The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 12, 1898 · Page 1
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1898
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0 TOL, 22. SO. 48. DEADYtOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. TIIUESDAY, MAY 12, I8VS. PRICE FlYE CNTS HEADY F0II THE DOIIS, WHAT A MOTHER SAYS Of Dr. Hartmaa'a Famoua Family Rein dy suid Spring Toole. ( PATRIOTISM IN EVIDENCE. Deadwood Honors ths Recruits of Co. ttayal aaak the toe- par. 0 LASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY Deadvvood, South Dakota. business and Professional Men, County and City Officials, Reduction Wjrks, Public Halls, Churches, Etc. Davla, I. II . No. 449 Malo St. fi..,,i,.ii,hn J K . No. 7H Main St. Wagenen. Mr. Nellie. No. 674V Malo Bt. The Vlvla. No. 721Va. 723, 728. T2T Main atreet Whit House, No. 394 N. William Bt. LIVERY AND FEED STABLES. Uedde. V'm.. No. I Deadwood Bt Lawrenaon, Job, No. 38 Broadway. Slmpaon. Jaa., No. 18 Pin St Welch t Brown, No. 1S3 Sherman St LOCAL EXPRESS. Dennl. Frank. Hardin. W. 8. Lilly, Dan Palrrr. Gideon. Hllderbrand, L. P. MISCELLANEOUS. Black Hill MTg Co., Molding. Building and Repairing of Machinery and Vehicle of all kind, No. 23 Cemetery St. B It. T. A T.. No. 13 Leo St., up atalr. Electric Light Plsnt, No. 67 Bherman Bt Ford, Jaa., Auctioneer, No. 29 Leo 8t Houghton-Graham Co., Merchandise Bro-kvra and Jobbers, No. 69 Bherman St Malilis, ().. Houae Mover, No. 100 8berman atreet. Minneapolis Brewing Co., H. H. Kl.mer, Agt., No. 34 t harlee Bt. New Telephone Co., Whltaker Block, Dead wood Bt. "Olympic Aas'n. Martin A Mason, and Clark Blorka. Roaalgnnl, Claud A., Muale Teacher. Box 8M. Stuart, Banks, A Co., Commission Mr-rhanta. Clark Block, Bherman 81. 8tram Dye Worka, Chaa. Leland. Prop., No. 0 Bherman Bt yder. P. H.. Manti acturer v.ioleaale and Retail Dealer In Cigars, No. 64 V. Sherman Bt. Sanderaon, H. L.,Blgns, Wall Paper. No. 86 Sherman St. St. Joar;ih Hnapltal, No. C7 Charlea street Singer M i l Co., Henry Seller, Mgr., Selv- er Bt. Stllwell. L. W Curios and Minerals. No. 43 Lincoln Avenue. Telegraph Office, Syndicate Block, Leo Bt Wratern Dakota Loan and Trust Co., No. 40 Lee St. MILLINERY GOODS. Arkerman. M., No. 673 Main St. Lowe. V. E . Noe. 677. 679, 681 Main St. New York Store. No. 64 Sherman St MININO 8UPPLIES. Ayrea Wardman Hardware Co., No. 641 Main St. Ailnnu, W. R., No. 63 Bherman 8t Grtmth Hardware Co., No. && Sherman Bt MINING MACHINERY. Ay re, A Wardman Hardware Co., No. 641 Main Si. Allla Co.. Edward P.. No. 64 Broadway. Illnik Hllla Machinery Co.. Nye Block. J. 1.. Ilven, Agt., Broadway. Ciutea Iron Worka, Otto P. Purnell. Agt., No. 631 Hi Main St. up stair. K Id.l Moure. MTg of Black Hill Oecll- iHtlng Pan Or Concentrators, No. 11, II I'lne Bt. MI MICAL INSTRUMENTS. Ilawley, C. E., Martin Maaon Block, Deadwood St. reMallgnon. H. R., No. 663 Main 81. meat markets. Keller. Gus.. No. 6424 Main St. Morgan, M. J., No. 67 Sherman St. The Ik liver, Chaa. Basse, Prop., No. 686 Main St. Zuecklcr Bros., No. 604 Main St. NEWSPAPER AND JOB OFFICES. Enterprise Printing Co., Nye Block, Broadway. Independent. No. 684 Main Bt. Mining Review. No. 699 Main Bt. I-Ioneer-Tlmee, No. 632 V Mala Bt NEW AND SECOND HAND OOOD8. McGlnnla ralmerlee. No. 621 Main St The Ark, Noa. 68, 70, 71 Sherman Bt PUBLIC HALLS. City Hall. No 6!i6, City Building, Main St Gem Theatre, No. 619 Main St. Opera llouat, Noa. 701, 703 Main Bt THYBICIANS. Allen. A. a.', Clark Block, Sherman St. Bowman, No. 6&9V,. Main Bt. Babcock, L. P.. Syndicate Block. Leo St. Howe, L., Syndicate Block, Lee St Momtt, W. T.. 669 Main St Naulleu. A., No. 672V. Main Bt. Paddock, J. A.. No. 662, Main Bt. Roger. M.. No. 662. Main St. Torrence. W. W No. 647. Main St " Wedelataedt. H . Wbllaker Block. Dead-wood St. Weld. W. H . Smith Block. Deadwood St. FHOTO0RAPH GALLERIES. Locke Co., No. 60 Main St., UP atalr. Bon Ton, C. P. Peterson, Prop., Whltaker Block. Deadvood St. aMea i Vs oswssssik Uf L e I isoluteiy Kirs aona auiaa mont m m traaa. Hills eafa from ths perils of war. It was a lea son In patriotism uneioeUad. and to ths young generation will ha aa Inspiration In years to come. The order waa given the troop to eater ths waiting care, but so grsat was ths crowd of those who wanted to tout their hands that ths movement was executed with tilflloulty and tot until considerable time had elapsed could It be (Tooted . Once In ths cars a surging mass surrounded them eager for a handshake with som of them the crowd did not care who, as long ts It was a member of th troop. Ths school children were then marched by and waved farewells to ths gallant lads of troop A. During all this tlms ths band kept playing national airs, tha cheering was tacssssnt and patriotism at a fsver heat "Remember ths Mains," oould he heard on ovary aids, la childish treble, or coming In harsh, hoarse sounds from frtnled lips. Nothing llhs tha ovation and farewell given the boys has ever been seen ta Dwdwood, oven th women, thoufh they cried, many ot tham cheered wtth the men ud hleeeed ths members ot troop A. The Urns for leaving had corns, and all not members of tha troop were ordered frtm the oar. Th trala was started and amid the cheering ct ths crowd, waving of flags and handkerchiefs, playing of ths band, left for Its destination, Fort Meade. It waa )ust glorious, and mad ons feel proud that hs wsa an American. Following is the roster ot the octn-pany: Captain, Bath Bullock; first lieutenant. M. B. Walla; second lieu tenant, James Custek. Ths non-oom-tnWa toned o Boers will ts appointed lat ter hy th captain. Following art tha names of tha privates: Fred B. ScDnslder, Chaa, F. Hofaa, John L. Corylttton, Jaa. H. Corcoran, Oeo. A. Maolarsn, Oeo. P. Thayer, akt U OUson, Milton & Rick el. JCU Deris, Harry T. Elliott, Wm. MoNIchoJg.ChU. M. Morris, Chaa, Largs, Wm. tttout. Chaa. r. flohauff, Thoa, Tally, Wm. Mo Coy, Andy Brown, Fred fiohn tiler, ' Chris Andersen, Oeo. R, Sanders. Ml-ohast Connolly, A. C Bmith, BsnJ. P. Atkins. Arch R. Flnlsy, Dwight Caa- Oso D. Shannon, Wm. Gibson, B. Balllnger, Bugsns Blodcstt, Wm. Beaudry, Wm. II. FrltseJI, Hush Ford, Wm. J. Oliver, Jus. Cue! ok, Titos. Farley. John W. Cook, Frank Buttsr- flsld, Thoa. firothsrson, Ralph 0. Pur Andrew Vcgsssot, Robsrt H. Ns- mtu, Ulyssss A. BlrJock, Wm. O.'sil, John 3. Conroy, John F. Kana, Jot W. Indguth, Michael McOollln, Franols C. Huston, Langs C. Linnstt, Harry Stevens, Dan Traaavlck, Oor&sllus Sullivan, Jesse B. Evmnreet, Jamas s!a-Brlds, Horses Roaa. rrsd A. Fryrssr, M si Tin Penn, Oornsllu Ford, MfcdtaH J. Mutltn. Fred Melkls. Fred Mniiaioa, Louis Carney, Xddlc Andarson, Jaa. H, Wing, Martin L Harrla, Harry a Reeds. Absalom Tubbett, Msrrttt U Day, Philip M. Ralnsy, Joa, D. Wljjtav Bugsna BUI well, Jaa. W Hilton, Ed. Oeorga, Fred L. Wales, Frank B. iao- ohon, Jamas M. Soarla, Arthur L. Col lins. Allan Miller. John Watklna, Mor. 8. Jot neon, Frank L, Lett, Ernest (kty, John P. Sumway. Prank . SOllwaa. Chaa. R. Lavrlmar, Ouy V. Hard acker. JohaThorsIL Oeo, Thaln. Wm. A. Rankin, Clarecos S Donglsr, Oeo. V. Taylor, Patrick H. Caffarty, Chaa. a Karcher, Jr., Rcy N. Ekutt, Alfred a Dtnrag, Jerry Sullivan, Wm. J. Stuart, Jacob Kuha, Joa. B. Huston, A. Max-saUous, BlaJock, Chaa. J. Mo1ta, Jdln tominsra. Th following recruits wtrs sxai&Ia- ad atvd Aoosptsd u member of troop C Black Hills volunteer cavalry, ye tar-day: Vernr Harlsy. R. IL Waush, Jamas P. Whitehead, Wm. DcTyla, A. A. Sohtf.U, Jamas Fait. S. R. Dinnkk, tin Hoey, John 0Lrrs, A. N. EJaoo, Chm. C. Voroe, P. W. Hagan, W. R Dwlaal, Otdaoa Andsraon, P. L. Cortas, U. C Orlac Bd. Burton, M. P. O'RslT.y. Harrsy Bahcook, Andrew Ctreftm, Hsa- ry etaphan, Jatta Orsnaha'w, Gsors T, Bttsr troop A Joa Foley, Chaunoey Foley, 'B. John Smith. Major Wells ard Doctor Kle"r b?l lor rort Meade Ust night and wlU M st Sjtosrfia Tuesday to atamisa and swear ta recruits, st fcxla r&artt on Wsdnssday. aad rstarc to Da4wosl on Thttrsday. .1 kZis'M U.a CU;i Kast (Special to P!or-Tl!Tie) Londaa, kay lLa U a,k t- chacga the report tat c t. .Urv Caps Verds scjusroa fc.ii returned ttt Cadis, waa gensrtry e1. - ., vitwj,a u,f vj.'iuuj -. rj; 7 . ed that should fh racxr provs trva, n It d tested ths latent km of f.. .'a t .tu, - ... , throw t tis ; w , i 1-1 1 West, Illflg, tli us c; : ,'Ui an atrty seiaea. Tlr'a li t ba troc z'y d '-'J ta 1 as4 c t : t: i ttjim ca C t-rt if : .. tVJ. 7 I 1 I aw I M Mrs. Hnnoavh Und. ISIS Eaal Loag otrout, ColumtMa, Ohio, to od of tne many onthustlaath: vdvooate of Pe-ru- n. She aays: "For many yearn 1 wra apbjet to nenrouanejaa, deapoa-dency and aantrwlgla, for whlcb doctors and remedies )ned of no list. A. Uat I waa penuaded to try Po-m-na. I found It to bo exactly tfi ratnody 1 had Vwm at) long la search of. It relieve tho lined, depressed feeling felt In spring trm at once. It never fall to ivotore to ma natural papettte and tho bent of aleep. It tuts cured permanently my old despondency and nuratgla, and I wonder why o many eopIe continue to suffer through spring and early summer whan Pe-ru-na Is out h a prompt and perfect relief. Aa a family medicine I bellev Parana to equaJ." It rellevea at onoecrar.n. colic. priMtratlon from beat, the 111-4 Ifecta of sudden chocking of praplrmtlun, and all other bad effects of hot weather. Aa a remedy Mr nervous prostration It has no equal, and the thouaanda of men and worn en, of this generation Who "hare nerves' find It a prlcereaM remedy. Every family should have a copy 01 "Fact and Faces." Finely lllutlmtd. One of the best book of teatlmonta'a ever publish. Sent free. Address the Pe-ru-n Drug Manufacturing Company, Colmbus, Ohio. Tucker A Baldy, Smith Block. Deadw'd Bt atreet Rogers, P. L., office at residence. Wllaon, A. D., Smith Block, Deadw'd St STATIONERY BTORES. Plshel's Bataar. Nn. 663 Main Bt. Flsbel, Max., No. 667 Main St. SALOONS, BEER HALLS, ETC American, No. 19 Lee St. Animon. Frits, No. 17 Lee St, Mullock BufTett. No. 4M Main Bt. lie a Mill, No. 667. Cor. Main A Lee Sta Hlachoff A Leaperence, 414 Main St. Green Front. No. 691 Main Bt. Uem Theatre. No. 619 Main Bt. Holler. Jamea, No. 609 Malo Bt. Holibouer. Geo.. No. 119 Bherman Bt. Midway, No. 6t0 Main 81. Mueller Bchlndter. No. 669 Main St. I'ete'a Exchange, No. 6AR Main Bt. Kuaael Hlgble, No. 6f8 Main St. Silver Star. No 696 Main Bt. Fraak X. Smith, Syndicate Block Smith. Harry. No. 626 Main Bt. The Brick. No. 631 Main Bt. The Lobby, No. 630 Main Bt. Th Bodega. No. 664 Main St. The Derby. No. 643 Main St. The Court, No. 74 Bherman St. TRANSFER LINES. Graham. Chaa. P. Feldhauaen, J, J. Bate, W. K. TAILORS. Dexter, T. A. B.. No. 30 Deadwood Bt Erlrkson, P., No. 671 Main Bt. Si hullan. E. A., No. 26 Lee St. UNDERTAKING AND EMBALMINO. Oaborn A Co., No. 61 Sherman St Roblnaon. H. A C. H . No. 64 Carney St. Smith A Whealen, No. 6:19 Main St. WHOLESALE ESTABLISHMENTS. Adama, W. E., Ororerlea, No. 66 Sherman atreet Butler, Oeo. M.. Jewelry, No. 644 Main St Goldberg. '. Groceries, No. 672 Main St. Herman", iquor. No. 6&7V Main Bt Hattenba.., J. 4k Bro.. OroceNea. No. 76 Sherman Bt Standard Caah Grocery, No. 47 Sherman St. Treber, John., Liquor. No. 670 Main Bt. WAOON8. CARRIAGE8, ETC. Flab A Hunter Co.. No. 631 Main Bt Verplait, Lew), No. 60 Sherman Bt NOTICE. 2nd Door. 3rd Boor. England Diiortdlti It, (Special to Plooenr-Tlraeal Pacta, May 10. Certain of th Pan papers, especially thoas pro-p&nlh, derota very mush apaoa thla afternoon to telegram from Madrid, which dotal! a great naval battla oft the coast of Porto Rkx, between the fiewta'of Spam and ths United State, ta wtldi flpaln chirm that It warships havs won a greai rtotory, sicking tnany Amorloaii (hips, 4ud oatterlDf th baJaac. iLondon, May 10. Th Madrid au tborkle continue to win report of an xtraortllnary bayaI nTifmnt oft the coast of Porto Rloo bstwasn. th United State and 8panWh floou, which, Spain elslms. mtjlted In complet victory for her ships. No details ot ths sngagsment a given, and while ths Brlllah suChorltlea ars certain tbAt a batU taaa been fougril today. thy generally discredit th report eomtng from Madrid, And (tr confident thAt should K prov tra th fleet) hav met that th Amsrkain squadron haa om out of tii nght rtotorloua. Ths news, howvrtr, Is , guseraUy bslisved in Spain, and today th people of Madrid ad other Spssuh cltlsa are wild wtth deltght ttlltd lor Manila, (Special to Plonaer-Times.) San PYancleoo, May 11. Th cruiser Charleston, wtlch for th pact two months ta been undergoing repairs si Mar Island osry yard. Vallsjo, sailed tor Manila today. It Is though that Its wilt us nlr mod erst mma nd tht h will wslt for tli Philadelphia and troop ships, srhlch will aatl tomorrow or nst day for ths Ptlllpptns, Th tail In of thee voasol will not k-ar the harbor of 8n Fraaoisoo a protscted, for hssld ths psnrsrfttl Isad bsjttsrksj sad forts whJot ooromAad Ut ntraaes to ths harbor, there U stationed there tfc flrst-slaas, asvffcdrtg dotxhj-turrtd Bicnrtors, Monad nock and Mcmtarsy, ithr onl eapsbl ot hoMlng bsr ova ialnst any battlsxolp U ths wgrM, n4 chsr la Also a eloed of t1it-drautht a4 auzUlary erahwrs resdy for (wttt f 5St? Plsailng Flood ol Enthusiasm. A flood ot patriot ki snthuium struck Deadwood yesterday morn inf. , and its tide ebbed ami flowed through out tne city all the day long, it reached ta greatest height, however, when A troop, Deadwood volunteer cavalry, bosrded the waiting train at th lower Main street dope of th Klkhorn pre-paratory to going Into camp at Fort Meade, from where they will, so aoon aa they have acquired a knowledge ot military tactics be sent to ths front. The outburst was apontanwma, anl came from the hearts of every one ot the 8,000 people who took patt In th demooetratkm. which had been arranged to bid the boy good-bye and GoJ speed. Mothers, latere and sweet-hsiru ware there, tsar dimmed thear eye and whHs they endeavored to look pieasant and keep brsy heart, thai? quivering Hp and tsar-stalnd nheesis told of th wealth of affection carried away by the brave lade who willingly win arrmc their lives for the glory ana nonor of thslr country and lu flag. ratneric and a IT or ting were many of the parting scenes, "but whether thev wars In ths press of tli surging crowl or In som secluded spot, ail who wit nessed them reapeoted chose engaged in tne leave-taking, lifted their hats and turned away, lest tha sorrow ot parting friends and relatives mlrht bring a suspicion of uodator to tbstr own eyes But In all tha sadness Dt ws gooa-iDyss eotf V heard nought hut words of snoouraisDieat for th a . ... brave boys who will probably bs forcsd to Taos wis terrors ot war or the mis ery ot peeUienos In sort far-away land ana wnn tears welled trtta ores whos trusting glances gave oouraga and a de-lr to deserr them, their ei praised and cheered loved ones who formed th first volunteer troops to ba neruMed in ths Black Hill, blessed their cause and cheered them a they sped away. Thar war elihty-one of ths boy in the troop which left Deadwood yesterday morning, and a mors tuUlllgent, manly and good-look Inc company rt would hav been hard to find fa any city. Th troop had teen recruited from every town In tha northern min ing district of ths Kills, some from Terry, Lead, Central, Tsrravlll and Carbonate, hut th majority wars from Deadwood. all. however, anxious to serve under Beta BuAtook. and equally anxious to see terries, Saturday night the boys had beea ordered An report st the recruiting slat loo at ths Cltr hall in Deadwood at I o'clock, and bring at few a rude of personal use as would bs absolutely necessary, tmt esDselsJIr should they bring fclaxtkf. Thsy fol- lowed Instructions to ths very loiter and when assembled for tnsosotlon wars In ihs lightest of marching order. It was a fsw minute before I o'clock wfcen ths first contingent reported at th City halt. It earns Iron Tarry, and Its entrance to th efty waa ths signal for enthusiasm to break loose. The boy wer cheered hy svoryorj thsy passed. Than cam th lads from Head, headed by a rife and drum oorna. Blar ing Inspiring martial moale, and acoompanlad hy a large number ot towns men. Sturdy fellow they wer. and marched wttfh exactness and precision, Then the crowd began to assemble aa4 In a few more eat ths streets surround ing the City hall wars a surging mass ot people. Ths national colors wars everywhere to bs seen and soma ot ths people, not con test to havs decorated themselves wtth rod. whit and feus ribbons wore Amerloaa flan In thslr buttonholes and noma of tha woman used them tor trtmsniaga to their bonnets and hair. It was a thnroufhly patriotic crowd, and it rnqtilrsd hut th mention of a natrlotto aratknsnt to start tt off Into voiiey ohaarins. Iry arrval ot tha volunteers received a glo rious welooms and emery member of th troop wu oocrajtulatsd hy ths crowd. Ths entire traoo was scon aasenv bled, and after roll sail waa formed In line tn front ot ths hatt, and prsosdsd by an ascort oompoasd tt ths 0. A. R. vsisrans, ths school cdilUrea, brass bands sod a flfa and dram aorps, took up thslr march tor tha wilting train on iowr Mala srtreet Every tap of thaw way to th oars was aa ovatloa and ths people seemed to go wild with psArtet- lo ardor. Flas war flying and tha buildings along tb Use of stares draped wtth bunting. Centals Ballook sd ths rscruks, and toArohlog at his slds was a winsome little mlas areas sd la red, white and bins, tt waa aa Inspiring spectacl and many amonf ths met throng which crowded ths si dare-elk and overflowed mta tha stniets snvted ihs boy in thslr MtnaphAttt march. Th school children, taaao4 hy tSaatr teachers, each carry lag aa American flag, seemed to oaloh tha he arts of tha crowd and It was on ooatfcHted cheer all along tbstr lias at tnsuTdt. Tha vete rans ot tne rats war earn ki for thslr share of applause and ohsnrlnt. but rhen ths recruits tors la slht It ssemad. as though H&dssauiaa had beea let tosss sod tong lUr the hoys had passed ths ohsechtf sontlirasd. Ths baod and drum eorja ftetd ths national airs &A srrary aakoa waa ohrd to the echo, When th tvosaaloa rtMai the de pot It found aa koxtrss orsrrj la wilting and here astla. it retetvad emothsr splendjd creatioau Erery arallrls ipaca on tha fewJibt taai it tLs rwls on tha track and asca tls t.ona was oceuptsd, and mVZ to lis grm&m aumhar tha marchers cf H trocp war transara. atiM U avtry tt llirtm tha hops ttAt lit tcra iU kziH thnssJTsa waU asl tU fttn to C- Arrtnglnj Our Forces to Drive Them From Cubt and the Philippine Islandc Newt From the Ntvy Sptin Has ManyTroublesto Look After tt Home. Reports From the Sptnlsh Cape Verde Fleet Order Concentrating Volunteers. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmea) lamps. May . Arrangements hav been completed for the transportation of troop to Cuba, and within twenty- four hour from the time order are re-eel red an overwhelming force ot American oidlrs b landed upon th Is.and. Th fleet of transport, how ever, will not sail until It Is definitely known that Admiral Sampson's fleet ha met and vanquished ths Spanlah armada, then 40,000 troop will btrutn-d aoroa ths ehannsl. Washington, May . General Miles, rn aa Interview with your corrupoo- dent, said this morning:" W hav decided to send 60,000 troops to Cuba. Ths first division of 15,000 regulars, Major General Shifter commanding, will Lart on Wednesday: and th sec ond division. Major General ntihufa Lss oommandlnc, SS.OOO oluntesrs, will etart aa soon aa a base ot middIIs And operations has been astAbllshsd." Th general expressed himself conn- dent that ths Amer'can troop would experience llttl difficulty Jo ffectlng a Undlng, and that one established. would be abl to withstand or defeat any Spanish force Which might be thrown against It. Sampson's Splindid Ships. (Special to Pioneer-Times) Cape Hsytlen. May . Th American Beet, under Admiral Sampson, was sighted oft this ptao early this morning. Th flagship Now York, Indiana, lows. Detroit, Amphttrlte, Puritan ths last two monitor and two transports. Watching (or thi Emmy. (Special te Pioneer-Time) Klngaton, Jamaica, May I. From vassals Just Arrived M la learned that th cruisers St, Louts, Harvard and Yale hav en sighted doing patrol duty In th Virgin and Mona passage, and ths waters ssat And nut of Htytt, wstohlng for th approach of Spanish war vessels. At ths time of writing this dispatch no Spanish warships have been sign bid. Rsady fqp hi Philippine, (Special to Ploaeer-Tlmee) San Francisco, May . Troops hav been concentrating in Ban Francisco for at week past and there are now avadkxbl In ths city S.OCO eta militia ready for erobarkaUon to th Phillip pines. It la srpectad that th troopi will start for tlM far-off Island 1ST week. Tie t&so art All (n An feRT, and are ready tor eav adventure whloh may present ftsslt. Th troops will bt composed of th aohaot of th finest manhood of th Paclflo coast and may be depended upon to uphold ths honor of the flag wherever It t oarrled. A flns fleet ot transport ha been c gaged to convey then to ths Islands, and wtthu th next three weeks tny will havs rslnforosd Admiral Dsway' oom-mand. The Ortjon i:l Right. (Special to Ptoaeer-Ttmea) Bah la, Brssll, May . Ths Oragon, acoompanlad by th guaboat Mirletu, ha arrived at thai pott and will tin-medltsly proceed northward. Bh n-Urtd ths harbor to reoelv Instructions whloh have bees ewaJUa" her bsr. Ths Nrxhsroy, which Is A Cast steaming rssssl, Is xpu4 o oveftak th two war veseele tomorrow. The orew and officer ot ths Oreaon airt her consort lAugnsd At ths (bats rprossed thAt they might run Into tts SpaAlsh Beet, and all expressed a dnslrs that such might bs thslr fortuns. ths Oregon's oocomsndsr declaring thAt Should sh do so, th ebso wotrM give s good o-eouot of hsrsslt. Rslnforcing Porto Rloa, (BpsmI to Ploaerr-TlBM) Kingston, JamaJcs. May I. It I stated hers that ths gtcremor of fan Juan d Porto Rico, rocsntly rsostvsd order from MadrM to provtd at once rations for 40,t00 troops, e asked ta Madrid officials what tfcm t wu to eipect ths troops to arrtv and recslvw ths following tsrs sod short reply: "Moreaents of th fpAMl tsst are atrtstly seerst. Tour question cannot be answered. Be nepared." Slchtai tha tpaniali Frtti (Bwaotal t Pteowar-) Cape Haytien, May S Aiocordlng to AdTtoss rsostrsd today ifrom th of Marttalous, th Soaalsh fleet ha been sights off ths tavthssst coast of thAt katsBd. Spain Mi a Cal Xixj. ftpll ta HisasrTtss.) tm, lay l.-Ti hnrsra sod rtotlaf to th fviBDwi ooetclatrs, ks- TUB EXCELLENCE OF SYKIP OF FISS l due not only to th nlnla al Id aa .1 almpllclty of tint cmininallon. but alao to th care uu.l hklil with which it Is manwfacturd by hdi-ntiflo prrxfsae known to the Caui oNNu i'io bvnt-r Co. only, an.t we wian to ImprvM upon AU the importance of purvha.lnir the trus and orlfinal remedy. A th genuine Syrup ..f Flo manufactured by the Cai.ik iiinu Fio 8rncr Ca only, a kuowU-ue uf that fact will MaUt one lu avoLling- th worthies imitations mauufacturrd bv other par tlea. The hljrh atumllntf of the Cali-roAHU Fio Srurr Co. with tli medl-Cai profession, and tho satisfaction which the st'iiuine Syrup of rip-s has rvn to milll.HiH of families, make, the name of tiie ( ompnny a ruaranly Of th xcvllenue of It remedy. It U fsr in advance of al) other laxative, AS It sou on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, ami It dot's not gripe nor nauseate. In otdcrtopt It beneficial effect, pleas remember the nam of th Company CALIFORNIA PIG STRUP CO, 41 riUNrCS, Cat UCtSflLLE, K. NKW TSKK. W. . pits strenuous efforts to suppress them. There wire several riotous demonatra-tkxos today at Cadli and Alloant and th trouble ars expected to spread. 8hould Sampson train victory over th Cap Vsrd fleet. Spain will be In s ttAt of Anarchy from ons end to th Other. Martial law has already bean p roc), toed In the prov I noes of Alba-oaitt sad Juan, and th civil guard In attempt to suppress rioting, hav kill. ed many cltlsems. Salt In Porto Rioo. (Special to Ploaeer-Tltnee) Porto Rico. Mar 9.-Tb battUahlo Alphonso XIII., th most powerful ve ael In the Spanlsn navy, reached this port today, and th people are wildly enthusiastic over 11 arrival. Waahlngton. May I. The authorities her are at a loss to account for th presence of th Alphonso XIII. In Porto Rloaa water, aa It waa confidently believed, until today, that she was still In th harbor ot Cadis. How We Will Do It. (Special to Ploneer-Ttmea) Washington. May . At a inealai cabinet meeting today tt wu decided First, to annihilate th Bpttiih navy. ven should It be necessary to cross the Atlantic to do so. Second. To begin a land movement on Cuba at ones. In order to fores th Spanish to a surrentter. Third. To back up Dewey with s fores sufficient to sublugai all th wu and In th Philippine. Fourth. Th occupation of all th Islands, Including Porto Rloo, with s tores sufficient to control them, and to do all these things regardless of the number ot men ncary to so It, Honoring Bravi Man. (Speoial to Pioneer-Tt men. Washington, May 8. Coogreea today passed a bill appropriating $10,000 tor ths purpose of presenting Admiral Dew ey of the Aslatlo squadron with sword and tor striking off medals for Che officers and men who took such a famous part Is th hatUs of Manila bay. Coo great also passed a resolution promoting Dewey to the rank of rear admiral. Voluntatis Ordend Out (Special to Pioneer-Times) Washington, May S. Ths entire United Btatsa army has been ordered out Fifty thousand hav been ordered to Cfetokamauga; 26,0000 to Washing ton; 6,000 to San Fracolsco, 4,000 M San Antonio and 1,000 to New Orleans. All others art to report at ones to tns department commander and tor ooait defense reserve Wlntlow Win! i Fight (Special to Plosser-Ttm) Key West, May 10. This morning, while reooo not taring oft Cardenas, th llul torpedo boat Wlaa'.ow was sud denly set upon by three Spanish gun-boa'ja. Although a fast boat 14 knots an hour ths Wlnslow would not run without putting up a fight, and th en-g4Ttnetit which followed readied in ths oomnlet destruction of on of th Spanish ffuoboata. After inflloUng a much dat&acw upon ths enemy as ens oould ths gallant lrttle craft withdrew from ths fight, her cowardly anemlea not daring to follow. This achlsve- msot ot ths Wtnslow must bs taken Aa A great feat when H hi fwosidersd that eh carries only three-pounder guns. Sasksrs after gold know thty may bs dlssapointsd. but seeker after kealth take Hood's SaraaparUla with ths tttaost eon&dsnes thAt tt will do tham wonderful good. Hood's Pills are th only pill ts tak wtth Hood's (UruBarlUa. JCasy, yet i&ettat, Ths icharactsr of th Spanish peopl may ha judged by the fact that on th Sunday after ths virtual declaration of war. a hull fight at Madrid drew aUrg coooourss of people who forgot all about ths war ta Interest ta tha sanguinary soctdost. ATTORNEYS AT LAW. ' Bennett. O. O.. No. 40 Lee St. Browa. Kred M., Syndicate Mock, No 63H Main 8t. Burn.. J no. H No. 40 81. Davl a Oavla. Smith Mock. Deadwood St. Yank. A. K.. No. 7 Hhernian at. eFrawley Lany. Smith Mock. Deadwood atreet. Hare. It. C. No 3.1 Si . Kellar. Chamber. No. 40 U-e St. Moody, O. '., No. 40 I St. Moody. J. C. No. 40 be St. McLaughlin A Mclaughlin. No. (70 Main street. Moody WaahabaiiKh. No. 40 Lee 8t., Moody WanhalmiiKh Mock. Martin Maaon. Martin Maaon Mock, Cor. Sherman and Hradwood 8la. Ogden. K. N.. No. 670 Main St. Kir. I'olley. Syudliate Mock. No..34) Kiln Bt. Temple a MrUunh.ui, Martin a Maaon Block. WtiKon. Jno. H . No. r Syndicate Bik. Kdwln Van (Mae, No. 40 Lee St. ASSAYEKS. Bang Rroa., No. 63 llroariway. Lyon. M. II.. No. 3" Lee St. Maloney. K. M . No. 41 I'lne St. V. H. Aaaay Ufflca. No. 112 Main St. HANKS. Amerlran National, No. 6fS3 Main 8L rirat National, No. Main St. ntK)TS AND SHOES. Bloom, Bui, No. 6f,l Main Bt. Chaaa, 1. II., No. 604 Muln St. Kargo. J. W No. 4(8 Main St. Hatnea, Juo. C, No. (4b Main St. Karcher, Chaa., (exclusive dealer) No. (51 Main St. Lowe, W. R. Not. 6T7. 67!,f.81 Main Bt. New York Store, No. (4 Sherman St. Vorplaat, Lvwla, No. 60 Sherman St. Zlpp, C. K.. lexclualve dealer) No. 605 Mala atreet. BOOT AND SlltiR M ANl'KACTUKKRS AND KKPAlltEKB. Knttnilnger, Jno. M . No. 647H Main St. Bobn, John, No. 6 Leo Bt. BAKERIES. Bran.flald, Mr., No. 95 Sherman 8t. Vienna Bakery, U. P. Kraaler. Prop., No. 675 Main St. Reuppvl. Martin, Sherman St. oppoalt D. M. I'aaa. Depot. BARDEIt SHUl'H. Breeding Sprinkle. No. 24 Lee St. Berry. A. L.. No. 6!4 Malti St. Carney, Chaa , No. 11 Lee St Davla, I. II.. Nr 44U Main St. Kord. Joaeph, N i. :". Ue St. Ollvkhauf, John, No. tloo Main Bt. Oerard, J. H . No. 71 Main St. Hart, K. P., Hullork Hotel. Mulbolland, 8 . No. 44 Sherman St. Mooney, 11. J., 414' Main Bt. BLACKSMITHS, 1I0RRKS!I0KKS AND KRI'AIK SHOPS. Cheney, R. V., No. 416 Main St. Hogarth Broa. a Ilotlaon, No. (05 Main St. Moore, W. H , No. 11, 13 I'lne St. Peter, M. B , No. 144 Sherman St. Thompeon. N. O., No. Tot) Main Bt. BATH HOUSES. Berry. A. U. No. 694 Main St. City Bath Houae, No. 8744 Main St. Blng Kee, No. 18 Broadway. CITY OFFICERS. Mayor's Office No. 7& Main St Mayer Sol Star Auditor W. A. Ickea. Attorney W. O. Rice. Engineer A. D. Wtlaou. Deputy Engineer P. M. Tucker. Marahal M. J. Donovan. Treaaurer II. UlacholT. City Aaaeaaor R. K. Orlmahaw. City Janitor F. 8. Ay era. Policemen John Mclnerney, Walter Simp-eon, Henry Donovan. Chief of Fire Department Jamea Frawlry. City and Police Juatlre P. H. Early. Health Officer Dr. L. F. Babcock. Councllmen Dan O'Connell and Jaa. W. My era. let Ward: 1). A. Mci'heraoo and Jaa. Munn. lnS Ward; John Treber and W. H. Moore, rd Ward; Jullua Kebaa-m.n and W. F. Peck, 4th Ward. I CHURCHES AND REUOIOl'S SECTS. Congregational. Oermaa Lutheran. Ptrat Baptlat. Metbodlat Epltcopal. Presbyterian. St. Ambroae. Bt. John'a. Salvation Army Barracks. No. 616 Mats It. COURT HOUSE OFFICIALS. Court Houae, No. 71 Sherman St. Matt Plunkett. Sheriff. jaa. Ft. Harris. Deputy Sheriff. Alei Bart rand. Jailer. Jno. Wlltoo, Treaaurer. Nell Mcbonough, Deputy Treaaurer. Fred Corum, Clerk. Lewie R. Caulfleld. Clerk of Courta. A. O, Smith, Deputy. Jaa. B. Welch, Auditor. Herbert A. Cable, Deputy. A. R. Oarreteon. AaaUtant. Thoa. H. Ruaeell. Reglater of Deed. C. H. Savage, Deputy. Percy Rutaall, Aialitant. aflat Kate Ruaaell, AaaUtant Mlea Laura Ruaaell. Aaalatant. ailss Kate M. Kemper, Bup't. of School. Hon. Jos. B. Moor. Judge Circuit Court. Wm. A. P.ln.nart, County Judge. W. W. Olddlng. County Aaieeeor. Wm. Whitehead, Coroner. J. M. Plan, Commla.lonor. Jtobt. Stuart, Commlaaloner. John Ruaeell, Commlaaloner. Henry Waahlngton, Janitor. CLCTHINO, QENT8' FURNISHINQ. Bloom. Sol. No. Ml Malo St Chaa. I. M. No. 604 Main St. Fargo, J. W No. 441 Main St Low, W. I. No. 677. 678.681 Main St. Roaenthal. Sol, No. 661 Majn St. Soellner Broa. Co., No. 647 Main St. CARPZNTERS AND Bl'ILDERS. Carver. J H.. eor. Rroadway and Oold Bt. Hart D. D . No. 407 Mala St. M alien Munn. No. 68 Broadway. Shaw, A., No. 11) Sherman 8t. Wllaon. J. M , No. 691 Main St CLOTHING AGENTS. DeLsroy, Harry, No. 61 Sherman St. CHINESE GOODS. HI Xee Co.. No. t0 Main Bt. Wing Tsue. No. 666 Main Bt CIGARS, TOBACCO. CONFECTIONERY. Berry, A. L.. No. 64 Sherman St Cfcloago Cigar Store. No. 171 Mala St Co1, ., No, 641 Main St Csiaaaaa, Nathan. No. 6M Mala lt Hayea. Mm. K A . No. 6.16 Main Bt. Huyett, lieo. W.. No. St. Jacoba. D . No. M Main St. Lowerre. Al., No. 41! Sherman St. Moherly. H. l . No. 7. Charlea Bt. l atteraon. J.weph. No. Ill Sherman Bt. Sander. I' D . No. l' Sherman St. C NK K ' T I ) N K It Y STORES. Flanaaan. Mr. J L., No. 724 Main St, Woodbury. A. E , No. Si Sherman Bt. DENTISTS. Garni. P.. No. 6T.2V Main St. Oraham, J II , D. D. S.. over Plrat Na tional Dank. Nell, W. L.. Clark Building Bherman St. DltnOISTS. 41 Kee a To.. No. tM Main St. Palace Pharmacy. N. B. Franklin, Prop. No. 649 Main St. Deetken, Jullua. No. 6,'d) Main St. I'hllllpa. K. U., No. 662 Main St. Wing Taue, No. 666 Main St. Wilcox Pharmacy, No. M Sherman Bt. DRY GOODS. rhaae. I. H . No. 64 Main St. Fargo, J. W.. No. 448 Mcln St. Halnet, Jno. (' . No. 6 If. Main Bt. Ixwe. W. P.. Nik. 677, 679. 6H1 Main Bt. I.tctimmn. M., Noa. 6X8. 6!0 Main St. New York Store, No. 64 Bherman St. V ertbhelmer. M. J., Bro.. No. 403 Main atreet. DRESS MAKERS. Wagenen. Mri. Nellie, No. 674V Main Bt. Wllion. Mra. H. A.. No. 13 Bherman St. Lane, Mlas L. 8 . No 6sS Main Bt. Reed. Madame.. No. 677 Main St. EXPRESS COMPANIES. Adama, tt. M. Thompaon, Aft., No. 6u6 Main St American, Geo. II. Porler, Agt., No. 674 Main Bt. KIIINITURK. Caah Furniture Store. Joaeph Vincent, rop., No. 4H Sherman Bt. DeMnuth. P. G.. Noa. 68. 70, 72 Bherman St. Schwartiwald. Sam, No. 620 Main St. StBith Wh. al. ii, No. 3 Main St. FANCY GOODS. Flahel'a Baiuar, No 663 Main St. Klshel, Max. No. 607 Main Bt. Llebmann, M . No. 6N8. 6'.i0 Main St. New York Store. No. 64 Bherman St. PEED ST AISLES. Calhoun Broa.. No. C39 Main St. Damon. J.. No. 7:'6 Main Bt. Haymarket, Frank Keller. Prop., No. 32 Main St. McGIII, Henry. No. 705 Main St. GOVERNMENT OFFICE8. Government Aaaay Office, P. J. Mlnlter Al- ayer In Charae. No. 612 Main St. V S. Clerk'a omce. No. 6!7 Main St. . S. Attorney'. Office, No. t'.H Main Bt. GLASSWARE, CROCKERY. ETC. DeMouth. P. O . Noa. 68. 70, 72 Bherman St Schwarttwald. Sam. No. 620 Main Bt. Smith Whealen. No. 639 Main St. GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS. Arnold Broa., No. 668 Main Bt. Adame. W. E.. No. 63 Sherman St. Flah Hunter Co., No. 631 Main St. Fargo, J. W., No. 448 Main St. Ooldberg, J., No. 672 Main St. Hattenbach. J. A Bro., No. 79 Bherman St. HI Kee Co.. No. 660 Main St. Lubben, J. A 11.. No. 408 Malo St. Parker. L. M . No. 606 Main St. Standard Caah Grocery. No. 48 Sherman St. The People Store. J. DeHerry, Prop., No. 74 Sherman St. HARDWARE BTORES. Ay re 4 Warduian Hardware Co., No. 641 Malo St. Bullock Hardware, Star A Bullock. Props., No. 637 Main St. DeMouth. P. G.. Noa. 8, 70. 72 Sherman St Flah Hunter Co.. No. 100 Sherman St. Griffith Hardware Co.. No. (6 Sherman Bt Stearn Co.. No. 727 Main St. VerVarplaat, Lewie, No. 60 Sherman St. HARNESS. SADDLES. ETC. "Mae Th Saddler." No. 666 Main St. Smith, A. M., No. 692 Main Bt. The Ark. No. 68. 70, 72 Sherman Bt. VerVerplaat. Lewla, No. 60 Sherman Bt. HAY GRAIN. ETC. Proat Broa.. No. 119 Sherman St Lubben, J. H.. No. 408 Main St. MrGlll, Henry, Noe. 711. 713 Main St Stearna Co., No. 737 Main Bt. Smith, P. D.. Smith Block. Deadwood St. HOTELS AND BOARDING HOUSES. Bullock Hotel. No. 633 Main St. Cottaa Doardlna Houae, No. 418 Main Bt. Frlendahlp Hotel, No. 120 Bherman St. Oillmore. No. 440 S. Williams St. Irvine, No. 93 Sherman Bt. Keyatone, Noa. 6X0. 6X2, Main St. Sherman Hotel. No. 88 Sherman St. HACK LINES. Chaaee, L.. Deadwood to Central. Oroabong Broa., No. 38 Pine St. McCilntnrk, Deadwood to Bpearnsh. O'Nell Bros., Deadwood to Two Bit. Talbot, E., Deadwood to Central. Whitford. C. A., Deadwood to Lead. JUSTICES OP THE PEACE. Wilson. Oeo. M . No. l Main St Early. P. H.. City Building. Cor. Main and Deadwood St. JEWELRY STORES. Butter, Oeo. M.. No. 644 Main St. Dowd. T. ., No. 21V, Lee St. DaCoata. S. A., No. 694, Sherman St. Gillette, D. M.. No. 669 Main St. Snyder, A. P., No. 651 S Main St LUMBER Flah A Hunter Co.. No. too Bherman Bt. Stearns Co., No. 737 Main 8t. LAUNDRIES. Black Hill Steem Laundry, Mr. L. Plan ders. Prop., Noa. 10 and 12 Pin St. Hung Hang. No. tU Main St. Hot Ku. No. 10T Sherman St Quo f Wen. No. 618 Mai Bt. Sing Lee, No. (8 Sherman St Sam Wah, No. 626 Main St. Wah Leo, No. 607 Vi 8t. Wong Waugh, No. 17 Sherman St. LODGING HOUSES. Clark House, No. 44. Leo Bt. Bern Is, Mrs. M. A.. Syndicate Block, corner Main and Lee Sta. Grand Central, Mlas Jennie Kueae, Prop.. No. 664 H Main St., n stairs. Hunter. T.. No. 668 Main St. Holraer, Miss T., No. Toavfc Main It Millar. Mrs. U, No. It, 41 Leo St PLUMBERS. Ayrea and Wardman Hardware Co., No. 4i Main Bt. Flanagan. J. L.. No. 724 Main Bt. Sullivan, Krnney 4k Flarihlem, No. 66 Sherman St. PAINT SHOPS. Gallup. Oeorgn, Charlea Bt. Parker. O. T.. No. 41 Bherman Bt. Sanderaon, H. L. Wllllama A Son. Martin and Mason Block, Deadwood St. RAILROAD DEPOTS. Burlington. No. 47 Main St Elkborn. Deadwood at. RESTAURANTS. Chicago. "Big Jake" Prop.. No. 623 Main atreet. Dakota. No 2fiV. Lee St Delmonlro, Mrs. Mary Weyman. Prop., Smith Block. No. IT Deadwood St Hlckey. Mra. N.. No. 21 Lee It. Philadelphia. Wu Won Co.. Prep.. No. 6.14 Main St. Palac rafs, Warner Bro , Prop'., No. 23 Lee St. Lincoln. Wong You. Prop., No. 616 Mala tt St. Louie. No. 627 Main Bt. Bprague. W. H., lunch room. No. 611 Mais street. Syndicate, Bya., Block, L. P. Stone, Prop., Main St "The Only." Ho Kong. Prop., No. 62 Mala atreet. The Club. Sing You. Prop.. No. 671V Mala street REPAIR SHOPS. BICYCLES. ETC. twla. R. W.. No. 44 Sherman St Blewere. C. L.. No. 607 Main St. SMELTERS AND REDUCTION WORKS. D. and D. Smelter. Golden Reward Works. Chlortnatlon Works. STOCK BROKERS. Raker. John. No. V Leo St Baggaley. John. No. 691 Mala it. Co 4 Kdmonda. Syndicate Block. Leo Bt. Evana fivana. Syndicate Block, Lee St Roealter ft Co., No. I Leo Bt Belhl. Wm., No, II Lee St Young A Harris. Syndlcata Block. Lao It SURVEYORS. Andrwn, R. 0 No.63SV Mala St Carter. T. O., Elkhem raaa. Depot Chapman, N. M. Hopkln. Oeo. 8., Waltakar Block. Deadwood St Hal nee. Prod 8.. Elkaora Pea. Depot Jeweti A Joeea, SyndloaU Block, ooraat Mala A Leo St pMk, Prank, at roatdanea. i

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