The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 6, 1900 · Page 11
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 11

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1900
Page 11
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LAFFEY ON SUIT AGAINST MITCHELL MEN. lng the young rutin until they are out aide the barn and its sarins: crowd JUU THE HU6KINQ BEE. but it was postponed from time to time, as various points that came up in the case were argued either before the circuit or supreme court and 'fhlch prevented the case from coming Then, when the chase ends, In the night and the harvest moon, soft and opulent in silvery splendor, they regis THE REFERENDUM CLUB. Fusion) st In Legislature Hope to Brandish it Effectively. PIERRE, 8. D., Not. 28. Special; The fusion members of the coming legislature will be too few to in auy way block legislation, however iuu a tliLU uiae mo surrender to the gOT-tti niacin, u:.c the s ript and secure tot W number of acres in Wash-Inotonr tome other region where thvjic i L.iulei- land of value. Of ioi.i- e, itiu i., not much for a homestead, but it U nevertheless a pretty good prLe for fome of the land that ha l,cn enteied upon under the law. awaroed H.m Wno Captured Fleet Maiden Wit Red tar of Corn. - ,eo they have u tte hu8k" hAThabit in the down-east states." Judge J- P- Laloy- "Eh? Judge McBride 8ecks Redress for tha Destruction of His Newspaper. MITCHELL, S. D., Not. 28, Special: One of the most interesting cases that has been on the court calendar of this county for a long time will be tried at the term of circuit ourt for Davison county which begins today. The case is that of Robert H. Mc- they may desire to do so, but their backers hope they may be abie to cie to trial. Notice was given a few weeks ago that the action would be ready for a hearing at the November term. On account of the wide knowledge of the case in this county the court issued an order for an unusually large panel of jurors to be ter aa many kitties as there are ker-naU on the precious ear she holds in her hand. "They return to the scene of husks to meet the concerted gaie of the people present, before which the maiden's oyes are veiled, her cheeks match the color of the kismet ear of corn, and n"16 ...... t wtir ves. I know the -...t'a mm; . ...,r, a farm anil th ate dissension, and they have picked ' nuJ the only way in which it would be Kenator Jones, of Douglas county, u ; profitable would oe under some such a differen.e rained on a system, whereby the man making the drawn in the hope that a jury could the young man's face is draped in a be obtained from that number to try the case. The case was first started sheepish expression and his hands clutch eagerly at the first ear of cora in Aurora county by the plaintiff on in sight the ground that he could not secure "After the first penaltv is paid the 1 in Hanco k county. Illinois, and . been to busking bees. They are Hie interesting and satisfa.tory. But Tf are passing with the .entury. No er doo.i the nimble maiden, hold-!Dgan ear of red corn, peed hastily , f afield to escape the eager pursuit Tsome bu.olic admirer intent upon a Why? Weil, because red ears 1188 not so frequent and maid-V are P"ne to games which bear fair jury in this county, but as much Bride against about forty citizens of Mitchell who were associated in the destruction of his newspaper, th; Mitchell Mail and his entire printing outfit. This Incident happened four years ago last February and created consternation over the state at the time. On the morning of February 24, ice of bashfulneses is broken, and it time has elapsed since then it ls like was a mighty unlucky girl who es ly that a jury can be obtained. Mr. McBride has retained as h aped getting at least one kiss. This Was Important attorneys H. F. Fellows, of Plankin "The change from barn to house ton, and Judge Aikens, of Sioux Falls The defendants have secured the ser caused another spell of shyness. Most 1896, about fifty of the citizens marched to the office of the Mail to carry out the agreement with the editor on the . upon ovulation as me pivoiai lees . . ,, aM " And were vices of A. E. Hitchcock, of this city vint. urn i a rofrrntfnllv as he Kazed Oi the young men had asked 'his girl' to go to supper with him, but the one thing that worried them was: Who and A. H. Kittredge, of Sioux Falls. F surrender an get an exchange for other land. "There ha-s been a Tenenl F ..-ramble for land under the law. and a large number of entries have been made of late Every one who has any laim at all I -. trying to secure a homestead, and I know of one woman who Is getting a divor e from her husband in order to take up a homestead Thi-i ha made a bi? business for the land office up to within the la t few weeks, but I understand tho -jovernment I- wnt hln ; the entries pretty clo ely. and is prepared to prosecute wherever it Is shown that the entry I- not bona fide. This has had the effe t of shutting off ro-"o of the hir-ino" wbl h makes It look as If some of the men who have been fakin'T un Innd were not acting dtoTtber in rood faith." Mr. McCarty was ae-ompanied by Char'es W Brown tbe Hanld City lawyer, on his visit to Deadwood yesterday, business belnr the object of their visit. H. Winsor and F. M. Hammer, of this Hen De si,-""' - in, an Indian Summer gae out ross to where tne Elkhorn passenger tas unloading. city, are also associated in the case. The defendants in the case are made Saturday night before to buy the material and paper. McBride did not wait to meet the committee when It called, but went out at a side door. The committee appointed one of tls number to act as agent for McBride; the office was invoiced at a little take the lead in the woi k of the senate, and Representative Gross, of Potter county, to push their efforts iu the house. While they know that they will be allowed but little part in the affairs of the session, the fusion-ists are brandishing the referendum club as a threat of what they will do in case their demands are not heeded. The large number of old members in the two legislative bodies the (.online session will do a great deal toward keeping the legislative srind running smoothly, and tne membership will rank up with any past session, in the coming senate will be found sm h leaders as Stewart of Hughes, Lawson, of Brown, Gunderson, of Clay, Loomis, of Jerauld, Stiles of Minnehaha, Var-num, of Campbell, and many others. In the bouse there will be a large number of old members of past ses- In tne house there will be a lar;;e number of old members of past sessions, and among the leaders will be Seward, of Coddington, Bras of Davison, Sommers of Grant, Wilmarth of Beadle, Price of Yankton, Packard of Spink, Warren of Lawrence, and a number of others who will come to the front. The chances at the present time are for the selection of A. O. Sommers, of Grant county, to succeed himself as speaker. He made many friends as up of the leading business men of Twenty years ago we ouiu8 Viv Mitchell, and great interest is man ifested in the outcome. Mtg different aura lions to inner-lot ages," ho resumed. "To the elder-btbe meeting on the barn floor of THANKSGIVING WEDDING6. over $300, and the amount was turned over to the agent to pay McBride. The work of demolition commenced. Mbbors from nines wmuu wo beat; they could discuss crops and Patrlquin-Shannon. ito on me cuiuiug wmuci w . .,,. Thai, alas should start first? Finally a reckless young swain would dive into the parlor and rescue his supper mate and then one after another would follow his example. "But this restraint soon wore away. Conversation became general, and in-noceat Jests were enough to keep everybody laughing. The girls usually ate daintily and sparingly. Pride sometimes promotes hunger. "After supper came the dancing. The 'fiddler' perched himself on a chair in the corner and became engrossed in tuning his fiddle. About half an hour was necessary to do a good Job of tuning, while the small boys crept as near to him as possible with worship in their hearts. Next and in a very short time the entire office material was dumped ln a pile in the street, several gallons of ker 1 tbefr hearts i-umcu... IjH determine the quality of Amos Patriquin and Miss Laura Shannon were united ln marriage Thusday evening, at the home oT the osene jwere poured over the hap, and a match started the blaze, which il( winter in the nusss peeiea rrom m of yellow corn. If the husks fere thi' k, loarse and stiff the winter would surely be a hard one; but if parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs oon consumed all there was of the Shannon of Spearfish. Rev. Pond of once famous Mitchell Mill. The mem the Episcopal church of that place huk9 were tnin ana nexioie u Masonic Benevolent Association. Tbe Masonl benevolent association of Deadwood held an election November 17, and the following directors bers of the committee were very deliberate In their actions, no masks was the officiating clergyman. would be open with little snow. The event was a quiet one and only Different to l nese. 'To the young men and women th were worn to hide their countenances, and the whole affair took place ln broad daylight, without a restraining the intimate friends and relatives of to the supper he was to them the taction was one in wnicn ineir youui the presiding officer of the last ses the contracting parties were present. dl fancies converged. They looked sion, and has announced himself for After the wedding supper and a short most salaamable thing present. " 'Take your partners for Virginia reel!' someone shouts, and presently to the nitrht ror me nusKing, time spent in receiving the congrat hand from anybody. For a time there was great excitement prevailed in the city but after several years it wore away, and the matter has been Wuse, with plenty of red ears among the place a second time, with strong probailities of landing. He is not to secure the coveted place without op ulations from the assembled gather He yellow, osculation would do un-he"ke(f and ca- h swain would cherish Ijklssfrom the lips of the favored one. ing, the happy young couple left for Lead by private conveyance. The bride is a refined young lady and num position, as Price of Yankton, and Wilmarth of Huron, are looking for the honor, and W. E. Benedict of Custer, little discussed since. The facts leading up to the destruction of the Mail were of several years' standing. McBride had a strong hatred for the late John D. Lawler, al "Lastly the small boy always iook were chosen for the coming year: Otto P. Th. Grantz, George V. Ayres, J. M. Brelsford, It. m "'aloney An-P. Dague, W. J. Tborn-by, J. W. Freeman ui,u A W. Coe. The directors met Immediately after the association i:etin, and organized by the ele.tion of tbe following officers: Otto Grantz. president; J M. Brelsford. vice president; George V. Ayres, treasurer, and A. W. Coe. se -retary. The building onunittee was iustru ted to proceed wi:h the building of the new temple In Deadwood as rapidly as possible, and it Is expected that it will be ready for o -cupancy by the fore part of February, it will have cost complete over bers many friends, both In Lead and bpearflsh. She was one of the teach delight In the exercises, although he usually scouted the too literal past has been talked of for the place. Tho candidacy of Price may, and probab the head lady and foot gent balance Id the centre to the tune of 'Irish Washerwoman.' The music strikes home to the old as well as young, and the next dance mark the advent into the floor set of some old-timer who de- lares he can 'shake a leg with the best of them.' At the conclusion of the leg shaking he finds a glass of new cider, that has just finished 'working,' a Bource of wholesome ers in the Lead High school up to the leging that he came between McBride ime of pulling husks and silky tresses ton obstinate cars. To him the husk ly will be, hampered by that of Gamble for the senate. Wilmarth, as a and his wife and caused their separ close of last spring's term. The friends of this harming bride speak of her in high terms, and she will ation. McBrides wire was a very ing resolved itself solely Into an oys candidate against Sommers two years ter stew. Corn shucking was merely ago, was not strong enough to land, be welcomed again to this city. Mr. wealthy woman, and was rated at be ing worth $1,000,000. After the sep 1 disagreeable nrelude to the several Patriquin has resided in Lead for a and by allowing his disappointment rather free vent at times inthe last aratlon McBride commenced to abuse lowls of stew he Invariably stowed good many years and has beea en the supposed separator of his home liay. gaged most of the time in conducting through his paper. He not only at "Nearly every farmer In a township session hardly gained any strength for a new contest. Benedict might become a formidable candidate If he a photograph gallery and has been Ifld a husking, and the month of Oc quite successful. He was a member should come with a solid backing of o; the South Dakota volunteers and tacked the personal character of Mr. Lawler In the paper, but growing bold er in his attacks made many reffec tions on the First National bank, of tober was one of joy to the country loll When the annua yield of cor til safely ia the barn the owner Keystone. F. L. Graham, of Keystone, went op to Spearfish for a few days' visit. James H. Green, of Keystone, who was recently married at Hot Springs, has gone to Terry to look for a loca did several months avtlce service in the Black Hills delegations, hut as there are aspirants from that section for other appointive positions It the Philippines nnd was promoted to the rank of lieutenant for bravery. He which Mr. Lawler was president. The hould drive over the neighborhood pi give everybody an 'Invite.' Two paper even Invaded the sanctity of the s hardly likely that he can secure bears a good reputation here and was elected upon the republican Lawler home to vent Its spleen on tion, if Mr. Green Is satisfied with the Bald Mountain country, as we this. At the present time it looks as toflars' worth ot oysters were bought it they were the only edible pur him. It did not stop there, but at- f Sommcra is the mostprobablespeak- ticket at the recent election as one tacKed several enterprises ln the city. sued. But oysters and husklngs think he will be, he will make Terry his future abode. er of the coming session. of the legislators from this county. The citizens got tired of continual For the chief clerkship the contest fe synonymous terms. One with-the other wasn't possible. Two To Patrons of the Public Library. Owing to the increa.,ed patrona e of the library, it has been de ided ,o-extend the hours for issuing boo . ,. Hereafter or until further noti e .t will be open Tuesday fiom 4 t o'clock and from 7 to 9 p. m. Sat . days from 10 to 12, from 4 to H u I from 7 to !! p. m. Saturday morn-is intended especially for the b. efit of the children, aj there h been sm-h an in reuse cards issued within the last t weeks, it was decided to devote special, period for their benefit. The board feels greatly en ourau-over the increased interest by t public. W. u. Hart, of the Uostwlck saw mill Mr. and Mrs. Patriquin will reside in Lead for the present at the hotel will probably be again between Rower near Hill City, expects to leave in a abuse, and tried ln every possible legal way to stop th publication of the paper, but to no avail. Matters con liji prior to the eventful day the of Lawrence, and Cone of Minnehaha. Hmmln folks' misled themselves n the contest two years ago Bower conducted by Carl Blank, on Addle street. They will leave for Pierre about the first of January, where Mr. Patriquin will tae his oath of office tinued In this way until about a week cake and bread, apple, mince, wa the winner, but If Cone can come with the solid support of the Minne before the destruction of the material flash and pumpkin pies. Such pies few days for DesMoines, Iowa, to reside. A. C. McDonald, formerly of the McDonald Hotel, has gone to Lead to look for a location. Jno. Huffman who is employed at lejwere, too! Caraway seeds in the haha county delegation he will be a strong factor, and may leave the ex- pple pies, boiled elder in the mince- and become a member of the legislative body. Aftei tho adjournment of that body they will return to Lead took place. Pursued Even in Death. In the interim mentioned Mr. Lawler went to Sioux City to arrange eatand genuine squash and pumpkin lerk behind. their skeleton frame of crust. No The principal contestants so far de- the Bostwick mill near Hill City, had the misfortune to have a log roll on and make Mieir home. ruulalod meal or rorn star h went eloped for the secretaryship of the some business matters for the bank. He was taken sick suddenly during Ito their construction. Those vile 1 his 'ps. fracutrlng the bone between senate are Scriven of Davison, and Wednesday evening, November 28, the knee and ankle. Dr. Ratte, of kiitnres were left to be adopted by Robinson, of Minnehaha, both of the night and ln the morning the bell 1900, at the residence of W. E. Royce by Ida Sherman-Womeldorf, pastor of e fiendish form of bakery of today. horn were the leaders two years ago. boy of the hotel found his lifeless body on the bed. The next issue of tha criven was the winner two years ago. Assembly of the Huskers. When the time arrived the near the First Baptist church, were married Alfred Rasmusson and Miss Hel and may go through again. Mail was watched with some degree So far as the senatorial situation is of interest, as it was supposed that fishbors began to gather at the Keystone, was called to set the fracture. Chas. Canfleld an old timer In the Southern Hills, has purchased the McDonald Hotel and Is now sole proprietor of that popular hostelry. Mr. Canfleld Is a thorough business man and we predict for him unbounded success as a landlord. ena E. Lofgren, both of this city. They couple will reside in West Lead where pise. Prom far away over the hills concerned, one of the leading men of the state offered a few days ago to From Hill City. Robert V. Carr is In St. Paul ai has a position on the St. Paul D patch. He writes storiettes ai waste baskets riochets. He is a d. ly contributor. Mr. Farnsworth, one of our old and esteemed residents, has sold n il his business interests and w leave this week for Seattle. Dr. A. Carr is in Denver. Tbe c one is delighted with the country ai may decide to locate there the groom had a cosy cottage await Id across the valley flashed the lan-p lights, revealing the location of pgon loads of happy people, who ing his bride. et $100 on Gamble or the field, allow-ng the taker to cnoose which end of the bet he desired, taking the position the night air ring by their songs o Mineral Entries. Following was the mineral business W shouts. Arriving at the farm hat it is an even chance. Parties who ave been in the Black Hills section at the United States land office at of the state say that the sentiment of E the women went within to pay respects to the hostess, who was lug about the kitchen, while the Rapid for week ending November 4: hat part of tho state is srongly for Final Entries Deadwood-Terra then the paper would give up Its attack on the deceased man. The Issue of the paper following the death of Mr. Lawler was a surprise to all. An article was indited in reference to the life and death of Mr. Lawler which alleged that his bank and his his entire life was a failure, and lacked the forgiving spirit which many thought would prevail. When McBride commenced his attack on the bank it was thought no damage would result from it. His remarks occasioned but little surprise in Mitchell for nearly everybody understood ttye. situation. About six months before the burning of the Mail the paper grew bolder in -Its assaults amble, as hey appreciate that his F steered to the barn and joined Mining company, High Fraction lode, Whitewood district. The Smallpox Situation. alleged smallpox situation getting out of the way gave them a f tuskers there before them. Tb. ongressman, which they could not iron then on the work progressed T. J. Grier, Pine Tree group, five Hill City. Mrs. F. E. Holsten, of Alliance, arrived in Lead Thursday evening for a few days' visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Anderson. Rev. G. M. Carter, of Hill City, Is in town, the guest of his sister, MrsT Burton. Miss Victoria Curtis, of Hill City, is shopping in Deadwood Alfred D. Arundel of Minneapolis, ave secured had he tsayed in the Wl -earnest. The old-timers com- claims, Whtiewood district. this: Kiglit patients have, been (1 i barged, and one new case report, havii..,- four jn , the pest bullae, t race, unless tnere snonn te a rad Fnotfs in agriculture, the women Homestake Mining Co.- Cornucopia fW, the swains and lassies spark- Fraction, Whitewood district. ical change of front between now and the time for" balloting for" srnatofr tie youngsters Dlnveri and everv- from ivadwood, one I'tOiu T"itv. Sol Rosenthal Alaska group, six anvble has far the best of it. At the fJ" (Slicked corn. Lanterns sul- claims, Whitewood district. ame time his announced opponents PflW from nifrhfork bundles shed M. D. Edgerton et al. Cayuga Chief, are making a hustle ror support, ana Pl er the heaps of cornstalks. Whitewood district. who is the promoter of the Gopher ... - Elkhorn Mining Co. Aztec group. three claims, Ida Gray district. on the bank, and finding no opposition to it the paper drove its wedge all the harder, until Anally many of the depositors withdrew their money. Many of the business men in the city were more or less interested in th bank, and to have it attacked so un L. B. Babcock Grant Extension claim assurances of their own. A general opinion prevails, however, that in case Gamble Is not selected, the next governor will not be either of the present announced candidates, but a dark horse yet to develop. 9 from Knglewood. Every possible p caution is taken to prevent its spre. but a peculiar phase in the malady that of the hundreds who were expo ed the latter part of October and eai part of November, only two have co: traded it, while the others who ha had it have not been exposed. . soon as a suspect Is reported, Cit Physician Allen visits him, and there is a suspicion of the disease b sends an immune employed for th; purpose, who takes the suspect to th Whitewood district. Applications Golden Gate M. & M. garter basket was carried away property at Hill City, and tho Arundel " toft above the carriage house, and Antimony property at Silver City, carrier marked each bushel ls ln town the guest of some of our Piece of chalk on the. boards. I welI known mining men. uou's yield was so registered, j E s Millisack, of the Rod Barn, a course, the local funny man was j cxpect3 to leave next Sunday for g create a laugh by his witty i polnt8 jn Iowa Ohio and Pennsyl-1 repartee. The town oracle vaniai jn the latter of whi-h states fed the assemblage by his hIa ja"te father's estate ls located and tad dropped chunks of wis- i8 tne business connected with the l afllOn them tn ... - AL-i Vl Co. Maggie group, ten claims, ida warrantably and so viciously, jeopard Gray district. T. H. Goodman Little Darlinw izing various commercial institutions should the bank by any means fail, group, four claims, Bald Mountain district. was more than they would submit to. At the same time other enterprises did not escape his sarcastic remarks. ""j settlement or tne same imi i RESERVATION HOMESTEADS. Large Numbers of Entries Being Made on the Black Hills Reserve. "Rapid City Is deriving a substantial benefit from the forest reserve regulation permitting men to make entries upon lands on the reserve un r1 "ore rain this month," he prophe- thlther. Filed for Record. in fact everything that Mitchell sought itk. u we ao Jt w,n De more H. X. Brown expects to leave Hill pest house, and with a machine di infects the house from which he wa taken and "keeps close watch ov the occupants. The medical fraten ity assured us that as soon as co) weather set ln the pestilence woul to obtain in the way of public enter- maerwlse. If Tia liaa mnnev ' it i 9 Hnno tr,r Hnv Snrlnea. William H. Fswcett, Frank Dele-hant and William B. Fry to Margaret I . . " t 1 1 V IU M lew uhjct vi J ' ' ' ' . , , . , i , , is looked upon as a Nebraska, to visit her parents during Pnses aunng xuose years was up 1 1 . . Nevens, lot 21, block 3, Arlington "(Without It vttl-w mtla t4ntlrn der the homestead law," said P. B McCarty while in Deadwood yester HleghU Addition to Lead; $250. .4e4 him. William J. Wall and Lena M. J. 1 Th w I JU8t cause, and the injured parties had Th Merrv r.h. day. There have been a number of no redress, for the editor always kept important sales of land on the re serve near Rapid within the last few months, and some of them netted pretty good prices. Six hundred and Wall to Andrew J. Johnston, a parcel ot ground on the east side of lot 7, block 18, Scharr's Addition to Spearfish; $150. - Charles H. Kranse to Annie Curtas, a half interest In the Whitford fraction on Carney street. City of Dead-wood; $189. Curnow -Rogers. Thursday evening. Rev. G. G. Ware of the Lead Episcopal church, spoke the words which united ln marriage two of Lead's young people. James H. Curnow.and Miss Carrie Rogers. The affair was celebrated at the home of tho bride's Barents. Mr n"id Mrs. W. fiftv dollars Is the largest sum I go bad, but not a case was report during the recent cold snap, and on one case since. All this talk aboi quarantining against the town is u called for and has been brought abo by some of the d.wtors. Had th . mayor and marshal coli cided wit them and helped to scaru the peop out of their wits or into Taccinatlo the disease might bare been abate before this. One of the M. D.'s trie to create a fresh scare yesterday b going about with a photograph of ; man supposed to have smallpox. know to have been paid for a home within the limit of the law on libelous matters. Brings suit for $23,000. When the last issue of the Mall appeared with its references to the dead ln an unbecoming manner, public Indignation was aroused and the committee was organised to take the matter in hand to stop it at once and forever The long pent np anger stead on the reserve, altho there have been quite a number in that neighborhood. As I understand the Vim eeda of romance sowed in 'wj1 Jetfn to reap a harvest of liar ovme 8tunBlea over a I 4t. tbe faU1 co,or flr8t 12 gIanoea t the one whom SrW 1U,eettoo. Possibly h" 5v718el in wrestling with a J7 cornstalk, but a surprise ( ?) itr a enoKn tor him to nNfaaU hl attenUon "fl'the Terything and makes a toi who aDandM hef po- t for the entrance If to catch the fleeing maid- taS!'!fhe tte door thy i. and was r of friends John Tegarty, recently librarian of the Hearst Hbrary, left oa Thursday The bride K. Rogers, in S". "li attended by a I;r f tbe contra t!n has been rearet she ha a host ' ' s-hoolmates r- ' law, a man is permitted to make entry upon his land, proTided'he Is a bona fide claimant, and he can then surrender his land back to the government and accept script for It. ciy. where against tne ian eaiwr reacneu a cub- evening'B Elkhorn for Cleveland, O., where he expects to remain about one month and then go on to New York. imone her i dition that seemed to call for severe A. W. Coe of this city announce Tirtan es. measures, and the act described was This script enables him to take val Bud Barnes and family are again that he recently disposes of a faim uable timber land in some other tim residents of Lead. They left this 160 acres in Butte county to D. P II liked i the .-, , --4-. . . r,s Evans of Belle Fourche. Mr. Evan ber region, and there has lately been considerable speculation under the -ommitted. Now McBride asks for damages amounting to about $25,000. Since the burning of his outfit he has continued to live in Mitc'f, 11 for the purpose of bringing his case Into court. An action was commenced Mr. Curnow i i ; and Is emnlov"d Homeptake T' ents of a lar-kind token . r ' ... hol.l hv . '- was representing some, eastern pe . son In the transaction, and immediat city and located npon a timber claim in Wyoming, six or seven months ago. Mr. Barnes Intends to again make his home here, for he has been one of us for too many years to he content in L . de"8fct ot the crowd. I om t0 encourage them in ! law. Eastern men buy the land from the locators, paying frequently pretty ly turned the property over to his cl! ent good prices for It The purchasers , Td. shortly after me rociaeni uccurrm, h succeeds In elud- couple win r;''

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