The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 5, 1898 · Page 3
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1898
Page 3
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! the f;:::::j3 ostby. tar as practicable: IT&OT Opening aa Inejvtae to Cuba or the naval farce for the landing . of it waa aa attempt to create a trust by parol and because th testimony effer. ed In support was vague and uncertain, and further because there waa no con IMPORTANT CUBAN SEAPORT IS TAKE! C08T OF WORLD'S WARS. Tli United 8tates Alone Has Spent 680.000 Live and Ten Billion of Dollars. AroerVa has spent l,000,ouo,ooo in fighting Oie Indians since 1778. In tbfee forty-odd ws 18.000 whltus an l INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION. At th Oeaeva Conference to wrung International disputes, there was strenuous advocacy on the part of the United Statee and other powers la favor of the settlement of national differences as ap boundaries, port customs duties, Ac, by aa international court and not by the bloody arbitration of war. But like many other' subjects, reasonable enough in their origin, R haa died out of men's minds. But there is a theme of comment, and that la the Incomparable fine effects of Hoetetter's Stomach Bitters in cases of dyspepsia. Nordoes th world and his wif comment less WAR DECLARED. Now take advantage of ths fight and hav your picture mad at 81 per doe, abiuet else, full figure, only one per on on the picture at fiat prlo. Thla price will last but a abort time. I sjj make e cut In all grades tor a short tlm only. I have rtnUd th gallery on Sherman street, opiwslte th post-office In Deadwood. and will make work cheap tcr a Urn, In ordr to get advertised on short noi.lo and then I ill rata my prlco up to th standard. My gallery will open up for bualneae Tuesday, April 12th, Com In and get the benefit of the low prices. Ail are Invited to call and see the new gallery. Crayon pictures made -free ot charge. C. F. PETERSON. TI13I VOLUffTKRS ARB COMINO. (Contributed). Mi Klul.jr we are eorutn At our I'rr.KI. ill's roumiaod. North and Kouth, Eaal aSd West, Krura a r.'-unltrd land. MrKlnlt-r. we are cumins IhouMUj, tiuodrtdtwrnty-ave, Vglunltnr from all the elates, IJke bet arming from tbt-lr hive. MiKlulry, we are comlui Krom tin' farm, the shop aud ature. If you think wt'r not suouib. You rsj hsv a million more. MtKlnlvy, w are com In a Krom the mountain aod the plain, Krom ori-aon to Urorsla. Jut to take a shut a tipaln. MrKliiley. we are coming Our war eaalra proudly soar. Our ships are cleared for action And their buds deRance roar. Mi Klnlvy, w are coming Mart'hlns at our country'a call. Now the stars and stripes above ua (July honor wbea we fall. McKlnley, we are coming Aa before our sires have done, At tbe call of martyr'd Lincoln And Qenrral Wsshlngton. I . IS I sideration of the contract The court urtained the motion and dismissed the action. CONCENTRATES. Th report that James Julius and Others had purchased the Interest ot Andrew Haletead In the Little Plu and Little Blue fraction, was Incorrect so far as Mr. Julius Is concerned. He hae owned an eighth Interest in th former and a third Interest In the lat ter for some time but has made no re cent purchase. In 1897 one-tenth of the Il.678.u00 ounces of gold produced waa due to the cyankde process. Only within th last tea rear haa the knowledge been utilised that gold la soluble In a solu tion of the cyanide of potassium. Gold- bearing saada and ore of a low avers- can be profitably worked by tbl pro cess alone, aad the Increasing yield at the metal la in part due to the fact. In a South African mine ore containing over So of gold per ton la profitably handled. At drat pounds ot cyanide per ton waa used, but the quantity re quired now la half a pound, the oper ations having been greatly improved. HSRCULES MININO CO. The Hercules company's shaft on Two Bit is 126 feet deep at present and Is going down at the rate of two feet per day, which Is rapid work oonsldsr-lag the dimensions of the shaft, it be ing the largest In the country. Mr. Harris haa made a diagram of the fo mation showing the strata, with the depth of each stratum of material. At the top waa lime ahale 88 feet thick, then a three-foot layer of porphyry highly mineralised with globules of pyrites that looked like copper, from wbioh fair aaaaya were had. Below this was a layer of trachyte 23 fet thick, then another layer ot porphyry, two feet thick, the material containing pyrites. Below this was another bed of trachyte 26 feet thick, and leaving TERMS USED IN ARMY AND NAVY. Just now, -when everybody Is interested In the movements of the army navy, the average reader is not unlikely to become confused with th multiplicity of terms and titles employed la the newspapers. He may make the mistake, for Instance, of thinking that a captain la the navy la the equal la rank of a captain In the Infantry, or that a captain In the Infantry Is a bigg er man than a navy lieutenant. H may be Interested to know that there are two kinds of squadrons, on which run on land and one which travels oa the water; that a regiment of artillery guns each, and that a regiment of cavalry la composed of twelve traps, two or more of which form a squadron. The relative rank of the officers of th army and nary and ths divisions In the formation of thee two brtaobes of th service are as follows: RELATIVE RANK OF THE OFFICERS OF THE ARMY AND NAVY. Army. General, or commander-in-chief. Lieutenant general. Major general. Colonel. Lieutenant colonel. Major. Captain. First lieutenant. 8econd lieutenant the relief ship wJch Is to bear supplies for the reconeeotrados, and th oo-operatloa of the United States naval and lead forces with the Ineurgsnts in driving the Spanlah from the island. SECOND Preventing the Spanlah fleet bow at IsaniUa, at th Phillipplns Islands from joining forces with th Spanish fleet at Cape Verde Islands and in Cuban waters. THIRD That the blockade at Ha vana be enforced against Manilla. FIFTH The Flying Squadron to be held at Fort Monroe as a reserve fiter, but to be draws upon if necessary U protect unfortified coast cities. The Flymg tHikadron may reinforce the Sampson Bquadron, SIXTH Guarding the approaches on the north middle Atlantic coasts by regular warships end auxiliary cruls- k The original plaa contemplated the performance of this duty by vessel manned by laval reserves, but th change was compelled by advices received of the sailing of the Spanish fleet tram Cadis wlflh Instructions to bombard unprotested cities of the aoth Allan tie coast SOVBMTH Hurried preparations for the UaaaportaUon of th land forces now at Chlcamauga to Tampa tor embarkation to Cuba, (These orders ars now being executed with all poael-lbs speed.) 3MOHT iMa lutonanr of the state militia forces whtoh have reported ready' ta aa advanced state of orga nisation, with a view of calling them to foMow th regular army force now mobilised at Cnloennanga i s The taanlta Fleet. (pedal te rtoaeer-Tlaes.) Washington. April 3.-d0 a. m.- Word has just bean received at the na vy department that the Spanish fleet and torpedo flotilla sailed from St. Vincent, Cape Verde Islands, at 1:20 this morning, going la a southerly direction. NoChlng eouM he learned as to It destination ae It left under sealed orders. Paris, April X8. U m. The Spanish fleet sailed from Cape Verde Islands today, one-half got g to Cuba, the other halt to the Philippine Islands. London, April 31. 13 p. m. Cables from St. V'ncent declare that while putting out to sea this morning the Spanlah squadron lost He area test battleship, the Cristobal Colon, which blew up, killing the entire crew. While the cause of the explosion could not be definitely learned, It is believed that the Colon rah late a submerged mine. Not a soul oa hoard was saved. The wreck was complete ana) everything went to the bottom of the harbor. Our Ftest at Pfcilntt. (Syeslal te Plisiir-Tiasas.) Manilla, April 80. Th American fleet arrived off the coast this morning, but oa account of a heavy storm did not try to go near enough lor a laud ing. The Spanish Beet la In the har bor, under shelter of the guns of the fort. It Is believed here that action will commence before night. Up to 1 o'clock this morning, Kay 1, ao re port of aa ngegemrit had calved by th associated Press. COMPANY A ORGANIZATION. Company A, Deadwood volunteer, met at the City haa last evening sad effected a orgenlssftrm There tre US aaaes upon the list, a&d II of the ssMlftbCffB WOTt fsFtMsaveai Spencer Weils, elder eon of Major Wells of Fort Meade, was elected cap tain, Roy I tttanrp flrat lieutenant, and Jasoa Baker, sesoad lieutenant. The utmost good feeling and har mony prevailed and all were satisfied with tto Boers ohoasa. There was genuine enthusiasm mAairestdd. Major Wells, D. A. MoPherson and Mayor Star made brief address as. praising the patriotic spirit of the volunteer and n- couraairg them oa to distinction, 8r- keent Thorp, of the SMghth cavalry. cam up from Fort Meade yesterday and win remaia wtth the company sa drtllmaeter uaUl taey an to atoux Falia. The Initial drOl -will take place Wedaenday evening. We regret that lack of ssaos precludes a more extend ed notice of the UNION HILL COMPANY. Be very Bradley, receiver of the Edge moot and Ualoa BUI company, depart ed yesterday for Pailadst shin to atwsd to some matter of laportaaos that eouJd not to transected by mall or telegraph. He expects to return to Dead wood la tea day or two weeks. Mr. Bradley intorms th Pio neer-Times that a has settled every account enlaet the company here, ex eeotlu to miners, who a waMe to Had. Th eosBsaars tadeotedaee la the ast hae ahw been settled. TSa does mat laetad any erf th Orahw in debtedness. w?w. Mr. Bradley hopes to flad th twe mea vro are mis- stag and will rett traa He is racddly csettss th oompaay affaire ia good abape aad expects la a abort tine ta tan matters wr I th will ta fa 4aneft, RICH WASH GRAVEL Parties have panned out some of the earth being removed In excavating for the Carr A Berry. Ben Baer and I. H. Chase buildings on lower Mala street, nd In every Instance, -we understand, have obtained from a few colors to a string of gold anlnch long in the pan. It 1 said one of the proepectors struck a pay streak and hla work yielded about IS in two pans of dirt. It is not probable that thla gold was deposited by the losings from soas when gold-dust was the circulating medium, in the early daya of Dead wood, for the earth was taken eight feet tslow the surface. It was no doubt from a rich streak or pocket. Should the owners of the ground or the contractor haul the earth to some point and sluice it they would doubt-leas make nice money. This -was done by an enterprising contractor who excavated for a building several years ago, and the returns paid well for the work. This gulch has not been half worked over. Rich pay gravel could te found anywhere under this city, oa bedrock. la 1876 and '77 there were a doaen or more placer mines ia operation where the clean-ups were very large. Before the claim owners had time to work out the par streak, the town settled no and feuUdlnca were erected everywhere. Th townaite wa. patented and mining had to give -way to commercial pur suits. The result was placer mining waa given up entirely though, of eouse, the claim owners made fortunes by selling bedrock titles to surface occupants. WYOMINO OIL INDUSTRY. Dr. F. Salathe, chemist of the Pennsylvania OU and Oas company's refining plant at Casper, Wyo., left for hla home yesterday after a few daya' sojourn here. The doctor secured orders for some of his lubricating oil from the Homeetake and Oolden Reward companies and will ahlp the goods at once. He expects other oruers In the sear future and will return to Deadwood In a couple of weeks. He guarantees It to ibe the finest article In the market and will aave money to the consumers. The doctor will endeavor to lntroduco petroleum oil for fuel In the near future saya It will save Che consumers 80 per cent over coal. His company will put In a pipe line from the weila to Casper, a distance of fifty-two miles, this seai on. It will consist of four-inch pipe and will deliver 2,000 barrels of oil per day. CLINTON MINING COMPANY. The shipments of ore from the Clin ton mine have been increased from six to nine cars a week and the force of men has been correspondingly enlarg ed. This property Is one of the largest producers of the Portland mines, and the grade of ore continues uniform. The Dividend mln has also increased the number of cars to nine a week. It Is reported that a sidetrack is soon to be put in at the Gunnison mlae, on (he Elkhorn. This, no doubt, will be done as soon aa the Belle Fourohe Smelting and Kenning company oegins opera tion. CONCENTRATES. The eLaft of th Great Eastern Min ing company, at Two Bit. la 266 feet deep. The material changed yesterday and the indications ars that the ore sons will be reached at 280 feet or thereabouts. The neat four daya will doubtless prove the case. It Is reported upon what appears to be a reliable authority that work wlU be resumed In the Horseshoe shaft at Terry on May 1st, and that preparation are now under way. The abaft is 286 feet deep where quartslte was reached. There was no ore found, how ever, on the quartslte aad the theory now is that there was a break la th quartslte and by sinking the shaft about thirty feet more the ore eons will be reached and the ore be located. Frank Shannon and Frank B. Smith have leased th Shoemaker fraction, situated on the divide between Hidden Treasure and Sawplt gulches, west of Central, from Chris Ruth and are at work on the ground. They have clean ed out an old drift and will push It ahead toward a ledge of free milling ore known to exist, and believed to be about 100 feet ahead of the face of th tunnel. They have had a force of mea at work since th 8th Inst, and expect to make two or three feet a day. IMPORTANT TO MINING MEN. A suit of eonsiderab e Ixportaace to the mmlne- interests of this section was decided la circuit court Thursday. The suit was brought by William faddy vs. Sol. Burns and William Selble, for th enforcement of aa alleged verbal con tract. The plaintiff la his complaint allecee that on January 1. 188. John StrelfJe, John Little, 8. D. Burns, R. C MoShane aad Bernard Oarvey located the Bellamy group of Ave claims, la the Bald Mountain district, and furth er alleges that himself, eUreigte, Oarvey. McSheae, Little aad th defend ant Burn agreea with George Stolger that th latter should relocate the ground and do th location work, for one-third Interest, and that th re maining two-thirds to remaia the prop erty of the others, with equal latere. Btelaer relocated th ground as th Crowa Point group, aad that oa J as ith. ISM, deeded the claims ta I Burn, who oa September Ilk. Utf. sold them to William SMbls tor IMoe; that prior thereto ttrelcl aad M f&aae deeded their mterisU ta as iaintlff. Kaddr. aad that h sfisasV eats have refused to pay I plaiatiSala Dortioaof thsAouat At th conOualoa of she eviaem tie dereadaats attorarrs moved to miss th sctloa oa to 87ouad that Us eoatrmct made by Noddy aad aaeoctatei wia Ceetssr was Clegs! aad a tts th esart car. ant acraa, a&i Iccxrs 30,000 Indians have been killed. Here I what sum of three wars hive cost: Srnilnole 3,0U0,0UU Stoux, 1863 20.000,000 Sioux, 1876 2,500.000 Navajo Comanohe 1,000,000 N t Percea l.OOO.ow Bannock 600,000 War has coat the United 8tatea nearly 1 10.000,000,000 and over 680,000 Uvea, to aay nothing of the 30,000 Uvea lost la colonial iwars brbre the revolution. Hero are the details: Money. Lives Revolution coat $ 136.193,703 30,000 War of 1813 107,159,003 2,000 Mexican war '4,000,000 2,000 Civil war 8,600,000,000 600,000 Indian wars .... 1,000.000,000 49,000 The two Napoleons cost France In war nearly 13.600,000.000. For the Napoleonic iwars France paid 11.275,000,-000. Over 6.000,000 men were killed in these wars. Eight of the largest wars which England fees waged la th last 300 years have cost her over 310,000,000,000. Revolution, 1188 6 180,000.000 Bpanian Succession 310,000,000 Spanish war 270,000,000 St-ven Years' war 660,000,000 American Revolution .... 710,000.000 Wars, French Revolution 2,220,000,000 Napoleonic wars 6,785,000.000 Crimean war 260,000.000 It would surprise the Boanlah poopU couw they be made to realise that a gvtieretloa ago Itwo-thlrds of the United States waged a war against the remaining ttorrd, vWA cost eight and s half billion dollars. No other war In th world history cost anywhere near that sum. The Untied States emerged la safety from that mightiest of war, and now is more prosperous, happy and contented than any other nation oath gtotm. K hc UnKsd Slate could put up thla kmd of a flght. la a war whfcti closed thirty-tare years ago, what could ft not do today t Yet. so dense is th Ignorance of the mass of the Bpaoleh people that they are ea ger So nam la when other nations pecse. Is computing the coat of th war in money, nod la Itves, Che Unrted State makes a pretty big ahowlag. We say that we are not a warlike people, aad that 3,000 miles of water on either side of us outs a off from foreign entanglements. But so pat th Stars aad Stripes where they are today aa: cost us ten Mltton doMur and 680,000 Mvea. Over four-fifths of this sum and 600,-000 of the lives ware expanded in the wsr for th Union. OUR INDIAN WARS. Even Americans generally do not know that our Indian iwars have cost us another bilHoa dclUra. and nearly 60,000 Uvea. Thla sum la three times as mucti as Che rerolutlooary, the war of 1811 and the Mexteea war cost us. What la 1M years the United States has spent ten btlMon dollars, England In eight of fjsr hargeat wars In th last 200 years has spent the same amount. Ovr half of tt went to fight Napoleon, and more t&ao two bUUons more were erpended m the war wnioh followed the Freooh revolution. Sue spent mors than twice as mudh as we did in til American revolution, and then had to lose her colonies. But la not one ot th great wars In which England baa been engaged haa shs expended a much as CM th United Stale In the War oi the lebeRtoa. COST OF TWO NAPOLEONS. Th wars whsok Napoleon I. and Na poleon III. brougnt upon France cost chat nation nearly three and a halt lion doflara. Louis Napoleon' war wfth Oermany cost France twice as muct as aa the wars of Che great Na-prkon, to aay nothing of the loss ot two fsrrJl province. That short-liv ed conflict ot 1870-71 cost France near ly a blMon and a half doUexs, beside the bitten -doll ar indemnity which she was forced to pay. In Hvas Franc lost 290,000 men. While eh loss ot money was greater ta th esoond war, the saortaerty acton; the soldiers waa net nearly ao heavy as in the earlier war. Th tSktUss of Nepoleoa L w3-wwed asor than a mllttoa Freooh wo men, aad mad 3,000,000 orphans In France alboe. All toad, these war took the Uvea ot 1.0000 men. Ia th SU campalgt 1, of the Penlnfu- mr war, to whicb Wellington drove France out of Spain, 600,000 French- perSsbed, end tne loss of the Span- am and tfceSr airlea was about t TOTAL WAR LOSSES. In losses to both side ta war the fig ures are Ua more astounding. The total eott ot th Crimea war has been placed at two tMloa dollars, and th toe In men o 760,000. The Italian war of MSI required 1300,000,000, and tCjSMHvea. ta the short war of Prua- te aad Aoatrla, ta 186, 6333,000,630 was expended, aad 46,000 more men. The ftoaso-TurklBh war of 1877 claimed two mem aad 1126,600,000. It ts Stated that la seventy year Russia has epent 4a wars $336,000,000, aad la mea 664.000. : EstliiasTss am ttte world's lass of Irre la war reaok the bewildering 4gur ot seven billion, of whom four miUM&s have tea kSted stoce the beginning ot & Cbrierlaa ere. William festal has moved his office from th Bank alley te th Syndicate block, the oSc adjoinrng Co V E3 auoade. Th o2oe eooupled by himhaa ea added to the Croat room which will be ooeepled shortl y by Arnold Era. as a gressry aisr. Tit fits lit seen aewiy paraa aaa pauiua sm8 aJseivtas Is brims pet la. Arnold l j tr; .t U r:5?s L.U tie p'.ic t; Mant&nzas Bombarded and the White Flag Was Displayed In Just 18 Minutes. Spanish Guns Dismantled and Many Men Killed -People Were Terror Stricken. No News From Asiatic SquadronSpain Having Some Troubles at Home. No Fooling Hero. (8peclal to f'loneer-Tlmae.) Key Weat, April 28. The first rati engagement of the war has been fought and won by the American fleet la on round. The bombarding fleet yesterday mom I ik early received Instruction front Washington to bombard aSantansas. Rear Admiral Sampson at one assigned hi boat, the flagship New York, the monitor Puritan and th crulaer Cincinnati to do thework. This was a keen dlaappolntment to th Commander and men of the other ships, but they murmured not, feeling that the nest affair of the kind they might have hand In. The three ugly looking craft approached the harbor of Mantancaa until within eaay rang and the enalgn went up on th flagship, signaling the Spaniard to aurrender. The reply waa a shot that only evoked laugh of derlaloo from the American Uri and the New York aent a ehell shoreward that landed right In th for-tkflcations. This waa a signal for gen. ral firing, and In Juat eighteen mln utea the American boau had tent in elghty-sli ahota In rapid tuooeailon. Th little monitor aeemed a little eager to amell something besides her owa powder and algnalled permission to edge up a little. Receiving permission, aha shot up Into what ordinarily seamed to be a most dangerous proximity to the Spanish guns, but before he had fired a half doaea shots the whit lag waa seen to run op over the fort and the flriiytaed. The Spaniards fired twenty-five shots, but her guns seamed to be so badly manned that not a splinter waa knocked oft from either of the bombarding ships. After the fort had been silenced, th Puritan and Cincinnati war left on guard, and the New York returned to its old position as blockade guard. Juat What damage was dona the fort waa not learned by the fleet, but It must hrv been considerable and many men killed. The battlecry on board aH three ehlpa came loud and orun,"Re-a Mnber the Maine." It was Don This Way. (Special to Pioneer-Times.) Key West, April 28. One of the tor-do boats captured a fishing boat that was attempting to aneak out of Man-tanaae ha bar last night, and from rta captain, the new correspondents, whose dispatch boat Just arrived, news of che result of the bombardment waa obtained. He says the bombardment did Immense damage. Four Immense shore batteries that had juat been put la were wholly destroyed and all their gunners killed. One projectile, sup posed to have come from the New York, dismounted five big guns, exploded the magaisne and killed forty men. The Spaniards, both soldiers and cltlaene, of Mantantaa were completely stunned with surprise and were ter ror-stricken. The very flrat shots that were tired from the ships eo fully de veloped what waa coming that every thing behind the fortifications waa con ftp Ion and the Spanish gunner them aetvea anted aa though they had the ucy fever and srx wild. In their turn the people were panic-stricken, and Inelde of an hour tt was entirely evacuated. Spanish Trouble! at Homo. (Knarlal la Pioneer-Tim.) Madrid. April 28. The excitement In th city la at a very high pi tab over the report of American successes In Cuban water and there Is great danger of an uprising at any time, chiefly tec a use the Span lab navy does not proceed to meet the American fleet. The government la apprehensive of s rlou trouble but does not promulgate tta reasons for deferring aa engage- tMo.1 with the Americans, neither doei H do aaythlftf to appease the clamor lag for war. It Is believed the govern- mmt Is still pleading wKh France and ether powers for support, and farther- raor. that the navy Is not sufficiently applied with eoal aad ammunition to take s voyage across the sea. i I rWeafclagtoa. April The cabinet ta4&7 adopted the following plan of NOTICE OF rOKIElTCRJa. To Job Lawrsnson or to whom thla ae-tlcs may concern: You are hereby oUfied that I have expeudkd lu labor and Improvements upon each ot the following claim, for the years 1681, 1893. 1883. 18 and 1185, 8100, aad over upon each aa follow: The Dixie. Tan, Cross, No. 1, Croaa No. 3, Beb White, Clara, Bessie, NUI and HatU lod claims, situated la Caroonata attain g district, Lawrence oount,, f, D., ta order to hold aald premises, uadr the provision ot aectlon 3834, revised st Utea of th United BtaUa, being th amount required to hold aald claims for the aforesaid years, ending ruses bar 81. 1886 and It within sleety days front the service ot this notice asa you by publication you tall or raise to contribute your proportion of said expenditure a eo owner, your In Urea ta ta aald si alms will bssoms the property of th subscriber, under asil Beetles 1334. Dead sood, a. D- Feb. 18. Ilia. . T. GILLKOUL (First Pub. Feb. 16. 1186.) LOOK HERA 1430.00 oiven Away ta Prises at Lose A Co's Photograph Oallery. At Deadwood. a. D- on Miiia street, Ws wilt give one ticket to all those aavtfig wis do an of our cabinet alt photographs at our usual prise. 10 doe 8x10 Clack Hill view,.. 110.06 BCVa dos Black Hills views 80.06 10 dos cabinet photos 80.06 80 U dos cabinet photos 80.06 40H do cabinet phoU 10.66 30 crayon portraits, framed, fine work 300.06 mailer slse to the amount of., 10.00 Total a3.C9 Tea wast your picture Uka sometime, aow Is your time. This ahanee only lasts for a short time. Ws are making a specialty oa large work. Call In and see our II srsyoaa. Tow will be surprised. H, R. LCCK.1 CO. E0O8 FOR HATCTIIX.; From choice thoroughbred Brown Leg horns, $1.26 per 14 or ttU tar U egxs. F. L, PENNINOTCH. Kill City, 0. D. Fejaw.ters is Visas, m4 theeerrtcnoMfce bt rayeloea to be ebuiuO, fceve eiferteri Mvire eeiree of Private Dletaeee ia hot eivaaad woaea thmu aav ? J" ia the Morthweet. ea ' ' v' ''"d'ee set ttii . "!. " cau rret arnnollh, SnHowlag dlaeaaee aairhly aa jrmeit!yi Itereeee bebllitv. Xleer, biadorr. Vveekaneof Mea. Vartrocela, Piles, atrut era, t'leere. fistula, ekla tHeeaeee. II rdraeeie no' enere. see aaaraea are nrr r.t.F.. my ereteas of ireatiMRt t J use tn (hat I ... h m . n. . . leawlerteke. Wrtteior ""i.iom bleaZ w rIUSl BIsMaVa S81.K4-iS5 Sli.iii itvvee. 1 10. U eolie.U tea P. O. Boa si First-Clata Han ITtsUd -x City t Act tv f-tlea?5-31." itnd a-I 1 H pley Cub alctiata, Canny Oas Eatort La Operation. Exclusiw Tsrritcry Giran. Tbe CU.'NT Oas RCTOIlT U ia ia- anvtase demand everywbars, ptcullarly so "There fvel ts scarce aad kigk. II saves satDee, time aad labor. ageata wasted te sell til Cuaoy Oas Retort aad open stores a.d Soow tee lWe-tort la eperaUoa. il.OOO a year easily aisde; aa opportunity for a permaaent, prosperous busloeaa that iibou d sot be eerlookeS. Aseau are gttea a good eons- snlsaloa. Pro Dirt are large. Thomas iiootmaa, of MaryvlUa, deliv ered ecvea and made 101. 14 ibo Srat aay. aad baa orders for loe. A. a. Balobow ears: "f-aopl have ! Wild ever tbe Retort; will sell a tbeuaaar eeer." K. O. Clark ears: "It U tan greatiMt thing la lay: world for siesta; nvery tua-iir will hare eaa." T. O..Youtar ear. "It la a world t-eat- er; say aest order will b tor tea" at. T. Mines ears: "Oas vet ehis s 80 aetorur Tbey are selling Ua at aaftea.- i we eeae run iDsirtaotioDS roe u man- ameat o4 tbe bueiaeea, aod giro tail At- tails ef expenses requlnd aad put. . to lie Sisde. I'raetlraJ experieaoa ta aot eery; any bngbi aaa cr wtmai' eaa t e a'd ef tbe bueiaeea aai me Ng r- Tbe Cwaay Uaa ReU rt akei t i t from assocs eoej ell bf s erelr t tnetbod, and is tbe esnuxai fuel hi i. It Is about all Im-bea t p, and la ta t e r laced ea the grate of eey oou.i or I f g sWee, range, funue, er ci . It Iff a asloature g'.s wcr-s, and 1 ! S i fs ea tbe Km xlect.lla p -:.!. t h n Is snre la any elty gis wu. ..o. ..- ', suite faao'ioe. ts aot erpienive. A i i nui Biiy be t ;.-ci lue s t . 1, and tbe bju h sU to t t. I t xtsrt la avMua tt'f au; a-- t s - i tun It. Eery bv.. -.vt .1 t i f fet rid Of the errjr.r.g it t ! it . t t e dirt aad a!, aud i - - lute aa trnntu tui. e a t tad l-.ted w-::i. aid a.l j-y h-1' t.,r I ,i i j. wavtUi-jg. '-d ! ' ''. j , s I i r e i ' ; i'. t i i Ceeeo. sMav TH I a a-1"r-.. , KS A, atevieaer's Ttteetnt, vfeMaao. favorably upon the excellent effects of the Bitters In cases of chHls aad fever, rheumatism, nervous and kidney complaints and constipation. ARMY ORGANIZATION. Th war department haa anuounes.1 that the organisation for veluuUer army will be as follow: ARTILLERY. Light battery One captain, on first lieutenant, two second lieutenants, one first seargaant, one quartermaster's seargeant, one veterlnary's sergeant, six sergeants, fifteen corporals, two far rlers, two artificers, one saddler, two musicians, one wagoner, 1.1 privates (maximum), 111 privates (minimum.) Heavy battery One captain, one flrat lieutenant, two second lieutenants, one first sergeant, twenty-two sergeants, two musicians, two artificers, one wagoner, 182 privates. CAVALRY. Troop One captain, one first lieu tea ant), one quartermaster (extra 1 lent taint, on second lieutenant, one first eer geant, one quartermaster sergeant, an sergeanta, eight corporals, two farrisrs and blacksmiths, two trumpeters, one saddler, one wagoner, seventy -fight private (maximum), sixty-four privates (minimum). Regiment One colonel, one first lieutenant, one adjutant (extra lieuten ant), one surgeon, two assistant rnr geuns, one shaplala, three hospital consists of twelve batteries of six Navy. Admiral. Vice admiral. Commodore Captain. Commander. Lieutenant commander. Lieutenant Master. Ensign. affair are of particularly novel Inter Mala Battery. 4 8-In. 10 6-la. R. T. O. 4 8-faL 6 8-la. aUR. 1 6-la. 10 6-la. R, F. a 6 Ma. I 8-ln. B. U ft. 6 6-la. B. L. R. 4 6-ta. B. L. R. 17.6 6 6.2-la. B. U ft. 14.0 4 6.6-ln. B. U ft. 14.8 I 6.6-ln. B. L. ft. 14.0 4 4.7-la. ft. F. O. G. Rapid Fire Oua. stewards, on sergeant major, on quartermaster sergeant, oae chief Basic Ian. one saddler sergeant, oas eked trumpeter. INFANTRY. Company Oae eaptala, oa first lieutenant, one second lieutenant, eau first sergeant, oae guar tannest sr sergeant, four serge aota, twelve corporals two musicians, oae artificer, oae wag oner, seventy-six privates (maximum) Ixty-four privates (Bin Is am). Regiment Oae eoloawl, oae lieuten ant colonel, two majors, oae adjutant (extra lieutenant), oa quartermaster (extra lieutenant), n aurgaoa, two assistant urgeoas, oa ehaplala, oae sergeant major, on quartermaster sergeant, on chief musician, two prta el- pal musicians, three hospital sJUwtia SQUAW CREEX MININO CO. C C. Parmele. ot Plattsmooth, Neks president of ta Squaw Creek Mining company, arrived j'rtrday aad sril! remaia a few daya oa business. The company has let a eon tract to Mallea dt Munn for the erection of a Kbstaatltl whim upon the ground, to be eons plat ed in a short time. Com pptlaaees will be put la aad the cosspaay trill surt ta a few days driftlas from t bottom of the 60-foot shaft to a vertical tedg 136 feet below the turret aal It Is believed tt wUl be a a fcefy cf et a, as high stetaye have bee fcS frem the led;e matter at sxl fc.'.iw Ct sar&o DIVISIONS OP THE ARMY. Squad A subdivision of a company, commanded by sergeant or corporal. Platoon Half of a company, commanded by a lieutenant. Company Not more than 100 men. commanded by a captain. Battalion Four companies commanded by a major. Regiment Three battalions, commanded by a colonel. Brigade Two or more regiments, commanded by a brigadier general. Division Two or more brigades commanded by a major general. Corps Two or more division, commanded by lieutenant general. DIVISIONS OF THE NAVY. Squadron A detachment of a float on any particular service. Flotilla A fleet of ansall vessels. Fleet iA large number of war vosxels under one commander. In view of the probable tact that much of the present war news wilt asms mniuiry, mrm coming Though many a weeping wlfa Kneels III lbs little bedroom And prays for ber aruaband's life. MfKlolev. we ere nkmln. W have kissed that wife goodbye. Ana tears fell oa tbe baby In tbe crsdls standing alga. MrKlnley, we are coming From dear parents, old tad gray. And mothers' hearts are breaking Kor sons sooe. to war, away. MrKlnley, w are coming Prom our sweethearts good ard true. To do a soldier's duty Obedient unto you. MrKlnley we are coming To case on that sunkea wreck. And srevea of our Bailors slain Which do band but ours eaa deck. McKlnley we art coming It la Ood'e divine decree. That Spain shall eeaae to muder. That fair Cuba snail be free. McKlnlejr we are coming To account wltb cruel Bpala, Let them hear our battle cry; Tbe Maine! Remember the Malnel The Mala I Remember tbe! To tbe suae bora, ready aim. Fire I Fire! Fire aad firs agala Till falls that eu.-s'd Sag ot Spain t WAR BULLETIN NO. L Washington, O. C. May 1. 1898. M7 Dear 8on: What was the matter with CuaackT I mean Cusack up at Lead; He was surely brokea-wlndel, And showed woeful lack of aoeed. Now Jo Moore he did assure me. That HE was BOSS of Lead. But It looks, since the election. Twas that goldhug, Walter Bmead. In Deadwood, things seem much better, And I really hope they are: It was, for me, shrewd politic. To make that good trade with Star. Son, I MUST come bar to eonsress. I AM a eta tea man, and flrst-ciasa. Its so nice to frank a meaaage. To rid on a railroad pec. You say, "Silver Reps, have met. At the call of Doctor Wade;' Why, Our, he's a dwwwrat, The Virginia patent made. And you aay. they talk ot Keller, Or Judge Palmer, of Sioux Falls; 'Cause the Hllla are spilt ia factions And tbey want no party tqualla And the democrats are talking. Dhat McLaughlin or Chaanoev Wood Must be our Black Hills congressman, And they a-ant that understood. And the populists are talking, Andv fMaann SVjliHk Vlnn MaJor Falrbank. Will Lardncr,' abu uougu more to ioaa a snip. Now my son, I've read your letter, And It Indicates a frost, But I've got to make th struggle, Though I have to pay the cost. Try and keep your eye on Plowman, From the party roeet him out; For if he ever gets a chance. He will scalp me with a shout Try and pacify Matt P tucket t. Say east or to Hargravea, Sympathies with Andy OVeaon, Olve Joha Ollokauf aH your shave. Oh yes! load my Independent, Print my last financial bill. And my epeeca 'bout volunteers, And praise me with undaunted skin. Tour Anxious Pa. rRZSMAN. This la Teat OrsevtestHy. On reset pt of tea teste, sash er stamp. a r a roue saappl will be mailed of th moot popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cars (Ely's Cream Balm) saAeUBt I deaBoa-Strale the great aseiila of Lb rased;. ELI BTtOTni-CB, 66 Warrea U, Kew York City. Rev. Joha EeM. Jr.. ot Great Talk, Moat. reeoiuanaaded El y Cream Balaa to ane. I eaa emphasise bis staUHMaA, "It is a pees- U ear for catarrh if see as Sirs stag.---Rev. yiaeei W. Foot. Paster CeaaTcil're. fAuroh, Helen, Uoul Civ's Cream Ba!st la the setwowledged eer for eetarra and centals no iwy sf aay lajartoas era, DIAMOND QUZZN. A small Shift ts leveling ap th Um bel la this mlae, oa Bquaw creek, preparatory to laying a track. A tunnel I la about 300 feet -wit good Indication. The first drift was started on uartsHe, wbiah has been followed th entire distance. The property will be thoroughly prospected and trfosked out and it is expected, from the present bowing, chat some or eaa be fh!;pd tzt month, Rice dt Policy yeeiertUy seat to th treasurer of the state of New York for eolkr'Uoa, a warrant ksued ia 1SI1 The wararat Is the property of L. W. Oilman aad was Issued to his graad- fathsr la the year suud for surlis furnished ths state of Kcw York Ut its tioops, during the ot lilX T, wa-Taat eita rtr:"J tr. '':! tilt beoa has wd eowa to I r t feeirloota and s etew v: r v " THt:'::T8Hw.3T' . ti tie I. . . tj i from ths sea, the terms used in naval est to aa Inland people. FLEETS IN ASIATIC WATERS. UNITED STATES. Displacement. Speed. 6,870 20.0 4.412 20.0 2.213 19.0 2.000 16.6 1,710 16.6 892 12.0 SPANISH. Name. Olympla, cruiser.. .. Baltimore, cruiser. . , Raleigh, cruiser.. .. Boston, cruiser Concord, gunboat.... Petnl, gunboat Rema Christina, cruiser 3,60 CestlUe, cruiser 2,342 Velaeco, gunboat 2.000 Don Juan ds Austria, gunboat... 1,130 14 gunboat of small armament. B. L, R. Breech Loading Rifle. R. F. this another bed ot mineralised porphyry was encountered Into which they have worked 20 feet. The Indications are now that the ore contact la not tar below. When the ore sons Is reached a drift will be driven toward th southeast to reach two strong vertical reins of or that crop out on the surface; this drift will have to be run la the aeighborhood of fifty feet. The machinery la ail operating successfully. PROSPBCTORa ARB INTERESTED. The Custer Chronicle asks: "Why would It not be th proper caper for cor grass to pass a law exempting miners who volunteer to fight forthecoua- cry and the flag, from the performance of the annual assessment work upon their claims, pending their term of ser vice?" We do not believe there would be say formidable objection to thla The government might not be willing to establish each a precedent, however. for the question would arise where would eoaceseloas of this character atop; the great problem would be where could the Irn be drawn. We believe oh prospectors are not In favor at such a rule. Those who go to th war will mak provtotoa for th aertonaanc ot their sawsssmeat work. Ths prospec tor are the ones Who develop tbeooaA-try aad they are not favorable to any poUsy that b a tendency to retard oar growth. Aay rale emptiag prop erty owmerv from asiant wort woctl sstsi&Iy aav th - of ta- verriac ares steal of property, a 7te!y th most viua! tTwsni, ta mZti asd axpcT lawn gy,3s a Agsgsiafflt sksstS aXa ejfelds Viil be) 2tsri tO M

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