The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 22, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1900
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. FRIDAY, JUNE 22 lJOf will be tarred by virtue of the provisions LEGAL NOTICES. ocated I, of the Elaine. A. K. GARDXER Permanently Register. NOTICE OF APPLICATION VoM LFTTKItS OF ADMINISTRATION In tin- County Court rounty of I.. 1 1 ii. i Sf;:t of .South !akota. In 1 1:.- in:. Iter of tin- Kstitt.i of ;.: ai'l A!' Muliigle, deeeasecl. Noli..- l.s laroliy fjvin .tliat .1 It :.- hi ri by ord-'ri-.l that the foregoing Dunce of a plication fur paiPiit be pub (W. S. EMer, Attorny.) M A L2U8. M. S. No. 137-1. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. ; Laid Otti, c, Itapiil City So. link. lish".! for ixty days in the I'ionper-Times OEAOWOoo daily w r-papiT iiiil luheil at Deadwood, r. p.. Sou III Dak, Lincoln. , the said publish...! Omaha. In the Black Hills. LEAD AND DEADWOOD. LEAD CITY OFFICE in parlors of Schutze JSiiiJdinJt. over J JitkM y. No DJ Main htr-'t, Load. Monday and Thursday a ft i-iu jus Mom Z ',' to v.'Pl p. in. until suitabii- : ti i an I...-scuri'd porainn.-utlv . a. tv -im k t;u He. ena April I'.'"". Noriie s hre'v tiven thai Anna C..1.I .Miiii.'.if i'.i , utn... postofli, ul lt.-- i-! i. :i'l -.ino-l. S.. I ,.!,-. i has l!n- ..,y ::l its a , ' . ., , :i f: i ;.a'-iii fin li':. a.'fi " ! Lie .i: r. r..-W '. ' h- Amu i s 1 Aiii,, i .. r I - iiiim-- n: v. it - 3utt i with iit CI" ion. piai v ini; foi it ioi: of I-:t . " ' i .i n. 'i. .1 !i . ! iNER llegisl. o p.o.. , . f.ii !" . ri lias il ; iii-, ' V,;: t. a if' t i - of ' vis. a, ,.1 .. M.t.i ! '. I !, iv . Ilo- L-l, Chicago. St. Joseph, Kansas City . St. Louisano ,,i, points east a LorTl8n" t .lain-. ..l - f Mcl.iijKhlin & McLaughlin, Attys. ) M A. No. 1212 IN TDK I'NITKD STATES LAND OF-FICIC. Ka i.l City, South Dako.a, June i ioi" PI'LICATION"' FOR A PAT F NT '' "Tl 'L i- hereby given th,i ankey !! --.I : Mn.;iii4 ' 'oiiii.ui , a roriiora; ma oi - - ii,.. I au-1 exNiiiii; u n .!' mil .y viriue - : :.'i,. low.- ir' : lie Star-. .;' Smith Ii.ikoi , ' of!:..- :..l In -s ,,f uhi.h is ! n :i I'.v "I. i ll D.ikuM. I.y A:i -Mil Mati'is. in .fil .r."i aip"H iiliii-.- ..Hi. . .i-l-lr.--.- I ' . I .'. .o.l. S aril 1 mk. a. i. li.,.. : h: ! i i ! i.- -i i i . ' !. ii !',: a .,i;.-:.' f.,r i ! - l ; : i iv 2, i io- 7 ; i f 7. . i II-: i.1,1 1 )n7 .' !in. f - t : ' ( MV.'iv - i.' ! fie C 1 . I.l . ,'ee JI.M.k. r I .! ,itii 1 ii , rta L." I" Hfiiaii.i N i 2. t -hur No. 1, x.aiiki.., Il,,v No. 4. Yankey li'. v No ::. Aifi.iti.- No l. Yankey Hoy. '.ml-' Hill ali I l.iiile Hill No ' hel.-. ai.lf--. v.-in or iniii.-ral .l-..i.ts l.e-.iin i-.'l 1 aril silv.-i. luiieth.-r w i h .-tufa.. -iroun.l i. no. i;no . .;..u; i;oo, ",nj,7. :e and lili" f.-fl ill tti.llh It'- -ppi-'ively. sitiiiitel in Carbonate Mining I'l-trii-t. Lavvrenet- county. South Dakota, ami designated by the tlel.l miles and uttl-' oal plat on file in this orlii e as lAt No. ! ioi',, in township live 17.) north, ranne two '21. east, H. il, M. (ursurveveiD. Said lol sTTuth. ana SAI.K XOTiCK UL'l.iN'Wl'KN'T an l.i .iniii; ..M ;'!i - . 1 fa- gioiin I :: ."I.-I ill Wl.llll. .-.I'lril-'l iii V.'llS' th ! minim: li--ti!--t. oun'v of La reh in I Stat" ..f.... 1. I Ukutit. ilo ilr, it'll, i' i.v ilir li. H 1 1 . j r s .iii'l olti' I'lar on li ' '" i a I I o i i i 1 1 k a it.;' a '!a v- nf i re est m.. of b.lili it !a : ti'i-in o: ' May ti-rm oi v M iliilu; niiijiaiiy. 1'i iiii ipal I , t it : of til place of litisiiics. i ii-adu ood. South Dakota. Location of works. Carlioii Tnii'm 1,.,-,. , , -No. 4), V, ,,. tlaily, ;),,- folu. Onia1 , i all points I-:,,. West !n i,i- olti.e a- l.ii a ituUr ;TI. !.. i:i ! : !' a f.,lli -. to- I' ANNA I.' IDE I. -iiiiiii.a a i n- No. I a h I i... k s at.-. Law ri-ii, c l oiinty. South Dakota. at tin- Court Room tlioroot, a' Court llnur-i- in tin- City of iMi'l in tin' said count v nf I.awiPin i- Notice. Tin-re is di linipiciit on the n-'9 U. :' and J,:th and 3( in in. .at,. I i.f s.n. - . hi-.-l.-.l 1 r:7t All' ii" following descii lu'd slock. on ac i omit of assessment No. !. levied No. 2 pi I.ra , April l's. liniu. the amounts set oppo day. it;,; j i Spearrish n.'.ain site (he names of the shareholders as ay I I No. 204, F,i,.,.. p; follows: No. Cert. Name. 77!. Dr. M. Rogers . Ann. Sun l,-,v Mli,' , and Edgemont e, 'JStt l.o. Moil I' S No 7 In- irs S ' VI' E pi:;4 ; f.-.-t Id i ,,r No smvi'V No ?.Hn llluhl.iinl Marv lode hoars N. 27s 17' E P)8 f 'heme N vs' rtr V. 11 t feet to ror-rur No :: th-nce. S 43' 01' W. "1? 7 feet lo corner No. theme S. 21 ny W. 03 f... I to corner No. 4. thence. ? "!' F :!!n a f... to rorner No. 5; thfn re. N. Pi ii' K. l!.' " fio-t m nirnnr No fi. l'Vnlii"ii I'i'h i-iirni r No. 3 of Anna No 2 IoiIp of hN urvv: thcnc N. I."." Sf.' R .14" 1 fwt io r, rn.T No 7: th. nrp. N2717' K 2 6 '.t to .'orr.1'- No 1 ,in.I pla" nf hpginnin?. ANNA NO. 2 IODE flcKlnnlni? at cnrn'T No. 1 a phale rock I .i'ii si-t for liParitii; said pftitinn, ' and wlii'if any pi'ison intTested i: :ipn'ai and show ciku" why the pi tition .should not. be RrantPii. Dated. Jimp ll'th.. A. D. 1900 FRANK J. YVASHABAI On Judge of the County c , PROPOSALS FUR STATE PRINTING Thf fi-tunKssionrr of I'liblip Pr will ri'ifive soali'il .ro.)sals for the , i jut? for the State of South Dakota ia $ 20.00 l! No 14oii being ilescribed as follows, to-wit CENKRAI, JOE HOOKER LODE. He Kinnini? at corner No 1. hence F. S. lo Sundays this fr. .ti,, i rains i-aves Hows at ion Monument No. ,'il bears X. !2' U4' 4.00 2.00 2.00 mbi. fas nesr a... . Shares. . ."i.iioo . LOoO .loo .100 . 2.000 . .1.000 . .1.000 -No. 2'H' Sn.v-.rfl.,. 'uji Dr. M. Rogers . Dr. M. Rogers . Dr. M. Rogers . K. P. Peterson . John A. Taylor Si VV. Hamilton dill? except Sun. lav- 74 7H. 1 4 ir.ii. it:. ISO. LS7. Fin. No. 2,',3. Frptirh. DR. TODD. ll:iit 11, 8.00 20.00 20.00 4.00 "t In Rniiml with mninl or aione rnis- li'l -2 1.174 whi'in-p rorniT No a purvey Sundavs this Sleeping, iluiine coi iliinre with rhajiter 'M. laws of I-. haitiT If..'., laws of 1SS.". and chapt.--laws of lVi!t. Said proposals shall '.- , i Office in Waite Block, corner i; Hluhitin.l Marv Lrulo biarn N. 0" 0 F, 2.',ii.;.4 feet distant: thence S. ,s:j ' r.n' V. :i"2 feet: thence S 7S- -Iti' V. f-.ei 1 fino ; thence S. It, 44' E. 14l'S 7 feet: thence X. V!' 7.a' F. 213.2 feet: thence X. . , ' 47' V. 1 10'i.t; feet to place of beginning. MAONA CHARTA LODE, lleginniiig it fir-net- No. 1. whence C S. Location Monument No. 31 bears X. 82' 54' E. 3aOH.S feet distant; thence N. S3' 50' E. 600 feet; thence S. 16 44' E. 14CS.7 feet; thence S. VI- :,o' W. i;o.i feci, thence X. Pi 44 S'. ! p.s 7 fe. t i.t ,iiice ,,f . ginning. LITTLE HoXAXZ Nil 2 LODE P. ai coi ner No 1. when, i' 1'. S seals free. ,,,, John F. McLaughlin 1 ,000 loan F. McLaughlin 10,000 Sam Whiting . . . W i 1 ff.a F 5 I.oiv Mori No . hpars S thru iraun LI I- kfl I he lo. k way and steam -v. '1- kf 40.00 20.00 1811.70 iir K. .'i i 'i fi't: tnonfp. "- t. Main and Deadwood Streets, 3 foli ujl gage checlie.l ,, ,i f-pt to i-ornor No 2: theni-p s Sl"1.! For lnforaia-.,,- W 227 2 f. t to rornrr No ": thi'm-p N 1 " tah!. tirkets . , 'lrescl to the Secretary of State ir "l'ro.osals f.,r State Printing" and v o.. iii.I I'rj.lay June 2f Pmil at ten .. a in in the i tfii c of the ecrioiry o' a' 'In- capltr.l in the city of Pierre -t.ite iirintiiie is .livid". I Into four C .nil .ro;f .Silli will l.f mill, for the : HUM K r'V, 1 '. . t to rorn.T N'i 4 thfnrp.N 1HI. John Ltl'. John Ft::. John 1 !i I John F. MrLaiiBh.lin47.427i F. McLaughlin 1 niio F. McLaughlin 1 .oou F. McLaughlin I oou Cen-:al p ' 22' K 4 2 f.o t lomrniT No 1 nni pl.-p 4.00 4 HO 4 .oii N. l.f iniiiPL' TliT nrfj'ioif.l .-oiir--" of ih lln.. .,r Hif Mm In'-' N ""' 2" .1 . ..' i !i .- v inn Lo !.. N" " V 2' tiu R i'o;i of ni"i I.O'L' 1 O'.o arr.'s r.c. I. I. 21 hears N ih.'ii'e S s;: Ion Lot) DENT I C..a. 'i'.ll MollMTllfllt : te.-i .n-- I f. el : t helic th" 21 :;- ain-.r it,. C. Tit is im.i No 2 l.o.lf 1 roc ,.-,. i .it 1 1 aroa or Iv A ... I ol n y e;i, ': to ,. ,' i h.. . irffPe.l o:i the John F. McLaughlin 1 .oou John F .McLaughlin 1 noli John F. McLaughlin I .oou John F. McLaughlin I oou .1 ' i i i ' i - K. !.-a in. n 7 ooo Jul.'i.- K.-'.-aiie i; 2 urn. rs of nil 2'. ict. Var a !: I : Deadwood, S. D., daily except Monday and Thursday afternoons. Tin." oldest, most h 1 1 -.-, 1 1 . 1 aii-i ac-iiMiili.sliici Km open m-A mi i b i u e.ii- -; i f i physician ;iai stiii-.-. ui mi the Aniniian continent in all branches nf .Modi. - i in - ami Suic.-ry. in!. ooin- ilir:it .1 aii'l I i n .ri n ills. ..v - I'n'ii:-! r nf a mMi'mi of s pi ! i ?i i i i 1 i i a! ii n i i 1IIL' of "il. Il f . ilfi k of $10 ..i- i! for .;,' h i P iv ti l" . Hie S..i tli I i i k i' a ' it" io ih" .-v . i ',; i I,.,- I., . I . - ' l I ' ' 1 00 1 Ol'l 1' s ml fl,j. illV.'V 1 D -i! 1 1 I- on la M .!: .- c. s - N - a-:M:m:i i I 12 V P i ri II h.iv, . l'lll P.., '. tl, Ji.h Dai:y I ' 1 1 ' v Haily o i.: . . 4h liy v. hii-li 1.'' s i f i . 1 - ,- s all nsr.i - lili' forms of PRI VATL. ('II KnXH '. DI.OOD. SKIN' ami Dl :ST Ri I Y I , ; DISEASES of MEN. SY I'll 1 1. IS ami enkkeal diseases in ail stares; STItlCI'I'Ki:. HYDROCELE. YAIIK'ii. :S mi;n - i . I : Y N K E v. la iv. ckle, oonokrhoea, cleft, spermatorrhoea, lack of sex- 1'AI, VIGOR IMPOTENCV in YOFNO, MIDDLE-AOED am! OLI MKN' and all I M I'KDI M KN'TS to M A .n-HI MOW." i ' all I- IV- Ml1"" r lilv t'1 '" li' Phi-1 .- ..L.i...., Daily I i . WM,: idvv i: 1 1 Dailv- tin a. " S i he L'iu.-lini.-E N-. i- I. K C, i', l , f- ' 1' i.l. I D.iih- i N ' SIMMON'S --MONEY DKMaND--COM FLA I NT FILED. Notice to Creditors.' of John 1! ' 1 -nil, i i . -1 a s . 1 1 . Not i e is h.'fdiv priv.'ii liy tli- un-d.-i-sin.'d a.i ':::!ii-; rotor of tlu estate of John I!, tii.-oti. d asi-,1, to the i i i'ditois nf. and ail persons having claims a.'.-iiii i tie- :-ni.l d.-. -eased to , !iil,:t Hi- in with th,- iioces.sarv voui-hers, v.iiniii imir months from tho first publication of this notice, to tho said administrator, at Dead-wood, in tlio County of Lawrence. S. I) Dat -d at I) -adwood. S. IX. May L'-J. IS'.e.i. WALTEIt S. SIMPSON. Administrator of ihe estate of John H. Olson, deceased. (First Pub. av j. ISLCM V I 7Y Y. I'.-l! Stflt of Sou ih Dakota, Eolith Jul:. Oal iii ' ' I' E 1 Oi. n. 12 circuit ss. DEPOT. i: In Hi,. Cir.uit e.eart ill at: I for Lawrerri Streets. at Tl-: ti oi l. e of l,.-iriiiniiif i V K FY llnY Li iDE. 11 .eiiinitu Miff N 1 Hheiiee I S ., ;, , . , ,., i. -at No 21 1. farts S. .;". ."..c l; ; 7 f, 'ant- th. re,- S. s;: :..' T'. 1 1 I r, f,. ' .Mi Lauglilin V M Laiulilin. A ' ' '-SI Mill )NS. In th'' Cir nit court uf the la-Jitr Jii.Iicial i ircuit, within and fur th, County uf Lavvr.-nc. Sunt I: Jiak-iia. I ani,'l .M iirniy. Plaintiff, vs. IVt.-r N. Hanson and S. H. Ilouinan whoso true nam,- is to plaintiff un known. Defcmlants. The Statu of South Dakota m-ilIs Kfcetine;: To Peter N. Hanson and S. H. liow-inan. di'l'i-ndants : i'ou arc herehy summoned and re "hi. io ai county. John f'ray. plaintiff vs. liohcrt C. Mi-Shnn". defeadant. The State of Suth llakoi a sen! greel log: To Robert C. McShane. defendant: 'ii- if - n. :: :' iv v. -. i,-,., ,., I'C I-:. 127o : fffl ; ,!.,.,,,-,. F no, nf i ' " " ' 111 pmee oi I cl'i iiiii.l" You are hereby summoned and required to HiiHwer the rnmtilalnt of the above named plaintiff, which will he tiled in th office of the clerk of the Circuit court within and for sai l Lawrence county, at Deadwood, South Dakota, and to serve a ropy of your answer on the subscribers at quired to answer the complaint of United States Assay Office at Dead-wood. S. D., Office of the Assayer iti Charge SEALED PROPOSALS will be re thlr office In the city of Deadwoou. houm LITTLE HILL LOME Hc-inn i n l- at oini.-i' Nol. !ieii e V. S Location Mon-uiiO'.it i) ni bears S. .'.0' 2a' E. 21 2D 2 feet distant: thence S. r.fl' V. r,in fect: ;heti"e N. 2 ' -.7' v. 11x2 s feet: tlience N. N s:r :.iv E. .-.2.S feet: thence S. 1J 12' E. M'T 2 feet, lo place of lo Kinniii,' LITTLE HILL No 2 LODE. Ieein-nin at N 1. whence F. S. Location Monument No. 21 hears S. .".!( ' 20' E. 2CM2 feet ilislnnt: thence N. S:!5 r,0' K. Hi") feet: thence X, 1J 12' W. HS7.2 feet; thence S. k::' "if W. CilO feet- thence s'. T 12' E. 117 2 feet to nlace of beeinninir. pliantiff above named, which was filed in the offic e of the clerk of tho circuit Dakota, within thirty days after the ser vice of this summons, exclusive of the day of eervtre, or the plaintiff will take JudR-ment against you for fifteen hundred dol HEP' i I v, - V, 1,". ,,, , ; - and u, . - . s 2", a in Belie 1 - . - , Whiter,,,, ,e. . .; , d ' -Exc;.: ; , . lEdvvii. .,. i .,. - NOTICE of .-HLUiFFs i : x i ; i i th in. State of Sir,':, ; , il,.,-.; Lawr. ni ,- - -Edwin K. j;. . ;. Vs. I'altimoi .- , I . . ; y. pany, D. f- le: i:;; ALE court within and for said Lawrence county, at Deadwood, South Dakota, 8 ) lars, with Interest rt 12 per rent, per annum since January 21st. 1891, besides costs Dated. April 9th., 1900. McLAI'GHLIN McLAUGHLIX. Plaintiff's Attorney. To the above named defendant: Ple?se tike notice that the complaint In June 13, f00, and serve a copy of your answer on the subscribers at their office in the City of Deadwood, Laurence county. South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this ceived at the office of the Assayer ni rharge of the Assay Office of the United States at DEADWOOD. S. D.. until 12 M., June M0 19111). and then opened, for supplies required for the fiscal year ending June .TO. 1901. Blank proposals and all other information may he had upon application to ' the above entitled action was filed in the Maenetie variation. 1.",' East. P.EA. Ceneial J.e Hook.r lode. la. 7ia acres; M.urna Charta P)dc. 2il2!i:! ares: Little Bonanza No. 2 lode, 7.72S acres; rthur No. 1 lod. 2". 2,7.", acres: Yankev Pov- No. t lo.le. 20. .",."2 acres: Yankey Boy No. 2 lode, 17.77a acres: Alliance .No 2 lo.lo. 4. :.12 anes: Yankev Bov lo.le. 2.217 summons, exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiff will take judgment asainst you for ninety-three and Notice I-- In-: '. - - , : :;. tu: of clerk of the above named court ou the Uth. dav of April, lflon MrLAVOHLIX McLUT.HLIN Plaintiff's Attorncvs. ( Flrit pub. May 8, 1200) P. J. Mlniter, tue of an P n:e :. :n my tern Assayer in Charge. 6.1-00 ($93.65) dollars with interest thereon at the rate of 7 per cent per annum since the 14th day of April, . .. : r, .- o:': t'i'v i LavKi l:oo, besides costs. FIGHTING DISEASE. Let all who Buffer with any form of SYPHILIS In any stage, Sexual Weakness or destroying disease of any nature, who are weakened in mind and body, melancholy and despondent and on the road to IDIOCY, INSANITY :' n':l. upon t Mai tin & Mason, Attys.) SHERIFFS SALE. Dated Deadwood. S. D., June 13, ... i . o;;rt in !il aire-: Little Hill lode. is. 721 m-rcs: Little Hill Xo. 2 lode. 20.4ns acres; Total area of survey. 113.474 acres. The presumed general course and direction of the lo.le lines and the number of fe.-t claimed on ea -h side of discovery on the lo.l.v! etvi'.raced In this survey are as f.lovv.. to-vvit: General Joe Hooker lode line, X. f,s 47' Yv 1400.6 feet; 200 feet northerly and U-ao. feet southerly from dis tR. C. HAYES, Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Peter Derosier, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the un 1900. .ii.-! .is:i;r.;t I state at South Dakota. County of and 1 1 1 -1 i v . . i' i 1 1 .; issued out of : : County 1 11111 ; State of Sic:-: nu-nt reti'ic, . : . of Edwin C i: more (V: I),.;!.;..,, on the U'lli .1.,;-I have,"l u: scribed pei'sor.i i fendaut, tov:-(more or loss , , : ',!;u:n? coi;il Lawrence. Mclaughlin & Mclaughlin. Attorneys for Plaintiff. June. A. D. : dersigned Adolph L. Dernard, admin and the GRAVE, take heart before it Many Keid, plaintiff vs. D. C. Doley (First Pub. June 13, 1900.) covery. Magna Charta lode line. X. ifi" I' rank Shannon and William M. Bar istrator of the estate of Peter Derosier deceased, to the creditors of, and all a (he following i iijiei'ty of sail . , , onis of n la everlastingly too late and place themselves at once Implicitly tinder 44' Yv". 140S.7 feet: 200 feet northerly and ker. Defendants. 120S.7 feet southerly fiom discovery. Little the care of Dr. Todd, religiously con Notice is herehy given, that by vir Honanza .No. 2 lode line. S. lfl" 44' E Faker safe. .'Oil persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within six months fldlng in his honor as a gentleman and t of rope, i more I 14'iX.7 feet; ,00 feet northerly and 708.7 feet southerly from discovery. Arthur u. o., cArv,uuuu iu me airecctea ana 24 shoes loo confidently relying upon his skill as No. I lode line. X. 6' 2fi' W. 14S2.2 feet delivered and now In my hands, Issued I less) with block ami tackle. 1 ba out of the Clerk'a office of tVia rir,.o I vice i c.nv nn.l s,ui,ire. 3 mot! Assesment Notice. American Oil Company; principal place of business. Deadwood, South Dakota; location, of works, Weston county, Wyoming. Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of the board of directors of the above named company, held on the 5th. dar nf 110 feet southerly and 1372.2 feet norther after the first publication of this no physician. HE WILL POSITIVELY ly from discovery. Yankev Bov No -. - ... LU.l I ' , - ' - i - - - Court. Eighth .Judielnl n I wrenches. 1 niii" wrench. 1 cl CURE YOU. By his wonderful. In lode line. N. fi" 26' W. 1498.7 feet; 100 feet of Iawrence. Stete of Smith raw I tongs, 9 gal. of lubricating on tice, to the said Adolph L. Bernard, administrator as aforesaid at St. Onge, in the County of Lawrence, South Da telllgent and marvelously skillful nortneny and 1398.7 feet southerly from tinon a indent . . J Kals. of bl ac k o, i . I wl. of engine o;J discovery- yankey Bov No. 3, lode line June, 1900, an assessment (No. 9) of three treatment all signs and traces of Sy " .'.-.'u belt stretcher. 7 chuck blocks c N. 6 26' W. 1498.7 feet; 400 feet northerly and 1098.7 feet southerly from discovery kota. (J mills per sharu upon the capital stock of the corporation, was levied, payable philis and Impurities of the blood are ZHl .5 "d Pers. I lubricator. 1 assay aU Alliance ino. z lode line. N. 46s 48' W. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., May 19th, lmmeotateiy to the treasurer. Walter K. thoroly eradicated, the tissues, the flesh, the bones, the marrow and the w m T ana Rochester lamps. 16 bundles oi William M. Barker on the 3rd. day of is n, r,t nnick. more or 1900. Smead, at hla. office in the City of Lead. South Dakota. 1S8.S feet and N. 89' W . 1000 feet. 255 feet northerly and 938.6 feet southerly ADOLPH L. BERNARD. Any stock - uoon which this irum discovery. lanxey Boy lode line. entire system are cleansed, purified May A. D. 1900, I have levied upon the! keg of 10 penuy nails, 1 retort . SO" 14' K. 664.9 feet ami 8 R 90' W shall remain unpaid on the 20th. day of Administrator of the Estate of Peter 30 feet from discovery. Little Hill lode and renovated, mental, bodily and sexual vigor are renewed and the lonowmg described personal property I tongs, 1 pully wheel, 1 gnmu of said defendant, to-wit: One 20 horse I and that I shall on Saturday, tie Power Tlnller iy .ll.l, m I dav nf June A D. 1900. at the juiy. iwvi, win ie delinquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold nn line. in. 3- 37' W. 1482.8 feet: 1382.8 feet northerly and 100 feet southerly from dis D rosier, deceased. (First Pub. May 20, 1900.) patient is restored to the duties, Joys the 17th. day of August, 1900. at 1 o'clock Huu wv.uuicuu, i wu I . -- . a tons of coal: Onn hntatin n lo f2 o'clock p. nt of said day," covery. L.utie Mill ..o. Z lode line, N. 1 12' W. 1487.2 feet; 1462.2 feet northerly p. m., at tne otnee of Moody, Kellar & and pleasures of life. LADIES will receive the most dell r w uvauwaas sn&T3 t I , ill it shaft house; One water tank; 200 feet I Ba,tlmore & Deadwood mill. ,-.. - I Villa In on!,) ..nnnll' nd St"- Mooar, Le street. Deadwood S. n t un io reei soumeriy rrctn discovery The location and additional location lW, (Frawley and Laffev. Attvs.) pay said assessment, toarnther with mil. Id County Court, county of Lawrence. cate and satisfactory treatment of all tlflcates of the lodes embraced In this sur men pipe; 125 feet li inch pipe; "T. ,, ,. . title uil ir ... ... r r CC1I,A fn aoll n file r!Dt, u"e I oi advertising and expensea of tale. State of South of Dakota. iou leet iy4 mch pipe; 3 Iron cars: 1 1 7 . .. . Riltr AILMENTS. IRREGULARITIES. IN in the matter of the estate of Hugh vey are or record In the office of the Register of Deeds of Lawrence county. South Rakot.l. In books and at Dares j fnllnw- cy oraer or the board of directors. WALTER E. SMEAD. Sec'y Please notify the secrets it of in. set Mining tools: 1 Smoke stack and TJIZ Z ' ZT. McGovern, deceased. FLAMMATIONS, DISCHARGES, and ACCIDENTS peculiar to their sex. mat I shall on Satardav the 95ri ..1 . ..... r,mnfiV Notice is hereby aivetfthat John MeAr- change of address. ' - to tne above fi 'scriueu v"-- j General Joe Hooker lode. Book 110 page 75 and Book 151 page 185. Magna Charta lode. Book 110, pajre 75 and Book 1K1 l Juue A. u. iuu at the hour of 2 antifv i., , -m.-nt. ana ' SYPHILITIC and all dlseaaea of thur, of Lawrence county, state of South Dakota, has filed with the clerk of this o'clock p. m. of said dav at th rrhomr I om.i ,n rnndred. six? ETES, EAR, NOSE and THROAT tut- court, a petition praying that thla court -...I.l. . .. - ' I , ' ,, M (R. C. Hayes Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Lucy A. Henlev. deceased v-ruicu mine in said County and State, I ($269) dollars an 1 ninety if' eessfully treated. page 186. Little Bonanza lode. Book 103 rase 419 and Book 151, pnge 185. Arthur No. 1 lode. Book 92. page 12 and Book 151 page 184. Tankey Bov No. 4 lode TWv order and direct the Administrator of said estate to convey to said oetltloner. an un proceed to sell all the right, title and I together with all a , online - URETHRAL STRICTUR1! promptly divided one-fourth Interest In and to the interest of the above named D. C. Boley I sale and Inter. -a on the ?a3! " cured without cutting or pain. Hunnerford and Maderah lodes, situated H mnir Vhain. ..J - - 11... -.O.V, J,. f jf,., oo the south aide at Annie creek near the 02. page 614 and BooklSl. page 183. Yankey Bov No. 3 lode. Book 92. page 13 and Book 151, page 182. Alliance No. 2 lode Book 83, page 664 and Btvik 151 mn ie - nuu viiiiam M. Barker I luc Lilu " .. A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. In . - . I n ... ,r mniim. L ' . nraa ana aooui uv rest southwesterly ,ii am, i . , inn nnnvfl fAa.Hi-.j . u, i i i .-. , 1 1 . -- - -- --.'.y... 1 1 , r. , i . , i .' , i ,,r,,.i.i . i t . . Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned Charles Henley, administrator of the eetate of Lucy A. Henley deceased, to the creditors of, and all persona having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said admlnts-tator at Central City in the county of f u,,,,, l J . in ..ll.f- I J i . . , 'I n i , 1 ,-. . , .1 auction to v-t tl:- Yankey Boy lode. Book 83. race 449 andj Book 151. MIP 182. T.IM Hill o iT". Book 151, page 182. Little Hill lode, Book i mm i-oniara . mill, in tue Jvhlbpwond Mlnlnn district, Lawrence county. South Dakota, on the rround that the Detitlonw w ai, oiu juagment. and costs, amounting to One hundred and nine cash. i. Page 4!i and Boole 151. nae 184 t.if. 109) dollars and eighty (80) cents ia me real owner werenr, and that said decedent, !f living, would be comnelled to vi-ence COBBI M ' Sheriff tie Hill No. 2 lode. Bookl03. page 560 and $10 per month for treatment and clnec . . , TAPEWORM expelleJ, RHEUMATISM. STOMACH. LUNG, LIVER, KIDNEY and - BLADDER diseases cured. - y ," - PILES and RECTAL diseases positively cured by RECTAL MEDICA dook id i, page H4. together with all the accruing costs cf maae awn conveyance; and that Satur EDWIN VAN ( Said claims are boi nded partly on the day. IDO 14tH.' day of Ju V. 1900. at fan uvwraicft Dated at Deadwood. S. D. June 9th. 1900. . . Charles Henley Administrator of the mii nf I-ucv i west nr jn. . i37B. Alliance lode, and M. PaintiiT'.- ciock a. m. or Mid day, belnc a day of . 1J77. union and Union No. 1 lodes sale and interest on the same from the third day of May 1900 at the rate of 7 per cent per annum, at Public Auc regular term or till court, at the eonrt Henley. t By JAMES P Dated. Pert : " room thereof. In the court house, in h (First Publication June 10 1900.) urner nounoanes. ir any. unknown. Any and all persons claiming- adversely any portion cf the said General Joe Hooker. Maaroa Charta, Little Bon ansa. Arthur v-ny or ueaawooa. in the county of Law-rears and state aforesaid, has been aet (First Ptii'. TION alone. . t SPECIAL SATURDAY EXCTJRSION . I .V . V . m , . . . . S. M TRTTPTrrBTie ltHin v- I "D m wnen and T P. RiL.r -w j j .u woen, snay persona interested 10 said ee- Via BURLINGTON ROUTE. Onfart for the round trip to Hot tion to the highest bidder for cash. Plaintiff's Attorneys. Doted, Deadwood, S. D. June 12th.,1900 Matt Plunkett, Sheriff ot Lawrence tats may appear and show canse why said petition should not b granted. Baker & entireiy new, sais, painless and bloodless method. ' 1 ' Consultation f res. ' One fee - for Bprtncs and Coster every Saturday, rood vatea tills 7tn. day of Jira 1900. rxo. i. xanaey uoy ino. . Yankey Boy No. S. Alliance No. I. Yankey Boy, Little Hill and Little Hill No. t lodes, are required to file, their adverse claims with the Register of ths United States Land Office at Rapid City, in the county of Pennington, Bute of South Dakota, daring the slvtv days period of publlration hereof, or they Fran J- waahabaug ; to retara oa or before tta foUowln Tuas- Iabstractois, a 1 treatment and medicines. (First Publlcatioa July I) By, James B. Harris, Deputy. lyadioate block, Dd'004- .. . . . l r-.Awrtoi. : 'if

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