The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 14, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEE&IMES, FBIDAY MOBNINO, JULY U, MiamiiiisMMfmafHiuimifiuHiHHiMifHfliiititiMUfiiinii niiimutiuiuiM leeis hiiiiiim iiihij 5 i (LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. LEAD'S upon the copper formations of the Black Hills; Samuel Cusbman, who needs no Introduction to the Black Hills people as a mining writer; Frank McLaughlin, who will write upon the free-milling and refractory ores of the Black Hlllls, showing the difference between the two: Curtis 1VT A AlAinTU T")RP A RTAf rrXTT1 Qt-iz-v LEAD S. D. 1899. JULY 14, ANNOUNCEMENT! Alexander, for fifteen yearB heau chem-l-it at the great Kansas City smelter, upon the ( yaiilding of lilack Hills ores, V. L.. I' of Centra! City, upon the (',111.111 formations of the Central City ilis'iiit; I 'I .illlirr. :Jt.. Oar Stocl3 ar j now complete and full in all Departments i in .in. , 1 1 1 1 1 N K W 1 1 E 11 f-r i I u r 1 1 ' i -s iriusi i 1 1 ia ay to b1) t h ,ti niil'l t- to r'sjii' f !ip real c-i n ( ; 'ranii. I In lit i Anofh'T ( itiji'Ip. Tin I'hilii'i'inc v il.i: 111. of thai . ' In . f. 11 tin- r- r : i i il an lh- fi-w rliiaii. , f i I - w l.oljhins. of I uster, who will write. .11 length of the mines in Custer cnity; ..ii'i a niimher of other prominent milling Mill who have partly promised to assist in gelling up Interesting matter. There will also be a write-up of all of the mining districts in the Hills giving a history of the mines and their present development. Some of the newer companies will also be I o llii lav (low n h. i r i at c .li l,i iimI oi.iic : ii, licit ll, l li'i!,. Kit :-)'-: I'm;.. F, uill hii.iil i iit .lial iu na: n.ii incriilK rs (.:' i h' conic ii ii 1 1 Join in ltles. Tint reci lit i.i i u Hi. !1 Dry Goods, Clothing, Millinery. Wraps and Suits, Carpets. Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware. Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Suppiiea iiml arrows. I il In all M Jiihbol : Hi;' liiilies the semi annual tc ha v ma I.- t he T. written up in a descriptive way which will rKMKTKHV A SS X ' I A T 1 1 ) N . A int'finiK of Hip Soulti Lead Ct'UHt'M'y s(k iation was hcl'i at S. K. Smith' ii'i-derlaklnt; roonn Wedncsilay niKht at X be entertaining: both to the Black Hill It a Mile roail.s ahnoKl inipassal.le ami an e people and those residing outside. Keystone and Hill City districts and Cus O'clock. The meetiug was calli-d lo rl Witb unequalled facilities for buying: and celling we a8t X't'ttSB, ut .nutuy . ft iw tlttii,. dollars, must, .lui ter euuuly win receive especial allenllon the desire of the publisher and editor of the Hevlew being to make this Special Edition cover the resources of the entire incurred befure tlicy ran he put in prop, shape. The upper road in llobtafl nul-Henna to have fared the worst as 111 heaviest rain fell In that section. Ensign Grass, who has tieen In t b Hills for the past two weeks dellghtim Dlack Hills. Arrangements have been made for selling the papers at the Omaha verbal report for the year ending June 4, ISM.fflThe prealilent stated that owin($ to the death of the secretary and treasurer, W. 3. Allinson, he was unable to tender a written report. He also staled that the cemetery had been surveyed and platted and a complete record had been kept. The debt had all been paid and the cash he has on hand since Mr. Allison's death amounts to $11.00. Officers for the ensuing year were elect Exposition and on the trains leading into Omaha. the people with his songs and eloquence your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. THE BIG HMIOIC S Lead, S. H. leaves this evening for Hot Springs 1. Th price of the papers will be 23 cents per copy. visit the salvation army corps down theie He will remain at the Springs over Sun lay and will then go to, Sioux Falls. REMAKKAULE rescue. Mrs. Michu.l Curtain, Plalnfleld, 111., m jsai makes the statement, that she caught cold, ed as follows: President. S. II. Smith. Secretary and treasurer. Victor T. Jep Executive committee, John Dally. Rich which settled on her lungs; she was treat All persons are notified that we are not. and cannot be held, responsible for the debts Incurred by Fee Wa, a .Chinese laundryman of Terravllle.6' Ho has no connection whatever with our Arm. HI KEE CO., (lw) Deadwood. S. I. a- ed for a month by her family physician, but fjrew worse. He told her she was a hope- rd Eslhk. L. A. Fell and the president BLACK HILLS MAPS. ess victim of consumption and that no medicine could cure her. Her druKKist Wall Map showing geology and topo uggeBted Dr. King's New Discovery for graphy of Black Hills of South Dakota The merchants and business men have Consumption: she bought s bottle and to and Wyoming; 13 colors. Price $1.50 consented to close their places of busines her delight found herself benefitted fnm .and secretary- The following motions were made and carried: That the secretary be paid a aal-awy of $75.00 per year for his services. TTht the secretary purchase a cemetery record to keep recordi of all interments made. That a surveyor be employed to act mora stakes In the cemetery and as Pocket Map showing geology same as at 1 o'clock tomorrow in honor of the Has Received first does. She continued its use and after above, contalslng a complete description of the mineral and othr resources of the taking six bottles, found herself sound and well; now does her own housework and firemen's picnic. This Is as it houi 1 be, for there is nothing too good for the firemen. Not only will the merchants I Three Cars of Wagons, Buggie Black Hills; cloth cover. Price $1.25. Is as well as she ever was. Free trial bot Pocket Map of Black HUls, plain, con close, hut Intend also to go to the picnic ties of this Great Discovery at Kirk 0. sist the secretary in completing a record of those burled. That the secretary make taining a description of mineral and other Phillips Drug Store, large bottles 60 evnis and make a holiday of It. o a report of the books of the late secretary, and $1.00. resources of the Black HUls, paper cover, Price 40 cents. TV. B. Allinson, and have It ready for the next meeting of the executive commit WILL BATHE IN THE BIG PLUNGE. Map of the Black Hills. Price 2$ cents. For sale at the office of THE PIONEER-TIMES. tee. That the minutes of former meetings FILED FOR REJCORD Hsnna A. Henry to Amanda Jane lots S and 6, block 43, Ramsdell's addition to Spearflsh. fltSO. Charlotte F. Hennessey to John Collins, It is likely that several Hundred people Surrie8, Carriages, Rockaways, Road Wagons, Buckboards, Eoad Carts, Phaetons, Express wagons Etc. From the Racine Wagon and Carriage Works. 1 second hand rirj cheap. Will sell cheap for cash or on installment. . from Deadwood and Lead will spend soms SATURDAY EXCURS10ON3 TO HOT et al, all her interest In the Manchester No. 4, a mile east of Elk Mountain. of their Sundays this summer at Hot Springs. Especially will those who cannot get away for a longer time take ad statU not be found, that the secretary taafl pvsdUmt prepare the same as near 11 : possible mai .present them to the next meeting rod Out they , also prepare the constitution and by-laws to submit at the warns .ttane. .That tke matter at appointing sextoa 1m laid over until the next UP esTIng That the president be extended wote of thanks for the services he had Frank Mlljan to Maggie Long, the west SPRINGS VIA "NORTHWESTERN LINE." To Hot Sprlags and rstara at one fare. vantage of tbs cheap rates every Saturday good for seven days announced by the Bur erly portion of lot 6, block 33, City of Lead. (700. James 8wyt to Joseph M. Rlckel, lot 4, lington route. The regular rates have been eut in half by the Burlington for $5.20. tor the round trip. Tickets good to S. R. SMITH, LEAD block A, Falrvlew addition to Deadwood. return seyen days from date of sale. The Blkhorn train 1 earing Deadwood tt I p. Tendered tte association la the past. $200. these Sunday excursions. Tickets to Hot Springs and return may be bought next Saturday for $5.20 from Deadwood aad Newton M. Wade to A. H. Patterson, a is the popular train to Hot Springs, half Interest In the Alpha Extension No. $6.46 from Lead City. ss tt leaves after the closo of hours. and Alpha Extension No. 2, a third in terest in the Andy No. 1. Andy No. 2 and Andy No. a, Ice Box Canyon. LETTER LIST. '", U.T. UJckok, the civil engineer, was a " 'visitor In Lead. WANTED Dtnsinsj room girl at Home- take Jwtel. ImA at ones. Fred Plerson was la Deadwood on mining business yesterday. ? Mesdsmea Seedall and .Valentine visited ' a- in rntrl vaatardiv. Newton M. Wade to Anna Wade, a Tte Miasonlay Furniture Coif la th Letters remaining uncalled for !fl. .y" Deadwood postofflce July 8, 1899: three-eighths Interest In the Henry claim. Bald Mountain. - SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. John C. Conant to Anna Wade, a half -DEALERS IN Interest la th Lucky claims, numbered 1 I, Poorman. gulch. ' . ' ;' Pittsburg. Fa., July . SL Indian apoluV Ind., July 1T-1. Th above la partial Bat of socno of -Newtoir M.Wade to James Cuslck, a Furniture, Crockery Glassw half loUrest In the Uncle Sam No. t, the mora Important axoaraiona to be Black Frinee No. 1, Old Abe, . Golden T' I . . -, ,' ynta ot rose and carnations for sale. - U, tha faddtorlt, ead. (tt) ; '. toeputy 'Shark kW WUcox. of Terry. "JSaAwn Jrom that town ea business yes- j'laroaf. , . " .- Tha Ptonr-Ttme U 6B sais at U ta0Obrpaxar, jrbera jri J tha laeat smoke la town. ( X) 11 r. u B. Orton returaed home ysster- given by the popular Burlington root. Crown, Allinson. Harmony, Troy, Custer. ourlng th cummer. For fall Informa Mark Twain, American Flag. Highland, tion m to DnMsV dMtw of MOe, Uckata. Qulncy, Lackawana. Snowstorm. Trojan, EverytJkittg Strictly up to date and price ihat cannotj and Plutus lodes, on Elk Creek. Pranw T.Pell by Victor Jepson. bis at W. T. ROBB31TS0N. Tlekat AgeaL . 'T i r Uy from a three weeks: tf I8' GENTS. Brewlck. D. O. (2) Baker, Geo. W. Brant, John Hageman, A. F. Humphreys, Frank lillbery, John Lawson, C. H. Lewis. 8. T. Moody, P. O'Brien, Richard Reuscheoberg, Frank Robinson, James Bherret, Alex J. Sampson, R. White. Thos. H. LADIES. Alford. Mrs. J. H. Burns, Mrs. M. Coralman, Llllle, Farley, Grace Huddlestron Claire Herron, Mrs. C. A. Thompson, Mrs. Wood, Daisy wMMtMtMMMMas)o nuuli at Chadroo. , torney la tact, to William RanUnen, a lot oa the south side of Onsen Mount ave-cne, Lead, $650. ' Mr. and Mrs- Jobs Tnompaon of . lower Undertakers nd Embalmers. JOHN ELBHSHK, William Rananen to Oskar Nelson, the Mali, street will leave tor Norway Batur tov m- ng yisit . . lot Just decribed in Lead. 1600. Heise Horer ail Bepate Oscar Olson to Jafet Nleml, the lot Just lisJNellla Hunter Jand Mr. WlUlam Kraln wera anltsd.ln marriage on Wed- described, In Lead. $600. AB Work Dom wit Pro- "aptaoan end dtapatcti meeday night In Deadwood. JVk 3 Main St. Lead, South Dt HIAWATHA PARK. - LEAD a n . o " (Advertisement) BLACK HILLS MINING REVIEW. r.nuh Mixture will curs 0..1 Muirb. or we refund the ' monsy, tf- I P. Jenkins, druggist. Special Edition for 18$$ Will Be Out la Hiram Rlrish of the Big Bend was In ... . , ',.... . V July;;, . . . ' j,d for a short time yesterday. t . m Ths management of the Black Hills Of thS ttbOTO Persons calling for any 1 B. Orton. successor to Beemer Or- Mlalag Review la preparing to .issue giro date of advertising. Gates' RobIt and Ore Grushc oa. is constantly receiving new Jswslry sud offsre better Induoementa than any special edition of that paper sometime JOHN BAKER, P, ij during the Utter part of July., This edl ther firm la town.. Special attention Is A CHEAP HOLIDAY. called to his fine watch repairing. (tf.) Uoa will far surpass anything of ths kind aver published la th Black HlUa. Th GREATEST ORE CRUSHER Oft EARTH 14 at Hwnestake MCow-rlly Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. Spend Sunday out of town. A brief rec Miss Katla Phillips, one of the most support already given by the .business popular school teachers In this part of ths m of Deadwood. Lead and th sur reation will do you good. Ton caa go mora, and better work, next wesk after little rest. Thera Is no more N delightful rounding mining earn pa. and by th lead- tats. Is visiting friends ,, la , Terry , inn week. . . '.' ,.' : ' ; SPECIAL FlHF RriUSIIEf I mining companies which ar operating la Lawrence county, has of Itself warrant- place to go tor a lKUs trip af ibis kind than to Sylvan Lake. It la just as hsors stage' ride over a most picturesque road ' C. 0. Tanner report the transfer of a "bouse "'and , lot In ' Hiawatha Park from Oscar Olson to Japet Nelmt. conslderaUon ad; th publication of fifty pages of read' lag matter, illustrated with profusion of nsw half-ton nta. Already : about from Custer. Th laks covers an area af fifty acres, and Ilea at th Tory door of the hoteL Ths eost of reaching this, ths pre. Our New DedgnwU interest you. J Gates' : High Grade Rolk NO OTHERS . EQUAL. THKM- j Bouses bought and sold, money loaned, forty-five hundred copies of th edl Uoa hkve bees subscribed for and only a par janersi Insurance and notary tmhlla. VW tlest spot In the Black Hills, la slight tial eanvasa has been mad. It will b tor T. Jepsen. room No. J, Cotto" The Burlington roots has eut ths regular necessary to Issue at least eight thous rews Mock, tetd, 8. U -;- () and coplsa L order to supply th demand. rata In halt ana wUl Sell round trip tickets from Deadwood and Lead for $$.! ev Mrs. Matt ClndelL of : Golden Gate, SinprpTslrars.: Thay are tbs : Qatos, DHoooand JDloe Th special edition will contain a great -went down to Keystons Wednesday night ery Saturday this summer. These tickets many half -ton cuts .which will be lew to in w husband, who 1s tool dresser will be good for seven days,- giving week's pleasant outing. . : , . .at ths Holy , Terror mine. th Black Hills people and soms of ths best known mining men will contribute ar A salvation army meeting was held In ticles oa various topics. Among those Trcmain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospectors Friend. Fouriera oKalopaa dexribe , r' k,m SPECIAL EXCURSIONS TO COLORATX who win writ ar: Dr. Walter P. Jea the Epworth hall.' Terry. Wednesday night, led by Ensign Grass. About fteen members of the Lead corps wer In at and trr-AH. ' ' - via: ney, who will furnish a descriptive article upon th early history of the Black H ono F.-PURNEtL Sole Ajt , A n , nl , tendance. s?J5 Hills up to tie present time;- Dr. T. WD . "Northwestern" line, F. K. M. V. R OBI THEO E. GESKET Real Estate, Loan Mam Ihne, president of the Technology . Forfhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel OilllllUsiW cal school, of Chicago, who will writet R., OA Juno 25 to July 11. 18SS9, Inclusive, to Denver,' Colorado Springs Pueblo and Glea-wood Springs, CoL. and Odgaa and :nd Insurance, all kind of Legal writing -done. General Agent Of the Xnloa Bar-In its As.'n. Good live tnea wanted as descriptively of the phoeollt belt; James 3. Lawson. with a quarter of a century ELSTON AVE. CHICAGO. IL Salt Lake. Utah, at, one fare plus $10$ 'tc!tors. of experience In copper mining, will treat for the round trip, .

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