The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 13, 1900 · Page 9
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 9

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1900
Page 9
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tinted? 34th YEAR. D1CADWOOD, S. D., THURSDAY. DEC12MBEK 13. I'XX) FIVE CENTS. mm A PUHC ftHAPC CNCAM or TARTAR POWDCR. OPERATORS SEEM SECRETARY HAY WILL NOT RESIGN In evidence of Deadw .od's aprpecla-tlon of the work Congressmen Gamble and Hurke are doing for the public building , the Deadwood Commercial club, thru its president, William Selbie, yesterday wrote a letter to each congressman, tendering the thanks of the club. ivereoat at Chase's store, and Ander-ion's bowery friend undoubtedly had Ms m mind when he was telling An-lerson to keep mum. The overcoat was found after the fight by Officer Vfclnery in the cellar of the Family Liquor store, where it had evidently been idaced by the thieves. FACTS ABOUT SMALLPOX. convention is held In Washington hall, which la crowded, seating 1000 persons. The dairy products are in fine variety and in many exhibits. With the machinery they are placed In a fine large annex In which the absence of supporting posts affords an unobstructed view of the pyramid fine dairy exhibits and the working machinery. The oleo question will como up for consideration bo-fore the convention closes. o Poll Was Accurate. SIOUX FALLS, Dec. II The figures of the vote cast at the recent' election, as shown by the official couBt, prove the remarkable accuracy of the poll made under the direction of Chainian Crane and Secretary McNultyo f tho republican state committee, and shows that the republican victory in South Dakota was by no means a surprise to the republican managers. The poll of the state made by the republicans a few weeks before the election indicated that they would carry the state by lL'.OOU to 15,-000 plurality. The exact probable plurality shown by the republican poll was ir,t)4:i, which, however, allowing for several thousand doubtful voieis finally going over to the fusiniiiMH. was not expected to be reached when tho vote was counted. As MeKinley's plurality in the state is official 1 y placed at 12.9:ifi, the republican managers instead of being surprised, as many appear to think they were, confidently anticipated that they would any the state by almost the exact figures now shown by the official 'mint. Few Deadwood Cases Not of a Nature to Excite Any Alarm. The few cases of smallpox in Dead-wood arc not of a nature to excite any particular alarm. Otto Craig, who was a memlr of the First South Dakota volunteers and who had the smallpox in the Philippines, was in Deadwood Monday to see if his services as a nurse were required. He saw Dr. Itowman, who has been attending a majority of the cases, and was informed that the disease had so far been so mild in form as not to require mu h nursing. "The cases in. Deadwood so far have been of a mild type." said Mr. Craig, "and there is not the suffering that is usually seen in fully developed cases of smallpox in the Philippines. Tho smallpox germ does not seem to have attained its full development In the cases that have been found so far. and the skin eruptions are very mild. "I was sic k enough w hen I had it. and had to have a nurse' with tne all the time, to apply ointment and pre- vent ine from tearing myself to piee..s I had been vai'einated a short t,i; e heiovo I was taken down but the moiulat h i was not . oi'itdete. aitho in' aim wa; very ore at the time. V v a"tn (. rctt" v.-m o-, e, v cie as !op !s . v a ; i k , and I had i v . i tl.i'e.'s to ( ont.ead w ii Ii .'lie : ii,. '.- and the vaccinal ion. I '::;( t'.' mark-, of erupt .'mis on c y !. ' : l.r t e 1 1 . 1 1 ; e r. f ir . d on ir. I'.ii . i . i t ! '';.! i I ' a tin ' ! . I I' i. i-.,. i.t i '.. n .oh !i and but I " ,. . In. e' . ;.! o'd when I i'ii' :t. v. i la I I s i po'o ,i . and " a t at.:.- lo I.ii. k a bull of the hrbH'" I have ".. l.'i I: to lot',. oer 170 pound ,'c! . a :i ' . ;. I i '. '- w ee k a ' c n I ' ' the do tor ,--;m ; a nei u i : I1. ', to t r. . k dow n at anv time af-r have: had the smallpox- as I had it .Van people have it like I did they will know what il is like ' Mill net Leave the Capita' Over Hay-Panncefote Treaty, Hazing of Cadet Booz at West Point to Be Investigated. WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 11. Special Senator Uidge denies that Secretary of State Hav will resign if tho Hay-Pauncefote treaty is amended. Senator Lodge admits that a majority in tho senate is in favor of an amendment to tho treaty. Tho houso today passed a resolution calling for a congressional investigation into tho case of Cadet Hooz. who. it is reported, died as the result of hazing at est l'oint military academy. Hooz lived for several days after receiving his injuries, but refused to give the names of those who were responsible for bis death. The president today nominated Ceorec- I , Meyer ii Massachusetts for iii tiit t..;- in Italy. TOOK A SHOT AT HIS MAN. Giw IvlcClubky in for Trying to Snoot a Swede Boy. Piumpi intervention of I lie .111.1. a by-on a i... M. ly l.i leluc 1 r.l i ll 1 .OH. i A IL Li': i llli.l at the 1 amis ol t. lai-l un lit. in the Kan; Met in ;,,' was re ir Aid a n w h eu with a ri v. as standing voUer. near st i ic k Met iu.-ky aiioss the hand, kno. king the gun iitiwn J.IM as it was .ii . iiiaiged. ami tne bullet we fit iulo the lieu. The man then grappled Mc-( iushy and threw him to tho floor, an attempt was made lo wnn: the weapon out of his hand. While Mel'lusky was down Anderson stepped up and kb ked McClusky on the bead with a number twelve thoe, cutting a slight gash. Henry Donovan, the polh e oflieer, took MeClusky to jail, while Anderson and a number of his friends went out the back door of the saloon and rushed down the alley. Officer Mr lnerney was put on'.o them and round ed them up before they went far, compelling Anderson to go with him to the police station. He stopped at the saloon to let Anderson get his hat. A large man who had witnessed the light remarked that Anderson had started it. and at this one of Anderson's pal, who had a Bowery swag ger. wanted to right the big man. Anderson was sitting in Judge Kar-ly's office while the lotnplaint was being made out. waiting to give some information. Mis friend, the bowery tough, stopped up to him and in a i stage whisper sab!": "Vuse don'! I . . i want to know anyttng about dis, see. One el the poli. emeu remonstrated with hint, and the tough began to abuse tho court and' Jill Us Officers. He was ordered thrown into a cell for contempt, and one of his friends who evinced sympathy for him, went with him. The man with the swagger continued to call to Anderson from the cell, telling him "not to give anybody away, or you'll go to do pen. see." and "tell 'em you was horn in Africa.'1 Finally the court ordered him sent over to the county jail. McClusky was still in a cell, and he began to talk loud. Officer Mclnery closed him up by offering to turn the hosp on him. Anderson became refractory then, and made allusions to a "kangaroo court" in a rich Swede dialect, and finally he was ordered over to the roifftty jail, to be held as a witness Hf nrotested vigorously. "Ay paid , fafty sant fur may bad an Sandicate , : I ! TO BE LOSING Telegraphers on Slhe 8anta Fe iMay Have to Give up the IStrike. n n . n Unp Dan. nrains are nuim ny "s- ular ang Company is Sanguine LiwsArt CITY. Mo. Dec. 11 Spe- I HI -Both Hides to the big telegrams' strike still claim the victory, le Santa K- trains are running with L rpmikiiitv tnan tney were yes- today, and "", indications on the Lj.o orp that tne ranroau win win. V teleKrapli'-rs are confident, how- . ,1 .llF-n W'lll ll,l '.1 Iver and " - - eneral strike if necessary for them twin. Tin' chief cause or tne striixe . th refusal of the company "to Ltrate the rules and regulations Li tn en.nt eight hours exemption om labor out of the twenty-four for le operators. I CONTEMPT CASES DISMISSED. llJcials cf the Standard Oil Com Ipany Win in Ohio Supreme Court. ICOIA'M I'd ' . . Dee. 1 I. -M ' ml He yupftiie court lias dismissed Liontcad't, --- agaiii t the Stand- Id 0:1 oUi 1 lie unit wa s Lfjiree yi . it s aro l:y Attt.rney. Gen- a! Moneit. 1m ! aiise the ulli dais re tail to t-j t : r" in an ant: trust suit. ; court s' ' "I to one in Hie pion Jltst hill. led (ioW'II . lll.l- l :y a- l:i i. ii'', and t 1 1 en v. kordingly ili-missed. Roberts at Capetown. CAPETOWN. S. A., Dec. il.-Sp.- li Lord Huberts arrived here to ll. The entire city turned out to leet him, and ho was accorded a pant reception. Lord Huberts idp a. sne.vh in which he said the lad of God tool. England into the isnsvaal. Domestic Gets Five Millions. SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Dec. lb Rial. Lizzie Kerns, a kitchen do- fstic of the city, has inherited live (Dion dollars as her share of tho ate of Thomas Kerns, who has just 1 in Montreal. . The Shoe Machinery Leases. EW YORK. Dec. 11 The board directors of the National association land Shoe Manaufac furors net (e today. They aro awaiting the per of the 1'nited Shoe .Machinery fmy to the objections urged by national Association of Hoot and : Manufacturers to the form of Fes recently adontpil hv ir Kiifh- lewn per cent of the members of l alter asso iation have not sign- I are not disposed to sign the ttionabie Ii'kpj mi. i ti.i. t ii.. i- pave signed. Many of these hae' lerer lor having hastily f81 with the exacting demands ' lessor and have appealed for Charity Ball in Chicago. MCAGO Doe t1Tl, P.,,n. ' ij. illC Ill.lll . , n Charity association will I tti .1 tcum annual cnarity Dan In thp Allriitnvl:i; T'V.Irt ,pci .."miuiiuiu. x n j o jvoi reparations surpass those of all y years. A new feature Is the lii iv women's auxiliary to 9 e disposition of boxes and i. tt i. . . tPki wmPosea ot 3V prom-Ucago women. Last year this ''Mil netted a profit of $12,-JTear it Is expected that ult will be much larger. Wneinnatl and Dayton. JNATI, 0.. Dec ll.-The the Cincinnati Ham-j Dayton railway system are J "Pecial meeting for the con-JT ' a proposition from the rto refund their bonds Into SJr-" 'ft is also proposed to . iineg now operated nn-iT7 M to refund th bonds , llles and provide for "7 sne as will enable the make yarions improve- hJ!lan U lmIlar to tnat Alton and the Bur- 8tate Dairymen's as-W tt8 2th annual con- 'DR. CREAM MING Highest Honors, World's Fair Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair Avoid linking rnwiter coiiliilnlnir aUuiu. They are Injurious to hxaltb ho also stated to a friend that ho had already selected his assistant. "We have not learned yet who it will be, but it Is said that he was at one time connected with tho Home-stake company. It was known that this position lay between two Lead men. but Mr. Gushurst seems to havo. led off first." o Golden Gate Company. Between sixty and seventy tons of ore is being shipped every day from the Golden Gate company's Black-tail properly. The company Is mining mo I of the ore on the Carroll property, and it Is being taken out thru tho Li l ing Horse shaft. The cyanldo plant in this city is running satisfactorily at its full capacity, and most of t' ore .oi ; from the company's I iitii'.d. abbo some custom ore Is re-eiied. This is the only plant run-0'itg at pre-, nt pi'enare.l to lake custom ore. altho social others are con-e.h vj! ; the ma'tor. and it is likely that mi!., of tlietil will receive it v ithir a ' bolt time. s. Working in Two Bit Culch. 1 i,. wo, K ei . I- ; 1 1 g obt. Iho Chi- l 1 V I I t 11'. . I do II the Cleat ,. the aai;e com pa il ies Mil '. i t in I - ii Hit : t ' i i t w i at ii t he Mr. rd'.ns lb.- a- a nii'Ilt v.'Oi'lc .-o.l!:..rn property, 'auialh'n of tlio sev-of the gubh. Micro has been considerable work on tho 'round, and the managers are consld-ring a big increase in the number of men employed before the winter is over. The Chicago & Two Bit shaft is being retimbered, and it Is likely that it will be used permanently as soon as the company is ready to begin mining. Examining the Grand Junction. A gentleman who came up from Custer last night said a mining expert had just finished an examination of the flrand .Inn' Hon mine, and left on tbelbirlingtoii yesterday for the east. The expert was a Mr. Greene, who put in four days on the property, in the interest of New York men, who are negotiating for the mine. The Grand Jumtion Is one of Iho best known minim; properties in the -nuthorn Hills, anil is owned bv J. C. Spencer and several others. Including a Deadwood 'rentleman D. 0. Baker of Deadwood was In the east for several months during the summer ami fall on the deal, and if is said that the "ale will undoubtedly be made "s)0h". Holy Terror Strike Reported. I is rumored that rich ore has ljee-i found on the lower level of the Holy Terror mine. Those who hold stock in the (ompany are hoping that this may provo to be the case, as the company has recently been levying assessments on the stock, find last month each stockholder paiil three cents on every share in his name. It is behoved by many that the assessments are levied for the purpose of crowd ng out some of the stockholders. A! any rate the developments of the mine are being watched closely, and the small stockholders are all hoping that the as- . sessment will not be repeated. Imperial Shaft Under Way. The shaft recently started by the Imperial company on Blacktall ia thirty feet deep. It ls double compartment, and Is being constructed for permanent use. It Is on the main Blacktall gulch road, near the Wells Fargo workings. The company ia still pursuing the original plans with regard to putting up a cyanide paint In this city, and the plant will undoubtedly be started within a short time. 1 In a Private Car. A. B. Smith, assistant general freight agent for the Burlfngton, an rived from Omaha Monday night if his private car. He was accomapniei by George Rudio and William Glass, of the Lee, Glass Anderson company. Tbej are still In Deadwood. nwm ATROCITIES BY ALIED TROOPS. Army Officer Tells Harrowing nTales of Injustice in China. SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Dec. 11. Special An army officer here of standing who has just returned from the Chinese campaign and declines to permit the publication of his name, says the atrocities committed by . allied troops in Pekin put to shame tho most hurbarous performances of tho Roxers. Ho says many thousands defenseless Chinese men, women and children were cruelly put to death. He fears the Chinese ar esecretly planning for a general massac re of all the allied troops as a means of revenge. Holland Governnment Declines. . TUB HAGUE, Dee. n special. The Holland government has formally announced that it is impossible at present to suggest arbitration be-between Kngland and the Transvaal. n History of South Dakota. SIOUX FALLS. S. D.. Dec. 11 The most complete s hool history of South Dakota ever published Ls now in pre s. It was compiled by Donne Kohiieon, the well known" author of this city, and editor of the Monthly South Dakotan. a publication devoted to catering and preserving the carle and - hi buy of the state. All iim.i histories of what is now tb" i-:!ai o: s'onth Dakota date back only to the famous l,"w i; and Clark . xn i diiioii en the Mb'O'iri liver in lS'il. 1 Mr. l!o' ''eon's history gives aillhen ; tic i i.'t.t ; from a period I"') years : pr'or to the Lewi.-, and Clark evpedi-' tion. I t 'lrr tors are devot.-d lo the folh.w-in lit-, re. of the .-Late' ; p. 'oi . O o'o 'ic.ii, ar haeologieal.. the In-Id. an;, tally white exploration pobtt cal, !.evin and Clark cxpt diUon. the fur tiade Fir-1 military inva-ion. vis-i il - of ( atliii. Maximilian, Ni. ob t and I Fremont, decline of the . fur trade, set I (lament ot tho Missouri valley, pro i lonal government at Sioux Falls, , the territory ere ted. the Indian war, j : l. auihoat tia.'lie. the first railroads. the di-eovery of go!d. tho great Dakota boom, division and statehood, the Messiah war, tho Taylor defalcation. A . hnt.ter is also devoted to the part the state took in the Spanish and Philippine wars, and a roster of the famous Fir's t regiment, South Dakota volunteers, appears in full. The history is illustrated and contains several maps showing this territory as It j was before the whites had permanently occupied It. ; Gov. Beckham Inaugurated. FRANKFORT; Ky.. Dec. 11 C.ov-I et nor Itechham was inaugura'i'd irov-j . rnor of the Slate of Kentit1 ky today. ! His handsome bride was a brii'ht fea ture of the occasion Prohibition Conference. INDIANAPOLIS. In. I.. Dee. l - The prohibitionists ar" holding i state . onfer. n e today, which will ext. ad to toiiintiow. As tho .,'indidate for ' pre ,n. ait, .1. (i. oollej-nviCCived Ule i ?!kS mot e votes this .year than the pin hil.ition landubtfe for governor d:d in ,,lVu;. the party fe.ds much on our aged. TO ASSUME CHARGE. P. A. Gushurst to Accept Superintend-ancy for Colorado Company. The Call Is the authority for the following statement: "It was not generally known when P. A. Gushurst left for Denver. Mon day morning, that he was going for the purpose of making final arrangements to accept the snperlntendency of the new Colorado company which was recently organized to develop the mines which comprise what is generally known as the Kirk deal. Mr. Gushurst Is in Colorado now, and before leaving Informed some of his friends that he was selected as the superintendent of the company. He has or will, put considerable money Into the undertaking, and the members of the development company propose to sink a 1500-foot shaft. The site for the shau has been selected and the machinery win be Installed as soon as It Is needed. Work is expected to start on the shaft about the first of the year, and It will be pushed I vigorously until 1500 feet is reached. It would seem that such a proposition if placed in careful hands could not fail to be successful, and the benefits that will accrue to Lead will be Incalculable. We are not Informed as to when Mr. Gushuitot will return, but there isno donbt but that he will bring the superintendent's commission back with him. Before leaving IS HARRY TIER THE MAN Question Agitating the Minds of Dead ACod and Lead People. The p. (.;.!. of I lead wood .nil I .end leriidy aL'iiale.l Han ' Tier'-, a vi Mind.:- i .. . '. i'T tie e I nil till le oi el. for til' known ii a! t el' . I:ai e it m 1 1 ad than mi I.' i ' a. -on t !i. ' I ! r i I - i t : the l.'l I I '!' !:: e . 'lie' il . ,ii i i 11 '! ( io;i ' I. " tho e v. ;:liu.- to talk .i Ik ait i : i that Ta r did not kill John I V. le . I. i'. Henry I!uIi;iiihi. hi I eadvoul, took tie' te timony down in writing a1 i em oner's inque.-t over the remains of Wheeler, at Milliard. Wyoming, in August, IST.i. ait.uu" as clerk at. the request, of the coroner. Mr. Robinson says lie knew both men. but he defines to talk for publieat ion. He says the killing occurred in a restaurant, over a woman, and there was no robbery in the case. There were several persons present at the shooting, and they testified before the coroner's jury. Kmil Kaust, of Lead was an undertaker at Kvanston, Wyoming, in 1 and he furnished the coffin in which the murdered man was buried. Me says positively that Harry Tier is not the man who killed Wheeler. Me says the i ireiiinstance of Tier having gone under the name of Harry I, yens for'seveial years after coming to the lil.-e k Hills had been discussed repeatedly by I.ead men who had formerly 'resided at Kvanston. but. they were all .T-T ed that he was not the man wanted fur killing Wheeler. At one time. Mr. fan t says, a deputy -herilT from I'intah county by the jtnme of "'Woods, came to Lead to sef-Tier. himself if Tin was the Harry Lyons wanted for murder. He said Tier was not the man. and went back to Kvanston without him. altho he claimed to bo aniuainted with tho man for whom the authorities were seeking. Jack Moran. who deals bank at the Derby saloon in Lead, was quoted Monday as having said that Tier was the right man. Mr. Moran says this is entirely a mistake. He says he was never in Hilliard or in Uintah county in his life, and never heard of the circumstances of the killing. NEBRASKA TOWNS QUARANTINE Smallpox Is Creating Alarm in Numerous Towns. "I advise you to stay away from Grand Island," said one traveling man to another at the Bullock hotel Monday night. "They have the smallpox there, and the town is quarantined, and It was expected that the mayor of Alliance would issue a quarantine proclamation Monday. Gene Wright went up to call on a young lady there Sunday night She met him at the door and told not to come in, as she had smallpox. It has broken out all over the state, and there have been three deaths at Grand Island, altho in all other places it is light. "At North Platte and several -other places, all trains that come in are disinfected, and they go thru the same process when they leave. The city council bought a fumigating machine and it is used on every one coming into or leaving the town." DEADVOODPUBLIC BUILDING. Messrs. Gamble and Burke Doing Good Work for the Bill. Last Saturday's on re. pondem e .to the Sioux City Journal said: "Messrs (lamble and Hurke made an impre-'sive argument today before the committee on public buildings and grounds in behalf of tb" bill providing for an appropriation of $L'uu.ouo for a pub;., building at Deadwood. S. D. It is understood that the .omiiiit tee will urge its passage in the hou.-e at the eai liost po ii ...! alter the holidays. General 11 L. Talmer of Omaha is here to lir e the passa e of Hie bill providing 'or the i-anil.u iuin at Hot .-'livings, S. !. ' .Messrs (.amble and Hurke have rccommen.e d the appointment of C. W. Angers, a ai,"jio. I ma-t. r at Platte, Charles Mix count v. S. I They also urged the Jepaituient to ' taid.sli a mail servi . over the new - line be tween Van'. tun and Platte S. 11. and expo, t that the goveriimi nt will soon put the set . i. c in operation. "Senator Kyle appealed before the hou,se comn.ittee on rivers and harbors today and presented an argument In behalf ! a liberal appropi ial ion for tbi improvement of tho Missouri river above 101k Point. Senator Kyle requested the committee to recommend an appropriation of $lf,!,000 to be divided between Klk Point. Yankton and Pierre. $50,000 for ea h point and $6,000 for maintaining the operations at Fort Pierre. $4,000 at Yank ton and $3,500 at Elk Point. Sena tor Kyle dw It at length upon the Im portance of these Improvements, es pecially in onnectlon with the de- veloping and carrying trade of the Lehigh coal industry, by way of Bis- harbor billreache a the conference stage." Representatives Gamble and Burke of South Dakota saw the rommislon-er of Indian affairs today and aked his cooperation - looking to an In- block, and Ay tank Ay vant to slape marck to Evarts, and across to Aher-dare," he said, but he had to go to i deen. jail. I "It can be stated on good authority The troublo between McClusky and J that the hoHso committee is not fa-Anderson started in a saloon on vorable to Missouri river improve-lower Main Btreet, and was continued ments aboye Sioux City, but It is after they readied the Family Liquor expected that the senate will Insist store. They were separated once, on these items when the rive and and McClusky went out He came back in a little while, took off his coat for another round, and It was seen that he had a 32-calIbre Iver-Johnson revolver with him. There was an Immediate stampede for cover among most of the spectators, and but crease In the Indian appropriation bill for one or two there mieht have been of Rapid City and Chamberlain In-someone hit. The case will come dlan schools.- The fommlf ImtT will up in Judge Early's court this fore- Indorse the proposition to lnTae the noon plants at both places, and the mat- The gang with whicn Andv'T enl ter will be taken up Monday, when his friends traveled had stolen an j the Indian committer meets." w0 aayt longer. The

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