The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 13, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THURSDAY- MORNING, JULY 13, 1899. - - 1 ONE GENT A WORD any American Industry and that If any greater protection than this was given BATCHES )lAM0Nt there should be an Internal revenue va equal to the amount la excess of ten per cent, eo that the money taken from the f HE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1876. , THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL T, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY IS, 1897. Advertisements under this bead ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run less than one month; three lines, $1 00 pestle, over thie amount, would go to the government to swell the revenues Instead of going into the private pockets f referendum has always meant the realization of the populist dream of a paradise upon earth. There have been no colors too vivid In which to paint the glorious possibilities, no words too stron in which to give assurance of the certainty with which these twins might be invoked In the cause of assorted reforms. Without them the world has been pictured as a howling wilderness With them It has been cheerfully predicted that life would develop Into one grand sweet song. According to the advocates of these al per month; payable in advance. Fine.., Solid Gold Jewel monopolists. From these facts It is easily WANTED HELP. seen that McKlnley. the champion of protection, as exemplified by the McKinb-y Kill, and who carried the country w:'h this cry in lV.'C. would be a very Impro; r PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO WANTED Good cook at Soldiers' Home at Hot Springs. nomination to make for l'.'OO, bil.t there are leged potent measures their enactment meant the death of politics with all its WANTED Housework or washing an ir, l.v the daw. Knauire at -No. 11 TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: It AIL Y Every Morning, Except Monday On Tear 810.00 Six Monthi (.00 Ou Month LOO WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. On Year 1.00 Mi Months LOO I-'ilinurc. selfishness and wickedness. The ability to do wrong was to be taken out of the ban Is of the officials and the people were to I.e. Invested with the powers of an infallible Black Hills GoldftjJ Sterling Silver 0 At Special Prices f J Next 20 Da; A. F. SNYD WANTED First class farm band. Apply other reasons that should be potent ' prevent his renominatlon. Such as ret '. lion in oilice of an attorney general -defends the trusts. Ills Helelctlon ,' man w ho was court mart inled and charged from the army during the r 1 ' lion for absence from duty In face of the tiemy without leave -and fm li. ideation in office w hen he proved that uas incompetent as well as cowardly. : -bis action in the Eajian matter. . ' supreme court, the mission of which would at this office or Spring Valley Hairy fu i'iciniout, S. D. (dl.wl.) ciiil 1 ',qi2t33&'.. the wrlghting of every wrouK. There is ate red as Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postoffloe. some little liclefinitcncss as to whether u- ivTi.-nTn l.iiv hiving hens, by the there was to be any limit to the scope f the Initiative and referendum. The gen ton. Apply by mail to A. Smith. Dudley St. Ct eral understatidiiiK h;is I. ecu that it would he brought to bear with equal potcn'-y REPUBLICAN TICKET. Supreme Court Judges. . . DIGHTON CORSON. II. O. I'ULLEIl. DICK HANEY. uMjn the weather or the legislature, th Main Street, n-i VTi:-riIiilli..,ril and l-ool tables, out nubile taxes or tho public morals, the of each. Must be in good condition and reasonable in price. Will buy or crops or the octopus. Anyhow, the slat lute as proposed and enacted in South "a kota was described as a nei-esity to tha Previously al.used and downtrodrten com rent Address. Box 2. Terry. (6t) MtKlNLEY THE MAN The communication from Amerlcanus Id yesterday's I'lonet-r-Tiinea questioning monwealth. The people were assured lha VANTEI Man and wife for a ranch Apply to 1'ioiieer-Tlmes. Should he receive the nomination I w" ' be compelled to vole for the demo. nominee no' matter how distasteful !. micht be unless lioiiniiii should be i lo when it would be about a stand-oft Should Itoosevelt be nominated on platform that declared against trusts u favor of tariff reduction and equitable u atlon. thousands of obi time republican-like myself (who are owned by no p.u v but vote for whatever political comb'na-Hon they believe will Kive them the la c they desire to see enacted) would ag.-iin fall In line and vote ilmt ticket providing the nominations on the balance of the ticket were in accordance with the platform. We. of course, coubl not vote for they could never be happy until they got the advisability of renominating Presld It. ent McKlnley next year, was Intended to WANTED A girl for general housework, draw out a (rami expression from leading Well, they got it . Why aren't they using It? It cau't be possible that the at a good salary. Apply at this office. republicans. It was the opinion of one CASH TALKS millennium Is already getting in Its work in South Dakota. If it were there would wa'in e this I It ) WANTED--A '.am weighing and harness. ddress with pi office. have been no occasslon for enacting the great reform statute. As a matter of fact the great measure was adopted only after man who voted the republican ticket In 1896 and again In 18!i8. The Ploneer-Tlnies bellves that Mr. McKlnley is the strongest and most available man for the nomination and has never seriously considered any other man as a possible or probable" candidate. .Mr. McKlnley is certain to be renominated and to advocate hinh tariff men and promoters and ni.nn- the strenuous arguments by Its populist I'OH SALE. Kers of trusts, even if they were nomiua' 1 advocates that crime and corruption were We have got the goods and want your trade, qui stalking abroad in the land and could on a reform platform. What we r lo Induce us to return to the fold is form platform with a full ticket of h FOR SALE An upright piano, new and in good order. Mrs. I-. E. Miller. only be overtaken, punished and replaced the claims of others would be a waste of energy. However, the question Is up o reliable reform candidates I i k Itoo i.uTS Foil SALE Howard s Addition we any one who baa anything to any on the subject. sianditifj thereon. Come and see us, will treat you right. Yours etc, "LINCOLN " UKi'l'IIJ.H" A At I'l.-ellt a I'opu' by honesty and justice via this one route. What has become of nil that crime and corrupt Ion '.' W hy don't Ihe keepers of the Initiative and referendum reach out for ir solar plexus'.' Why don't they tedu'-e the taxes and kill the octopus? To the readers of the South 1'akota riewspapcis it would not appear that lit" In South Dakota is as yet all sunshine His addition to Deadwood. b. autifully located on the Dark hem h. adjoining tin- Dudley sprint-, in the First ward, is now opt n for s.-t: b nv n t , . plat and pri.-n al oilice of EDWIN VAN" I'l-K. THE IIL'.V iEIi YE Mi. I'l.t it A Hundred Yea. Club has been o ! Ayres & i, anta Hardware FOR SALE Three of. the best ranches on zed. The object Is to study th THE IltON (HK l'ltnlil.KM The world's output f pi k Iron iltirinn 18(i Is estimated at imiii.oiki tons. That on the assumption of one ton of pltf Iron to two tons of ore means iilnnit T'i.iu'I.ihmi tons of Iron-stone. Are the known re sources of the producing countries equal to a continuous drain on that scale? ant; .s the "Statist." Hut the output of nig Iron this year If America reach.-. her 11,'ino,-DtlO tons, and Great Iliithii 1 fin-many and Mowers or music and moontu'tt. Troubles seem to be recorded in in-ti ih- ions which promote longevity. Bear Butto. valley, 100 acres each; over "ii Improvements on one; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at the Pioetr-Tinics olflee. ante as before the South Dakota iitiz"'H much study and research its nie:.. must airive at the coto luston that th- ii wt-r ossildc way lo attain hun.' li.'c is t armed with this marvelous tweed pitchfork for pit. l int; out the nd pitchinc in ihi mio.l. The si au proi bad he best care o heu!;.li. Wit a all .. : Hi.- tuily of II spci t We- pioiell Vvevfvt continue nt present r.iu "ill I lots. to have .-!. I a v h.-!e lot of 1 1 en'. I js.utw.tMO tons, wln h icpiit-.tiit 7A.iHMi.uti'; about the reign, o: ii- ol.liiis from 1.-. tor's Sioniaeh iiiit This is a t.o.ii I'm tons of ore. As a niatu-r of fact, however on. Senator IViusinv -'ill s;ou's ftSJ tor ennsi !. : . I' ! lie in ; ci o h. k-.i -lip.i 1 inn, i ; . Of life-Ill, More than two tutu oi ore arc requlr .ilr-1 - i 1 1 ! '. IlildlllU lots HI years it has cured tor one ton of pig Iron, for while we iliielll av- funiish- d to Uf.) lncle lumber lCUWIN VAN C1SE aorbed nearly 2o,imo,(iio tons of ore last ild. Hon, dyspepsia, biliousness, weak li v kidneys, it makes strong stoniat'n ri.-h, year, we produced only s.ti.'il.l.ll tuns pig Iron. Of course tlx re w ere slocks ore on hand. In transit, and In procets Included In the reputed consumption, ajJ l-'Olt SALE The Pioneer Meat Market, at Terry, S. Ii. For further information enquire of C. V. Itonan, I'rop. (1m.) red blood, and steady, vigorous i.-ae;, ,'f you accept a substitute, don't epcc t it so cure liko Hostetter's Bitters. Sc.- that a private reveneue stamp covers tlic ne. oi of the bottle. air oi ( .l.lolull.-. a nd elite ill - h ,1, ,1 I c - torm si liool lines on a stiii;e Tin iv is too much or too little ralu here or there and the ciops are jood.or bad ai cording to t-ondll ioiii. Even a stiay lot nado wonders into Ihe stale just as If the initiative and referendum statute was not In force. To the up-a-tree observer life In South Dakota seems to be much the same as over on this side of the river where the policemen are still listening to the average amount of human troubles. This being the case, why not set the twins at work? not represented In the returned output of pigs; but with all allowance for that the Shoes Witl a Reputation Our Boys Seal-Skin Seamless r i i 4 r r i FOR SALE A 3 H. P. Otto Casoline engine, tank and reeervolr complete. Ploneer-Tiraee, FOR SALE 2 H. P. Kerosene engine aud blower, nearly new, in perfect condition, no further use for same, will sell cheap. Exactly suited to ventilating small mine. W. M. Barker, Deadwood. I two to one measurement Is not sufficient. For the anticipated make of pigs, then, t least 80,000,000 tons of ore will be needed. Where Is It to come from ? Last year the United States mines produced. 83,000, tons, the Spanish mines 7,666,660 torn, the tferman mines, say lt,-600,000 tons, the British mines 14,000,000 tons In all 60,000,000 tons. America, .Great Britlan and Germany alone consum- wd 88,000,000 it the promised production la to be affected.- Ths problem Is to sup A POPULIST VIEW The article In this morning's paper sign Are noted lor their wearing qualities r ed "Americanus" in my estimation strikes the keynote of the political situation, in common with hundrds of thousands ot excellent for school wear. FOR RENT. them all over the west I left the republi A CHEAP HOLIDAY. Spend Sunday out of town. A brief recreation will do you good. You can do more, and better work, next week after a little rest. There is no more delightful place to go for a little trip of this kind than to Sylvan Lake. It is just an hour's stage ride over a most picturesque road from Custer. The lake covers an area of fifty acres, and lies at the very door of the hdtel. The cost of reaching this, the prettiest spot in the Black Hills, Is slight The Burlington route has cut ths regular rate in half, and will sell round trip tickets from Deadwood and Lead for $3.16 every Saturday this summer. These tickets will be good for seven days, giving a week's pleasant outing. - . 1 o RANGE HORSES. Barrett sV Zimmerman, Midway horse market, the largest range horse dealers in the northwest Have commodious facil L. C. VERPLAST. ply that quantity and of quality adapted to can party because in looking the situation over I became convinced that whilst the Furnished rooms at the White House, Bath ana Klectrlo lights. Rent $10 per month per room. Fine view from every No. QO Blierman St, listing plant. That there are undeveloped resources In Spain Is not to be denied, but development take time and I a mat rank and file of the party wtrt honest. Intelligent, pstrlotld and soundly Amerl- room. , , -i 1 i cin, tn principle, they were being hood FOR RENT Six-room house. Just newly ter of cost, Which oi course, become trtatar farther the deposits are from . the sea board. That our home supply can - be" materially Increased li yttf doubtful papered and In fine order, at 118.00 per month. Apply to CCSHMAN, 401 Wil liam street, or at YOUNG'S office, Lea Xinltst,' at any rate, Iron atulns to a permanently higher level than at present. treat (tf.) FULLER BROS & McClMsE . That the reserves ot the United States are FURNISHED ROOMS To rent at No. 7 ities specially arranged for handling range "practically lnexhaustabls" we are all winked, by clique of leaders wbo VCTt working In the Interests of the claaeej Instead of tha masses. Tha old fundamental principle of republicanism, that all laws should be for the greatest good ot the greatelt number, was Ignored. This being the ease we threw off our old allegiance and voted with whatever party we individually thought most likely to aid us In replacing the governing power where It wrightfully belonged, via. In the hands ot the great plain people who are scarcely ever wrong for any great length of time on any question., nitmors street Hot and cpld water horses with large corrals and pastures In baths free. - (GEDDES OLD BARN.) New Cam ani Bnriin. Best Drira and connection and with their stable midway between Minneapolis and St Paul, where accustomed to think, but the utilisation of these reserves Is all a question ot price. ' Our contemporary believes that nowhere can, the supplies of ore be so increased this year as te enable the estimated quan pec. I NICELY furnished rooms at Boarding Horses by the day week or month a S range horses can be disposed of to ft better advantage than elsewhere. Minnesota rates at Noble block, 721 Main street. MRS- OARR. Transfer, Bt Paul, Minnesota. I tity of pig Iron to be smelted. The future supplies can be Increased, but will only be Our contention that special privileges were FOR RENT A six room house. Enquire Increased If the price ot Iron Is main at Ed Hart's Turkish Bath rooms. talned at a considerably higher level than being given to the money classes is abundantly proven by the situation at the present tliE?; when great combinations and trusts. are dominating the country; vhen FOR RENT Three furnished rooms sult- in recent past years. In ether words, we lave entered upoa an era of dearer Iron, where, instead of forties, consumers will Prepared? Are You - able for housekeeping. Enquire of Ole hundreds of factories and workshops are Lackout or at No. U Taylor avenue. "Tnave to reckon with pigs la sixties, If not In seventies. FOR RENT Nicely furnished front room, closed and the business of whole' towns are paralysed or destroyed In order that more' favored localities may be built up; . and , suitable for office or bedroom, at ie SET THE TWINS AT WORK. Holsner. when thousands of men are thrown out it Sioux City Journal: Has the Inlatalve Initiated or the referendum referended anything up In South Dakota as jetf LOST. " The Thorn Comes Forth With PoinT Forward." The thorn point of disease is in ache or pain. Bat the blood is ' the feeder of the xuhole body. . Rxrify it with Hood' s Sarsapariltn. . Kidneys, liver and stomach will si no respond T Ho thorn in this point. Blood Potoonlng "Tho surgeon said when he took out the brats shell received la wound at 8aa Joan Hill two weeks before that It would have poisoned me if it bad Dot been for my pre blood. I told him it was Hood's Sarssparllla that made it pure." Obobob P. Ooona, Co. O, 26th U. 8. Int, Washington Barracks, Washington, D. C RheMimsntem-"Myself and a friend both suffered from severe attacks of rheumatism, Hood's Sarsaparilla cured both, We would not be without It" Wk. H. Lurcx, 66 Leonard St, Kil River, Mass. - WiSccQ SaUapaiitk This magic panacea for all political, social or other ilia has been on the statute LOST A large envelope full ot letters and note. Finder return to Pioneer-Times Pine weathtr has come ai " now Is the time to got that pair ot xner Shoes. My Stock includes all of the 1 and neatest summer footwear No where can you find the same gw for less money. We always lead it comes to Qood Shoes at Low r ! and oar stock is the freshest as w the largest in the HilL and get reward. . books of that state for several months sow. The Journal has been waiting patiently and watchicg vigilantly for the employment for weeks and months by the closing of factories for the purpose of creating a shortage of products so that prices can be raised to exorbitant rates aa has been done by ths "Glass" and other trusts. Some of these combinations such as the tobacco trust go so far as to dictate to the retailer what he shall sell his goods for. All these great combines have been fostered and made possible by the tariff. If any one doubts this let him read the LOST Gold link cuff button, with Sar-donio stone la one aids. Suitable reward. Leave at R. M. Maloney's assay office. . . Oolto. testimony of Havemeyer. the president ot th sugar trust, given before the com first application of the miraculous tails-man. The waiting has dragged from weeks Into months, and yet, ao far as has been noted, the Initiative has not yet been called upoa to give Its Initial performance, nor has the referendum once been referred to. This hot weather Is a little straining on the patience, and the Journal breaks Its courteous alienee In order to inquire whafe tie mater. The establishment of the Initiative and mittee Investigating the matter. He saM: ZIPPi Ths tariff is tha mother ot trusts." He ; PLANTS FOR 8ALB Having' decided to quit tha Hot House business, I will sell about S000 plants of an varleltlM for what they win bring. - A. DANIELS, - . i Deadwood Qreenhousesv further said that such trusts could not live without Its protection; he also further said ' - - , -. iw'aw-r, KNf.e f " Fl"s nr Brer tilt; h whntstlBS' M jjf ( ' rv's m tek wtta Bood'TTuirMparHla. that ten per cent was sufficient lo protest

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