The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 22, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1900
Page 4
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FRIDAY. Jl.'NE 2, , TIIK DAILY P10NEKUTIMES, DEAD WOOD, S DL 500. expense as possible in handling, lie said smelting was undoubtedly th Seebicl proper way to extract, their valm V hut. tficv were of so low a grade that I Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver I The Union assay Office;; 11 would not pay to make a busim ' of shipping them away for treatni' nr a Kbtablished 1SKS. and tin1 lompany ilid not feel w ranted in puttinir up a smelter of :wii, for tile reason that a smeltei ni. Iv a payiuu; ins! 11 it ion when i' 1. !' la I v- ia i.n 1 1 y . a ml there is 'Miii-'ii inaii -rial ,11 K--v -"Hie to -ill" lil.' rnll-liiHl 1 ip. 1 ' 11 ni o: a . r-f thai l.iii! of l"'i ions or lai No. 37 Lee Street Deadwood. U'ill .iv Ciirrtvt hV-ults l lluth Gold and Silver For 50 Cents. 4 3 :jS A I.I- ,s. Ji IlOt (illT TO THIO OFFICE. W-.-i, Mm 'Me Ii. . .-ii!.! has oiiiliai.y will I.. '.- of li.'lli.llllig the l.'-i .'1 Ili.Ililllized in a position to M. H. Lyon& Co. Agents for lln- Hlickensilorfer J.ij.uo 1 yipt wi it.-r and mak" money in all its or. opi : a t ion. announces an expose of Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept. Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of Deadwood's millinery merchandising UiU week will Steam Plant Wanted. Tin- Mritish American Oold r. Copper Mining company desire- ti linn base a steam hoisting appara' with which connections can be n: 1 n for a sawmill. The boiler and en' iu MINES AND MINING. must be of ."!.". or I'l horse power ' a pacity. ICiKiuire of or address (' Mronson. superintendent. Gah ua 4' i S. 1). Clover Leaf Mining Company, TO PURCHASE STEAM. PLANT me 1 i ii stiuhinn ami tracing the ore deposits of the lllui k Hills, is prepar I lie annual meeting ami election of be an attractive arrray of "first hats" and small haU for streets and shoplng at popular prheu board of directors was held bv th British-American Company Prepar ing to Work in Pennington. ing a report on his work, which veil he i-eadj for publication some time Tlif llrilisli AliH i ii iin minimi y is o.H.u.ih inn .Mr. iivmt; hail access to all the mines of the lila. k Hills ami his report will contain- mm h that is Ladies and Children of interest ami value tl w ill 1. 01, Clover Leaf Hold Mining company a Newcastle. Wyoming, a few days a and the following directors w chosen: Pierre Wibaux. Frank W Smith, of Wibaux. Montana: Oeor.-i ; Ware. It. N. Ogck-n and S. W. K .s sell, of Deadwood These gelltletl lonstituted ihe board last y. -nr. 'IV board w ill meet in I lead wood wic a tew day s and will organize lei ting officers. the reports of previous surveys in the Hills, ami taken with tile geoloiiv ami topography of the 1 oinitry. it will 1 011 juhi'i I i -hm lor a sttsun pluiit. l apa Mi- of l iiiinin a hoist ami a sawmill II is inti'inl'd for tin- oniiaiiy's ! pi r prupein in I'l-miiii'oii county, (In- i ii i 'Til mil lii'ini; lo put in an i n Iiiin- dial, will inn both tin- hoisting aiiaralns anil a sawmill. Tin i nm-I : 1 1 1 y is H'lilin Mi i nt its own 1 1 1 u I . is lor ll. iiiiin- uml 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1' loi I. .11 l! 1 11 1; I 1 1 ! M IS . on tin- J 1 1 o 1 " I 1 1 1 1 - ill' : 1 1 1 i ID lia c tin' il.i lit on lie- ml a s oon a s 1 io.- 1 h ! . --i 1 a 1 1 1 is I .'..- v unite an antborin on th loi mat 1011 Will r,ccl turtlie Fourth of Jnlv a new ilrc- ( ): Lawn. Swiss nr Challu-s. Vmi can avc iiioih if v.-.; CHASK'S S11:C1AI. SALK or. of th.' Ulark Hill... " :,li.V tlk-Kj I : Ii Air. Ii in- ha.-. .r..ii:;.,., pi'- of I, j.s lipnll ,, The Clmcr I.e. if Mill.liL' DP! Pill. CI i 11 i II til.' OW ll. r Of the ,) i" .-'.I I'. I.IW'.'i.l ;,el If. ... . 1 . 1 i : 1 1 . Saturday, June 23. Prices for one Day Only, -1 . ' 1 1 g prop, -l t y .il: K! i I'ei 1 1 1 lie l.i.e of the !l 1 1 e llliis A- lid. PRESIDENT OF HOLY TE:!ROR. 8 c, woilli r;i I i i ia . I : i : i 1 I. i - .-i!l ' i ' !,'! . ' . i ; 1 1 1 1 - ) 4 ' T'... i' . '.ii' I.. i ... orth ljc, LAWNS. 1 x. worth 7c. 8' -c. worth 12' 16c, worth 25. c Swiss 8' .c. worth 121 ,c. ORGANDIES. "Oc. worth 15c. 15c. worth 20c 16 jc. worth 25c. Ch.illies 3c, worth 5c. Main St. Deadwood S. I). IT" toot h ll 1 1 1; : 111 . 1 1. II'HI.: !: F dree Ls. M'.ic De.ui vv jod. I'i. I. ' o! I J . ' 'oil.-' ill. I, it I S.viss 1 ' John S. George of the Spends the Day in . I " 1 1 1 1 H . i , , u i -. j., , rfoly 'I .'i .,! Key ,:,.. .' ' I 1 1 I 1 : A I . J 1 1 1 . , I I , v . . loi. ii t:. i ii-. i . ... i h, , . Tl ' .- ha'! . in i.l.v Ml' ;:n in I ! i ". i - i us o.'l f . . ... I ! ha ! CHASE'S WhISTch Cheap, -.1 V 1 III I, ('ill ill,......,. , I 1 1 . Corn : ii ; n! X. u in .'.I in I), .i.lw.,., i W I Iiiiin hi k I s!i;..e im w in I. ( '. . I !i iMi. im . : 1 1 ii 1 1 f: t' mli lit n.' Ihr i 1 mi a in .-, 1 is. 1 .1 1 11 .11 w ,1 , 111 In111 (lali'ii.i Salurila... II'' s-1 . 1 T . . i thai tin' shall 111 J 1 1 i t Ins' rnl Ii .1 t ill Ill-Ill:; 1 1 1 1 S 1 1 -i 1 . I. II. I .! I.I.' i - I " i nn nlil aini'il in Hi.' Iiol 1 . mi. 'I'lm -ssi I'l has lici-li follow 1 1 m a 1 1 1 a I of . 1: 1 .1 1 1 1 lis ay .Ion 11 1 10111 Us 1 1 1 1 ) . 1 1 n . .. . Ii !-iii' of tin' m 1 1 k a I 1 In' loi l is I 111 i l)i 1 a ! 1 .i 'i i . an. I will asa ill lis' ii.'iKlil'oi homl oi a ton on tin- ;i , . r.i 4". It is a 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 or.', ami mitain . larjii' atnoiiiit of iron, uliieli is oi diziil at .ii's(nt 1, 111 will iiii'l'iuhli'ilh Imtoiii.' 1 v-1 1 j i ' in li'itli. or Inlow llii' w at 1 1 li'xi-l. Tlii'ii- is an i in mens. )ioil of tin, low raclo nick, atnl it woulil pay lo uiiik iiinliT' Hi'- propel' roll 'lit tuna, that is. i !' t he 1 on 1 pa 11 hail its own plant and ioiiIiI lian.lle it on a law .scale. iii4 on the i;it, l: I i Ilia I Hi ii hi Ii' ; : 1 -; t ' 1 1 . 1 : . 1 . 1 1 . i : . . . 1 . 1 . , LIVERY Tiny left on ll i i 1 1 i i i ; lor tli on lni -iii. ss pi and had I..-. n n 1 1 .1 ; 11-:. I In-.. i t ill 11 i 11 lo II to Key sloin FULLER & BROWN, PROPS, 1 111 I i.. . 1 . out - mine. Mr. of the I . I : 1 w III lie- ,.i pre-.-nt. 'Ill" I . . : l . i ' . 1 1 ' 1 1 Mil:.. .ll. s.i t. ' a I' i . ..I I'l' ii at v. ni i. oi: ll M la: gioup nf i !a:;n- ' ' v per '. i .1 liiiiu .he k Murr.'iv -v m l a -I... il ist an. ' a bov . r.-n t : s i r ,i y ia 1 1, el -w nod giih h Tin ' on. pa ny : . st.nt.'.l a tiiniiel, :i i . 1 : i. r . ri ! to ,; -. some I t ell: i i ' lh v I. Ijillli n t WOl'". Major A. .1. Simmons ha - a botnl .n: some mining propertA a! nig 1 lend wis. I g.ibh, si mile or two -bine roniral City and h is stalled a Mmtu-l aloa I he nor! ll side of the g'i! Ii . ( (jKDDES OLD MARX. Palace Pharmacy SALE Beginning at once we offer Sale, list is olle of . He ' i'l lllui : John .1. I'a.. I .-slat. . w In. i Hie lll'.IOi' -I ow nr: of stiicK ri rl v n A A i onipii n . and Mr. 'orninu i .inn t . 1 .lib 2 UK! New Carries and Bnpies. Best Driving Boarding Horses 1)V the Dav work or M lh" I'.hc k Hills ;is his lMio.-t. Work at the Mine. Mr. Coorue staled Uiat his i pain was running two drifts in tin-Holy Terror mine, one from (he sev That the gold Held: . richer and more THE GRAND JUNCTION MINE. Big Body of Ore Revealed in Drift From Hundred Foot Level. Developments are Ix'Iiik eontinne'l on tin; Grand Junction, m ar Custer, und the ore at the loo foot level- -measuring; from the tunnel- Is over I Uf feet, without finilliiK the opposite Custom Ore of Cipc Nome productive than I is the story steamer Alpha. in. mi Cakes Turkish Ba'.h Soap. (: 5c cake has yet been report e hi.'ught down liv the enth, and one from the eighrh lcel. In addition to mis the main shaft is being continued, and lias i cached the depth of !M0 feet. This work is being donv for the purpose of open ing up more ore, and Mr. (Icore talk which has arrived at Vancouver. 1'inui i single claim worked by twenty men Wo u;v now prvpaml to tivat cu: i:; . . ;;:v Cyanide process at reasonable rau. wall. This Indue- has heen closely in the emphiv of .lack lirady & 1 ."i.iH.O was taken out in one week and tliP sampled for 122 feet, and it shows an ed yesterday as if Ihe mill might have (o be closed down for a short averaire value of $-4. 75 a ton. This ore name claim iwnned out $."., nun within is a quartz, containing free Kohl and Golden Gate Mining & Milling Compam concentrates, and the owners of the a month. As an evidence of Cap. Nome's golden product ivness the Alph; brought down $250,000 in gold dust First Ward, Deadwood S. I). There were five passengers on board, and the dust belonged to four of them in the following amounts: .lack Gill v",i) Cakes Chinese Rose Soap. 10c, 3 for 25c. One assorted lot Soaps from 10c to 50c per cake. Ton cases Toilet Soap. 10c, V, for 25c. i 100 Curling Irons, ass't. 15c. I 100 Ass t. Perfumes. 50c per oz. : : 300 Combs. 10 to 50c. i 500 Tooth Brushes, 15c to 50c. .250 Boxes Face Powder, 25c to 50c. ; i 150 Hair brushes, 50c to $4.50. i 1 Lot Cloth Brushes, 50c to $1.50. : 95 Whisk Brooms, 25c to 75c. ; ; 100 lbs. Moth Balls, 25c per lb. ; : 75 leather Brushes, 25c to 75c. . : 50 Hand Mirrors, 25c to 75c. 500 Ass't. Boxes Pills at all prices. i 125 Boxes Tooth Powder, 25c to: of Seattle: $143,000; ,J. ('. Monighan of property intend to develop it fully, and after they are satisfied that a mill ia warranted they intend to put up a plant for its treatment. Where the ore is being worked at present it is fully 150 feet below the apex of fne hill, and the ledge is proving continuous and strong. A good force of men is emplo'yed, and the developments Indicate that oue of the beat mines In the southern Hills is on the property. 8 GATES IRON WORKS (line, or until more ore was available. He said the Holy Terror mill would probably stop running today, but it is not' likely that it will be for a very long period, as good headway is being made in the drifts. Experimenting With Cyanide. Kxperinients are being made at the Keystone stamp mill, which is being run on a small scale. There is' a cyanide annex at this mill, and the company is endeavoring to determine tae cheapest and most effective manner of treating its concentrates, by that chemical process. A number of experiments were made on concentrates from the mill at the State School of Mines in Rapid City, and Mr. George says it has been satisfactorily demonstrated that they can be treated in the raw state and good Denver $40,000; Frank Green of Kansas City $30,000: Glen Tinsley. an old Dawson miner who went to Nome last year $15,000. DRILLING ON THE SPANISH R. it REVERE RUBBER 00. IIERSOLWEAIT DRILL Cfi, Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0. F. PURNELL extraction secured at a minimum cost. The annex at the Keystone mill was built originally with a roaster in Life Gradually Lengthening. Recent statistics prove that the average health and length of life of human beings have grown stronger and longer with the years. It is clearly demonstrated that the change for the better has been brought about by modern ideas and methods. One of the agents which has been most instrumental in preserving life is Hos-tetter's Stomach Btlters. Thousands have died from stomach and digestive disorders, who might have survived had they resorted to the Btters. It is the greatest of known tonics for stomach and digestive organs. It cures dyspepsia, Indigestion and constipation, and has done so for the past fifty years. There is. nothing to equal it, connection, and by roasting there can be a good extraction in much less time than by treating In the raw Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dai. j : 50c. : 5000 Choice Cigars, 5c to : : 15c. I i 250,000 Glasses Soda Water, 5c. I A full line of pure Drugs and Sun-: : dries. Prescriptions filled at all: 5 hours, day or night. I Palace Pharmacy I iia Faust P1lG. s Proprietor. i S A Diamond Drill I Working From the 300 Foot Level. Charles Thompson Is in charge of a diamond drill that is working from the 300-foot level on the old Spanish R property, at Carbonate Camp, the intention being to explore the lower levels and ascertain the character and extent of the ore below the present bottom of the old shaft. The drill was started the first of the week. The old shaft, which was 300 feet deep, was retlmbered within the past few months from the top to the bottom, and has been altered to some extent, by enlarging and straightening In places, i At the present lower level the ore Vertical Is 35 feet wide, and assays $20 a ton, being a potrphyritlc ore. There are measures o( shale ore above, showing value of $12 a ton, said to be adapted to cyanidlng. It Is not unlikely that the owners of the property will put up a cyanide plant for; the reduction of the ore on the property at some future time. state, but It is estimated that It costs two dollars a ton to roast, and it has since been proven that the same results can be obtained without roasting, by submitting the concentrates to a longer bath. The vat capacity at the mill Is capable of treating ten The. tons a day with a four-day bath, but DO YOU 8M0KE? Choicest Havana and domestic cigars PALACE PHARMACY. It has been shown that better extraction can be secured by a ten-day bath, and In order to make the cyanide process a success at the mill it is believed that It will only be necessary to put in more tanks. MASSAGE BATHS. Mme. Smith, steam, vapor and alcohol baths. No. 8 Pine street, second floor. Low Grade Concentrates. Mr. George stated that the concen Family liquor store Fine old Califcrrnia Wines such a- Sherry, Angelica, Port, Muscatel. At $1.50 Per Gallon or 50c a quart. Fill oli Put my anfl Brandy fromI$3. Dt- Case Beer Delivered to the House Free. trates from Holy Terror and Key stone ore were bf a low grade, and in order to handle them at a profit it was necessary to eliminate as much r-y Report On Ore Bodies. John IX Irving, of the United States geological survey, who spent last sum- Aetna Powder Go, Dynamite and Black Powfler, Fuse aid Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Battery Supplies. W., ADAMS COMPANY ICE! ICE! ICE! From pure spring watSr dfOivered in any part of the city In any quantity T'amily trade a specialty. Bell t"le phone 191, JOB LA.WRENSON. SILICI0US0RE17ANTED 635 Main Street Deadwood It Is Delicious The best mocha and Java coffee to The American Smelting Co, be found in the country Is now on sale at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner Deadwood and Sherman streets. The Bvery wrmtttn cortu many o thrm deil" i1 fter mrrire The destructive to the ni.Mh-r be avo drtl. however. Shapely Harried Women Wants to contract for 1,000 to 2,000 increased sales of this article which Pri d he-fore baby comes, as tht's makes such a delicious drink, is evi Mciiier dence of Its superiority over all other Princess Brands Of California canned fruits, such as peaches, pears, strawberries, apricots, grapes, etc., are the finest thing of their kind on the market. Also the 3 -pound cans of whole or' sliced Singapore Maharajah Pineapple, the most delicious you ever tasted at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner, of Sherman and Deadwood streets. .All we ask la that yon try on can - . . :. . , . scientific lini- ma pnyaraa the body for 1st strata Bpoa ft, and preserve J0??:. OTm' Psibitd also obrUtes U Ik danger of child-btrtk. and carries the extiectatit brands. The next bill of groceries you v tons'of Silicious Ores to be used at ' . ' c Argentine or Omaha as required. M. H. ; LYON Agent, Deadwood. order, just add. to that your order for a pound of mocha aad Java. Once Frioo y soar ealely throng-h thts critical period without pain. It issromin't fTaataat bteaatna;, aad thousand, rratefaliy tell of the (reat good it "' ' ,tf : . o4d !7 U Arwrisu at (i oo per bottle. sS-Wlliiliaai this great remedy, will be seat V . rTmt laliaxp (MvUtoi Conr. tried; never forgotten. tt ; STANDARD CASH GROCERY,,. - ' ' s

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