The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 20, 1900 · Page 5
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1900
Page 5
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ed. The glziard contained a gold nug WATER. get that is valued at 3.ii. ana mr. Scoble paid 30 cents for the chicken. THE CITY Orman Ong of Pluma, Is confine ... .. 1 ; ,. n I nr Rlckard has, and I believe It wae not called for. MORE THE FALSEBOTTOM WATER Bcsiae the gold mine m tne, B..- Investigating the The purchasers bare had another ex the chicken had three wen o' tiiwll Golden Gate. to his room witn a rauiimi" ond two livers. HcoDie pert at work on the mine, and he reports an ore reserve bo small that the stock ... J talt ..Kl, The water question is still an important factor with the people . . .v. . nui ni nia worn nuuuico. -Will en us me. i n lust above holders almost stampeded. Now, this need .rood for the remainder oi tne siias- i nnai nmuriuuiiuuu of Deadwood." said James Conzett yeBterday, "and m tb eonnec-tion I want to say that I do not believe it would be advisable for S Iien" . . if there Is i sueu yesieiuay w s10''' I . r.. ,.ia a nnw real- I and see " native Ul rjU&muo, cuvj u-.. not reflect on the honesty of Diikard. It la a notorious fact among all mining men around Cripple Creek that not a r' neadwood. v.w dent of Belle Fourche. AGRICULTURE IN ALASI'vA. S V rltructions to that ef- Pnstmaster Farnh-n of Central ha the city to purchase the Kalsebottom water aiu-.i uum - stake company. In the first place the city could " up to the level of our old tanks without a great deal of expense and that would be but a small part of the TZt l keep the ditch in repair. It is an old ditch and it Jut . 1 . .v.. ..i... ,.i,i havn to av a new flume tor its pound of waste has betn taken out of the r"' ......nrned meeting Secretary Wilson Intends to Promote I bought rom vaU Carter, the lot the Raising of Food ttuff. I joining the postofflee, on which is r a"J" r6u ... pneineer A reauesteu a ..... fnr the next would be glad WASHINGTON. I). C )ce. la.- good fireproof. The lot is rso. io, ....!. ... I . .w.. ,hr,i fmni tho corner. short time oeiore iuu ui, entire lengtu. 1 presume the Homestake company ... . i f..- ir,nd round fiirure. 1 111 t reauj company does F . he held on the ,,.,. ial Secretary Wilson I ins i"" . . , Speiiai. atcinn j nvinltv M E. church. iDdependenee, since the mine changed hands. In other words there has not been any development work done The new company went riKht at the ore reserve, hammer and ton;;, and it has lxn all shot to pieces. Nothing hut ore has been taken out, and there is not a mine in the to sell it to ueauituu-i " , ... i , h uul l.nsi etlng;.,rv The water ... . ,,osibl.. to raise uie sau.- ine iau. ... lK any lonser. ami u v.o, .... water I IHO.L U f not require the ness to sell out. ln source of the : crops in Alaska that are raised in in- First ward, will hold a bazaar at the church December 18th. besinnlng at 10 a. m., and all day and even-... . ... niil 1. served. ,lad, where the natural con.mious ,c day saB0 stled w nil the water qui . .i. water. It .u. iu.,inmn.l hnw wrest ,..T.O ,R I I'C " similar and a population of v ing. Hetresnuieioo W " twenty and thirty W-. H. Ward returned from Canyon world that will stand that sort of tiling. What would the Home-stake have l, n if Mr. drier had not t,,vii constantly at work , 1, supported by agriciil, uiai ii, luslri..s. He bus reached tb s n-..i after three yeios of exploi.i ins nn alter u i Springs prairie where no went - p. " ... in , .... street in Dead ...u.. u..rl.lslT la.... company by whKh th. lt an ......rtish water . fl l" . nn the wa j,,...,riii, tlmt is; bcini; L ollipet. tlt . -. ,a .. nei inient by If unable to want. option i ' . if it is ' 1 ...i n. it is what wo William Kaunnian, w.. . - -m wi,h consumption of the UinbS. lile hope of recovery is enter- U'.i. a.o. -' ,,;.,l of lie best ill tlie roiimi), "";. r,,r .. r,ish . ..... the area sus. -p...-. Pof UlL' .,n',ient supply, ageing. , t,-,il cultivation in Alaska is m - 'l ,' ti,r water is tallied. Samuel ltuileigh . ompaied with the vast ex.. Milton, until ie- ahead, developing tin ore body." I' will lie hard to convince Ihe ''oloralo miniiii; men that the trouble in tie I ndejM ml. nee is not in the maiiaiteiti. 'it of the eoni-p.ili'-i op. r.t t i.m Any Il.itle le.ili H.--T wlo lltel' Ir-ialel. lii- work l.:e, - t'l i:e-pnlMnee of .1 . I. .1 . Ill . n ; o:l. ahead ' his uum and all w. I! !' i :ia.;. ! l;i ' :e r ned by the of' ' . ... .lobf is territory, the agrn unui.u - . r ., matter of doubt, and hut of tin' neiioeot arrived in lea.l- water , ,-. . k lor t li ill tie e.i;a '! i t -1 i 1 1 v publisher l.,o, nal ( )l...ei;ver, a it'T and '-'''I i lie comW'n' IL lie- ml the source i i-lit. i;''t no li individual. " II,. is taking i" wood vesterdav. it 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 r t !i. innel lllaek HiUs, nun u.ij . , .. t,-. ni. ventorv of tin a e no loose - - .,,,.,11 ,,. lM. soil is scattered in small s so that it may serve to suppl a large local demand if properly cnl- tivated. , . - It is a popular impression that Alas Ka is' a tro.en; that the surface ItiOB ... :.,,.(, 1 ; v.v.v.v-v.v.v.v.v.v.v. locate here. was leji. ' too ,1 from i eri y have a l . loptn. HI for- '' li Mti'ly ; t nil. 1 am sal l - hi 'I I h.e ' hi : . ! i. a iK ' he Si ton's 1 1 1 I .- n h ie Dr. Clark has retuint Lioned dsting in special ,1,,. , itiiicil tor .i damages, alleged to . i... tl.n ilestrUC- s,.f in the jail by tak where he has been assis reports tho dollars llak. r coailiany put up the meetings. Tho doctor I': . . ,v ,,f the other prisoners gained ""-. .,., Thev are largo- of , ho earth is covereu win s o- , f ii. year, and that the t,e groilli.: seveia. st. mil. null '.n etings interesting moetings ....-.. ; - , himself oi mo m"..... are k'y t"0 " , os-ital. V. T. rrn e oi tna-i .ar- iil'.i. and r This is . ...ton, led an, 1 are doing in " 1.-. I. he Med l.i K m i' i,oi.-.nn. was living ' and 1 li eeliwood. I in contents. soil is barren and worthless .. i ' ... . interest ln the Kroup. It uson In in n. id an ,i stake. Secret a i y Ws in um- ' "' , was rejected. 30 Wl1 .. , turn nB a great i away for medicine. the bottle, drank half p as an ov. rdo--e. and only 1 . tlwot tlie Holy Terror ledge is is -aid that tin l)r Clark will be in his own pu.piv day both morning and evening. Hon. Kirk O. Phillips loft on last is, for. altho the season .s ,,e moist, . is and :iys. found on the property, and mini. " Will Resume Boring. Th" A mei'ican Mmiiii; eoinpaii.v will resuiue boring with the iliamonil drill 1'ioin the bottom of tin- shaft in Spear IimIi canyon, a.s mmmi as a n. w lot can b.s secured. A diamond drill was running for several weeks and went down thru the (liiarizite. The old bit al days. U sidcr the group of great vimc ..-.a, I nans, .1 for sever the arc iigm. Z then, with tiKandes- SUn IS HOI. me roe - enri.he the earth, and the soil in th- men . on.-- of "insanity will be l-oh:ilde that the plea valleys is fertile alto p. iu recovering lrom "'"" -"-. ,n nr. on the Ulster Group . incandescent cun 1 L ot,.ct. ic light company ease made in hi dealt him by Tommy Wheat, corn, oats, barley. ;- " " .. II ,loUires Ice Hall and associates wno nai. ' ,...Li,T n lease on the Ulster llax and a consn.erai e - . i.lontully going into ira, - . . ,lmaidf flOm III- and tne cuu''' . .v. -ltv that v-oeirtables and forage p........ - - i.repared to uno... . group of claims near Crown Hill for kome parts oi hn dark. ISaSr in niany parts of .."W to your laurels. Their Actions Betray Them. Yesterday three men had been loaf i,. around town, exciting the suspi lmost entirety ... t.,nths have sevei.ii ral seV. '. , thf. arcs to : ..I .",itorv. and last fall there was became worn and the diamonds had to be replai ed. Jolin. M ail ill, superintendent for tin' company, was in Deadwood yesterday to meet a new bit .ho naoiniy "l "' Tommy. A number of the Grand rs of the F,aten.,l Order o Eagles ......... .-f i-i,ief C.reen as to whether ,lred tons of ore on tne aurap. to be shipped away ror treatment. It is an excellent quality of ore simi L glare around the corners. Ei. that several of the arc xhibited at Hie chamber of commerce a" Dawson, fine samples of cere-alspro , ,.. i,.,t locality. Along the ihev were crooks or net I also be moved Uticeu ... , ,.,,, is ' . . ... for . ., will arrive from Seamo on an,l institute the Deadwood aerio on Vegei.iL.v,ii -- that was expected to arrive ny express. It will take but a short time to put on the new bit. and the drill will be readv to resume. The object arrested anil piaccu in j--. lar to that produced by tne ... ,,. past and showing: a big value. " 1 1 ..... ,i..i,i,.,l noon liver POUOI11K .iai".' letion as mau . - wen i..,a Tho Institution win no rovereo Native Un being SMH...U, the 20th. rigorous, and the slopes are ...!.,. ..,.f,.siot of flowers. investigation Ls on the ueauwu v,,.-r .. i nf Miss Hel- low(.d by a bannuet at the , Bui o. small roll of Willi t 1" v . il l-.r.',. ..e I,., men had a fcoii tne i'i'"o Lett, from one hundred dol- of the diamond drill is to ascertain what lies below the ipiai t .lie. and the are expi:. n-u are expecte """n,' .oral dynamite caps, while 'I no lessees have no, - wh(.,,. , will have it treated. Th ,-lster is said to be looking p.trtuu-Hrlv good, and the men who are ' : . i. ... a oosition to make grasses grow abundantly , . - number of Eagles ui'; t:" : far omaa, .,.Ver ami :' :n number of live Tlu. ladies' bazaar given at ..f.,..,..o number of live The lames by dollars, lor ut" . ... I.,.,- ) w ,t cirri) Trinity ..... I.i,l of which ljuly 1, 1,J00' iind cnulus JU ' : titirtti nil L M- ,..., ' V ,,,,'v were M-karat Wacl, taming a so, ...... ,.h.,rch last eveninR was company "ill probably put. it down to a considerable deptn before stopping milling .untipiios from the bottom of die shaft, and the face i - about ;;o,i fe. t from the shaft. It was ru- . . on. ,ck to feed all tile pop,,....... n, ,.,.,,, a success. ian Hornlierger sa.u old. but in ta. t tney , worKtng n .ce .- - . some money on it e u Thoinpson'of ltoabbr. Colo., pta ,al!v.'c.ed a big mining l.n'iiioTtr mi in i 1 1: 1 1 ri i n i . ' 1 llills financially. The SSIIiiy "in. - ...i--.-- . an po dear at inn iao been mining company .....:..r. nlnnt in the and would no, ,, s... "... j terniory. ............. ,,,l hiul a flnft display l il one lime that Hi" n:u i.m' ladies PS a i.. s, 0(, at '...l..nn anoiii i' n cents apiece. Tluy al-o carried large po.-k t Lrf nf DeaiUVOOU. aim -" l.. . . 1, , ft in I-!,,, demand lor vege.aoo .-, 1 1 . ,. ,,., the miners, I.. 1, t W.TllSC VOH Willi ll nw. il to 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 " and other garden inn " ' . , .1 fol ' ll'K S tlllil. S apparently -hingeu on ... bat no guns. i no in.:.. ,.;iilVVOOll, S. 1 I"" !l for a stamp mill, with knives Ushennen and lumbermen s - it fire protection in uie their names .nut a ion. . ... deal ate . best Uills. ed to giV irio oi.i '- for 'use about the home. , The refresh-menu served were of the best qua! i..l.. enmo nwav wen th,. eullivJition or khe proposed sin . indicated his name while a receipted -ed bv the novel- and the bodies oi o, ll to make one of the i in that pa:t of the tin. pocket S Hi" one .1. 1 fori. ill ;id he thought the cuy sum..,. , , tiltator- . lai go .noil.' , lopoi.-tioti'- the ty and everj uuj - - .... r,,l ,,t.,I wa pi ' ' ti in n.. " Hie drift, but. Mr. .aiidill said yesler- lav that it a.s running all right. It ',1m1 dip for a short time, but not. (.milleb to inle.fere with the unwater-i,,,. of Ihe woiking '.. 'I lie company is liaiiiliing a large amount of water ft nm the sliaft. but the machinery is l1()inir it nicely, and there is not any tho factor in maun ! ' i i-nv at. Carth- was d with tne ...oniunities. Itisnot Kppli,., i,, from a man , ... ..... r, ' j ti a m e l'neilie Coast. Miner. (lie water mains to i" - city and encourage tho build-the'plant. The city engineer beaitno. '"''"" ,,,. vlr any i.eniitiful age Mo iuilualeii one , .( 1'age. The men were xpected that tne . Mathlas Kclffer vs. va.- ()tlu.r industries tna.u,,.,, . .. . . ... - p lordinnly instructed to ni. ,.. ,i in the my i w-. sal'ely lod . . i.imf but tnose " i eiiieriii on..... ,,., n lillT TIUlStT "i" I , It'll 11 uuiiimi --- - .-. iron) tO KHPP'T at unl iumiie....H. . ,lt,n.,al . ...... . ...ndnrPd a decision iu fcate of the cost of laying from that source. when the troilbl Paged in them lurnis . , , lpvled will f pern will .......lro'L nit at . iuey tv - 0m the bridge on Duniap a- v,r T'lkbnrn Holy Terror Driving Headers. The Holy Terror-Keystone company is doing development in the T,,,or mine. Headers are b. g driven on t bo SOO-foot level and on th. iiOO-foot level, for the purpose of op n-. rr, ore Some ore is being 1 Profitable F- 1,,v , 'rt In the possession of an . .. : .i,-.tion showeii uiau lug that avenue iu Pump for the Titanic. ofits wiie.i... . i nn ,'ak, Ilt-.ll, ou...w. . an .-A , ..... i:.r in I ......I, ernns as ui." ...f ... i I . . . .. mnrtirniro aliainBI. look the iron ball on u. --- ..w. ... . . .ornins onions and otnei Math as ivener iui a ...---r, tatoes, turnips, onions that . ....... iriffor tho man who Is , ... .... ...rrenious manner a I . ill. iiih' The Titanic'Miiiing lompany is pur-( basing a pump for the shaft. A largo amount of water has re.-entlj secretary w,w,a.. " , . nni.ntlrv for . .. .od them as experts, they table L WRIGHT IN COLORADO. n, and fifteen stamps of the Key .t might properiy 80rving time in uiu ' th ,.,,n,,ek that closed ,he governiiK of money u. 8teainK rattle, it ueve.uiu . 1. and .Manage, ....... been oncollliterei r m thru which they bad to ,)ond a reasonabp. to Nicholas, but luchanan Tells of the Former new Cameron lott has ordered stone mill are dropping. THIRr7TEMPTAT"8UlCIDE. broke a rear window, mak- the encourage. ".., tho Wniffpr and judgment was jrti County Newspaper Man. pump, which will be put in as soon as . .. .... ...ton out. to the mine. The At- . -,Lf Another ,.., with water is taken as a U- ered what nan o..-........ " ; l " for f it.ivatlon. in fav0r of Matnias ivt-.uC. not know whether you re-t Will Wright or not, but he en having a run of prosperity Doug Greenwooa " - i i went llOWn lO IA.-OU.""" I l " . i(l nearly 40.0(1.000 1 Finland produces " " Trieo for Horse Stealing. tempt to iut Stephen A iv.uglas (!r-nw..i made could no, find the smooth P - I . pye ypar anrt ex L..wW,,lC I, OIL ,1 ... I - vorable indication of t he prox.m ty of quartzite. The shaft is 192 f ct d .en and Mr. Bartlelt said yesterday eothtitwouldbelmtafewfeot to nuartzite. Good headway ers. Known. , - , other countries, ny Mmon r. peary was cemv.o !e went out of the newspaper s" asid J. K. Buchanan, gen-snger agont for the Elkhorn another attempt w cur n,s Z?lrZC Krand larceny in circuit court yeste, " n ; i, gs went to Kng.ewood to 2.3!l8.3r.r, , at.le, 1 . 67 384 sh. ep Hc waa charged -1th stealing dttv forenoon, in the county jail- 1 1 a, - lln TVsrfwood vesteraay. " "-. all did not n"d. the m- been made in the shaft ever smce lendanls at tne j.i in.', hogs in . . . ,2,50000 . . hor8e9 on the range and khav th Dawes County Jouh- . . , h., ... . ii... ., i ..rn.ini,. a ran o,.- . i i it was. started, tint. ,., Uh hieh he liau u....... -th the and ti I think he is known to a large warded by finding two " , "" " ,Hor 400 000 pounds si ruin The local owue.s reached. Ulieve he dropped it into whom .-.ey ook p" : :;,anv. exports or ting, and they . feeling highly encoui.m- t of the Black Hills people, now a member of the Crosby- company are . i.ii-l ,slta obtained so far. ,l,e seer. A 'liH.e. in the vaneya uw. ... -shipping them east to sell them. ,he evidence showed that ho wa. caught in Illinois with several of the v..., i bis oossession. He had sold ed over the rc 1 syndicate, of Colorado Springs, ot jail Iim. nin 1 1 n()0 aTinually. taken in tlie Hi.." nil -litches a I (' V V MM'iiu y I-, v.. a i, 11 . ' them The men ft the heaviest mining conteiu Mininq and Christmas. show ! , ...... , in lis lliroai , 1 . ,.,,,,1,-s Thev. refuse to lorado. He has been doing t,. Tho Black Hills Copper company ; :,. the iail and are donbt- kiace he went to Colorado, ana n-rt or them and was arranging to have the others wintered. The Jury o r.., among .lo Uli-'i "' ;,.,1 lh,,t 1)1. enwoea - U w. f.aoel that llieei.wood had also n. , .. , , o the '-..ok or 1.U hand ut- . near ihe skin. 1" this .nonv an llino."" 1 for crimes com...'," has sprung lerstand he is today worth ion- .... - -n After the Banner. .,, -heir race to gain the banner in ,is state the A. O. V. - , ,,1 , . making giant strides -t '' '.' . ., .ok in a lass of sixty of the Black inn loss want, ,dso bei e - -Tribune. ...oii.e' conipan'.e ibl monev. U tho Croshv-Ehrick syndicate broi.Kht in tho verd.ct nn.uns Miiltv late ln the afternoon. Charles H. Pearmana. indicted for ssti, d a neat pampinec m ill i. ui i in 1 and has 1 I r qui ..K-oeating tm Sewer System Nearly Completed. ten huvinsr nronertv in the Black ..... i, ),ii 1, he couP' Wcei. ui'j U"i ' , l,.,ntv. .1... holiday season did l '.all. c . t 1. . 1 " M - - . about the man now nave was arraigned y eaten - and they u- iii the company no embezzlement, tin, continued hue weather 101 .... purchase of sto T for this next nd I thinh. that makes n veil for this country, for it is until today at .,,010 applications ., . n.oeh , nts to friend.- and cit-lone for ,M,,-,stn,as PI' ,-.,i nii'.r.Ihs lias nie.i.iL banner -ev day. and was given o'clock- to . plead. . uw ing w tL"i ,,1 theie as no u I here undotltit- Clro.Y KallS. W" My have done .. .. i- of tA.e.ers, .1 .,:, lie- tweezers. tucKS ua ', if ,!. line weather contili inown that this company never b-riuay. . onnii,.a. ing what sou. nL j it s oxoecteii into anything but the very best, lo.lee has oui, uu r, - IOUKC. , , Plu nmhers. were out the recipients. . re,... Ulnek Hills Official lly would Have been had tl.ey nee.. men it does go into anything it I in tn fitnv oils now in lead nan " w . . ; wiI1 make a stupendous effort to J . u. knlnro tbf tlrSt 01 o, and i n feu- weeks a th,. ni.lo ot Uie lino..., K.. i-a.. 1 was 011 lies I'".- 'wo .1101. ,hat the sewer system of Lead, according" to tho contract by Mr. McDonald, will be ready to turn ovrr ..,.fr,itioU.f the city. The wrs k The Art Exhibit. At the art exhibit parlors this . varied program wfll be rendered. There will be numbers from ' lea. the passenger department of notigli to ne iiaufc" and while not b-e crnin too leadership ut..v, T Lh if tlW don't sln. the, jantia.y, wl " n m,Mv on tho gio.i.... nronertv, .mado an examination of the P ; in Tenningtou cpunll. tjkin? sa mj .... , from different plaes. In f tiT.-d eopiouily, and fortiwestern has had a eood sea- ...... o .o V.'ltTieliss lilt; a,.u..". - : oil coveted prize they w... - - - Kliis'year. We have had lots or stains all over tho lloor in has been practu all comv oi me , . ,!, nssav- left Be to haul, and the "people have i,rn thev tounu mu - one piaco me) ThU ore the Saturday night program, a quartet will sing several selections, and close second. The ou - e"d with interest. but Washington aaaiuou, .u' .cvrridor of tho Jail. main toU of merchandise and crops ,1 sized force empioyeu iuc. o . oi nor cent cupf. ----- 13 to -s pc. nh mney of the other prisoners, who wa on goou . .. with all One impesonatlons by James Moody ana was taken from a -p.- ; the work is oeinis l-"""-" " noticed the blood on tne Acquitted of Horse Stealing. hn i.e was acquitted in circuit top of the case, on the hill some oisuiu , : . on , ui- nlaco that the first to suspect that fj to haul, and I presume the t departnwnt has been enjoy-good business. It has, In fact, i good year for all kinds of bus- door, and was William McLaughlin. Mr. Jenkins 01 Lead has kindly loaned his fine phon possible speed, so mat .1 ble that portion of the work will also k e nleted before the cold weather court yesterday of .rana " ,-ood had again tried to kill himself.. (Ireenw notified, and Greenwood was charged with stea. u6 ; t ": iiad w had the cold, stormy Tho iaJler waj There were big crops au the Blac Hills "as country, and the men who raisea we. her. ch as we often do the on of the sewer system wataken to his cell. He was oe..o-in like a young bovine being branded. longing to a man nameu --Z evidence showed that Lee's intention was not criminal tup r.HANGE WELCOMED. f got good prices. I do not know k ibout anv of the other depart- ' .. drained alone until late Ag a result of the first action of the iiu rut was not much more than a serai-u, Pert Tilly will be trleai ioo, - coring at best, but as it is it itj nf n.. rn.A hut the nassenger ograph to assist the ladies in iu entertainment. After the program numerous articles, consisting of paintings, bric-a-brac. &C will be disposed of at auction The drawing of the picture and pillow will take Place. The gal ery will open during the day and ton ght will be tho last opportunity for view-. fln display. Admission 15c. ,d it is no. likely to interfere with the .n ralims in tne iviuuui ..,,nn. ault and battery up-,. ' ,.oi both the city and the con W VU1 A J A f VUH - pment has had Its full share or v.. . . oon ffprfl in ireuit court today r ,;mo offered lor saio. trial ot b.s. ' M. Bond. The two eases again,, rv...o. " .' Mr McDonald. Tho latter Je." ... asked by one of th tomorrow, lb trom i i k.. eafled today. - One 1a tor !,, ' t ntlv In a financial way sold at prices ranging : . V,oin tr ,,,v. and tho other Is for obtaining visitors at Ins cell yesterday, auemuuu had meant by trying to rip his Management of Mines. will c,;ar a nice profit, but he t,io,l the chances pt adversity and 1U5 w hat he ,o,y under false pretenses, me . , ......a urith attenipt- P experience of Stratton's Indepen- He did not reply, but thumper th TJ gu eh" Th sale realized on Gay gu'c f 5,10 olaims ?1oforaSeC.ast nionUi. and .,titii to what be makes. open. of 11.1.1,' (ireenwoou, P mine In Cripple Creek within the head wi'h hi; knuckles, will be called for Dicks Wants a New Trial. .eASTLE ROCK. Col.. Dec. 17. Ar ho !..,. K i: ni Tho iliiD-foot sewer tunnel is not as ' .dot., as the balance of the nK t. kill Oertio James ,1 fr.r rn tew months Is a good Illustration sho-.v of slgnflcanre. i' h trial tomorrow. fda the necessity of good management svst-m'. but the won; upon it ,hoso ma Mcs tnP order location. t ,1ishinf: crown ; v o. d is in jail lor a m ... dr. ..,.ir,.r ranidlv. and F& mining," said a Colorado mining , .nnjadojd gument was made today for a new tri"l for Spencer V. Dicks before JudKO Harris. Picks was convicted on tho first of November of killing of tho govern.... - aban. 11 CeM ie .lane s n'" ill month age;-in tho woman 3 h to Deadwood recently. "There has p i"" H .-m n.nte that. too. wui w v made s. S-h' s 1 . ,.-111 bo subject e entire system complete 1 the aly's ? a loon with a ,hr,, T il' '. '. Ii ?eLb.,r r;m Vv,.,t to u.e fl- OrviUo M. Miner near urn..u . , .e.,i;n, lh. 1.0 11" tho 26th of August, at a .one.y - razor, ana -na.iM.j h- had tmisneu looking ga?h in Gold Discovery Crown. h. r h.. made a .01 ln the country roaa nu. - Talk about your Black Hills chick v , apple. He haj previous- .....i.u,, flrouo Sold. a big fuss over the alleged over-lat of Expert Dlckard on tha ore la the mine.' M r.Dlckard s esti- tubmitted to the English men 1 the strength of It the sale was a big sum. Now the purchas-1 lai they were deceived ln the estl-lt Ml that there never -was such an his own Tho following facts go to prove 1 kit mini ! f 1 ... rt aVPr H H 1113 """' - Ullldll 1 - lv le.n th tuat enc-j - " ----- -,, nrir5 ,1 to havo been ur-t when she re l! luaiusounouuv r Kevstone. uu., . . peem -.. v- -i ne niui..."i .. , ian woman JUtTUU"t''"-T - 1 Sioux Falls COUHm.o- bplt jee'ed him. He ana ui Blu .. ,ti Terror mineral oen, 1 1 .. He and tho (,f course, there are 1 ;;e mining properties, they don t all contain the glittering metal JB. coble, the second hand goods mer- ing in a buggy witn jis """"" Hutchinson, to whom Dicks wa3 to be married the following veek. DIcka swore on the stand that the praWe. were not in the buggy at the time, but when he cameupon them they were lying beside the road in a com-promising attitude, and that In rod den anger he shot Minor dead an also shot the girl. la on the n".y Kev- int.n to the nospuai. u. . -nrf T 1 i - V, I ui 1 f Wwrre as Mr. Dlckard said there about four u -y- claim9. w nd triM to reach her room, ana w stone, and consists thel.iu- tak.n to Jail. Tho woman re- f- Dlckard has been called upon for , hant in Lead, purcnaseu s,s!a3tU(T Vasirowp 'eW zoeckler market a partly dressed .jn9 9,or(A i"8391Xoii Xiq zoecmci - - 1 ..i...,,,u st it t (-- I ttpUmtlon. and he says h commit There is a twenty-s returned t(J her nt ehatt 1 a 1- o f. davs ana returned i f rror ln accepting the word of the groundand a t-comp hea and took it h m vvneu . J 100 feet aeep. .,n UD the I .,, ;nnards were uc.u6 S the purchaser m UWn 1 I to th MhUKle 1 when the gold prospect j4 of tne local ataff on the mine in-7 iMBhg rifieMurement for htm- 411 Th.t a. . ..Imttuilon hnnd and It 13 013 ,u"""" ' Th Before tne graoa ju., The a force of men on immediate I imuur nnu.(o F Blnlnv nri rj hA standlnK that

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