The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 21, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Try 'a Twd Orphan cigar. THE CITY, VJ. C. Ryan of Spearflsh spent the. day here, Ben Sitnonson of Terry was in the city pn business. John R. Wilson returned' ' fi om a brief trip to iJot Springs. tf We Pledge Ourrelves in. Favor of ; Smoke the Two Orphan cigar. Short Orders at the Club. Mjn ne-keh-ta water for the stomach. Try it The king of 6 cent cigais Is the Tw Orphans. Try one. tl A 10-cent smoke for a nb kle is the Two Orphan "i?ar. tf FARGO has just received a complete line of the Regent shoes. tf of CusLoiiicis from ' ) lia Rev Father Quinlan of Sturgis was ,, in the city (ailing on friends. Meade county's genial sheriff, J. F. New Haraberger saner GOLDBERGS,, " There will be a rehearsal-of the Episcopal church choir on Saturday . evening. AH members are earnestly requested to he present. Harry Smith proved that his heart was In the right place by doniu'.ng a box of -clears to the r.oys at Repub THHFOUR- BUTTON Smith, spent the day in town. j Mi-s Kate Murrin arrived home 1 SACKlSUIT-i t Chadron. U your dealer doea not Keep iu , & brlef s,ay mi i'.n- tvt-rvoiH- with lit .Mt-it-liant w Li docs littist for liis i-u i uiicr. of iiileiinr iialiii's, iiitlaiecl v,i!u,.s and (i'icssivc I ri ! l jirieev- AVfc ifiow Flatty Selected' XsSorfmtnt! "Prote Jlion Free Trade Prohibition Reduction Two Orphan, tell him to get tueui . , Ik,nni v. ,.. after veiling U. Stewart & Co. friends "Yeturne.l to 1k-p. hum.'.'at - (stpr- ao th.. fruits and vegetables of the lirown of Diioiford. Pa., i he g'lest of her .-on. H. sc'ason at the lo vest prices. Standard Ml, M , i. rnr is ill the l it of llic- r '(djilc s liuriiea a iiu i .n eis S. Ill own. Mis. Heicc and sister. Mrs. I'otts, I. fi for S.oiix City to lie absent ihree Iuji-l- if' lax prol'ils I T enuy Bin is You vole mining or lo ir months. Mr. Con-- of Crook City, us in town, the uni'M of his daifuhter, Mrs. W.-Jrer Simpson. Mis., Aini. Sine I.esperniK e an 1 her two si:'ei-.- b it for Montreal, Canada, v, );. i ,. ;! y will attend slIiuoI. I;. I' rawi'ord fi !.! a petition in ,,,:;i.'v ..r it for letters ( adminis- Men and Boys Clothing lican headquarters yie o.n Jng. The W. C. T. V. will meet with Mr Mabbn, Friday afternoon. September 21st. - at -:3. All ladies Interested are invited. H.v order of the secretary. The Baltimore & peadwood Min- Ing company jsave a-riht of way deed yesterday to the V. K. A M- V-way for a strip of land fifty feet wide across Centennial placer. , Has the Lead Tii,l'"i" suspended djlrlns the campaU'ii, or lias the I'm-Jer-Times been cut- ..ff the list lor n-Ai-payment f.r sule. np.inn " It has failed to. "put " an npp. a!..n'e toi more -fTian a week now. - -' Mrs E C. Morrison of Sturuis was granted a divorce est. -rday mornim? ber husband on the ground of aban-tfonmentMis Morrison is the .lunch-ter of Mr. Post, proprietor of the Blaine hotel at Chadron. It is reported that Stur;:is and that Vicinity have been visited by a heavv frost This Is worthy of mention on account of the fact that the Hill tnwjs have not been touched by the . Carnations. Winter bloomers, very fine, for sale at the Ueadwood Cn-en-house. A. Daniels. To prevent onsumpticn quickly, ure. throat and lung trouble with One Minute Couth Cure. Kirk G. Phil lips 4 ' ' -" ' : The longer you smoke tftu the better you like them. We mean the Tw'o Orphan cigars. ,f Nellv-if you'll follow the dire her, ';thfiitlv, I will wager my swee'e.t Innle vou'll gain 10 poirnds by taking 3 'packages of liocky Mountain Tea. Ask jour druggist. K D. uiiiu can save you num... on lumber. All bo asks is a il.-m.-e t, fr-tre with : c n. Go to Vienna Bakery and Cafe for loe cream. Served ever day. Main street. SI'IDHK-LKfl VNCOLORKD JA- . O Ifobinson. dceaseil. '.ill'ow ay. pi'opiielor of the an-1 Sunset ' Shaft boarding was shopping; in 1 lead wood. y n 1 M Tel I hoii. Bd Underwear Hats, Gas Shirts a u'' r 0.'i!"f!ir w - --am his lir'st trip he had his au- II. 1 1. Ilamnkcr ma a wa v from homi' sim i j Gloves, 5ocks Stockings FORlTHE BIG AND LITTLE FOLKS. UN- spiained. by h aving for ( urler. Henry -and Alice i'losseliu left for Montreal. Canada, n.-ir whbh place they will enter a Catholic: seminary. Mrs. Koegel. sister of William '.' kl-r, who has . lijoyd a pleasant visit here, left for her hon e in ;iiox'Xi!DCA"i''r f w rtni K airi lit of the 1.1 . !hm II a: C.ROCERY 48 SIIF.KMA.-N Siur.m. AS CANIMKATKS fm-vciir iat roiia-t- we ai- ZOELLNER BROS. CO, THE PIONEER "CLOTHIERS OF 187. 647 "JMA1N STREET, DEA0WOOD, 3. C. blight and all vegetation is green as In midsummer. An immense boulder "rolled down and rested near the railroad track on the Spearflsh line Wednesday. When the passenger train came along in the evening the rock shaved the cylinder cexks off the engine, and some delay was caused before they could he plugged up with wood. - VnnA and sleep are necessary to Another special sale at Chases' Saturday-read about it on page 4 cf this issue. DeWitfs Little Early Risers are prompt, palatable, pleasant, powerful, purifying little pills. Kirk G. Phillips. The sweetest smoke on the mar Casper, Wyoming. w;:s a '-.iIwom visitor. . Attorneys C V l'll, A- lart and .1. F. McC'un-; were in town from Sturgis. Mrs. C.eorg" Curtis. Mr-. Nds Rrakk.'. and Mi--'. -I'din Toit.-tte of Lead, wi re ealiiu , on I adwond fi b tuis. Charlie, tie t.'i'or. will move inM. tli.. room in the SvihH' a'e bio k ti'M ket for 5 cents is the l wo cigar. ......u ...,,, n-.Hn,. but th- to M. It.' Vorng-.V-:" 'sl ' IT. U. MIlllll uaieo' o ... r. niotilh. ., b(si (?rde smithing ewl. Call telephone 97 for uniformed mes ... r . l-i T ( 'i . 100 lew Dress hit life and health. If you can t eat and Bleep take Hood's Sarsnparilla. It creates a good appetite, cures indigestion and dyspepsia, overcomes vousness, and gives sweet, restful refreshing sleep. The favorite cathartio is Hoods Pills. 23c. D B Smith, foreman rf the 3ur-iingWs paint shops at Plattsmoutb, -watch do all the coach painting for the Burlington west, of the Missouri In Black Hills History enger, Prompt servicf. y- .. Dress - Patterns ' Mrs. Moore, wiie 01' .I'Mge Moore, ivm in town on her wav to White-wood, where she will i-it Mi s.I. V. lfh-Ht for a !''-.- '.yr-. IMiior Wan-en of the Spearflsh Mail was in town shakill-: hands, wiih fiends and inak n, a pleasant vh it at Hi piddican lieadipia i ters. Major 'oo''.w;n d,..a ml his two lad'' f,i,.nd wln liav.- Josr n-P-.i-ie- I fii!i a ,(1 ,,- thru ih Yellow.-tone pari;, h-tt (,:i i,e ,-v. niiw tr.a'n for S uigis. A. D. Ti. Imor. of Welcome. Wyo-min" v.ns in town to-met his broth- -.- I - i- 1 : -V ' ;- . ,r , I- .. H. R. LOCK. E & CO. If von want a sweet, fragrant smoke', try a Two Orphan . igarV if cents. We positively remove warts, moles, end superfluous hair by electrolysis. Mrs. Meliek & Alford, the hairdress- ni'.-nn'a 1me storo. New Ik Pattern Len?ihs, ., 3 r .i 3T .11. L Dress 1 t- 1 u a j T.i-v L I 1 P., "n-. anil .-n Trimmings :i i-- l-l The latest designs in Chinese ir,,tinn heads, etc.; also some iu a , center ; ,.r. I-. W. Tiehnor. of Kockford. Ills. - river, is In the city. ir. on-uu . accompanied by his wife and son Ralph. They were in Denver and - came up on the new short line, which Mr. Smith says is best new road ever built west of Chicago. If E A Hornberger should take a ' conspicuous part In the, celebration t of Boosevelt day, he must not be mis-Judged, and his enthusiasm be charg-' ed up to a desire for the election of the republican ticket. Roosevlet ji- nnmo fin Mr. Hornberser's birth very artistic , lunch cloths. They left for Spea-fish on the after pieces and scarfs - Kooin 8 over to C aif ill I lit lead 1 sou n I'icss (!ni)(!s. I 1'IAND. Ooth siylish hi... , he haa (.nly a Hawley'V LP.illi k Hotel AS USUAL No. K" ken's drug store. GET IN LINK and wear the Regent many years we have spared im pains lo noon ti ain. i Keul) Harly and hi- "H liestra will '; clo,e at the Kv.Jis in Hot .Springs to-i dav. but thev will play for a hall and concert" at Alliance l.efore r tinning to Pvadwood. i 1 1 . i -' i,..l .a' t o,,i,.U i w until lie ( crl a l II In Ladies of Dra.lw imhI ami n hiily, lull ib-M- lli shoe. Always look sweu anu new. wearo" F'v s sells them' tf have not trac(.. nor can I trace a valine of sdmllarlty In the s'tb-tt o..n..n Pnrhi Mountain Te day.-and It Is his habit to celebrate h;ic w- ln'.-n Mi.sin cslnu as n.iw. for. resi- I fh-,-is Tclllister. whose fire a, few lia aenee was destroyed by hU natal day In good style, and if he gets mixed in his celebrations, we bope his pop friends will overlook the hnna Yiia tion friends win overiooit me i ... i . v... ..r..ctinn of i - i davs ago. nas Sehr,9an7not charge it up -ainsJ . .a 'e h, the Mednm. C(o. Hie Kirst ward apt far W 1-. Neil. I). I. S , resident dentist, has nm.ed his etTne to Koom V., Syndicate Hloek. Hoi n - To Mr. and Mis. Fred I.akin of the First waaK vest, rday moi aiug a boy. Saturday. S.-.l nibi r --. i-J lb" ,',,t' nl the next special s-a! at Chase's. 'See ad on page 4. K. M. Gantz. D. .'). . Modern Dentistry of ah kiuds. lias administered. Eighteen years o" experience. Rosenthal Block. Just What You Want trom mo WKniun iwium him. 1 II kiiij;' 1',stvablislinieiit under the ii'iauaLieiiii Mrs. i. '.. Dennis and children left frur Omaha to visit for a few days, macist. and' his bride, formerly Miss Mabel Lonthnn, were in town on their wav to Hot SiMings and Sylvan lake. Ami there is a Dressn i-oiineclinn w it li onr stoi here veil r;l 11 : m: l WERTHHEIMER & BRO, (.f miss l ot'isn i:rssi:i.i I lie odils made tip AS YOU WANT IT. Poisonous tua-istools reseinbinig iMisb rooms h ive ciiii-ed fic(,ui Pt OXJXL MOTTO 100 He Mire to use oiy tVi ynn. care Rev. F M. Wright ami who in Spearflsh: were in the city on their wav to Chicago. Mr. WrUlit has been elected secietary of a new cattle company and his trip to Chicago was of a lmsine-s nature. Mr and Mrs. Miniter h iov the east todav. Mr. Miniter goes to. New east today, mi. .m.i.... . m . . (U-aibs this y ar. , the ueitaint. Ob Slow e hen you ask loKje'iU s Witch Hazel .Salve. There are poisonous jDIFTERENT KINDS ITRIM MINGS. Reliable Goods r " , mmtei feits. DeWitfs is the only, or- li Leader .nVKr" They exp to be Wnal Wit. h Hazel Salve. U is a safe visit in CliUaRo ine m x all a SPEpiAL lin;: Ci At The Yery Lowest Prices, Fur and B:a, l.nte Earlv an 1 the two'ldll posters .kin ( Kirk O. Pb'-lUP'. TiV.Y piano for tny .farallT Ha will startout this uiornins; down the . i. 1..,., J1... . 5 D. & M. to put up cue ony regular neaiei- Ta titllirM BT it ' - posters. They w.U in n 639. bv Bullock H'L s ' I VATe want to make the coming Season the greatest Season in our h storr. and we recognize to accomplish this we must gl ve more " . oa oro nronnred to do BO. from Kdgeniont up on ne -'n' ; when voa want l0 go Central from Hot Springs up on uie ElkhOrn. , nen the -douaMftan any oi our wmyw' r KSNWVV" V. V I D. M. Armstead.' after spenamg ia u. . , We invite the public in sener - al to Inspect our three months at Galena . leaves today , No. .e ee s w for his home in New orK. ir. Tne proressive nations oi tne wtiu Armstead was here learning tne prat- . tfce great food con8uming nations. ; For School Supplies tical side of mining ana rms nood food well digested gives strength I? . . , i V. n aaA in at . ... many rnenaa wno ui . If you cannot aigest all you eat, you him return. need Kodol Dyspepsia c;ure. n. -ui- I I Frank Hall, state superintendent of IN ALU THE DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS. gests what 'you eat. You need not diet yourself. It will 'even digest all classes of food a bottle. No ether BapUet Sunday school -wotk iwr-South Dakota. Is In town and will jffe are showing all the late Noyeltiee in QO TO' a tour of the Hills. He win u in! Lead Sunday morning, and may preparation will d this. It instantly relieve, and quickly cures all stomach troubles. Kirk Q. Phillips. Electric facial massage .o tone up ih. fi.hhv at In and remove wrinkles be able to- visit ueaawooa ph.pi Sunday school. He left for Spearflsh over the B. - A.M. last evening. and. Childrens CloaKs tor tui Fishel's Bazaar, o J ' you uu and "Winter. 6- t Freckle Cream guaranteed to re built r w a move freckles, at mjs. Menca IN THE VEy NEWE$T 8TY i.ES, ford'a. over Deetken'. drug store, tf " d,W(a.-k l.trvio. UiV-U 1UW. Ml-ne-kah-ta water for kidney trou bles. Try It. - ' urA- Rmanarllla and be cufed. i Large .Assortment of Dnaf rwear School supplies of every description. When you can't find, what you want afc. our store. Then It Isn't In town. Constipation Is cured by Hood's Pllla. .It la a doctbrtr Business to study health. Doct-rs coi'-.-cnUy lecpm-man n HARPER Whiskey. by Tor Ladle, and Children In all the different gradei a price, that Cttrr it Berrr. Deadwood. S. D TM-call .Deoialattenuoa. to our new and large assortment of .!::- .- . i Our Store Is -Headquarters 25 cents. The rate ti Denver over the new line of the B. ft M.'bas been reduced from $23.90 to $17-50. The rate from here to Portland and Seattle has" also been reduced. It being $10,35 now. while the old rate was $45.85. ' HORNBEEGER'S , CREAM OF WHEAT FLOUR 19 -WITHOUT A Silk and Meree REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. JpOCJTOR BABCOClt HAS MOVED TO THE ADAMS BLOCK WHERE HE CAN BE FOUND NIGHT OR DAY ANDi AY BSXALLED BY EITHER TELEPHONE. . . . f INSPECTION IS ALL WEJASK.' 663 Syndicnte Blk, PEERTRY IT. STANUahu GROCERY M SHERMAN STREET,' o k . a ninwooix fortlilioiniop'Cr urn 1 (trcular-wvMtDK mfnmlf ftad lort Ho. -. - .. ll.ll. Im. i.J;woimiiiuuijamu- THE AROMA-UUK-ND' JAVA COFFE IS UNSURPASSED TRY . IT. STANDARD CASH GROCERY 43 SHERMAN ST. i Un al ( iuj, ' TV" U Affm-j t PHILLIPS. W. Hi ' ULUAN Q. HATCH. Bm.

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