111.- l-land of iii..ilii if. l-!i-':;..-:,. .,' - h.-l;u u d 'I'm lllla a .te e:d. ! Ml 1 1.. I.-, in I - la ii. I i . .ii - ..' I'll- I 1 1 : 1 1 -1 States. Attention. Modern Woodmen. The i .. i -1 1 1. 1 i d M.-ie.ii :.i! . f. , .- 1 1 1 In- held San. la a 1 1 i in mil a i .1 0 i lot -k p m i n tin I :.i pi i -t i linn Ii ddie-is ! I I. JmI pa -lor Spe- 1 ial ttnn- - 'In- i ha.-, h .licit- All m. -in her- ol 1 1,, i i'ii' 1 , ' .- in il d am! ei.. ted to I,.- 1 1 1 i - 1 1 - W. M t at lie- hall al I ". ..lid ; etl trolii. then- iii ti e hiiii Ii and after I h- -i -r i. . - u . ! I ma i 1. In lie- . - lie lei I H IS.- M V I ' Tt i tie- i . -1 i 1 ' - ..: t ' '':.:!,! . 1 1 i 1 l-'ii'iilh ward- lie.olw i I ha.- ii.adf a- lliiiro iana-- a- it io.-si hie to inak-- ,,f 1 A ,. rii t wbl' Il " a - a--i i- i)'"l to lie- n.-v erlh.-le.-- I ma lia.- I Had . Tt III ly tlll--ei -tlllie p.-oie who ollrht lo lie .11 iimt-ra 'ed I i i Ihtc I" an -m h. if ' 1 1 . will I- Hi- 1 1 a : r nam. - and ad dr.-.-.- at tin- l-'nsi .atioi;ul hank at th.- I 'mi i 'rime- ill I I) 1 1 .-p '11 1 1 . -ii i of lie, ' I Will 1 1 ! I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I . .lM l'it 111 I 1 It ' 111 I I l - i in " iri i Ii 1 I " ' t ' ' t . 1 1 1 1 ,i I -i 1 1 a ti i . . n 1 1 1 . 1 -1 .-ii ii in. i a : . hi , i -1 . i 1 1 i i. , -ml I a-l-. M i ai "i: "1 l i'' ole V ; ' - i i ! 1 1 .ill', e.i I-.- I li a ' fa i I . ! !., .', upon I i. i I .1 i I! ' ! ' I'll I d K Si -.- - P.!! He ..lo- Filed Foi Recoicl. K li Ii' '"I II t I..- th" i , . , . : i . i 1 I , . , , 1 1 i , I i 1 , r . I ! No ". .in i ( ;., : N -1 e a-i '. I- a ' i - i . flreii for sarin DIAJ10ND "C" Unn-art 80a D Wrupni ar MUCH PiHER tout Uieyezpeotad to get. JFlHera r toooplaootof JOOb n-tlful and osefal premlama Mnh aan tXMeared brslmDlTMrliirttiAWr&n. para from our (fempulu TotkM Book 1 fwotM Diamond "C" i&toy soap Do mat todMtlMtmfetMtrtlSe' sfta a.Ttnf Di an and Cr prannrm bim fQ wuj now lau now nlm thtr an. Drop postaj for our fraa i'remlom Cataiosna to THE CUDAflT PKQ. CO, Soap Waits. o. Omaha, Nab. a fffva wroom rm mat kaaI thta aoap, wnaa 1 will ft Kin lrrtlta atock ur Men's Depai-! incut is repli te with I he very latest for men's wear. Men's Spring Overcoats, in all the newest shades ami styles, raninu: in price from S7...0 to .lI2.0(. The hiinilsoniest line of Men,.'s Sprint; Suits we have ever shown; the very latest designs in hie,h jjraile tailoring, ranin from .(;..-,() to .2r.()0. Fullv eual to tail' ir-in.nlc. at iut one. half the cost of inadeto-oftler oos. Ojir I toy's Department consists of every-thiii-;' necessary for a hoy's complete out lit, reliable "oods, and low prices beini; our Tin: MODERN DKAt TV. ThiiM'S el) ' "1-1 fowl an I sn:i-!i::i'- wi-lf plenty oT rci-i' In lh o;-n air Her rir.-ti clow - .. -Idiea Ph ami h"r fa..' sums wi-h In 1 -'y If her sy-t-i-i r.--l th. 1. . .a-i.iis' : '' of a kiv.i-iv.' r.vit-lv, flu' n-r-i the p ' and pleasant Syrup of V'.jz, tiki !.' by I' I'.difurnia VlK Pyrup C) d ..-I. WILCOX'S ADDITIONAL BELT. State Id aoail I 'onn.uis-ioii. : V T I .., I-illicit- w a - in Lead '-: 1.1,1 ONLY AIM. l; a :' !.! I -I .' i i,:iew iii 11 1 n, "p ! ! po-it tint H.ilH. ! f'.itaai and I'hai! (I Kt-porl h.i ' that h- 1.- an ;n im- mi: didaie fi- He- nominal mil for uo ernor on fusion 1 i. k. 1 tin- fa li. Tie- ft-m around I l.e-e pa it ale in had repa and In- 1- tiin 10 dm new post!, ..its. but the ground upon which he must stand in digging is slippery and In- findds it hard work. . arco to Charles Thompson, a three fourths interest in lot t. ami the south west quarter of Ike northwest ipiar ter and the northwe.-i quarter of Hn southwest quarter of set lion a township ii. ranKc 4: and lot l. sc. tiou il same towtisbiji and num.- ton laiiising li)U.4 acres: 7.."u. I 1 1 , 1. i 1 0-1, J n a 1 Iji. ( all ar! t l id! ou j'lOi.t it. I Thirty-six Steers for Sale. Twenty-four of which are one year old 'his season we have paid particular attention to the LE FOLKS. W-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest put like '". from 2.1)1) to $G.50. Wrt and cellars just like Papa wears, ages: years and ii tK GENTS' FURNISHING DEl'AKT MENT, com "i every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, evil? that is new and novel worn by men. ATS of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, all good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades shades for spring wear. iebest line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in "ew style Plaids and Checks. W 9 r Shoe stock is now complete with the very latest in six two years old and six three years old. Any person wishing to buy good Equalizing Board. The city councilmen have been in session four nights this week, beginning Tuesday niRht. as a board of equalization, and they adjourned last night until Monday night of next week. They have had a large amount well-bred stock will do well to call and se them ar John T. Wright's pasture four mile-- northwest from Custer City and one half mile from Brne Siding on the Bu-dington Road. The ill-'"-!'- Kill- j There's No Friend Like an Old Friend. of business before them in the matter of taxes, for readjustment, both personal and real, ami in some classes ,i in .tar? duwl V ,u 1 V a $15 pruc, J5'1' J -,e-t in. y t i $5- Kn i-ntt f r ,iiti ibn He will always help you in time of em, bvery pair guaranteed to give satis taction. of property they have made slight need. It the same with ( hamber- raises Three Reasons Why we PHARMACY Tin- board epi-t- to in session lain's Co! Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. ! i- an old and tried friend in many t "i.samls of families, and -t eial nihts next week. Should Sell you Shoes! r' like other 1 friends can always i,e lepended ' m in time of nc d Tor Not On the List. fl.l!0W,ne pel-Oil- i. Th sale bv K ' P!mi:p . Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. "Caiw 'ief rr..iUes the lightest. -vvce$3bt and most .'olesome bread and pastry. I Am Not Going Out of Business ;,, . n !:-! d by th-- . ii'ini- !'.' 1 ,-nr 11-! .: 1 now 1 .. - I imole a- tl,.- !;:- I. IV. -nV : ' : '-:- :.:i.a 1 .1.?. ..! - ' - -' ' M-ri- I' ' Holzi.. x. f..- t .in- r : : : .' a . r An. -!-.. a-i ! : :' ( ); h' : - w !i,i 1 -, n- ! ,-e 1 -a ill idea-.- r J ; f to !. I" -T.mes. Of tli '-e '- ! - 't .'mi-si'. n- of otli 1- w.r. ;' Tir:-' !- aiowinz s-hor but 111. 'Ie T'.U Oft lAET Baking- Xcitlicr am i'-MIL'" t" -1" LULU Vi LI Powder ! :i turc a- in t lu ',i--t . im niv i'''miy-;iiir. M Sell Groceries Far Cheaper of -port. : .tn.l . .tnn i ; " ii -..- ;trc '.. nivtii-iomcrs arc ;r- not MADE C THE NONE SO COOD ilc I,, ;-, -in. (rt inv price-. No. 7 Charles St, J. A. GREEN kock' rock:: Anyone wanting building rock, call and see J. J. Feldhausen. laal .111111 III till

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