The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 14, 1898 · Page 4
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1898
Page 4
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EXECUTIVE'S PO'KY EM PIONEER-TIMES Fake Notice.. vmwela ate far away they do not ..tor into consideration In the events oi toe lmuicd.4 e future In the vicinity of Cuba. Tl - principle element of M MR UNt and arrive Umimm ivw. The win ? M temporarily at Raffed Top. toe Pkr-Ttme sxteod congratula-tions. Sunday laeomlnf B. at M. train track ft cow that attstnpted to cross th track, and th animal wa struck squarely Is th middi by th sharp pi- IOUTH DAKOTA. THE CITY. (Tuesday.) Co ft Edmonds are prwpartnsj to move th frame butMu&c occupied by the Independent to ft lot OB trppsjr Shot-man street, bov tne Flak Hunter Company's lumber yard. Ml JWOOD It w w Moposed plan for the vanish rule in Cuba la J3AD' I liiii.gci m tie ' 'he Mg rni'. v ! which were r Committees on Foreign Re . Vlscaya ami Opuendo, j utly at Havana but art ' ;i, Porto Kico, awaiting I i now at Pan .1 tot snow plow, throwing her from th ' CUFT10W, fS.QO PER TEAR. UMC 4 u second- class matter at the itere Dead wood postomc. DK'K RICHARDS' VlliWa. Knglewood, April 10. 19g. KdiUr I'louuur-Tiiuea: liuw about Spain? Jt take two to make a fight. The autliorltii'it there are between the devil ami the deep sea. If they light and los Cuba, they can repudiate the $Iim,uOu,mhi of Cuban bonds, but wlmre wilt they Kd l ho monry to ligut with? The money ilianRvrs of Kui-opo liavn poor, (l'T'iit Spain in their Krip, ami they do not want those bonds repudiated. Then. If there wan a war, the chances mo thin present monarchy would bp toppled over, and lluwe In-Hldo of it do not want that. No, 1 do not think Spain wants a war, but slm in feeble ami decrepit and changeable. the ardval i naval reinforcements lations Trying to Agree Upon a Report. from Spain. 1 ie flying spuadron win Femoo, the little son of Mr. and Mra. lien Uaer, who was burned ft few days ago by the explosion of ft toy steam engine, in which aa aJcoboi lamp eras track. Th engineer stopped th train and It was found that th cow had been killed Instantly, and that th calf ah waa about to ftv birth to was not used, Is getting atone nicety. Injured apparently, at all. Indications are that Interven Account I. O. O. F. Grand Lodge J. A. Byler of Omaha, tock agent ot meeting at Sioux Fall. May 17 to II, rate one and ooe-ftftii tare tor round trip via tne Blkhorn Una. Call at th B. k M. road, Eugene Rusk, assistant traffic manager of the Kan CHy tion will be Recommended by Committees. THK MAN AT THE HKl.M. SrANI (otora 1 not patriotism. It ha C of the Intense but dignified attrl- WW that eommand and Inspire unl- lnf11 reepoct. The true patriot la not prove v nnirrA lead. He ilors not yearn for tho stock yards; Char lea Gould, stock depot for ratea, etc. of th C. B. N. road; H. M. What oiiKht to be the position of the United Stales? The spirit of tho eon- The "line Italian hand" of Harry Fletcher waa detected In the temper ' hoaril of gunpowder or the blood of his stltutlun of our country which we live WaHhington. April 12. Special to ance drinks served at ttte node, ftwav : h iu nnn w:ir under naturally sends our sympathies Keeoan, of Keenan A Bon, Chicago, and R. C. Outoalt, of th Omaha stock yards, were among fcA prominent stockman who passed through this cky yeaterd yeo route to Rapid to attend Our Catolsgue and samples of new Spring and Summer Clothinjr U now ready. To persons outside of Omaha who aend for it and give the came of this, paper it will be mailed Free of Charge. It contains samples of the Cloth that goes into our Men's an 1 Toy's Suits and aingle pants. It tells you how to buy Clothing to the best possible advantag , how to get a perfect fit, how to get good all wool fabrics and how to get your money back for anything you purchase if it doesn't wear. It is worth a Great Many Dollars to anybody in need of Clothing, hats, shoes, shirts, uncrrwear or anything that a man or boy needs to wear. It places our whole store in your hands, tells you all about us and how we do business, and gives you a great many puinteis on other matters besides. We want you to send for it. Send Today. If you mention the I'ioneer-Times it wont cost you a cent. Just give your name and post office addr ss and say you saw jur offer ,n the Pioneer-Times and you will get the book by return mail. Address your letters or postal cards to T 'IIISlniSSSSM-T-llTtT SSSMSMI W BBBBBBg" tho rioneer-Times: Anotner aay oi waiting, not on tho president thla time, tain In Deetkenn druc tor Sunday, during the opeoinc ceremonies of the but on the senate and house commit look after tin . i two vessels, and wP.I probably etpei iencc no difficulty In preventing a Junction In Cuban waters between them and the Spanish warships. As for the formidable fleets on the other side of the Atlantic no attempt will be made to molest them unless they undertake to Interfere in the operations In Cuoa. In which event they will And the United States navy fully prepared to give them a warm reception. Although the I'nlted States will initiate the war. so far as the proposed termination of Spanish rule In Cuba la concerned, it will t.ol continue hostilities beyond that point, unless they bo-come necessary by the aggressiveness of Spain. In the latter contingency the plan of campaign will undoubtedly Involve an attack on the Spanish possessions In different parts of the world Including Torto Rico, the I'hllllplnes, the Canaries and possibly Spain Itself. In military circles the general opin . ; to all peoplo and classes that are op- only arbiter between opposing i ni,. ' pressed and taxed by the will of a few th ni I'"V'' f COUntry by 1,0 despots, lis our colonies were Kovern- 1 will b i synonymous with love of battle. e(j prior to the drawing of that great lee cream season. the Stock Grower's meetinc. Sherm Den man. Dew Ferguson and Nebraska has paid a beautiful trib tees on foreign relations, who have under consideration the president's message and recommendations contained herein. 1 he committees have been In George Auten returned yesterday from ute to the memory of the late Mrs. j Oou -eds and hundreds of years ago, J Declaration of Independence, from old 1 ... worn I ttexirice 111 and of the rights of Kn- John M. Thurston, who died In Cuba a Frank Ankeny'a stock ranch, near Alliance, Neb., vhere they spent a week among the feathered tribe). They got glishmen, was given to the world on the 1'oiirth day of July, 177B. Our aim few .weeks ago while studying the condition of th people In that stricken Island. Thla tribute take the form of a Ms of bird and had ft royal good xcxrtlon ail uay, trying vu si "k some form of resolution to report. The difference between the '-paclflcos" and belligerents is not great, and It Is ! aota 1 as one and Inseparable. Clv-tot a 1 ' on, howrvr, has steudily forced Spanl further alul further apart until j but e 'we fitre tlic dawn of the twentl- time. today Ik equality of opportunity and the higheM development of the indi-vliliu I thiiiiinh the fullest freedom and John Mclnerney, the well known and memorial train, which left Omaha yesterday containing twenty-two carloads of relief supplies for the starving Cu thought un agreement will be reached self rule. We Hyinpalhlze with the op popular policeman, yesterday secured , repre entury with nobler thoughts entury tomorrow by a surrender of the "bel pressed of ull nntlons. We hope they llcenee to wed Mas AJaoe C Bow lt Is believed that Mr. Thurs T h-ii 1 1 m i iitn and more humane ligerents," who have been contending will succeed. The bonds of brother man. They will be married t&ta even 4 iyc ton's death was hastened by th shock for a declaration of Independence of k dontliiai nitf nianklnd than the hood of man are not national, but ing at their future home In the First Cuba, while the "paclncos' favor a aoooi It for each oiher's blood .'or oplu- ion, however, Is that the war will be- world-wide. Yet, as we want to rule ward, by Rev. A. 8. McConnell, pastor ing spectacle of suffering and death which ah witnessed among ths women and children of Cuba, and It ts the re i sake. The world Is better bo- resolution of Intervention. Opinion is changing in favor of the later and sur In and end in Cuban waters, and that ourselveu, u feel we have no right to of the Congregational ohurch. dares jt al'thls is so, and it will continue to I Interfere with tho self-rule of others, finement of poetic fitness that ths hom Kben W. Martin and son George and both countries will cease hostilities when that question has been settled to the satisfaction of the United States. save In a great emergency. We feel age now paid to her gentle memory by SettC' better, hiippier and more pleas- face Indications are that the president and his adherents are masters of tho situation. It Is believed tonight that Mr. Dickinson returned yesterday from I that they who are fit to rule them the people of Nebraska ehould find ex " dwell uujii as time takes us Wood Lake, Neb., wnere they put In Senator Mason made a ringing selves will win their owu freedom, ami two weeks very pleasantly hunting the committees will report resolutions pression In a bounteous outpouring of practical charity for th relief of the Tbe entertainment wa a success in ho r ftwuy , um th Purl11 wn,!n until they do, they have not proven wild geese and uoka. They had a speech in the senate on bis resolution to recognize the independence of Cu calling for Intervention and the evacu -m"ul arbarlMiii cf war was the quick every sense. awful distress which she beheld but their fltm-sK. Yet, If we should hear rather enjoyable and successful trip, ation of Cuba by the Spanish troops. e ba. from some house screams of murder! ha of nation and men. This splr- Should such resolutions be reported, ana Drought home ft nne tot of game could not alleviate. (Wednesday.) I.KNT IS OVER. K . ., .... ... l .1.. I mlinlnrl ,., 1 1 ,.,1o r I ,..!! h.,!l - .-era in inc jingo, uui nui ... m - " . "- "-e- - ,,.. tt., . ,,.,,,i -n,i ,hn ,hn nrl whk'h will be carefully prepared and OLYMPIC ANNUAL. MR. HOWELL'S LECTURE. Ifr. R. B. Howell lecture upon the "American Navy," given under the auspices of the Olympic Club, took place last evening at the club's elegant quarters. The proceeds will be sent to the starving reconcentradoa of the devastated Island of Cuba. There were nenrly 200 persons present, and for al tn , ,,, u.i.h irn inv .,f I be very apt to break down the doorand ! ..... .v tr-i. a r t, for no in .t u witn true ioe oil . I mary aim and object of the United served at Um M. B. ohuToh game din O. Nelson and his sister-in-law, Mra. R. C. Trimmer of Centralla, Kansas, enter. So a great emergency may arlne narj The annual meeting of tho Olympic ner this evening. Ixnt I over. Quit you fishing - Take anew the path of old. y can coiiieuiplate without a when It Is right to violate tho princi cam up from Sturgla, and after being States, therefore, will be the ending of puuihh sovereignty on t he island, association was held last evening, Cuba, chlorlnatlon works and cattle tense of le.uisioii the horrors shown over the city and Lead, Mra when there was the lurgest attendance ple of Heir-rule. It seemed hardly to me that tlmo had arrived in the case of and our future military and naval op solatlon of war such a war, too, Life Is shorter; Days are flashing; represent the Interest and tbt topic of conversation down th line of the of members ever had at an anuunl 4 eration will be predicated on that pol Trimmer will return to her home. (Tursday.) most an hour and a halt Mr. Howell Cuba. 'Hie Insurgents are making pro-! dern science makes possible and meeting. There wero 97 votes cast for And Time's wheels ne'er hack ward roll. wta Oi leat and the met) mea icy. The comiiiest of Spain and her Elkhorn road aa far down aa Rapid )la. the new board of directors, a few of and out to Belle Fourdhe. colonies i outside of Cuba) la not con gress, they are demonstrating that thy have the stuff for free men In held the cloeest attention, which was an evidence of the appreciation of his audience. In the county court yesterday In the matter of estats of Sarah Beckett, deceased, 0. E. Franklin, administrator, which were cast, however, by proxies, templated, and the aggressive action of John Duffy In a letter to his wife In them. 1 be policy they are pursuing is II the ccuiitrlt of the world thU tould be I lie slowest to move to- The meeting was called to order at this government will end, It la said. ridentally says that Black Killers who bound to win In time, and In a very Mr. Howell waa a graduate from the : 3D by President Porter aud at tho an Bat of mutton, Beef or tallow; Go to each Judicious show. Silk or colton What's a follow pow tnis goal at wnicn uie civu.ia- shr nniVi lo(l- Among the Insur- nounvemeut of election of officers, Mr. with the termination of Spanish rule in Cuba. With that accomplished tho prolongation of hostilities will depend United States naval academy at Annap-olli, Md., and served seven years on eve i tig age turns aghast, and welgmts pro;n r, there is no great suffer- have a Job or a proapect of one, had better keep away from Alaska, on lees tboy have smoothing more certain In view than gold digging. Hlgliy made a motion that the old nd i) that U ihoiild be regarded as I l"K. accor t lug to testimony that comes board ehlp, going on number of board of directors be re-elected, by ac entirely upon (he future course of cruises to different parts of the world. clamation, by suspending the rules. hlghintt seiiMe commendatory to from the InUnd, nor hardship nor I ohm of life. The starvation, death and suf- Spain. A new time card went Into effect on Att I (4pl .ST He was a midshipman when be re Unless subsequent eveuts should ren Xlzenshlp and Institutions that Mr. Hill objected and some sharp oratory followed. It was Anally decided ertug ih ati ong the padncoH, the men signed, which position Is In the line of the Blkhorn Sunday, Which, however, affected only the freight train running der it tieces.iaiy. the United States will tain iplnlou pievuils that the nation who ate u.. billing to tight, who sub pre motion. During his attendance at to rleet by ballot. Each member was Vati line with Spain longer than tbe academy and hla career in service ii 1 1. tamely, "like dumb, driven cattle." ntlilt-d to vote for seven names, for a not wage a general war against Spain nor attrmpt to Invade Its territory. em-Hal or colonial. filed a report ot sals of lots 1 and I, block 12, Spearflsh, to Mary N. Welch, consideration $990. The baseball season waa opened at Rapid yesterday by a gams between the home club and Fort Meade. Nina Innings were played, resulting In 11 to 11 a tie. It was a good game and everything passed off pleasantly. Captain W. W. Marsh arrived yesterday from the St. Elmo mine near Orevllle, In the southern Hills, where he spent a few days. He says the mill Is In operation steadily, doing satisfactory work, and the mine la looking better than ever. Mr. C. 0. Haines, father ot F. A. Haines, waa taken suddenly ill last Mr. Howell made a careful study of fai 1 others. The dimctilMeH that between Chadron and this city. The train will hereafter leave here at 7:33 a. m., Instead of i o'clock, and arrive at the same time, 10:30 a. m. board of directors. The ballot result who haven a glimmering ot the Idea of frecdotd. Cruel as tho statement the construction and operation of war If he cannot pay the row? Somber garbing, Smiles of sadness, Relegate to perished tears. Things retarding Joy and gladness, Bury with Time's burled fears. Spring Is with us, And her beauty la a blessing ws adore; Though sbs blow us, Its our duty To remember Lent Is o'er. W . FRANK FUN. f' now cllin.ixcil la Mar preparu ed In the election of the entire old Consequently, there la no likelihood may huh,, t Is probably a fact that ehipe, and last evening gave a vivll board. There were eighteen candl The marriage of C. H. Porter of the that the United States will Initiate hos tile operations against the Spanish col starvation i i death of a large number description which proved very Instruc K finvs lattled through two genera-1 " ,of Anieilcau statesmen, during Golden Crest mine. Two Bit, will take dates balloted for, the members of the old board receiving safe majorities. of tliene hp iltless paclflcos will Im tive to those present oiiles in' the rhllltplnos, the Canaries place thla evenina;. Th bride Is a I the attitude of this government prove the than nation so that It will Mr. Howell opened with a rough out or even at Porto Kico, unless such Chlrago lady and Is expected to arrive while the others had all the way from two to forty votes. The board are bo fitter foi freedom. -en one of generous forbearance. course becomes necessary by the linn of tbe history ot sea power, tracing Its development and progression to And nh, i would tie the effect of a M oo the lasting credit of William from the east this morning. A supper will be served to Invited guest at the George B. Porter, Norman T. Mason, event of the future as a consequence of its Intervention In the Interests of war on us? America Is tho vanguard ths time of the supremacy of Great H. A. Cable, Frank McLaughlin, John ret i ly that this feeling has con GoMen Crest camp toalcht. Britain after the deetruction of the of nntlons. It leads. We are entering Wilson. John K. Russell. Ed. Ford. evening with what appeared to be a peace to Cuba. usly characterized hlscnrreHpon- on a death grapple with commercial- Bpi ntah armada, He ttiTs touched up Tho who have attended the game The board will meet In a few days to CAPTURK OF CUI1A. wlth Spain, and that the spirit Ixm. The : tontlon of the nation has serious attack of grip. HI physician thtnka the change from th mild cli elect officers. stippert given the ladle of th Methodist ohtmrh In former rear will be on th Indifference of the American people to thla great talisman, the rational power, wealth and prosperity. been tuniei' onto Its internal problems, i patriot rather than that of the It is an open secret that the dellbera The secretary and treasurer read mate of southern California to the light atmosphere of the Hills Is the A solutioi. of the most pressing can tions of the strategetlc experts of the glad to know that tbey have decided has animated and poHi-Hed hU their reports of the association's af army and navy have been mainly dl to give another this erenlnc at th fairs durirg the past year The secre cause. His condition Is not believed He then discussed the United States nay from the point of view of three hopefully I ' looked for In 1'ie near future. 'A w .' means the turning of our .mention i un Internal to external reeled to securing control of Cuba aa a tary's report shows a membership ot to be dangerous. policy. I'eace If possible hai ill guiding purposenot only in unate Cuba, but here and lu church. Th price Is th sam aa for their regular monthly suppers, only 26 cent. nearly 200 and gave in detail all the necessary preliminary to the amelioration of existing conditlona. Thla has The meeting of the Black Hills mem things. It means a turning back ot collections and the expenditures, the bers of the Trans-Mississippi exposi tho hand . the dial of progress. It proved a most troublesome war prob FILED FOR RECORD. Joseph Strode to F. H. Norton, all hla Interest in Dull Noa. 1 to t, InclK- . slve, lodes; also Norton group, i claims; also Golden Mascot lods and Riley Fraction, In Two Dlt diet.. ft John McDonald to O. J. Barrett, Big Elk, Inverness and Deer lodes. Butcher gulch, Two Bit district... $1 C. C. Craadall and Burt Roger to W. L. Gray and Hiram Davidson, a-IOth Interest In Bee group, 10 claims, Bar Butte district su Same to W. E. Parker, I-JOth Interest In Bee group 12S0 W. 8. Howland to W. E. Parker. 1-I0U former being about $1,000. The sec Those who hare attended th gam faoors, vis.: (1) th men behind the gu: s, whom he characterised the bravest and most proficient In the wot Id; (2) th past history of thenavy haw the United State fieete had conquered every foe, although In Ivery tion, which wa called for th loth means an .'argement and strengthen lem, Inasmuch as It Involves the sub. retary dwelt at length upon the club's supper given by th ladle of ths test, has been postponed until next lug of the ; my and navy, and a ren Jugatlon of the Spanish forces now In president's nmrse has put the i where whole world applauds It t Insistence upon the right ani new quarters which were described In Method let church In former year, will Tuesday, the lth, owing to inability control of all the Cuban forts, and the detail. The treasurer's report shows a I Um f their control in the hands of t..i government. It means to make certain arrangements. The Ineiencs they had b?n outnumbered subsequent disposition of an army of be glad to know that they nave decided to give another at th chorea Tuesday evening, April 13th. The price will patient and persistent efforta to the HHU,K more bondl antl tnfi pay. local members report the work going batance of about f 100 In the treasury. The utmost good feeling prevailed and outclassed; (I) lu preeent organ t loo.obo soldiers In case of their aur along fairly. nation and equipment He described ment by t:. people of more Interest render, to say nothing of the care and remain the same as for their monthly and everyone was good natured and ap It means l rain of corruptions which to i very one's satisfaction, the magnlfi sunti ot the reconcentradoa. A masi meeting ot all cltliens In uppers, only 26c peared satisfied with the result. J i reason anJ argument light the tr Spain out of her dark and bar-n i past. The jingo has had his k ' for war at concert pilch for 'How a war an camp fol So far as known, the plana of cam te rested In civic reform will be held at cvitably . lowers an''. cent baMseshtp "Indiana." which was designed by a classmate. He also gave Do not tail to register your nam to sutlers follow an army, MARRIED. the City hall on Saturday evening at palgn contemplate the seizure of Cuba and the interception ot any and all day at th voting place of th ward In which I h' Miss Alice C. Bowman and John Mc- m. The meeting will be addressed e witnessed nearly four ' couutry. I shall say also which you res Ida To boards rf reg months past, but every Amerl- M1 ' Spanish fleets that may be dispatched Inerney were married last evening, Interest In Bee group $20 The New England Mortgage Security Co, to E. A. Wlderman, 180 acre ot land In section 19, township 7, rang east 100 by Mr. Oleeon, candidate for th may istration will be present between ttte yenrs in o- the sufferl and their ; ambient h of the sol. Hers to that Island. The I'hllllplnes, theCa ttev. A. S. McConnell, pastor of the oralty, and by aom representative clt- n be proud of the fact that no p iaa resounded from the White Congregational church, officiating. ..inllles. and the expendl-ure. These we should narles aud t'puln Itself are not factors In the plans except aa they may be lsena entirely Irrespective of party. Ladle are specially Invited to be pres hour of I a n, and I p. m. to complete the register of voters. This will be your last opportunity to hare your name enrolled and you should not fall In, F Firm, vigorous, patient but .1 y and gladly If the necc brought Into it by subsequent events. t' u In his purpose to serve the turc of tr give wlltii: slty arose, are so trei ent. By order of committee. Wm, Selble, Chairman. Hut the dangers of war The capture of Cuba has been de The happy event took place at the cozy home in the First ward, procured and elegantly furnished by the groom for his charming bride, and where they will establish themselves and begin to attend to It. j of humanity, I'resldent McKlu- idous In the presHiit ciltl volved up. .u Capt.Sampson's large fleet Archdeacon O. Q. Ware went over to Frank L. Pennington of Kill City, ur nutloiial life, tliat only son- feature of naval life, Its duties, pleasures and hardship In reviewing the history of the navy he particularly dwelt upon th famous Paul Jones, and his exploit: and the brilliant career of th United 8 late frigate "Constitution" and other vessel. la closing Mr. Howell gave a Vlvfd deeirlptlon of the deetruction of the Amirican fleet at th Samoaa Islands dur.Bg a hurricane rral years ago. Tie Olympic male quartette, consisting of W. A, Lamson, R, F. Fllnter-mai n, M. L Baldy and W. S. Warner, opened the entertainment with "Sol-diet's Farewell, and "Unci Bam," a paUiotlc song written for th occasion by Mr. Lamson. Their renditions were now rend ivuiucd at Tortugas and Key West, and constituting the most who cam up to attend the funeral ot their married life. Spearflsh yesterday to look after the new Episcopal church In course ot imergeiuy could pTsuade lu It. I cannot H.-e that cal state o the greatt. me to bell tint great a nevertheless pursued his high j, a with tho true patriot's love ot X y and of his fellow man, taking i ! text Lincoln's memorable words There were a few Intimate friends of I hl brother! n law. Will O. Dvrle. Who powerful allegation of warships the Ciilt.d Slates has assembled at one construction, and expects to be gone fell from his bore at EUcetnont and 'iiiTgency has yet devel several days. Mr. War saya the wafts the contracting parties present. Following the pretty ceremony there were was killed, returned home Sunday. Mr. DICK RICHMtDS. Oped. point since the war of the rebellion charity for ail, with malice to- are up and ready for th roof and fin Pennington says th young man was ; Pi Albert Pollock on Monday received a telegram from A. D. Steward, Informing him that a promising tract ot ' ground has been eecured by Steward and Kldd, near Idaho Falls, Idaho. Mr. Pollock Is packing the amalgamating and concentrating machines for ahlpment to that place. He will accompany them and expects to leave In a few days. Steward and Kldd sent a number ot samples of th which have been assayed, th lowest showing a value In gold ot 41 cent per cubic yard, the highest till per yard., while the average waa $U9. At this rate the machines will make their owners an Immense amount of money. congratulations extended to the happy Mte." subject to heart disease and an attack ishing touches. It will be a handsome little atone building after the most couple, and the merry party were seat A N I'lUMA iMiNNA. was What caused him to tall from his hi 0 d ed to a splendid feast The duty of the squadron wilt be to Invest the island aud bombard all ports where resistance Is offered. The main portion of the fleet will be devoted to the capture oi Havana. That place ts modern patterns of architecture. ARDKN CITY ANl I'OLO. 1 Tendon horse. Th father is In Alaska, and ifu of March Z.tid has a We extend our hearty congratula Will was th only support of hi moth. Mhh Amelia Molltor, a South Dakota compuny has rV. P"r,ru,t 0 Alt. Patterson and Dick Preston of tions to Mr. snd Mrs. Mclnerney and er. a pp -eclated. The quartette eaog at olid on the K.lna Km n,.l,ui I I niece of Tl ; Molltor of thlsclty. Mixs two old-timer and well-known trongly furtllled and the harbor Is wish them health, wealth and happi the closing, "Lovely Night and orn In San Francisco, but network of mluus, but no doubt Is felt mere to S. A. Flower and asso- residents of th northern Hills, left on It th tech of Dessrwood could have had th weather for Easter Sun "Aaierloa," la whleh the audience Molltor w. received 1. cation abn musical and literary edi ness through life. Tbey are well and favorably known In Dead wood, and have the best wlshea of a host of yesterday's B. A M. train bound for joined. '. 1.1 fe says: '' lessees of the Clardeu City com- Cook' Inlet, Alaska. They will go to day made to order, ttowy could not have Mdlle. .. friends. Seattle, where they expect to outfit, , claims are taking outgoodshlp. Improved on th artlcl. Every op telle Molltor. the young ,e portrait we have much soprano, e. and will leave a soon aa they can for portunity for the display of Batter fin '-I tl II n U a U o i h pleasure li Till STATU EXHIBIT. i and Johnson will start up work ery was afforded, and thy took ad as to its subjugation, especially since the departure of the Spanish cruU ts Vlscaya and Cquendo. The cruiser Alfonso XII is still there, but no fear Is felt on her account. No difficulty is anticipated in the subjugation of all the Cuban ports by bombardment or n other ways. SPANISH TROOPS IN CUBA. Madame I.' that distrtctThey do not Intend to go to th Klondike district at all. They go prepared to stay two or three years i r ground in a few days. vantage of th occasion la dalightrul publishing, is a pupil of lise l.lebhart. the former nia donna of the Imperial ma. and now well kuown celebrate I I raust Is having the talllngi They banish, pain gS 0NE t?A nrolonrr 1!f. f V GIVES manner. Oowns and bonnets of the latret mode were xdck upon the street Rapid Journal: "W. L. Gardner, Pennington county's commissioner of the Trans-MlsslsslppI exposition, Is In Opera In professor i . i 1 1 K K In London. This r a If necessary to make a fortuns, and their many friend her wish them success. , ie Keystoi.e chlorinalioii works d and SMKayed with a view in I Ing them. They assay from (I and did credit to th arUetlc sens of the designer and th Ustea of th fair talented v :i g lauy, who is also an receipt of a letter from Hance Murphy of Elk Point, secretary of the state ihlHte, having studied I i and If they can be successfully h under Charles de lllnot. 3d, works will be erected for Ashley Ruah Jtocit company g the tailings and ores of the orhood. No business was transacted la ths circuit court yesterday. The three ease entitled C. O. Tanner va. Wm. L. Harris, which were set for trial, were continued owing to th attorneys not being prepared. They ar adverse wl. open at the Opera houa. thla etty, commencing on Monday evening, for a week's engagement. Th opening pmy m Uros. are working some A serioun problem, however. Is the dlspoHltiou of the large Spanish army In Culm In rase it should surrender or tie given permission to leave the Inland lu p.ace. In either case a large fleet of Hti-iuin-rn would lie necessary for their trutthportatlon, and If they were allowed to return to Spain considerable time would be necessary for their shipment. On the othe hand, If they on Flkhcm gulch, Inking out rth from :'o to $:ui p.-r ton. will be "Lynwood." bright mlUtar? comedy, with splendid peetattie between the acts. A feature of their performance la th cal dun light affect In mining salt, contesting th applica .Dolcy Is pu nplng the water out i Conservatoire, gave laid i decided success her Aral re a Inrge and select sudl-then she has been singing ier concerts, clubs, and entertainments. Mdlbj. Ice Is a high soprano, of id pleasing quality, and eh" much taste In Italian. ,llsh and tlerman. She Is n origin, her father having .nlnrnt part In the Ilungar-In dependence." excellent level al e. if the I'.i-iciison vl ' onceil I . nee, slue it IIIHM) "ashloiin'r tlolltor'i .-ry ;Hi. ,lngs w 1: .'renrh. I if 1 1 i ken ii . un V'a- i ' lral I ' pre- bldKremotit shaft on I'olo, y to sinking. the Illustrated aong. which has oapti refused In surrender and retreated to "y. ICdmonds and Young have tion for patent being mad by th defendant. Harris. The first case Involves the Wall Street vs. the Oertle No. 1, the second case the Wall Street vs. th Oertle No. S, and th ethlrd ths Bon Ton va th Oertl No. i. The ground Is situated half a mile east ot I some gil ground on Polo. rated the people wherever tbey hart been. The company come well recommended and present ft trocf rep- the Interior. It would become neceyary to send a large army from the United commission, In which he says he a as been out two weeks and a half over that side of the state, working the county commissioners to make appropriations, uiid had just got home that Wednesday. He got a great many good promises from the commissioners snd since getting home had received reports from ten counties, seven of the ten having made appropriations. As to how the balance will come In, he says he can tell better when he sees them, but hopes for the best. He Is anxious to hear how the Hills counties are making It and what plan Is being worked to raise the money needed. Seven counties heard from In eastern Dnkota have donated 93,800. There are two or three counties at least that will raise their money by business men ontting up their note where the commissioners would not agree to make an appropriation. Mr. Murphy thinks success will crown the efforts ot the commission." ' II O (I :lo U. & M. pasxcliger train did not srtoira Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Thomas, of Chi States to bring them to terms. As prlnoners of war the t'nlted States would have to take rare of them until they were released and sent for by until 4:3u yesterday afternoon cago, arrived Sunday, and left yester day for points down to B. ss M. an iks of all descriptions for I'ioneer-Tlmes offli. The usually correct Mining Press of San Francisco says: "Th smelter ale nt ' hi their own government, y live nour late, lhc delay by the breaking down of two I. An aile was broken re, and the train wns four hou-fi rout home. Mr. Thorn ft as si so WORK OF THE FLYING SQUADRON While the main fleet Is encaged In superintendent of th dzCh C&rlslon of th Railway Mall Mrvios, whloa In that was destroyed by flr at Dead-wood will be rebuilt e soon a th la. surano can be adjuatsd. This an rl vlng at Kdgpmont Near .. Investing Cuba, the flying squadron. . engine gave out, owing to the under Commodore Sshley, will be specially employed In watching and keep aking badly a..d it was iinpossr cludes th Blaok Hilta, snd was her lookrnc after to work of wsghtn the mail which I io progress si peasant. Testsrday Mr. and Mrs. Thomas war eeocrted to Lead and enrouch th Mg Ho Gride A tii-n j on tsl Itnnd'i PI Us. Th "hlf , nlit-rssh lonl, sugar t1 pills, whleb tear you ante pi'i. are no: la H with Hood's. Eaaiy to take keep up steam enough to climb ing off the Spanish warships at Porto nouncement la mad by Dr. Clark ot Lsad City, who, together with Swift Bros., owns th property. The Inaur-ane on th smelter was f 100,000." By ido. The engine of the ens: Rico, Cape Verde islands. Cadis and other places. According to latest re train had to pull the cripple I Homes mill nd workJnft, and th MbrjUtatioa of Dr. Carpenter of :p to 4 ha divide. Dy working i ... 1. i rr n n ports, the best part of the Spanish na what they saw of our entadnc Industry ynitantly th fraaiau manni,'.i Dead wood for Dr. Clark of Lead City th item would passable, vy Is on the other side of the Atlantic. Miss Nester, who has been housekeeper for Rev. The. F. Burke, left last evening for Chicago, to remain. wa a revelation ftndssd. The principle fleet of battleships and J U i tip steam enough to run Utc Dps and the train came down MJssi Lillian Warsh of Kcsd Top Th American Mining company Lu cruisers left Cadis Sunday for the Ca Ho initio what the matter , one will do yea tpod. nd you can czl ten for five cents. cad easy t enrols. Is true left on Sunday' B. A M. for UaeoU, Sled articles of mcorporalion at Chey umont in good time. Al. Sterner and bride, nee Mis Walsh, arrived from Lincoln yes sf Flwod's Till, which sr? ' I Pills Neb. She was met at th depot tfcsr. by AL Burner and hy wr aurrled enn. Capital stock, f 1.000,000; principle plfto of basin, Cambria, Wyo. irvd Mrs. Harvey Wllhelm left opto Ant n - very rrpeet. Bala srrtsin unit urr. All terday. They were met at Englewood I U V '"''-'5-trtw,te, i W e . . it.ii.v, ., ,. nary Islands, and the torpedo flotilla which has given us so much concern of late has not yet left the Cape Verde Islands, so far as known. As these ay for their stock ranch, 12S y Oene Starner and Miss Fannls mat errentn. Mr. and Mrs. Kan druggist. -V. C I. ft (V, I.oll. Msss. The onry 11 1 U U UU with Heed's Warssnarilla Incorporators, th KUpntrkk Bros., of OsAhrta. orth of hasisj. M LWalah, and went direct to Ragged Top. J will 1 serve Lincoln today lor th! city

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