The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 23, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 23, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY. JVSK ), THE DAILY PIONEElt-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D- Steam Plant Wanted. Hntish American (ehi and The ' (; i" M i , I!P I'.l il U ,tll U III I Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE : ro.iipany ib'sirr., to :im hoisting apparatus, niiert :ons i an In- m ride Th" lioih-r aii'l engine o: iu home puw ei i a- n' itr ad-lies., f : -.1.1. mi.-:,' Ii Ill I.-1 I" K-t.thl.HlH'l JS Street Deadwood. Lee No. 37 V;i: K c-ltl 1 - W; Want the Public Cioid and Silver' For 50 I. i Lents. b ii:. I o.. . I.J oill it j to ( uii'i' to Tin-; orncK. nJtoi UHT to UN aj.i. a. 4.... ..I-:.-; Seebick . ;ui!ioii!K-i.-s an c; '-- ! Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions irom the hrench designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept. Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of M. H. Lyona Co. A writs for the Hlkknsdurfer $35.00 Typewriter, y"'p 1 He I. OA Hill;. equipped iii Willi hat lis of ail kinds . . i in and M -1 1 1 at"d ' Tar ! M.-ntliol i 'I'he medicat-i lis are pi onoiiin ed the fin-oriii f'U i n'ritrli and other ases. Something entirely s sect ion. Pure artesian in all cases Attentive skilled workmen Bar '1 ell ,-b l Su'pli'if e'l sieain lia est in lb v. ebinlllr new for thi at,ir used waiters and r" MINES AND MINING. r shop in connection .1 C. YON KKI.I.ORK Basement fair & Berry Building. L. Say, Stranger! Don't you know that you can do bet ter on Jewelry by going to Central? Jr McALLENHALLOKAN PLANT. Deiadwood'a millinery merchandising thia week will den jump tins week. From selling at l..".u a park, they went to $8 a B. LaBeau of that city can fl tyou out be an attractive arrray of "first bats" and small bau for streets and shaping at popular prioee. Will Be in Operation by the First of in anything that you want at prices pound, and even higher, according to the Coming Month. particular necessities. Raymond Tin- ivamilr plain Ihmiik liuilt by lingers, who had eight pounds, was Miki- Mi Alli'ii ami .(aiin-s I liilloimi on otrered the latter sum for five pounds I hi' hill liiii k of l.i'iiil. is iii'iii'l rum lilrtc. anil will In- jcailv tu slait th . "..inn nun' laKeii i a pound, said far below those you would have to pay elsewhere. He has been In the Jewelry business in the Hills for 22 years, and Is thoroly reliable, what he sells you is strictly as he represents it. Oct other prices, then get his, and compare. LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES One size smaller after using Allen's Ladies and Children e. it I had not seen in th Gold lil'Mt Ol' tllr rlllllillK llllilllll I II'' lillilil I'igger mat there W;is a tack famine inn is iac tically oinpli'te. ami m-ar on ly all llir inarliiiiri y lias In i n iml in Will nceil tor tlie Fourth of Julv a new lru o I'LMnii Beach Mining. 'I'lir plant will liavr a raparily nf L' tons a ilay. ami rlir owinrh rsiimal !!:r..v: tli cm a: L;ivn. Swis or Cliallir-,. Vim am save money if vnn X N. Brown, who I'oot-hase, a power to he shaken into will I riiiriini irom that llirir is nil- .'limn:!! un I In lull the shoes. It makes light or new making ar CHASK'S SI'IX'IAL SALI up roast w hi. re he rangemrnis lor - i on lias r was each and and milling. " shoes feel easy; gives instant relief to corns and bunions. It's the greatest t"i men at UlliTi' llli'ir ilnH-'t 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 ti rim it fur luciili -a i Tllr ni'r w i II li' ha ml ll at I li- mini ;n ii ill I'xpniM'. a thr Kia 1 1 a t inn ports bet i cen :;im work between here Saturday. June 23. Prices for one Day Only. Penny river. Kmt.v httlt oinfori disiow-ry of the age Cures Hid plrvetlts swolen feet, blisters, cal l a oV l"tn lii'rv aiN I hi- mv "ill I"' taki'll mm Ai n draw has its qu point half iiai I nny river men liav t Ween found lous ami sore spots Allen's Fnot- here ami IV ORGANDIES, worth 15c. 15c, worth 20c. 16' ,c, worth 25c. 10c, LAWNS. 4' jC, worth 7;. 8' 2c, worth 16c, worth 25. c Swiss 81 2c. worth 12', 2c. ll.isi' is a sure chit for sweating, hot. i rich streak, and DIMITY. 8' ,c. worth 12' 2c. 10c. worth 15c. 16' zc. worth 20c. Swiss 11c, worth 15c. lading out Irom 11 rents In il .",11 1 aching feet. At all druggists and a pan. Id- think hoe stoics. 0.V Trial package FREK n nere an, i jvnnv lie tone lietwee hit ought to a erage close to $.", Challies 3c. worth 5c. Main St. Deadwood S. D. by mail. Address Allen S. Olmstead, I.e Uov, N. V. lay to the man or ,.,.onii n month CHASE'S Where They Sell Cheap. hie man at this sine in ,e I'elinv s iii six days, more Nootice of Meeting of the County took out ;; ounci than Jltlil a dav. Board of Equalization. Noliie is hereby given that th, Some Good Clean-Ups. hoard of county commissioners and IVERY Jl r.. w. l.iiiilliloiu on l-ridav lirouglit the coimtv auditor of the county of I iuht out nf tin' in i in- in i ai s that will rim in at llir tup nf tin- ImiMiiiK. A trark runs mrr tin' tanks, ami tin-linr matrrial will lir iliunpnl riuht from tlio mini' into thr solution Thr otlirr inatriial will tn into thr rush it anil rolls, ami I lien into thr sol.itiou by belt conveyor. Illakr crushers ami rolls will be employed, anil experiments will prow the most .satisfartor fineness to which to pulverize thr ores. Quantities of the ore have been sent to other plants for treatment, ami it has been pro noiinced one of the best cyaniililiK ores in the country, for the raw treatment - that is. without rousting. There are four vats in the mill, each four feet htph nml 20 feet across, anil to hanille tin' slimes It Is intiTiileil to put in another large vat. fitted with u mechanical aKitator. All of the vats are arranged with outlets In the bottoms, so that one man can empty one of them In twenty minutes. down from 1 . ' and ;i on Snow s ,,,, l.awrrinr. S. I)., will sit as a board of exler and disrinny on Anvil creek niiahzation at the office of the countv III properties ol the Pion MiiOi,.. uiditor in the City of Deadwood. on FULLER & BROWN, PROPS. GEDDES OLD BARN.) ompaiiy, about S-Jiiiinu jn gold It Monday, duly I'd. (it being the Palace Pharmacy SALE Beginning at once we offer Sale line from surface gravel, as tin first Monday in July.i at in o'clock 'Oi-Kings were not near to bedrock a. m. lor the purpose ot reviewing i in' goiii was inainlv coarse, but Sew Carriages and Bflfiries. mid correcting assessments of tht t Mmi and Saddle Horns the biggest nugget was not worth ov assessment district of l.awrenci I hat mini Dexter was from tfi lie countv. I w hich inc ludes all the ter Boarding- Horses by the Day week or Month old dumps, but the rest was from a I'c.'ialtv. ritory within said countv. except incor reek norated cities in said county which are gravel ilewly got out. I.indbloni said the gravel was Mr. designated as separate assessment turning out even better than was ex- districts under the general laws of The tailinES are run from vats into Custom Ore stale for the year I'.tOfi. and at the cars, there being a trad under each same tune said boaro will examine ann I nun Cakes Turkish liaili Ho;ii. Q 5c caki-. ."i0 Cakos Cliini'sf Rose Soap. 10c, 3 for 25c, vat. connecting with a main track by impair the returns and assessments W ot each assessment district for the e are imu prepared to treat custom !i i ral districts of said county and from Cyanide process at reasonable rati One assorted lot Soaps 10c to 50c per cake. Ten eases Toilet Soap. 10c proceed to equalize the same according to law. for Ml persons considering themselves Cioklen Gate M inino- & Mill ing Company, aggrieved tiy said assessments. or who wisli to complain that the proper- CI pected. and altogether 'be was much pleased with the spring results so far. On Monday he started twenty more men to .sluicing on discovery and 1 below on Anvil, and says that as soon as the season opens, he will start on ti below and 1 above. "In the heart of the season '' be saiil. ' we will employ between ."!tnt and 4h(i men. The dirt is turning out very good. WV expect to have better dirt this season that last." Produce Market. The supplies brought Monday by the Hist ship, the whaler. Alexander, brought the following retail prices: Potatoes, per lb., ."i cents; onions, per lb.. 25 cents; fresh beef. (lu.O')o lbs.) per lb.. T.'i cents; chickens, each. tv of another is assessed too low are just outside the boundaries and there solution Hiimp between the two mid die vats. Into which the solution will be run after it nus been used, and from which It can be pumped hack and used over. The ore on which the plant is going to run is principally a ipiartzite ore. and exists In enormous quantities. In one place there Is a cut l." feet long showing a tare of ore five feet high, assaying from 2r. to $7"i a ton. John Randall, who was formerly in charge of the Highland Chief Mining company in Spruce gulch, is chemist at the plant, and will have entire charge of the operations, with .lohn First Ward, Deadwood S. I) hereby notified to appear at said meeting and show cause for having sai dassessment corrected. Witness my hand and official seal 25c. 10') Curling Irons, asst. 15c 100 Ass't. Perfumes, 50c per oz. 000 Combs, 10 to 50c. 500 Tooth Brushes. 15c to 50c. .200 Boxes Face Powder. 25c to 50c. loO Hair brushes, 50c to $4.50. 1 Lot Cloth Brushes, 50c to $1.50. ;i." Whisk Brooms, 25c to 75c. 100 lbs. Moth Halls. 25c per lb. T.'i rather Brushes. 25c to 75c. .".0 Hand Mirrors, 25c to 75c. this 'JJinl day of dune. 19nti. W. A. Z1NK. Seal . i Coumy Auditor. ! GATES IRON WORKS I REVERE RUBBER CO. I SECOND-HAND TYPE. Bourgeois, Brevier, Nonpareil, tied . "i i...i per in.; oranges, prr dozen. $2.r() or r,0 ce nts each; beets, I M. Henton of Central City as consult Ing chemist. up and In quantities to suit purchaser. NEWS FROM CAPE NOME. at ten cents per pound. Pioneer-Times. DEL C0.I IIEHSOLL-fflEMT ! 500 Ass t. Boxes Pills at all prices. ! 125 Boxes Tooth Powder, 25c to I 50c. j 5000- Choice Cigars. 5c to: 15c. ; 250.000 Glasses Soda Water, 5c. i A full line of pure Drugs and Sun-; DO YOU SMOKE? Choicest Havana and domestic cl gars PALACE PHARMACY. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists j? 0. F. PURNELL j Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. i MASSAGE BATHS. Mme. Smith, steam, vapor and alcohol baths. No. 8 Pine street, second floor. : dries. Prescriptions filled- at all: carrots, and turnips, per lb., in cents; fresh eggs. There was quite a contest to see who should get the cargo. The A. K. company expected to get it all. but finally half of it was given to the N. A. T. & T. Co. Then Manager Ilald win of the A. K. Co. did not care for all of the other, and took onlv part of it. Prices for different articles have modified somewhat during the past week, owing to the bringing from St. Michael other reserves and other supplies. Cream and milk, for instance, which was brought from the latter place has caused the price to come down to 75 cents a can. There is plenty of milk. Canned fruits are now 60 cents. Sweet potatoes, also, which have been supposed to be scarce, and were so, can now be got for 50 cents, as can vegetables generally. Eggs are $2 a dozen, tho efforts have been ma de to raise the price to $2.50. There are plenty of them. Flour is $5. It was at one time, at some of the stores, worth $7.50. Copy of the Nome Gold Digger Reach- es Deadwood A copy of the Nome Cold Digger, a daily, four-columu. eight-page newspaper, published at Nome. Alaska, has reached Deadwood. and bears much news relating to the Alaskan gold camp. Here are some of the items it contains: White Silence Broken. It was a great day for Nome when, on Monday, the "white silence'" was pierced by the shrill whistle of the first outside boat In many long months, and interesting to learn that there was a big fleet of vessels at Dutch Harbor, and others en route here. The beef, fruit and vegetables which have arrived were especially needed. The canned supplies were keginnlngfto pall greatly on the taste. Bond Seems Big. H. A. Walker and O. E. Walker, who were 'bound over some time since for attempted riot in $30,000 and 20,-000 bail, respectively, are now at liberty, the ball having been reduced to $10,000. hours, day or night. ! Palace Pliaraacy !ff.L Faust Ph. Hi Proprietor. : LiMM-'"""""""" '" tn'nmi! The. It Is Delicious The best mocha and Java coffee to be found In the country is now on sale at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner Deadwood and Sherman streets. The increased sales of this article which makes such a delicious drink, Is evidence of Its superiority over all other brands. The next bill of groceries you order, Just add to that your order for a pound of mocha and Java. Once tried, never forgotten. If. STANDARD CASH GROCERY. Family liquor store Fine old California Wines such a- c Aetna Powder Co, Dynamite and Black Powder, herry, Angelica, Port, Muscatel. HAVE YOU A HEADACHE? Try our haadach capculM. PALACE PHARMACY. J. HATTENB4GH & BBQ The few tacks In camp took a sud- say; At $1.60 Per Gallon or 50c a quart. Finn old Pin Wfty aii BranflF from 13. Dp. Case Beer Delivered to the House Free. 635 Main Street Deadwood. Fise aid Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Battery Supplies. W. ADAMS COMPANY SltlOIOUS ORE WANTED Java The American Smelting Co, and Mocha v jys voice ripleM. v.ver. - r 'Jilt Is the joy of hc lion nut it no lia;i;:i' Tlieonlt'.d i!k-i;'; " taut mother m r full 01 -1 ' t : of a-e wants to contract for 1,000 to 2,000 tons of Silicious Ores to be used at ' 'Argentine or Omaha as required. the looks forward to it with indescribable ear. Everv oan the danger, pain and horror of child-birth can be entirth rr. COFFEE is unexcelled. Princess Brands Of California canned fruits, such as peaches, pears, strawberries, apricots, grapes, etc., are the finest thing of their kind on the market. Also the 3-pound -cans of whole or sliced Singapore Maharajah Pineapple, the most delicious you ever tasted at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets. All we ask is that you try one can. lut-riMi-.R s riuixu, a scientific liniment. By its ai.l tlr.m-ai. passed this great crisis in perfect safety and without nain ' "ar rfect safety and without pain ' "ar ' -' flsOiftep's friend iwuc iu an women win oe ent free to any address by Bradfield Regulator Co.. Atlanta, Ga. Have you tried it? M. H. LYON Agent, Deadwood.

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