The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 20, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEB-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, & r-Rtc FOR DEADWOOD. .Some even said they would give $2u ot YESTEROAVS PERSONALS. $-j towaid it. but 1 believe eery prop erty holder in town should have an Wetlt dow II the B u- 5 a eipiirl ii.tere.-t in it. and will have an - t; t; , .On Hand to a P' f. of P"blic ReSOrt Pla", f f..i.:.iI a park, tor ie3 I .,11 ulkei about fot cit!' U 'iv tiuje noth- and UP, '. i,.. n accomplished. r.-;ioi- IJIki.iMIl ,.:te equal right ainJ pride m it also, in order to test The desire of our people. The on the lake. Swings, hanim.wks. horizontal bars, trapeze, and other gymnastic corvtrivain e.s conl, l- tt. ,j Lawn tenuis grounds, quoit iriounds. see saws, bowling alleys. a tar p.-t- r.ume and other pastimes, and pleasures ,.n. Joyed, by yoiins and d.1 i un,l i. vided for ami on all day., sin 1. a.-, holidays or other days of lei, nr.- t!.c t;ie,i man or woman rould walk m- n to this deiinhtfiii pi-,, ,. i , ,., and rest, and live an-- for m-:;., I will leave a suIim i iption list in each it oui dally new .,pap. i '"'ulli. cs for prop ai.-l do!.,: M,-See M'Mi :;;- nutr from Sal:-; . re;., where Ed lingt... J. i; Dent iting man .Wei tue Y Citv of ( old I He , ...Mr.P.- li-i'l- el ly hui.!. i s and I una. men to .am I t"d:. v- Mao, i-'i-l, h..ul.i 1. ie th. nan. hit; of a ccmiuiti. e to fake ,haig. of thi-, liiaMe: if iu: ,..i,p.. i,,ok ol !llV I'av.r The unloi.i I. lie- vuU real:'--'-' ff a I"""- kp ' ,ir' !,:: :l I'rurii nivi-ast importance i, I;, to hold here ,i, in- thousands way annually to Whittaker pari; toil. A nark like ihU u,,ni,i a, ... ,. tit.- and pie, i.sui,. p, l, ,,., , ,., poni ... i ,,nnnt bp se- erii:'i- i of th fu ..,iv i.. i- purpose and i. I lllla lid . 1 i. :ia. -i , i ;i i :: I a . . ! St.ii.-- oluiiie.-r.,. tot S,.,u a;. n-ka. Ii take i harg. of mission- Id Ir"' . ,iPi.-nllp left i. whei 'i'1- by all should Mir up our i pi to act promptly. Kcspci !f,ili . K A. HOHN'li:i( 1KR ADDITIONAL BELT NEWS. I people fl-o mall OM l- the 11. dt ! iu n.,1,. come and visit with us No ilmiM jn course of time summer cottaKes wouM suIiik up ninl insti-ad of oi;r ..,,i.. traveling so nun h jn summer time to other scenes and other ,,vns mop. ,,f them would remain here to enjoy om own park and its facinat ions and charms. 1 have brought this matter J-ith (i n it l - ...motives intet-,.r, ,,., services, and coal arv v. W: i, .1 Krim:nl.!'ol,aS.- and black-hegr ,. That nark Mo., v.-!t with hi- ha i' her a nd lie i.- upe: ilium :i in, i llil.e on the (iaette 111 tit. her l type . Led '" orksho''s Jatnos Cusick has gone down in the southern Hills on an inspection Joe. 'lilt feiwwim., iv. idea! 1 -.nO ftp J o 1UH Todd a fot tiier 1'..,. ;.. H.1N La-ion and P-iav""- - - younu a. .u: j isittng hi.- old lain.. Best Shoe Can Always Be Found in a SHOE STORE We Carr the largest assortment Sell the best goods and our prices Are lower than any other concern Handling shoes : : : : Our $3.00 - siii-n a 'for an.l enjoys. Thesis within " .. r ... i ...... I a lnvelv snot and w.i- .n n.adwod ye-te:d,, ,. brakn-- out of HrookH.dd. Missouri at presei.i on the Chicago. Burlington v up in the city council and the sentiment in its favor was unanimous, most of the aldertiien having been on the ground and they were charmed as I was by its wonderful possibilities for our city, but the city council is powerless to do anything, as the i ity's indebtedness is already lwyoml the limit allowed by law. Xow I take upon VriSP 01 I""'"' " fnbesernnMlfnra double purpose Quilii i i ailroail. His wife, who .,a- In make an .u.-l.i.nting pa, k im- form. . Mi Malde Cammoii is with Iftecn minntHS miiih m ..... nri will add u) iniinensp flow him. ,c. . i- u-inm; relatives m I. end Air. T.. 11 i- a son of .1 A. Todd of Lsprins :'! from inexhausti Speai I: bly to t!,- Mtys water sup-The site Is 11 P -SH rins creek and tour. If you are looking for a good smoke ask for Chamisons MONARCH strictly union-made cigar. Fa-tory in May block, Lead. u I. II. Chase, the dry goods merchant, was up to Lead yesterday from his home at Rapid Miss Lillian liavis has been appointed as the agent of the Columbia bicycles in this section. Houses bought and sold, money loan ed. general insurance and notary public. Victor T. .1 'pseii. Room . Cotton & Andrews block. Lead. S. 1), tf M r-. ( ion Sunt h left e.,. I -iu over the fort Pierre for Victor. Colo, to join h.-r hu-lialid w ho is now lo- . .lie I t hep Ml- l(o-. It. ii '., , mi. the l i a . 1 myself to make an appeal to the over six hundred property holders of the city, to give each, buy this park- Olympic Field Day. A Ii.- Mm of the executive commit-' w !.. Id at L' p m Moiida.v at t he Jod easy road w U"i i ine opposite tn. MKiiorn ireigm ii and fall""-" - the creek up to .!. ni;. i luh and the following business t ! aii-aeP .1 d he t line To: site. .Hi acres f- $:;.nuO. including n. water right, which could he piped from the proposed lake to the Main street water mains at a small expense . compared to our pai evpendit'ircs for this ground N locate.!. I wo nt -tart': -i ' ; i p t u i in n n 1 1 . i ii - ;i- iarzrst. 1'nri-- Iied I . : - I 1 1 a: n Will Ieav I .. ad a ' p i a i tn the (."int'd a s fpeil tla- ' lu inss of water j itinnieralil.' other i all aloiiK wood-1 and shady pilens ; iii inn panorama i water, and wln-h won), I feed i very family n-ir.y t ;iv town with ,inv spring wai ell, lo iter in .V'er ' a. I it 1 I ftovis and !i" 1. nivl t!.- a I -1 ili-i.- Old W .11 . ,! e i, . o.d I i a, l; v. lit i a'd I .. .nimii.,; , !. .' the II. III! ala! i i p : . a. l: a: d la .. - .aim : i P'e i : a li.-jiut. any- I h a: o! He- . I o , ,e , , , l-1 - .e .:. i- it Mill i,i :!..-!. tie !,..;, hall he ,i ,,i ,i, .! I v. ... i ! . i! , tat i 1 1 - .eel in lis "" .it. ia . '' . ,1 . i a' :.di I ed tl. .ili-i I 1- . . a ! o ; ppro purchaMir..- IMUV -111.-W.ltei- rill III Willi the j evi yv . 1 1' for impio ta'l-ed to a ai d I !'i.n ! till e, d,! I ! ae ,,.a u : a l .1 t I 1 k .i Line is the Greatest ever Sluwn. I c ('all and see th. m. ? Zipp Shoe Co.! iiiii i omit ry. A v., mid In- a di -ii A dam could ;!.! form a jrrand ii 1 1 t" i l i ir water '.. i wit li mom - of ativ tollfi Is mir i-itv. Nice ..!).! ! place! p tv.j lo 1 i 1 1 .,. ... I ' iiaa' C55 Main St. U, ' I , I 1 1 Spring and Summer 1900! t: i: rkr-ei -i !l !' I' ,"JJU',J I'lil. ia.'i.-uLTuii ujjijsujujijjtuuuvjuv Tin a c CI - i: ci. Si i r c i t;ik' i: ih-h t plcisin in olli-riim ilii- mm- U ' I'll, o IdiMy ivlirise fill- vimr inspi ciinn, I -i r 1 1. -'ii - pi - lo (I. i ; a do! I, 1,1. i. r i : ha- ;p e. j fill St. -ill. i- c p. They tell us i, i;..-, h :: , .1 la (if t ho f';l('I 1 lid i i I rXnnN nil olll- jM'i '. io us Ms." (Tvrnis'i'ANi!.(. tiii: i;i:i:nt ' IM, AT AliVAM'i: IN Mi:i,'i-II ANMISK IN ' LINK, WE li.W'K N T Al IVAM I'.l (H U i;ii i:s IN ANY SINCLK INSTAN'K. (Mir Men's I itd rl miTil i r 1 I ! - wilh .,'.,,. M'- '. a A li :-a ill ' t. ' le I t ' Vl.ll .-ll-eet. I..,, Ille 1 le till, -t lil.e THAT Ot'R... FREE PREHIUriS S' M.ji tin s Cotnrnpncenitnt. 'Vi ''Pi: a nil a 1 1 . mil in. -in . 1 1 1 . 1 1 T at '-'in' a . a I em y , in Si urn i s w.i : el la -1 iiichl. wiin very line wiU .i i j-tven forHnvtmrDIAnOND-'C" I.ann- !low. ui y soap Wmpimrs aro MUCH FINER than they expuctod to g-ot. i'M'H -o.. Tl,. iiroMi'ana otisi. ted -i:'-tf all title ol i n.-t ru Hi n! a I a ne in a I in u.-ic . l jk1Hern are a couple outof SOO bsan- I a ' a uis a n i i ,i a I ion 1 1 w as i lo.-. , 1 to I ! iiiui ami tiserul preinlumn vnich cm a bo no.tir.til hr miuyly sarinftb Wrappers from our ll.P-r. -I ot 1 la . it P I I '. a 1 1 , 1 : i a 1 1 111 1 I j" h. ladles' Campaalon rocket Book: cenolna Liu t S a r Diamond "C" fonatoy imp fe--ion amono mid oio- that will p-main perma neiit . lie is le i e au niil-t fiiltill hi- pledge- to he -ucce-s lal and your welfare is his interest Sin h a man is I ir liuul t In' :, . i-ort add' . -- l.v Vicar general le ' ! I a :. I ol I .. ,p I I'll III.' t h lee principal I oil -I 1 1 li nl s of I o II . I Moll p!i..-e,d training, intellectual training and ethical training. Th . ie nine graduates at the a-ini. a . i!:: vear. a- follows: Miss My I tl. S ; . i k . Miss Catherine William M - Claudia .'.man. Mi-- Hat-l.e W.c .la-te- .lic k Ward. Miss Alice I .ootids. Mi-s Bessie Colllyll, Mis I': HO e- KolUc . Ull'l Mi-S N'e ii. " la r .i-ii. :tl Slel 111 list "1 Oil Will rei el Ve Ul i P 1 Do not fain tbnm by tbmtt ptv tana; begin alng' Dlanoal o' Laimdrj Boas vrappera to-dam, get a premium anf you will know flint bow nloe they ir. Drop postal tot our free rremlum Cataiurao to THE CU04HY PKG. CO, Soap Works. o. Omaha, Neb. If FMr wnomr 4tm aot haadl thf. mo wrtla n-w will nt him toptl'p Mock -al i-faci mti and Let i, r i . - a It - him t ha n uni 'Alii 1 1 mil an I : a .1 . u iIp- vorv latest for men's wear. Mon's Sniiii: Overcoats, in all the newest shades ami styles, ra n-iin-i in price from !S.."0 to .J'J.(I0. The handsomest line of Men's Spring Suits we htii'e ever sliuun; the veiy latest designs in lii-h "rade tniloriiii:, ra ii-in-r from SCoO to $2.".()t). Fullv l'4U.t1 tn uilur-nudc. at jut (die-half the cost of niade-to-order yoods. Our I lev's Department consists of evory-thiii", neeo.ssary for a boy's complete outfit, lOT2nrtiirj8nom so i ailed ,-pe, lall-t A Printer Greatly Surprised. I never was so in 1 1 1 1 1 -iirpi i.-id in my life." .-a6 Il' iiry T. Crook. ue-. man of the A.-hwlle i N. C i Ciuetp ils 1 V.l- Willi the results ot u-iim ehaailn i hiin - 1'aiu Jlaliii. I on How's Your Heart? a! he plea-ed to 1 1 . 1 '. e a 1 1 V . if pel -i in- i a II at in ol'ti. . 1 Main street, at any I line ii Pulse Tracing. Tin- is t he wrist and alls for no v hatever. Tl hje, t is I '.'-" numls i No. ': toda. taken i expo-u: tra.ted a severe ca-e ot l lieiiinatisiii A r i i e -1 -lii, I , the 1 C.iinei i I'! .', an(i K il k early last winter by getting my feet reliatde pioods, and low prices being our Wet. I tried several thillK- for WILCOX'S ONLY AIM. P7HShtlWbT "Skid Bistro without benefit. (Mio day while looking over the (lazette. 1 noticed that I'ain Balm was positively ftuar- teed to are rheumatism, so I bought a l!5-cent bottle of it and before using strictly scientific to determine the effect- of this altitude on the . ip -illation al. ! diseases of th. heart No charge - made and no advice given. The ;, nation is to tin- healthy as well a- to those having heart ailments. J. S. LEONHARDT. two-thirds of it my rheumatism had taken it.s flight and I have not had a rheumatic pain since." I'ain Balm also cures sprains, deep-seated and muscular pains. It is for sale by Kirk ll.e lii-t.K K.kJjI. tl. ln'-i ili.i i 1 out, aii'y l-l.oo, nirthasin u a J Prjwniue, also tie$ you a n . i 1 . , i ( i . o.ia.-st f- i 25 o.fc i jpkii i I" ii' f ' ' 135. Call and In m tell yoj i!iOut it. U. Phillips. DO YOU SMOKE? Choicest Havana and domestic PALACE PHARMACY, This season we have paid particular attention to the TLE FOLKS. Three-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest just like pa's, from $2.00 to $6.50. Shin and collars just like Papa wears, ages years and ards. ' 0U1 GENTS' FURNISHING DEPAKT MENT, com f in every detaiV with the latest novelties, in fact' ev' Wig that is new and novel worn by men. HATS of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, 1 by all good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades I shades for spring wear. best line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in Je new style Plaids and Checks. tar Shoe stock is now complete with the very latest in It Is Delicious The best mocha and Java coffee to Say, Stranger! Don't you know: that yon can do bet be found in the country is now on sale at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner Deadwood and Sherman streets. The ter on Jewelry by going to Central? J. B. LaReau of that city can fl tyou out in anything tnat 70a want at prices Increased sales of this article which far below those you would have to makes such a delicious drink, Is evidence of Its superiority over all other pay elsewhere. He has been In the Jewelry business In the Hills for 22 years, and Is thoroly reliable, what he sells you Is strictly as he repre brands. The next bill of groceries you order, Just add to that your order for I Bet pi.-t-jre driws you V a $35 prize. 3$'h bct win y Li $3. fcn luire (or I particular " ouoes. Every pair guaranteed to give saus iacuuu. c ist y 'i V- P'r a pound of mocha and Java. OncJ sents it. Get other prices, then get his, ami compare. Three Reasons Why we PHARMACY tried, never forgotten. tf STANDARD CASH GROCERY. Should Sell you Shoes! MASSAGE BATHS. Mm. Smith, steam, vapor and alco T hol la'li- No. 8 Pine street, second Life Gradually Lengthening. Recent statistics prove that the floor. Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. Caliime C0NTAINs NOTHING j average health and length of life of human beings have grown stronger and longer with the years. It is clearly demonstrated that Jhe i hange for the better has been brought about by modern ideas and methods. On-of tile agents which 'has been most Instrumental in preserving life i- Hos-tetter's Stomach Btiters. Thousands have died from stomach and digestive disorders, who might have survived had they resorted to the Btters. It is the greatest of known tonics for stomach and digestive organs. It cures dyspepsia, indigestion and constipation, and ha3 done so for the past fifty years. There is nothing to equal It. ' Baking I Am Not Going Out of Business Neither am -rniny to loose money, hut 1 am ( initio to tin in the futureas in.the past. Sell Groceries Far Cheaper than my competitors. My ex-expenses are lijht and my customers are yo-iny to yet the benefit. Get my prices. Powder none V COOD J No. 7 Charles St, A. GREEN I !'i.t.:ifiitii.itii. Miftif i-. ii; . ;t i..r"ii,M j;iii:;n . . tCiiUi (ilM

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