The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 12, 1898 · Page 2
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1898
Page 2
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BA4J Ball. ffMLY PIONEERS THE CITY. Hip DiscaiSO siity-on year that bav eia'ted attire ( his birth, lis was appointed to the ca . val acadrxy from Vermont, hie nauvt ' state hra he u seventeen year old. ' A Mother Misery. s TRANS-MUaiSSIPPl EXPOSITION. C. E. Davis yeeterdAy reoelved e letter from Oov. Lee relative to h Traca-MlMlealppI expoatiioo exhibit from Souta Dokoea. saying the matter I going along a raptdly as may be expected and the he i gratlfled wtth the prosper la, o far, of having e crsdMabte display. The governor eaye elaty-chree out of seventy -eight counties In th The direrivre of the Deedwood Baa (tail aawKtalloa. who are W. K. Lowe, Anson lllghy. W. L MoLaughlln. Oeo. and James Frawley. net and jerfected arrangenjeni for opening ? lit. day aftermaMi with a game between IV Meade and IVadd. The team : met and elected Ole Williams captain. The club will appear Sunday In thoir new siii.a This year they are nil 'iiM'ie people snd a much stronger com- Th ttery ef this uvman is thf nry day history tf ikemsandi u ho art sjfrt in as shs Jui; u ho am A cured as tk was ,- u ha tt-ffl thank ktrfor thauvf thnt thi way ti)ocki htalik. ...nati.m than In prerlot yeere. Whlie rtlBg ery etrange .bout this i thcyrank .-.. prcf-wiona . eydonotKuhrlDllW ,Watd tr Thl maH letnarkabh thing about Ma. Nn J. Lord, ot StrJ5ord Corner, N. H, k that ah ) aJhr ss-aay. Ne on, perhaps, mar surpreed at this than Mrs, Lord hrmll. She looks back at th dr when ah stood on th vrg oi akath and thoeotr. Sh kxln ahead at a tit ot happkwei with her ctuUrm, her husband and her horn with a (oy that only a mother can reaUte. ' Mn. Lord ths mother ol thret chUdrrn, two of whom ar twirei until ths twins cam nothing marred lh )oy of hr til. Then ih was attacked with heart (ailurt and lot a year wa unabW to attend to th ordinary outlet of th home. In ekscribing btr own uprrirnr Mra, lord "-t "I had hear! Lilur so bad 1 wa ottcn thmnrht to b deed. " With thai I had neuralgia of tt stomach so bad H eras necenary to gtv m mcfehins to deaden the pafau "Sometlr- h doctor gave rnt trm-poriry rvlkf, but i 4 It ttmti ai il aiy ufleHng was muluiu.. Mrdiclne did m no good and wm but an areravation. "Iwas so thin any ntarrtt IrWnd iailcd to rerognU ma, " No ort thought I would lit. "1 wa In despair and thought that aiy da-i wer mimbmd. My yt- , tn Dr. Vdhama Pink Pi& lot K; , ! and tht hrsit boa mad me Issl 1'f continued th treatment and tedatf laM M Thrn I commenced to Kk tt f " wvightd I JO poundsi now I w i and led that my wccv y b esrt. f "I ew rry rarptnea aod ? IV. W.lUam( Pink PUh. kiy k, wa bentlittd by them. I bees s mtndrd them to many of say feto- ( , j will be gladtf any word ef ninnihJ other to the road oi gnrd keajta, t Dr. TUliama Pink PtQs Inr Psls pVt hav cured many caass el akesKd sL ruhir. lh vital tlement la Mra Lsefk t 1 ft del icirni. Th hmMnoea n hauated. Sh was unHt tor th sfct t t wa comptlkd to undergo, lim tystem wa shattered and her e- dropped btlow tb dang aesa A crJlaes era mtvrla rtuhls. Dr. William' Pmk PUb ceeal , U surf IWng ths lacking conethtreSi J ki I by filling lh win with blond rich kt tJ rrquUitr tlmient of Ui. TV besrt a. uiittd It normal acaoai the bbiibm trm wu restored to a stats of ter,a and the neuralgic a fircone, dkeowu1 Jt Dr. WUliamf Pmk HaVrTsSle drugirbt tvrrywhers, erbe beiises u n viw di ins mm tincaaea I th century ha produce. OMAHA ADVERTISEMENTS. si-a i fm ui i.i. FOR FARM . . . AND QARnCfi A'fa'f a. O. er. A".ite, TlmothT, Bias (5r i.. M n i. Han.. Kifll lliirn, Ned Potains kii. I K .r;: Pi in 8 la, Vigeisble and Mkiwae 8e''. Che. W. Green, special agent of th interior department paaeed through tb city yeaterday from Rapid, en route to the Southern Hllla to keep hi eye on violators of the Umber laws. Mr. Green returned a few days ago from the eastern part ot the state where h attended U. S. 'court at Aioux Fall and assisted tn the land office at Chamber lain two or three weeks, H ys th Interior department due not require anything unreasonable from the Mm her men; all It demands la a compll a no- with the law and he Insist on this and is determined, so long as be 1 In the office, to prevent the wantonde. trillion of timber. Col. Green la not the tlrcon assigned by the government to Investigate the situation relative to removal of the land office. The otlur Mr. Green la expected here sxw. L F. Farley conducts a large nier cant lie business at Liberty Hlli. Oa He nay: "One application of Cham bcrleln Pain IU!tu relieved me of severe pain In my hark. I think It O. K." For lame back, rheumatism, neu ralgla, swellings, sprains, bruise burna and ss-ald no other liniment can approach Chamberlain s Pain Balm. I I Intended especially for then, disca tn and Is famous for Its cures. For sale by druggleu. Harry Quesenbery and Johnny Han ley had some worda laet night, the al rcrcailon terminating rather seriously for the f.irmer. Ilanley drew an old pocket knife end slaehctl Qunscnbery over the eye with It- Ilanley wa ar reeteil by Officer Simpson and lodged tn the county Jail. A large number of angler went out to Spearftsh, Hot water and adjacent streams last Sunday and spent the day finning. We are Informed that the fish are large and unusually frisky, although they were sucvcwsful In catch ing nice string. We have ndirstood that the trout law expired June lit In atead of May 1st. Dr. Clark Is In receipt of a circular request from high officials In th I'nlt ed State army and navy, requesting that today be made a memorial day In behalf of the sufferers from the Main dteaeter. In pursuance of this request a collection will be called for this even. Ing al the M. K. church In behalf ot theee survivors. The Ploneer-Tlme will be enlarged to eight page In a very few day oon aa overdue material arrive. Advertiser and poets demand ntor space are encroaching upon war, mining and local new. Two column of poet ry I already In type; sidetracked for want or apace, and advertisers are clamoring for more publicity. Mr. John Peterson of CtitoutvtUe, La. waa very agreeably surprised not long ago. For eighteen months ha had been troubled with dyatwitery and had trlod three if the beat doctor In New Or- leen. beside a half dosen or more pat ent medicines, but received very Utile relief. Chamliorlalu'e Colic, Cholera and DUrrhaa Remedy, having been recommended to him. he gave It a trial, and to his great surprise, three doeeeof that remedy effected a permanent cure. Mr. llllam McNamara, a well known merchant of th same place, I well ae- qua Int ed with Mr. Peterson and attests to th truth of thl statement. A Mr. Fllnterman will be unavoida bly absent from the choir of th Con. gregatlonal church today. Mr. Unison ha kindly consented to sing In hla place. w. w. w neeier, accountant at ths American National bank, had th ml fortun Friday evening to break a bone In tbelefthand by being struck with a bat, while playing Indoor base ball at th Olympic club. It la a very painful Injury and will probably lay him tso several weeks. A few night ago Char-He Nelaon and Went Carso had a head end collision, during a gome which ac-count for Charlie's big black eye A number of the young ladloa Who are associated with the Olympic aaso elation are contemplating organising two club from among their numbers and playing indoor base ball We are told that th proposition I favored by a greet many of th young ladloa and it will probibly materialise within a week. Lumen Brother's World's Moneter Shows gave an exhibition In Valley City Monday, to a crowd of at least 2.000 people. Rajah waa there, and th box tag kangaroo waa there. The show wan good; the acrobatic performances were Bret-claas, The absence of fakes and akin g.tmes was noticeable, and tho management ean be aesured of a good crowd If they see At to again visit Val-ley City. The baby Bona, four of a iuihis ox tne roreet, ar strem; an J lovely sight. Ben Garr recently left Ragged Top qureuy and unknown to hla family and friends end haa been beard front In inuiys, rionua. Nothing at all 1 known of the object of hla visR, but it m Believed that h haa gone to the war, Deputy Sheriff Harrta yeaterday re ceived a telegram from Bh-iej piUn-kt aaylng that the negro being held at South Omaha, who waa believed by Chief of Police to be William Moore, who eecaped from the county Jail here, la not Moore. Sheriff Plunkatt haa gone to Sioux Fall with his prisoner IVMRUBV The Indoor base ball game played at Olympic club last eventns? hv nlek ed team, waa very Interesting and ex. citing and waa pronounced the clceeel e-neyet plyd. N. E. Franklin's team won by a ecore of IT to li at the end of the tlxth inning the eoor wjoo a vi, f to f. Pater InvMs iu . --. wm iwurq Monday from Iowa and Nebraska, where h w-sna to purcbea stock for ZosekW arttet. rron the con beK he m nd two ear loads of oaUle. two ear ueu wim thep and one car of hogs. The) stork will arrive today and b vltmxhtered tomorrow. Pet wires fht hCSiM that Bl la all 1. .. . . vu wnaiuon DEADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA. SUBSCRIPTION. UM PER TEAR.. Ed tared a rcoosl-claM nattvr al Dadsood FostoSce. th HOT TIME AT MADRID The government at MjJrl.l l s-vl-dently la peril on ecrount of tin- r.-.g-of the popular ovrr the newt from Manila. The first rwrt of a Spanish rtotory, ralewJ the spirt; of th dona to the skies, but whi. a few hour later, the government was obliged to ouafm that the Spanish fleet had bean utterly destroyed and that Manila was undoulrtedly In the hand of the Yankw. which Involved the lma of the rich pnwmlmii of the Phillip-lna, the wrath rf the mob im great aod It began to assault the houses of the ministers, giving the police a handful of work o protevt the officers of We. The situation In Spain 4s considered to tie very grave at the European capital, and the powers are nuiii concerned over the tottering condition of the Spanish throne. Detween the Carllai and fhe republicans and the savage hu raor of Weyler, who apMals to the moo against the government that removed him from his command In Culm. Isa bella and her cabin are undoubtedly In Imminent danger. The 111 of the Sagasta ministry may orour almost any day now that th pas slons of th lower classes are aroused to thu fiercest heat and they era. as uaual, ready to blame the authorities for the misfortune sit Mlnlla. WEYl.KR COM I NO. Weyler la reported to be demanding from the government of ftpaln a oom mission to return to Cuba at once, and thence to head an army of Invasion In to the United Atatea. If Isabella knows her business she will send Wey ler to the front at once. It would ten to pacify Spain if It didn't make any serious Impression on the United States. Nothing would please the people of this con airy more than the expectation of meeting Weyler somewhere on the field of battle, and If he want to land la this country to sock his fortune, probably Sampson would let him through the blocade without the toast opposition jiMt to see how long he would laut after he got ashore. Hut It Is not at all likely that Weyler is com lng. He probably knows more than he pretend to, and wilt stay where he l comparatively safe from Cuban reprl aalt WHAT 13 SAID. Oapt. R. P. Lee, of the royal end oer, who has been sent to thtf coti try by Lord Woleeley, the British commander In chief, to study our methods of war, is astonished at what he hs seen here. This Is the way he talks In a nowspnpor Interview. "Your ahlpa have boon the admlra tloo of all our naval officers, and your r"vy gum are unexcelled by any ad In England or by Krupp. The larveloue energy Americans develop .wo occasions Is not the lest wonderful of your characteristics. Four pionths ago you were leisurely build fng your navy. Today you are one of the formidable naval power of the wo-M. You have 110 fighting ship now regularly enrolled In your navi and eighteen or twenty high ctaas and awlft auxiliary cruiser. This doe not Include your seventy or eighty torpedo boata and destroyers. So far as I can epoak from personal knowledge.t know that the officer of both our services are in sympathy with America In this Commenting upon th remark of Oov Haatlngr, of Pennsylvania, that among th volunteers there was an man having those at home who would suffer by his enlistment It was "his patriotic duty to remain at home and care for them." fhe Philadelphia Record eays: "No man can truly call him self a lover of his country who doe not flrat uf all love his own family Charity I not the only virtue that begin at home. Patriotism Marts there, too." It la aeventy-four days since th. Maine im blown up by Spanish con piralor. says the 81 Loula Glob Uem ocrat of Sunday. "A look over th situation today, and the work of prepera tlon that ha been done, doe not result In the impreeeion that there ha been any unn-essary delay." The Sioux City Journal says of the "Manana Nation." "on circumstance connected with the battle In Manila harbor forcibly suggests ratal polnl in the Spanish character. The Spanish, as we are told from Madrid, were not prepared for Dewey's attack. Ac cording to cable dlepatrhes, It Is rep resented that a large number of heavy guns, marine mines, searchlights and other means of defense had 1cen sent to the Spanish authorities there, bin they had not fully used theee resource-and they were not prepared. All th gun had not txvn put Into position the harbor had not been mined noi were the searchlights ready to lllumln nlte the entrance to th harbor at nlgTTl. So the Spanish complain that they were not prepared. Now, this may or may not be true, but th point Is th when they are at war with the Unite.! Slates they must be prepared. It will not do to fall to be prepared. Americans do not walr for "Tomorrow," the word so dear to the dp.inli benrt. at ingrained In the SpanUn character The laileet and moat aMftleu i.a'lon on earth can net fight with the most alert and enterprising. THE HERO OF THE HOUR. Commodore George Dewey, the flrat popular naval hero developed by th war, ha beeo engaged In fighting or preparing to fight la nearly alt of the and graduated in IMS. lust in time to see a- It e se. vice la th war of the re-t clMon. Hi 3 rat work in this war w as a ll-iwr. : t on the steamship Mine-teslpfil, whl-h saw lively work on th i M.mIm j ii I'ver and aa flaaii.'- sunk liy tlx tl"' xt Port Hudson. In l&C he was m tl.-- gunboats below tktnald- .nv i ;. tiext year he was attach ed :o lie N r:h Atlantic bloradlng . nil.'.n. di 1 saw all kind of active srrv:i-e. rn':,i out of the war a llcut- a:it c.m.ri a. S.ive l has served In the Euro ptn ! id, u.i. on the Kearsarge, and th- C.i'o, .1,1 has been on duty at An- .p .i.e. hu :-u in command of the Nar 'is. h g.ven three years to the Pscift.' ;irv.,y. two to the duties of l.ght hoi.ite Inspector and Ave to the work of ccre;ary of the light house board I i !.;! he was placed in com mand of the Juniata, of the Astatic souad.uii. Tu year later he became captain of the Dolphin, and the next )fsr took command of the Penaacola. Just tcii )! ago he was chief of th hurt-ail of equipment and recruiting with the rank of commodore. To year Ago he was made an actual com modore. and put In charge of the board of in pec; ;n and survey. I: .i i nly isst January that he was t.iu.'ol In command of the Asiatic sqiMdron, the government being then quietly preparing for trouble In case Spain did not take kindly to the president's Mgsiton concerning Cuba The brilliant vlotory In the Phllllplnes thows thai no mistake was made when this thoroughly seasoned officer was placed In charge of our Interest on th Pacific. PHIMJPINE COMMERCE. A mall report from Consul William reached the state department recently under J.u. of Manila, February 38. - It gives a fu.l description of the Phillip-pines, the;' resources, growth of American tr.uie, etc.. and will be Incorporated in the next volume Issued by the bureau of ita.Utii of the state department. Mi. William' report says: "Loral and European authorities esti mat the a.ea of the Phllllppine Islauda at l&O.nuu -square miles and their population at" He then shows In detail how the trade of thi Pkilllpplnes with the United States xceed that of all othei coiimri.a i imWncil, and Is growing a"; a wmarka le rat. He say the exports to this country average $1 000.000 a mouth. Mr. Wll-liams shovs that the United States has 64 per cent of the export trade In hemp from th" I iitillpine a against 36 per cent for U.'eat llrltain and other countries. He aIao giro detail of the largi shipment of suif.ii', cigars, tobacco, woods, I ml go, hides, shells and coffee. In the itei i of sugar, which la second in imporlr nee, the shipments to the Unite Sunea were 65 per cent of th total to ali pulms. The Ulard of Uiaon, on which the city of Ma lUa kt situated, la larger than New York and Massachusetts, and has a p.trM'latio.i of 5.000.0(10, and the island of Mlndano is nearly, if not quite, as l.irge. There ere erome ot other lulttti li. Mr. Williams stales that twenty-two roiisttlnu's, representing the leading commercial countries of the world, are eatabllshcd at Manila. He adds tlie surprising atatenient; "The vo.ume of the export trade com lng under tiiy official supervision equals that of my twenty-one consular col leagues combined." The main railroad from Manila li tret class, having steel rails, stone eul ert and Kngllsh engine w tlch make forty-five mllin per hour. There are four steanuhip II in to Hong Kong and a monthly tine fiom Manila to Liver pool. The lat r.-nsti ahyrw the population of Manila was composed ot 160.000 natives, 61,000 Chtneee, 4,100 Spaniard and 260 European other than Span-lards. The town is made up of low building, a the people are m constant tread of eartbkuake. One of these fonvulaion killed 900 people and the lest one, In 1880. wrecked most of th town. The city proper la within walla where the government building are lo- ated. Th residence and touslne poi il.wiB are In Che suburbs. Th Esrott s the main business street and Is liner with Eui p afl store and baiara. Th rtosario ia lined wtth Chinese There are alx dally papers, three bank a mint, a chamber of commerce an1 complete electric light and telephone plant. The .Mexican dollar Is In gen eral use. DEWEY. C lmnqutlt." In Topeka Capital.) Oh. Oewey was the morning Upon the first of May; And Dewey waa the admiral Down In Manila bay; And Dewey were the regent's Them orbs of royal blue; And Dewey feel discouraged? 1 Dew not think we Dew. eyes. Av arded Mishit llonern- World' Pair CREAM MOST PFKhrCT MADE. nil una.onia, Ahim ony ether aeurterant. TKAV THs) TA3a LMLQ Confined to Hit Bed-SOrM Brok Out New Wen and Strong, "Fkeo I was smell I had kip eSli we treated al a r eprtal, and discharges) ae rd. A tew year ago say limb troebled agaia, and I wta eoa&aed te By bed U winter. Having read a great deal a boat Hood' SsrstparUla, I oom-Beeeed taking It. Th eezt umair I wseablategearoasd with the aid of one crutch, but was troebled wtth two sor, eee on my back, and the ether oa one Uab between tb blp and knee. I kept oa with Hood reraapartll, and gre aaUy th sore be lad, and Bay general health was greatly beneflted. I am new well and strong, and fr from iny sorea," 1, Kmiii CLarr. lioond City, S. Dakota. Hood's Garoaparllla U Om BMt-ni faet U Ot Trt Clood Poriasr. oM by ali mM. mee. 111 sis for fa. Hood's Pills are tt beet snerOnnet ptIk,Mdlenoa. ae. THE MINING INDUSTnY Treasurer Harris Franklin has com menced collecting the ubecrlptlotu to the niack Hills exhibit fund and th rommlttee I busily engaged making it plans. Manager Pllcher la hustling about collecting material for ths exhl bft and feds gratified by th success at tained so far, and state the display win ne quite creditable. While the time Is very short, there being less than a month before the exposition opens, the committee are confident they can accomplish all they have planned. Th committee ha a grea many ooatacle to contend with and baa worked at a great disadvantage owing" to the half-hearted encourage' ment given by many persons who are In position end have the meant to as siet. If success cronms their efforts they will lie entitled to the htghee praiee. r-vei-ynoay is interested in seeing the country developed and pro pwotia and will bene.1t by prosperity they shou d therefore asaUt all they can. The Siernh end Rapid City com pa Die of volunteer Infantry left las evening for Sioux Falls, where th rrg intent is ordered to reassemble The Searflh company were taken to Whltewool by teem and took a ape- clal train at 4.30 o'clock for th eat They arrived at Rapid at 6 o'clock an were met l y the company of that place, about forty veterans of the rebellion and almost th entire population of the town. A line of march was formed heeded by the bras band, next comln the vets, then th Speerflsh company followed by the Rapid boy and then long proof salon ot clt liens, and In thl order marched to Library hall where a fine supper was served by the ladie oi the city. The occasion was enllvcne.l by muarc and speeches. Th train lef about 7 o'clock with tenth companies .'i m men strong, and as the cars puile.i lowly out of the depot cheer aficr cheer rent the air, the baud played, ex pioeives iiok the buildings and the boys were given a moet enthusiastic send-off. It was the merrleet event Rapid has seen In many a day, and stirred up more enthusiasm and pa til otlsm than It was supposed the com munlty puiHoescd. We u ml mitt mid at Huff.ilo (hip th Cueter contingent, al o, boarded th train. DEADW(X)D VOLUNTEERS. The City hall waa the center of at traction y( terday. particularly to the young men. From early In the for noon until past 6 o'clock In th even lng there waa a crowd of men, sitting and about In gruup, evident ly dlrcussl ig the war question. Cap tain ; ullw k occupied a chair upon the platform, r.nd with hla characteristic compoaure, puffed away at a cigar and chatted god-neturodly with the boys. Major A. P. Wells of the 8th U. 8. cav airy, occupied a seat near by, reading and smoking during the Intervals be tween the approach of recruit who had paased the physical examination and were tef erred to him to take the oarh. The busiest man a th house was Dr. Kl -fr-. post urgeon. who had possession of an adjoining office and waa maklrj; the examination. Every tl;ne the door opened and a recruit wt ild emerge from Dr. Klf-fer's quart. t. the crowd would surge around hh-i with eagerness to learn th i-esult of Ms examination. Thl was hardly ne eeeery. however, for one could Inva.lably tell at a glance whether or not Is had passed. The successful one wcild hasten through ui hail holding In his hand a legal document and upon lilt face was a smile that evinced an tt.fetion. He would atep briskly up :o Major WbIIs. with hat removed am! lalslng hi right hand as though he meant It, would etand manfully awsl lng the administration ot the oath. This waa Indeed a lesson In IHttrlotlsm that Impressed the observer deeply. 1 hose who were rejevted turned quietly away dlseppolnted-thia was appar nt by their countenance. During fie day Dr. Kelffer examined nlnety-ein! t men and reported favorably on flftr five. Captain Bullock Informs ua t int there will be no dlfflcul-ty In raletig fte required number, eighty, l.i e Day was the first one I take the nomination, accepted and lake the or h. Dr. Kelffer saya henev-amlned so Hue a body of men, and Major Wells r u res us they will prov themselves lallant eoldlers, for they hsve the t renavh. th endurance and flrst and fo-rmosl, the courage. -HKN N'ATt'RE Need aaaittsnce It may be beet to render It promptly, but on ihouM remember to us vn th moat perfect rmd! only when seeded. The beet and moat almple gentle rmdy la the Syrap of Fig, menufaettored by the Callfomle rig Syrup Ce. eute have made, or 'Will make, appro priations toward the project from their general funds by reeoiuttona of their county commissioner. There I some- mat ter, those countle or haa been misinterpreted by (he author Rice of Iawrence county. The commissioner of thl county were urged to mak an appropriation, with the undemanding that the legtlature will vote to reimburse It. but upon the advice of the tat re' attorney, declined to act In the matter at all. The committee haa hustled hard and haa promise of about 13.000 toward th Black Hill exhibit by Individual aubeorlp- tlona. and when the legislature vote to reimburse the counties a email tat tax will doubt Ice be levied for Che purpose and the Black Hllla counties will l expected to bear their proportion ot the tax aa In ell other expenditure ot the elate. Thla I decidedly unfair. A few of our public eplrtted men will pey the expense of our exhibit, and w will be taxed to pay for the exhibit from fhe eastern portion of the elate. Comment la unneceaaary. The proposition le clearly unjust. A an enterprise of this character benefit every-one In the country, the coat should be levied by taxation and all property ownera should contribute to the expense In proportion to their Interest, and property. COLLEGE ATHLETICS. A distinguished writer In a pamphlet published by the Intercollegiate Athletic association, say that an Immense Improvement In the omral and phyel-oal status of college graduate haa taken place since th Introduction of athletic game In college. There Is no reason why "brain end brawn" should be an' agonistic. In support of thla last proposition the action of that genial Invlgorant, Hoatetter' Stomach Bitters, whK'h In strengthening th body Increase mental activity, may be authoritatively cried. Thl famous medicine overcomes the dyspepsia peculiar to person of sedentary, Inactiv habit, and yield sound refreshing sleep. It also remedies river complaint, constipation, malaria, rheumatism, nervousness and kidney trouble. FILED FOR RECORD, Job I wren son to M. B. Beckwlth. the Uwrenaon livery stable business leawood ij.oOO Rk-hard Pancoat to Henry Jacob, one- tnirty-second Interest In Amador lode, near led l Fannie E. Turner of Bon Homme coun ty, 8. D.. Specie Payment Gold Mln ing t-o., an ner Interest In Oplklr. Highland Mary. Black Dan. Gilt Edg Specie Payment lode, Bear Unite district J B. J. Eastwood end John Ruschlnsky tu w. h. wW. one-third Interest In Harmony group, four clalma. Qladya Mildred and Weld lodea, Boulder Park district j Fred Guild Aulabrook to Wm. Daniels, tots g and 4. block A. subdivision of Probate lot No. 206. Dead wood. .1500 James B. Haggin to Homeatake M'nlng to., tnara Nevada lode, near J. T. Jackson of Phllarielnhl. n nt wood National Bank, parcel of ground 14x2.l feet on lie street, Dead wood 800i J. N. Jones. O. p. Jackson. Alsx Dun bar, D. R. Kennedy and J. B. Kennedy. to u. li. Ft. P. railroad, right of way across Pyrites lode and Columbia group, new Oreenwood II. Dead wood National bank to Daniel M. O'Connor, lot 17. block B. end parcel of ground 14x24.1 feet on Lee street, Dead wwa $3,000, rortiand Consolidated Mining Co.. to Halleck W. Seaman, trustee, Paragon, i-orunntl and Oustevtai lodes. Bald Mountain, also water right and the Trojan group, S claims $10,000. Jaa. Contette and Beth Bullock to Alexander Mining Co.. Plateau and Cora Fraction and portion of Bryan placer claim. Bare Butte district. ,.$l. Samuel MoU to Seth Bullock. Cora Fraction. Galena tjo. Ole Christian en end Peter Brokke to VkJtoc Chepmmn, lot I, Mock . ot un-dlvlsion. of Anderson Iode...t2b0 Wm. Bartta end Hexry Phillips to W. R. Dteklnawn, lot I Hiawatha Park addition to Lewd j. CE WELL Difficult, Long-Standlng and Nirvout DiuaiM art Curablat No Inourubli Cuts Taken. No experiment, no failure: ona obeyed the cure ia certain. Dr f J,nr- 'onnerly of Chkmgo, m -wha la here to stay, devotes his undiMi attention to tn relief of thee .d othw disease: RHEUMATISM, ST. VI. TVS' DANCE, 8LEEPLEBSNES3 STAMMERING. HABITS. PTLSSt without th use of the knife nt. TARJUI of the noee stomach end Wad-r. end dleeaee of the ear. cheat, throat and stomach, liver sm... bladder, producing weedo aveaknea "'"77 "r?ou" Brorton. debility dltxlnesa. lose of energy, mem. orjr.etn. BPTCIAL ATTENTION OIV-BN TO DISEASES Or VfEN. CON-SULTATION TREB. AT OILLMORX HOIT8S, Wednesday, Mar XI. lltt, from 1 to I p. tn. Addrees: Dr. L IIUW. T. r Job prlaUag In the Plaeasr.n-M Job 4eparteat la ketag tnraed out ally of a aunisty mr kefsre in u ta BlMk BUlc, fU iBHeeeJ aaaaJft. ary. aew type added preaeea. t en-fthlaa u to ie iMre ang better vark ttM tret fee fort, lakkl ui sm,.. VMBtlS H I .iitnt U l They lelong In iVed- .V(M AtiJ -;il p ay bU l-ecauee they Nave a iid. In seeing Deadwoa win i:id n.-; for ,!;e piy thee Is In It nir: FIRST KMCURSION. T e lt...-k Hill nam ally expect a r .i.iii ci of i xcii:ions the present year ; a of an from the iiniA.'is exposition. Preparations should te in.iu t. entertain the excursionist md mii e(Ti-t should le put forth to Ji-cii'e ia.'u. sion. The railroad o.v,iei.t;e, The first exrurelon haa al i.sdy Uim a.Tange1, by Mr. W. Marvin, of Utlee, Mh-h., editor of Buck eye and Wolverine, editor and manager f Ohio Wolverine, and Wtvtern Pa, I'ress AvMtlmi. The excursionist will leave Chicago June 16 and arrive In Dcadwnod Friday the isth. There are 2.:ofl pert In the a.wlatlon.two members t.i each paper, so that 4.400 InvVtatlons will be Isnied. Of this number at least 500 will accompany th excursion. Mr. Marvin haa managed .he rxcuriHi for them for years and has nrvri made a failure, in announcing the excursion the "Buckeye and Wolverine Editor" says: "The Black Utile country afford th finest mountain scenery In the world, not being excelled by the Canyon ot Co'.oi-a.lo or the Alleghanles. They also contain s.mii of the Vancet gold mine ever known to history, not being ex .-'!lc. In the Cripple Creek r any oth r rou it i y. The mean elevation hese mountain U about (J. 000 feet, the liighent Icing g.joo f,t. The product of the Hill for the year 1897, waa UOO.OOO dollar tn gold and about three million dollaia In refractory ore, thl vast product all blng within a radlu f about twenty mlle square In th vl clnlty of Dead wood and Iead, South Dakota." The Pioneer-Time will have more to say of this excursion and other xror slon. MOTHERS' DAY AT SCHOOL INOLESIDE A novel feature waa Introduced I the Ingledde schMls Friday namely, a Mothers' Day. Several day ago pupils In Mr. Kaue' and Mlsa Smith s room issued Invitations to their mother to vltlt them Friday. Friday afternoon many of the mothers availed them selves of Ui opportunity. At the uaual hour of beginning the exercise began in Ml Smith's room. They constltut cd. flit of regular lessons, allowing th every day work, followed by "piece from all the children. The walla were decorated -with th school co'or yellow and white end two blackboards were given up to pa pers snowing th children' work through the year. After the exercises were finished her th vlsl or adjourned to Mra. Kan room. The same a -heme of color wa carried out here, Swiss curtains shad a inn wmaov a ana a bird in a cage rendered the room more homelike. Con aplruoua on a beck hoard waa the quo tatlon, "The Hand that Rock the Cra dle. Rules the World." On each child's desk were hook contalnlne nanera wrttten by them through the year, and showing his progress. Here .vgular lesson were recited. then each child atandlng try fell desk, gave quotation appropriate to the day ana season. This cloaed the exercises end moth ei-s wer Invited to examine the work. The children In both room acquitted themselves with great credit to their Instructor. o mother oould go away without feeling a higher appreciation of teacher's work and responsibility. YANKEE DEWEY. Yankee Dewey sailed acrose The ocean of the Kaat air, He stuck a ahell Into hi gun And smote the Spanish beast, air. CHORUS: Yankee Dewey, Yankee Dewey. Yankee Dewey Dendy Yankee Dewey la the man; The Mand will come handy. Yankee Dewey ran hie ehlpe Just right Into th bay, air, He poured the etiot Into the Do us And filled them with dismay, air. (WORUS: Then cried the Don upon the bay, ny no you give us pain, air?" And thus th Yankee did reply, u. tni i for the Maine, err.' CIIOR"3: lnd of garlic and tortlllaa, land of Xeher end tnentlllae, ana or mule and atnuggted otttara, nd of raisins and of frruera, nd of Pedro and Sencho. Und of Weyler and Blanco, nd of bull fights end pestetaa, nd of disky senorltaa, nd of manner stiff end haughty, nd of I aaltel la naughty. nd of Boabdll and Hamll. DonX you hear your Uncle Sem'l? "Qlt!" General Mtg Hugh Lee kj now M.lo Oeneral. and tltl he I not heppy. He warn to go cube and help flglit th Spaniard, and ts afraid h hi fotag u, he net to organising and drilling volun. teera. He Is credited -with sarin .. h would rather go as a private with a chance to pitch In with the flrtt tray of Invasion than to go mu eeenp for rlH and eeaeonhig. sr Thi and Ing f m iv vi t-H I I'; pi ip il f y KttK LWeBBMBBSl Tre wmmt 4ts I 1J00 4-S-dw AO BflSOLIKE STEAM. GAS tr WATER SUPPLIES. FAIHDANKt, MORSE ft CO.. Iioa Parnam tb Omaha, Nebv 3-iaMD. A W. Lawrence Skow Taxl.snr.lst sr.j or Drssssr. . . eCs- .V r I ' ,i4ef " r.t-rur Rug and Robs to order. Taxidermy supplies la stock. All work guaranteed first clasa SOS South 13th Bl Omaha Kakraska. Bend tor eataltgua -18 M-U k w. Mr. J. o. Thomas will glrs a all- 'clock tea and euchre party to her lady friend nest Wednesday erenlng. i n event will be In th nature of a "house warming" ot her elegant new nam on Van Buret! etreet, Ioglealds. We are Informed lhat ninety lnrlta-tlona have teen leaued. Thy banish pain tnd prolong life. iT).n.rrj 3 V? 1 CD er ui i g? N .me ot the Im nt tearskrowa lor bay. ..hiiiu ...,.,L. ic.-s are Ijw sad lv.,r Lin im in .In i on application. Catalog ilEliraska Sui Cci;::. PaiHm St. Omaha, afsbraak. W. 5S ROBINSON, Asayer and Ctei 1119 Dodge Btraat, OMAHA, . . NebntakaV BampUs by KalL l-l-98-D. A W. bishop & co. Lunch Counter AND Dining Room. 1517 Oaptol A., 0naoa, Itb, Mciitlnjt rmmclty IZX S 24-3 d and. LEWiS HENUERSOri, FLORIST. Fine Cut Flowsri, PlanU and rioral Design Shipped on abort notlea, lC.h ard ram n Bti 0 S 1i 8- b. W. THE IVJADISOH Mrr F. L. Axtell.Prop. Slat Chicago St, Omaha. A flrat clcas family hotel, one block north High School, one block from car lln,runu!ng di rrct to Exposition ground. B-a-ddtw-Sra, The personnel of the Dead wood bait rlub that will play rlth Fort Meade oa he Flrat ward ground thla afternoon I: Wlllama, pitcher; Foe, natebert Oraham, flrat; Chadwlrk, aeoocd; Rr-an. ehort; Mnrley, third; Perry, left: Freeman, oenter; Russell, right; Qtdaa, extra A eharp game la looked for. ONE ( CIVE3 REUI?. (i Jr ten for five c:r.. l "w tl o Lit Ko matter what the matter 1$, one will da y bwU, fina you can mak " saoatna' oom feedlog tnn It Mea

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