The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 5, 1898 · Page 1
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1898
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TOL. 22. NO. 47. DEADttOOD, SOUTH OA h OTA. THURSDAY. MAY 5. I8VS. I'ltlCE FIVE jTmS I A BACKWARD HPRINfl CITY COUNCIL'S ANNUAL j elty. fifty miners' lut he. uf water Mill I furnish six hundred gallons ol asler per j minute, or thirty -ata thuaii1 gtlluiit per Brings Blood Disease, Nervous Derail g menu and Chronic Catarrh. Never waa there a greater demand New Reigns Takes the Reins of Gov- ,hoUMind ,anon, p,r Thr .ver. Rays the tsed para, WlMteUMwBe) ftavel WMttMtwW e-' "1 DIP NT DO A THING TO. THE SPANIARDS! this censorship la found la the report sent out, to which the Spanish government charm that native employed by the government at Manila deetroye-1 the wires which connected the fort with the mine In the harbor, thu letting the American ahlpa Into lh bay. ernment-Mayor Star e Message, i iomr.tic consumption per capita tor e.hi- ' i bold SBd niantlfHi'turllig iuiHee la eatl- for aprlng medlcln something to cleanse the blood, strengthen the The city couuell held Ha regular meet lug laat eveulug. II alao the nmt mevilng nerves, or regulate the d I goat Ion. I mated for rtt l.-a (he mine uf IKadwoud at fifty gallon, per day nf twenty-four Imura Ou thlt bmi. Uh a population of seven thousand luhaliltsn'r the dally roiiauniptlon. both for domestic anil mauu- there any medicine o good for the purpose u Pe-ru-na? Thousand of doctors, druggists and tens ot thoua- ftii'turtn purpoaea. woultl he three hundred and fifty thou.and gallons, and there ! sould remain five hundred and fourteen j thousand talloua per day for fire purposes, I m- thrw tlm,.. a. mu;'h a. the rairviitra lu anda ot people of all classes and vooa- Chaos st Madrid (8peclal to Ploneer-Ttmee) -tlons have long ago decided thlt ques tionthat Pe-ru-na haa no equal In Madrid, May 3. Midnight This city si.. , . if lb t. Afceoiuteiy Htrs M"Na VJeveSj MNrNI 0Oa MtV rttele I now In a state of siege and lh dyn Commodore Dcvvey and his Asiatic Squadron Attacks Spanish Forces at Manila and Completely Annihilates Them. of the new regime, ben tne ne ly vieviea members Died thetr ualhs of ulllce and took their Bala. Tbraudltorluiu coulained a large number ot protulneul cllleu hn were preeent to wllne.a the proceeUluga. Mayor Star presided and couvened the old council, who proceetlid to ilUpow of the routine bualneaa of (Uu pant mouth. Those present were Oounetliueu Large, Meyers, Mi l'heroi. McIaukIiIIii, Moore and Dennis. The reports of the auditor and treasurer were l-al. showing theclty's affairs lu detail up to the Hr.t of April. 1!H; they were ordered Oled. The bill of Mrs. McKlnnls, li.IU, waa referred, lltllof W. tt. Adams, U.Ss. money expended tor repairing Wllllaiue street, wm referred to Soauce committee. Ullls allowid were: Matt I'lunkeit. SS1--7&; rire Extlngulaher Mfg. Co.. Chicago. I7.7 . Judaea and clerks of election: ue at pi-mi nt will hold, and I will also add that on this us me basis, the city does not ue st pnwut to exceed 17 Incite, of mater. In the year 14. after a spirited content and a total voir real of 6IK, I waa for the asty I In Imminent danger of not only being overthrown, but the queen and these. Poor, hrunken dyspeptics become strong, vlgorou and hearty after a few botlles ot It. People who ar blotched, ptmpl- Both tiro nv'tbotl una malts wbca prominent membera of her ministry are Syrup of Fig It taken It la ploasssst and refretthing tothej taste, and acta in great danger of being aatlsilnatsd. The streets are filled with cavalry and first lime elected mayor of Uradwood. At the laat city election there were nearly 1.4O0 vote, raat, or more than double the number. Thl. Increase In population must certainly be gratifying, as It Is conclusive evidence that our rlty haa made onward progrea. Klshteen years ago Deadwood bad but two churches and one ecboolhouse. Today we have live churches built ot brlch and stone and furnlahed within with the a- , m ? v gently vet proru)U 7 on tho KUnera, live? and llowoU, cleanses tbo system etTeotuatlr, diapola colds, bead Infantry, patrolling with drawn sworda City has Surrendered to the Daring American Spain Concedes her Defeat and yedand salowand and loaded rifles with bayonets fixed. First wsrd. i!T; Keeoud ward. 120; Third ward, :o; Kourth ward. Ki, L. H. Caul-flild, S.tH; A. C. Ilurnberger, IS."; Wm. A telegram from Madrid saya it It of I sluggtab never fall to find a Ths Impartial declares that a nation aohot and lovers and euros babitaal ooostlpatlon. Synip of Figs Is th or'7 rz-.zj of '. ; a.M ko ficially stated that the Americans have lateet modern Improvement.. We have three elegant eehoolhouere: me have the course or re-ru-na to dear the skin, al ministry will b formed In placs ot le Threaten the Government. People cut the Manila cable, and that Admiral invigorate the ayetem and enrich the nest and largest rlty hall In the atatr. auoou, pioasing to too taeto ana no- nd with a population of aevaa thoua- Dewey haa one end of It aboard his flag- blood. Chronic catarrh In all phase Sagsvetas, and there la a strong probability that a republic will soon b form- ceptabl to the stomtch, prompt ta snd only three policemen.. Are we and stages, cases that have defied the its action anti truly berMifloial in VM skip Olympla. This la confirmed by advice from a Bpaaleh source. id. Republican are gathering In great best of treatment for many years, take not JiistlfUrd to point with pride to tbe rap-Id growth of the rlty, happy In the belief that we need not promulgate either by eueota, );rotutrud on) r from tha toon healthy mi affroeblesubstsmosa, its a fiw bottle, of Pe-ru-na to their en lumbers and the deception practiced publication or otherwl.e that socially. tire relief. Nervousness, debllttv. morally and flrinclally, Deadwood stands Panlela, 12.10; J. Ieteu. si tu; m. Brelaford. tlx 75: Klh Itunter Co.. 12 0; Perkins Bros.. IS; Ayres Si Wsnlman Hdw. Co.. 2i .6; Mrs. Lyle. 11.10; J. T. UUE-more. fl.10; W. II. Moore. IH75: Auguat Pbedln, 12 20. rrank Kellar, S6.7&, J. II. Damon, 17.60; atreets and alleys, 1626; police and saloons, I70.KS. Mayor Star and Councilman Mcpherson made brief addresses In which they complemented the retiring rouncllmen. upon their untiring work and faithful application to the welfare of the city and earn-dstneea manifested In the discharge ot tht Jutles devolving upoa them. The old council waa adjourned alne die. and tha retiring members withdraw and thetr eeeta were takes by the aucceedlng rouncllmen. The personnel ot the new jy ths government having become many exoollont qualiUoaoommcjna a to all and havs made U the ssssi second to no cl.y In the civilised world. weaknesses ot both sexes, aleepleas- 'tnown, ths most threatening murmur- The struggle In Cuba comes nearer home neas. Irritability, despondency, hypo to us In every sense of the word. There and outrages are being committed. Tha priests are exhorting tha people to assist In repelling Invaders. British Consuls Report (Special to rtoneer-Tlmee) London. May I J:M p. m. An official report from the BrUlah consul at Manila haa Just coma. He tells his government ik.t tha American fleet approached the (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) London. May 1 Mldnlght-The city It greatly excited over the reports of Commo-dor Dewey' marvelous victory OT-r the Spanish flMt and fortltlcatlone at Manila yesterday morning. It la recognised aa tha moat daring and brilliant deed In tha world's htatory of naval warfare. Tha detail ot tha battle have been resolved at tha British colonial ofllce. They ngs ot rebellion are heard among tht Dopula.' renxvly knows. Syrup ot Figs Is for asia U Sd nt bottle by all katding drr"! chondria, all these disappear when Pe ire few Americans whoee warmest aympa hlea do not go out to those gallant patii- people and the republican party la gain rti-na la used according to directions. te, struggling to throw off th galling gists. Any roUahl droM w-a One of the moat Instructive books on ng many recruits. oka of th moat tyrannical government. may not bavo it on nana wul pro rhe war for Cuba'a Independence proclaim chronic catarrh ever f urn 'shed free la Buys Five More Boats. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) Washington, May I. Tht govern-uent haa purchased Ave ship at San Francisco which wW be loaded 'Uh tuppllea and M once sent to Commo-tors Dewey. Flv thousand Paclflr nllttla troop will accompany the supply ships, with orders to hold th Phll-pplns Island until Spain pays a war ndenmlty. An attempt la being mads In ths Cor d to the civilised world through prorla our it prornpuy for any mm w& being sent by the Pe-ru-na Drug Man nation la.urd by the president of the es I" overthrow the dynasty. wishes to try ft Do not accept ax Sttbstitttts. United Statea calling for 116.000 volunteers ufacturing Company, Columbus, Ohio. This book la very Instructively Illus tas been answered by the young men of teadwood, and with their aocuslomed un trated with expensive drawings, and atuFcnm no tr.-v? 4 nmmiiaoo. eti. Troopn for Philippines. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) tatentatlous and without pomp obtained a will be tent free to any address. oster of on hundred to do cavalry ser rice, and with the selection ot aa expert a. 1$. ti.4i lett & Washington, May S. Midnight need member as captain, are all perfect harbor Saturday night and found the Spanish fleet Uuder the guns of tha fort. At daylight, tha American fleet, to ths astoo-lament of everyone, made a rush through ths narrow neck ot the harbor, avoiding tha hundreds ot torpedoes and submarine mines as though thoroughly acquainted with their whereabouts, and under the very guns ot the forts, opened a terrific Are on the Spanish fleet. Tha very flrst guns did terrible havoc, two 8panlsh battleships being literally blown to piece. A few min 'resident McKtnley today issued or ng themaelvee In drill preparatory to gr eame la two cable niruttn. The flrst dls-patch announced that Commodora Dewey't fleet enured Manila harbor at daybreak unday morning and stationed llaelf opposite tha city. When It became light enough to discern the fleet, the Spaniards behind fortifications were surprised but aw n opened firing upon the American hips. Commodora Dewey thereupon shift-ad his position to a point near Cavlta, at tha mouth ot tha harbor at 1 waa soon an gaging tha fort and Spanish fleet In a .area flsht The enaacement lasted two Madrid Mid. (8pcclal to rioneer-Tlmee) o camp at call. I have placed the city hall (era for the mobl'lxation of all westsrt tl tha dlapoaal et thla company, and will Sent Orders to Surrender. (8pctal to Ploneer-Tlmes) Madrid, May I. It U nl-offlolally Madrid. May I. 10 :U a. m. Ths frantic ubject to your approval render the com demonatratlona ot ths populace have h taay auch aid eonslstset with eur law Fgulara that can be apared and vol uncut ot California, Oregon, Washing on, Nevada and Colorado at San Fran a aa act of approval oa eur part and come so menacing over the lost ot the ia showing ths proper appreciation ot tht stated that ths Spanish government has wired th governor ot th Philip-' Asiatic squadron that martial law haa been Sorts made on the part ot Deadwood com oouucll la: rirat ward James w. Meyers. Dan O'Connell; Becond ward D. A. Mo-Hheraon. Jamee Munn; Third ward W. H. Moore. John T re bar; Pourth ward Jul-lua Rebsamen, Wilbur reck. All wen present except Mr. Rebsamen, who waa detained oa account ot sickness. The mayor and new councilmen Bled their otbs of office and Mayor Star delivered bla meaaags. ae follows: MAYOR'S MERSAOK. Mayor' Office, Deadwood. 8. D., May I. Ul. To the Honorable City Council: Oentlemen: Wpon you, aa the representative of th city and lu people, wli.l! lovolve th legislative por. I shal sompl: wlth-ny duty, In laying before yot iny Information calculated to enable yot to discharge your responsible trust for th jeneflt of all. I will frankly express my opinion upot ill subjects ot legislation and will also re terve the leal right to approve o llaapprove any and all meaiurea likely U produce Injurious consequences and agall ubmlt them for your further consldera tlon. Beyond these veeled rights, both m: eapect for the council and sense of pro jrlrty will restrain me from any attemp ta control or Influence your proceedings. proclaimed. It la now admitted tha Span Itco to be transported to the Philip any, I would suggest that whenever tin utes later two more were riddled until they were useless, and the American tars board pines to surrender Manila and th bl ish fleet haa been completely demolished. ompany may be ceiled to go Into oamr lines for occupation of Manila. Tht hat the mayor and council meat at th ind at ones. This, it true, Is believed Ity hall and act as a guard of honor Ir rulter Philadelphia and Charlsstot acertlng them te their place of am bark a (on. I would further sugstst the procur o be dons for ths purposs ot forcing hs French and Oennan arcrnmnta ed them and took control. The Spanish sunk tha balance of their fleet to avoid rapture. Three thousand Spanish sailors were hilled during the terrific battle. The Americana lost 65 men and two ot their tave been assigned to take the troop I. That's Right-Hang 'Em. (Special to Pioneer-Times) Washington. May J. 4 p. m. The Unit ng of a silken Bag of convenient alas, wlU Dewey Captured the Cable. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) Washington, May I. 10 a. m. Com- nodore Dewey Is now In direct oom-nuntcatlon with ths govenment offl-Mals. H says he has possession of the Spanish cable office at Manila; that the whole city hat not yet surrendered and haa been only partly bombarded. While he took every precaution to prevent unnecessary destruction of property, yet a great many oulldgags had burned. He aald hs had a good supply ot coal and a base ot operations. Ths president tent to ths senate th name ot Commodore George Dewey to uid are being prepared for the royag. he horseaaoe embroidered thereon, as 'jo look attar their own la t rests on tha ed Slate will land Its first Installment of oken of tha city's withes et good luok tt t hlch la expected to start In two weeks ahloa were damaged. At noon there waa a troops at Matamat tomorrow morning hs boy. h boys. SOL STAR. Mayor. aland and bring about a possible clash mwsen thoe a .emments aad the combined attack on the city by the Amer The present plan la to go after Havana at Iran fleet and among the flrst damage done Treasurer's report tor April waa referred lond of Herman Blaehoft, treasurer-elect once and take poemsslon. It Is given out United etate. -.other view U that Says She Will Not Give Up. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) Paris, May S. The Spanish govern- waa the blowing up of the arsenal. A flag ot truce waa arr.t up and the municipal ar 110,000 In the United States Fldslltj iuarenty Co., waa approved. Bond ot Clt) aeml-ofnrlally that Immediately after capturing Havana the flrst act of the Ameri usttc P. H. Early, with Bea Bear and K For vour suldance and consideration, 1 authorities asked for twenty-four hours to arranee terms for capitulation, which was nent today officially advised France lcDooald aa sureties, was approved. hours and resulted In tha annihilation ot tha Spanish fleet. Two vessels ot the 8panlsh squadron wars blown up. two were captured by Dew-ay and three were destroyed by enemy's crews to prevent being captured. This dispatch adds that the American ships withdrew their msgailne vessel Id tra center of tha roadstead tor the purpose of coaling. One American veieel, ths name f which waa uot motioned, waa ealh to have been disabled. Commodora Dewey requested tha British consul, B. II. Rawaon, to convey a message to tha Spanish governor general demanding a surrender ot the torpedoes and guns at Manila and surrender the cable offices, saying unless these terms were compiled with ha would proceed to bombard the city. Tha Brat cable messags ended with the statement that Bpanlih officials were con-faring with tha British lonsul and ths itearaph company's agent, and pending the governor general's decision no cables would be permitted to transmit any me- can commander will be the arrest of all persons suspected of being la anywlee connected with the blowing up ot tha Maine, Mayor Star appointed tha standing com bat no Idea ot surrender to America herewith submit tha financial statua ot ou ;lty. The outatandlna bonded Indebt granted, and the bombardment ceased. iltttees of tha council aa follows: aa etertalned on account of the loss Judiciary Rebsamen, Munt, O'ConnslL edness Is HO.&OO.W even to those having a previous knowledg Finance Mcpherson. Meyers. Moor. The ouutaadlog floating Indebt that the art was In contemplation, and II Internal Improvements Traber, Meyers edness Is .7.( They Met .ths Enemy. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) Washington. May I. 1:46 a. m.-The ru found guilty by a court martial, to hang lebaamrn. Fire and Police Moore, Rebsamen, Tre- them at onre. It Is claimed our govern A total of I70.JM.W mor that the American fleet had defeated Section 4. Art it of our stats constltu ment has a pretty definite knowledge ol er. LI cease Meyers, O'Connell, Moore, COMMODORE GEORGE DEWEY. Washington, May t. Commodore Osorgs Dewey, who has proven himself the Spanish fleet at Manila yesterday has tlon prohibits municipalities from Issuing i Way and Mean O'Connell. Pack the personnel of soma ot those who par-llrlpattd In the disaster. been confirmed by official message today. greater debt than I per cent ot tne assess d value of the Usable property. Th a. one of the heroes of m lent warfare and who has fought and won th first Two Inanlih battleships blown up, two Joore. Rule- eck. McPheraoB, Treber. Printing Munn. McPherson, Pack. seased value of tho taxable property, fot big battle with Spain, com mac da ths Astatic aquadron ot th United States. were sunk by their crews to prevent rep the year Istf, at returned by tha assessor Water McPhereoe, Meyera, Treber, Rah- Under his command axe tlx strong thlpt of war ths Olympla, Raleigh, Balti (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) Washington, May 3. Midnight Offl cla'.t of the navy department decline t waa 11,114,000 00. This would bring a rev enue of t&T.lOO.OO. Add to this about $40. lure, I id two ware captured. The Americans lost Do ships but had two much dam amen. more, Boston, Concord and Petrel. Ths commodore Is a brave man, who has Petition of Fred Oulld Alabrook tor ad' 000.00 ot outatandlcg uncollected taxes would give ua In the aggregate, tn7.100.00 aged. The Bpanlih fleet took refuge be been under the fiercest Are, and who ns ver ones flinched. No living offloer ot ustment of taxes oa probate lot IM, re- Jis Bpanlah govur vasnt rssJlsss ths tepolessness ot further defense. Ths situation throughout th omplre a still most serious. Rioting oontla-les 'Ad th outcome Is problsmaUoaL !n the cities ths striotaat military rule 1 necessary to prsvsnt the Garllste 'rom taking control ot the governzrsnt Vll hs streeu ot this elty are heavily fuarded by govemmnot troops under fflcers who are known to be loyal to .he crown. The publication of war lews Is strictly prohibited during th lot. Ths authorities declare they wtU ihrow ths whols naval strength of th Mnplrs at once Into a great battle with ths Americans and, ft defeated. Will yield at one on ths most tavo2bls term obtainable and and th war. They hope to win th battle, or by making tt a draw, crest on exouee tor prolonging the war with tha bop ot Involving aom other nation. give any Information concerning move and bring ua within 130,000.00 of our legal Tha second cable dispatch waa received erred to finance committee. Communlca Ion ot J. H. Burn regarding th bad con hind tha guns of the forta and the Amerl ran fleets tailed through and engaged. ths navy has received higher praise from ths leader ot the nation' maritlm forn than he. He Is an old and able aea fighter, and aanr some rather vigor limit Again, tha section in our constltu lltlon ot Stewart street, referred to tutor lion above referred to, waa amended eo ai ment of the navy and refute to dlscugr the situation at Madrid as described In A Madrid dispatch by way of London ial Improvements committee. at tha colonial office at midnight and stated the Spanish governor general had refused to surrender the torpedoes, guns and ta enable munlclDallttea the voters con Councilman McPhereoa waa elected pree sentlns thereto to Incur an additional debl says the populace Is wild over the Manila dent ot the council and John Treber vlot the dispatches received at headquar of a per cent for the purpose ot provtdlni ous f erric during the war ot tha sece slon. At that time Commodore Dewey waa a lletetiant aboard the steam friga te Mississippi. That ahlp of war was loeu oyed tn the great river ot th sam name, out only after a gallant tight Tha present commander ot the Asiatic squadron 'was ths last to tear th ahlp. engagement and the whole empire Is riot cable office and stated he had prevented reeldent water for irritation and domesuo uses. Ing. Tha officials are denying that defeat tha agent from transmitting any meesagea Petition ot enterprise Printing Co. tot To aid you still further. I copy from tht ters and at the foreign legations. They tay the blockading fleet haa sailed from waa so complete, and suppressing reports tSS for aa electrotype te be placed la a dl for Commodora Dewey, official atatementa made to tha city ooun to avoid a revolution. ectory, referred te Bnaaoe committee. Aa ipproprlatlea ot ttOO was mad to the Brt Tha message cloaed with tha statement ell for tha paat Are years, aa follows Bonded and Boating debt May 10. Havana, and Intimate that there Is Im portant new expected tomorrrow. lepartment ISM t M.C46.01 fast tha British governor of the Straits set tl amenta expected the bombardment ef Ma Admiral Porter, commenting on this la cldent, aald: "It Is tn such trying moment t that men ahow ot what metal th ey are mad, and tn this Instance th metal was the beat" Dewey waa at bo th attack on Fort Fisher, and sines the war hs has distinguished himself In ths service and haa been steadily pro-motel Hs It no stranger to oriental scta.and la depended upon to look wli Fire and police committee waa empow Bonded and floating debt May , A Flag ot Truce. (Special to Ploneer-Ttmea) Waahingtoa, Msy I. Midnight Praal Med to act Ib the matter of prevtdtng a re nila to commence Monday morning, when im 101.405.OC It I aoml-offlclally announced thai sulting omoa ta thla elty. Bonded and floating debt May 10, the Spaniards would cut the cable. (.46I.0C dent McKlnler and his cabinet have re No other message on tha subject have 109V. . .... Bonded and Boatlns debt May I Admiral Sampson received orders to night to intercept the 8panth squad after the flag in th Pacific. . AUDITOR'S ANNUAL RSIPORT. Receipts. eel red Information through the British con ea received In London, allhouafc the for' T0.3U.M Prom theae ttatamenta It will be seen sul at Manila, that the Spanish governor ron, which is close to the West India April 1, 1M7. Balance $ T.BU.ll Co, Treaa. alga ottoa expects newa from the BrttUh eeaaul at Manila. It la therefore, believed, that the finances of th city at conducted general ot the Philippine Islands has sent a flag of true to Commodore Dewey, and It It definitely known that ths SpanltL have been managed In a manner to war' of th Phlllppln Ialand. but that tht b admiral of th U. S. navy. This Selling drinks.... T.IOt.fM Dcg tea tl.M Fines tot.TO rant the hlgheat commendation and that that the etpeetaUoa st the governor hat be fulfilled and tha Spanish have cut the fleet has been located by our scouting was dons sat a gmoeful rsooguKljon of continuance ot only one more year oxer Rents t.41 tTI boats, and that they a headed for Ca th commodore's onsttncaUrhed ssrvlosB clalng retrenchment will wipe our enttrt warrant debt and enable us to aet aaldt aable. Overd t P a fund Kl.M 4.irt.o war would be continued with renewed vigor until th Spanish fleet now en-rout to Cuba was either victorious or tnnl) Hated. A latar dispatch says tha bombardment bin waters. Admiral Sampson expect all moneya received from taxes for tha re Sf Maalla Is bow la progress. at Manila harbor last Sunday. If none ot th other naval offloer have an op demption ot boode. to meet the enemy tomorrow. HI April 1. Itt. Balance. tlO.UT.N I desire, however, to express my opln KNOWLE3' KNOWLEDGE. Special to Mlnneapola Jouraal: Washlragton, April l.-Ur. epsak-sr, I was present and heard my nama called out but befor I knew how tovot th next nam waa ailed and I did not hcv Urns ho answer." That remark, according to tha Con pea local Record, waa mad by Oca-gressmaa Kaowles ot South Dakota at- ter lh vote had bea taksn on th nw fleet consists of tits battleship Iowa this act I Interpreted to mean a capitulation of the Spanish ofrces. All the fortifications have been wrecked and the batteries silenced. The bomabrdmeat haa caused great damage to the city. At all the foreign embassya here there Is Intense Interest shown In the news from Manila. It waa staled tonight by a high dlplomatlo official that another such vle-tory aa that won by Dewey will end th war, and Spain will be forced to aeek an Ion upon subjects that ahould require youi portunity to dkrUnavlsh themselves, DISBURSEMErfTS. Thai afternoon newspapers comment at length upoa tha victory ot tha United Ules fleet and aay It wat a moat remark, able gttack and displayed inagnlflcent man Stent loo. The unprecedented growtn Ttneral fund warren ta paid tU.tOt.tT and Indiana, the cruiser Nw York our city la wealth and population seem to int on bonds ssd gee. warrants t.11.0 Britishers Leaving Havana. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) Key West, May S. Midnight Th Dews ywtlt, later on, be mads ths ranking offloer ot th navy. Cincinnati, Detroit, Marblehead an I ?ollco and aalaiiea, t MO M l.tSMT agement Montgomery, the gunboats Helena and Hong Kong, May 1 No Information S.441.M Britl.h war ihlp Talbot -waa allowed to The Pall Mall Osteite aald: Tha earlier Spanish atrlea left no shadow of doubt that render It the duty of the mayor and council to use all legal power to Improve the city's eoadltlon wherever necessity ds-manda It The Importance of opening up aad extending streets and building sidewalks has made Itself manifest by the vaat number ot resldenoea erected, and to which avenue thould be opened tor the conven Machlaa. ths torpedo boots Durant Klectrle light and water. streets and alley Fire fund .. Emergency fund.... .... Printing Miscellaneous April 1. Ut. Balance., enter Havana harbor this afternoon to armistice and peace. Ericsson. Foote, Porter and Wlnslot i.ttat SOt TO tlt.H 1U.M W.UT.W has been received Manila, alnos laat night Ths Spanish oalbi Is apparently out ffty miles out from Manila. If a and the destroyer Mayflower. - o Something Evidently Happened. (Special te Ploneer-Tlmee) rsovnus bill In the nous, aad ermua considerable amusement wnist rs&J by one of tha leading member tt thwaya and means eomaittte at ths assstlng today. remove all English residents who wanted to leave. Th boat waa loadsd. This ! taken to mean that ths attack on Havana Is contemplated' very soon. The Spanish Bert headed toward Cu th Spanish hd destroyed th oaJbls in 44.irt.oa Hong Kong. May. I 11 p. m. The Ma struments at Manila, K would havs tM Spanish fleet has been abashed and latar la forma tioa placed It even beyond a feasibility of Spanish denial.' A eabls m estate from Hong Kong at 11 .n clerk tonight aald lha bombardment ot Maalla. taaa commenced and the Inhabitants war Bowing Into the country. The operator la the cabla station, which Is eltuat-ia4 I tha midst ot tha forts, have fled to awve thetr Uvea. ban waters corslsts ot the heavy r mored cruder Oquendc, Vlacaya. A ience of th dwellers therein. For the ben-eat ot there seeded Improvements, I would euggest that when the annuel appropriation ass made, that your efforts be directed te curtail as much aa reasonable circumstance will permit In all departments, aad appropriate all available funds for the Improvement et the highways. I would also auggest that ths council con I think Know les ahould be al4 b) nila cable stopped working suddenly at noon while t ie operator was reporting the bombardment The office of the cabla com CJI for the War. "Wtll. our boys havs gone," were the ords that were ta s vet -body's saenth yesterday afternoon. Sunday boob wstd waa cocajBvt for his statsatstat thatmesahara r!a Teresa and Chrlttotal Cobo. th Troops Landed on Cuba. (Special to Ploneer-Ttmea) of ths house nave been bribed to om- pany waa tltuated In the vicinity where torptdJ boat destroyer PiU'cO. srrot Tamps, May I. The American army and Furor. The fleet Uas no torpedo aent to th bond features ot tha rT-aus bill," said OongTsmaa (Nosvonor. the bombardment waa likely to be tne hravleat, and It la the supposition that the operator have fled for safety. It la ei- of Invasion, tlx thousand strong, em boats. been Just aa affective asoutttng tha cabla, for It would have bean fanposslbl fi r Commodore Dewey to havs communicated with the outside world, because h oould not repair th damage without ths aid ot experts. Later advloas confirm the report that th cabla haa been cut sixty mile out from Manila. ecelved by Sergeant Petrtquta to report with hta command at SpearBah Tuesday xorulog. sad preparations ware at ordlngly mad. When the sews became We oan hardly hold htm rapcitiUe The First Report. ffl pedal to Ploneer-Tlmes) barked for Cuba this morning. Among parted that Dewey will pick up the end ot tor what be aay,M rsmarkad Ootxrat. the cable before night Romg Kosg. May t. The Americas fleet th troop wer th Ninth cavalry, col a Payne. "Ths oondltlon ot bla In under Commodore Dewey appeared off Ma Known by the clllseta they alas prepared is give the boys a send-off , and early yes- Queen Regent Declines Meditation. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) tellect forbids K." And so Ch proposi- Spaniard! Admit the Defeat. (Special to Ploneer-Ttmea) rday morning every bust seas house aad ored, which ha been on the frontier tor the past ten year and ha ten service la th Held against the Indian. London. May 3. Ths British govern alia laat night, and early thlt morning (I drew opposite the mouth ot tha harbor aad completely penned up the entire Spaa- tlm V tm peach Knowlss waa soon disposed of. tvery residence, from the richest Is the sider the advisability et creating tha offlct ot Inspector ot weights and meaaurea. There has been and Is now a demand fot auch as office. It will result beneficially to all, tad caa be made self-sustaining. t bar no hesitation tn saying that the health department haa accomplished more than ever before. The death rate ot Deadwood for the past year haa been teas la proportion to eur Increased population, than at aay time la our history, and ths general healthfulnee of a city Is th true test of municipal cleanliness. The annual death-rats la lower than for years past and lower than any elty of ths else of Dead-wood Is the world. My report would be Incomplete if I emitted therefrom the complimentary notice Madrid, May 1. Midnight The Spanish authorities have adopted the moat extreme ment today sent a formal not to Spain, offering 1U friendly offices In la fleet, which refused, apparently, to give battle. Admiral Montejo had given military precaution ta check tha rapidly In Th regiment I one ot the best In th regular army, both as to officer and "can vr roRorr tk mains." Th foltowlag poaaa, whlek was wrlttea A Suicidal Antidote. (Special to Ploaeer-Timas) Paris, May S. ataay Betas are sasatag bringing about peaca bet-ween Spain creasing Indignation created and prevalent over the public dluter to the Spanish fleet out a day or tws ags that he would meet ths Amerl cat squadron fifteen miles ot't frsa Manila, and If he failed to gala a de loorest, was dsoorsted with Saga and luntlhg, and even th peoola ea the uwt I ad their ooata sad buttonholes decorated v lth small flags aad ribboea. aad by sees I'm tows presented aa appoaraaoa tsdlost-1 a Fourth of July ealsbratioa. At ea t clock vhe notes et a cavalry bugle called ' is recruits te Hose parlors ... t. where Key waltrd. aad at tbe aame time s aim-1 ar scene was taklus place la the No. 1 tor the Ploneer-Tlmes, has bees esteo?1 rely copied by the proas, aoact of ehtrh stra at Manila. Martial law haa bees pro men. Th Team and Twenty-sscoau Infantry regiments also accompanied it It to this paper sad some don't glvs t (' between feretga legations today a th subject at tatertertag to prsvsat ttpala claimed aad the military strength so duty cisive victory would return to the harbor and the United States, and suggesting that Spain rellnqulah all claim on Cuba at ones in order to preserve th balance of her prMseesloos. credit at all. The Yaoktoa Gaseito r- has been doubled. Even under such elr aad ss-eparat with tha land forces. from committing sulci da. This defeat la the following eotnpllmeat ts tits euur aad te Mr. Van Cteet cumstaaca it I with utmost difficulty that th army, whioh waa load4 on tlx arge traaaporta, convoyed by Ave warships from Simpson's blockading fleet. ceosldered to havs eased the war. aad the The Deadwood Plnneer-Ttmaa et lion- This, Commodore Dewey leaned before leavtag Hong Kong, aad eo ahaped hi the frensled populace Is held In subjection i triors, where the boys of ItU, under tha mmand et U B. Dewey, met and headed only thing to do sew I to Sad est sa what day prints the following frem s lotal pot Ths reply to this suggestion was r co re aa to get between the Spanish fleet terms th OalUd Slate wlU let loess. the warlike aotee ef s Sfe sad drum due our volunteer fire department Too much praise cannot be bestowed upon the officers sad members who thus serve their tellow-clllsent without remuneration, and through whose direct assistance the Bra losses sustained la tha city limits does sot exceed one thousand dollars. The water question, te which I have gtv-a my undivided tlm tad attention, ma-hlea ma te reoort nrocress. t am author who modestly wlthhoiits ala iceauur, although certainly se has ae-reesca to h'u. celved this afternoon, and whll th Crowd ar not permitted to congregate and th patrol ar kept moving lively to disperse the mob and prevent them organ aad th land batteries and so cut oft It re Th troop will land sometljie tonight at the port ot Bayomo, which is now in rpa. Joined the young fellows, and from "other direction came tha school chlld- n, alt er eight hundred Ib number, snd treat When Dewey arrived off the Philip' "8IDB BT 8IDB." queen regent was thankful for ths wsll for bia veree. Vctli better r. or4 w shall charf- lha authorship to I uth l-..' ising and committing depredations. 1 . aded by the High school eadcta, alaglng pcru ttlot cf tn luurgents under Qn. Intended suggestion, which waa cour ta s most s re oru I and most virile ptmi, Hoa. Cdwta Van Clse': It I now admitted on all aides that th Sine eosat laat night, however. It became evident that tha SpanUh heart had failed aad Us whole fleet, as the Spanish thought t .'.trlotle aoaga and waving haadreda of W can only repeat our assertion ot teously though firmly declined, Th re To est both men right the posni ta re- ised te submit te your consideration, and It it meets your approbation, ess be relied nail naca. The eaUre company gathered e otind th departrag troooa, entirety flll- Spanish fleet was completely destroyed, even the official organ ot the Spanish Oar ta. Tha understanding ta that upon the landing ot th troops, ths Insur yesterday morning -Mr. fUdsnoad Is .were safely Is the harbor. ply said that "No suggestion of surren rroduced with the autbora aanvi atu... 1, Not for conquest. Lord, we Setit, ea. by which the elty will be supplied with certainly a comedian ot great ability. I' g th street A call was made for Ceaa-t andvr Dewey, whs mounted s esavanlent premier admits that It Is true. During tha early Saturday evening sad a sufficient supply of good, pure and whole der will be entertained until a fraat Nor sail our Beat for ten! Spain Is now considering th arming of and made a apeecb that waa mUiotls gents will hoist lh American flag and together, under ths Stars and Stripes, tilght ths America men-of-war went fish ut Lord ei Hosts, Aveert 'M4I i the extreme and eat the era J wild battle Is fouglht by ths Spanish fleet lag for St-alah merchant vessels and sav some water, all under cover, and absolutely tree frees eoetamtoattoa, aad will be brought to eur elty within the time ot tha existence ot th present franchise. 1 there a great fleet ot privateer aad sending It out to attack the American shipping Inter much abov th average visiting this section of ths country- Mr. Leaaoa and Mis Ingraham also display superior talent la all their rolss. The tpe-dalUss of Mian Davis and Man Boole ith cheering aid hurrahs. Ge was to! I wed by drones T. Ball, alas aa aid snl th American troops and Insurgents now enrouts to Cuba." sa Ubms Dewey waa greeted with what ba-um a familiar sound, " I have to report. ests oa ths high seas. cter. who Is a Mat s reach asked tor a sub- will combine forces aaalnsx th com' Th fact that the Spanish cable la not itntlal ea-eg tor the boys ts k them tr, that ws have captured a Spanish mer mon enemy aad drive him from th Isl t ay thetr evpeeses te Spereah. m alas working to Manila la accepted la offl Fighting at Thu Hour. (Special to Ploneer-Ttmea) i :t tae crows, sad Utey racpoaded to tha chant vessel richly laden." Ths sailor at wild with eethualata. It I estimated land. clal circles here as an evidence of fresh In thetr pretty Cubed song, brought forth repeated acprauas and patriotic feeling from all parts of tns house. I aMiag hat with aosMthlng svetr sixty sol Caa we forget the .. SM Be. with a Lord, aa with er ' s Wbea Bialn'a Ai-. a Raise Thou tbe stores. rwe .i t 1 ! Show them Thy Baa&a " 1 Three bssdred mes le ft .- A CxBpentah trewefw 'i . O, Lr ef Hoe's, Ar- ' Cas we fnrsK't t' i . . r.NALM V- ' - Deadwood, S. U.. Af 1 Ik I Ths eaas ot Wiiw S. V. they have already captured esosgh Spaa Hong Kosg. May I 10 M a. at. A cabla from Manila say th Americana and Incur- I'-re, A prseesalsa waa tksa t.-nS. sad hi aded by Ike M. W. ta4. tells,, by tha hoo" ehlidres. Sfe an drum vypt, old Saa steader to make every sailor with the Capitulation ot Kanita. . (Special to Pioneer-Time) Spanish reverses. Many think that ths cabla ta work inc. but that 8 pain Is suppressing ths truth for tsar ot sxoitlng testa are making a eenblaed attack oa the fore submit for your coos'. aerwu on: rirat that M miser' laches I sufficient tor eur present see. Second, that M Inches be either purchased at aa agreed price or leased for a term of years. Third, that the water be furnished Is a reservoir te bs built ta the etty limits. Pourth. that the reservoir be built ot stooe, eemented wlta-ls aad to be et ssch dlmeasioea to hold set teas taaa eevea hundred aad fifty thousand twJIoas. Ptfta. that the water be dealt set to the eaeeuBMr ssdee the anKae are-tees. Sutta, to purchase the sreeest plant or oseetrect a new plant aad all whea completed shall he sader the exclusive cot troj et ths elty. If these seosoaltiena taewt i well Sao, fleaacially. Bydawa.Osea "irs, company j. aaa a Sotj of eu i Dewey had established a complete New Tors. May ..Midnight A dis t ess, precetoes ts the fJ. C sat , aad th Insurgents are attacking revolution. This theory Is strengthen city. Ns capitulation et. Olympla Reported Wrecked. ( Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) patch from London says is it waa cur. teaa te 1 ts t&t MaatU from the res. Tonight "Damon and PTtbiM" vul bs prstsntsd. .Xveryon from eblMU hood tp naa hsnrd or read thla beautiful story. pttftRulariy dear to aba order of Knights of Prxhla. Bvsry tW-aace hat bees given that th fbra of thla order will atu&d. Cat your sau early sad witness both ts aua- reatly reported in the house ot ec A area rebel fores, well armed aad wild ed by th report from Madrid that the publication of war uw haa been sup i antra a er;r n. l et t I ruma, wbre t?fv wv- tn i-gular aV ai, ftjv ' ,'ut sa the trrnlB 1 t i I'sand t"T a t i i.. .4, t s . as tf t a a t- a ta t sTid as ,-ee st rwefi Washington. May 1. Midnight A re ejttfc. saUsaiaca. Is within s few miles smbs, this aftonooa, that sa OcUi Ulegraa had been ratv4 at the for- port ta circulated tonight that th United : ! 1 1 mm., vs. s:km"o i: tt!U ca trial la tso t case tovolVvS ta t .alt r -'-' Wni'! sjks tlty. Ths rebels have cut off all eoav i - t i. t i. I- pressed during tn riots. elos osn with your aporeval, I would reooeamend sjKttaatlsa with Us Utertsr. Maalla I ta States sralser Olympla, Commodore Dewey's Saga alp was destroyed today la Ma ttat ta ea we aorahlp la nrorod aad wfcat news la sign oSo from the British consul gen OMr.eit- t i r t ff... t ti -t t . rt i t;. terpleos ot tl! Msnpnar end t& most a seats at terror aad hsadreds whs have taemsatvee w a aJ t e doia.ia aad taw tren ths " st f aval at iSa&Sn, stamonticlss ens capita- IvsauUSul trtzitf trim trsr t'l alia bay sy a Mbasartns atlas. Th report ass net boss eeearmei aad Is believed to Warn vaahla to crt away ftrssi th lty hy SEiSb aes tag to Us essvitry. Tastpaa given out at colored to tntt ths pttrpoa-s of Us ejovsremsofc Aa estr;U af teUrat t . c"j. Ibvfsrs a a- " ti c r IS taaUSsrsar

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