The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 16, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 16, 1900
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. SATURDAY. JUNE is .1900 1 .M..'1-aughlin & McLauffhlia, Attys.) dav-ss period of publication hereof, or tbey wiil be birred by virtue of the provisions LEGAL NOTICES. M. A. .(. 1212. Permanently Located of tho stalide. A. K. GARDNER Reciter. It is her. by ordered, that the foregoing NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LETTERS QF ADMINISTRATION. in the County Court county of Law-leii.v. State of South Dakota. In I he mi.tter of the Estate of M. I-ael McMoiiiKle. decease. I. Xulii c i-, hercdjy Kl'en thxt Ja! : -Atelii.son has ill'-d with tlie Clerl. . : (VV. Sr Elder. Attorney.) M. A. 1205. M. ri. N.. Ii!74. APPLICATION KOR A PATENT. DEADWOOD IX THE UNITED STATES LAND OFFICE, ltd Id City, South Dako.a, June 1 .h." i. APPLICATION- FOR A PATENT .NiiTl '); ii hereby given that Vailkey Boy '.oil Mining Company, a corporation or--'.ii ied and cxi.sauK under and by virtue if ihc laws of the Stale of South Dakota. I .i-i ot'H addre-;-, .if whit h N Dea-iAo-d. - nth Dakota, t.v Austin MaMi. i's duly notice of application for patent be pun-lishcd for sixty days in the Pioneer-Times a daily ft spa per published at Deadwood, lawrence . oimt v. South Dakota, the said Lincoln, U. S. Laud Otlb c, Kapld City So. Dak enver. April 2a, l"i Mele cipcr juiblished In the Black Hilts. LEAD AND DEADWOOD. LEAD CITY OFFICE in parlor of Schutze Building, over Bakery, No. Main Mreet. Lead, Monday and Thur.sclay afternoons from to '.'!') "ena N'o'b.e Is her.'iv given that Anna Hoi pap.-:- 1 . hut t h-nearest the clnim. Butte Portland who-.- po.-iofficc addrfss . I lakoM. has this day lib in I . a c t: AummiMi Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City, St. Louisand all points east and south. A. K OAKDNER li.-s'ister. itiotl June 1" 1- I ,i p. on. j.ray inK l'or ! (ioll of the EstHf' c. e.-iisi'il. ami i. . ( .l. ii . A t.-iit for If,j, '' if. .-Iv of the A::i ;-l.l:.d aerit tt hose post ottb e .iddle-n - i. idwood. Soillfl liakn'.i. Il.l.- til,- 'i.c- j : ! ! : : .- .n.l:. ;i'i..n for a p.i: en i for 1 J:-' '; . , . ; i :. ii-j -. 1 1 " : i i 1 . i SL L!!cJ 1',,' . I'i can ). rn. Mi a cm Co , i lead A ool. So I's Hpplicata.n l tin.-. n- :' and Anna N' bearing fold i , iT)V.'l II -AO-id mi:, ing ,'ihd Sijic ..rA and until suitable oflicc .! p.i : i : i j 1 1 ' 1 1 L I ' - I this ' l i o M.i !.. U.i ,i I,. ,,: ('ni,t. ,M 111. west Tr ; III Jpa V n j f, ' ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Victory Mining company. Principal place of business, Dead- liie lie! , r.,1 J.tll .ok-!' i l.i"ie II ii ,v.7.i N- : Ar- I Vallk. II. iv No. 4. Valik.-yj ' h. I-,-!.--, nine- Hi' I'll - I! f.C ' KeO'illd :."" ,. lib. -it 'i i!',-d in V. hi'- i I ! ! ' . I'K'III' v of I n " ''"li1 II h I''l' I. Old de, :!..!' I, J ,.(, 1 .,m-I '1 id'" fi lot number l'.TI. to in ! i v - to - w I ' 1. daily. Hot S.,-i, N' liar tei'iii of May t.-i'iii. I ih.oeot. at tv of D.-adw I wood. South Dakota. -l-.l.sS. l. -V, A III, 1 -tn- ! v 'h" li. Id l" In till- o'b-e j 3. : at foil Hill i f th. Room ill the ( coin, Omaha, do- Vh.uc ' No 2. Vaiik.-v !io , i.l l.c'l- hill No. 2 lode-, or min-ial lepoMi- !. 1 1 1 n n 1 ei' ...'.'l I'l'f i' Jl Sill f.tee .ion . 2 1 i. . tiu'i; il'l'i : .".s2 7 . :"?r. hni ."1 1 s,1"tb and all points Ka West llll llollse llie .-.abl ' and d '.'ii. of I.awrenie, DM III V AX.V LODE (or V 1 ! ;(!. i " k on.' chi -i li'd ! -1 ':: I 'a hen. ' s ' ; I,,.,,-, s pr K , o .,. -urvey No li L'i n oil. l' i :n tlmood "t I..,. Moii r II:; 4 li f."'t lo ,v.;.. v'35 No. I'lO, Eo.-al day. Dull Spearfish .V'llll.i on " i hi s. f for lieai i ;i k saiil petition, w: n I where any person interested i. pp.-ai and sliow cau-e why the - Mii-hl ioil 1:u-v N 27' 1.' I'- 1'S v.. .hen,-.. V ' V II f''"' to eor- and " -410 '"uster pctiii'.n siioui.i not !" urante.i. No. 204. Eriesht. , Sun-lay. Hill i and Edgemont ivr Xo 2: th'. nc. S 4'!' or W DP! 7 fee' to o.riirr No :: th. li--.- ?' '' w. or. f.M t I,-, i-onii-r No 4 th.-ni", S 8' M' E :;?.hu fwt to corner N'u 5; thence N. 1V "i'-E. 112 ' f.-.'t to corner No '". Id.'iiti. v.ltli (orn.T No ?. of Anna No 1 lode o' I.ate.l. June 12th.. A. I). 1S00 FRANK .1. WASHABAUGH .Indue of the County Co i Sundays this freinh- i.. " Trains arrive as fall,,- at-i No. 43. East. Pas'nger llai,,,. "i at thi. i.rvv th. nc- N. 1".' s:.' E i ft 27:.:c .".-:' s and 'Ion feet, in width re-- i . e', situated in Carbonate Minim; In- tn. ". LaMi'-nee county. South Dakota, an I designated by lie tield notes and otli-. ml plat on ril- in this'n . as U.t No. ' l'"i, i:i lown-hip li'.e c'.i norih. I'diiiti' two '.'I, east. 11. H. M. . ill-ill v.yedl . Said lot No 1 l"i bell. H-les. ril. ed as follow s. to- wit. GENERAL J'lE HiniKER LODE. He--.'iiimn- at corner No. I. nh-iiri' V . S. lo- a'lon Monument No. 21 bears N. S2' 04' E. feet Jistant: i hence S. s:;' .".' V. .:o2 feel; thence S. 7s 4'i' W. 2'.:M feet; them - S. 1.;- IP E 1117 feel- theme N. :; .".'.' 1-:. ;; i .". f.-.-i : th.nce V .". 17' W. 1 I'c ' feet to pla .f bi-sjiniiim;. MAli.NV CIIARTA LODE HeKinniiiK ai . orner No. I. uliciiit1 U. S. Location Mo nunc nt No. 21 'ears N. S2 ' "I' E. 3.".n3 1 f-et distant; them- N. 2' ."..)' E. KnO feet, ili.ii... S 1.',' I r E IP's 7 fe.t: thence S. v: ".'' V. timi fee! ; t hence N. Pi 4 1' V. I P. 7 fe. t to place of I.eKiiillillK No. 2.! Snearflsh t..... . " ' H I'Cis I 1'i.R STATE PRIN'TIV The c-.tiiniissioner of Put lie Prin' dallr Location of works, Carbonate, Lawrence county, South Dakota. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the board of directors of the above named corporation held on Saturday. April 2Sth, 19u0, an assessment (No. ID of four mills per share, was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately to tlie treasurer, John Treber, DcuJwood, South Dakota. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Tucsdav, the 5th day of June, 1900, wiil ie-linquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold at public auction, at the office of the treasurer, John Treber, Deadwood, S. D., on the 2."!nl day of June, 1000, at-2 p. in., to pay said delinquent assessment, together except Sundav -o rnor No 7; thine. N 27M7' E V '. ct t.x'im;." No 1 -mi dl "e nf beginning VV NO 2 LODE 11: 3.UJ 203. Freight r. -reive sealed i.roposalx Tor trie p: in for the .'ate of South hakata in rioBinnitiL' at rnrii'T No. I a shal rock Sumlays (his ti.iia arrives. In irr.und with mound nf ton chis oid.iiiie with chapter '."'.'. Ias of halter I.V.. laws of lsf".". and chapter rDt'nin iiiniii,, .... i I . led 1 -2 I'iTt wh-n.-e corner No o smitcv seat, "free, on ali ' ihnliil I.iwm of lsi'. S.iil proposals shall be hvy-."l to the Secretary of plate ma' DR. TODD, Office in Waite Block, corner Main and Deadwood Streets, Deadwood, S. D., daily ex 2ii.V lllBhlnn.1 Marv t,od. h.nrs N. ! "2 W 1! feet I' c f.'' M'.n No 7.hc:iri S S.: K 'f.SI " feet thence. S !)' 2' E way and steamship ti -ke-, , gage checked to all pm, 11 M 4 l'rH'als for State Print i imf' and will A S fnet to corner No 2: Thence s. M 1.i opened eri'lav J ii ne i .... nr. irii o c" ror inrormatiiin, t.,,.. ,m tWMels. nil ,. .D16a' HUM J V. 227 2 fee' to corner No ; thence N 1 General V,,- ullVH K r.1.'. 1 f. et to enrn.-r N 4' thence. N in in the i ifice of the secretary or S' the capitcd in the city of Pierre. i i, lie printina: is divided into four cla nl pr.tpos.iU "ill he made for the p: o- ... . ' ".nil, ,k LITTLE IP iN'A.NZ No 2 LODE H.'i n;!i.' .1 comer No 1, whence I'. ST 22' E 1 2 feet to corner .so i ana pi'iee '"Mil snj cept Monday and Thursday Mi f lir.'InnlpL' Id"' nren-ned eonre or th' 'e line of ''le 'rn ledtcr V. C' if.' 2'V J. L DEVTI.EV ' AeenL iin:u"ir No 21 bears N s t'cel ds! in! I l. lice S s2 ' ' i . Dienc. S p. r.v l s:: IIS .'Mill rhl-S SeplIMl i. ' i; " $). nu-t nr. .e Comnicr, j , V I.od- NY vie t id I. Villi I f l le 1 ' II v P(.r. .any ea.-h . I; to l.e i ' 'he St.v ll'eilcd li. ..,1 111- O . E. 1 1 .1'T'e(. ",'1 Of r of T' till -nr. I 'e i: 1 I 1 1 F ,e I ,,' . n .-,-, X'in.i No 2 I.. . 1 dins - 2'i '. tli'j w.irvcv t" '!,. 1... '.'!., .nil .'"c-t-:c i.i: ti, V.-ir Tit ins in: : i u:v: ' I V ,'. .--l,;. ! Ill'.'l'. F. d .!' I. -mi : i. . a " c W with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. .11 1. ITS ItEl'.SA.MEN. S(v-y. Not i- '-. I'v order of I he l .a i d of -!:. iinis nf the Yi.ttiry Mining Cinii-i air . t!.e dale h.-n a -,.-e-sm.-ii t No. i ' 1 laily. 1 u i!v I i,i lie. t. . .' nt :md ' ;i.iri '.-ii I I font 1 coir ! . ..ctri ' .. ir.Mird. ' ,' .it per . . i m :iiiiiii afternoons. The oldest, most successful and accomplished European-American 'Iu-calod physician ami surgeon on the American conl incut in all brandies of Medicine and Surgery, Special, oom-I I i i .1 mill lingering diseases: foun-. r of a system nf specific medical inn by which In' p.' rules all nir:i-bin forms .of PRIVATE. CHRONIC. lil.OOD. SKIN am! DES I'RO Y I N'( 1 DISEASES of MEN, SYPHILIS ami ENEREAL DISITASKS in all stages; STKICITRE, HYDROCELE, VARICOCELE. OONORRHOEA, OLTfJET. i'i,l;ilil''lt -dav. .1,::: is bi-.-ll :o. i: 1 :.!. at Daily Daily i ' Dailv. -t . I' s i : I i J illy and l.iiu:'. i;i:i;s mi:.. mid -Ml. I! N w ;i:v l: 1 u H 1 1- f'll.C'-.l' t . Notice to Cred.tors. Estate of John I!. Olson, deceased. Noiiio is hereby given by tho un-di'i'soned .administrator of the estate of John 11. Olson, deceased, to the . re.litors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them wiih the necessary oi:ch'Ts. wiiuin four months from tin- tirst publication of this notice. SPERMATORRHOEA, LACK OF SEXUAL Vinoit. IMPOTENCY In YOUNG. M1DDLE-ACED ami Ol.l) MEN ami all I M PKI )l MUNI'S to MA i !: I !' I n . ( 1 1 li -lie ' Ti 21. i Mu I. in. 1 --V-1 nt ll P... 'die in 1 Ev-O" :'di. Prim Daily -' . -1 -I laily I ailv V ' i: ! i 11. -e; I... ( r . M ,1.1.1 N . w li-- mm: i Orphan's Cm: t 111. In th fi.t- the C . 1 Tern), !" nf tho est f i'hilmli-lpliia- Apr "T.V In the mutter said administrator, at I lead-in the County of Lauren , d at D adwood. S. 1)., May L'S. N wood. S. lb Dat lSO.i. r w. A supposed dec in. DEMAND -FILED a, Eislith Judicial ar. 1 for I .awn-tee ' .lanii s Mulliuan. it. Notice is h I ! Iv le: N i: hereby piven that 'I IC '.lot St 1 li INS Mi IN i: V COMPLAINT Still-' of Sial'.ll Dako' circuit ss. In Die Clf nit cotiit i! count v. John Gray, plaintiff f i : th. t- N. . - .".V F. . ! i. e ,,f B;m,:,,tt. Kir lev J. Tenor 1ms nitnle ion i N K I-. V 10 iV l.i .I.E. gii.n-r.g nt Ciir h ttcs of administration "Pon ' WALTER S. SIMPSON. Administrator of ilio estate of John H. Olson, doceased. ( First Pub.- ay j, iS'.i'.i.) "Me l' NV 1 . w ':"H- ' I .to of .lames MnlliuMii. a supposed Moo- T feel P.. '"inn I.' 1 1 0.1 ." i-:. :.v v 11:1 f. ! : I In P., ll'S s decedent, and that on .Tune 22nd, 1000 iiii'eot X.i r:i i.c li .taut th. : . Hi. ne- x. ::: r YV. at Dead- nt 10 o'clock in the forenoon, the Assay Olh. L'nited Stiite- 1 !'.')', I . ' '' ''hi' ,mo. tieajiolls, te-. -l . , 11 s w.-t at, idl.t ;:l I EPi I' W ill le and i::' " ".' UTo i f. . : th. 1 ' E. e,,nrt will hear evidence concerning the 1 i - i . ei. to i ,,i c: I I II II 1 I I LITTLE HILL LODE. I le t: i n n i II T at raid'J Dohcrt C. MiShiine, defendant. The Slate of South Dakot i sends greeting: ft) Robert C. McShane, defendant: Ymi are hereby summoned and required to afiswer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, which will be ftledin the nlllce of the clerk of the Circuit! court within and for "aid Liwrciue coulity. at Deadwood. South Dakota, and to serve a copy of your answer on lb- subscribers ut their office In the city of Deadwood. South imknta within thirlv days after the ser "IM- - i a ri. '- it. , . r, ' . . .. ,s..-. - ,-.f . n.-..t P. -i j m i :u H.dle l-'our. he. W'llitcA. . i.l (,:,! - Except Suic i ); aliened absence of the supposed decedent and the circumstances and duration thereof, and will make smli orders and decrees therein as in the Acts of the Assembly are made and provided. Joseph A. Slattery , Attorney for the petitioner. No. 1001 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia. Pa. (First Pub. May 19. 1900.) l.n wood. S. D., Olliro of the Assayer in Charge SEALED . PROPOSALS will' be received at the office of the Assayer ti i charge of Hie Assay Office of the Enited States nt DEADWOOD. S. D., until 12 M., June VMM, and then opened, for supplies required for the fiscal year ending June ?,t laOl. Blank proposals and all other Information may be had upon application to Assesment Notice. American i el . , j. ;;. busiiii ss, 1 1. a : ,i .... i .- r !i 1 .j.:'.le!" -Nil 1, w hell e I'. S 1. million MotLf iim-.t (No .li bc'irs S. .".:.'' L".' E. 2t-'10 2 feet -li-ttimt; thetic,. s. M r.O' w. f.l! fed: Ih.-ii.e N".' " IT' W. lts2S feet: thence N. N. -:; ...r .;. "s; S feel: (hence S. 1J 12' E. 1 b" -' feel.', to oi ice of I .. i tin j mr LITTLE HILL No. 2 l-ODE Ttoein-ning at eorrer N . 1. w hence U. S. Ixca-tion Monunicnt No. el bears S. r.:.1 L"s' -E. "': 2 feet distant: thence N. M' E. .'.on ft . t : thence N. 1' 12' W. 117.2 feet: 'hence S.. ",o' V. (loo feet- thence S. !' 12' E. 1 ! s7. 2 feet to place of beginning. Magnetic a i iat ion, l.V East. 1!EA. (1. in ril Joe 1 loole r lode. IV T4 acres: Mncna Chart a lode. 2". 2'.:; acres: Little) Honanza N'a. 2 hnle, 7.72S acres; rihur No 1 lol-, 2o. :,;.". acre-; Yankey I'.ov No. -I lode, L'o.'.'.L ricti-: Yankcv I!ov V.i. .'I lode. 17.77"i acr.s; Alliance No. 1 lode. I .".US a. i. s; Yat.kev Hoc lode. ?, SIT iicrc-: Little Hill lode. D.7::i acres: Little Hill No. 2 lode. 2VTIS acres' Total area of survty. 1 IV 174 aciv-c Tlie i-i-i sitmed name:. il ( ourse and direction of the lode lines and the number of P. J. Miniter. Assayer in Charge vice of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiff will take Judgment against you for fifteen hurpi red-dollars, with Interest nt 12 per cent, per annum since January 21st. 1391, besides costs Dated, April 9th., WOO. Mclaughlin & Mclaughlin, Plaintiff's Attorney. To the above named defendant: Pleisp take notice that the complaint in the above entitled aition was filed in the of clerk of the above-named court on the 11th. dav of April. 1000. Mclaughlin McLuc,hlin Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First pub. May S. 12.00) (Mai tin Ac Mason, Atty ) (Martin & Mason. Attorneys.) State of South Dakota. Eight Judicial Circuit. In the Circuit Court !rt and for Lawrence County, South Dakota. Henry S. Graham and Myrou J. Graham, as Executors of the last will and Testament of Samuel Graham, Deceased, Plaintiffs, vs. George ti. Marvine, Defendant. THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA SENDS GREETING: To the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and re cat iia of ' o: i - V. - :. . .:.- , ioj !Ung- J Notice Is li.-r- ' v . '!,.r. a: t a ing of (ho be. ii I .: :.. ' a:' -Jt named .;-., a :. ! . - . ': .: uy : June. 1! mi. an .1-- - e . j .- (') Illills pel' sh" . . .U-.taliJi Of I li" COi'l ..1 .1 ' . 1 - -.- '. -it 1 11 1 tilt -li.itciy ii:: :-. ttV-f ; Sine. id. at l.i . --:' . .'::;-' .'. 'jt South Dakota, Any slock up-:. - '. 'ai- :ni-"Zf. "hall remain 111 . ! - cS July. P. no. will :...!.:. .. ::' at. I ii tised fur s,.,c, 1 : I .. ; .,y!;..-:;: H hn e 1.,.. n m.i.!.- !i ' the 17th. day .:' : !-'.: 1 a: 2 0 am p. m.. at 1 iie ,.1:.. :" .!.--:-, Ktili'i Moody, Lee sii- 1 . '- - . o-'i. i pay said :r ' 'icf ri of advert i.-ai.g an i ' - ' l!y orji r of th - I" ' eretor-: WM.TI ;: i: SMKAU. S: Please notify ;:: re'Jry o! C change of addles- Hester A ivlimng Co. SI I ER I EE'S SALE. State nf South Dakota. County of Lawrence. Harry Uei.l, plaintiff vs. D. C. Holey Frank Shannon and AYilliain M. ll.u-ker, DiTemlants. Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of an execution to me direcrted and delivered and now in my hands, issfued out of the Clerk's office of the Circuit f.-.'t claimed on ea h side of dhcoverv on lodes embrariil in thi? survey are ns foil w i. to-nit: C ncrnl Joe Hooker lrxle inc. N. r,' 47' W. 14'c. fi f,,,, : n0Q flH.t nnr. (R. C. HAYES, Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Peter Dei-osier, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned Adolph L. Dernard, administrator of the estate of Peter Derosier deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the therly and lL'.M.ti feet southerly from dis quired to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiffs, a copy of which covery. Magna Charta lode line. N'. I'i' 44' V. 14:. T feet: 2W feci northerly and 120S T feet southerly fi om dDcovery. Little lonanza No. 2 lode line. R. Id' 44' E. Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit, County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota Is herewith served upon you, and to II'.S.T feet: TOO feet northerly and 79S ) upon a judgment rendered in said said deceased to exhibit them w:ith tlie, serve a copy of your answer upon the feet southerly from discovery. Arthur The nnrteraicne.l - -. i, I, W Vrs 0 Court in favor of Harry Reid and a and hnbllno- to.n,. .e one hi!! ! subscribers at their ofllce in Deadwood stock of the He.-ler .' ro.-ie Co. ioirt South Dakota, within thirty days after by call a n.e.'lim-' of le stockaowm gainst D. C. Roley, Frank Shannon and William M. Barker on the 3rd. day of May A. D. 1900. I have levied upon the said Hester A M.t;.:.c to be W the American NiMoial Bant offla. Deadwood S D on .Saturday, t ' Aar T..I-. mini . -i . ,..n for tbe W following described personal property of said defendant, to-wlt: One 20 horse power Boiler and attachments; Two ji JU.JI, J.""', .1' 1- 1 , noflA nf Alcw.cinir n hmr.l nf direCtOrt H necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice, to the said Adolph L. Bernard, administrator as aforesaid at St. Onge, in the County of Lawrence, South Dakota. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., May 19th, 1900. ADOLPH L.' BERNARD, Administrator of the Estate of Peter Derosier, deceased. (First Pub. May 20. 1900.) for transacting anv other business tl mnv rN,n..l. n,,,,., rfnrp the fflw03! tons of coal; One hoisting cage; One This call Is made a-i rovided by nf Smith nullin n Aunt of nc eW! shaft house; One water tank; 200 feet hnvlnff Koan haM at rfitni larV tltDC N'o. 1 lode line. X. fi" 2fi' V. 1422 feet; 110 feet southerly and 1"2 2 feet northerly from dDoovery. Yankev Boy No. 4 lode line. fi3 26' W. 14!S 7 feet: 100 feet northerly and 139S.7 feet southerly from discovery. Yankev Boy No. 3 lode line, N. 26' W. 1498.7 feet: 400 feet northerly and 1098.7 feet southerly from discovery Alliance No. 2 lode line, N. 4fi 48' W. 1S8.6 feet and N. 4' 39' W . 1000 feet, 255 feet northerly and 938. feet southerly from discovery. Yankey Bov lode lino, N. 85" 14' E. 564.9 feet and S. 86 30' E. 630 feet from discovery. Little Hill lode line. N. S 37' W. 1482.8 feet: 1382.8 feet northerly and 100 feet southerly from discovery. Little Hill ..o. 2 lode line. N. 1 12' W. 1487.2 feet: 1462.2 feet northerly and 2j feet southerly frem discovery The location and additional location certificates of the lodes embraced in this survey are of record In the office of the Register of Deeds of Lawrence county. South Dakota. In books and at pages as follows: General Joe Hooker lode. Book 110. page 75 and Book 151 p&gte 15. Magna Charta adjourned or other meeiine for 'Ci pose having been ordered by tne ou-m FIGHTING DISEASE. hef all who suffer with any form of SYPHILIS in any stage, Sexual Weakness or destroying disease of any na-. ture, who are weakened In mind and body, melancholy and despondent and on the road to IDIOCY. INSANITY and the GRAVE, take heart before it is everlastingly too late and place themselves at once lpipllcltly under the care of Dr. Todd, 'religiously confiding in his honor as a gentleman and confidently relying upon his skill as a physician. HE WILL POSITIVELY CURE YOU. By his wonderful, intelligent and marvelously skillful treatment all signs and traces of Syphilis and tmpurltiea of the blood are thoroly eradicated, the tissues, the flesh, the bones, the marrow and the entire system are cleansed, purified and renovated, mental, bodily and sexual rigor are renewed and the patient is restored to the duties, joys, and pleasures of life. . LADIES will receive the most delicate and satisfactory treatment of all AILMENTS, IRREGULARITIES, IN-rLAMMATIONS. DISCHARGES, and i ACCIDENTS peculiar to their sex. SYPHILITIC and all diseases of EYE. EAR, NOSE and THROAT successfully treated. ' URETHRAL STRICTUR12 promptly cured without cutting or pain. . A new cura for NASAL CATARRH. TAPEWORM expelled. RHEUMATISM. STOMACH, LUNG, LIVER. KIDNEY, and BLADDER, diseases - cured. - v : - - ,. ' ' PILES and RECTAL diseases positively cured' 1y RECTAL MEDICATION alone. : v ' . '' . ' "RUPTURE" radically, cured by an IMted, June 7. 1 ' Harris Franklin. K. 0. P W. E. Adams. E. R. CoUU Wm Selbi wnTir.F Trt TAhn tt 'PmocoII T.iraes and R. B. Stuart. CnmrDissioneM T.nwronco rnuntv South DakO" the service of this summons; exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiffs will take Judgment against you for eight thousand, eight hundred and ninety-nine dollars and forty-two cents, with Interest from November '28th, 1898, at 6 per cent pen annum, besides costs. Dated at Deadwood. 5. D., this 6th day of April, A. D., 1900. Plaintiffs Attorneys. NOTICE! To the defendant above named t Please take notice that the complaint in this case was filed In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court at tlie court bouse in the city of Dead-wood, on April 27th, 1900. MARTIN & MASON, . Plaintiffs Attorneys. (R. C. Hayes Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Lucy A. Henley, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned Charles Henley, administrator of the estate of Lucy A. Henley deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with tha rrurw 2 inch pipe; 125 feet 1 inch pipe; 150 feet IVi inch pipe; 3 Iron cars; 1 set Mining tools: 1 Smoke stacks and that I shall on Saturday the 23rd. day of June A. D. 1900 at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said day at the Cherry Gulch Mine In said County and State, proceed to sell all the right, title and interest of the above named D. C. Boley Frank Shannon and William M. Barker In and to the above described property to satfsfy said Judgment, and costs, amounting to One hundred and nine ri09) dollars and eighty .(80) cents, together with all the accruing costs of sale and interest on the same from the third day of May 1900 at the rate of 7 per cent per annum, at Public Auc" tion to the highest bidder for cash. You are requested, to meet la .tal ..olnn t tl,.i Ti.litor'S offifl lode. Hook 110. page .5 and Book 151. page 186. Little Bonanza lode. Book 103. Deadwood S. D . on Monday. iv page 419 and Book 151. page 185. Arthur 18th, 1900. at 10 o'. lo-k a. m No. 1 lode. Book 92. page 612 and Book 151 page 184. Yankey Boy No. 4 lode, Book it ausaii iu luuiJ" iu- - ,mpni 2. pagt 614 and Bookl51, page 183. Yankey Bov No. 3 lode. Book 92, page 613 and Book 151, page 182. Alliance No. 2 lode. nttArnAtra frti hnlilpiS of 5 Pr bonds and coupons, due and Book 83, page 564 nnd Book 151. page 186 (Frawley and Laffey, Attys.) In County Court, county of Lawrence, State of South of Dakota. In the matter of the estate of Hugh McGovern, deceased. Notlc is hereby given that John McAr-thtir, of Lawrence county, state of South Dakota, has filed with the clerk of this court, a petition praying that this court order and direct the Administrator of tald estate to convey to tald petitioner, an undivided one -fourth interest In and to the Hungerford and Maderah lodes, situated on the south side of Annie creek near the head and about 4400 feet eouthweeterly from Portland mill, in the Whltewood Mining; district, Lawrence county, South Dakota, on the ground Uiat the petitioner it the real owner thereof, and that said decedent. If living, - would te compelled to make etich conveyance; and that Saturday, the 14th. day of July, 1900, at ten o'clock a, m. of said day. being a day of a regular term of this court, at the court room thereof, tn the court house, in the City of Deadwood. In the county of Lawrence mad state aforesaid, has been set for the hearing of said petition, when and where, any persons Interested in said estate may appear and show cans why said petition should not be granted. Dated this 7th. dav of June I960. ' and to act upon sik n o.nei as may properly i '-'.e before vanKey Boy lode. Book 83. page 419 and Book 151, page 182. Little Hill lode. Book 144, page 461 and Book 151. pagp 184. Little HID No. 2 lode. BooklOS, page 560 and Book 151, page 184. Said claims are bot ndedipartly on the west by M. S. 1376. Allianct lode, and M. S. 1377. . Union and Union No?"M lode m iii m tVitnona mv lmn 1 Tld O-SC." 1 -ir.a.l. AtlJK this 11th day of Jtn.e VT. A. ZINK. ( (Seal.) Other boundaries. If any, unknown. Plaintiff's Attorneys. Dated, Deadwood, S. D. June 12th.,19O0 Matt Plunkett, Sheriff of Lawrence County. By James B. Harris, Deputy. Any and all persons claiming adversely TP.-A-er A.S. Harfl within four months after th first publl- cation of this notice, to tho said admlnls-ler. Magna Cbarta. Little Bonania. Arthur ,'t Central City In the county of' No. 1. Yankey Boy No. 4. Yankey Boy No. - entirely new, safe, painless and S. Alliance No. 2. Yankey Boy. Little Hill Dated at Deadwood, 8. D. June 9th. 1900. bloodless method. . " 1 SPEND STJNDAT AT HOT SPRINGS. One fare for the round trip. Tickets on sals 8atun4a Baker & Haydn ABSTRACTOR ynUeats block. DesJwooi 1 n and Little HIU No. 2 lodes, ar required to Ills their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Rapid City, in the county of Pmnlnrrsm Administrator of tha tit nt tm . . Frank J. washabaugh Consultation free. . ' One fee for i treatment and medicines.. Good to return tha following Tuesday juaijs. n". (Tint PubllctUon July 8) (First Publication June 10 1900.) Stat, of South Dakota, during th. Sixty1 xFvZjSSJEZ Un?" - V I '-' ".'

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