The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 19, 1898 · Page 2
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1898
Page 2
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they are Inclined to think the action of THE CITY. A Suffering Soldier. This veteran fought for his country: suffered urn PARENTS' DAT Dt ROOM FOUR. SssssBBssaaa Yesterday the fluplle In the roomt of Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Walker Issued unique Invitation to their parents and friends to visit t&em In room four this afternoon. These Invitations were in tht snap of poplar leaf in formal Invitation style, bearing the quotation, "Is this the time to be gloomy and tad, THIRTY OFT FOR THE WAR. Thirty members of tht newly recruited cavalry troop C. left at 7:30 yesterday morning, under the command of Uetenant Sherman Wells and a sergeant The hour of their leaving was aa early one, and the fact that they were to leave the city was not generally known, else C troop would have betn given at splendid a send-off as that accorded tht buys of troop A. Howtvsr, there were a few people at the depot when the train pulled out for Fort Meadt and they were warm and fervent In their farewells. Troop C, and told hardships, and returned witn hecuta shattered. Many a brave soldier has the same history. To-day this one rejoices in a new-found strength and tells experience to benefit others. avaiL Finally, having read ertlt) ta tirdinf cures that had beta cttaa-1 be r. V iMams Pink Piiis lor Pals Pet Cl decided to try them. Thai was ta U,4 I bought a bos aad took tht atQs aoss Ing to instructions. "Four days later I had mt hart fiaurt 1 had known lor yean. Thai s A i vtnt to sleep easily and slept tetskr eg s child and awoke reiitshed. "After I bad taken tour Iobsj tf is puis, I found thai 1 was cured tad has aiet ncrtased 27 pounds in weight, M This greatly surprised my (rlsass,Hsl thcxirht my case was a bopusai one. I be. gan my work train aod have cecdtostd ever sines la excellent health. "Another valuable gala to mt was, fast while I wu taking these suit 1 had teas cured ol tht smoking habit, which has formed when I was a bovand bad ciwf to mt all thttt years. Tat crtvmg as tobacco left mt ans? 1 have tjtvtr tpe rienced It sines. " I cannot say enough lor these pQi atsl luvt recommended them to many." Te verify this statement Mr. Ksrrb-ea trade allidavil lo its truthrulnest hmm Lincoln M. Coy, Notary Public. Dr. Williams Pink Pills lor Fab PtefH strike at the root of dissass by acnVv si. Mi saaa it better known and liktd In mat rich tiff oi Illinois couaUsa, of which Paoria si tht centra, than gsaial umsu a IrUrrtnrlon, ol PrlncvUl, lit Mr. ttarringtoa Is a veteran ol tht late war, Ukt many enoincr stbts sotowr, am tuilcrtd cot only soring thai service, but tor years aittrwardt bora diseases coa-sractsd then For ytais AS) health was snalttrtdi Us eufitrmp Increased. Ht wis uiwblt to gala relist, but now at wis a awry wqku it of scow to tnanyl ..,. "Iservsd three rears m tht 1 24th Cii-Beta enlisting at Krwaaee, UL uid h. "1 was tn libby Prisco and sulimd Ukt cuny sooth Northern soldier. straw of army lue ata ns m xfulsemlnlns nv health, although tht col ls pm did not coma lor sometime after. .. .... a it . . . 1 for tixtsta years i swicm um s-"-' debility and nervousness so badly thai 1 could not sleep. Indigestion resulted and my minry Increases. "My eyes beg an to tail, and si my body lost vitality my mini seemed lo gtvt way. I could scarcely remember events that hap pened but a lew week telrre. ' For two years I was untitled for bual- tfc I was lust able to creep around dur ing part ol i ' time, and there were many Umea when I could not get up. My brother It a doctor, but all his efforts to kelp mt failed to gtvt any relief. -j tries a oumntr of retnecuss wiuwui recti y upon tht impure blood. iMr power Is marvelous and maay simUl J cures nave seta made. urvriiM I them s potent remedy, aad all ssfl I FARM . . OMAHA ADVERTISEMENTS. FOR fens! 5sWB( gstktsttjB) tpwavf 4' . . AND GARDEN, A'fa'fa. Cl.'Vtr. Ataiko, Timothy, Blue Urn", M U-t, Can K 111 Corn, ttd Potatoes l r'.ratf Pioui Swd. Wgtublii and ftjwer SYeU. Thl- U one of the beat years known for baying and nowiiiiT awiU. Prices are low aud wrnllier fsvorxl'le. Pi in i lurn'tlx U on aiiliratlon. Catalogue FRKIi Be Nebraska See! C: 1300 St. Omaha, Wsbratk. AIM PlOllEMllBoi i DBADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA. UBSCIUPTION. $2 0 PIR TEAH. stared sa teoacd-clstt mattw at tbe DeadweoS Postoffios. I THE HOLLAND PATTERN. If h It found diplomatically necei-sary to keep die Philippines, we mar learn much from Holland, aa to tuc-eesfully managing distant Island. The Dutchmen are neutral. They a-e eutalde the concert of Europe. They mind their own business; they are si-eellent coloniser; they never have any revolutions or Insurrection, an 1 their people are always at peace. The East India colonies of the Netherlands are very productive, and are a souce of a large revenue to the government, embracing ma area of 73,000 square mllo and a population of 34,000,000, which Is even times as large as the mothur country. The Dutob possessions In Asia have been peaceful since 1603. They are governed by officials called "residents," "governors," controllers, and councils, Che last being com pose I of Ave members whose functions are partly tagMallve and partly of an advisory character. The people seem to be satisfied with this form of ad minis tratfon and are contented and prosperous, while the colonies of Spain In the Immediate neighborhood have always been In a state of unrest. The only objection to selling to the Netherlands would be their unwllMngnees to pay a sum sufficient to pay us for the cost of Che war, and the Dutch are not so rich that they would care to burden themselves with a large debt for this purpose. The ordinary revenues of the government of Holland are about SS,-000,00 a year. OUR HEALTHY FINANCIAL CONDITION. Notwithstanding the severe strain ot war, the financial system of this government Is In such a state of ease and stability as to be almost lost sight of in the present International crisis. Never did any nation on earth go Into w: under more auspicious financial circumstances, and never was this country better prepared for war than now. In the first place our regular revenue are sufficient to meet the ordinary f-penees of the government and none of lbs special war taxes need be applied In that direction. And In the possible vent of the cost of the war exceeding the special taxes levied for that purpose, the credit of the government Is auch that It can borrow all the money needed at the low rate ot three per oent These are the conditions of supreme importance with which our government can proceed with assurance in the present grave emergency, and there need be no tatting or hesitating for want of money. Spain already knows this realises It to her sorrow and It It possible Coat this very condi tlon may cause the enemy to see the handwriting on the wall and soon sue. cumb to the Inevitable. When the minds of the people are Absorbed In the excitement of war. they art apt to overlook the cause of this financial condition. Though lest exciting than the victories of our army or navy, It It no lest important In Urn of war. This heakby condition dona not come cf chance. It 1 the work ol Tetoluta purpose on the part of tht American people, faithfully administered by the party in power, whose steady policy as regards tariff and finance) It known to the world, ind .o wbioh It attributable our present condition. There It now In the national treasury more than $181,000,000 net gold, and more la coming In nearly cr ery day from all over the owrtd. The "endless ohaln" spoken of by Mr. Cleveland aprons no longer to be In operation. Only three ye irs ago the uti gold In the treasury vas down to 163, 000,000, and gold being exported at the rate of 91,000(000 a day. The contrast of the present condition with what might have been, can only be Imagined. If the party of free trad and free silver had been placed in poorer 1896, our revenues now would nx be tufflclent t- meet the ordinary run nlng expenses of the government, and the policy of partis1 repudiation won't have destroyed confidence in the got eminent to such an extent that w could scarcely borrow money at all. In this kind of a crippled condition we would now be met face to face win war, without money and without ered It, whioa la about as feed aa being wtta out in Army. It la plain to be teen what It and what might neve betn and the American people should t!tva eredit where credit It due. AN INTELLIGENT ENOUSH VrEW Tht London draphlc, one of the mott Influential papers of England. In i Issue of April 23rd. gives a very Interesting review of the difficulties bet wees the United States and Spain. The article It no lett noteworthy for Its la telllgent grasp of the situation than to: It tone of sympathy with thla coua try In Its determination to abate an la tolerable nuisance. The Graphic ray "The determination of the Unlreu (testes to .tpel Spsln from Cuba has not been . trl ved at with any undue precipitation. !ndeed. If ever Interference of one state In the affairs of another was Justified. It is so in the case of tht Tutted States and Cuba. People oi thla aide of the Atlantic are so little ta touch with the historical side of theCn-can question, and are so deeply Interested In Its more Immediate as pec it, that they form but an Imperfect Image ot tht real and terrible provocttloa raffered by tht United States. They look upon Cuba at, perhaps, a some retrograde colony, but still the colony of a chrltlied power. They eee 8 pain full of a certain picturesque dignUy, H sounding with pluky defiance of a Bwrwmu, mm by ty this foe somewhat harsh. To a great extent their sympathies are quickened the picture of the excellent woman and her young son, who are ini chiefs of lbs Spanish state, and tipou whose Innocent heads the responsible- I for the sins of others Is being visit- I ed. Unfortunately all this does not get rid of the facts that the Cubau problem It one of tht most hideous disgraces of the century, and that no well ordored government suffering from contamination with It can permanently Ignore It- In the first place Cuba Is not merely a colony governed on comparatively reuogr.iJe prtclples. It Is s-ar--ly an cias-Hi-Ulon to say that k Is a piece of Armenia dropped into lh new world. Vhllo all around It liberty nourishes, while It has seen the Spanish coionlis on the main land win their Independence, and the British colonies on the sa ne uemlspbere granted tht fullest rights of self-governing communities, it has been condemned to an aduiinlstrstlon little short of medlsevi-al. Like the pashaa of Armenia, tht chief functionaries attain their posi tions by bribery and repay themselves by extortion. Except to drain It of Itt wealth. Uit mother country does little for It. Soarcri a tenth of the area of j the iiland It under cultivation, and many of the districts are actually lest explored than the wilds of Central Africa. Until a few years ago It wat governed by decree, and Its governors were Invested with authority which they rarely failed to use oppressively, and which generally they applied with revolting cruelty. Tht rebellions which have thus been forced on the madden-ed natives -whlt and blacks alike bava been repressed with a disregard for human life and amid horrors which many a aulUn might tnvy. .During tht first five yrs of tht last rebellion under Cespedes, the Spaniards admitted that they shot 43.600 prisoners, In addition to 11.600 Cubans killed In battle That wat the period of Valmactdo't bloody administration ecarcely more than twrntr yean ago when tht whole world cried ahame to tht Span lards. Cruelties of this kind naturally beget reprisals, and hence the mode of warfare ti.lay is on both sides little short of s.ivagery. Eighty thousand men perUhed fighting In the 186i-7i rebellion, and during the civil war ot the last tiret years ovor 100,000 lives have been sacrificed to this Cuban Mo loch. Wh it European state would tot enaie such a condition of things llkr this at Its own doors? Since 1849 the United 8n tes has been uninterruptedly occupied 1 1 policing the coast ot Flor Ida In on! rf to prevent filibustering ax pedhlone giving for Cuba During the whole of that period the has been plajund In varloua Irritating ways by the diaonrs of tLt Island strained relations with Spain, diplomatic dim cultles with Hher powers, excitement among her own population, Injuries to trade, ami so forth. She hat now de termined to get rid of the nuisance She rias r -solved to give pewt to tit Island on e and for all. Striking a the root f all the trouble, the bat railed upo t the Spanish government to ytald up t'.ie colony It has to unworthi ly adniifl1 itered. No one ran blame her, and i lany will applaud her. Ml'l-tary g'orj Is not to be won by beating Spain, and It la not for that or even tot an extern on of her dominion that the United St ites will fight. Her object Is to give p we and a stable government to a spot ra the earth's surface which has snare ly known either the one or the other throughout Itt history, wart are . o be waged at all they could not be un lertaken In a better cause. 3HE WAS RIGHT. Quite t spirited argument wat hsld by a bevy of ladles on a question ol great in'.iortanct to all, but clostd when om of them produced the pur chssos nude the day before with the prices in plaU figures on them. "WelL' said one, "Chase didnt pay but sixty cents on i he dollar for thoat shoes hs bought at Lead." "Yes", said another, "and he d m l pay full for hit dry goods an.: clothing, because he gets an extra dl, Mint by taking the goods dt rect froc the factories in car lota tor his six tt. res, and I can tare from m cents to u dollar on everything by go ing to Cii ise's. where they sell cheap on lower .'lain street The b. member t hundreds the con lit -deadly seamen co Slots thought i 1e-cry at Manila wat "Re- e Maine." That shout, from if men, rose above the din ot . and inspired the gunners to uracy. ft It said that tLt e eager f r hand-to-ban 1 ith the nemy, nd the f the affair of February 16 wrought : nem to a freniy. But with all thlt il. i wm-L on the ships proceed ed with n ethodlcal precision. The dli clpllne i 4 perfect. There was no con. fusion au; where. Perfect sympathy between c fleers and men made for per fect result i. A MIp url preacher In a sermon few Sund yt ago asked "who can por tray the t mdltloo of a lost soul?" Ths "hot trm le" man passing outside the church v hen the Misses ran was preachlnr yelled In rasping tones "Hots! R d Hot!" The effect of the sermon w it completely destroyed. AWaUggtJ Rtffktwt Moews WorU'a ffejr, Warsf LrrtcT dcdcet uint ' Tl' c ' 3 ' ISVf.FK jrTAff Tr3 fir,, ,,7,"TS Twenty recruits for the Eighth cavalry arrived at Ft Meade yesterday from eastern recruiting stations. The Soldiers' Home board hat just leased from Calhoun Bros., of this city, a tract of land containing 320 acres, lying adjacent to the home, at the Springs The tract Is used at a Pasture for the small heard ot cows kept by the homt. W. F. Tayne, representing P. 3. Col-Una of Omaha, was In the city yestor-day looking after collections, lie reports bsvlng having met with more than ordinary success and that the trade of this city waa more than equal that of several Nebraska towns which he has been forced to make collections In. L. F. Farley conducts a largt mercantile business at Liberty Hill. Oa. He aaya: "One application of Chamberlain's Pain Balm relieved me ot a severe pain In my back. I think It O. K." For lame back, rheumatism, neuralgia, swelling, sprains, bruises, burns and scalds no other Uulmont can approach Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It Is Intended especially for thene diseases and it famous for Its cures. For sale by druggists. Dr. Dickson and family yesterday cme from Keystone and went to Ter ry, where they will make their future borne. The doctor has been an old resident of Terry and his removal to that promising mining camp Is not like g.v Lag U a strange place. John Hart and Oliver Albert son wert arrested yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Harris, charged with assault to do great bodily Injury. The arreett grew out of a triangular fight In which Hart and Albertaon proved too much for one Carl Plckney. They will have their trials Monday, and at present art out on ball. Mr. John Peterson of CatoutvDle, La. was very agreeably surprised not long ago. For eighteen months be had been troubled with dystentery and had tried three of the best doctors In New Or leans, besides a half dosen or more pat ent medicines, but received very little relief. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, having been recommended to him, he gave tt a trial, and to hit great sunrise, three dotes ot that remedy effecteu a permanent eurs. Mr. William McNamara, a well known merchant of the tame place, la well acquainted with Mr. Peterson and attes-s to the truth of this statement Tecum sen Company No. 1. Uniform ed Red Men. observed Tammany's Day by holding a dress parade and Inspec tlon on Friday evening boforetheopen- Ing of the regular Tribal council. The exercises were witnessed by a number of tadlns and gentlemen not members of the order and the general verdict was that, for a company who had dr!U ed for only tlx weeks, they did! Ingly well, and in the old continental blue and buff made a fine appearance. Men are judgod by what they do. Bo la Hood a Sarsaparllla, and lta great curea havt given It a good name every where. It it tht Ont Trut Blood Purl fler and Great Nerve Tonic Hoods Pills are easy to Uke, easy to operate. Cure Indigestion, biliousness. Price 25 c.ente. Two more troops of the Eighth cavalry 'have left Ft Meade. Troop B., Lieut. Sayre commanding, hat gone to Ft Washakie. Wyo.. and Troop K Capt O'Conner commanding, hat guns to Lsme Deer. This move Is made on account of apprehensions of trouble among the Indians. A shipment of 250,000 rounds of ammunition for Springfield rifles, waa mads from Ft Meade to San Francisco, a few days ago. The ammunition will be rent to Manila to Admiral Dewey. One of the pleating features ot tht enlistment of young men In tht army of volunteert which will leave the Hills It tht Interest which every member ot the community takes In their welfare. Mrs. M. Llebman hat been ont ot'those who hart ever tried to encourage the boys, and every one who baa pasted the examination has received a banner of red, white and blue ribbons. Mrs. Llebman Is one of the patriots and not only gives ribbons free to the boys who havt been accepted aa soldiers, but gives them all good and motherly advise. ANNUAL PICNIC. At a meeting held to-day of the Black HUlt' Pioneer Ast'n. Whltewond grove was selected for tb 8th annual picnic to 'be held on June 8th. Committer! of transportation, arrangements, spesk era and privileges, were appelated, alaa the following members were selected in the different towns to act In connection with committees on arraagementa, to prepare all details to Insure success of thla now popular holiday. Sturgla City: John Scollard and Lyman l-jat. Spearttn: John Woltmuth and Jno. Bell. Rapid City: James Haller and J. B. Cottage. Galena: Sam'! Moll and J. Bailer. Central City: Ed. Rellly and Henry Rotencranse. Terravllla: John Craig. Piedmont: C. V. Gardner. Custer City: J. Kubler. Ragged Top: A. A. Holmee. SHE WAS RIGHT. Quite a spirited argument waa held by a bevy ot ladles on a pueetlon of treat importance to all, but closed when one of them produced the purchases made the day before with the prices In plain figures on them. "We!!," aJd one, "Chase elldnt pay bat eily eents on tns dollar for those shott he bought at Lead." "Tee." said another, "and he don't pay fuM prfoe foe bla day foods and etotnmg, 'because fee sett an extra discount by taking the goods direct from the factories la car lota tor bta tli Mores, and I can aavs from tea eents to a dollar on everything by g tag to Ohaee'a, wtere they aai; cheap, ea kjwsw Mata street. Uncle Sam Says Thla It America's Greatest Medicine. It will Sharpen Your Appetite, Purify and Vitalize Your Blood. Overcome That Tired Feeling. Get a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparllla and begin to take It TODAY, and realize the great , a000 " ,ur" w 00 you- I H00df8 G&rSQPQrlllQ - . . ....... s vfsatsat atssjtiet au artgittt i HE WM MDUST8Y. TWO BIT AND STRAWBERRY. A gentleman whose experience in tha mining districts of the Black HU1 should give his opinion weight. In con versation with the reporter yesterjay made the assertion that within another year the country embraced within tit Two Bit, Strawberry and Galena dis tricts would prove to be one of the richest sections In the mining world. De velopment work, he declared, Intelligently directed and conducted cannot help but sustain him In his contention. The Webber ground, Qilt Edge, Union Hill and many other claims, especially tftoae of tht Deadwood Development company, give every evidence that that section Is seamed and Intersected with rich ore bodies, and should the work neces.sry to make thlt fact patent to everyone be expended upon the various holdings, Two Bit, Strawberry and ad Jacent camps would soon become the richest and most productlvt In Amen THE GOLDEN CREST. It Is stated that Frits Webber, own er of the Golden Crest group of mlnot In the Two Bit district, hat made an other very rich strike on his phroporry The new strike consists of ore carry ing silver and gold, with a percentage of galena sufficient to make It a oplen did smelting proposition. A good large body has been struck, but It was ex pected to be encountered for the work of the past several months hat been il rected to that end. Mining men who are familiar with the ground say tha thlt It ont of tht bett strikes In tht Two Bit country. Frits Is well prepar ed to work his new find and from no on It may bt considered one of the most profitable mines In the Bla Hills. THE OILT EDGE. Development work on the Gilt Edge mine, owned by Lee Day, has been sucn a nature mat tht mint Is now showing up better than ever before. small team of high grade ore, leading from Che original working, wat struck few days ago and followed up, with the result that It bat developed Into a shoot of large proportions. Numerous small shoots have been met with In tbs shaft and but little attention paid to them, but this particular one was of such an encouraging nature that It was resolved to follow It up, and the resul has been more than satisfactory. well at demonstrating the fact that tht Gilt Edge It not a pocket mine, bu contains more than one ore body, and all of them of more than ordinary rich ness. They are taking out at present from Un to fifteen tons of ore daally ana it eii win run ta excess of 40 to the ton. It 'had been the Intention of putting In a hoist capable of handling the mine's product, but this will prou- a. be delayed until the return of hi owner, M. H. Day, who has volunteer ed as a prtatt in A troop, Black Hills voluntetr cavalry. HIS EXPERIENCE. He was one of the boys who left good thing to tervt Uncle Sam, for 114 a month, and It is no exaggeration ay that he wat making omre In a day and that's hit name than ths avr age man does in a month. Ht had been with A troop just two days, when he wrote to hit father, having promois- ed to writs to him whenever he hsJ time. The first letter ran something Ukl thill "Dear Father: We arrived In cataji at Fort Meads all right. The send-on we got when leaving Deadwood made all the boys feel glad that they voluu tee red, and we were all In high tplrl until wt reached Che camping ground. u wat men wt nrst realised we were under military discipline, but we all fell In with a vim and endeavored to dc our duty- but honest, , It was hard for me to bt ordered about I did as well aa the rest of the boys In fact, there could have been no comp!lat on the part of our officers, for though ws were a trifle awkward, still we showed a willingness to obey every order ant a desire to carry It out Intelligently But pa. the first meal we had I did nx eat a thing, and for breakfast next morning I only took a tup of joSm and dM not drink all of that We had exercise and drills, tad ft kept us pretty busy until dinner time and I sot down with the rest of them, and. would you believe It, I ate more than any two men ta my mesa, and ocnttau4 to do so. Ws art all getting used to the life of a soldier, and I am not sorry that i am ont ot Uncle Sam's hired men. It they will only give ut a chance to see i service. I sincerely feope that we will I be glva liberty before we are sent . south or to the Philippines, ta many oi tht boys desire to visit Daadwood and ' Lead, and the upper towns onee again . before wt are seat away. I I OUT lOTUg SOU. 9 1 iiiiiiii i mm ! I 1 I when all Mother Nature Is happy and glad?" In response to these Invlti- tlone a goodly number assembled promptly at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Walker's room, la which tht pupils assembled, was made bright with blooming house plants, wild flowers n profusion, gay flags and bunting; and tht boards wert nicely decorated by the pupils of both rooms, who bad drawn from nature aU the varieties of wild flowers now in bloom. A largt Cufban flag guarded by tha American Start and 8trlpet, oc cupied a prom Inent postJoa on the wall. The exercises consisted of select readings, recitations and tongs by tht pupils, all relating to Nature, In her various forms, and breathing the spirit of spring. All acquitted themselves with credit, and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon. The puplla are especially to be commended for their polite deport ment. BACK FROM ALASKA. Eddie Carr and Frank Doyle return ed from the froesa north yesUrday and received a hearty welcome from ther many Deadwood friends. Both are the picture of health despite the trying experiences through which they have passed within the past fsw months. Ths boys say they bad to work bard while away, and though the wages they received were high, atlll they could not purchase as much for Che money at they could for ordlnay laborer's wages in tht Black HUlt. They met many old-time Black Hlllsen In Che north and all of them seemed to be doing fairly well, but not gathering the for tunes which they expected. Eddie anl Frank wtnt at far aa the Canadian line on the Skaguway trail, and found that even 1f provisions, luxuries and other things were hlgti on the American aide, required twice the amount of capi tal to purchase them once the Imaginary Une between thed American an Canadian bonder was passed. Both ot the boys are pleated to be again In Deadwood, and aa they are two of the best boys 1n the town, will not fall to be successful la anything Which they undertake. UP TO DATS. A pithy poetry is en the wlag Ws bnar It much of late, la speaking wsll of anything Ws ssy It's up to Cata. However good a thleg may be, And 'though Its worth be great ws eaa no msrtt id it set Unless It's up te oats. We deem not good tht thing wt writs Unless they are alDcty-slgbt And things are often east asids Unless they art up to date. One thins sure we nesd sot fear. Times aod circumstances this seosesttates, ids latest news in lbs f.-T. win appear And It will bt up to data. Another thing ws venture tt maintain. Though painful te relate, Ths present war -"'th 8p4ln Is sursly up to date. And when this grevlous strife will set. However soot or late, The victory gained, we eaa depend. Will be with Dewsr, up to date. DICK RICHARDS. Englewood, May 6. me party or Kiondikers which waa to havt left last evening from Spear fish wl.l not begin Its journey until next Monday. Several of the members could not arrange their rffalre In time to eaten last evening's passenger tra,n Mr. Jdhnston, one of the pvty, was In the city yesterday, and la a talk wlu the reporter, stated that the partv knew exactly where It was going, and every member la satisfied that he will make ths trip a most profitable one, All svrs enthusiast! over the prospects of striking something rich and an are willing to make ths venture. The semi-annual meeting; of the at eoclatlon of Congregational churches of the Black Kills was held on Tuesday aad Wednesday with ths church at Bells Fourche. The aimoanoe waa up to the usual tmodard, while the quail ty of Che papers read and the general Interest manifested were greater than usual, and that to aaylng a good deal, Rev. J. B. Long of Slot Springs eras elected moderator, and Mrs. 8. K Young of Rapid City, crlbe. Rev. A. S. McConaen read an excellent paper on "The Modern Preacher," While Rev George Scott gave some reminiscence. of early missionary work, Mrs. C. W, Mather was a delegate from Deadwood, and a F. Russell from Lead. - Tha tall meeting la to be bald at Keystone. tus Harrison Telephone company has completed Its lias from Belle Fourche to Boom a, a poetofflct on tbo Belle Fourehe river, about twelve milea from the town, roubtleat ths bett results ever eompllahed tn the Black HUla country at drilling with Rand power drlllt, wat that done In tht Hercules company' shaft, at Two Bit, by Don Murphy and William Backus, drillers, and Andy Johnson, chuck tender, on the three o'clock shift last Saturday night They put down twenty -Xoot notes and fired the ump holes, on their shift Thla beats all reoorda The shaft la a very large one we venture the assertion Is tie largest in the HlUt, and aa the material was bard shales, tt waa a record to be proud of. The shaft has been put down slxty-wiz feet In tike past tour weeks. J. L. Behonsld Is m charge of the timbering aad plana bla work to as to not interfere severely with the mln tng. WRE1 NATtnta Needs atwlstanoe It may bt beat, to render tt promptly, bat ems snoald mssmbtr to use even tha most per fact nrnedlea only wasnneeded, Tha best and most atanpit gsctts remedy Is tas Syrap of Figs, raanwfarjbtnrsd by tha California Fig Syntp Co, Frank SmMlMi left lor t2ox Fal'e last svnr aa a deter it to tat) graad lodge I. 0. 0. r. 4-B-d4w nnsnt iriF engik VllVwtallllt STEAM PUMPS, STEAM. GAS 5Str WATER SUPPLIES. FAIRBANKS, MORSE ft CO,, 1103 Pcrnam St, Omaha, Neb, I-l 88 D. A W. Lawrence Skow Fur Dresssr. . . r i Hi .v- Far Ruts and Robes to e-der. Taxidermy supplies at stoo. All work guaranteed first class. 305 South 13th fit- Omaha Ksbraika. lead nar eatalgus. I 1 S U A W. specially that portion of It recruited la the ujrtberu Hills, Is made up ot young men who not oaly excel In phy sical qualifications, but whose motai character Is vt the very highest. They havt proven themselves to be good boys and better men. and whtn put U) Che test there will be no danger so great nor hardshln so severs that thfcV Will ool w,IUll,,r fmo, 1L Troop c win carrv with It the be wishes of Lead. 'Central. Terry. Deadwood and other . , . k . tfltl. . .l,A,.J www v. - mv .mh,, wn fondest prayers of those who know them and those who know that they are of the HUlt. avail, they will pan safe through the hall of shot and theli. Lead, Deadwood, Central, Terry, id fact all of our northern Hllle towns havt an Interest In the boys .of U troop. They are near end dear to ui all, and their glory will be our. Should they be called Into action we all know they will do their duty. Should some of them fall In doing that duty. tears, whh hallow and sanctify will be shed, and the memory of their as rifles to country, noma and honor, like tht tweet perfume of flowers, will be a pleasant and Inspiring thought. Thi boyi all come from this section of tht HUlt, and tonight, and until tht angel ot peace shall spread her wings o'er the nations whose strife will bring death and desolation, In every house hold will be breathed a prayer that they may serve their country faithfully and be spared to those who love them. A DISTINGUISHED VISITOR. President SUckney of the Chicago A Great Western Railroad company cams up from Hot Springs yesterday after. noon, and spent all hit spare time with the local railroad men, not giving tht reporters even a chance to Interview him. Mr. Stlckney it making a tour ot tha north west and will spend several daya In the Black Hills. Of course, ht his read what Marvin Hughitt has said of this section and has been anxious to Mt It. hence, his present trip. Ht Is very much pleased with what hs has already seen, but when he sees ths res of It he mill be furtner Impressed with Its wonderful resources. Mr. 8tlckney Is a verr pleasant gentleman to meet and has that peculiar faculty of successful men. In seeing at ont look all that Is worth teeing. Ht will tarry In Deadwood until tomorrow afternoon and then leave for the springs. WAR. MINES. FLOWERS. Moat all the older resident! of Dead wood, Central and Carbonate will te member Capt. A. A. Dewey, who oper ated In mines extensively. lie Is nut the hero of Manila, but lie It brother of Rear Admiral Dewey and comet from family ot lighters. He served with dU tlnctlon In the federal army during the late war. After Its close he located in Little Rock, Ark., with a number of northern men, mostly ex-sold len, and among whom was the late Col. J. Lo gan Roots, who had more than a slate reputation as a politician. Csvpt. Des ey and his associates stlU own ths Hartshorn property at Carbonate, and are only waiting for the advent ot railroad to resume ore shipment. They have a grand property upon which they have already expended about f 25 000 In developments. Tht captain aud hit estimable wife are conducting large music store at 713 Main street. Little Rock, which by the way tt the handsomest Httle city In the Union At this season of the year ths atmos phere Is laden with the aroma ot great variety of flowera and the heart it gladdened by the sight of tht rarUh- Ingly beautiful coloring. VISITED THE VOLUNTEERS. A number of Deadwood people rlalt-id the camp ot the volunteert at Fort Meade yesterday. The camp It pitched on the rifle range, adjoining Fort Meade, on the northeast The three volunteer troops are encamped and seem to be snjoying Chemselve In camp llfu. Roi'fbls i It la what they are Vy ing. Troop A. Captain Bullock com maadlng, have five tei m for eighty-five men, an average ot seventeen In a tent. They are a groteaqui set aa to onl forms Lieutenant Wells being the on is man possessed of a full uniform, ueuienant cusick baa tha talbr at work on his. Among the privates, some have a cap, others a blouse, and few have regulation trousers. As they form in line for drill they present Odd picture. A nunnber ot the boys have found out which w their right foot, and can can pu up a pretty good setting up drill At noon yesterday, when they fell In line for dinner, the command wae given, "Right, face," and only a few in their excitement executed "Left, face." At they charged on the pub rlth their tin cups, plates, knlvea, forks and spoons, a person could not help but notice what a fine set of men they were, barrlig the uniforms. After dinner the last detachment from the Hills' came into camp. They were a part of troop C. Captain George Hair. There waa cheering sad handshaking, eaeh one looking for ones that ht knew. Tents were pitched and straw hauled to make tztem comfortable, and now the full three troops are la camp. Tht) volunteert have not at yet received their horses, nor equipments of any kind they are just jwm recruits. They have no Information when tbey will receive these articles nor when they wiTl move. All they know ts that they are oglng to Ohlokamaaga Park. A great many people from the Hint will ne doubt visit taena If they rtcaala In eamp over today. W. b ROBINSON, Assayed and Ht 1112 Dodge- 8 treat, OMAHA, - - Nnbraskav Bampl'a by KalL I IP -98 D. W. bishop & co. Lunch Counter AKD?Dining Room. 1617 Oaptol Art., Ooara, Vtb. Sent Ins Caducity 2)0. 3-24-98 d andw. LEWIS HENDERSON. FLORIST. Fine Cut Flowers, Plants aad Floral Designs 8hlpptd on abort notloa. 1 6iL aod Tana', Bta., 0 I 1 l!jD. W. a, Hsbraaia. THE MADISON Mrr F. L. Axtell, Prop. list Chicago Bt, Omaha, A first class family hotel, on block north Hlgn School, one block from car Unt.running direct to Eiposltlon grounds. S-6-daVw-Sm. get ten for five centj. ts s sww mrum tn hi mi cwo rw - Ths girt who doetnt srrtts cf tea to bsr avestheart la tbs amy last vcfta. tarteg, and it makes no d:"rssce , if ht) la some other ftlkrrw item jonsay nomaa asarolij tes, ' ' They banish pain vfv ONE i ) end prolong life. QfrV GIVE3 V o y .J-kh ! o o ! r 3 Vv.kA u CD cJiJp Ho matter what the matter Is, one will do yea gooa, ma you can 'SWISS MLs Bus Nslll is at Eminence. Ken tuefcjr, vliltlng with her mother. Vise NeiU'e younger brother, SyWesttr. waa married last Wednesday to aflat gfta-berger. a niece of Mrs. Root N-ifll. Sflvesttr 4s h youngest ot can family md euws favorite. 0

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