The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 13, 1900 · Page 14
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 14

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1900
Page 14
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""me. "'at Hon. A F ARMING COUNTRY. s in rh. -..,::rS00 it Is anrioim, , , P. Williahis, v !j. United States .- I aeo, is ni-Lmtia'!', I known and a:-; - , ble. He was theRoman bugaboo and when the children wouldn't behave, they would tell that Hannibal would Kot them if they didn't watch out, and it was enough to quiet the worst howl-inK youngster in all the realm. He hovereii around the walls and the suburbs of Koine for a few years, but ho could not make any headway. Nest I Th" c a it.. ' VW I NeW - roll.-, pl.t ol i oa i 1. - true, that the lllack And tliis due-; not Iievertheli ' a'iiciiltui " n':mns tint i- It is not generally known, I. Hills section is largely devoted apply to the valley products. ' done in the valleys i.s really' ' the lilai k llili.s ten itory. The iarniinu i- 'u.-ivoly, for theft -mall pari of are hi.niin-ils of hat How t b i u thi h- ' bv cross Tie along the nuineioiis stream from the in OS , ""npletet ; 11,a,k Hal, '" '''':-'u man. d to capture the city " Alps and coming ' for that pi: rpo- o ' ' rn-out eh-phaii's. -d to capture the citv I-. i I. n o in. it lie use,) a v.'hicli he Annie Creek Cyanide. ,u:wiizer in the Annie Creek - of the Detroit & Dead-eonliiany is undergoing repairs. In .), have been ordered for the and as . oon as they have been ; ,lu- mill will be in good condi-. am. The ore that has been I in the miii has been partieu--. i. ii. the to the rolls on ac- . .. hi i al n- :-s. M r. M -full ii in : of t he pi e.-id at of the coni-. , wh. n in I lead wood several 0 that the plant had been giv- f.m- fa lion, and making . The company is get- , , . . ; it . ore now from the I I i ' , a a uroinul. It has la-en Horn th" Alameda irroiip. 1 i-i I on which the Detroit A: i 1 . ' -1 ; 1 1 .' 1 1 1 lias a lease. Tlieri , a mount of oia- in siimt on . , ; , J it of t adallt- , i, ; 1 . I ;.. i a 1-- ; o oral kinds , , i .. (.:. . i iv. brown, or oviil i . t y ;o,i , a to laise a HIV i t a !u H'Ki tables .-a i . and crop il, lor tin .ii' land not all' iii main and is not in-I'ount of hi 'uie i: a . .now a . iQ Terrr SOME KANSAS HISTORY. Historians who deal only with the happenings of times well past do not avoid mistakes, perhaps, but they do - escape trouble of the kind that have befallen the author of a history of Kansas, which the school children of that state are now studying. This book follows the coins' of event close up to yesterday, and therefore It has nineh to nay about the heroic deeds of the TivmCctli Kansas K-;'l mnt in tlii- Philippines. Anient; other eloquent pus.-a-e.-; is one telling how Col. Frederic Kunston swam th rnar-ilao river under a heavy fire. Now, it bo happens that the truth of that t.-il.-Is vehemently denied by some of the men who certainly ouht to ki:ov j'i-t what took jila' e. and one of these no-n, ipt. Iv J. Hardy, has made ;l formal protest to the chairman of '.In- Kan-f as T xtbool; Umu iv;nu I ''' a IN the Jiii-l'-'.!in'-: of 1 1. Km - children. For Capt.'v mly d lan-. Hint it wa-t n-.t I" um v. ho i.vsiin tie- Mai i'ao, .-:t !i s i '' ar-i : "Oft All, m tne iila- k II;;; . tiatiohs h.n- a' . Mr. Wiihaie-diirin- the I--- - i. tWO Jloliti. al and another ,,, (,. KUest Of Mr. . ,,, -the Golden (. . dresses al the t siioki". T1(. ,-,,,. after is com , , in the lllack 1 1 .1: , -take and j, . -niles of lieauw,,, .-out 1 'J I: '. otoliths ity miles a '-rii uli ii i bran lnr .-. a in I t In w no made not alb- twenty - 1 1 1 i v i ! alul its (irali-l near th lit from li.uiiMin's ii c us. Hut 'm ".- .-o old and decrejiii and had u i i o many street paraded, that '"y del not fe.d that- life was worth - i: ha tall v. They were L'luomv and eciiliar. They djil not have uiie h fun rel had not had since tin y were lai'veil forth from their native jnu- T .- Were hoillesjrk ,-1 1 1 1 loile to Hi to arioa. a nun Mr. uiiani Mr Wlliaa.i boundary line :iiil of hay :-1, . i is foan.l la r si:-h'-d for - "i me best :':'-'of WeHoB. 1 wi"iia three That sect ion of count ry 1 , of I lend wood is devote, 1 almost are farms all along the Spcarfi-heads. on Cold creek. Kille Fit known as lie- I a me-t one rang Soilth H.tiiota aad Wyoming, tha' part of the country, and a Lead. The i oa to l.ead is ore-and expi rieie .-- a , niu h travel h ; i I m a rl'y all : p.- way to I in from ilia1 .'am than fro . a r lie- road i.- 1 . 1 1 d v il 11 tea e; I her l.lllnl or il.IV, !' 'I' I !le-e j ! , i. "lit . 'lie. a t h -ir native I at once Hi- d I I! Mr- aim They Into he,.,. ii th. k t' AIM shaK. 1,1 all bat ( They di. d , i: , i a be t i ea! -d nicely that u oi k ;a at I :el I !.ii:i':b , i i, nte. or :;:io;mi."i ,.xf t"d 1 " ' I.'; bnjj i van; to a ci an. I -' n III! .el ! I) ' . a two privates, 1 Pint ti.a: . ' name, who m:i'! l.e i--s .! in:', and that t! -: ,:,.: ' reaeh the oth. r -id ui.iil th ha' 1 with a l ..i I "i I i-.i . Co;. 'A h! h 'il'iinn:,' II' 1 in np- ;ng. i a e a u u a i lit. 'lei'. i!lt h v. ill i! Wh :t ,!'H n laid t" I! UK I i n SOUTH DAKOTA POPULATION. i n 1 i ' t i n d . be fU'htili" '.' a s a tlmate that t! because he va declares, that ! ' I n iu I o'.iel lias re o'' ore. tl..-it rade. and all e a 11 ide il'iaid; the fact i .oil l.n! ! ! on.- i i . 1 1 : i . ' -1 1 '.' ' ' .e), i.e. li' e ii''. the Portland lie- t';: - t 1. abilitv of a i-ale as it pi i.lit unto ihi- iiililn't he Colonel n it o.'.i initio!' :ro; -i e :i ion day. Ii - ' ' i will ma!-." at '1 il w. swim, and said so at the lime. A very human Imirli atmears ill the letter of the .aid the 1 ...- Q", a- Ii t'li i , : , 'pcct.--! In ,;, lent and ;,',. ,H is a copper j. , i fich, tin, th,. ;,.,L-,. The company v, a . . ed by Col. .M. II I ortland more valuable then be. Mm. a question I udepenilenco soi kliold. protest. "I have a boy of niv own w he her s could '""ks very h'l't Wirt- writes Cant. Hardy, "and I shall tell STATE EDITORIAL OPINION. Madison Leader: The JSriKikings Register of the I'ltth ult., acknowledges a call from H. I,. Loin ks who has Increase of 22.1 Per Cent Since 1890 Is Shown by Official Figures. WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 Tho population of South Dakota, announced today, is 401,070, against yjS.SOS in 18'J0. This is an increase since It'.") ot T-'JCJ, or 2'J.i per cent. The population by counties follows: Aurora 4,011 n:i 11 v oreaniz. hlm as other old soldiers do of my their way clear to make good their losses by further investments. life in the Philippines, and I propose a i moved to that city to join his family to be able to tell my boy that it was Xlt,-r his death 1 fc'H''c th'-n i, amount ot cabins hav u was reorganize, has been doiii a work. Three; or t He informed the Register that he "was not Col. Funston. but Huntsman, Wil ley, and I who swam the Marilao river 'in- a bona fide candidate for United States A Former Deadwood Resident. H. H. Woodman, formerly employed on tho L'lkhorn as an engineer under . . . 8,081 Beadle 4: ' senator and thinks his chances of elec and I do not intend that any history '" " muii on in,, j,, improvements hitve "ix-riy, and other been ni.ulo mi tion aro very good." Ho is posing as published under the auspices of the contract has reecnth . 1U6 lH,cn let in Btate of Kansas shall give the credit to another man, and tell my boy that a shaft 100 fet, and to perform the " a representee of the agricultural classes, but as that Is something never recognised by politicians, Mr. Loucks WILL BLOW IN WEDNESDAY. Dr Carpenter's New Colorado Smelter Ready to Start up. Dr. Carpenter's new smelter will be ready to blow in next Wednesday," saic Kdwin Van of Denver yesterday. "The smelter is at Florence, and is a mammoth institution, altho I have forgotten just what its capacity is to be. I know it Is receiving a great deal of attention In Colorado, and is creating something of a sen satlon among the mining men. Dr. Carpenter is a great success in Colorado, as he has been in the Black Hills, and his new smelter Is said to be a marvel in a great many re riects. The doctor has some excellent men employed under him, among his father Is a liar, if I can help It.' The state superintendent of schools has promised to have the matter in would appear to be a vain hope. Then there is Mr. Gamble claiming ninety 13 11 ""' K " """"'n claims that belong to the group. There aro seve0-teen claims in the group all told and Spring creek, onlM,f tin- ti,1(.st gtreaiB m the lilack Hills, ,,s right thru the ledge. vestiKated. and to straighten things pledged votes, Lee Stover with thirty pledged votes, C. H. Preston with fifteen, Kirk Phillips with thirty, and a Fred Haines, and located in Dead-wood, has been visiting in the city for several days, leaving for his home in St. Paul last night. Mr. Woodman is now one of the engineers on tho Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha railroad, and his' father, who is also quite well known to people in South Dakota, is land commissioner for the same road. Mr. Woodman has recently returned from Porto Rico, where he had been since the Spanish-American war. in the engineers' corps as first lieutenant iwth the First regiment. n i long string of loose votes around Sioux Falls. We can't see where Mr. Loucks Deal for the Clara Belle. is coming in on the home stretch eastern men arrived in Custer Tues- out In the next edition of the history. Incidentally, It may be stated that Capt. Hardy and Gen. Funston once had a fierce and prolonged quarrel because the superior officer Insisted that another man deserved promotion more than Capt. Hardy did. This may or may not have something to do with the vivacity of the present Bonhomme 10,370 Brookings 12,561 Brown 15,28tJ Brulo 5,401 Buffalo 1,790 Butte 2,907 Campbell 4.51!7 Charles Mix 8,498 Clark 6,942 Clay ". 9.316 Codington 8,770 Custer 2,728 Davison 7,4 S3 Day 12,254 Deuel 6,656 Douglas 5,012 Kdmunds 4,916 Fall River 3.541 Faulk 3.945 Grant 9.H3 Gregory 2,211 Hamlin 5,945 Hand 4,525 Hanson 4,947 Hughes 3,684 1 There are only 142 votes in the legisla u.i., on a ,ieai tor the ciara Belle Thov Worn nw.r L,. 1.' t. h , ture, and they have all been counted j . w, j ilin)v 1 1 1 liPrt nno twice before they get to Mr. Loucks. Then on top of all there is that mysterious combination of machine men and office holders who assert that Mr. Kitt- redge will bo our next United States A Small Fire. Fire started in tho rendering room back of Frank Schreyer's meat market yesterday afternoon. Mr. Schrey-er was trying out sorao lard and had senator. of the owners of th- ground, and' taken out to the camp. The Clara Belle is one of the tno.-t. promising properties in tho Miiittiei n Hill- tndav. It is situated two mil.-., , .,,t of Oreville and joins the St. Kin. .. The St. Elmo ore ledge- has I.e. p,,,,, , aml jt u proving except ionalh ri-Ii in free gold. Tho owners ot tin- st. Klmo followed tho ledge to ,i bin a ft.w hun-dred feet of the line lietw.-. n the two claims several v ais ago, and they made a mistake in not pun basin? the property. Tln-v (-o,i!, have secured it Scotland Citixen-Republiean: The a large kettle full of grease on the in some precinct the work required bills allowed to judges and clerks of Hutchinson 11,897 Hyde 1,492 election show that in nearly every precinct the work required two days, and in some precincts three days. In Scotland precinct the counting was them being a number from the Black Hills. Jimmy Myers and our Mr. Dorr are among them. The doctor makes hn.s home in Denver. "Frank McLaughlin and W. O. Temple have dissolved their law partnership, Mr. McLaughlin retiring from the firm. I think the latter will open another office in Cripple Creek he-fore long. He has told me that the altitude at Cripple Creek was rather oppressive to him, but he has had a good business there, and I think he will continue at the same place. Hp makes his home in Denver, living within a block and a half of where I do. His brother-in-law. Mr. Suter, from the Black Hills, is in Colorado now, and I believe one of Mr. McLaughlin's hrothers, whose home Is in Michigan, has been visiting him recently. "Mr. Temple has a fine residence two blocks from where we live. His family is in Denver, while Mr. Tem Jerauld 2,798 HISTORY OF ROME, In th Vernacular of To-day. Hannibal. We will now take a look at Hanni-Tbal, who was a ery prominent politician and warrior in the early history of Rome. He is chiefly noted, however, as the founder of Hannibal, Missouri, and of the Hannibal and St. Joe railroad, although there Is no mention made of It in any of the histories of Rome our historian has read. Hannibal was a promising youth and went to school regularly and brought home all the deportment cards that were distributed among the children. A more suspicious mother would have wondered how it came that he got all not completed until 6 o'clock on the Kingsbury 9,866 Lake 9,137 Lawrence 17,897 at that time for five hundred doibt Since then tho owners have rut up stove. The hot grease slopped over the sides of the kettle, causing the breaking up and collapse of the stove The fire was emptied out on tho floor, and a blaze Immediately started. An alarm was turnd in and the fire department went out. The blaze was kept under control under the South Deadwood Hose company got a stream on the back window, and thru that to the blaze. No particular damage was done, except to the lard that was spilled, the destruction of the stove and a hole burned in the floor. following morning. Under the present system of voting two boards instead of one, In all precincts where Lincoln 12,161 Lyman 2,632 two-stamp '1 remain mill, and hare been taking out good pay. They are to get a good fortune out of the property if the present transaction is per there were over 100 votes polled, would be more economical and the McCook 8,689 McPherson 6,327 result could be known in a short time fected. Marshall 5,94 after the polls were closed. By having a canvassing board of say three Meade : . . 4,907 Miner 6,864 Machinery for the Gopher. or four members, the work of canvass of them, but Hanny's mother was very Indulgent and she resented the idea Minnehaha 23,926 Moody 8,326 that her little toy could do any wrong. Pennington 5,610 ple remains at Cripple Creek, looking after his law business nearly all the time. Yes, there is quite a colony of former RIack Hills people in that In that she waa very different from mothers nowadays. Today if there is Potter 2,988 any suspicion against a boy, his mother la always the first to find it out. Col. Cody Expected. C. F. Dutton for Alderman. On the 15th of this month, one week from today, there will be an election held In the Fourth ward of Lead for the r-uipot-e of electing an alderman to succeed the late Ira Z. Putnam. There is not much of a contention developed for aldermanlc honors as yet, altho there are several names advanced by res-idents of that portion the machinery for the new hoist to be erected at the fiopher mine, in the soutfifirn Hills, arrived Thursday of the past week, and will he set In place as rapidly as possible. The Gopher was formerly the Lena and It was here that the niarvelously rich ore was discovered a few months ago. A mill test has been made on the ore at the Clara Pell,, two -tamp Tremain mill, and it went. a ton. The mine Is owned by' Minneapolis parties, section of the city, but it occurred by Roberts 12,216 Sanborn 4,464 Spink 9,487 Stanley 1.349 Sully 1.715 accident rather than design. Mr. Mc Laughlin and Mr. Temple had rest and when he Axes up a cock and bull tory to tell her, why, she would never believe it. "What,," she would say, nences in mat. section. When we Turner 13.175 moved to Denver I asked Mr. Mc In tones like "The Psalm of Life," "do Union 11.15S Laughlin if he knew where we could you mean to tell me that Hanny help ed hook watermelons! Why It ia ab of the city. However, Mr. C. F. Dut Walworth 3,839 get a good new house, and he men ing could be goIng-JDn while the vtoes were being cast. Two sets of boxes could be provided, and when twenty-flye votes were polled let the boxes be changed and the canvassing board commence counting. Madison Leader: It begins to look very much as tho a powerful array of republican leaders thruout the state will oppose the candidacy of Hon. Robert J. Gamble, and that Hon. A. B. Kittredge will in all probability be brought forward as a candidate to succeed Senator Pettigrew. It has all along been charged that such would be the case, and as strenuously denied. At all events the contest for the senatorsblp promises to be not only decidedly lively, but in all probability a bitter one. Hot Springs Star: The Sioux Falls Press and some others of its class, insist on booming Kittredge for United Inmopg them be-ng Mr. lla.-k.-ll of the ton appears to be the favored one by Yankton 12,649 tioned the one that we are now living a birge number and hisfriend.-i hve Mimical t'is Times. There is a fine body of tho ore. and the owners are Cheyenne River Indian Reserva in. Good houses are rather difficult surd to talk of such a thing. Why he ls the best boy In Sunday-school. He drew the prize for learning the most signified their intention of trying to tion 2,357 to get in Denver, and I consider that assured of a good-sized fortune. elect him to the honors as their rep scripture verses by heart, and he also we were fortunate in securing the one Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.. 6,827 Rosebud Indian Reservation.... 5,201 resentative In the city government. we have. got the prize for being the best boy In Mrs. M'Dermott's Deal. school." But the poor woman did not "Mr. Edmonds is doing finely In the Insurance business, and stands hlgbjy Standing Rock Indian Reservation The population of Tenneesee know that Hannibal had obtained A better chlce could not be made, for he is a man well qualified by education and business judgment for the responsibilities. He is a contracting 1,658 is 2,- them by licking the daylights out of in Colorado. He has a splendid po Scipio and Fablus and the rest of his sition, his children are getting along nloely, and altogether I consider his carpenter and his office is conveniently located in the business portion of . playmates. He was too much for them and they had either to give him their 020,616, against 1,767,518 in 1890, an increase of 48.3 per cent." Washington's population is 518,103, against 449,390 in 18J0, an increase of 48,2 per cent. ' situation and surroundings very reward of merit cards or take a lick pleasant. the city and he has the time to spend when necessary in attending to com Mrs. Jeff McDerrno" . pects sooi to make a sale of In r tin property, near Oreville, in the .-outhern Hills-Her ground Is called the Sallie Cavan-augh, and it is said to lie a very promising proposition Mr. Mr-Dennott i. at flarat City, oft the Klondike, and Mrs. McDermott attends to all tho business in the Black Hills. She says her husband Is general foreman at one of the mines of the North American Trading company, in the Klondike, and is getting $25 a day. He is going to rental mittee matters, which is especially de Crown Hill Company. tng. They gave him the cards. They , . aid not car for reputations' lor being good boys, as they did not expect to there has been an increase in the sirable at this time when the city is in the midst of its marvelous growth States senator, notwithstanding he Bald he would not have it, and in the face of the fact that the Press has heretofore been bitterly opposed to nlm. But who knows but the Press may follow the Lead Call into the republican camp.' There are always some folks who are inclined to go where they are not invited. capital stock of the Crowx. Hill Mini-company recently, sufficiently to en - make Roman histories for future good little boys to read and be inspired by. and numerous matters come up for settlement by the respective committees almost every day. Again, he is large the concentrating plant at the ' Hannibal would not work, so ho be Spokane mine, In Pennington county, came a walking delegate, and his The company also intends to sink father expected him to be on the coun there this winter. acquainted with, the needs of that portion of the city and would be a weight In securing just recognition. ty before he got very old, so one day the shaft on the property from the present level, 300 feet, to the 500-foot level, and to erect a cyanide plant he took him out behind the barn and North Star Drifting. Will Portland and Independence Unite? VICTOR, Colo., Dec. 1. Special: The reports regarding the proposed sale of the Portland mine based upon the examination of Mr. Bradley will not down, regardless of the numerous denials that have been made by all parties concerned. Sine the reports on th present condition of Stratton's Independence have been published the rumors have been still more frequent and are asserted with a posltiveneses that often carries conviction. It is now asserted in quarters that have good opportunities for obtaining information that the deal when ripe for .-.took a halter strap with which he im The owners of the North Star group Col, Cody, the Buffalo Bill of litera on the Crown Hill group of mining pressed him with the ta:t that "life s of mining claims, near Ro hford, u claims, at Crown Hill station. The aT-Fir..T v, ioHrn nnd carrying on Tfal rnest The elde. Mr Hannibal had read that in one of Long fellow's books. . i J,.!-,nm pnt V0Zt Bum? exieiiaivt; u . . . , The shaft is 300 feet deep, and ture and the show business, was expected to arrive in Deadwood last night on the Burlington, with his old friend and companion, M. R. Russell, who had gone down the road "to meet him. The train was late, however Birthday Psrty. Thursday night about twenty-five young friends of Herbert White gathered at his home on Ingleside, to surprise him on his thirteenth birthday. The surprise was complete, and the young people were at his home when Master Herbert returned. The evening was passed pleasantly, with games and other entertainments, and tempting refreshments were served to the happy gathering. Those pres crosscut has been run 110 :e . " He warmed Hannibal's Jacket good and proper and made him pronUso to reach the ledge. The nfa.ers oi eomnanv visited the nm.)"rty reieuuj and he was unable to make the con- .. o ireful esamIn continue to be a walking delegate and stir np all the trouble he could. The only people who got their names In the paper In those days were the ones who presentation to the British public will nectlons at Edgemont It is thought be Included with the Independence, that he will come into Deadpwood uu iuiu nmrv i nfc, ation decided to sink the shaft w fM AuMr Tho rnmnanv is a close cyanide plant will not be put up until next spring. The addition to the concentrating plant will be built this winter. The Crown Hill company Is said to be In good financial condition, and its property has developed to a point beyond all expectations. The Spokane mine shows a fine galena proposition, there being a vertical ledge ; feet across, which concentrates to $60 a ton. It has been demonstrated that the property will pay with the small plant in operation, and the company in increasing the capacity, will materially this evening. ent were: corporation, and there H not any . caused the government a lot of trouble and expense and it is a good deal the same way to this day. The people Girls Helen Keith, Hazel Flshel, This statement has been made before and just at this tim gains added force from the developments in the latter mine. It is said that the probability the stock on the market. Ruth Higby, Florence Dague, Cath e i n...r,:r,n fnr Work. erine Marvin, Edith McPheraon, Mar- Masonic Election In Lead. Election of officers took place at the Masonic lodge Thursday evening, any block adjacent to any fpublic or garet Washabaugb, May McLaughlin, f I"!?6,8 ,or BV1115B rin Mini will the basis The Saginaw Mining company la Si ¬ the Portland form of into Helen McLaughlin, May Barron, ting ready for active ie ."-- io of claims norm the new deal that the present well represented. The men selected Gladys Bel ding, Zeta Merrick, Laura are as follows: Bowman, Dorothy Stern. of the North Star group, In Penning . , ton county. Lee Hoyt is in f narff " Burdette Moody, W. M.; John Sta Boys Charles Koenlgsberger, Har lessen me cost or production. The company haa ,000 tons of ore on the dump at the Crown Hill mine, that is worth on an average IS a ton I ry Gants, Arthur Zoellner, Paul Mar the work on the ground, ana is who really do things and amount to something are so busy that they cannot do things worth printing, so they go to their graves without ever haring had their names in the newspapers. Even the ones who are on the county can do better than that, for their names appear along; with the board proceedings. Hannibal kept his word. He kept stealing the Romans' chickens and plundered their watermelon patches and stole their red Jnne apples for many years. He was an all-round tough and caused them no end of trou- ap cabins, for a boarding boV;"th9 tin, Albert Carney, Jamie Fowler, Malcolm McPherson, Arthur Ike, Ray ttockholders ot the Independence will be asked to Join in the purchase of the Portland and that the two properties will be Joined in one corporation in order to give the Investors in Independence stock an opportunity to get their money back. Mr. Bradley will soon finish his Investigation of the property and according to this latest rumor ples, S. W.; E. F. Irwin, J. W.; Ernest May, treasurer; Thomas H. Mcore.secretary. The appointive officers were not named. Installation of officers wIU take place two weeks hence. Hymer, Potter Bowman, Robert Og- den, Vernon Kuney. When the company first acquired this group of claims It was Impossible to treat ore of that grade. The great development In the cyanide process has since given the property a big value, and the company has now decided to work the property. opinion of most mining men thai ledge found on the North Star grow crosses the Saginaw ground, the Intention of the Saginaw own to begin looking for it - o Some people never hare people vis the results of his examination will be iting them without potting "Hon " be Some folks .talk bo much that they hare to lie or ran oat of talk. first heard from In London. The story ' fore their names. - I .-

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