The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 28, 1898 · Page 3
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1898
Page 3
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AMERICAN EXPRESS OROUK ..iM j lllssJTBYi and when Manning returned after a short walk around ths block to ses tis thirty days, unless a smergs&cy s rises. Ths army re-organisation bin was passed by ths house at 1:48 this III THE THROES OF MORTAL COMBAT SPAIN'S ATTEMPT TO GET EVEN. D. AND D. SMELTER. Ths Deadwood and Delaware Smelt- Roosevelt Resijns. Washington, April 22. Social tu th Ploneer-Tlmes: Aislst&nt Secretary of th Navy Roosevelt In bit resignation, tod Till ba commissioned M brigadier general of volunteers. Th coal embargo resolution was signed by the president BASE BALL AT THE OLYMPIC. There was a "hot time" at the Olympic clu'j last night. Ths Cuban sltuat-Hon wasn't In it. The Bachelors and the Benedicts made a second test as to who could hit the farthest, run the Tastest and fall the hardest In an excellent game of indoor bass ball. Ths married men won that Is, they fell the hardest when M .E. Wells struck the flood, but on the score ths Bachelors were shoal -9 to 5. George Porter and Will Graham formed one of the excellent batteries, and Carl Dawson and Burt Wurze- tng company has a fores of thlrty-uve . "P1"1 lnto on of lht ,or,mo-t produo-meo employed clearing up ths debris of lhf l"f,, on districts and at ths smslter preparatory to starting! roml to for ths lead of ths ths reconstruction of ths plant A DUck,u U,t"lD"- Ths group ad- r -4 U i rMuU of hla Hck, hs found hhn still un conscious wfth eleven ecftdhes In his scalp. Who ths parties were Mr. Manning does not know, and said nothing about ths adventure until Just before ho sailed for Dawson City Monday to meet his friend and partner, Capt Healy. of N. A. T. A T. Co." o -THANKS. I lie Ploneer-Tlmes tins received many offers of cash contributions t help defray the expenses of "War Bui- J ' tins." WMls the good will snd good intwulons ars sppreclated, the gensr- out offers could not ts accepted Without a certain amount of humiliation. We are publishing a nswspaper anfl ars supposed to glvs ths news In ax-change for ths prke of subanrlpUoa. Doth ths bulletin and regular telegraph service will be Improved, and If vs to not make the bulletin service as good as la desired, ws will make It better. We are running the beat Job plant ta the state, and In that line we can give value received. Ths paper la also worth tbe subscription pries and our Wkt ars large enough to hold a few more names. We also have the best advertising medium in the Black Hills. ia these three departments ws give value received. can No one has heard Oomes and Garcia talk of firing on the Start and Stripes. They would be too glad to eee Old Glory waving In the breetet, and to see the macawt and cockatoos startle from their slumbers by ths strains ot ths "8tar Spangled Banner." to pursue such an Idiotic policy. It Is only ths second rat lawyer Rubens in Washington who Ulks such rot Th Cuban people know that when "Old Glory-get on ths war-path It means liberty and Indtpendsnoa WAR PBCLARSa Now uks advantage of th fight and have your plcturs mads at II psr dot, cabinet slss, full figure, only ons psr-son on ths plcturs at that prlos. This pries will lsst but a short tlma X also make a cut In all grades for a short Urns only. I aavs rented the gallery on Sherman strsst, opposite ths cost- offlcs In Deadwood, and will maks work chsap for a Urns, la order to get advertised on short noUos and than I will raias my price up to His standard. My gallery will opsn up for business Tuesday, April 12th. Corns In and get ths benefit ot th low priest. All ars Invited to call and see ths new gallery. Crayon pictures mads frss of charge, 0. F. PETERSON. notxcb or rORTUTUU. To Job Lawrsnsoa or to whom this as-ties may conesrat Ton ars hereby notified that I havs sxpsndsd la labor and las provtmtnt upon each ot th following slalma, tor tho years Ufl, 1SSS, H91, list and Ui5, 1100, and over upon sack as follows: Th Dix ie, Tan, Cross. No. L Cross No, a. Be White, Clara, Basils, Ntlllt tad Haul lod claims, situated in Carbcoat sola Ing district Lawrsno oonnty, St D, ta order to hold said p rem last, aaisr ta provisions of astloa 1214, rtiistl tts atss of ths United fits tea, halag ta amouat required to hold said tor ths aforesaid yearn, sadlng bar IL USI and It within alnst? days from ths servlo of this actio a$ea you by publication you tall or rata to soatrlbnU your proportion of said axpsafilturs as so on nsr, your latsr- ssts la said slalma will bssum U property ot ths subsevtbsr, ai der said sestloa 1314. Deadwood. B. D Itb. 10, lilt J. t. awuioxx (first Pub. rsh. is. 1L) LOOK Ezxta. ltSO.00 Given Away la Trm at Lota Co' Photograph OaU y. it Deadwood, B. XX, on Vita strsst VT HI glvs on ticket to all theso having asasm of ear aabtnet else photo- gKaj at our usual pries. 19 to 1x10 Clack EUla vis wa...t; 3.81 SCK dos Slack Ellis riews s3.0 10 doa blati photo 10.04 tSU dog eabSaet photo I3.C 40 U doa aablnst photo 10.00 10 srayoa portrait, framed, is work 300.01 dataller slaes to ths amoaat of.. T0.00 Total fltt.: Yon want your plcturs taksit soma tlma, sow la your tlma This shaas snly lasts tor a abort tlma, W ars making a specialty oa lares work. Call ia and aso oar fl erajrona. To will bs surprised. H. B. LOGOS A CO. EOOB FOR HATCHING From choice thoroughbred Brora Leg-hern i, $1.26 psr 14 or f 2.28 for 21 cess. F. U PENNINGTON, Rill City, B. XX ' m I. J I , I f fai ml tionrkor tbs (mi lT ,n HI or e. r- f l-rlTM IflwiM i bo i a "SS4 , ' mf " la ths Imti.rat, mt rlta r miaows V. otiwr ihvwt'lnss snd I . ' esa . irmet th - t-niis Vir, Wd j.-r. i.-.n t oir.iit, rt TroaM.-t, I -ct V ,,, ..-"! Mn. Vroc..,f iw, ltr ,. ioi-, t iw l kla Inaraaaa, H raraorla 4 - a rra.joi otf tnllnml L 7 tffiMi ia a ' " 1 1 as r-.aa s r tvrrw SMS I sawtaT'i var-f bfaak. t. ST . -v-aS r. o. sea it. Mkpvaa, Mhaa r-- f tV si. svv t sewar ft sMMtttrjjk. C. C. E U n LING A V, Z ' S Assay err; 2iu ;:.ATor.v ?' eWVIIBl vf Hlti r This group of four claims, purchased b W. W. Jamison of Seattle, Wash., and W. 8. Elder of this City, of R. .f. Maloney and associates, is fast dsvsl- juins ins nena-rsrgo on tne east ana tbe Chicken lode on ths north. Several months ago Mr. Elder opened a Shoot of ore on the Chicken lods, which late explorations havs shown runs through ths American Express. The general corn of ths shoot 1s about SO degrees east of north and nearly at right angles with the claims. On ths claim adJalningtheChlokea a drift wss run toward the west to encounter the shoot found on ths Chkken.tThts drTt is about forty feet from the elds line, and at about 140 feet the shoot was encountered. A working tunnel has been driven on one elds of ths ore shoot a distance ot ISO feet and cross-cuts show the vein lo be from twenty to twenty-flte Tent wide and varying from nine to tmi feet nigh. Ths ore averages between 20 and 126 par ton, While there are streaks snd bunches of ore that assay much higher. The company Is shipping a standard gauge car, about twenty-live tons, per day, to eaitern plants and an occasion ai car to ths Klldonan. Mr. Elder Informs us that they can easily Increase the output lo forty tens per day. Up-ou one stds of ths tunnel thsy havs left a lev. amount of ore, which affords an ex. ;fclvs face for breaking. Thai will be taken down later. Tbe prospects are the shoot runs northeast throughb the remaining portion of this claim and the other three, a distance of about 1,000 feet. The west drift Isbeing extended to explore the property and is now 115 feet from its Intersection with ths main working tunnel. This west drift Is in gouge matter, which Is a very gnul Indication of ors. About 160 feet wrst of the face of this drift Is a por pavry dike that Is sxposed from ths surface and runs northeast and south-west, parallel with the formation. Mr, Elder's theory la that this dlks has cut the formation and that upon ons Bids of It another fins ors shoot will bs found. The property is being carefully and scientifically developed and win prove a bonania ons of Chess days. SOUTHERN RUBY BASIN PROSPECTS. Dr. Carpenter, general manager of tho Deadwood and Delaware Smelting snd Mining company's operations, feels ir-at'y encouraged over the splendid prospects of suocssfully developing ths ore bodies by ths work being dons In the southern part of ths Ruby Basin district The new "Data wars" shaft which Is fully two miles south of ths Dioet extreme workings of any extent. Ia now 325 feet deep snd is going down rxpidly. BKuated about 600 fset wsst snd up a gulch from ths Delaware shsft, the manager has been prospect ing with a diamond drill, which has been In operation a few weeks. Last evening the drill had attained a depth of 375 feet and the doctor believes 0"s di'lll Is working In ors as small pieces brought up out of ths hols havs the ap pearance of the characteristic ote of that district The drill has been work-liif In broken -up shales and It has been Impossible, so far, to get a soITd core. Tte formation is more or less broken and full of crevices and ths drillings disappear la the crevices. A tew mors fset will demonstrate ths nature of the stuff. At a depth of SIT feet Che drill left the porphyry and went Into ths shales, and ths ohangs alwve mentioned took place twenty-eight feet below. Two weeks ago FY! day water was en - countered in tbe Delaware shaft and H cams to st ths rate of 600 gallons a minute. There was a large station pump and a sinking, pump In tbs shaft, but thsy were Inadequate and could sot keep the water down. Aaotfcor wry large staking pump was put ta a fsw days lster and ths water is kept down, permfotlng mining operations to son- tlnus without Interruption. Ths shaft Is now bslow the porphyry and Is Into the shalss, ia whtoh good progress Is being mad. Should Dr. Carpenter succeed ta ex posing the ors bodies la tbel locality, It will be a great Chin for ths d Wit riot There 1a bo foubt that ths crfrhoots sxtend Into ths seoUon and probably for many nr.les south. Dr. Carpente: has never yet mads a mlataks la alibis xtensivs op rations, and we test cer tain he knovm what hs la doing now, Ths doctor left last evening tor Oma ha on Important business ai.d will return Tuesday. JOHN MANNING'S EXPERIENCE. John Manning, who left here several weeks sgo tor J.laska, had an experience with a tbug at Seattle recently, but cams out of ths scrap first best, as he always does. A Seattle paper ot recent date said: "John Mar. nlng, sx-shsrlff of Dead-wood, South Dakota, had a brief experience with Seattle toughs Saturday night Hs wss down on ths "dead line" when ens of ths trio accosted him for supter motley. He gavs him fifty cents; desiring to know if It would be applied properly and for ths purpose It was given, followed the man. Ths meo went straight to a saloon, and In ths twinkling of an ays three beers were before them. Manning went to tbs table and ssnpttad aU three of th beers la a cuspidor, snd than walked out ot tht plaoa Cnrtaide as was surprised to find ths sacs m wtlh a pistol pointed at him and Board ths order "Hold up roar hands." Mj nlng threw up his left hand and drew his revolver with his Hht and put It squars against ths person of ths tongh, Th man reacting that tit had struck tht wrong party, bessa to apgoVUs, whea Manning struck aim on ft tea? wtth his gua, knocking tfca a tz! snusSasa. La u til:a a After the Oregon. Washington, April M.-epscial to tue Pioneer-Times: Considers bis alarm Is fslt In ths war and nary de part menu over a report, said to be re liable, that two Spanish torpedo boats have been sent to Intercept and destroy the United States baUleshtp Oregon now making Its way around ths Horn and whose officers are ignorant of the fact that war is on between the United Ststes and Spain. Latsr in ho day better Judgment prevailed and these fears subsided. Ths officers of ths Oregon were warned of the probable dec-is rat km of war and the treachsry of Spain when ths Oregon touched Calloa. -d these warnlnca were reseated Valparaiso. It Is not believed tonight that Spain has sent torpedo boats to waylay the Oregon, for from the beat Information obtainable they are all at Cspe Verde Island, and unless accom panled or a battleship they would fall an easy prey to the Oregon. o Where Volunteer Will Go. Washington, April 23. Special to the Pioneer-Times: At a conference wfth the president tonight, Secretary Alger has decided to concentrate ths volunteer soldiers at Washington Richmond, Atlanta and possibly Chlca- mauga. Reports from a number of re cruiting offices In various states are to effect that volunteers are coming in fast. A dispatch from Queen stown states the Spanish torpedo boat Audit is still In dork at Cork, undergoing repairs. Report Not Confirmed. London, April, 23. 11: IS p. m. Spe cial to the Pioneer-Times: Ths report that the City of Paris had been rhused Into neutral waters on ths north coast of Ireland by a Spanish cruiser, created the greatest excitement and Interest here. Every effort has been put forth to obtain rellablt Information concerning the boat. The report is believed to be untrue, as tsls- grams from all points along ths coasts say the Paris has not been sighted nor hnv any word been had of any daugsr from the Spanish cruisers. A dispatch from Nw York says ths officer of steamship companies believe the Paris is safe. President Oriscom of American Una, Philadelphia, says Spain has not s vtssel in her navy that Is as swift as the Paris by two knots. Hs thinks hu Is all right and will land her cargo fely. Carr and Berry Building. Architect J. W. Otbbs has nnlshsd plans and Is receiving bids for ths construction of ths elegant and sub- tantlal building to be erected at once by Cat t ft Berry, and to occupy ths lot cornsr of Main and Wall streets, one of the choicest locations In ths lowsr portion of ths business osnter. Bids will be opened Monday, when ths contract will be let and work be commenced at once upon ths construction. A large force of men and teams is an- gsged excavating for the basement and under favorable conditions masons will be laying thefoundaUoa with la ten days. Mr. Olbbs informs us that it will taks about ninety days to com plete the building; to accomplish this large undertaking wilt require a largs force of mechanics, prompt delivery of material and favorable weather. The building will be IS feet fronting on Main street and 100 fast deep, three stories and basement The fonadation will be of concrete and be very strong and durable. The front and Wall street aids will hs of red pressed brtei with sills, asps and otber trimmings of white sandstone, and la ths aornsr will be a seml-clreular projection, supported by an Iron oolnmn and surmounted by a well- proportioned tower of modern design. Ths basement will be finished of tor a barber shop in tbe front portion, ad Joining which will be three bathrooms, squlpped with rubbing stabs and other approved auxiliaries, hot room and plungs bath, elegantly finished and with modern appointments. 2a t rear will be boiler rooms, fuel bins and wash room and lavatory. Ths first ioor will be stssl eons tree tlon 04 ths best character, flntsasdwttli tile floor and ths entire floor walaseot ted with enamel tils 46 feet high. Ths mala entrance will be in ths corner, with elegant finish and bsvsl plats glass, ths front will consist of heavy plats glass, 128x140 Inches in slss, set In an alrgant grotesque mounting. Ths second and third stories will bs divided up into elegant rooms for of' flees and domiciles, with seven on sacs floor. Each room will aavs bath room, with hot and cold water, with a lava tory and will bs lares and cheerful. Ths bulldlag will bs heated tttrough out by s earn heat and llghtsd by slsc- trictty. Ths barber shop will have la ths fron. a pans of plats glass lOSxllS Inches, i leo a raw of prismatic lights four feet wide and sx tending along ths side of the bulhliag. It will bs by far tho flnest 'xalUilng In ths B:ack Hills and will bo a ersxt to any city ta tho wsst of saamy times oar population. Ch&sed by a Spanish Cruiser the Paris Shows a Clean Pair of Hells. Futile Attempt of the Enemy to Capture One of America's Fastest Vessels. Rumors of an Enqagement of Havana's Defenses by Capt. Sampson's Fleet. Paris, April 23. 2:30 a. tu. Special to the Ploneer-Tlmes: The American lieu Star liner. City of Paris, recently purchased by the United States govern ment, left port yesterday afternoon londed with vast stores of ammunition and arms. She was followed by Spanish cruiser, and It will be a chase across the Atlantic. If the big ship Is overtaken she will be easily raptured by the Spanish cruiser. London, April 23.-12:20 p. m. Spe cial to the Ploneer-Tlmes: Afternoon n WKpapers here have received dls pitches from Belfast, Ireland, which say that trust worthy news has been re ceived there Ui the effect that the American liner, City of Paris, was cap tured off the Irish coast by a Spanish cruiser. A foreign gunboat passed to he enit of Inistrahull Island at a o'clock this morning, and this Is thought to be the cruiser that captured the City of Paris. Southampton, April 23. 3.00 p. m. to tho Pioneer-Times: The American liner City of Paris is said to bo at Tolland Hay. She started across tho Atlantic but whs followed by a Spanish cruiser, causing her to turn about and head for neutral waters. The cruiser followed her to within a short distance of neutral waters. It is th('Uglsshe will slip away under cover of darkness and make a run for It, or cruise around in neutral waters until battlewlitp arrives from the United States. Moro Castle Turns Loose. Washington, April 23. 11:15 p. tr. Special to the Ploneer-Tlmes: There a report current at navy headquar ters tonight that the Spaniards st Moro Castle today fired upon the Unlt- 1 Stalfs battleship Iowa, and that the s(tiadion Is returning the Are. They ay there 1s to be no attack made until Monday morning. A report from Key West says the Spanish transport Htienna Ventlna is till aground and leaking. There Is strong suspicion that she was scut- vullable soldiers at Washington, To Capture the Phillipines. Pekln, April 23.--Special lo the Plo neer-Tlmes: The United States Asl- tlc fleet will attack the Spanish fort nd garrison at Manilla today. It la believed that the Phtlllpine Islands will be captured at once. o Havana Blockaded. Havana, April 23. Special to the Pl oneer-Tlmes: The blockade of this port by the United Slates North Atlan tic squadron Is complete. Not a gun has been fired as yet. Food Is very scarce and unless succor arrives wthln a week, the city will be at the point of starvation. Naval Militia Ordered Out Washington, April 23. Special to the Ploneer-Tlmes: The naval mllltla of New York, Maryland, Michigan and Massachusetts has been ordered to report at once to man theauxlllary ships. The New York mllltla has been assign- ad to the "Yankee;" the Maryland to the "Dixie," and the Maeslchusetta militia to ths "Pralrls." Quiet at the Capital. Washington, April 23. Special to tho Ploneer-Tlmes: It has been mors p soeful-llke here today than at any time since St berame apparent that war with Spain waa Inevitable. The uncertainty has been removed; ths tension has been released and all breathe free-er. True action, earnest preparations are carried on. There is "a hurrying to and fro, a gathering In hot basts," but it is all dons In order and with ths precision snd deliberation of men trained to and preparing for great cam-pa I gas. The Flying Squadron at For tress Monroe is "on waiting orders, which ts nil that can be said of rt The president today issued a call for 125.000 volunteers, term of service to be two years. Ths volunteers are called upon v take up arms against ths Bpurtaros." Tns volunteers wiu go into camp their respective stal and will be drilled tfcere for at least United States and Spain at War Without a Formal Declara ration by Either. Report That Captain Sampson Sunk Spanish Warship Alfonso XII at Havana. Battle Between Mrnitor and Spanish Warship Topeka Reported Sunk. Washington. April 22 rtpoclal to the l'lonoer-Tlniit: War Is on at lust and without a formal doclaratlon from either the l'nltd stat or Spain. It waa larnd that (he prpnMcnt did not Ind1iate that In bis opinion a dwlura- tlon of war waa nwvssary. and thesen tort Advised him against one. They were of the plnon that It would tte better to Issue a manlfmto lo the pow-era declaring that a state of war exists. Some of hla advlsws, however, thought the reaolullona passed by congress ami (he ultimatum to Spain was sufficient notice to the world. It I considered probable that the president will not aik congress to make formal declaration. Alphonso XII Reported Sunk. Key West, April 22. Spnelal to the Ploneer-Tlmoa: A report la current here that Captain Sampson's fleoot had sunk the Spanish warship, Alfonso XII. In Havana harbor this morning. The report has not yat been confirmed. Warships Come Together. Key Wtst, April 22.-10 p. m. Special to the Plonwr-Tlmes: What appears to be a woll grounded report U Circulated here tonight of an engagement In Cuban waters eaat of Havana today, between a monitor of the United States navy and a Spanish warship, -which lasted half an hour. Many shot were exrhaned. bitt no serious barm was done by cither side. The partlculara are not at hand. o Topeka Reported Sunk. London, April 22. 11:39 p. m. Spj-olnl to the Ploneer-Tlnios: It la reported here i(pnight that the United States cruiser Topeka was sunk near the coast of Great Britain this afternoon In a collision with the Alb.t-tross. The report cannot be confirmed at this time. The Tipekaleft yesterday for New York. Fire on Sampson's Fleet. London, April 22. Special to the Ploneer-Tlmes: It Is seml-offlolally announced from Madrid tonight that (he forts around Havana today on Captain Sampson's fleet. 11 red Will Permit Privateering. London, April 22. Special to th Ploneer-Tlmes: It Is seml-offlclally announced from Madrid that Spain has declined the request of the powers to conduct the -war with the United States to conformity with 'the "Paris Declars-tlon" respecting goods carried on neutral vessels. If Spain permits privateering, tt will bring a protest from England and Oermany and armed resit tane If necessary. Hawaii and the Philliplnes. Wsahlnfon, April 22. Special to the Pioneer-Times: The president today asked the views of a number of senators on a proposition to make Hawaii an Island of the United States as veil as the Philliplnes, as a war measure. No buslnas will be transacted by the senate tomorrow, as the naval bin i over till Monday. Not Credited. Washington, April 22. Special to OiS Pioneer-Times: The report that the mysterious) warship sighted off Caps Race, N. P., Is a Spanish warship watching for American merchantmen, to not credited In naval circles. To Resist invasion. Haran, April 22. Special to ths Pi-casar-Times: When the news reached Havana that a fleet of the United States nary bad left Key West for this port with hostile Intentions, ths colon-Sal government issued a manifesto calling on all mm able to bear arms to rise sad resist the Invasion of ths for-sign foe. Ths men responded to tbs sail and armed themislvss with available weapons, though crude. The Spaniards say patriotlo demonstrations are being made In all Interior Sams, as well as ' In ths insurgent amps, where, R Is added, white "g av bees hoisted In the viola A ' of auefc oamps by relatives of the Insurgents who have been carrying food to t&e men la the Held. pona x ui material ror tbe new buildings is expected to arrive from ths factory at Minnepolla shortly. Upon delivery of the material a targe fores of mechanics will bs engaged and ths buildings will be put together wfch all possible speed. They will be constructed sotlrfly of steel and Iron, with no wood woi X at all, thus render, lag them absolutely free from danger of fire and relieving the company ot ths necessity of carrying Insurancs. Ths plant will doubtless be in operation by sixty days from this dats. Men ars at work repairing one ot ths upright furnaces which was found to bs only damaged by the oonflagra tlon. The brick work needs soms rt pairs and ths Injury done to the Iron water Jacket can be repaired here. Dr. Carpenter boyes to havs ths fur nace repaired and ready for operations within two weeks. An auxiliary en gins will bs set for running ths blast fans and a temporary platform will be built around the furnace to permit feeding it with fuel and ore. 1 his will be run steadily until tbe new furnaces are complete. The reverberstory fur. usee is m operation ateaoily upon Horn est ike concentrates, treating about fifty tons per day. TWO BIT DISTRICT. Oeneral John Walker, Wm.Steenand D. C. Baker returned last evening from Two Bit, where they went on Wednes day and remained over night with P, H. Smith. General Walker is making preparations to commence develop meat work upon the Detroit and Dead- wood company's property, and has about decided to rssums sinking at ths shaft on the Ground Hog claims near Mr. Smith's house. Tbe shaft 1s sev enty rest aeep at present, at which depth the operations were suspended, owing to the large quantity of water that cams In. Machinery has been or dered and will bs hers In a short time, when th eshaft will be pumped out and a fores of miners put to work sinking. General Walker believes ths ore sons will bs reached within 160 feet at that place and Mr. Smith Is of ths asms opinion. They expect to find pyrttic ore in that locality, similar to that opened in the Hardin shaft A letter from President McCallum, at Detroit, received yesterday, says a portion of ths treasury stock was placed on ths market for ths flrst tlms last Satur day, aud is being subscribed ir rapidly. Ths indications ars most promising t ths Greet Eastern company's shaft. which is 250 feet deep. The material changed a fsw days ago from porphyry to shals again, and Manager Hardin informs us that It Is tbs sams material that was worked through l ths Hardin shsft before reaching the ore level. This porphyry contact Is gen erally from twenty V. thirty feet thick, and as ths miners ars making upward of two feet a day the ore sons w.ll be reached within two weeks. ! The Chicago snd Two Bit shaft Is 76 fset dsep at present and 1s In por phyry. Ths ore contact U not expected wHhln fifty to sixty fset The development work at the Gerat Northern, the Hardin, Standard, Dead-wood Development, Oolden Hill, Oold-sn Crest, New York and Deadwood and other properties is progressing satisfactorily and ths camp 1s quHs lively. TROUBLE IN THE COMPANY. The ctrcuft court has been occupied ths past two days tearing the case ot Robert U. Browo vs. ths Amaqueen Mining company, which was decided yesterday by giving ths plaintiff Judgment for about $660. It seems that ths Amaqueen Mining company, whose property is situated near Custer Peak, has a board of sixdl-reotors consisting of J. C. Sherman. Mrs. erhenaaa, their son. R. M. Brown, Mrs. Brown and Bert Rogers. Thsy were squal owners In ths property, and became Involved ta a ooatrovsrsy that resulted la a deadlock and tying up ths property, Mr. snd Mrs. Sherman and their son on on rids, and Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Mr. Rogers on tbs other. Thsy bought, a Tremalns stamp mill giving a company note of fttl for part payment Ths mill proved a fall-nrs and ths factory th: furnished It was notified that tt was there subject Co ta order. Thongs then cams to a staodslll and ta tho meantime Mr. Brown bought ths note held by tht factory, st a discount, and brought salt against ths company for ths tall amount of the note with Interest and other claims. Judgs Moors gave JifBg- mint ta favor of ths plaintiff for tht amount actually expended, about f 850. Mr. Brown endeavored to get a man- damn compelling the secretary to issue to him the stock In ths treasury ot ths company, soms 460,000 shares, but ths court refused to grant ths applica tion, and wo nndsrstfd thsrs will be a move mads to havs a receiver sp pointed to taks charge of ths property or adjust ths difference! ta soms man' nsr, amicably, that will snablsthscou paay to proceed wl'h Hs mining oper ations. ARMY MATTERS. A hospital steward and three private soldiers of ttts C?l&th oaralry at Fort Msads, left yesterday tor Florida to go Into actoal strrloe with tho Tsnth cav airy, 1a ths hose Sal rerrice. Thsrs ars no further orders for movement of say of ths troops from Fort Msads. It to sUtiSd t2s&t Ch Esbth srilt remain t Fort t mf s fend rort tUUnsva, ta guard ths frntlr from dapr4Mions by tfea r.cs, 2o ars ts&te to c&ass trot bis jsiU Ce tilA bs eatlrsly de- atrtsl If tte treca, A Call For Volunteers. Washington, April 22. Special to the Pfcmrer-Timea: President McKln-ley Issued a cull for lxo.uttO volunteers, which will approximately give to the states ami territories the following apportionment: Arkansas 1,300 Missouri 3,500 Alabama 1,600 Nevada 90 Arizona 100 N. Carolina .. 1.350 California.. ..2,170 X. Hampshire Coo Colorado 1,000 New Mexico.. 200 Connecticut ..1,030 X. Jersey Dlst Columbia 300 Nezraska ..1.900 ..1,550 ..8.000 .. 300 ..4,m;o . . &50 . . 100 I VI aware ... Florida. . . . . 200 Now York. . 4S0N. Dakota. .2,050 Ohio . ISO Oregon .... .2.400 Oklahoma. Georgia Idaho Iowa Indiana... . .3,000 Pennsylvania 7,0o0 Illinois Kentucky.. Kansas .... Ixmtslana .. . .6.150 It. Inland.. ,.2.2'US. Carolina . ..I, Itoos. Dakota.. . .1.200 Tcnneee . ..1,200 Texas .. 340 Utah .. 800 Virginia . .1,750 Vermont ..3.000 W. Virginia .1.30 Washington 3,000 Wyoming ... .2,100 . 450 . too .1.200 .l.OuO .2,700 . 200 .1,800 Maryland .. Montana .... Mains Minnesota .. . 4o0 800 Michigan.. Mississippi . 750 . ino Massarhua'ts Wisconsin. ., The Letter That Never Went. April 20. 1898,-Woodford. Minister Madrid: You have been furnished with the text of a Joint resolution vot ed by the congress on the 19th Inst, approved today. In relation to the pacification of the Island of Cuba. In obedience to that act. tho u resi dent 'directs you to Immediately communicate to the government of Spain said resolution, with the formal de mand of the government of the United States that the government of Spain relinquish Its authority and government In the Island of Cuba and withdraw Its land and naval forces from 'ulw and Cuban waters. In tnklns this step the United States hereby dls- laims any disposition or intention to exercise sovereign Jurisdiction or con- rol over said Island, except for the pacification thereof, and assorts Its determination when this Isaecompllsh-d to leave the government and control of the island to Its people under such free and Independent government as they may establish. If by the hour of noon, on Saturday next, the 23rd day of April. Instant. be not communicated to this government by that of Spain a full and satisfactory response to this demand and resolution whereby the ends of pesje In Cuba shall be assured, the president will proceed, without further notice, to use the power and authority enjoined and conferred upon him by the said Joint resolution to such extent as may be necessary to carry the same Into ef fect. WOODFORD'S RErnY. The following telegram was received from Minister Woodford at 9:02 a. m.: Madrid, April 20, 1898. Secretary Sherman, Washington: Early this, Thursday morning. Immediately after the receipt of your open telegram and before I had communicated the same to the Spanish government, the Spanish Minister for affairs notified me that diplomatic relations are brok en between the two countries, and that all official communications between their respective representatives have ceased. I accordingly asked for safe passports. Have turned the legation over to the British embassy and leave for Paris this afternoon. Have noti fied consuls. 8PEARFISII. The chief pride of Spearflsh, the one thing around which the chief Interest centers, la the Normal school, which, with all Its advantages. Its modern fa cilities and efficient faculty still bids fair If It continues to grow as It has In the past few years, to reach a point where It will be unable to take care of the large number of students applying for admission. The toUl number enrolled this year Is 217 id the gradu ating class numbers 22, the largest class ever graduated from the school. The past year has been an unusually successful one and It Is a source of congratulation that, as far as la now known, there will be but one change in the faculty next year. Miss Qerecke, who has very satisfactorily filled the posit ton of music teacher, has resigned and her place has not yet been filled. Miss Oerecke has organized and con ducted a string orchestra which has made wonderful progress and which Is an Innovation In the school. At present the arduous task of preparing for Commencement, which will be held on the 8th, 9th and 10th of June. The op eretta "Pocahontas" Is being rehearsed by the graduating class and will be presented at Commencement. The city election Tuesday was the most exciting and hotly contested ever held In Spearflsh. The sidewalks were crowded with men, the streets were gay with carriages carrying voters to and from ths polls, and the B. A M. train from Deslwood came In at three o'clock Instead of half-past flvs to give ths train man an opportunity to rots. Ths mllltla company at Spearflsh Is wall drilled and well equipped and is ready and anxious to be called upon for action. WHEN TRAVEHMQ. Whether on pleasure bent or on busi ng on every trio a bottle of Byrap of rigs, as It acts most pleasantly and effectually on ths kidneys, liver and bowels, preventlnej fsve-s. headaches, and other forma of slcknsja For sals In SO osnt bottles by all lead- in Arnttutm. lananfaotnrad by ths California fit Sjrra Co. air. beckcr, the other. Whatever George does, be does In earnest, whether It hustling for express business or put ting the Olympic club In fine financial shape; and you Just tell your folks he played ball last night for all there was in it. Between Tom Hurley and Ben Dwinm-ll it was a stand-off as to wh would cut the most pigeon wings, and so enger was tho latter to raise his side's majority that he Insisted In run ti In K from first to second when one of his own men was calmly standing on second, valuly waiting a decent chance to go to third. The left-handed over ihe-head-flles that Frank Peck caugli were wonders, and I'ncle Anson Hlgby throuKhout the game proved worthy of his name In bis skill and zeal. Bar Itone Italdy and Paul Honorden bad i Kkatlng match on the sut of tbel troimurs In a vuln aUempt tocorral one of Nate Franklin's hot ground -s, and the carpet escaped uninjured. Ber uard Keyes ably assisted In swift run ning aud skillful fielding and proved that train dispatching and base ball work well together. Milt Wheeler did valiant service and chased high flies and low grounders with all the adept. ness he would employ in "hunting cash" If the bank bulanre at 4 p. ra was over or short. As for Blliy Mc- UiiiK'MIn, whenever he came to bat he gave a look of defiant scorn which said: "Gentlemen of tho Jury, I've often done you up when there were twelve of you; ergo, how much more should I conquer now you are but eight. Play ball!" And straightway he would lam bant the 111 about ten parasangs, and cov er two bases at a time. Charlie Gardner was there, and everywhere, and made It as hot for his opponents as he does dally for his cupol In hit assay furnace at the Klldonan office. But for all-round hard hitting, good catching. rnceful tumbling and general gt- i'lereiieae commend us to our friend M. K. Wells. Why, when he hit at the ball with one of his masterful strokes It would take the air a second to close up the streuk his but left behind it; and whi n he struck one of those movable bases lu u hurry, the way his body would stop and his feet keep on going was a delight to see. His genial good humor was the ticst part of It, and no game should hereafter be held at the Olympic without him in it John Wilson umpired the game. He afterward explained It wns his first offense. While some of his decisions did not guile agree with tho ideas of the play ers utiil the spectators, especially when B mail Would make a clr alrltio anA huve It called a ball, and a few other little things like that, still he had the happy faculty of evening up things, and tho dotfated decisions at first base for one side about offset the foul ball decisions for the other, so there was no Ill-will, The task Is a hard one at best. If any of you follows who read this think you are popular and can umpire without error. Just try It once. You will learn a thing or two. Many ladles graced the occasion, and the married ones would applaud their side and the single ones theirs, and so the friendly rlvaly went on between them when they were not themselves dodging the swift balls that came sailing toward them. Altogether it was a weft matched, well pluyed game In which good temper predominated, and was a credit to the participants and the club. We trust there will be more like It. TO MR. SPANIARD. Air "A Hot Time." (Contributed.) Now at last our patience Is all spent. And to Hck you Spaniards we are bent, Uncle Sara will make you soon repent. There'll be a hot time In Cuba tonight. When you hear our mlghtycannonslng And our Catlings merrily Join In, Then you'll find we will not do a thing, But there'll be a hot time in Cuba tonight. With Hob Evans fighting as of yore," Soon will flow the treacherous Span-lar gore, There you'll meet with Schley( ths Commodore, And Sampson will warm you tonight General Miles will fight you on the land, And his troops will give poor Domes "sand," Joined together In united hand, They'll drive you from Cuba tonight. Nownere In the annals of mankind Can we such a dastard deed ere And, As .he Maine so sadly brings to mind. You'll atone It, Mr. Spaniard, tonight. Now look out, my haughty Spanish Don, No '"manana" wiL this fight be won. But today we'll lick you, every one, "Muy calleate" In Cubs toL.iht. So brave boys who wear the Union blue, Of the navy and the army, too, Give 'em , and lick 'em through and through, And God will be with you tonight. FILED FOR RECORD. John Oebhart and Joseph Each man to George A. Htgenslck and Frank E Ijihr. Penn and Myrtle lodes. Two Bit district 11.000 A. H. Utter and H. L. Ewlng to 0. J Barrett, Victor lods and Victor Frac. tlon. Bare Butte district fl Mtnnls E. Preston to Alex. Patterson, one-hHf Interest In Nerve Nos. l and I lodes, Ragged Tjp. 1500 George M. Wilson to Neil MeDonough, portion school lot No. TJ. Dead- wood.... fl

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