The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 17, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEB-TIMES, DEADWOOD, a D. : 17, 190 I.V J' Notice of Meeting of City Board of Equalization. A cordial invitation is extended to all THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on Rood food and sunshine with arm ruvninnnrtnAAAnruviru iruTJvruvJTJru S J plenty of exercise in the open air. Her to attend these .services. L. ... Kii;k, Pastor. First M. E. Th. pastor will pn-;u h at 11 this morning. Sunday school at 12:15. No League uniting today h..-cause of the I.easiU.- convention at Rapid. The Women's For. i mi M .innrv society will -r an in form glows wkhhea 1th and her face glows with lta beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she use, the gentk ani pleasant Syrup of Fig-, made by the California Fig Syrup Co. ;fr enk "f Vntral .as call- To the Dead woo-on file i: The boa Tuesday . o'clock i will con day so All p The I Best (Shoe . i ,i:inehtpr. ..,.r Wa" It Is Delicious ..... -snrinKS. structive program thU v.-n:u ;.t " --nt to r v..,. rnrH ha and iava cuff.-e to aggrievt e' . ,i,.:- auditor for Don't fail to be pre-. 'tit. lh t . ' lark. I. unvne?- l" mad. Pastor. U . , .,. , ,, li l..- taxpayers of the City of Tli- tax l:l of l'J"u. is a.; ufti. fur examiuatiou. ,.; eijualization ine.s I..1.J .lime it', it""', at 7 . o't t" i oiinetl chamber, and .... .:. -vi'i; t : ota ai t . . . ... l, -sat a. . , a-i .i,e ,!., a, .- .',,1 as,e-Ml.e.l' of 'ale. a. a tl.a; tile piop. ity of ... . - . .'. I.K. 1 iw . a 1 le te t . ap;,. ,ii- at said aa "tltlg , , .... !,,r ha-. .1.4 - a h a,-a:, f .1 T.ixpaycts who ,s.. to app ai I . foi . sai l ; ... I 1 : em ha aig any l,.ade ill tllelf 11 --esstliellt. : council will al.Mi'.utely at.-rfere wnh any valu.i- adjournment of th" board . it ;..n NEih Mcdonough, City Auditor. .....i to Rapid wish to another by notif. and sho .-essmen ... n V. . . . - Can Always Be Found in a neglect be found in the country is nooti sale at the Standard Cash cry, corner D.-adwood and Sherman streets. The increased sabs of this article which nialii'3 ru.h a delicious drink, is evidence of its superiority over all other brands. The next bill of groceries you order, Just add to that your order for a pound of mocha and Java. Once tried, never forgotten. te. 1;! ' burd v ,t omaha. to 1. 11. -c. Notice to Contractors. Separate bids w ill l- :'-! up to Friday, .lime :. !'.". for th" fol-the Board of Education of Dead wood lowing work and repairs on the pule painting, papering, cleaning paper on lie school buildings: Plastering. .1.'. ,v..ll mid iiicture frame mould John reductite .Mrs. as the retuse T.-Mo.1 ...... reported I II " " ' ' tions at of I Mrs- Small- tf STANDARD CASH GROCbKl. ings. Samples ot wan papei mu. be submitted. For particulars, apply SHOE STORE We Carr the largest assortment May Murrin is a" 1 to R. M- 1'nrah. janitor, l lie ngni ... ...ioct anv or all bids is reserved, 11 y U Fran How to Avoid Trouble. 19U.1. June ... 1 t .111(1 w I1L vy" New is the time to provide yourself up Irom 1 " order of the Hoard of Education. O. W. MATsU-V M.'c. r:fish . , r...n Vourehe is ice: ice: ice: From lure spring water Silvered ia and family with a bottle ot cnamDer M Reai1: , ' ;,t during the any part of the city in any quantity Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diahrrnoea Remedy. It Is almost certain to be reeded before the summer is over and Family trade a specialty. iseu i-.c phone 1?:. of i.ouis. is in the Sell the best goods and our prices Are lower than any other concern liRndling shoes : : : : u Wilson if procured now may save you a trip totown In the night or in your busiest season. It is everywhere admitted to Chatanooga JOB LAW RENSOIV Fourth Ward Primaries. ropntin- ' 11 More Trains to New York. New schedule on IVnsylvania Short Lines shows six dally trains from Chicago I'nion Station H.::o a. m. IJ.ilu noon. 3.00 p.m. p. m.. vlo p. in.. and l'-'.ue niidtiiuht. All -ix al.- passengers through to New York without ..l.mre For further inform, i' ion apply f0mI,aD ...... at- bp the most successful mertisine in us.. I . re .-.,..11 W li' ivioru " chool in for bwel complaints, both for children -, , - inihtary Selll 1.',. oh I.V K1I K Vi , t. d home in a A popali-t primal y will be held a! the l O'it t house in P-ad", oo ' , June ICth. --. at 8 p. in-, to ehet dele gates l.otn the Fourth waid to th" county populist enventton to b- la id in Dead".. od on June 1' ,i '. !.' York Cit; aim uuuin. Phillips. to ,,. u. Hiring. A '. P. A.t or two. Clark st., Clii.ago Princess Brands r , i , 1, e he" visiting of Omaha. 1- ' (lf r Of California canned fruits. Mfh ;1 i:m.v. Co Notice. Iff I , ,i ( 'ape None p,.,i, lie pear,. ;trawl. ernes, apr; Our $3.00 Line is the Greatest ever ShDwn. Call and see them. ;v. lot ves , ... an, - etc.. till' til'' line.-,! II. m Modern Woodmen Attention. All , .I".- :" "''""! sx.;. M. W "l A and a ! . i-i.-mb. i ' 1 1 ';;,!- '; ... in. i,- Wad on the marie a Alan SuRCH SERV1CSES. A 1 lie- V. Suture I ,. .. .,..., , ot' whole or vliee.l Mi. rning pra - ,!:n' i: Je!:n I i i-v the fee-... .,'. !o-k l. in.. : , -apoie Mali, ita ah I'll apl'-''. ,', , ,i. ;,. j.,.,. ;. . I' t;.-l. .1 : t!:e laada'd 'a - b ''"" ''' "' 1., rma... and :' 1 : ' : ' "' ' AJ ., ;, , el hat an ' ry one . a'a. .ielcL-:,- ellt 11 ' .1. 1. ,,. ' ai He- . e. .; '" ; nail Mil. da, '- and PH...-. I !:o:.i t!e t ''- .- , lull', h. Wl ' le a !.! li o: ,1 a . ... ,. ..ixen be K. x. I''1 '"" "' ; cliureh. afle, vv hi.l. v.H ' - ,:' ...meter,- and ' ' ,! o ,!, di- a-, d N' .-i.b'c i:v ord.i ' ... Twentieth Cenu: Zipp Shoe Co. ;;r..i. i;. w.C' t r.;.'"- ' at 11 .. h)'V rn tn . v.-a : s";1- Elll'je ' ; , i; , I lay e-i...iri;il serxice ... n of A ineri' a nieetillg at .. .'.; 111 He' l-'.l'-t " '"' 1 !;, ,. 1 ... .it "'. '" ' I mi ': , , ,'e. , I,.', ;.- .,. . . ' ... ... - ' ( -..u:!,, I : .H. T 'ii i ll Ll C.U. c e '.', ... C I:- - :' .. , i I ' !!. I i . ,,. i,:: , , :, . .:. '!';" '' : ; .v , . . . . ' . .c: :' 1'' " t.,' Hi', i.'l ii." , , HM,.!; ;,! lie e'lllt) . .. m i. ; e 1 w ... ). ! Jiie... Ili.NUV M.CM.I.. (.! 1 1 1 1 . i ' man " :.s.'! . ' and le lure. S I'n i'T .lo-l,pa." , i ll.e tie- m il :.l si .vet. 655 Main St. L v .tr-imtn nni-v.r.jv1r ,.uL-uuuiiVixinJUiiWAnJuuuir, ,:i.i 1 v r ;Utr ii -t , i.u ft e i i ,:' I II'. ! r . Welnld. j.n,,t vUuvr in nHt-imu; -jM Here's a SflH-PIiE PRIZE. .YOU KNOW 1 . . - I , . ,11 1 .1 c . 'lis !:! eel- , 1 1 . !! ..C the lii t llini n i-v - " elTol IS. . , . .... .ctoct v vui c. rin: h 1 i.lie of I'e I.' i'':' ' ' ii II.- 1" 1 1 ;,v " "" A GOOD THING WHEN YOU SEE IT. Say, Stranger! .. luiow that yo'i can do bet . w, Irv by noins to Central? J. i. an.of that city -an li tynu out 1 him- that you want at prices low those you would have to lie. i. r . 11. I. a in it'-far b pay MM 1 I llel a-o "- IV , v.-,- iv mi;!:; iian;'Ii. in I n:!.!. 1. ',' I,' I.!-,--.. ... I; ! '' -' 1, 'I' ,1..,. t!,-i.- -hiee. f ' l"'"'- 1 I iivin.e.l. lei! Le -ir. .0 u. 1 ih- L nuiue with :i l-iv;.t- It. v.-li'!- S iinl ncr tin- tie, k of lie l.otll. ;;;::rl.;mwKnAvnNoi'A,.yANc.aM,,iii . .,),,,... He has linen m ,.!,. in the Hills for 22 jew l-i;i('i:s IN ANY SINtii.u i.N.-i.v-- ..... ... ,i,-r,,l reliabl. what FIRST ANNUAl'mEMORIAI. OAY, Pleasa investigate our liberal Premium offers for saving the wrappers from DIAMOND "C" Laundry Soap. Included in our Premium Lists are fully 300 gifts, useful and ornamental both for old and young. Drop a postal for Prize Catalogue to THE GUDAHY PACKING GO vears. aiiu m -.."".. 'he sells yon is strictly as he ropre sn's it. other luices, then Kel his. and compare. ()m. M.-n-s Doparinn-ut is iv,il,U with il. latest for men's wear. 'i-i... en .1 iiMVin-nl was made yes Modern Woodmen of Amenca, bun-day, June 17, 1900. , Deadwood Camp No. 1186, will lv m-rvo this day with crrpmnuloS i'PPio-'... .,. oc iwion. The third '-P nu M,'h Spring (ver,-s, in i.H the newest shades and styles. rnnRi.-S i V' fl',n ,, v l.v th- Shawinut Cold Minim; ,,,, ;,y,,, Story mothers of Central n. 7 -. t. m ..... n... Ciiirview and otlier mm SOAP WORKS. SO. OMAHA, NEB. i. uvonertv. situated in Hidden Treas Iaoe Curtain.. Kull Ixe, tp- bo" d drea. Uaodaoiv , ,. ' -ri.w ........ertv a.lioin I t.h.n Dlnmond '-C" LnndrT I "'' 1 ' . . '. '...,t,o,l lla v in Juno lias b.n -ir.pnii.f ' 1 ' the- hoad camp as Woodmen's Memorial Day, a day to nwr.ilier nur dond Neighbors by .li- .ratr l,e craves with lowers and eve: cr.'ciH. " Fverv niombor of llSri is -v d t.i , " ,, Ml NVi.libor i'i 'l'0 the llMiierehla, wnicn was 01, ,t iniiiiianv several llV til" .-ill.."..' 1, ; -i Th- deal was ina-b- s S7.r t f22.00. ! The hanasiunest line of Men's SprinR Suits we have ever shown; .he very latest (1,si,nsin hh nul, VmUvu vmvW i from i.50 to ?2."i.00. Fullv equal to tailor-nu-lc. Jst "m" ; lialf tht, ,,,st f n.ade-to-onler ... ... 1 1 ...ii. 11 ml in . V. eeKS lit.' ..,,. ..... l,i :tl 1 II dm:--, in auuitii.n u ::,! a stamp mlb ,itv not members of 'H leave th-ir address with f e . lerl.. Th(, ,v.ran. will be publi.-e.l later. hi:ky pei-KRAY. cieik No. f: Sherman St. ...... rrririr,in .... 11.1,1.1 111) I . tlic 1 i'( 1 I. :-.i KliAi i-' ' ..-.--r.V ..fll-TP C'ii.-i.. Clu!. nd nlr-t w ith each i .. .. ...... i.ortnieiit consists of every- I On y fit' ' 1 j ; .f-l . ' 111. K.).:..ll. ia lit. Kl-i-1 1 u ""-'" (,:,, f .re f-ir the roti I. 1 i"P "' Hl" Srr::.s and Custer every Saturday. ...... 1 .. T .1 am. WILCOX'S DO YOU SMOKE? Choicest Havana and domestic ci to return ou or before the r,.n. day fnr ! bov's complete outht, thins necessary for a iy i . i- -in.1 low prices ueins om reliable poods, ana l of Y AIM. gars PALACE PHARMACY. ..Ml. , ,0- . - Th Plan of the Ages." DISSOLUHON OOTICE. tlaauia.BI.Kh Co. t i),o This season wi have paid particular attention to The. copartnership heretofore existing Kaufman (Jorum has been . .1 .... consent, J. l-1- LITTLE FOLKS. . :f. vPfit Ul,t like ,. ,cnth lecture on "The Plan of the n.-s" Will be Kiven in the Hapust cUnrt li on Sunday night. In this L.cture Rev. Kirk will take up th-hicorv ot the children of Israel under Joshua, and will give a vivid descrip-th ranture of the city ot Jerl- A,,,,. ..,, ,e K.kJU. !l.cltcit'"'-A I ,. only Jl.So. ,, J , ..)- l,,t..Cenll (.1 -5 V pr,.t i-ng.n. fron. H" '" "J u4 Irll yau a'oni It. Three-piece Suits from 3 years up Papa's, from $2.00 to ?6.50. years and Shirt and collars just like Tapa w ears, ages jtar dissoiveu uy . Kaufman retiring. J. N. 'i-ii will S ue the business, bo responsible tor the liabilities of the late firm and collect amounts due to said Arm. j. L KAL I- MAN. rmrit. - ni?P.U!T MENT, oonl cl, the sin of Acban. the victory over .. '.it0H kines. the division of OUll GENTS' FURJilSUiu "t " f.ict ev-Win every detail, with the latest novelties, id fact, kthing that in new and novel worn by men J N. N-iOKL'M Dated Deadwood. S. D.. June 16. 1900. the promised land and etc Tins lecture will be of special Interest to .. ..-trt in this period of Jew- tl)OS"' IUT.-- " - " ci, history. On Sunday morning at 11 . HATS of the celebrated uumap komhy .all good dressers, in all the new shapes ana HAVE YOU A HEADACHE? Try our headache capeule. PALACE PHARMACY. L-vKx-k th children's day exercises ana shades for spring wear. eTer shown, m tk k i: t pnn.v Cans we nave n wiU t. Kiven in this cnurcu, u -p ,n a memorial service will be held - the Motlern Wocxlmen of America A 'cordial invitation is extended t., all fl. ,,,...,, all of these sen'ices. I iutt ucbi uue Ul 1' OllVJ blithe new style Plaids and Checks. 1 t t in a eu.-.i. : mnlete with the very ROCK! ROCK!'. Anyone wanting building rock, call and see J. J. Feldhausen. N. f st y, S'- t-1' lir,t p,ctute .lraw. y.u I V a $35 pr.e, -Sth I I be-,t wins yoi. J5- F.n,oirc for L PHARMACY vtll OUUC KLCHtK IB UU "T . Bnfia fat'tlOD. Slen'g Shoes. Every pair guaranteed to give Tlri,Tr lira ..P.BTP.R TIME EAST BOUND." MASSAGE BATHS. v.o Smith, steam, vapor and ,;;'hs. No. S Pine street, second A change of time between Norfolk . ...v. r.coni'Prs US- j and Sioux City euu. - h ;xg our train No. 4 to reach Sioux fl Three Kcasuuffuj Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are better in nnilitv. City at 4:00 p. m. daily. , ,r, saved MIN- NE P0LIS. ST. I'At-I- and the BLACK i c West houna, it-' .... w :i? , An.n-.rir.i3i - u w Uimea.." . -,. Ar.-iv? .or- met" is tn - ho-c-. Fr.en - And Moresiyni" vv Tnd Lower in Trice than t ",'ir '-40 p m. connecting folk Junction ..40 p. i-crMnVT T'.I.l- llU.v.N . fi I IIMET Baking I Am Not Going Out of Business Xoith.r am 1 --'.'V t, I..- money. Imt I am -Coiner t d" mi the- future as in the past. Sell Groceries Far Cheaper than my .onx-titors My cx- expenses are light and my customer are -cv. itifr to -ret the benefit. my pru-cs. any other House in iowu. rKV KAILUOAD trn " . tT.n. r-nrinna IDA I Powder rALU.f.L : XI No 3 due at Black ni" next morning. PARTICULAR .. ,1-j t the rhanse of time in i tion is ra" . . j0,w i p.nrv PITY. olV- NONESO COOD. not WADE BY THE TRUST. .J. A. GRELN I No. 7 Charles St, train No. 3. thus enau..u6 j from connecting lines io Uon at Sioux City wiuiwu.

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