The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 13, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 13, 1899. mw mmi met mwiiwi MMnmimn mumimwi wti wihhuhmiihwi wiuhh mimimhii Mother aad Babe LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. I LEAD'S I 'ONE but a mother known the In pains, anguish aad dread that a J LEAD S. D. 1899. i JULY 13, Mammoth Department Store ANNOUNCEMENT! aillllvliiiti Icliildbirth. And still neariy all this suf- iering is unnecessary. The faithful use of I Oar Ssooiis are niw complete and full in all Departm Abe Kink will sell confectionary and serve linn lies on the pienir Kionnils at W'ooilville Saturday. Abe is an ol I hand t will in great overcome ever ems. rvriii . INSTALLATION Dakot.i Ln.lKf '" K. f V., inUall. 1 fflr-iTs in I lif Ciili' liall Tuesday uiKb'.. wy hail Uh' n-miil tnl tiinp hilU' nit'P eupiM'r HtTM'iI in Mu'ir ron:n. The illoAiiiK ofDiers we re insialli'il j diitr jngsymi'.toin.and Uboritsell will ' ret a vjr t.s crdeftl. Remember I at ealeiiiiK lo the public waim and b" v. ill .hat f-:OTi-;Z.v'S FiyEND is an ex- J have everythirm just right on d.t Itev. ami Mis N. II. Sli k of 'he I i in J t-:rnal 'Ini.ntn: i':r t ioftens and relaxes ; the rnLjcIij, a not a dangerous i M. K tiiun h. desire all the membe.'s i.nd i :orDf :;nd of r,p'.sto swallow. Ask I i our di-ijist for it or send price ($1) to Try Goods, Clotbiug-, Millinery. Wrap.-? and Suits. Carpets. Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Suppu68i Charle.i Edwards - ('. ('. Kd White-I'relati'. John HrowiH-ly .M. V. iVnney Shea O. 0. Kd Harvey V. G. 11. t!. SoetiKea M. A. . J. 0. Carrol I. G. hnd ireo illustrated or inir lj';!ur . iu'.y u Bora. friend.s of (he church at their h.iine on Krlday hltiht a! which lime a reception is lo lie given., Gladden these Rood peoples' hearts Jiy Kolng. Waller Wiimarth. Jr., who had one oT his hands terribly cut In Terraville a few days ago was over to Lead yesterday carrying his hiinil In 1 sling. The unuml ) good for seven days announced by the Burlington routs. The regular rates have I. O. 0. I'". INSTALLATION The smni-snrmHl I'lprlfnn f if oflH'i'rs of Is a bad one and he wont be able to go been cut In half by the Burlington for these Sunday excursions. Tickets to Hot to work 'or veiks ye'. E. C. Steele, who resides on the upper Springs and return may be bought next Saturday for $5.20 from Deadwood and (5.45 from Lead City. Witb unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. THE HjOeSVCi, S. ID. q waters of Whltewood creek had the most of his garden truck destroyed by hail Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Steele says the storm wits terrific up there anl that his neighbors are as Laii oil as he. Albert Beck man. a miner, who resides :ml City LfxlKe N- 17, I. O. 0. F., oc-rred Tuesday night lu the society hull, is following are then ew officers: 1. W. Awker No-ble Grand. Charlie Hanson V. O. tV. W. Wheeler Secretary. Ino. A. Blatt Treasurer, "here were Beveral visitors, present iO loy.thc festivities. Supper was served the Popular restaurant. a, .. O MAI) DOG "here was am ad dog scare in South j : (Advertisement.) BLACK HILLS MIN'INO REVIEW. In Central, got quite badly hurt by tim Special Edition for 1899 Will Be Out In bers falling i r (in him whil at war1' in July. the mil,! vente'Uy. He re" I Iniirl'S The management of the Black Hills L on the face and sustaiu h1 a sm.isln-1 foot Mining Itevlew Is preparing to Issue a ; special edition of that paper sometime The hoipi'al burgeons R'.'.-n lc! him Mrs. N. C. Hanson entertained her Sunday school class at her home in Terra id yesterday, that created a great deal alarm among the women and children, lttle scotch terrier bit Willie Blnney, a about 6 years of age. It was suppoteJ during the latter part of July. This edition will far surpass anything of the kind ville Tuesday night. Her class consist! lg ever published in the Black Hills. The be mud and the report spread calling M wwtmfmvm woe44J BLACK HILLS MAPS. Wall Map showing goloi;y and topo support already given by the business mat many people to the vicinity. The of boys enjoyed the evening's amusement Immensely, and the Ice cream and cake, Bhe served, won her their everlasting men or Dead wood, Lead and the sur graphy of "Black Hills of South Dakota rounding mining camps and by the lead and Wyoming; 13 colors. Price $1.50 1-g mining companies which are operating o : : ! Pocket Map showing geology same as Has Received was shot and that did not dispatch it :k enough so they pelted It with lea until It expired. It la not believed t the dog was mad as the boy Is not erinR at all from theb ite, but It was ight best to kill it. la Lawrence county, has of Itself warrant above, containing a complete description gratitude. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Alexander, of Fairfield, 111., are In Central, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Weedon. Messrs. Alexander and Weedon are old time ed the publication of fifty pages of read of the mineral and othr resources of the ing matter, Illustrated with a profusion Black Hills; cloth cover. Price $125. of new half-tone cuts. Already about o Pocket Map of Black Hills, plain, con In Mlnne Peterson called in Dead wood friends, having come to Central together forty-five hundred copies of the edition taining a description of mineral and other resources of the Black Hills, paper cover. Three Cars of Wagons, Buggies, Surries, Carriages, Eockawaya, Road Wagons, Buckboards, Road Carts, Phaetons, Express wagons Etc. In 1877. Mr. Alexander resided in Central until 1886, when be went to Fairfield and went Into business. The visitor will erday. ANTED Dinning room girl at Home' hotel. Lead, at once. have been subscribed for and only a partial canvass has been made. It will be necessary to Issue at least eight thous Price 40 cents. Map of the Black Hills. Price 25 cents. For sale at the office of remain here about a month among their a Wardman was la Lead taking - yseterday. THE PIONEER-TIMES. old friends of whom they hare a multl tude. Adolph Webber, who it will be remem E. Salmon, the hardware merchant. sd Dead wood yesterday. SATURDAY EXCCRSIOO.NS TO HOT bered attempted to kill his wife and her From the Racine Wagon and Carriaire Works. Ala A eat rose and carnations (or tale. paramour about a year ago, waa in the and copies l-i order to supply the demand. The special edition will contain a great many half-tone cuts which will be new to the Black Hills people and some of the best known mining men will contribute articles on various topics. Among those who will write are: Dr. Walter P. Jen-ney, who will furnish a descriptive article upon the early history of the Black Hills up to the present time; Dr. F. William Ihne, president of the Technologies! school, of Chicago, who will wrltet j the Saddler's. Lead. (U.) hands of the police again yesterday. Since second hand rigs cheap. Will sell cheap for cash or on installments SPRINGS VIA "NORTHWESTERN LINE." To Hot Springs and return at one fare, L Purnell and William Barker, the the former trouble Mrs. Webber sought tine men were In Lf ad yesterday. Ploneer-Tlmea U on sale at U D, and received a legal separation from her husband and tor a time the public heard $5.20, for the round trip. Tickets good to return seven dsys from date of sale. The S. R. SMITH. LEAD. M Basar, where you can also get nothing of them but lately they hare been living together again and It has been no thing uncommon for the neighbors to hear descriptively of the phonollte belt; James S. Lawson, with a quarter of a century Elkhorn train leaving Deadwood at 6 p. m. is the popular train to Hot Springs, as It leaves after the close of business hours. frequent quarrels in the Webber quarters of experience In copper mining, will treat Tuesday night they had a rumpus and the news soon spread thai the woman had upon the copper formations of the Black Hills; Samuel Cushznan, who needs no Introduction to the Black Hills people as Furniture been shot and killed, but the report was not true, and It Is not known that there was even a sua play made. Webber was Dickinsori May n SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. DEALERS IN a mining writer; Frank McLaughlin, who will write upon the free-milling and refractory ores of the Black Hlllls, showing the difference between the two; Curtis Alexander, for fifteen years head chemist at the great Kansas City smelter, upon th cyanldlng of Black Hills ores; W. L. Fault, of Central City, upon the cement formations of the Central City district; arrested for disturbing the peace and yesterday morning paid the usual fins tor such an offsnsa an was given hit liberty. In the former trouble the public sympathy was with Mrs. Webber.b ut now everybody looks at the matter as if she ( hardly entitled to police protection. Pittsburg. Pa., July JO. L Indianapolis, Ind., July 17-19. Th above 1 a partial lUt of some of Furniture, Crockery i Glasswan th more Important excors'ons to b riven by the popular Burlington route, A very pretty wedding occurred In during the summer. For full Information a to limlta, dates of ale, ticket. U call at paeeenger depot Spearfish at 11 o'clock yesterday forenoon. Everything Strictly up to date and prices that cannot be K The contractlnt Parties were Fred Wales laest smoke In town. (tt) L Frank Parker returned to Lead rday from a visit In Butte, Montana, nhall Harris, the Insurance man, out to Nemo on business yesterday, i young child of Mr. and Mrs. Peter grl will be burled, from the Catholic ;h At i o'cteek this afternoon, loruflne Ooagh Ulzture will cure dgk, er we' refund the money. . Jenkins, druggist. , (tt) sjuvlallee of tbc Ity are delighted (he appearance of the merry-id' Lr It wlU be located en upper Mate u ..; ; ta Hn Hunter company Is having ra ixaum .erected on the ground where nlll and lumber waa burned, at the 'otawfWO'. ' i Chambers Wt out';t -th- plcflle losac Woodnlle to aee how the work vera setting along preparing for the leif s, picnic. ': '. ff ". J B. Orten. mcasssor to Boomer ft Or- j I eonataatly reoetrlng "aew Jewelry often better Indueenenta thaw any 1 Arm la town. , Special attention Is I to hie Ttoe watch repairing. (tt) i Lead Fir department was called ueiday night, but when the boys had i Are fighting trim they learned that ilarm was false. ; ise bought and sold, money loaned. 1 tnsuranoe aad notary pubUs, Vta '. Jepsen, roost No. L Cotton St Aa- W. T. ROBERTSON. Ticket Agent of Terry and Misa Nellie L Roblnaos) of Spearfish. Mr. and Mrs. Calloway, Miss a W. Bobbins, of Custer, who will writ at length of the mines in Custer county; and a number of other prominent mining men who have partly promised to assist ia getting , up interesting matter. There will also be a write-up of all of the mining districts In the Hills giving a history of the mine and their present development Blanch IXcksoa and Royce 8kutt accompanied the groom over from Terry tn the morning to wltnees the ceremony. Kt. Undertakers nd Embalmers. JOHN ELMEHK, Some of the newer companies will also be written up In a descriptive way which will HoTer anl Repairer. Wright of th Methodist church officiated. Theb rid has boon teaching school In the vicinity of Spearfish for some time, but be entertaining both to the Black Hills All Work Don With Promptness) aod Upatch people and those residing putslde. her home is at Havana, Neb. She Is a very attractive young lady and was very Lead, South DM No. 3 Mam St. HIAWATHA. PARK. - LEAD. & n Keystone and Hill City dls'tricts, and Cus successful as a teacher, and will be a- ter county will receive especial attention, the desire of the publisher and editor of the Review being to make this Special valuable- helpmate. Mr. Wales la a resident of Terry, where ho Is held in high regard by everybody up there. The newly wedded pair will reside ia Terry- - Con Edition cover th resources of the entire Black Hills. Arrangements have been made for selling the paper at the Omaha gratulations are extended. : Exposition aad on th trains loading into 1 Gates' Roctr and Ore Crusher Omaha. -.'..--- i 0 'I" WILL BATHB IN THE BIO PLUNGE. It ia likely that several Hundred people Th price of th paper will be IS cent i block. Lead) S. L f . (tt) J from Deadwood aad Lead will spend some 'GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH U at Homestake M Co per opy . . islderable damage was' sustained .by of their Sundays this summer at Hot Folly Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. Spring. Especially will those who cannot get away tor a longer time take ad A vegetable caihaxtlo tnat can b relied upon to do tt work thoroughly Hood PUla. , lay's flood, but the benefit to the city calculable. The creek was thoroughly ed out and looks neat and clean Its vantage of the cheap rates every Saturday Special FlUE CRUSHER e length. , .- ISO B. GE3KET Real Estate, Loaa tnauraaoa, all kinds of Legal writing . General Agent of the Union Bar- As. 'n. Good live men wanted ai tors. 4'.. . . t people of Lead learned that Mrs. ..'.vJ(:-i"yttr New Desiga will interest you. Gates'- High Grade Rolls V . NO. OTIIERS EQUAI THKM- 8at8sf Improrsil Vannars. : Thsy itro tin Start..' Adonted hv triA fTvnMtaV Minincr Co e Putnam can discount them ait mak- lc cream and this accounts tor the made to her plaoe for that luxury' article Is made of pure cream and she r puts anything bat the genuine ma' VJhich Half is CZ The housewife' duties are- harder than men ' " ' Jr ' ' ' realize. Cleaning alone I a constant tax strengtli, a never-ended task. More than half the ' ' tf work of cleaning she can have done for her, If ah . ;-T!?S will, and the expense will be next to nothing. ". 'f . i " " ' i Doc the better half of cleaning; doe it better than any other wray known ; does it easily, quickly nd cheaply. largest package-greatest economy, s; a THE N. K. FAIROANK COMPANY, "Nt J Chicago. St. Loola. BewTork. Boston. PhUaaeiptuaw I on the market. Her place Is on Trcmain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Friend. r Slain street on the road to the Fount cualogues dacribc emr Ulnm MachiMry. OTTO F PURNELL Sole Agt GATES IROtJ WORKS For Iht Black Hilli. .L0ffict Opposite Bullock Hotel persons are notified that w are not, cannot be held, responsible for the lacurred by Fee Wa, a Chinese 'ryman of TerrarlUe. He has no ction whatever with, our Inn HI KEB CO, ) Dead wood. S. D. ELSTON AVE.; CHICAGO. LVS

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