The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 19, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1900
Page 2
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THE DAILY PlONEEJk-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. It. TUESDAY, jl-xe (.A I - j-j. i 1 THE DEAD WOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 1ST4. CAUSE FOR MORE TEARS. People who hav; expressed such hurtling sympathy with ' the abhor-rem ol thi- liners for foreign domination. iiwiiZec! llilllits. ilM'l J-'OOil Geo, V. Ayrcs & Coj at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner Dead wood and Sherman streets. The increased sales of this article which maUc-d such a delicious drink, is evidence of its superiority over all other brands. The next bill of grocer: - yo'i order, ju.t add to that your or!' r '? a pound of mocha and Java. ' i e tri' d. never fn mitten. in i . i hi ill now ii.ive .in In ;. u . !!;-r . oa-i-t.-i; ;. ! '.' THE BLACK HILLS TIMES if;;;; "HlcVt-'i ips -in,; i Ayres & Watdman Hardware I mifany. tf EdTAL'l I S H I : I J Al'KIL 7, 1-77. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1837. PIONKKU-'l I MLS 1 ' iil.I.SIIIM; CO. arc Invited to write to Mrs. Pinkham for free advice about their health, Mrs, Pinkham is a wo rAXDARI) CASH GR0C.':."V. Notice to Co itractors, hi 1 .1 i ' "'. for t '. t i: : . .i- on of D-a . 1 '! !. -''id ;. on tli . .a iiitiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiii,,,,,,, ibi:MS of , I: - timer Pa' ''i ,, i: . .! ri 1 DAILY i: ; day, on- i ' Six Months. . One Mouth.. 1.00 I i ii:a- l'la.- a- .i t ' ' fra tne ; i of 'A. ill piljiel 'or p.n alars a!j janitor. The ia-i 11 bids is I'.'Sel'Ve' I!.-id of Kdiieatio;. VV. MATSJOX. .-' . ii :.-l.iy . WEKKI.Y- i 'in- . id, and .ii. . San. pi. :!.;. in. d. to K. M. I ni.iii. r. .;. ' t any or .ill onl-r of the I (o 1 1. Hardware and Mining Supplies.. One Vci i six ;ioutn.i x-wy n.i M ' ; t;;i I man. If you "save painful periods, backaches or any of th? more serious ills of women, write to Mrs. Pinkham; she has helped multitudes. Your letter will be sacredly confidential. lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is known wherever the English language is spoken. Nothing else can possibly be so sure to help suffering women. No other medicine has helped so e . . ! . - t i . -ii" uli'i ill.-; tiaanl.ei'i with hi in. appre. i.ibb-I win Stiii'b I, ink on any i Mnu'i'-.-t e oat i n' ; hi' ev r'oi t iinat ii.'l. i . ii u ! I ' ' I to , t iim!.-"i at IT"!, tie at ioi miIij.-i t. mi ore Entered as S-c mid-Clu.-s .Matter at the j 001 ICE. heretofore DISSOLU I ION opat tnerhip Tb Deadwoml I'ostolllce. and tie ii . .ili i ir.inii i .-t iny will to Kaufman v (lorum ha-I y mutual ( onsent. . IstlllL; a lilSSOlVi . x-eu L. vill I). -0 ii.i 1 1 ha I" Kaufnian retiring. J. X. Goru lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll on in China.'ost loine a tno-t important rsoiiaK- in the" i'iti and ha sMiiplili-a i .' ; v in a ma ; don.-, r a ; 1 a ,' of 'I' continue the liiisiiiess. lie respon-ihle for the liabilities of the late firm and ( (die. t amounts dm- to said firm. .). I.. K.U F.MAX .1. X. .iiKl'M. Mated 1 1. adw ooii. S. !.. Juii" l'o 1 '.H.ii i. Main" St. Deadwood, S. D. Board of SOCIAL REVOLUTION. The Ian r urn- bash ad one miaous re-iil'. d'lie ti.yalty of the .olonl-ts and llr i r mi 11a n t pro inj; of ii on t he ha! -lie Ii. Ids of South Allien, have indureil the Hon-,.- of I ,oi J- In pa.-s a lull b nal-i'.n.-' mar; dau- m'ii tie- i.-t-r of a ;.s. n wi. ubin leb lnat-d ill a i.d- REPUBLICAN TICKET. Metnlicrs of Congress LBK.N W. MARTIN, of Lawrue e. CllAKLKi 11. ULKKL. of 11u!k-s Governor C. N. H i: Tiltl I-:i, of Mcl'hcrsuu. Lieutcuaiit Oovei nor (JliU. W. KNOW, of itnn i toiiniic Secretary of Sun O. C. BEKU, of Spink. Tieusuror JOHN SCH AM ItER, of Ha; Mii-oii. Auditor J. 1. Rr: ET.S, of Broun. Attorni'y (itnetal JOHN L. PVI.K. of!-. Snpt. of Pulilii; In-tian i:,,n K. i:. COLLINS, of C ,y. Com. of School and I'ulda LiiVI- HAVII) EASTMAN, of Rol.eri:-. Railroad C-o tn m iss ii m t - FRANK I.Ki'aiCQ. of Iioufla-. Tvleeting of City Equalization. many. Remember this when something else Is suggested. Mrs. Pinkham's address is Lynn, Mass. Her helping hand Is always outstretched to suffering women. Notice of To the Meadwoo ; on ii'- a. LIVERY FEED AND SALE taxpayers of th- Cio of ;: i h- lax ii. t of is my o:li'- for examination, d of equalization meets etiin-. Jan- '.', l'.iOU, at 7::;u in. at (iiun. il chambei'. and i ln.iMim 1' all.l till in ii t III- ' 1 1 v . Pip I'll' bill Hieie,l fn, ni the Th- bo Tu-sda'. O'lia k il' avy HoraiB ail io heavy team work y who,) fur sale to ui Ironi miam in .- Good Saddle and D'ivn.g Horses Furnished. Teams Bought and Sold. Contracls taken to or to move household goods hnd furniture. I delivered. Are You Listed.' Il 1 1 Ii M -1 atoi's I, a . ah- :! Th- , . n.-ti Olllpi"re. ! M'Al'KKX. K.lUVi:i) XLW: Will .o da.. - Aii ;. ag-;: wish ;o anot her by noli peers t he r mai'ka l-b vote of 1 ! ; to :; I , ih" I ; i 1 1 o 1 1 s . of ionise, resist in p. l,llbtes (lie II. t .ep u ii lh- lh- pa--a'o of lh- I'ltiious " I;i rria L.e wilii a I le, , ase.l Wife's Sj; ,., " U lli'dl h;e 'o, jieil Mimui li fi-lin in lnulaad as it.- peni I ia r til I. lias a la n 1 .- I 1 1 ; i ; : I -tretit i Iseu here. The m , nnd of op: posit ion to the bill his always 1 n h-ir iis's for i I. a.', w ood. lone th- b-.-t 'lay could. .oiig a s in-, . -,ai '. r-oiis . oti.-i.p a i ng thesis- ives d by .-aid a-s-s. in-nt or who . omplaii! that th- property of is ass. .--ed too low. are h-rc-"il to appeal' at said nil -ting 1 I ;-v Iia an ai e a bout to en Inspired' GEORGE BENNER, 509 Main d over hill and it is impossible d"s larg- mini- ii'ii in a town s. a;!.-:' fulfil as liendwood is to lind e'-:v on-, he counter a rival in tli- --hap- of an "endowed' daily newspaper. It is to be isued lroiu that entrancing rapilal of the Slate of '1 eniie.see, Nashville, by and show cause for having sin Ii as-sessm ut (orre.-t-d. Taxpayers who n-giect or r.-iu-- to at. near befor- said CM in oat in the mines or visiting i f am on- in - h- u oinii! ! d or t retn-l v T and. rol'l - it to ( n-i i an and Willi I efe; ion M a -.-, lands has ut: I The Ladies Bazaar it a friend who lias not P. -a a 1 Mi nam- ,,:id dat.i to this board will be barred from having any I t i. ui mad- m their assessment, las th- city conn, il will ahsoiut.dy I. I . - ! In temihle. Th- law : 'n.ed ia.-.'! pr.ict pecittlly aneint; tin port has Ioiik sine, the laity generally. e: ii. tt r - a ,- ., . a il 1 1 i : T I -1 1 1 1 i s. i - poor, and ii-- sap-beeii a ba uduiK il by It will now ha-dlv 5- 011K waiMS tor tins vce! Th- latest La's for st,-. always found in 1 1 k 1: laann's. You should not foig-t at a 1 i;n -a !.ri:i- -.-.m refuse to int-rfer- w"t!i any va'na tions after adjournment of the board of equalization. xeil, Mcdonough. City Auditor. June l.'th. jf'.iu. 5: New Dress Patterns fr K-r- k-r-t'o r and !e possible the principle being e-de.' in the eolouii s for the eer that -lai t mal inann s are ii an eoll -V to a.'- i:r.J- fine l:Io-s and til Summer Goods in iVivaic. liani-s, and all ta'sliionalilc tali Jt (lrcssi.-s and shirt -ait-s. Tailor SuitS f"r cvt-ryiu-. C' most popular eorsi t Th- lat--t and most up-ro a r- al way - found at A( k poii'ila r 1 1 1 1 1 1 i : i i v and ladies' "FASTER TIME EAST UOUXD." A change of time betwa en Xoi folk a.'- tiki n n 's I'urni.-h- f Mrs. Nott, - Main St. Deadwood resist like iotion tbruoul the empire. The organization of labor in the I'liited States has grown equally as fast as the organization of trusts. With a membership of l.oiM.iiiin on January I. pom. the Amerban Federation of I.alior lias since enrolled 'Ml. imp more members, be.-iib s issuing l.lnii local ( barters this year. Th- past three years have been those of greatest success for the consolidation of labor interests. ing emporium. You should not lorm-t that A. Hermann's are always headquarters for fine gloves and the oest make and most popular corsetv. ..Orange Ice and 'ce Cream today. Vienna Bakery and Cafe, 695 Main street. ville has never ilmn much lor the i oiu-try Sim- it tiinnd out tiie oiuiinil Jubilee Snivels, and if we mistake not. It wil have In look beyond lh- "en-downed newspaper., for national f.ftin1. ' The undertaking has been announced as a certainty, however, by Mr. Y. O. Wllliains, who haw cnt nut a prospectus, In which he says: ' I'he daily newspaper of the future will be the endowed newspaper. Men who giv-mllllonH to colleges and churches will realize that their money will brins more and better results by the establishment of daily papers to be distributed free to the poorer citizens " In order to insure the forthcoming sheet a god standing In the community. A chnptet from the Bible will lie printed daily. The other news of the day will be handled according to its merit. The penniless man or woman are always looking for something for nothing, and the minute they get it, they denounce it, because it didn't cost enough. While it is true enough that a paper to circulate only among the poorer class of people might prove highly popular in Tennessee, yet the inhabitant of that sate would not pay any more attention to the paper which was thrown at him daily free of cost than our heathen friends in India think of the religious leaflet which is showered upon them. Wf've Got It! and Sioux Lity enables pasengers us-r g- our train No. 4 to reach Sioux City at 4:00 p. m. daily. Twelve hours saved between MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL and the BLACK HILLS. West bound, leave Minneapolis at 7:10; St. Paul at 7:40 a. m., Sioux City at 5:0.') p. m. Arrive Xor-folk Junction 7:40 p. in., connecting with FREMONT. ELKHORX & MISSOURI VALLEY RAILROAD tralD No. 3 due at Black Hills stations the next morning. PARTICULAR attention" is called to the change of time in leaving SIOUX CITT, 5:05 p. m., daily, connecting at Norfolk Junction with train No. 3, thus enabling passenger? from connecting lines to make connrc tion at Sioux City without lay-over You want! a !. al. OurtaJ are strictly coiiil Let's make transactions tial. We've There were 1 ."'. furnaces in blast in the United States in IMni and 2S!I last year. The increase of nearly 100 per cent in the number in blast during the republican administration meant an Increase of at least 100 per cent in the employment of labor. The furnaces were running full time last year and only part in yti. ;iit the money, so come mil want the money, us. YVe hav- ,.:! ! r.d a large el of tmredeeiiK d pi' di:cs at iricsj BURLINGTON. ROUTE. The Democratic National Connvention Only a few weeks until the big convention at Kansas City. Time you de-( ided your route. Time you found out for yourself how quickly and comfortably you can reach Kansas City if you take the Hurlington's 2:30 p. ni. train with the only thru car Dead-wood to Kansas City. Close connections and only one night en route via this popular route. RATE. One fare for the round trip .tickets on sale July 2nd and 3rd. For rates, berths or any further information call on any ticket atjent of the R M. U. R. below their co.-t of manufiniil The Deadwood Loan Officl Xn. 21 Lee St. Senator Fairbanks of Indiana, wrote the report, which he afterwards submitted to the senate, recommending the passage of the bill to extradite .eeley, also of Indiana. It is a strong argument in support of the administration's policy of proh-inb the Cuban scandal to the bottom. O. E. S. No. 23, DEADWOOD. Regular meetings second and fourth Mon (lays at T:"0. All members cordially invited. ANNIE T. PHILLIPS, W. M. LILLIAN G. HATCH, Sec. r I an doing it promptly. ' IBM FIRST NATION i NOTICE. There will be J12.4S0.oo of state school money on hand on the first day of July to loan on schol bonds and Improved farm lands In Lawrence county. Application for loans should be filed in thli office soon. Deadwood, S. I)., May 15, 1000 W. A. ZINK. County Auditor. The Standard Oil company's rival has Increased its i apital to $10,000.-000. This looks like a fight coming between two of the big trusts. Swiss 17c, worth 25c. DEADWOOD, SOOTH DAKOTA. 'United States Depositorv Special Summer Excursions. Via Burlington Route. Annual Convention, Musis Teachers' National association, Des Moines, la., June 19-22, 19p0. Annual meeting, National Educational association, Charleston, S. C, July 7-13, 1900. Annual International Convention, Baptist Young People's Union, Cincinnati, 0.. July 12-15, 1900. Biennial Convention, National Re SPECIAL .ViiKDAY EXCURSION Via BURLINGTON ROUTE. One fare for the round trip to Hot Springi and Custer every Saturday, good to return on or before the followlag DIRECTORS: T. j. GRIER, P. E. SPARKS d. a. Mcpherson. P. A O 0. 1. SALISBURY, 1XFIXITELY MORE SO. Heffalo Gap Republican The Rapid Union has another spell this week, and the attack is much more severe than list week, leaving Art in a precarious condition, but it thought he will recover. If he will take a liberal dose of No-ToBac, a box or two of Pink Pills throw In a few boxes of Cascarets wash It down with a bottle of Wine of Cardui swallow a few Incubators, mixed in with a bottle of Lady Pinkhams Compound, and then take a box or two Little Early Risers, and work the bile oft his stomach in that way Instead OFFICERS: President O.J. SALISBURY I Cashier t Vice-President T. J. GRIER Assist Cashier "Every Well Man Hkth His III Day. publican League of the United States, St. Paul, Minn., July 17-19, 1900. Annual Convention, Foung People's Christian Union of the Presbyterian Cr.urch of North America, Denver, Col., July 25-30. 1900. Biennial Convention, Knights of Pythias, Detroit, Mich., Aug. 27, September 1st, 1900. The above is a partial 1'st of some THE WET ROPE "I EST. A curious episode In the Philippine war, and one well calculated to send shivers of horror down antl-imperial-lst spines, is desenned in a letter from Cebu published tiy ine Birmingham Age. The writer, u private named Alan Jemlson. is In the company of the Forty-fourth regiment which recently surprised a band of insurgents under General Emillo, anu in the short, hot fight whicn preceded the flight of the rebels shot their leader deaed. Jemison says: "They found his (Emlllo's) hiding place by capturing two natives. Tney took one and trie dto make him talk, but he would not say a word.. They they examined th other, and ne wouldn't talk. Then they tied hi mto a tree and lbaed ix soldiers In front of him. bu.t he wouldn't give In. He Just folded 'his arms ana closed his eyes. Major McCoy then took him down to the river, took a rope about three-quarter inch and soaked it. Tney hit about twelve ucks with and he np and told everything, and that i how they bagged the game." The story is not exactly a pretty one, bat the results showed that Major McCoy knew how to overcome native taciturnity, and In a war with savages the liner points of military etiquette naturally get considerably blunted. But was or was not the native a savage? He seems to , hav efaced death with rather heroic . resolution when it took a. form for which all soldiers are supposed to ' be prepared, bnt a few blows from a wet rope conquered his fidelity to his commander. It is not easy to determine whether tne 'man's behavior proves that his character la high or low. The trouble In all such cases Is that the Oriental's attitude In the presence . of death la so different from that of the" Occidental as to be beyond the latter1! comprehension. of thru the editorial page of his paper, itould be much more satisfactory to his readers. J. L. MARCOUX'S A doctor's examination, might shoio that kidneys, liver and stomach are normal, but the doctor cannot analyze the blood upon ivhich these organs depend. HocxT s SMrutptrilU purifies, vHtditts And enriches the blood. M cures yoa ihen " bitoff" or when seriously afflicted. S never disAppoinls. Eczema "99$ mother's fiee. fiAnds and feet w terribly rwoUen vith tcsemA. Used Hood's &trsprtfU ii th druggisf s suggestion And it sS tBspptred. J recommend 8 to my pArisfuoners." Fev. Z. ILJenXms, 407 Governor Sheet, Evmnsvde, hd. of the most important excursions to be run by the popular Burlington route during the poming summer. For dates of sale, time limit, tickets, etc., call at ticket office. W. T. ROBERTSON, -Ticket Agent J. L. BENTLEY, Passenger Agent. THE CLIFTON HOUSE. Hot Springs, 8. D. The following figures of pig-iron production are interesting, as showing the Industrial development of the United States In comparison "with other countries: 1890. f899. Ions. Tons. United States 9.202,703 13,620,703 Great Britian 7,804.214 9,305,319 Germany 4.658.451 8.142,017 France 1.96JJ96 2.567,388 Russia 926,483 2222,469 American manufactured goods to the value of $40,0000.000, were shipped to foreign countries ' last AprlL This Is a record-breaker. New Undertaking Parlors No. 20 Lee Street. Are the Neateet and most complete in the VTest All Embalming' done by an export. Only Funeral Car in the Black Hill Is ow thoroughly cleaned and renovated and open to the publio patronag. with pleasant, cool, airy rooms in close eottneo-Uon with the Vlnnekahtt bath house, ths best of aceominodations, reasonable rates. Terms oae dollar a day or Ave dollars s I Hirri Teleohones- n-n . Calls answered promptly Day or Niglit.' It Is Delicious - ' ' ' The best mocha and Jara coffee to be found In. ths country Is now oa sal Ho- riH m tt-r 11H; th umm L I ICUf 4 i ICRS. HKXBXETTB CLOUSB. Proprietor. y ethrtt l u with Be-4' Srfrtll i

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