The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 23, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 23, 1900
Page 2
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SATURDAY', JlE ,3 TEE DAILY FIUXEEh-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JIN K 8, ;h74. versal application, so that a criminal, ,r a pauper, fir any other undesired immigrant !-hall be turned away from your borders whenever arid wherever he presents himself, and no matter Sttirgis Recbrd: It puzzles the Record to know why there was no mention of stati5 or other officers 1 til the so-called "democratic" cono, Hon at Yankton next month. Thi'' have been pup ( (inventions to S' i. : delegates to the Sioux Fa lbs meet.:..' and demo.iatic on vent ion to in sent at Kansas City. I .tit never .1 THE BLACK HILLS TIMES what liis race or mlor. The hurt we Chirje.-e feel lllOle ttlilll anything cl.SC Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company ESTABLISHED AHML 7, lh77. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. is the p.-iiticuianzuip or us. and our - i 11 1 1 i ri tr out. from ,-ill other peoph-s." All of which would he moie iinpressi vc it one could Corbet what scholars and word a bout state or 1 'OiiKi'essiu:. ; nominee.-, until the Yankton po.t-div. when- In - it comes out a.-(lemocraii.' state convention. democrat 111 iiy t:uu at a pop but a --c Remedies pionei;k-timi:s itbushino co. never suns at a democrat. 1 ney ! would eat of t he husks. men or wealth and leisure in ( hina a it j 1 ! r nuw enyairerl in lining Their 'a(.'eriie.-s for i!.c i staldishnient of I'm rnrmious relations with the outside world is slightly veiled. jllltllMIMIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIMIII, !!, TERMS OF Sl'USCTUPTION: DAILY Every V-iruing, Except Mod For disorders of tho feminine organs have gained their great renown and enormous sale because of the permanent Madison Sentinel Hon. K. Martin, of lieadwood. who is at pi.-ent making a tour or the state ea-' of the river, has been received wi:h NEGRO EMIGRATION TO HAWAII. day, One Year. $10.00 ai Mr.nthH 5.00 n attempt will soon 11c made, u is asserted, to foster emigration of negroes from the I'nited States to the One Month 1 W WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year 2.00 Six Mouths I 00 new Terntorv of Hawaii. Among enthusiasm at every point whip-be has made an address. The people are favorably impressed with ti 1 ability and believe that he will make a strong and trustworthy represi u tative in congress. Hardware and Mining Supplies.. good they have done and are doing for tho women of this country m If all ailing or suffer' the reasons given for the intended movement is tlx- statement that .lap ujese and Chinese coolie labor, which s now ne chief means of cultivating Entered as Second-Oast Matter at tee Dead wood I'ostofflce. RACY REARING. A Lead corespondent of the he sugar plantations there, has be ome a menace to the peace and per S10 1 nuuient prosperity of the islands. City Journal says: K. W. Martin, the republican none ing women could be made to understand how absolutely true are the statements about Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound, their sufferings would end. iiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiimiiiiiiiiiil Even if the facts were as stated it is greatly to be doubted whether the importation of 11 large number oT negro laborers would improve the situation Whenever a movement of a large body of people of one nationality or race into territory occupied by a predominating element of a different ra.e is proposed it is highly important to learn what will be the feelings Main St. Deadwood, S. D. inee for congress, is apparent!' strengthening his possibilities evcy day. He has made several public addresses in the Hlack Hills cities sinn-his return from the state conventh and he has made a good many frienu-The fusion papers, are saying very little against his candidacy for the reason, it is believed, th'it there is Vol y little dill to lie thrown agaist him. Judge Moore, in his mouthpiece t lie Lead I lady Call, has been doing com siderable to open up obi sores, but thev have fallen flat. It is generah REPUBLICAN TICKET. Members of Congress E11EN W. MARTIN, of Ijiwrtnre. CHARLES 11. 111'UKE, of Hughed Governor C. N. HER HIEIi, of Mrl'bi-rjoD. Lieutenant Governor GEO. W. KNOW, of Bo.i Homme. Secreiary of State- - U. C. HEKG, of Spiiik. Treasurer JOHN SCH AMBER, of Hutchinson. Auditor J. 1). KKEYF.S, of Brown. Attorney General JOHN L. J'YLE. of ISeaille. Supt. of Public Instruction - E. E. COLLINS, of day. Com. of School and ruble- I 11 I - - LiAVID EASTMAN, of KuUn-Kailroad Commlxsioiicr -FRANK LECOCQ. of HoiiKlas Mrs. Plnkham counsels women free of charge Her address Is Lynn, Mass. The advice she gives Is practical and honest. You can write freely to her; she Is a LITO FEED AND SALE STAB of the existing population toward the newcomers.. In the case of Hawaii more than one-third of the residents are natives. They are fully as dark ( olored as are most of the negroes in the I'nited States, tho they have no race blood affiliation with the latter. It Is not always possible to explain why one race has an antipathy for another Sometimes the absence of an apparently rational cause is accom Good Saddle and DriviLg Horaee Furnished. Heavy Hom Teams Bought and Sold. Contracts taken to do heavy team conceded I hat Judge Moore made a grave mistake for his party and for j his own prospects when he (caused tin arrest of T. I). Edwards, editor of the or 10 muve uoueuuiu suuua nuu luruuure. Dry barrister Scovill has grown into a taciturn, morose, unapproachable her wood for (ale and THE INDIAN VOTE. delivered. Cftpt. i;. H. Allison, the old Indian ncotit and interpreter, whose name and GEORGE BENNER, panied by the most bitter manifestations that the race hatred is firmly rooted. Fnfortunately for the plan which contemplates transferring many 509 Main St the record of his services appear In General nhemlan s olticial reports on Lead Tribune. For a lime there was ,1 chance rliat an indignation meeting would be called at Lead, which would have expressed in strong terms the generally held for Judge Moore's actions Thieats have been made by some of the republican papers that the past history of Judge Moore will be turned file at Washington, will expound to Hit Sioux Indians the doctrines of liryan- negroes 111 a mass from the states to Hawaii, the native Hawaiian have an ineradicable dislike for them. Any rmttfmmmMMt?mmmMmnfHfMtM?fitMifttimIN..uu. mit, desiring no communication with tin- world in which he was sin h a con spi.-ious figure as only t'ounsel for his relative eighteen years ago. Scovill feels that lie is still shunned and despised by everybody for his part in trying te save the neck of Guiteau on the ground of herediatry insanity, though he contends that he did nothing but his duty. The loss of his wife and other misfortunes that seemed to pursue him with a relentless hand add-ed hi Ins mchtiichol v and confirmed &a.m mi 111 111 111 111 111 111 111 111 111 in in in in in in nr iir TTf TTrTTr TTfTTTE Isra and endeavor to prevail upon as attempt to unite natives and negroes many of them as possible to follow the The Ladies Bazaar in political or social lite would meet with failure, and it is possible tba 3 1 i III winch case, it is said, there would the peace and prosperity of the isl be some racy reading. Mr. Martin has gone to the eastern part of the state mils would then really suffer. Some several of the planters fearing that thev will!'') deliver Silk WaiStS for this week at a harden. New Dress Patterns for spring r..wns. him III liis il eterm i n :i t ion I ri :i h;i n i( in ( addresses, and from active in the repub- obliged to part with their present flaR of the Nebraska candidate. Captain Allison saw Mr. Hryan in Chicago last week. The captain is in Sioux City on his way to Abirdien to consult with V. K. Kidd. chairman of the populist central committee of that Ktflte. He said: "In South Dakota thre are probably 1 m to 2,000 Indians.' half-breeds and n lie will be campaign." now lican Summer GOOdS in Percales, Mercer .cii ; gangs of contract laborers from ( hina and Japan, are willing to turn inr- anywhere to get a new supply of dimmer heap help, but the better informed hams, and all fashionable fabrics f. r dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come ami Itizens of Honolulu do not. wish to the world and spend the remainder of his days in seclusion. For several years Movill has led the life of a hermit, spending his time at. the most secluded spots he could find, ne still contends that Guiteau was mentally irresponsible for his act in killing the President, and points to the record of the family, a number of whom have both uefore and since the tragedy been confined in madhouses. sqnaw men, qua I inert to vote. 1 will see the negro brought there in num visit them, call meetings and address Main St. Deadwood 3 B Mrs. Nott, bers, only to be doomed to less satisfactory conditions than now exist for him in the states. Life Gradually Lengthening. Recent statistics prove that the average health and length of life of human beings have grown stronger and longer with the years. It is clearly demonstrated that the change for the better has been brought about by modern ideas and methods. One of the agents which has been most Instrumental in preserving life is Hos-tetter's Stomach Btiters. Thousands have died from stomach and digestive disorders, who might have survived 'liiiiilllUUiluiiiUllililiUiiiiUlUiUIUiUiiiiiuuaimk Wr've Got It! them in their native tongue. Their votes will help our cause materially this fall. As to the success of the democratic ticket. I have no doubt. Bryan and his partner, whoever the latter may he, are sure to he elected." Before taking up his task with the Indians. Captain Allison will visit for a few days with his daughter. Mrs. Anna Schaiuitidore. a teacher In the government Indiansrhool at Albuquerque. N. M., but who is now at the home of friends In Ponra. Neb., across the Missouri river from Sioux City. Mrs. Schanandore's mother was Sinaw in. an GLOOMY, VERY GLOOMY. The Dakota Ruralist, a radical po paper is way down In the depths of sessionism. it says: "We repeat the Earning given before in these columns. Heware of getting in debt. The McKinley "prosperity" is a mere bubble. It may be pricked at any time, and when it is the man who is in debt w ill find himself in trouble. The great hanking and other syndicates are straining every nerve to avert the coming panic until after election. They may succeed, but it is coming and con- DISSOLUllON OOHCE. The copartnership heretofore existing as Kaufman c Gorum has been dissolved l.y mutual consent, J. L. Kaufman retiring. J. X. Gorum will continue the business, he responsible for the liabilities of the late firm ami collei t amounts due to said firm. j. L. KAL FM AN. .1. X. ..UlvL'M. Datxl I lead vvuou. S. I.. June lb. H'l.'O. had they resorted to the Utters. It is the greatest of known tunics for stomach and digestive organs. It cures dyspepsia, indigestion and constipation, and has done so for the past fifty years'. There is nothing to equal It. Yon want II! Let's make a deal. Our business transactions are strictly coufiden-tial. We've got the money, job want the money, s0 come and b us. We have on h,.nd a large stocii of unredeemed pk dees at prices h: MAN WHO DEFENDED GUIIEAU. not be delayed long. Crop condition may hasten ts arrival, and we advise our readers to get ready for it " The only danger which threatens A Morose. Cnapproachablee Hermit. Living Alone .n a Secluded Spot Indanapolis. June Jl. A party of below their cost i f manufacture The Deadwood Loan Office, X... 21 Leo St. moan princess, rsnnawin was a daughter of that old chief of the Htinkpapa Sioux. "Scared near." who was killed In a battle with the Crows. Captain Allison was admitted to tlie-Sioux trihe with Impressive ceremonies in 1S06, in which year he passed .thru Rioux City, which was then but a trading station. Chief Gall presided over the adoption rite. The captain served at Ft. Rice umVr General to prick the bubble of McKinley prosperity is the possibility of liryan's election, and that danger is loo remote to cause mm h anxiety. The only part of the K'iraiisi's advice vvhiih is valuable. Uierfore is that about getting in debt. That is good to follow at NOTICE. There will he 12,4SO.nO of state echpnl money on hand on the first day of July to luan on scbol boniU and improved farm lands in Lawrence county. Application tor luans shnnld be tiled in thU ottlce soon. Iiendwond, S. 11., May 15, 1!U0 W. A. ZINIC, Ccunty Aud.tor. Are You Listed.' The i ctis eiiiHtjeratni's have about ( mi I 1 ted their tisis for lieadwood. They Lave done tin: best they could. Milt in a town scattered over hill and giib li as liea.lwonil is. it is .mpossible lo tin.! i very one. besides lart-e numbers are out in the niine.-s or visiting cast. If anyone has been oimitted or knows of a friend who has no' been An 1 any t i me. FIRST NATIONAL B DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA, t GRIMLY HUMOROUS. Otis, whose interpreter lie was for years. He is said to be n speaker of j some ability, and popular with the j j I Indiana fishermen just r turned from j a trip among the remote and unfre-j qtientei lakes of Northern Indiana ran ; across a little cabin no upieil by At-i tnniev S; ov ill. tie la wye r vv hi i defend -! e. C. .1. Cult. -an in his t: for fie-j a: -assinat ion of l'i -'. nt (Jarlield. ! Tile humble I litt.ije ;i w !i. Scovill was found is situated near the banks ! uf Mud Lake. Where be l.VeS the life of tilt- most rigid iv lu.-e neither seeing nor being seen. His simple wants I are supplied by the merchants of t li - nearest town. He puts in his time no-j body knows how. as his imkept and I uncouth figure is seldom seen outside the walks of th- low cottage, half hidden by the growth of twining vines I and underbrush. Writing from ope uf the minor i ippine islands to a friend in Indians. 'United States Deposi ioi nd I In name and data to t Ii ir- Terry gives a of rhe kind of is engaged. "It K. W. account liich he Orleans ('apt most graphic warfare in v listei oitici O. J. 3ALlSbL'RV, DIRECTORS: T. J GK1EK, P. E. RPAKK i). a. Mcpherson. OFFICERS: SALISBURY I Cashier From an able, affable and influential s-J. A ' .-'II KSf , r, McFlm 4 '' j .- IH-NMAN President 0. J, Notice to Contractors. Separate bids will lie received by up to Friday. June 2!'. 1900. for the fol-t he Hoard of Education of Deadwood lowing work and repairs on the pub-paintine. papering, cleaning paper on lie .school buildings: Plastering, the walls and picture frame mouldings. Samples of wall paper must be submitted. For particulars, apply to R. M. I'm an. janitor. The right to lvjec-t an;' o. ell bids is reserved. By o: '. r of the Board of Education. O. W. MATSOV Sec. Assist. Cashier . is.' he says, "like hunting (uail without a dog to find them. Ir is a nuisance. There is no fight in it they either catch you off your guard and murder you or else turn tail to the first volley. Several of the natives recently killed I recognized as having been in my office but a few days before to register; so there you are! Good nigger to-day bad to-morrow! Well, they are good now, at any rate Gen. Wheeler said hanging time had come: it is past due in this section.-and it should not lei admlnestered homeopathicaly. either." The captain, it will be noticed, is dis- LVice-Preldent T. J. GRIER "It is an ILL Wind That Blows Nobody Good. That smsll ache or pain or weakness is the "ill wind" that directs your attention to the necessity of purifying OF DOUBTFUL DESIRABILITY. In the opinion of the Chinese minister, the abolition jf our law excluding Immigrants from this country would result, not in a great influx of coolie laborers, but in a stream of desirable visitors merchants, scholars, and men of wealth and leisure, who would come here to study our methods and Institutions, and who would be the means of establishing mutually profitable relations between the two countries now Biich near neighbors. "When the interviewer called the minister's attention to the fact that the classes he mentioned were not excluded even now, he replied that the law discriminating gainst China offended their self-re-pect, and even more effectual In keeping them at home was the difficulty in present conditions of proving differences of rank and occupation to officials with no knowledge of Chinese distinctions. "You have," concluded Wn Ting Fang. " your general Immigration laws to protect you. Make these as stringent as you choose and their enforcement as radical. No one outside can complain If you adopt such posed to be grimly humorous, and this your OC( by taking Hood's I J. L. MARCOUX'S I New Undertaking Parlors THE CLIFTON HOUSE. Hot Springs, S. D. Is now thoroughly cleaned and renovated and open to the public patronage, witb pleasant, cool, airy rooms In close connection with the Minnekahta bath house, the bent of accommodations, reasonable rates. Terms one dollar a day or five dollars a eek. MRS. HEN'RIETTE CLOUSE. Proprietor. mure pjuiuiy suuwu 111 diiviiuei iittssue of his letter. "Behold in me he writes, the "thesolver of the great southern problem. 1 shall offer a bill in congress to move our entire negro population to Luzon." Work in that country is utterly unnecessary. As a result, the rap- No. 20 Lee Street. Are the Xcateet and most complete ir. All Embalming- done by an expert. Sarsa partita. Then your whole body receives good, for the purified blood goes tingling to every organ. It is the great remedy for alt ages and both sexes. Dyspepsia " Complicated oxth liver And kidney trouble, I suffered for yen from dyspepsU, with severe pins. Hood" s SrspriILi nude me strong vd hetrty." J. B. Emerton. Auburn Me. cCid& SaUabatitCn J 'I WJ XJUJ.Li i.--V ta'n continues, "the men will have nothing to do but devote thier time to the Taglo question, which, of course, will occupy them for a while. Now. J. H. GORUM Proprietor of the Lobby Saloon Keeps a quiet orderly place with many different lines of amusement and respectfully solicits a &hare of your patronage. Whether or not you imbibe In the flowing bowl you are always welcome at this popular resort. Only Funeral Car in the Black Hills- lavs for your own defense or for the after the negroes have solved the Taglo protection of American labor. That question, there won't be much left of Is yonr right. Forbid the entrance of either, and the Uaited States won't criminals, ot diseased persons, of the ' have to waste time and powder in fln-panper class, of persons under contract ishing the settlement of both." This to labor of anybody you choose, in J has at least the char mof simplicity chort AD that can be asked of yon and perhaps Capt. Terry did not write is that you make these lairs of nnl-jthls for publication. . , Hirti'on so Telephones -0. Calls answered promptly Day or Night. i mini I I I lull i lUodt HUmr Uwwt tilt; thm c-lrTHttaf 4 ft othartta to lk wrtk Bood't SartMrlU.

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